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^^^^- *-^&- 



lohdok: burns and oatks. 


















Z^iB Hiitle mnik 





Stephanus Chaueain, S.M., 
Censor I^epttttttni, 

Cai*d, Archie^* Wedm. 


This new edition of Tfu CeUholie Parochial H^mn Booh wiU, we thinks fully 
justify the title it bears, and adequately fUlfil the end for which it has been 
compiled and published. ' 

ThB aim of the compiler has been to aid pArish i^rlests and rectors of 
missions in promoting among their flocks good congregational singing. He 
has spared neither pains nor trouble to put togpether in liturgical and theo- 
logical order the dioicest Hymns he could find, adapting to them such 
melodies as he considered most capable of rendering their beauty, and 
expressing their meaning. 

This collection of Hymns, the latest and mOflt complete of its kind, contains 
nil the chief truths of our holy religion expressed in beautiful verse *, It like- 
wise unfolds the meaning of the liturgical seasons and chief festivals of the 
ecclesiastical year ; thus giving the faithful an insight into the sublimity of 
Catholic worship, and tending thereby to increase in tlioir hearts love for God 
and Holy Church. 

In order to meet all the wants of poor and large parishes, tlia compOer has 
also added to this collection a set of prayers for common use among the faith- 
ful, and most suitable for special meetings oC confinatemifcies at oUier iKirochial 

A glance at the contents will readily show how this volumd offers all the 
advantages of a Complete Church ifanual, containing as it doea-* 

z. Night and morning prayers. 

3. Subjects for daily meditation and short exercises of piety. 

3. A devout method of hearing Mass, with an explanation of its ceremonies. 

4. Devotions for Confession and Communion* 

5. TheViaCrucis. 

6. Vespers with all th9 Psalms and litinvi«»l Hymitfi beth ia Latin and 
SngUshi for all Sundays and festivals of the year. 

7. A complete selection of Hymns and Devotions 1— 1 

For Church services on Sundays and other fwtiirsls. 

For children at Mass, at day and Sunday school. 

For oonfrateniities of the Holy Itenily, of the MOHt BtesNd OusMtncinti 

of the Most PreoiouB Blood, and of the BmsIoii. 
For the Holy Rosary, tbs month o< May, the ehildven of UtJff. 
For the confraternity of Bt Josefili ; for Hhm gotidian sti^el ttnd Ipatrod 


• •• 


For the Bona Mors, the Christian warfare, the sailor at sea, and the 

soldier on the battlefield. 
For times of .rejoicing and gladness, as well as for days of distress, re* 
pentance, and sorrow. 
The Hymns are classified under three heads, tI&i Faith, Hope, and Charity, 
with Introduction and Conclusion. 

In the Introduction are to be found Hymns on the origin and the end of 
man, on man's salvation, &c. 

The First Part, Faith, follows the Apostles' Creed, and contains Hymns^ 
On faith. 

On Ood and the Most Holy Trinity. 
On the Word of God Incarnate and all the mysteries of our Saviour's 

life from His Advent to His Ascension and entry into His heavenly 

On Pentecost and the Holy Ghost. 
On the Church and the Pope. 
On the festival of All Saints, and Purgatory. 
On confession and forgiveness of sins. 
On the resurrection of the body. 
On immortality. 

The Second Part, Hoptf contains— 

Hynms on the goodness of God and merits of Christ, the foundation of 
Christian hope. 

Hymns which may be used as prayers. 

Hymns used at Holy Mass for children. 

Hymns concerning the Blessed Sacrament, Holy Communion, Benedic- 
tion of the Most Holy, &c. 

Hymns on the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. 

Hymns on the sacred thirst of our Lord, for guilds and associations of 

Hymns on the advantages and heavenly fruits of Cliristlan hope. 

Hymns especially adapted to entertain and develop drm and solid hope, 

Tlie Third Part, Charity^ contains^ 

Hymns on the love of God and His holy will. 
Hymns on the love of our neighbour, even sinners and enemies. 
Hymns on the love and reverence we owe to those creatures whoitf 
Almighty God Himself has especially loved and glorified, that is, 
the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph, the Angels «tid the Saints. 

In the Omelution are to be found Hymns move especially adapted as a pre- 
pn ration for a holy death and a happy eternity. It contains, therefore; Hymna- 
On the vanity of aU earthly tilings, even man's lifeu' 
On death and preparation for a holy death. 
On the time immediately after death. 

Pfi£FAC£. UC 

On the last judgment and the last day. 

On hell and heaven. 

On man's last victory and reward. 1 

The present collection affords some of the best spedmeus of poetical com- 
position and musical talent. Thus, it contains some very beautiful Hymns 
from His Eminence the late Cardinal Wiseman, and their Eminences Cai-dinals 
Manning and Newman ; a very large number of pieces from the Very Rev. 
Dr. Faber, Rev. E. Gaswall, Lady Georgiana Fullerton, Rev. H. Stanfield, 
Aubrey de Vore, Rev. J. Chadwick, Rev. H. Formby, Rev. C. Bell, Dr. 
Lingard, Rev. J. J. Potter, Diyden, F. C. Roberts ; and some beautiful trans- 
lations by the Very Rev. Canon Oakeley, Rev. 0. Bell, Rev. H. A. Rawes, 
Rev. M. P. Btatmton, Rev. Digby Beste. 

The music adapted to these Hymns consists of the most popular times of the 
Oratory Hymn Book, of the Holy Family Hymn Book, of Hymns for the 
Year, and of the Rev. J. Fumlss' Sunday School Manual ; a selection from the 
Rev. Fr. Stanfield's and the Rev. W. Mabel's Hymn Books'; besides a very 
large proportion of beautiful French, Italian, and German melodies, a col- 
lection of appropriate chants and tunes for vespers, with several adaptations 
for " Litanies " and for the *' O Salutaris " and ** Tantum Ergo." 

As each Hymn will have at least one and often two or even three tunes, the 
compiler feels confident tliat this will prove one of the most useful popular 
collections yet published. 

The compiler begs to offer his most grateful thanks to their Eminences 
Cardinal Manning and Cardinal Newman for the kind permission accoi-ded 
him of using their Hymns in the present collection. 




I. MoBKnro Pratir. 
II. ThbAjnqelus. 
III. Acts op Faith, Hope, Charity, 


Daily Oblation. 

Salyi! Bboika. 

Subjects for Pailt Mjedita- 


Short Praoticbs or Piety dur- 
iNo THE Day. 
VIII. Indulgences to be Gained 


The Manner of Performing 

Lay BAFTidM. 
Praykrs for If ioht. 






XT. Aw Umversal pRAYEtt. 
XII. A Devout Method of HEA&iifo 
XIII. DftYonoNS FOB GoinrBastON. 


XV. Method olr Oonfisbton. 
XVI. Pbaybr AfTKR Confession. 
XVII. A Prayer for one's Director, 


XIX. Prayers before Communion. 
XX« Prayers after Communion. 
XXI. The "Crucifix" Prayer. 
XXII. A Table of all the Feasts 

TO BE kept by the CaTHO* 




The Oriirln a| Man . . . . x 

TheEndofMmi 2 

Dependence of Man and of ull Tilings on Ood 3 

The Importance of Man's Salvation 4 

l^othing but God alone can satisfy Man's Soul S 

The Christian's Bong on his March to Heaven, by JPaitht Hopc^ and Charity 6 


Hymns on Faith «. «, <. 7,8 

The APOBTLfis' Greed ; ob, Summabt of the DocTmNEs Wiiicit we 


Section I.— Hymns on God and the Kost Holy Trinity— 

The Pour Great Truths 9 

The Nature of God .. .. 10 

The Mt^6Bty of God , zi 

TheBeauty of God 12 

The Power, the Glory, the Wisdom, and other Atti-ibutes of God . . 13 

Thanksgiving, Praise, and Buimlication to the Most Holy Tilnlty x4-x8 

BGonQV n.—9ymn8 on Oo4 ths Father . «, », .*. •« 19-^x 

• • 


Section III.— Hymni on the Word of God Inoamate— 

The Word of God aa 

The Incarnation of the Word of God 23i 24 

Advent .* Its Warning^ 25-29 

The Great Antiphons before Christmas . . 30 

Hymni on the Life and Imitation of our Iiord— 

The Word of Ood decrees to beoome a Man, chooses a Mother, loafes 

his Father's Throne, and is bom of a Woman 31 

Ohxiatnuuitt «he Birth of Ohzitt-* 

Chnttmai Carols-' ' 

The Description of the first Christmas Night .• ,4 . . . . 3 a 

How and why Our Saviour was bom a Child 33 

An Eamost Welcome to Christ at His Birth 34 

Our Lady, being a Mother, yet has remained a Virgin . . 35 

CkrUtmat Choruut and Hymm — " 

The Solemn Midnight Hour in which Christ was bom . . . . 36 

The Birth of Christ brings to all Men Tidings of Great Joy . . 37 

The Angelic Chorus 38 

The Shepherds' Chorus 39 

The Choras of the Faithful 40,41 

Christmas Hymns at Vespers 43,43 

fiymns on the Inlknoy and Ohildhood of Our Lord-^ 

The Glorious Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary 44^ 

Christ Newlv- Bom is a Model of Obedience and Humility . . . . 45 
Christ Newly Bom is a Model of Meekness in carrying all our 

Human Infirmities 46 

Christ Newly Bom is a Model of Detachment in Poverty . . . . 47 

Christ Newly Bom, how loving I how lovable 1 48 

Litany Hymn for Christmas 49 

Cireumeiiion of our Lord (New Year's Day) 50 

The Most Holy Name of Jesus 51-55 

Litany of the Most Holy Name 5^* 57 

The MpiphMiy ot'Wvt ImtA .• .-.• .. 58-63 

Description of this Day's Mysteir 58 

The Infinite Greatness of the Babe of Bethlehem 59 

The Kingship of the Infant Christ 60 

Epiphany Hymns at Vespers 6t, 6b 

The PurOication ofBlenud Virgin Mart/ (or Candlemas) . . 63, 64 

The Presentation of Our Lord in the Temple 64 

The Private Life of o\ir Lord, from His Birth to His Baptism . . 65 
The Public Life of Our Lord, from His Baptism until His 

Passion 66, 67 

Sepivxigtzinui 68 

Ath Wednesday 69 

lent •» •. .» .*• 70163-97 

Mjfmnt for RttreaU and MitsioM, Miudtty gitevTdwrmg tkt Sdy 
8eaMn<tfLtnt — 

Welcome to the Mission 71 

Motives for ConTersiou 72-75 

The Work of Oi-ace ^6 

The Good Shepherd ftnd the Slmier . . , . 77, 78 

Acts of SoiTow for 8in 79^-83 

3Van4/^ura(ion of our Lord 88,89 

Ftunon-tide : The Mystery of the Cross and Fasaion of Christ . . 90-93 

Palvn Su'Adajf and Holy JFeehf 

Procession Hymn for Palm Sunday 93j 94 

The Agony and- Prayer of Our Lord in the Garden . . 95 

Qcod Friday i or, Mytievy of du iViMton tf C^rU^i^ • 

Sect. X.— Hgnniu on the BttffniBfs of Ohiiifr— 

His Ctuciflxion . « » 96 

His Death 97 

. The chief Sufferings that Our Lord endured in Hii Bodr • . 98 

The chief Bufferings that Our Lord endured in His Soul . . 99 

Stabat Mater (the Compassion of our Lady) zoo-xoz 

The Seven Last Words of our Lord on the Cross 103 
The Five Particular Circumstances in which our Lord shed 

His Most Precious Blood during His Passion . . . . 103 

Litany Hymn on the Passion of Christ Z04 

Sect. 2.— Evmns oonoeming Partioalar DerotioBS to the PaiiioB ef 
Oar Lord— 

His Wounds Z05 

His Most Precioiis Blood zo6-xzo 

The Holy Gross iii« zzs 

The Most Holy Crown of Thorns 2x3 

The Most Holy Spear and Nails 114 

The Most Holy Winding-Sheet 1x5 

3%i Deteent <*f Jem$ to Lijnbut ... .. .. X17 

Eoitertide — 

Descriptioti of the JUiUirection of Jesus Christ 1 18, Z19 

The Sequence for Easter Sunday «. .. xso 

Christ is ¥}«uZy risen xai 

Christ is risen ! the Conqueror of Death . . 123 

Christ is risen 1 the Prinoe of Peace .. •• za) 

Christ is Yisen! the Good Shepherd 124,125 

litany Hymn of the Resurrection of Christ 128 

^iceittuVn of our Lord X29-Z33 

Jesus Christ hafi' ascended the Throne of God ' . . ' . . . . 233 

Our Advocate and High Priest .. ». X34 

OurGod' .;• 135 

OtirKing ., r36-x38 

Our Friend, OUT Spouse, our LovQ 139 

OurJudge .«. .. 740 


Section IV. -^WliitMttday ov Fenteeoit .. ., .* .. ». 142-144 

The Sequence for Pentecost, at Mass ' , . 145, 146 

Invocations and Supplications to the Holy Ghost . . 149, 146, 147-153 
Hymn after Confirmation js • • • • ' '53 

BsoriON v.— Hymns on the Ohuroh and ih« F<rp« * < « . . , • . 154-160 

Section YI.— Hymns Concerning the Communion of lai«ti^ 

The dnirch Triumphant (All Safilts) 161^163 

The Church Militant « » 164 

The Church Suffering, or Purgatory ,♦ .. ,, ,, ,, 165-168 

BeProfundis .. .. ,« *. ., .• «. ., .. 169 

Seotion VII.— Hymns on thft JMiglveness of 81ni . . • . • « • . 170, x 7 z 

Section VIII.— Hymns Conoendog fhtt Ba s nrre o tton «f tin Bodg^ 

(Dies iroa) • •»• .• .• .. .« .« *» '.• .. 172, 173 

SfiCTioN IZ.^Iifo Evdriasting ^ .. — 174 


N.B.-^Many (tf ih4 Hymm of <Ai< Second Part are espeeialli/ adapted for 


Beotion I.— Hymns on the Goodness of God and the Ksrits «f J$WM 

Christ, the Foimdation 6f Christian Hope .. ^ •• ^ .. 175-178 

SECnoN II.— Hymns whioh may be usod as Prayws^ 

Morning and Evening HjTMns 179,180 

Evening Exercise, or Examination of Conscience i8z 

Children's Daily Hymns .« tda-188 

Children's Hymns to be used at School or Sunday School .. . . 189-200 

Orphan Children's Hymns , , . . 301-204 

First Communion Hymn 205 

Benewai of Baptismal Vows ; , . {I06-207 

For Perseverance . . ' . . « , . . 208 

Section III.— Hymns nsed at Holy Mass for Children * ., ,» • . 309, azz 

Ijegend of the Infant Jesus serving at Mass . » . . « . . . 310 
Hymn of Praise to Jesus Christ, our High Priest, our Victim, our 

Sacrifice , .. .. .. ., .. .. sza 

Seotion rv.— Hymns on the Most Blessed Sacrament 3x3-326 

Visits to the Most Blessed Sacrament B&7-230 

Holy Communion 3^1-236 

Spiritual Communion 237-239 


EzpoftitionandBunediotlottoCth«Hoet9l«M«d8Mnune&t .. .. 340-349 

Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mftry 242, 243 

Invocations, Antlphons, and Hymns to be sung at times during 

Benediction .. ., .. 350-270 

Te Deum (Canticle of Joy and Thanksgiving) 271, 273 

QuamDllecta .. .. .. ... .. .« ,. ,. .»37Sf»74. 

Benediotus .. »« «, ** «• «,* * 875t 070 

liitanv of the Saints 877. 378 

The Manner of closing a Mission and UnpavtlBg ths Pupal Blessing 379, a8o 

SsonoM v.— Bjnms on the Most BMMd Heart of Jesus .. .. a8z-38a 

The Sacred Heart of Jesus—The Greatest Gift of Ood 283 

The Blissful Light of Heaven 4 . « . . , « S84 

A Burning Fumaoe of Love .. .. .. .. ., .* 285 

Hie Object of our Love in the Blessed Sacrament 286 

The Hope of Sinners 287 

Always Pleading fbr \M op the Altar ^ .. 288 

The most Seciire Abode for True and Faithful Hearts . . . . 289 

Our Befuge in Temptation .. .. , 290 

AHaveniorallAmioted Hearts .. .. 99T 

Our Evorlasting Home , .. .. 2^2 

Catholic England's Prayer to the Sacred Heart 293 

England's Fleadlhgsthroughthe Sacred Heart 394 

Seotiok VI.— Byxnas on the BaomA Thirst of Jesus, f«r CNU4s er Asiottlflt' 

tioBSof Tempenuioe ,. 295 

SEcrriOK VII.— Hjrnuis on the Heavenly Fruits and Advantages of 

fl^ in Christ— Comforts us in AngntiAi, Grief, and Fear . . 296 

Helps us out of evei7 Banger and TrlbulatiDn 297 

Cheers us in all the ulinimitles of our Path to Heaven . . . . 298 

Comforts us in Persecution ., .* ., ., ,. .. £99 

Banishes Foar for past forgiven Sins 3cx> 

Like the Pillar of the Cloud, leads us through the Darkness of 

Infidelity and Impiety 301 

Comforts us when Distracted in Prayer «. •• ,. .. '302 

Strengtiiens us against Despair .. k« m », .. .. 303 

Section VIII.— Hymns especially intended to SatntAia Mid 2>«vslop in 
us a Firm and Solid Hope— 

An Invitation to Toimg Men to Embrace the Yoke of Chlist . < 304 

The Vow of the Soldiers of Christ .» ** 305 

The Standard of the Soldiers of Christ 

The Watchword of the Soldiers of Christ . . . . » . 

The Anns to bo used by the Soldiers of Christ 

The March of tite Soldiers of Christ to Victory and Heaven 

The Welcome of the Angels to tho bmve efforts of the Soldiers of 

Christ .. .. '.. »4 3x0 






Chap. I. — Hymns on the Lovb of God. 


God alone Deserves onr Love .. ■ .. • ..- ..•• 31Z 

God alone is our "Treasure, our Comforti our Peace, our Love . . . . 31a 

An Act of Perfect Love of God 313 

An Act of Perfect Abandonment of Oneself to God 314 

Htmns on thb Lovb we owe to God's Holy Will. 

If we Love God we will love His Holy Will 315 

An Act of Perfect Resignation to God's Holy Will 316 

Hymns on the IjOve we owe to our Neighbour. 

If we truly love God we will love our Neighliour, and be Eindhearted 

to allp even to Sinners . . . . ' 3x7 

If we truly love God we vdll love owe Enemies and Forgive aU that 

which has been done against us 318 

N.B. — If we truly love God, we will have a special reverence and love for all 
those whom tiie Almighty has more particularly loved, whom He has adorned 
with a special dignity and beauty, and more especially the Blessed Virgin 
Hary, Mother ol God, Hi, Joseph, the Angels, and tiie Saints. 

Chap. II. — Hymns in Honour op the Most Blessed Virgin 


Section I.— Ovr Lady*! Wonderful Privileges and Feajts— 

I. Our Lady's immacalate Conception ^19-323 

IL Our Lady's Nativity 374, 325 

III. Our Lady's Holy Name 3=6,327 

IV. Our Lady's Presentation 328 

V. Our Lady's Ailnunctation 329 

VI. Our Lady's Divine Maternity ^30 

VII. Our Lady's Visitation 331 

VIIL Our Ladyls Expectation ; 332 

IX. Our Lady at the Crib 333 

X. Our Lady's Purification 334 

XI. Our Lady's Sorrows 335,336 

XII. Our Lady's Compassion 337-339 

Xin. Our Lady's Holy Death 340 

XIV. Our Lady's Uprising from Death 341 

XV. Our Lady's Glorious Assumption 342 

XVL Our Lady's Coronation 343,344 

XVn. Our Lady's Purity 361,3^3 

XVIII. Our Lady, Help of ChristUins . , 303*36' 




BscnoH IL—'BymnM «f TttSut'Jn'wr Lady— 

Praiae'to Muy— A t^ueou of unspeakable Dfgnity, Power, and Beauty 345 

The Bright Queen of Love 346 

The Queen of the Skiea 347 

The Queen of Angela 348 

The World'a Majestic Queen 349 

The Mother of Jcsua and our Mother .. 350 

The Bhrlne of the Holiest 351 

The Great, the Glorious, the Beautiful Mother of oxu: God . . 353 

The Mother of the Eternal King 353 

The Flower of Divine Grace . *. 354 

The All- Pair and Beautiful, the Mastei-piece of Gi-ace . . 355 

Of all creatures, the Fairest . . .. 356 

Of an creatures, the Highest 357 

Of all creatures, the Loveliest 358 

Of all creatures, the Purest 359 

Mho is above all Praise 360 

Bbction IIL—Eymna on tho Coaiideace we'oufht to have i^ our Lady's 
Intsroession — 

She ia the Ilelp of Christians .. « 363*364 

She is so Beautiful^ therefore so pleasing to God 365 

She is so Powerful . . . . 366 

She is so Bountiful 367 

Of all Mothers, Sweetest, Best 368 

The Comforter ol the Afflicted 360 

The Faithful Virgin 37? 

Our fWthful Motiier and our Faithful Queen .. .. .. 371 

Our Recourse in every Danger, in every Affliction 372 

The Heart of .Mary is our Home 373 

Bide us, O Mary, in thy Heart •• 374 

Section lYt—Hynms of nUal Devoted Lore to our Lady 375-378 

BxcnoK V.^Prayers. Invocations, and Bnnplications to the ' Blesiod 
Virtin, to obtain nor Buooonr in oar manifold necessities— ; 

A Prayer to Maxr-— Our Mother^ our Comfort, our Hope . . 379 

The Hope of Sinners 380 

The Refuge of Sinners 381 

Our Recoiiite in all our NecOSSities 389 

The Queen of Purity .. ..' 383 

Our Help through Life's Stormy Ocean 384 

The Star of the Sea 385 

Queen of Heaven and our Advocate 386 

^e Gate of Paradise 387,4x7,418 

Mother of God, for all those that are in Need 388 

Evening Supplication to our Lady .-.- 389 

Bnpplioatlon to our Lady^to obtain her Patronage till Death . . 390 

To beg her Succour at the hour of Death 391 

Evening Hymn to our Lady 393 




Seotiom VI.->Eyinni for » CouecratioiL to onr.Xady— 

Before the Consecration , m •^n 393 

After the Consecration « ^ ., 39^ 

Children's Dovotional Hymna to our Lady , •• .. .« .. 395-404 

SscnoK Vll.-^peoitl 'Devotions of tho Chtiro)i in Eonoiqr of our 

I. Hymn for Processions ^ .. .. ,. 405 

II. Hymn to be Sung before her Image .. .. 406 

III. Devotions of the Month of Mary • 407-4 iz 

IV. Devotion of the Most Holy Rosary 4;3-4t4 

V. Little Office of the Immaculate Conception . . .. », ., 415 

Benewal of Act of Consecration for the Children of Mary .» •• 4x6 
Hymn for Festivals of Our Lady, at Vespers »• .. •• •. 417, 418 

Hthnb w Hokoub of St. Joseph, 

St. Joseph's Wonderful Privileges ^ .. «. .. „ «« 419 

Bfc. Joseph's Exalted Dignity .« •. k • .. 420 

St. Joseph's most Singular Power .. .. 421 

St. Joseph, the Patron of the Universal Church •• 423 

St. Joseph, the Patron of a Happy Death 423 

St. Jos^h, the Patron of tiiose who Aiqilre to great Interior 

Sanctity .. 424 

The Seven Dolours and Joys of St. Joseph « .. .« 425 

St. Joseph's Prayer to the Infant Jesoa .. .* « 426 

A Fervent Prayer to St. Joseph . . » .. 427 

3^e Feast of St. Joseph .. .. ^ .. *. •• »* •. 438^30 

' Hthnei in Honoub op thb Holt FamhiT .. 431-436 

Chap. IIL^Hthnb on Angbus and Saints. 

Sept. 99. St. Michael, the Archangel • .. 437-440 

March z8. St. Gabriel, the Archangel 441-443 

Oct. 34. St. Raphael, the Archangel 444-44^ 

All the Heavenly Host 447 

Oct. a. The Most Holy Guardian Angels .. ..449-453 

June 34. St. John Baptist .. 453-455 

Common of Apostles 456,457 

The same in Paschal Time 458> 459 

June ao. SS. Peter and Paul .. .. b, ., 4^i 46x 

Jan. z8. St Peter's Chair 4631463 

Aug. I. St Peter's Chains .. , .. _•• ,. 464,465 

Bt Peter, the Patron of all the Faithful • 466 



Jan. 35. 

Nov. 30. 
Dec 27. 

April 93. 
^ay x8. 
Aug. zo. 
Deo. 36. 



March x. 





May 35. 


June 3x. 

July 19. 







Jan. 3x. 
Fob. x. 

April 2a 

June 19. 


July 20. 


Oct. 15. 
Nov. 3. 

St. Paul, the Patron of those who suffer for love of Jesus 
Christ , 

St. Andrew, Patron of Scotland .. ,• 

St. John, Evangelist 

Common of One Martyr .. 

Common of Many Martyrs, in Paschal Time 

Common of Many Martyrs ..■ 

St. George, Martyr, the first Patron of England 

St. Venantius, Maztyr 

St. Lawrence, Martyr 

St. Stephen, Proto-Martyr 

Holy Innocents .. .• ,, .. ,p »« .• 

St. Thomas of Canterbury 

English Martyrs and Saints 

Holy Relics .. ., 

Common of Confessors 

St. David, Patron of Wales 

St. Chad 

St. Thomas Aquinas, Patron of Students 

Si. Patrick, Apostle and Patron of Ireland 

St. Guthbert, the Thaumaturgus of Britain 

St. Benedict, the Patriarch of the Western Monks , . 

St Philip, Founder of the Or&torians • 

St Bede,*aioxy of the Saxon Church ..... ., 

St Aloysitis Oonzaga, Patron of Touth 

St Vincent de PauJ^ Founder of the FatlMrs of the Mission 
and of the Sisters of Charity .. .. , 

St ]^atius, Foqnder of the Jesidts' . ." 

St Alphonsus, Founder of the Redemptorists 

St Dominic, Founder of the Preaching Friars 

St. Francis of Assist, Founder of the Friars Minor 

StWilfrW • 

St. Edward, King and Confessor, Patron of England 

St John Cantius, Confessor, Patron of Poland ,. . • 

St Charles Borromeo, Founder of the Oblates of St. 
Charle* .^ 

St Stanislas Eostka, Model of Youth 

St Edmund of Canterbury . . ., 

Common of Virgins .'.■ ,. ., .« .. ., 

St Agnes, Virmn-Marfarr, Patroness of Boly Touth , . 

St Bfigld or Bride, Abbess and Patroness of Ireland .. •• 

St Agatha, Virgin-Martyr , 

St. Catherine ofSienna .. .'. 

St Juliana Falconieri, Virgin, F^aindress of the Servites . . 

St Ethelfeda, Virgin 

St Margaret Virgin-Martyr . . . . 

St Martha, Virgin 

ft Innooence, Virffin.Martyr 
t Teresa, Virgin 

St WiAefride, Vlrgfi^^artyr 


f « 





4711 472 
473» 474 
475. 470 
477i 478 

480, 481 


484. 485 
486, 487 



490, 491 



494» 495 





510, 5" 




Si 8 

521, 523 


527, 528 







* In Singland, the Feast of the V(marat4« l^ede 19 tr^nefeircd to the 79th of 



Nov. a? St. CeoOia, Virsin-Martyr ., 537 

as- St Catherine, Virffin-Martyr 538 

Doo. 13. St. Lucy, Virgin-Martyr 525 

Common of Holy Women 539. S40 

July 8. St Elizabeth, Queen ofPortugal 541, 54* 

33. St. Mary Magdalene 543-545 

36. St. Anne .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 546, 547 

Aug. 15. pt Helen , 548 


• • 

Section I.— On' the Vanity of all Earthly Thingi, even Kan'i Life . . 549-551 
Section II.->Hyiims oa. Death. ' . . 

How Terrible is the Bay of Death 1 .. ' .. 552 

All must Die , 553 

The Appj-oach of Death 554 

The Soul's Last Farewell 553 

Supplications to Obtain the Grace of a Happy Death . . . • . . 556, 537 

Section III.— Hynmi on the Time Iminediately after Death. 

What becomes of Man's Body and Soul after Death . . . . 558 

The Shore of Eternity .. • 559 

A Warning 560 

The Sinner's Death and Particular Judgment 561 

The State of tbe Sinner's Soul after the Particular Judgment . . 563 

Section IT.— Hymns on the Last Judgment and the Last Day . . . . 563, 364 

Section V.— Hymns'on Hell and Heaven. 

Hymn on Hell • .. ..• •• 565 

Hjnnns on Heaven — 

Description of the City Of the Blest 566, 573, 574 

The Joys ahd Glories of Heaven .. ..- 367 

The Delights and the Beauty of the Heavenly Jerusalem . . . . 568, 369 

The Signs of the Soul after its Celestial Home 570, 57 x 

HeaVdn is & Reward .. .; 372 

Section VI.— Cokclttdinq Htmn : Van's last Victory and Sewazd . . 57s 


PialmB for Vespers, in Latin and English 575» 577» and «25. 

PMlmi and Prayers for CompUnt, in Latia and English .. .. 608, and «2g:. 


Liturgioal Oaatitlti, la Latin and Engiiah-^" 

The " Magnificat." or Canticle of the Blessed Viz^in 586, 587 

The " Nunc Dimittis/' or Canticle of Simeon 630, 6az 

The *' BenedictUB," or Canticle of Zachary . . * 375, 376 

Hymaa, in I^tin and English^ to be used at Vespers — 

On Trinity Sunday i7i 18 

On Sundays 90, ax 

In Advent 38, 39 

On the Feast of Chsistmas and of Circumcision 43i 43 

The Most Holy Name of Jesus .. •• 5i> 53 

The Epiphany . .■ ... . . . . . . 61, 63 

The Transfiguration of our Lord 88, 89 

In Lent •. 84,85- 

On Passion and Palm Sunday 9i> 93 

On Low Sunday .«-. ., 136,137 

On Ascension Day 131,133 

On Whitsunday 148, 149 

On the Feast of All Saiofbs x6x, 163 

The Most Blessed Sacrament 3x3, 2x4 

The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus 381, 383 

The Most Precious Blood of Jesus .■ 109, no 

The Most Blessed Virgin Mary 4x7,418 

The Seven Dolours of the Blessed Vix^gin Mary 33 ^, 366 

The Purity of the Blessed Virgin Mary 366,367 

Our Lady, Help of Christians 363, 364 

St. Joseph ..' .." .." 439,430 

St. Michael . . . . . ; . . . . . . . . . . . . 439, 440 

St. Gabriel 442, 443 

St Raphael 445,446 

The Guardian Angels 451,453 

St. John Baptist . . . . . ; 454, 455 

The Common of Apostles 456,457 

The same, in Paschal Time 458, 459 

8S. Peter and Paul .:* .. .. 460,461 

St. Peter's Chair 463,463 

8t Peter's Chains 464,465 

St. Paul ..467,46a 

The Common of One Martvr 473,474 

The Common of Martyrs, in Paschal Time 475, 476 

The Common of Many Martyrs « . . . 477, 478 

St. Venantius 480, 481 

Holy Innooents » 484, 485 

The ConmuMi of Confessors ,. ..490,491 

St. John Cantius 5x4-517 

The Common of Holy Virgins .. ..521,533 

St. J«Qian» Falconieri 527, 528 

St-Tenfesa .533,534 

The Common of Holy Women . < . « 539, 540 

Bt. Elinibeth, Queen of Portugal 541,543 

St. Marv Magdalene 543,544 

Th« Dedication of a Church .. 573,574 

▲tOompline •* •• ■•. •« •« •• .. •• ..6ao,6K 

The Four litorgioal Antiphom of tbe StMMd VizfU ULiXy, i& LolSa 
and EngliBh— 

Alma Kedemptoris * * . . . 695, 626 

Ave Regina ., .. 627,628 

Regina Ccell 629, 630 

8alve Regina •• •» .. k. «. .. <* «. ■. 631, 6 js 

The Three Litiu^oal Litanies, in Latin and English- 
Litany of the Most Holy Name of Jesoa ,• .. «• .. ». 56,57 

. Litany of the. Blessed Virgin .. *« .« .. a4ft, 243 

Litany of the Saints .. ... *. ..377,278 

The Five Litnrgioal Seqnenoes, in Latin and English— 

Viotime paschali landes, for Easter Sunday. •• m k* .* ' teo 
Veni, Sancte Spiritus, for Whitsunday ... •• «• . .4 ..145,146 

Lauda, Sion, Salvatorem, for Corpus Gbristi . 919, zeg 

Btabat Mater dolorosa, for the Feast of the Seven Dolours . . . . zoo, zoz 
Dies irsB, for the Commemoration of the Dead .178,173 

Aaoieat Oatholie Snpplioations, Canticles, Hymns, and Anfhexnt, in 
Latin and English, to be iised during certain seasons of the 
ecclesiastical year— 

In Advent— Borate •• 97 

., — Great Antiphons .. .. ' < «• 30 

At Christmas — ^Adeste Fideles .: .. ,« 40,41 

On Ash Wednesday — ^Anthems 6g 

In Penitential Seasons — Parce, Domine, and Fs. Miserere .. .. 86 

In Lent— Attende . . 87 

OnPalmSimday — Gloria, laus, Honor 93> 94 

At Easter— HsBc dies. Alleluia, and Filii and Fllise •• •* . . zx8y 1x9 

On Ascension Day— O Rex glorias •» *« .. 131, 132 

In time of joy and thanksgiving— Te Deum .'.' 271, 272 

For a commemoration of the faithful dex)arted — ^De Frofundis , • 169 

lOsoeUaneous Litnrgioal Eynms, Psalms, and Aathesu, la Latin 
and English, for Benedictioii, or Ssgpotitum of iht MqH MU*sed 

Salutaiis «, ., k. 940^ 241 

Tantumergo , , .. ,« ..844,245 

Adoremus and Ps. Laudato .. .. .. ., .. .« a\6^sgq. 

Adoro te .. .. .« •• .• •* •« 91:5, 2t6 

Sacris solemnUs ., ,. «. 2x7, 2x8 

Aveverum ., , .. •.935)256 

O quam suavls .. .. ; .. .« 957, 258 

sacnim convivium » . . . 259» 260 

PiePelicane , .. «. ., «. 26I) 262 

•Ps. Quam dilecta . , . ., ., ., .^ .. ., «. 9731274 

: Inviolata , .,. .,, .. ».243ii64 

OBanot4MU«a •» ,, i,, », », ,,. ,. ^, ..965,266 

fubtuum , 267,268 
ac no8 inzioeuam« Josepb , . . . . , . . . , . . . , 269, 270 

Siver* Invocatitna baftra ear after BaiiediotioB of tlu Blaaaed Sao- 


To he recommended to and fostered among the Faithjul, 


XXm. Archconfratemify of the Holy Family 633 and ^g^. 

XXIV. Confraternity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus . . 648 and $qq. 

XXV.' Confraternity of the Most Blessed Sacrament . . 659 and tqq. 

. XXYI. Devotions to the Passion and Agony of Jesus •• 665and«gg. 

Bed Scapular of the Passion .. 666 

Bona Mors 667 

XXVII. Confraternity of the Servants of the Holy Ghost . . 669 and aqq. 
XXVIII. Confraternity of the Most Holy Bosary . . . . 672 and iqq. 

Pious Method of Beciting the Bosary 674 

XXIX. Confraternity of the Brown Scap\ilar of our Lady of Mount 

Carmel 675 

XXX Hue Scapular of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed 

Virgin Mary .. .. 676 

XXXL The Association of the Holy and Immaculate Heart of 

Mary 677 and egg. 

XXXII. Bosary of the Seven Dolours of our Blessed Lady ^ 685 

XXXIII. Confraternity of St. Joseph 686and«gg. 

XXXIV. Confraternity of St. Michael the Archangel 690 

Prayers to One's Guardian Angel ..691,692 

Prayer to a Patron Saint .. .. •• ^ 693 

XXXV. The Temperance Society of the Cross 694 and sqq. 

XXXVI. Association of Prayer to Bepress Intemperance . . , . 700 

XXXVIL The Via Crucis 701 

Devout Method for Performing the Via Crucis . . . . 702 
XXXVIII. Form of a Solemn Beception into the Confraternity of the 

Blessed Virgin Maiy 703and<gig[. 

Formula for the Blessing of Bosaries 704 

XXXIX Form for Investing with the Bed Scapular of the Passion of 

•ur Lord and the Sorrowful Heart of Mary Immaculate 706 


XL. Short Form of Reception into the Confratemit7*of the Brown 

Scapular of Mount Carmel .' 707 

XLI. Form for Investing with the Blue Scapular of the Immacu- 
late Conoeption of the Blesaed Virgin Uary . . . . 708 
XLIIi Form of a Solemn Reaeptioa into. any Confraternity, vis., 

of the Blessed Sacrament, the Sacred Heart, iio. . . 709 


In the Litany of the Most Holy Name of Jesus, No. 56, 35th line, Latin 
version, read "Jesu, amator noster," instead 0^" Jesu, amor noster." 




MORNINO Ptayef to it duty whiob 
Gtod requires as the ftrat^fruitB of 
the day : most teUgioualy then should 
it bo offered to Him. The success of 
our actions for the day depends, in 
a great measure, upon iiiifl first duty. 
To begin the day without Imploring 
God's graee, and thanking Hun sin- 
cerely mr the nspose of the night, is 
oertoinly to expose ourselves to infinite 

But, before praver, recollect your- 
self a moment : think what you are, of 
yourself, and what God is, to whom 
you are going to speak. Tou will thus 
conceive the irai)ortBDce of the a^on, 
nnd the sentiments of humility, of 
regret for your faults; of attention, 
respect, and modesty ; of fervour, love, 
and confidence, with which you should 
address Him. 

Awaking in the morning, say : 

OUT God ! my only good, the 
author of my being, and my 
iast^ end, I offer Thee my heart. 
Praise, honour, and gloiy be to 
Thee, for ever and ever. Amen. 

At uprising, say : 

IK the name of the »fi Father, 
and of the Son, and of the Holy 
Ghost. Amen.* 

" Holt, Holy, Holy. Lord God 
of hosts ; earth is full of Thy glory. 
Glory be to the Father, glory be 
to the Son, glory be to the Holy 

Indulgenoe of xoo days onoe a day. 
Plenary once a month if said dally. 

While clothing yourself, saiy : 

OMY God, clothe my sonl with 
the nuptial robe ol charity, 
and grant that I may wear it pare 
and ttudefiled before thy judgment 

When clothed, kneel down, and sayi 

IN the name of the ^ Father, 
fte. Amen. Blefesed be the 
holy and undivided Trinity, now 
and for evermore. Amen. 

Come, O Holy Spirit! fill the 
hearts of Thy faithful, and kindle 
in them the fire of Thy love. 

r. Send forth Thy Spirit, and 
our hearts will be regenerated. 

B. And Thou wilt renew the 
face of the earth. 

* Indulgence of 50 days for making the sign of the Cross, saying the woixls 
at the some time. 


Let us pray, 

OGOD, who by the Ught of the 
Holy Ghost, didst instruct 
the hearts of the f aithfuL give us 
by thii sam9 Holy Spitit, a love 
and relish of what is right £nd 
just, and the constant enjoyment 
of His comforts; throngh Jesus 
Christ our LorH, who with Thee, 
in unity of the same Holy Ghost, 
liveth and reigneth one Gk>d'fOT' 
ever. Amen. 

Attend seriously to £he presence of 
• God : return 9im thanl^B for ^i8 

b^efita ; and offer yourself to Him 

without reserve. 

ETERNAL God! most holy 
and adorable Trinity I Father, 
Son, and Holy Ghost : the begin- 
ning land the end of ill thtngs : in 
whom we live, move, and have our 
beiog : I firmly believe that Thou 
arthere present: 1 adore Thee 
with the most pi*of<mnd humility; 
I praisd Thee ; I give Tliee thanks 
from the bottom of my heart, for 
having created Ine after Thine own 
image and likeness, and redeemed 
me with the jpreclous blood of Thy 
Son ; for having hitherto preserved 
tn«, and brought me safe to the 
beginning of tiias day. Behold, O 
Lord, I offer The* mr whole being ; 
and in partieular all my thoughts, 
words, and actions, together with 
pnch orosses and contradictions as 
I may meet with In the course of 
this day. I consecrate them en- 
tirely to the glory of Thy name, in 
nnion with those of Jesus Christ, 
my Saviour, that through His 
infinite merits, they may all find 
acceptance in Thy sight. Give 
them, O Lord, Thy blessing. May 

Thy divine love animate them; 
and may they all tend to the 
greater honour of Thy Sovereign 
Majesty. Amen. 

Resolve td aveid evil, and to do good. 

ADORABLE Jesus ! divine mo- 
del of that perfection to which 
we jshould aspire, t will endeavour 
this day, after Thine example, to 
be Inild, humble, chaste, zealous, 
patient, charitable, and resigned. 
Inolln^ my hfart to keep Thy com- 
mandments.* I am resolved to 
watch over myself with the great* 
est diligence, and to live soberly, 
justly, and nioaaly for the time to 
come. I will place a guard upon 
my mouth, and a gate of prudence 
before my lips, that I may not 
offend with my tongue. I will 
turn away mine eyes that they 
may not see vanity ; and I will hie 
particularly attentive not to re- 
lapse this day into my accustomed 
fallings, but to struggle against 
them, with Thy gracious assist- 
ance. Enlighten my mind, purify 
my heart, and guide my steps, that 
I may pass all myUfe in Thy divine 
service. Amen. 

Implore the necessary grace. 

THOU knowest, O Godt txiqr 
weakness, that I am poor kxM 
destitute; that I cannot do, nor 
even thiD^ of any ^wd without 
Thee : Arise, therefore, to help me : 
strengthen me with Thy grace, that 
I may fervently execute what I 
hare nrmly resolved, and not on|y 
avoid all the evil Thou f orbiddest, 
but also perform all the good Thou 



Pateb noster, qui ea ia coelia, 
sanotifieetur Domen iuum; adveniat 
regnuin taum: Bat voluntas tua, 
siont in cgbIo 6t in terra. Panem 
ttogtrum quotidiaaum da nobis 
hodie : et dimitte nobis debita 
nostra, sicut et nos dimittimus de- 
bitoribns nostris : et ne nos indu* 
oas in teniationem t sed libera nos 
a malo. Amen. 

OUB Father, who art in heRvenj 
hallowed be Thy name ; Thy king^ 
dom come : Thy will be done on 
earth as it is in hearen. Give us 
this day our daily bread : and for-^ 
give us our trespasses, as weforgivd 
ihem that trespass against us : and 
lead us not into temptation; but 
deliver us from evil. Amen. 


AvB, Maria, gratia plena ; Domi- 
nvs tecnm ; osnediota tu in muli- benediotus fruotua ventris 
tui, Jesus. Sancta Maria, Mater 
Dei, era pro nobis peocatoribus, 
nunc et in hora morMs nostrse. 

HAip, Mary, full of graoe; the 
Lord is with Thee : blessed art 
Thou among women, and blessed 
is the fruit of Thy womb, Jesus. 
Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray 
for us sinners, now and at the hour 
o£ our death. Amen. 


Credo in Deum, Patrem omni- 

E)tentem, Oreatorem coeli et terrte. 
t in Jesum Christum, Filium ejus 
unicum, Dominum nostrum; qtki' 
conceptus est de Spiritu Sancto, 
natus ex Maria Yirgine, passus sub 
Pontio Pilato, cruciftms, mortuus, 
et sepultus ; descendit ad inferos f 
tertia die resurrexit a mortuisi 
asceaadit ad ooslos, sedet ad dex«- 
teram Dei Patris omnipotently; 
inde venturus est judicare vivos et 
mortil(Hk Credo in S^iritum Sano- 
tum, sanctam Ecclesiam Catholi- 
cam, Sanctorum communionem, 
remissionem peccatorum, carnis 
resurrectionem, vitam stemam,* 

I BELIEVIS in Ood, the Father 
Almighty, Creator of heaven and 
earth. Aiid in Jesus Christ, His 
only 9on^ our Lord ; who was con- 
oeived by the Holy Ghost, born of 
th6 TiigiB Mary, suffered under 
Pontine Pilate, was crucified, dead, 
and buried; He descended into 
heU'; the third day He rose again 
from the^dead ; He ascended into 
heaven, and sitteth at the right 
hand of God, the Father Almighty; 
from thence He shall come to judge 
the living and the dead. I believe 
in the Holy Ghost, the holy Ca- 
tholic Church, the communion of 
Saints, the forgiveness of sins, the 
resurrection of the body, and the 
life everlasting. Amen. 



I CONFESS to Almighty God, to 
blessed Mary, ever a Virgin, 
to blessed Mlohael the Archangel, 
to blessed John the Baptist, to the 
holy Apostles Peter and Paul, and 
to all the Saints, that I have sinned 
exceedingly in thought, word, and 
deed, through my fault, through 
my fault, through my most griev- 
ous fault : therefore I beseech the 
blessed Mary, ever a Virgin, blessed 
Michael the Archangel, blessed 
John the Baptist, the holy Apostles 
Peter and Paul, and all the saints, 
to pray to the Lord our Qod for me. 

May the Almighty God have 
mercy on us, and forgive us our 
sins, and bring us to life everlast- 
ing. Amen. 

May the Almighty and merciful 
Lord give us pardon ^ absolution, 
and remission of our sms. Amen. 

Invoke the Blessed Tirgtn, your Angel 
guardian, and your Patron Saint : 

OHOLY Virgin I Mother of 
Godl my advocate and pa- 

troness ! pray for thy poor serrant ; 
show thyself a mother to me. And 
thou, O blessed spirit ! whom God 
in His mercy hath appointed to 
watch over me, intercede for me 
this day, that I may not stray from 
the path of virtue. 

And ye, O happy Saints (N. N.), 
my chosen ana beloved patrons, 
intercede for me to Ood, that, by 
the guidance of His grace, I may 
love and serve Him here; and 
hereafter, with you, behold His 
face for all eternity. Amen. 

The blessing of God Almighty, 
the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 
descend upon me, and dwell in my 
heart for ever. Amen. 

Say tbree *' Oloria Patrl,"or three times 
"Glory be to the Father," Ac., ta 
thank the most Holy Trinity for tho 
privileges granted the B. V. M., spe- 
cially for her Assumption. Indut 
gence zoo days each time. Plenary 
once a montii if said daily thre« 
times, vl&, morning, noon, and even* 


To be said morning, noon, and night, in memorv of the adorable mystery of 

the Incarnation of our Blessed Saviour. 

I. V, Angelus Domini nuntiavit 
B, EtconcepitdeSpiritaSancto. 

Ave, Maria, &c. 

IL F. Ecoe ancilla Domini. 

I. The angel of the Lord an- 
nounced unto Mary. 

jB. And she conceived of the 
Holv Ghost. 

Hail, Mary, &c. 

IL Behold the handmaid of the 

* ICO days' indulgence each time. Plenary once a month, if recited dally 
with a contiite heart— kneeling, and at the time the bell is wmg. 

In Paschal time, instead of the "ADgelus," the "Begina Coeli" is siUd 


B. Fiat mihl secundum Torbum 

Ave, Maria, &c. 

III. F. Et Verbum caro factum 

M. Et habitavit in nobis. 

Ave, Maiia, &c. 


Gratiah tuam, qusesumua, Do- 
mine, mentibus nostris infunde ; 
ut qui, angelo nuntiante, Ohristi 
filii tui inoarnationem cognovimus, 
per passionem ejus et crueem ad 
resurrectionis gloriam perducamur; 
per eumdem Christum Dominum 
nostrum. Amen. 

JR, Be it done unto me according 
to Thy word. 

Hail, Mary, &c 

IXL And the Word was made 

H, And dwelt among us. 

Hail, Mary, kc. 

Let iu pray. 

PouB forth, we beseech Thee, O 
Lord, Thy grace into our hearts ; 
that we to whom the Incarnation 
of Christ Thy Son was made koown 
by the message of an angel, may, by 
His Passion and Cross >}• be brought 
to the glory of His resurrection ; 
through the same Christ our Lord. 




MY God ! I firmly believe all 
the sacred truths which Thy 
Holy Catholic Church believeth 
and teacheth, because Thou hast 
revealed them, who canst neither 
deceive nor be deceived. 


OMY God ! relying on Thy 
goodness and promises, I 
hope to obtain pardon for my sins,, 
the assistance of Thy grace, and 
life everlasting ; through the mer- 
its of Jesus Christ, our Lord and 


MY God ! I love Thee above 
all things, with my whole 

heart and soul, purely because 
Thou art infinitely perfect, and de- 
serving of all love : I love also my 
neighbour as myself, for the love 
of Thee; I forgive all who have 
injured me, and ask pardon of all 
whom I have injured. 


OMY God I who art infinitely 
good, and always hatest sin, 
I beg pardon from my heart for all 
my offences against Thee ; I detest 
them all and nm heartily sorry for 
them, because they offend Thy in- 
finite goodness, and I firmly re- 
solve, by the help of Thy grace, 
never more to offend Thee, and 
carefully to avoid the occasions of 

* Indulgence of seven years and seven quarantines each time. Plenary onoa 
a month for those who recite them frequently. 



MY God and my all I I most 
earnestly desire by my every 
breath; every thought; every 
word ; every desire ; every move- 
ment of body and soul ; I desire to 
tell Thee, a thousand times, I love 
Thee more than life, or anything 
in this world : and offer and dedi- 
cate myself to Thee ; renewing my 
baptismal vows, together with the 
promises and resolutions of my life 
past. I offer Thee also (and by 
every movement of my body and 
souL I desire to renew the obla- 
tion) all the praise, thanks, and 
adoration of the Church, militant, 
triumphant, and suffering; all that 
it has offered Thee, or will offer to 
the end of time ; all the love, com- 
placency, and delights Thou pos> 
sessest m Thy Divine essonce, one 
God in Three Persons; iJl the 

homage my beloved Jesus renders 
Thee m the adorable Sacrament of 
the Altar ; all the Masses that are 
now celebrating, have been, or will 
be celebrated to the end of time, 
to Thy honour and glory, without 
will, wish, or desire, but those 
solely of pleasing Thee, loving 
Thee, living for Thee, and dyiuff 
for Thee. X am Thine, my God 
and my alL Oh I make me so en- 
tirely and etemall^r; above all, 
take my heart; extiipate from it 
all other affections, and make it 
for the future a buxnmg furnace of 
the purest flames of Thy moat ar- 
dent love. Amen. 


See Hymn-book. 
Indulgence 300 days each time. 


If said every moving and "tuh Hum " 
in the evening, with following ver- 
sicles, a plenary! indulgence may be 
gained : zst. Twice a month any day 
that is chosen. 2d. At all the festi- 
vals of fi. v. H. and of All Saints. 
3d. At the hour of death Besides 
several other partial Indulgences. 

HAIL, holy Queen, Mother of 
Mercy, our Life,* our Sweet- 
ness, and our Hope ; to Thee do 
we cry, poor banished sons of Eve ; 
to thee do we send up our sighs 
mourning and weeping in this val- 
ley of tears ; turn, then, moat gra- 
cious advocate, thine eyes of mercy 

towards iis, and, after this our exile, 
show unto us the blessed fruit of 
thy womb, Jesus. Omost clement^ 
most pious, and most sweet Virgin 

F. Fray for ns, O holy Mothtr 
of God. 

B, That we may be made worthy 
of the promises of Christ. 


ALMIGHTY and Eternal God! 
who didst prepare the body 
and soul of the glorious Mary, 

* Strictly speakinff, Christ alone is our hope or life. It is here used in a 
relative sense, towards the Blessed Virgin Mary, as our chief intercessor with 



Mother And Virgin^ that iQr the co- 
operation of the Holy Ghost, she 
might hecome a worthy dwelling 
for Thy Son; grant, that as we 
rejoice in her commemoration^ so 

V, Dignare me laudare te Virgo 

B, Da mihi yirtutem contra hos- 
tes tuos. 

F. BenedictUB Deu9 In Sanctis 

R. Amen« 

8eo " 8vh <utua " before Litany of 

by her pionB intercef lioo} m% mMr 
be delivered both froin preseift 
evils and everlastingdeath; throng 
the same Jesus Cnrist our Lora. 

F. Yoachsaf e that I may praise 
thee, O. Sacred Yirgin. 
' R. Give me strength against 
thine enemies, 

F. Blessed be God in "Bii saints. 

jB, Amen. 
B. V. M. (Hymn Book| Part XL). 


Bemember, Ohriitian soul, that thou hast this day, 
and every day of thy life, 

Go4 to glorify, 

Jesus to imitate, 

The angels and saints to invoke, 


A body to mortify, 

fiinfl to expiate, 

Yirtues to aoquir*, 

Hell to avoid, 

Hearoi to gain. 

BteToitT to pvepato fgr, . 
Time to pront by, 
Neighbours to edify, 
3^e world to d^spiiii^ 
Devils to ooinbat, 
FassionB to subdue, 
Death perhaps to suffer, 
And jndgment to undergo. 




MY * God I I offer Thee my 
worK by way of penai^oe for 
my sins. Be pleasea to bestow 
Thy blessing on it. 


OM Y ^ God 1 I adore Thee, I 
love Thee, I five Thte my 
whole self. 


0»t JEStJS ! come to my help, 
and grant me grace not to 
yield to this temptation. 

4* My Jesus, mercy. 

zoo days indulgence each time. 


O^frMARY, conceived without 
sin, pray for tw who have re- 
course to thee. 

•{« Jesna, Mary. 

25 days indulgence each time. 


MAY the peace of our Ijord 
Jesus Christ; the virtue of 
"His sacred P:\sslou ; the sign of the 
holy cross; the purity and hu- 
mility of the Blessed Virgin Mary ; 
the protection of the angels ; and 
the intercession of all the saints 
and the elect of God, be with me 
and defend me, now, and ftt the 
hour of my death, sweet Jesus. 


BLESS us, O Lord, and these 
Thy gifts, which of Thy 
bounty we are about to receive : 
through Christ our Lord. Amen. 


WE give Thee thanks, Almighty 
God, for all Thy beneEts, 
who livest and reignest world 
without end. Amen. 

Vouchsafe, O Lord, for Thy 
name's sake, to render to our bene- 
factors life everlasting. Amen. 

F. May the souls of the faithful 
departed, through the mercy of 
God, rest in peace. 

JS. Amen. 



rilHREE diapositioDB areneoessary 
X for gaining an indul^ienee : — 
z. The intention of gainmg itt 2. 
The state of grace ; 3. The perfect 
fulfilment of the conditions or 
work prescribed. 

n. The conditions generally 
superadded to the work prescribed 
for gtdning a Plenary Indulgence, 
are : confession, communion, the 
visit to a church, where some 
prayers ai'e to be said for the 
intention of the Sovereign Pontiff 
or of the Church. 

N,B, — One communion suffices 

for gaining several plenary indul- 

fences for the faithful departed, 
(ut for each indulgenoe prayers at 
each one's choice should oe recited 
for the intentions of the Ohuroh. 

It was advised by a great Saint, 
at morning prayers to make the 
intention of gaining all the indul- 
gences attached to all the prayers 
or works of that day, specifying to 
what suffering souls they are to be 
applied. It is most pleasing to our 
Blessed Lady, to leave the appli- 
cation of indulgences to her dis- 


Take common water, pour it on the head or face of the child, and whilst 
you are pouring it, say the following words :— 

I BAPTIZE thee in the name of the Father, »}* ^^ ^ the Son, ^ 
and of the Holy •i* Ghost. 



IF it be a duty of the greatest im- 
portance to begin the day well, it 
is one of no leas conacquenoe to con- 
clude it properly. The graces conferred 
on us during the coui-se of the day, 
and the protection we stand in need of 
against the dangers of the night, are 
urgent reasons why we should address 
ourselves to Qod, and pray to Him 
•with the utmost gvatitude and fervour. 

IN the name of the Father, and 
of the Son, and of the Holy 
Ghost. Amen. 

Blessed be the holy and un- 
divided Trinity, now and for ever. 

Onr Father, &c. Hail, Maiy, &o. 

I believe in God, &c. 

I confess to Almighty Gk)d, &c. 

Come, O Holy Spirit, fill the 
hearts of Thy faithful, and kindle 
in them the mre of Thy love. 

r. Send forth Thy Spirit, and 
they shall be created. 

B, And Thou shalt renew the 
face of the earth. 

Let us place ourselves in the presence 
of God, and give Him thanks for all 
the benefits which we have received 
from Him, particularly this day. 

OMY God, I firmly believe that 
Thou art here, and perfectly 
seest me ; and that Thou observest 
all my actions, all my thoughts, 
and the most secret motions of my 
heart. Thou watchest over me 
with an incomparable love, every 
moment bestowing favours, and 
preserving me from evil. Blessed 
be Thy holy name, and may all 
creatures bless Thy goodness for 
the benefits which I have ever 
received from Thee, and jparticu- 
larly this day. May the samts and 
angels supply my defect in render- 
ing Thee due thanks. Never per- 

mit me to be so base and wicked 
as to repay Thy bounties with 
ingratitude, and Thy blessings with 
offences and iojuries. 

Let us ask of our Lord Jesus Christ 
grace to discover the sins which we 
have committed this day ; and beg of 
Him a true sorrow for them, and a 
sincere repentance. 

OMY Lord Jesus Christ, Judge 
of the living and the dead, 
before whom I must appear one 
day to give an exact account of mv 
wliole life ; enlighten me, I beseech 
Thee, and give me an humble and 
a contrite heart, that I m.ny see 
wherein I have oifended Thine 
infinite Majesty ; and judge myself 
now with such a just severity, that 
then Thou mayest judge me with 
mercy and clemency. 

Let us examine our consciences, and 
.-; consider where and in what company 
we have been this day. Let us cau 
to mind the sins we have committed 
against God, our neighbour, or our- 
selves ; and reflect whether we have 
fulfilled the duties of our state of 

Agaikst GoD.>-By omission or negli> 
gence in the discharge of our religious 
duties; irreverence, wilful distrac- 
tions, or inattention ;in prayer ; re- 
sistance to the divine grace; oaths ; 
murmurings ; want of confidence ana 
resignation. Paitse and examine. 

Against our Neighbour. — By rash 
judgments ; hatred ; jealousy ; con- 
tempt ; desire of revenge ; quarrel- 
ling; passion; imprecations; injuries; 
detraction ; raillery ; talse reports ; 
damaging, either in goods or reputa- 
tion; bad example; scandal; want 
of obedience, respect, charity, or 
fidelity. Pattte and examine. 

Against Oursslvbs. — By vanliy ; 
human respect ; lies ; thoughts ; de- 
8ivM» dtsoounses, or aotio&s ooutxary 


to purity ; by intemperftnce, rage^ or 
impatience; hy a asd.e8s and sen" 
siicA life ; or by sloth, in not com- 
]^ying with the duties of our Atate. 
jPcvum and examine. 

(If nothing occur to your mind, where- 
in you have ofFended, renew your 
sorrow for the sins of your past life.) 

Let uB conceive a great sontyw for 
having offended God. 

OMT God, I detest these and all 
other sins, which I have com- 
mitted against Thy divine Majesty* 
I am extremely sorry that I have 
offended Thee, because Thou art 
infinitely good, and sin displeaseth 
Thee. I love Thee with my whole 
heart, and firmly purpose, by the 
help of Thy grace, never more to 
offend Thee. I resolve to avoid the 
occasions of sin ; I will confess my 
sins, and will endeavour to make 
satisfaction for them. Have mercy 
on me, O God, have mercy, and 
pardon me, a wretched sinner. — 
In the name of Thy beloved Son, 
Jesus, I humbly beg of Thee, so to 
wash me with His precious blood, 
that my sins may be entirely re- 

Let us endeavour, as much as pos- 
sible, to put ourselves in the dis- 
positions in which we desire to be 
found at the hour of death. 

OM Y God, I accept of death as a 
homage and adoration which I 
owe to Thy divine Majesty, and as 
apunishment justly due to my sins ; 
in union with tlie death of my dear 
Bedeemar, and as the only means 
of coming to Thee, my beginning 
and last end. 

I firmly believe all the sacred 
truths which the Catholic Church 
.believeth and teacheth, because 
Thou hast revealed them. And by 
the aisistanoe of Thy holy graoe, I 

am reaolved to Uve and die in the 
communion of this Thy Church. 

Kelying upon Thy goodness, 
power, and promises, I hope to 
obtain pardon for my sins, and life 
everlasting, through the merits of 
Thy Son, Jesus Christ, my only 
Eedeemer, and by the intercession 
of His Blessed Mother, and all the 

I love Thea with ail my heart 
and soul, and desire to love Thee 
as the blessed do in heaven. I 
adore all the designs of Thy divine 
Providence, resigning myself en- 
tirely to Thy win. 

I also love my neighbour for Thy 
sake, as I love myself; I sincerely 
forgive all who have injured me, 
and ask pardon of all whom I have 

I renounce the devil, with all his 
works ; the world, with all its 
pomps; the flesh, with all its 

I desire to be dissolved, and to 
be with Christ. Father, into Thy 
hands I commend my spirit. 

H, Lord Jesus, receive my soul. 

May the Blessed Virgin Mary, 
St. Joseph, and all the saints, pray 
for us to our Lord, that we may ba 
preserved this night from sin and 
all evils. Amen. 

Blessed St. Michael, defend us in 
the day of battle, that we may not 
be lost at the dreadful judgment. 

O ray good Angel, whom Gk)d, by 
Hisdiidne. mercy, hath appointed to 
be my guardian, enlighten and pro- 
tect me, diredi and govern me this 
night. Amefi. 

May Almighty God hav^ meroy 
on us, and forgive us our sins, ana 
bring us to life everlasting. Amen. 

Hay the almighty and merciful 


Lord giT« iw pnrdon,' absolution, 
and remission of onr sins. Amon* 

F. y ouohsaf e, O Lord, this night. 

H. To keep us without sin. 

F. Have mercy on us, O Lord. 

jB. Have meroy on us. 

F. Let Thy mercy, Lord, he 
upon us* 

B, As we have hoped in Thee. 

F. O Lord, hear my prayer. 

jB. And let my cry come unto 

Let iu pray, 

VISIT, we beseech Thee, O Lord, 
this house and family, and 
drive far from it all snares of the 
enemy ; let Thy holy angels dwell 
herein, who may keep us in peace, 
and let Thy blessing bo always upon 
us : through our Lord Jesus Ohnst. 

May our Lord bless us, and pre- 
serve us from all evil, and bring us 
to life everlasting: and may the 
souls of the faitnful departed, 
through the mercy of God, rest in 
peace. Amen. 


See Hymn-book. 

Befcra you go to bed, read a ahwtor'in 
the Scripture, or some BniritueU book i 
forecast with yourself the subject ol 
tho next momiiiff's meditation, and 
think upon It while you are undress- 
ing yoiirself; when you compose 
yourself in your bed, think of your 
grave, and how quickly death, of 
which sleep is an image, will be with 

Sou, and what your sentiments will 
aen be of all worldly vanities. Offer 
up to God your sleep, resigning your- 
self to it In acquiescence with His 
holy will ; and that 1^ this repose of 
nature, you may recover new vigour 
to serve Him. Wish that every 
breath you are to ti^e this night 
might be an act of praise and love of 
the divine Majesty, like the happy 
breathings of the angels and saints, 
who never sleep ; and so compose 
youraell to rest in the arms of your 
Saviour. If you wake in the niffht, 
renew the offering of yourself to 
God, and aspire to Him : " My soul 
hath desired Thee in the night" 
(Isa. zxvL 9). 



OMY God, I believe in Thee ; do 
Thou strengthen my faith. 
All my hopes are in Thee ; do Thou 
secure them. I love Thee with my 
whole heart ; teach me to love 
Thee daily more and more. I am 
Bor^ that I have offended Thee; 
do Thou increase my sorrow. 

X adore Thee as my first begin- 
ning; I aspire after Thee as my 
last end. I give Thee thanks as 
my constant benefactor. I call 

upon Thee as my sovereign pro- 

Youohsafe, O my God, to con- 
duct me by Thy wisdom, to re- 
strain me by Thy justice, to comfort 
me by Thy mercy, to defend me by 
Thy power. 

To Thee I desire to consecrate 
all my thoughts, words, actions, 
and sufferings, that henceforward 
I may think only of Thee, sneak 
only of Thee, willingly refer all my 

* Indulgence of goe days each time. 


actions to Thy greater glory, and 
suffer willin^y whatever Thou 
ehiilt appoint. 

Lord, I desire that in all things 
Thy will may he done, hecaase it 
is Thy will, and in the manner that 
Thou wiliest. 

I heg of Thee to enlighten my 
understanding, to inflame my will, 
to purify my hody, and to sanctify 
my soul. 

Give me strength, O my God, to 
expiate my offences, to overcome 
my temptations, to suhdue my 
passions, and to acquire the virtues 
proper for my state. 

Fill my heart with tender affec- 
tions for Thy goodness, a hatred of 
my faults, a love of my neighbour, 
and a contempt of the world. 

Let me always remember to be 
submissive to my superiors, conde- 
scending to my inferiors, faithful 
to my friends, and charitable to 
my enemies. 

Assist me to overcome sensuality 
by mortification, avarice by alms- 
deeds, anger by meekness, and 
tepidity by devotion. 

O my Grod, make me prudent in 
my undertakings, courageous in 
dangers, patient in affliction, and 
humble in prosperity. 

Grant that I may be ever atten- 
tive at my prayers, temperate at 
my meals, diligent in my employ- 
ments, and constant in my resolu- 

Let my conscience be ever up- 
right and pure, my extoior modest, 
my conversation edifying, and my 
comportment regtdar. 

Assist me, that I may continu- 
ally labour to overcome nature, to 
correspond with Thy grace, to keep 
Thy commandments, and to work 
out my salvation. 

Discover to me, O my God, the 
nothingness of this world, the 
greatness of heaven, the shortness 
of time, and the length of eter- 

Grant that I may prejpare for 
death, that I may fear Thy judg- 
ments, that I may escape hell, and 
in the end obtain heaven ; through 
Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 



IT is the common opinion of the 
Saints that among all the exercises 
of piety, none is so pleasing to God, 
and 80 profitable to our souls, as fre- 
quent reflection on the sujBferings of 
Jesus Christ, and a continual effort on 
our part to commemorate and honour 
His sacred Passion and»Death. Re- 
spect, justice, love, and above all, gra- 
titude, oblige us to this, and should 
concur to make the sufferings of our 
Divine Redeemer the most ordinary 
and familiar reflection of our lives. 
Our own Interest should likewise xixge 
us to adopt this holy practice, since it 

is considered by the saints a short and 
secure road to perfection. St. Bona- 
venture says, that "he who devoutly 
applies himself to meditate upon the 
life and death of Jesus, finds tiiere all 
he requirss, and needs not seek any- 
thing out of Jesus Christ. As one of 
the most perfect methods of assisting 
at Mass, is to meditate devoutly on 
the Passion of Christ, so the best means 
of honouring that sacred Passion is to 
hear Mass for that end ; for in this 
adorable Sacrifice, which St. F. de 
Sales justly styles " the centre of reli- 
gion, the tieart of devotion, and the 


■oul of piety ;" -we axe fumifihed with 
an offermg of thaukaglving for our re- 
demption, proportioned to the benefit : 
and also with a motive for dail^ in- 
creasing in gratitude for such blessings, 
as etemitT itself will not appear too 
long to acknowledge. 


DIVINE Jesus ! sacred Victim, 
immolated for the redemption 
of mankind ! I earnestly beseech 
Thee that I may assist at this ador- 
able sacrifice with the most lively 
faith, animated hope, unbounded 
gratitude, and tender love. Permit 
me to follow Thee in spirit through 
the different stages of Thy sacred 
Passion, and give me an abundant 
share of that infinite charity whioh 
induced Thee to suffer such excea- 
slve torments for my sake. 

With the daughters of Sion who 
met Thee carrying Thy cross, and 
Thy blessed Mother, who saw Thee 
expire for our salvation, I desire to 
compassionate Thy sufferings, and 
to detest sin, as the only sovereign 
evil. I offer this divine sacrifice, 
to commemorate, in an especial 
manner, Thy dolorous Passion, and 
to obtain through its efficacious 
merits the grace of true and sin- 
cere devotion towards Thy life- 
giving sufferings and death. 


The priest going from the sacristy to 
the altar, represents Jesus Christ 
retiring from the Cenacle to the 
Garden of Gethsemani. Unite your 
sentiments with the divine disposi- 
tions of the Son of Qod, and dispose 
yourself by sincere repentance to 
assist worthily at the great sacrifice 
about to be offered. 

DIVINE Lord ! in the multi- 
tude of Thy mercies I will 
enter Thy hpute, and adore The# 

in Thy holy temple. Though my 
sins are multiplied beyond number, 
yet I will appeal to Thy unbounded 
mercies, which far exceed my ma- 
lice, or the extent of my ingrati- 
tude. I will confide in the suffer- 
ings of my Redeemer, and hope 
through His infinite merits, to find 
grace and salvation . O dear Jesus I 
Thou who hast washed me hereto- 
fore in the laver of baptism, wash 
me yet more from my iniquity, and 
cleanse me from my sin ; sprinkle 
me with Thy blood and I shall be 
cleansed ; wash me and I shall be 
made whiter than snow. 


When the priest bows and kisses the 
altar, contemplate our divine Lord 
prostrate before His heavenly Father, 
loaded with the sins of mankind, 
and bathed in blood through excess 
of sorrow. Reflect on the anguisli 
which the treacherous kiss of Judos 
caused our divine Redeemer. 

GOOD Jesus! I fervently bless 
Thee, for. all Thou hast done 
and suffered for my salvation. Give 
me grace to weep over those sins 
which drew streams of blood from 
Thy sacred veins. I desire to com- 
memorate with the most lively and 
humble contrition Thy agony in the 
garden, and I firmly resolve to de- 
test my sins to the last moment of 
my life. Pierce my soul with grief, 
for having repaid Thy goodness with 
ingratitude, and let me frequently 
cry out with the humble publican : 

God, be merciful to me a sinner. 
May those bonds which confined 
Thy sacred hands, burst the fet- 
ters of my sins, and restore me to 
the sweet liberty of Thy children. 

1 cast myself at Thy sacred feet, 
and conjure Thee to strengthen me 
by Thy all-powerful grace, that 


tinder every trial and affliction, I 
may submit cheerfully to the de- 
crees of Thy adorable providence, 
and never cease to bless Thy holy 


The Kyrie eleison is repeated three 
times to honour the adorable Trinity; 
it may also serve to remind you of 
the denials of St. Peter, and to exoite 
the deepest regret for your much 
more frequent denials of so good a 
master. At the Qloria in excelsit, 
reflect on the miraculous conversions 
which signalised the public life of 
Jesus Christ, and beg that one be- 
nign glance may convert and pene- 
trate your soul, as ib did that of St. 

OMY Qod ! have mercy on me, 
according to Thy great mercy; 
pardon me, who have so often had 
the misfortune of denying Thee, 
by a life altogether opposite to Thy 
sacred maxims. Look on me, 
divine Jesus, with that compassion 
and tenderness which the sight of 
misery always excited in Thy most 
amiable heart. Purify me, as Thou 
didst Thy penitent apostle, that 
I may worthily unite with Thy 
Church in celebrating the wonder- 
ful work of man's redemption. O 
how fervently should I join in Thy 
praises, most amiable Jesus ! How 
ardently should 1 sing, glory be to 
God on high, glory to that admir- 
able Being, who, forgetful of His 
own glory, underwent for my sake 
such prodigious humiliations! O 
my sovereign King, my divine and 
adorable Model! since Thou wert 
pleased to descend so low as my 
frail nature, grant that I may place 
all my glory, honour, and happi* 
ness, in sharing Thy humiliationB, 
RTid carrying Thy cross. 


When the priest goes from the middle 
of the altar to the ^UtU side, and 
thence to the Gospd side, represent 
to yourself the eternal Son of Ood, 
dragged about to the different tri- 
bunaii of Annas, Galphas, Pilate, 
and Herod ; and when you stand to 
hear the Gospel, remember that It Ib 
the word ,of Him, who alone has the 
words of eternal life ; of Him, who 
came from heaven to insiamct you, 
and who, for your sake, conflrmed 
His doctrine by shedding His pre- 
cious blood. 

ETERNAL God! unerring 
Truth ! whose sacred "Word I 
am so happy to hear, penetrate my 
heart by the influence of Thy 
grace, that I may not hear it to my 
eternal reprobation, like the Jews 
who 80 long and so fruitlessly- 
listened to Thy sacred maxims. 

spotless Lamb of God I while Thy 
judges proclaim Thee an impostor, 

1 rise without fear or shame to 
declare in the face of hesiven and 
earth, that I believe Thee to be 
Christ, the Son of the living God, 
and I moat unreservedly assent to 
all and every article proposed by 
Thy holy Church to my belief. 
But, O divine Lord ! give me grape 
to profess my faith by my actions 
as well as by my words. Have 
mercy on all who are involved in 
the dreadful night of infidelity; 
may the light ot Thy grace shine 
upon them, and so penetrate their 
hearts, that they may embrace the 
truth, and be united in the com- 
munion of Thy holy Church. 


When the priest unveils the chalice, 
and offers the bread and wine, c(|a- 
template your merciful Redeemer, 
stripped oc His gannents, bound Jto 


a pUtat, and cruelly scourged * offer 
TourseU, In union with the sacriflco 
He then offered of His precious 
blood, and which He renews on the 

ADOBABLE Jestts ! when I re- 
flect on the torments Thon 
didst endure when fastened to th6 
plUar, I begin to conceive the enor- 
mity of my sins, and the immense 
extent of Thy eternal lore. I be- 
hold in Thy wounds the greatness 
of my ingratitude, and the depth 
of the misety to which I am re- 
duced. But, O Lord, how happy 
&m I in being able to present Thee, 
at this moment, aviotim of thanks- 
giving and atonement, fully pro- 
portioned, or rather far exceeding, 
the magnitude of my obligation, 
and the multitude of my crimds. 
I offer Thee the streams of blood 
that flowed from Thy sacred body 
during Thy ignominious scourging, 
and also the bread and wine which 
is now presented to Thy divine 
Majesty. Accept, in union with 
this precious oblation, my body and 
soul, my thoughts, words, desires, 
affections, and sufferings; in fine, 
my whole being, that henceforward 
I may be entirely Thine by the 
bonds of ardent charity. 


When the priest washes his hands, call 
to mind the testimony which PiUte 
gave to 12ie innocence of Jesus Christ; 
and at the Orate Fratres adore your 
Saviour^ eschibltod to l^e people as 
a mock king. Prostrate yourself in 
spirit before the sovereign Lord, and 
pour out at His sacred feet the grate* 
ful eflosionfl of your compassion and 

OMOST adorable blood t which 
flowed a remedy for all humsn 
woes, I beseech Thee to wash, 

purify, and sanctify my sinful soul, 
that I may, with a pure and up- 
right conscience, assist at these 
awful mysteries. I cannot, O my 
God! presume to wash my hands 
among the innocent, for, alas! I 
have been long since excluded from 
the happy few who never offended 
Thee ; but, at least, I can claim a 
privilege not reserved to the inno- 
cent alone, but mercifully granted 
eveii to the most guilty. I can 
wash my bands, my heart, my 
soul, in Thy preoious blood. I can 
cast myself on Thy divine mercy, 
with a firm resolution rather to 
die than to offend Thee during the 
remainder of my life* O King of 
my soul I I acknowledge Thee for 
my sole and sovereign Lord. O 
Jesus ! I implore, by the sorrow 
and agony of heart Thou didst 
endujre when Barabbas wai9 pre- 
ferred to Thee, Uiat Thou wouldst 
preserve me from ever preferring 
any created object to Thy friend- 
ship and favour. By Thy ignomi- 
nious clothing with a purple gar- 
ment, I entreat Thee to give me a 
garment of justice, when I shall 
appear before Thy dread tribunal, 
and I fervently conjure Thee that, 
through Thy infinite mercy, and 
the merits of Thy thorny crown, I 
may hereafter obtain a crown of 
immortal glory. 


The priest praying some time in secret 
before the Pr^ace, represents and 
commemorates the admirable sHenco 
obser^Ted by Jesiia ChH^t in the 
. course of His sacred Passion. Do you 
now address your divine Lord in the 
secret of your heart; represent to 
Him all your spiritual necessities ; 
implore an application of His infinite 
merits (to the wounds of your aoul. 


and yihBn the priest raiaes his voice 
to recite the Pre/ace do you redouble 
your fervour, and join in spirit with 
the Church militant, triumphant, 
and suffering, in praising and mag- 
nifying that divine Lamb who was 
slahi for the health and life of Hu 
own creatures. 

DIVINE Searcher of Hearts ! 
from whom nothing is hidden, 
since Thou desirest so ardently to 
establish Thy reign in my soul, 
permit me to represent to Thee 
its miseries, and all the obstacles 
which unfortunately oppose the 
sweet empire of Thy love in my 
heart. O Lord, Thou needs t not 
my representations to discern my 
wants. I am too insensible to feel 
my miseries as I ought— too weaJc 
to call loudly on Thy mercy — ^too 
guilty to deserve being heard. Let 
my silence then speak, O most 
merciful Saviour ! let my multi- 
plied miseries plead on my behalf. 
Thou wilt not be deaf to their 
eloquent supplications ; and surely, 
my God 1 Thou needst but consult 
Thy own Sacred Heart, and that 
infinite love which brings Thee 
daily to our altars, to find motives 
for granting pardon and mercy to 
the most unworthy of Thy crea- 
tures. O blessed spirits of heaven ! 
holy and happy saints of Ood ! 
who in the mirror of His adorable 
sanctity, behold the enormity of 
sin, supply for me, who am un- 
worthy to join with the Church in 
celebrating His praises and mag- 
nifying His goodness. 


Let the low and solemn voice in which 
tile Canon is read, remind you of that 
mourning and consternation which 
amazed and silenced all nature at 
the lufferings of Jesus Ohrist : and 

when the priest spreads over the 
oblation, making the sign of the 
cross, caJl to mind the torments out 
divine R^eemer endured when fas- 
tened to the cross. 

OMY God I when I reflect on 
the number and enormity of 
my sins, I am sensible that I have 
no claim to a share in those pre- 
cious graces which Thou hast died 
to purchase for Thy creatures ; but 
when I contemplate that cross on 
which Thou didst agonise — when I 
turn my eyes on this altar, this 
new Calvary on which Thou art 
about to descend, and again offer 
Thyself for my salvation, I feel 
convinced that Thou wilt always 
be to me a Jesus, a Saviour. Ac- 
cept, therefore, of my whole being, 
in union with the sacred oblation 
I am about to offer. Purify my 
soul in those strains of blood which 
gushed from Thy adorable wounds, 
and which will soon flow on this 
altar. Grant to us all, through its 
efficacious merits, the grace to 
practise what Thy holy law com- 
mands, and to avoid what it pro- 
hibits. Extend the blessing of 
peace and unity to Thy Church ; 
repentance and pardon to all sin- 
ners; comfort to the sick, the 
dying, and the afflicted ; in a word, 
mercy and eternal happiness to all, 
since for all, divine Victim ! 
Thou didst shed Thy adorable and 
saving blood. I particularly im- 
plore Thy precious graces, O my 
Grod, for those for whom I am 
bound to pray — ^those who have 
recommended themselves to my 
prayers— who pray for me, or who 
at this moment may specially want 
Thy divine assistance. O may this 
adorable and august sacrifice bo 
received by Thy Divine Majesty, 
as wa» the victim which Ohrist 


offered in His oim Penon on the 
nltar of the cross. 


At the Elevation of the Sacred Host 
and Chalice, reflect on the pangs 
which Jesus endured, when, lifted 
up between heaven and earth. His 
Specious blood flowed abundantly for 
the remission of your sins, for the 
conversion of the world, and of His 
greatest enemies. Let i^e first fruit 
of His Cross and Passion, applied to 
the penitent thief on the cross, en- 
courage you to recur confidently to 
His mercies^ and to hope that His 
infinite love will one day assign you 
likevirise a place In Paradise. 

HAIL, O King of Glory I Prince 
of Peace ! and Saviour of the 
World I Hail ! O Immactilate Vic- 
tim ! sacrificed for me and all 
mankind on the altar of the cross. 
I bless Thee, I adore Thee, I love 
Thee, O divine Jesus I and I ar- 
dently invite the whole universe to 
join m praising and blessing Thy 
holy name. O bleeding and ador- 
able Victim of my sins, why have 
I not the faith, the love, the an- 
guish which penetrated the hearts 
of those who beheld Thy sacred 
blood flow from Thy precious 
wounds? Hear, O eternal God! 
the voice of this blood, which cries 
loudly, not for vengeance, but for 
pardon and mercy. Oh, let it plead 
powerfully in my behalf; let it 
blot out my sins, cleanse every 
stain from my soul, and render me 
pure and pleasing in Thy sight. 


BEHOLD, O Almighty and all- 
gracious God ! Thy Son Jesus, 
in whom Thou art well pleased. 
ZiOok upon the faee of Thy Jesus 
and my Saviour here pNMnt ; look 

upon this spotless Lamb, this ador- 
able Victim, this pure holocaust of 
obedience, humbled to the ignomi- 
nious death of the cross. Behold 
in Him what may move Thee to 
look upon us with an eye of mercy 
and compassion. He is our High 
Priest, sprinkled with His own 
blood. Receive the sacrifice He 
has offered for us, in consideration 
of the h<mour and homage that are 
due to Thy sovereign goodness 
from me and all creatures. Ex- 
tend, O compassionate Oreator ! its 
efi&cacious virtue to the souls of 
the faithful departed, and grant 
them rest and life everlasting, par- 
ticularly to N. N. : deign to miti- 
gate their punishment, and trans- 
late them to that place of glory for 
which they were destined. Thou 
didst once promise that, looking 
on the rainbow, Thou would st re- 
member the covenant made between 
Thee and the patriarch Noah (Gen. 
ix.), canst Thou then look on the 
blood of Thy beloved Son Jesus, 
offered to Thee in sacrifice, without 
remembering the great covenant of 
the New Law, sealed and confirmed 
with the effusion of Kis sacred 

O dearest Jesus ! why cannot I 
love Thee as Thy goodness deserves? 
The more Thou hast humbled Thy- 
self for my sake, the more I am 
bound to love Thee, and spend my 
life in Thy service. Remember 
Thou hast purchased my soul at a 
dear rate ; oh, let not Thy blood be 
lost or shed in vain, but receive me 
into the number of Thy elect. I 
detest my sins, which are the cause 
of Thy sufferings ; alas ! they were 
the nails that pierced Thy hands 
and feet, and fastened Thee to an 
igaominiousozoss* Oh,whowillgive 


■oxtow to my h«art, and a fountain 
of toan to my eyes, that I may 
bewail them in the bitternoM of 
my soul all the days of my life, 
and thus, at the hour of death, be 
entitled to hear those consolatory 
words addressed to the penitent 
thief : This day shaU thou be with 
dit in Paradi8€, I acknowledge 
that I do not deserve to be rankeid 
among the number of Thy children ; 
yet, in obedience to Thy pxeoept, 
Hnd with profound veneration for 
Thy sacred words, I will presume 
to say that heavenly prayer which 
Thou hast taught me : Our FatJur^ 


When the priest says the Aqnw Dei. 
reflect on the miraoulous 4uiaage of 
heart wrought in the centarion and 
other witnesses of the death ol Josus 
Christ, and be careful, as far as it 
depends on you, not to depgot from 
this new Calvaiy without partici- 
pating In their holy dispositions. 

OnmOOENT Lamb of God I 
who takest away the sins of 
the world, have mercy on me, for 
Thy peculiar and distinguishing 
property is infinite mercy. Give 
to my heart the sorrow and repent- 
ance of tbose who mourned Thy 
cruel death, and teach me, like 
them, to place all my hopes in 
Thee, and to love and seek Thee as 
my only Sovereign Good. 1 most 
humbly beseech Thee by all the 
anguish Thou didst endure daring 
the coarse of Thy Passion, espe- 
cially at the separation of Thy 
Sacred Soul from Thy Body, that 
Thou wouldst have mercy and 
compassion on me, when I shall be 
on the point of appearing before 
Thy dread tribunal. Let Thy 
/i>-.j ,^ death then Interpose 

between my soul and th4 tigonrs 

of Thy justice. Ahl while X yet 
sojourn in this valley of tears, let 
the remembrance <» Thy bitter 
draught of vinegar and gall pre- 
serve me from delighting in the 
falsepleasures of this world, and 
let Tny burning thirst upon tiie 
cross make me thirst only after the 
enjoyment of Thy promise. May 
the recollection of Thy saving 
death penetrate my soul with such 
lively gratitude, that from this 
moment I may place all my banpi- 
neas in loving and serving Thee, 
my only joy and sovereign felicity. 


The Jhriu^t CentmwUon represents the 
burial of Jesus Christ's sacred body 
when it wss taken from the cross ; 
and the covering of the chalice is a 
figure of the sepulchre shut up, and 
covered with a stone. This is the 
time peculiarly adapted to invite our 
Lord by a spiritual communion to 
repose in your heart, and to honour 
it frequent]^ bv B^ sacramental 
presence, or habitually by the influ- 
ence of His holy grace. 

OMY Godl how can I reflect 
on the hapi>ines8 of those who 
approach worthily to the Holy 
Eucharist, without ardently desir- 
ing to enjoy the Uke blessing? how 
can I assist at this adorable sacrifice 
without regretting the sins and 
miseries which justly deter me 
from receiving Thee sacramentally : 
I am not worthy, O infinite purity 2 
to lodge Thee m my heart ; I am 
not worthy to share in the happi- 
ness of those who now enjoy Thy 
sacramental presence. But, Lord ! 
though I cannot unite myself to 
Thee really, yet I am not forbidden 
to do so in spirit and desire. I 
believe most firmly that Thou aart 


prmst in ibU wand liott ; Ibopt 
in tnat inAnite ja»tcj frhioh deiaiiii 
Thee ilierein, and i ardently Iqto 
snd deiireto receire Thee, notwith- 
standing my nnworthiness. I nnite 
in the adoration, love, hnmiUty, 
And fervour of all who this day 
received Thee, throughout the uni- 
verse, with the most perfect dis- 
positions; and I earnestly beg of 
Thee, by that tender love which 
induces Thee to give Thyself to 
Thy creatures, to accept of every 
thought, word, and action, from 
this to my next communion, as so 
many acts of love, desire, and pre- 
paration to receive Thee; and I 
earnestly conjure Thee to crown all 
Thy blessings bv the inestimable 
grace of a wortny communion at 
{he hour of my death. 


The Latt Collect represents the appari- 
tions and instructions of Jesus Christ 
to His Apostles and' Disciples after 
His vesuR«etion { and the PrinVt 
JUmnnff denotes that porting bone* 
diction given by our pivlne Lord, 
when ascending into heaven. Ro* 
member when the last Goqpel is 
read at the left side of the iJtar, 
that Jesus Christ did not come to 
call the just but slnneni to repent- 
anoe» and that Hti infinite mney 
in thus daily renewing on our altars 
the Sacrifice of the Cross, should ani^ 
mate even the most guilty to recur 

with confidence to His infinite good* 
ness and abundant merits. 

OBLBSI&fiD Redeemer, who, 
coming forth from the eravo, 
didst rise triumphant over death, 
I praise and glorify Thee for all 
Thy^ mercies, and in partioalar for 
having conversed so long with Thy 
apostles, and confirmed them in 
that saving faith, which they were 
destined to transmit to suooeeding 
ages. Oh 1 how shall I thank Thee 
for the inestimable advantage of 
having 'beheld Thee saorific^ on 
this altar, and for having thereby 
participated in the abxmdant mer- 
its of Thy Passion and death ? Let 
me not depart from this sanctuary 
without those sentiments of piety, 
and that spiritual strength for the 
amendment of my life, which may 
be always drawn .from this ador- 
able sacrifice. Pardon, O Lordt 
my distractions and irreverences. 
Engrave on my heart the remem- 
brance of Thy sufferings, that I 
may henceforward glory only in 
CTesus Christ, and in Him orucmed« 
Teach me to follow Thy divine ex* 
ample, that rlsine with Thee to a 
new life, I may, tnrough Thy pow- 
erful grace, advance daily and 
hourly in virtue, and at length at- 
tain to the unlimited and eternal 
enjoyment of Thee, my Ood and 
my All ! in the kingdom of Thy 
glory. Amen, 


In order to preperc well for Conf es* 
■lon» we must strictly fulfil these five 
f oUowizig conditions ;— 

1, An examination of conscience, 
that we may know aU our shis. 

IL A heartfelt sorrow for having 
committed them. 

m. A Ann xesolationnsvwtei 

mit them again. 

IV. A candid and humble oonfessloA 
of them to a priest empowered to ab* 
solve us. 

y. A desire or Intention of satisfylxig 
Ood, and our neighbour also, if injureol' 



Bog oi God to make your sins known 
to you, and to give you a true sense 
of their malice. Prostmte yourself 
In spirit at the feet of your Re- 
deemer, as Magdalen did when she 
Wished them with her tears ; or, 
Imagine yourself on Mount Calvary, 
ftnd there, beneath His cross, pour 
forth your prayers to Him, resolving 
to aoqult yourself of this confession 
as if it were to be your laat. 

OHOLY Spirit, Eternal Source 
of Light, mercifully vouch- 
safe to enlighten the darkness of 
my understanding, that I may 
dearly perceive the true state of 
iny conscience. Thou who hast 
created me, and art to be my 
Judge, dost fully behold the most 
secret recesses of my heart ; show 
me now, therefore, my sins in as 
Conspicuous a manner as I shall 
behold them when on the point of 
appearing at Thy tremendous tri- 
bunal. My object at present is, to 
{)revent the rigorous account I must 
there give of all my thoughts, 
Words, and actions ; for, were I now 
deficient in that sincere exactness 
which is necessary in the examina- 
tion and confession of my sins. 
Thou wouldst infallibly correct, at 
Thy unerring tHbunal, the injustice 
and iniquity of such a proceeding. 
Discover, then, to me, O God, all 
those secret thoughts, irregular 
desires, criminal words and actions, 
or omiBsio98 of my duty, by which 
I may have violated Thy sacred 
law or leandalised my neighbour. 
Oh ! do not permit self-love to 
ieduoe and blind me ; but rather 
remove the veil it places before 
my eyes, that, beholding the true 
9tate of my interior, I may make a 

humble and sincere oonfeeaioti of 
my sins to Thy minister. 

I desire, like the prodigal child, 
to enter seriously into myself, and 
without delay to forsake my evil 
ways^ in which I have been wearied 
out ui the pursuit of empty toys 
and mere shadows, seeking in vain 
to satisfy my thirst with muddy 
waters, and my hunger with the 
husks of swine. I ardently desire 
to return to Thee, O Fountain of 
Life! But, O my God, though I 
can go astray from Thee fast 
enough when left to myself, yet I 
cannot make one step towaros re- 
turning £o Hiee, unless Thy divine 
grace stir np and assist me. This 
grace, then, I most humbly em- 
plore, prostrate before Thy throne 
of mercy. I beg it for the sake of 
Jesus Christ, my Redeemer, who 
died upon the cross for me and all 
sinners. Thou hast said : There is 
joy in heaven foi' one sinner that 
does penance; give me now the 
grace of true repentance, and let 
heaven rejoice at my conversion. 
Assist me in this great work by 
Thy heavenly light, in order that I 
may discover all my imperfections, 
see all my sins in their true col- 
ours, and sincerely detest and con- 
fess them. I know Thou desirest 
not the death of a sinner, but 
rather that he be converted and 
live ; I know that Thy mercies 
.are above all Thy works; and I 
confidently hope, that as in Thy 
mercy Thou hast . spared me so 
long, and hast now given me this 
desire of retoming to Thee, so 
Thou 'wilt finish the •"work Thou 
hast begun, by assisting me, in 
every part of my preparation for 
it, and ^ bringing me to a perfect 
reconciliation with Thee. 


most graoioiis Virgia Mary* 
beloved Mother of Jesus Chrisi 
my Bedeemer, intercede for me to 
Him. Obtain for me the fall re- 
mission of my sins, and perfect 
amendment of life, to the salvation 
of my soul, and the glory of His 
name. Amen* 

1 implore the same grace of thee, 
O my angel guardian ; of you, my 
holy patron N.N. ; of you, O 
holy Peter and holy Magdalen, and 
of all the saints of God. Inter- 
cede for me a sinner, repentlug 
of my sins, aud resolving to con- 
fess and amend them. Amen. 
Examine yourseli attentively, not only 

on the sins you have cemmlttad 
sinee your last confession, but aisQ 
on the 1 faults you may have com- 
mlttedSin making it ; heware of 
scrupulosity or anxiety, for in this 
examination it is only necessary ihat 
you shall use auch a moral diligenco 
as any temporal concern might re- 
quire, '.when it is neither your inten- 
tion nor your htxterest to bedecefved. 
For this purpose calmly remember 
the different occasions of sin which 
have since fallen in your way, or to 
which your.sfcate or condit&on of life 
exposes you ; the places you have 
frequented ; the persons you have 
conversed with, &c., Ac, in the do- 
ing of which tbo following table of 
sins will greatly assist you : — 


First Commandment. 

X. Did you say your prayers, 
morning and night, or say them 

2. Did yon go to prayera or 
sermons in Protestant churefaes 
and give scandal by it, or read 
Protestant books ? 

3. Did you wilfully doubt, or 
diabelieTe, or deny the Catholic 
Faith, or speak against it ? 

4. Did you despair of God's help, 
or expect God to help you without 
doing what you should to get His 
help^murmor against Gtod or His 
providenoe ? 

5. Were yon good to the poor? 

6. Did you lead others into sin? 

7. Did you adc fortune-tellers to 
tell your fortune, or those who use 
charms, signs, toss-cups, cut-cards, 
&c., or read books about those 


8. Did you behave ill in chapel, 
or to any holy thing or person? 

9. Did you receive holy Com- 
munion after breaking your fast — 
neglect to say your penance after 
confessioD— receive any sacrament 
with bad dispositions? Did you 
knowingly conceal a mortal sin at 
confession through fear or shame? 

How many titnee eaeh Hn 9 

Second Commandment. 

I. Did you speak ill of Qod or of 
His saints, or of what is holy? 

a. Did yon curse any one-^-was 
it ft>om your heart or with Ood's 

3. Did you take a false oaih, or 
an oath U> do what is sinful? — or 
had you a habit of taking oaths — 
did you break a lawful oath! 

How many timet each tin f 

Third Commandment. 

1. Did you work on Sundays or 
holidays without necessity? 

2, Did you stop away from Mass 


<m Sundayi ot hotidttf 6 by your 
own fault — or play, or talk, or 
behave ill during Mass — or stop 
away from oateohism or Sunday- 
school, &o. ? 
How many time» each dn t 

Fou&TH Commandment. 

X. Bid you love your father and 
mother as you ought, and help 
them when you could ? 

2. Did you show a want of re- 
spect for your father and mother- 
was it very great disrespect, for 
example, strilung them, or in their 
hearing cursing them, or calling 
them verjT bad names, or mocking 
them in tneir sight? 

3. Did you disobey them, for 
example, by stopping away from 
school or refusing to do something 
for them, or did you disobey them 
in some great thing, such as going 
into bad company against their 

B<m many tima each Hn f 


1. Did you desire some great 
harm to yourself or another— 'was 
it from your heart? 

2. Did you c]Uarrel, fight, keep 
hatred and spito'—take revenge — 
do harm to ^e life or health of 
yourself or another — were you 
guilty of dnmkenhefls? 

^010 many tima each mm I 

SixtS and Ninth Command* 


X. Immodest thoughts or desires. 
[Vidyou try to put them away f) 

2. Immodest looks or words, 

3, Immodest actions, alone by 
yourself or with others, with 

married persons, with relatfoni/or 
with anything. 

4. Going into bad company or to 
bad dances, &o. Beading or keep- 
ing bad books. 

How many t%me$ ea<^ Hn f 

Sbvjenth and Tenth Com- 

Did you steal? what did you 
steal? how often?— did you help 
others to steal — receive stolen 
things — cheat in buying or selling 
—or in any way injure another — 
did you restore to another what 
belongs to him—pay your debts— 
break any bargain or agreement? 

How many times each tin t 

Eighth Commandment. 

Did you tell lies — did the lies do 
Ipreat harm—were you guilty of un- 
just suspicions — ^rash judgments—* 
backbiting, or speaking HI of othem 
—taking away any one's character 
*— did' you restore ai& good name tm 
much as you could— use bad Ian* 
guage to others, read their letteti 
—cause quarrels, by tale-bearing? 

How many times each sin 9 

Commandments ot the 

x« Nob keeping the abstinenoe ov 

2. Neglectifig the laeramettts or 
your Easter duties. 

3. Being in secret and forbidden 

Capital Sins. 

Pride, covetousness, lust, anger, 
gluttony, envy, sloth ?" 
How many times each sin f 

mixatATiM 09 Qomcm^tm. 


FOR Little Children. 

I. Did 70a say your prayers, 
morDing and night? 

II. Did you say bad words or 
corse — did you curse with God's 

in. Did you stop away from 
Kass on Sundays oy yow own 

-• IV. Did you behave ill to your 
father or mother? 

V. Did you get angry, fight, 
quarrel, &c. ? 

VI. and IX. Did you like think- 
ing about bad, immodest things, or 
do very bad things with yourself or 
with others ? 

VII. and X. Did you steal— 
what did you steal ? 

VIII. Did you tell lies— speak 
ill of others? 

Did you eat meat on Fridays or 
Fast-days, by your oionfatUt f 

Did you wilfully conceal a mortal 
sin in confession ? 

Mow many timeB each ain f 

After the Examination. 

Having discovered the different sorts 
of sins of which you have been guilty, 
together with their number, enor- 
mity, or such aggravating circum- 
Btances as may considerably increase 
their m^ce or change their nature, 
your ndxt endeavour should be to 
excite in your breast a hearifelt sorrou 
for havinjg committed them, and a 
sincere detestation of them, by rt- 
peating teveral times ihe Act qf Contri- 
iion over them: or you might also 

TH0T7GH Ihave sinned, O Lord, 
and done evil in Thy sight, yet 
shall I never say, as Cain did, " mv 
crimes are too great to be forgiven.^' 
Thou didst pardon David, though his 

sin was mbst grievous ; Magdftlen, 
a sinner by profession ; Peter, who 
denied Thee with oaths ; the adul- 
teress convicted in Thy presence ; 
the penitent thief on ^e cross. 
All these obtained forgiveness, be- 
cause they sought it sincerely; 
nay, more. Thy tenderness waa 
shown even to the traitor Judas, 
nor were even the cruel Jews ex- 
cluded from Thy prayers; and 
shall not I also, O my God, cry out 
to Thee for mercy? Yes, for re- 
lying on Thy wonted goodness, X 
shall never be confounded. My 
sins are enormous, it is true, and 
stand always Against me ; but the 
more hideous they are, the more I 
detest them. Against Thee, O God, 
have I sinned, and to Thee I cry out 
for pardon. Oh. that I had never 
offended Thee, for Thou art infi- 
nitely good. Oh, that my sorrow 
for having offended Thee were great 
as my offenees. Oh, that I might 
grieve for them even unto death^ 
and feel those bitter pangs with 
which Thy soul was overwhelmed 
in the Garden of Olives. Let the 
inexpressible anguish of mind Thon 
didst there feel. Thy sighs, Thy 
tears, Thy fainting, and« Thy 
bloody sweat, O Lord, plead now 
in my behalf, and supply the de- 
f0ctBof my unpeffect sorrow. Lei 
them draw down Thy merdes, O 
heavenly Father, and restore me 
again to Thy favour. 

Alas, I have offended Him by 
whose blood I was redeemed. I 
have been the cause of His suffer- 
ings. I have renewed His death, 
and crucified Him again by my 
sins. Oh, who will give sorrow to 
my heart and a fountain of tears 
to my eyes, that I may bewail my 
iniquities in the bitterness of my 


soul ! Have compasBion on me, O 
most loving Father ! I throw my- 
self into the arms of Thy infinite 
mercy. Clothe me with Thy grace, 
and admit me to Thy sacrament of 
reconciliation. Cast out of my 
heart whatever Thou knowest pro- 
fanes or defiles Thy temple. Boot 
out of my soul whatever is displeas- 
ing imto Thee, and lay in me the 
foundation of a new life. I re- 
nounce and utterly detest all sins 
for the love of Thee. O God of 
infinite hounty and goodness, I am 
heartily soiTy for having offended 
Thee. I heg and hope for pardon 
through the merits of Thine only 

Son, my Savionr Jenu Chrui 
Accept His Passion and death in 
satisfaction for my offences, and 
for His sake have mercy on me, 
whose only hope is in Thy mercy. 

If, with these sentiments glowing ia 
your breast, you cast yourself at the 
feet of your Confessor, and reveal to 
him {^ the sins you recollect, in a 
truly penitential spirit, be assured 
you shall return with Joy from the 
tribunal of confession, and feel real- 
ised in yourself the consoling promise 
of the Holy Spirit, that " They who 
sow in tears shall reap In Joy" 
(Ps. cxxv.). 


The penitent kneeling down near the 
Confessor, asks his blessing, saying : 

PRAY, Father, give me your 
blessing, for I have sinned. 

Whilst the priest gives the blessing, 
the x)enitent makes the sign of the 
cross, saying : 

IN the name of the Father, and 
of the Son, and of the Holy 
Ghost. Amen. 

He then says the " Confiteor," as fol- 

I CONFESS to Ahnighty God, to 
the Blessed Mary, ever Virgin, 
to Blessed Michael the Archangel, 
to Blessed John the Baptist, to the 
Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, to 
all the Saints, and to you, Father, 
that I have sinned exceedingly in 
thought, word, and deed, through 
my fault, through my fault- 
through my most grievous fault. 
[At these words he should bow his 
head and penitently strike his breast 
three times.] 

The penitemt then says how long it is 
since his last confession; secondly, 
whether he were absolved, and have 
communicated; and thirdly, whether 
he j^tiormed his penance. Then he 
begins his confession by accusing 
himself of any sin which might have 
been forgotten in his last confession, 
or any faults committed in approach- 
ing that sacrament. After which he 
proceeds to the accusation of his 
other sins, beginning by those whidi 
he feels most repugnance to mention, 
as this act of humility and generosity 
is likely to draw down a blessing 
from God on the rest of his confes- 
sions. He needs only preface the 
first sin with the wonb, / accuse 

When he has accused himself of all his 
sins, and submitted any doubts on 
his mind to the opinion of his 
director, let him conclude his confes- 
sion, not by saying, "I have no 
more," as is the ignorant custom of 
many persons, but in the foUowin^ 
form — 

FOB these and all other sins 
which I cannot at present call 
to my remembrance; I am heartily 


soRy, and moet humbly ask pardon 
of God, and penance and absolutioii 
of you, my ghostly Father. (He 
finishes the ConJUeor.) Therefore 
I beseech the Blessed Mary, ever 
Virgin, Blessed Michael the Arch- 
angel, Blessed John the Baptist, 
the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, 
all the Saints, and you, Father, to 
pray to the Lord our God for me. 

jjBit Mm then give attentive ear to the 
instructions and advice of his con- 
f easor, and humbly accept the pen- 
ance enjoined by him. 

Whilst the priest gives himaheolutloB. 
let him bow down his head, begging 
of Qod to ratify the absolution in 
heaven, whilst His minister absolves 
him upon earth, and repeat with 
great sorrow the act of contrition 
as it is given above ^ee No. III.), or 
in the following abridged form— 

OMY €k>d, I am very sorry that 
I have sinned against Thee^ 
beoause Thou art so good; and I 
will not sin again. My sweet Jesus, 
have mercy on me, and forgive me 
all my sins. 


OGOB of infinite goodness ! who 
hast shown such mercy to a 
miserable sinner! O most indul- 
gent Father! who hast received once 
more Thy prodigal child, how shall 
I thank Thee ? how shall I testify 
the joy and gratitude that fill my 
heart ? Oh, that I could worthily 
thank Thee, my good God! and 
acknowledge as I ought, that infin- 
ite mercy which forgiveth all my 
iniquities, which healeth aU my 
diseases (Ps. cii. 3). My God, Thou 
hast broken the bonds of my sins ; 
Thou hast blotted out, with Thy 
own precious blood, the sentence 
of eternal death which stood 
against me ; Thou hast snatched 
me almost from the brink of hell, 
and delivered me from the power 
of the devil, who has now no claim 
to my soul : as far as the east is 
from the west, so far Jiast Thou 
removed my iniquittes from me (Ps. 
cii. 12), and by the mouth of Thy 
minister Thou hast desired the 
most unworthy of all sinners to 
**(7o in peace.** O divine Jesus! 
I have obeyed Thy command, my 
heart rejoices, my soul is truly at 

peace, because I hope I am no 
longer Thy enemy; because Thou 
hast received me with mercy and 
forgiveness, and satisfied the first 
and only desire of my heart. ^ 

This day shall be the beginning 
of my perfect conversion — from 
this moment forward, the recolleo- 
tion of my past ingratitude and 
Thy ineffable goodness shall be 
ever present to my mind, and, with 
the assistance of Thy grace, shall 
be a double motive for detesting 
sin, and faith f idly observing my 
resolutions, which I fervently re- 
new, and once more present to Thy 
divine Majesty. Do not refuse to 
receive, O my God ! the remainder 
of my life. I am heartily sorry for 
the years I have misspent; they 
have gone down as a shadow ; they 
have passed away without fruit; 
but as I cannot recall them, I will 
at least think of them in the bit- 
terness of my soul. Ob, let the 
ardour with which I pursued a life 
of sin, be in future applied to Thy 
service, that where sin hath 
abounded. Thy divine grace may 
be still more abundant, hei the 


change in my conduct be Tisible to 
all, and may I henceforward edify 
more than I have hitherto scan- 

O Blessed Virgin Mary: my 
holy Patron [name him or Aer], and 
all ye saints and angels, praise and 
extol our Lord for Hia unbounded 
goodness towards me, a most 
miserable sinner. Beseech Him to 
accept of this, my humble confes- 
sion, and to supply, through His 

indnit« mercies, all Its ^fld^ncfes. 
Beg of Him to ratify, in hearen, 
the sentence of absolntion which 
has been pronounced upon xne on 
earth* Amen. 


BeFOBB you leave the chapel, if 
possible, or at least as soon as you 
conveniently can, perform, with the 
greatest devotion, the penance im- 
posed on you in confession. 


IN asking Thee, O my God. to 
impart to me the graces which 
I stand in need of, can I, without 
ingratitude, forget before Thee, 
liim amongst Thy ministers, to 
whom Thou hast intrusted me, in 
order that he may reconcile me 
with Thee in the Sacrament of 
Penance? Vouchsafe, Lord, I 
beseech Thee, to adorn his soul 
with all those virtues which form 
a holy priest. Grant to him the 
faith of St. Peter, the charity of 
St. Paul, a fervent zeal, and a 
zealous firmness. Unite in him 
evangelical liberty and true piety, 

with the penitential spirit of David. 
Infuse into his heart the meekness 
and humility of Thy divine Son, 
the great High Priest of the new 
law. Direct him in all his actions, 
that, after being here below a pru- 
dent and faithful dispenser of Thy 
mysteries, he may receive from 
Thee in heaven, that bright crown 
reserved for a priest whose whole 
life has been consecrated to Thy 
glory, to the salvation of his 
brethren, and his own sanctifica- 
tion. Q^rough Jesus Christ our 
Lord. Amen. 


SOME days before Communion 
perform all your actions and 
prayers, in order to obtain the 
graces necessary for so important 
a duty. Offer them up in the 
morning with this intention, and 
do some good works, such as an 
alms, an act ef mortification, or a 
fast, with the same design. 

n. Visit our Lord in the Blessed 
Sacrament, morning and evening on 

those days, to beg that^ He would 
Himself, hy His grace, dispose your 
heart to receive Him worthily. 

III. Bead every day a chapter 
out of the 4th Book of the Imita- 
tion of Christ, or Some other ap- 
proved book that treats on the 

ly. On the eve of your com- 
munion be more recollected than 
usual ; think often upon the happi- 


n«8B jou ftte to enjoy the ensuing 
day m receiving yottr Otpd. As 
this should be your last thonglit 
at composing yourself to rest, so 
it should also be your first at 

T. Kepresent to yourself men* 
tally that your Angel Guardian 
addresses you in these words: 
" Behold, the Spouse cometh ; go 
forth now and meet Him." Arise 
as early as possible to receive the 
great Guest who deigns to honour 
you with His visit. Keep a pro- 
found silence till you return from 
Mass * and let it appear by your 
modesty and recollection that you 

are deeply penetrated with con" 
sciousness of the sanctity of an 
action of the most ineffable dignity 
and excellence. 

VI. Whenever you go to Oom- 
munion, have always in your mind 
some particular intention — such as 
the acquiring of some virtue ; over- 
coming such a temptation ; the 
knowledge of God's will with re- 
gard to yourself ; the relief of the 
souls of the faithful departed ; the 
conversion of infidels, heretics, and 
sinners in general; lor nothing is 
more capable of exciting fervour in 
devotion than some particular end 
to which it is referred. 



OJBSTTS, my Lord and my God, 
I believe that it is Thou Thy- 
self I am going to receive : Thou 
who, |for my sake wast bom in a 
manger : Thou who, for my redemj)- 
tion, didst die on a cross, and who, 
though now gloriously seated on 
Thy heavenly throne, still con- 
tinuest on earth, under the sacra- 
mental veils, to feed and nourish 
the souls of men. Were I to be- 
hold Thee with my corporal eyes, 
and examine the impressions of the 
wounds Thou didst receive in Thy 
sacred hands and side, as Baint 
Thomas did ; still I could not say 
with more confidence than I now 
do, that Thou art my Lord and my 
God ! I do not demand a mii-acle 
as a proof of Thy real presence ; no. 
Lord, let me rather have the whole 
merit of faith ; for Thou hast said : 
"Blessed are those who believe and 
do not see. " Wert Thou, therefore, 
to speak to me from this very taber- 

nacle. Thy voice would affect me 
less than that which* resounds in 
Thy Gospel and Thy Church, 
founded by Thyself and propagated 
in a miraculous manner. Though 
my senses may tell me it is nothing 
but mere bread, yet, submitting 
them entirely in obedience to divine 
faith, I believe that it is Thy real 
Body and Blood, accompanied by 
Thy soul and divinity. In this 
faith t am determined to live and 
die ; and were I to suffer a thou- 
sand martyrdoms in testimony 
thereof. I am persuaded that, with 
the help of Thy grace, I would 
remain immovable. Tes, O my 
Jesus, '*Thou art really a hidden 
God; a God Saviour'' (Isaias). 
** I believe ; O Lord, help Thou my 
unbelief "(Mark ix.). 


AT am I, O God of Majesty 
and Glory? who am I, that 
Thou shouldst deign even to look 



on md? Whence am I honoured 
with this unspeakable favour that 
my Lord and my God should come 
in person to visit me, a miserable 
sinner, a vile worm of the earth? 
How dare a being more contempt- 
ible than nothing approach so holy 
a God— eat the bread of angels — 
and feed on Thy divine flesh ? Ah, 
Lord ! it is too much : I am not 
worthy of so great a favour : I shall 
never, no, never deserve this mark 
of Thy predilection, this additional 
proof of Thy tenderness and love. 

O King of heaven and earth I O 
adorable Sovereign! the Author 
and Preserver of the universe! 
behold I come to it, like Magdalen, 
to be happily united to Thee. I 
come as one sick, to the Physician 
of life : as one blind, to the Light 
of Eternal Glory; as one poor, 
needy, and distressed, to the King 
of heaven and earth ! To Thee I 
expose all my wounds, that they 
may be healed. To Thee I fly for 
protection, hoi)ing that Thou wilt 
be to me a Saviour, and that Thou 
wilt wash away every sin that may 
deflle me. I am not woi-thy, O 
Lord, to receive Thee ; alas ! I am 
not : but Thou canst, if Thou wilt, 
make me worthy: say but the 
word, then, and my soul shall be 


SINCE Thou vouchsafestto come 
and dwell within me, O my 
Redeemer, what may I not expect 
from Thy bounty ! Thou not only 
knowest all my wants, but art also 
willing and able to relieve them. 
Thou hast not only invited me, but 
also promised me Thy gracious as- 
sistance, ** Come to Me, all ye that 
labour and are heavy burdened, and 

I will refresh you." Behold, O 
Lord, I accept of Thy gracious in- 
vitation ! I lay before Thee all my 
wants, my misery, and my blind- 
ness, and confidently hope, with- 
out the fear of being disappointed, 
thai Thou wilt enlighten my under- 
standing, inflame my will, comfort 
me in the midst of such crosses or 
afflictions as Thou hast appointed I 
should suffer, strengthen me in all 
temptations and trials, and, in fine, 
with the powerful assistance of Thy 
grace, change me into a new crea- 
ture ; for arc not Thou, O God, the 
Master of my heart ; and when shall 
my heart be more absolutely dis- 
posed of by Thee, than when Thou 
shalt have once entered into it? 


DIVINE Jesus ! the God of my 
heart and the life of my soul I 
as the hart pants after the foun- 
tains of water, so does my soul pant 
after Thee, the fountain of life, and 
the ocean of all good. 1 am over- 
joyed at the happy tidings, that I 
am to go into the house of the Lord ; 
or rather, that our Lord is to come 
and take up His abode under my 
roof. O happy moments! when 
shall I be admitted to the embraces 
of the living God? Oh! come, divine 
Jesus I and take full possession of 
my heart for ever. I offer it to 
Thee without reserve, and I de- 
sire to consecrate it to Thee eter- 
nally. I love Thee with my whole 
heart and soul ; at least I desire to 
love Thee sovereignlv and entirely ; 
nothing less than infinite love could 
induce Thee to visit Thy unworthy 
creature. Oh ! teach me to make a 
suitable return of love^ and to serve 
Thee faithfully dunng the re- 
mainder of my life. 


ThoTL art, O my Jesus, the God 
of my.heai*ty and the life of my 
soul; Thou art my treasure, my 
joy, my comfort, my support, my 
strength, my armour, my defence, 
my only hope and comfort in this 
place of banishment and vale of 
tears, and the supreme object of 
my happiness in heaven. 


AS the weary stag pants after the 
fountains of water, so does 
my soul languish after Thee, the 
ocean of all sweetness ; it thirsts 
after Thee with the most yehement 
desire, and longs to drink plenti- 
fully of those fountains which issue 
from the inexhaustible source of 
Thy infinite jp^oodness, for my com- 
fort and refreshment. O sweet 
Jesus! permit me now to ex- 
perience the multitude of Thy 
tender mercies. Have compassion 
on me, and sare me; for Thou 
never forsakest such as place their 
hope in Thee. Purify my heart 
with the fire of divine love, that it 
may this day become a fit abode 
for Thy reception : oh, come and 
make it thy dwelllDg-pIace for 
ever. I am sorry, and will be 
sorry as long as I live, for having 
ever offended Thy infinite goocU 
iiess : forgive me, dear Lord, my 
past trespasses, and be Thou my 
keeper for the time to come, that 
I may never more offend Thee. 
For what have I in heaven or what 
can I desire on earth besides Thee ? 
Come, then, O Thou Lamb of God, 
who takest away the sins of the 
world 1 Come, Thou beloved of 
my heart! adorable flesh and 
precious blood of my Saviour 1 
Come to nourish, comfort, and 

enliven my sickly soul. O God of 
my heart! let me neither love, 
seek, nor think on any other object 
but Thyself alone ; for Thou alone 
art my consolation, my treasure, 
my joy, my life, my God, and my 

Hail, saving victim ! who for me 
and all mankind wert offered on the 
cross. Hail, precious blood ! flow- 
ing from the wounds of my crucified 
Lord, and washing away the sins 
of the world. As I now desire to 
receive Thee veiled in this sacra- 
ment, so I hope hereafter to behold 
Thee face to face in the kingdom 
of heaven. 

O all ye blessed angels and saints 
of God, I humbly beg the assistance 
of your prayers and intercession, 
that I may with a clean heart and 
pure conscience, approach the Holy 
of Holies, and receive this divine 
sacrament with such reverence and 
humility as may be for my soul's 


(To be said if time permits.) 

JESUS surpassingly sweet, 
who hast said with Thine own 
gracious lips that Thy delights are 
to be with the children of men, 
my soul longeth for Thee, my 
heart yeameth now towards Thee. 
Wherefore I invite Thee to come 
unto me with all that devotion and 
that love wherewith any loving 
soul hath ever invited Thee to 
itself. Come, then, O most be- 
loved Spouse of my soul ; come, O 
most beloved and only Love of my 
soul ; come and turn aside awhUe 
into the poor and wretched hovel 
of my heart. Come, Thou he&venly 
Physician, come and heal my 
stricken soul, Come^OFriendf a 


thousandfold above ajl others be- 
loved, come and enrich my utter 

Come, Thou bright and genial 
Sun, and scatter the thick dark- 
ness which hangs upon my heart. 
Come, Thou sweetest Manna, and 
satisfy my souPs exceeding hunger. 
Come, O Jesus, incomparable in 
Thy loveliness; come, Thou beloved 
of my heart's vows ; come and sup 
with me in the vile chamber of my 
heart. And although I have made 
ready nothing which may beseem 

Thy dazzling niagnr&«6nee, yet wilt 
Thou find therein one dish of 
savoury meat such as Thou lovest, 
a will which tends to Thee alone, 
and affections wholly Thine. 

O Thou my only Love, I long for 
Thy coming with most eager desire, 
I await Thy coming with yearning 
love. O Thou fairest of the sons 
of men, sprins of inexhaustible 
sweetness, O Thou sweeter than 
all sweetest delights, oome, oh, 
oome unto me, and disdain not Thy 
poor and ne^dj servant. Amen, 



"What return shall I make to the 
Lord for all those things which He has 
given unto me f " (Pa oxr.). " He hath 
made a memoriia of His wonderful 
works, being a merciful and gracious 
Lord : He hath pyen food to them 
that fear Him" (Ps, xq). 

Beheld, my desires are satisfied, my 
hunger IB satisfied : my God has come 
to visit me ; Jesus has entered into 
me : I am no longer my own, but now 
I belong to Johus. 

OMT most gracious Saviour ! 
what greater happiness or 
comfort could I expect ! Oh, won- 
derful condescension of my God ! 
Oh, what return shall I make Him 
for His ineffable love ! He, whom 
the Saints, the angels, and the 
whole heavenly host adore, hath 
given Himself entirely to me, and 
now really^ and substantially dwell- 
eth within me ! Without any 
other inducement but His pure 
mercy, He hath vouchsafed to visit, 
comfort, and nourish my poor soul 
with the divine and heavenly ban^ 
quet of EQs precious Body and 

Blood, with which He redeemed 
me on the cross. May honour, 
praise, and glory, be for ever paid 
Thee. O my sweet Redeemer, 
Jesus Christ ! O that I oouM now 
give Thee as much honour and 
glory as is incessantly given Thee 
by the vhole choir ct heaven ! 
Accept, O Lord, my heart as a 
thanksgiving offering for all Thy 
favours and blessings. Accept my 
whole being, because by every 
claim of n^t and justice it be- 
longeth entirely to Thee. 

And thou, O mv soul, bless the 
Lord, and let all that is within thee 
praise His holy name. O all ye 
works of the Lord, bless the Lord, 
praise and glorify Him for ever. 
O aU ye angels of the Lord, bless 
the Lord; magnify, praise, and 
glorify His holy name ; because I 
have found the beloved of my soul. 

I can now fear no evil, because 
Thou, O Lord, art with me m my 
powerful guardian and protector. 
Give me, therefore, Thy blessing, 
O beloved Jesus ! and establish ao 
everlasting peace in my soul. 



BEHOLD I here He is, then, the 
treasure of my soul ! I am now 
in the possession of the Sovereign 
Good. Oh, what advantage on earth 
ean be eompared to thul What 
glory ! what comfort I to feel my 
God BO near me ! *'' My sonl hath 
found whom she loveth ; I have 
hold of Him, nor will I ever let 
Him go" (Oant. iv.). O amiable 
Lordl who arb ever lovely, and 
never sufficiently beloved, I eon- 
eider every moment of my life aa 
lost which has not been eonse-*- 
erated to Thy love. Accept, at 
least, the remainder thereof. If I 
eannot love Thee as much as I 
could with, or as much as Thou 
bast loved me, or as much aa Thou 
dost deserve, yet I will love Th9m 
as much as i am able. Angels of 
Heaven, O Mother of God ! and all 
ye Saints, lend me now your hearts! 
for I have, alas I but one to love 
my Qod, and that too small, and 
too much polluted with the love 
of creatures. Diminish in me, O 
Lord, all other advantages, pro* 
vided Thou dost grant me an in- 
erease of divine charity. I imagine, 

my God, thai Thou art enkindling 
this sacred fire within my breast, 
and that I oould answer Thee with 
asi much confidenee as St* Peter, 
<* Lord, Thou knowest that I love 
Thee,*' and that for Thy Bake 
aUme ; I love The* with my whole 
heart, without reserve, firmly re* 
solving never to fix my affections 
on anything besides Thyself. Yes, 

1 am content to find nothing but 
disgust, bttteraest, and afiBUotion 
in every other attachment, that I 
nay be thus happily compelled to 
veposein Thee for ever. Oh, estab- 
lish now a Mlidy effioadoiiSi lively. 

> ardent, and persevering love within 
my heart; and though Thou re* 
mainest therein but for a few mo- 
ments, let the effectual influence of 
Thy grace for ever remain behind. 
' ' My beloved to me and I to my be- 
loved " (Cant. xvi. ). * * Thou know- 
est. Lord, that I love Thee " (John 


IN crowning the innumerable gifts 
Thou hast already bestowed 
upon me with the inestimable 
favour of giving me Thvself, Thou 
desirest to convince me that I should 
live but for Thyself alone, O God 
of goodness and mercy. This, O 
Lord, is what I also most fervently 
wish. I would have all my thoughts, 
words, actions, and whatever de- 
signs I may form or put into execu- 
tion for the time to come, alwa3r9 
directed by a most perfect resigna- 
tion to Thy holy will. I desire that 
my health, fortune, strength, repu- 
tation, talents of mind and body — 
in a word, whatever relates to 
me, eitiierinteriorily or exteriorily, 
may be entirely disposed of to Thy 
honour and glory. I consecrate the 
remainder of my life, without the 
least reserve, to Thy divine service. 
I now make an offering tmto Thee 
of whatever pains or sufferings I 
may hereafter undergo in my last 
sickness, and cheemilly accept 
whatever crossetf Thou mayest 
henceforth be pleased to aiiict me 
with. < ' Into Thy hands, O Lord, 
I commend my ai^rit*' (Ps. 
XXX.). O my bountiful Saviour^ X 
cast myself entirely into the snns 
of Thy mercy, and offer Thee my 
whole being ; my body with all its 
senses, and my soul with all its 
powen ; that as Thou hasthnmoured 


them both by Thy real presence, lo 
they may both be Thy temple for 
ever. Oh, sanctify and consecrate 
eternally to Thyself this mansion, 
which Thou hast by a wonderfol 
condescension, chosen this day for 
Thine abode ; and grant that, like 
Zacohseus, I may obtain Thy bene- 
diction. I offer Thee my memory, 
that it may be ever recollected in 
Thee; my understanding, that it 
may be always directed and en- 
lightened by Thy truth; and my 
■mil, that it may be ever conform- 
able to Thine. Oh, take me entirely 
into Thy hands, with all that I have 
and all that I am; and let noth- 
ing henceforward, either in life or 
death, ever separate me from Thee. 


rpHOU art present within me, O 
X inexhaustible Source of all 
good; Thou art full of tender- 
ness, and ready to shed all Thy 
favours upon me. Oh, shower 
them down most abundantly. Con- 
sider my manifold wants ; consider 
the immensity of Thy power. 
Transform me, therefore, into a 
new man. Divest my heart of 
whatever is displeasing to Thee. 
Adorn it with whatever may ren- 
der me acceptable in Thy sight. 
Purify my body, sanctify my soul, 
let mo share in the merits of Thy 
life and death. Unite Thyself to 
me; unite me to Thyself. Live 
Thou in me, that in Thee I also 
may live, and never have life but 
for Thy sake. Grant me those 
graces of which Thou knowest I 
stand most in need. Grant the 
same to all those for whom I am 
bound to pray. Canst Thou re- 
fuse me anything after what Thou 
hast doiM for me? What may I 

not expeot from Thee, sinoe Thou 
hast siven me Thyself ? I will not 
let Thee go until Thou dost bless 
me" (Gen. xxxiL 26). " Do to Thy 
servant according to Thy mercy." 

Purify my heart from the dross 
of all earthly affections. Deliver 
me from all my vicious customs. 
Remove from me all baneful effects 
of conoupisoenoe. Perfect me iu 
charity, humility, obedience, and 
all other virtues. Oh, may I rather 
die than ever offend Thee by mortal 
sin 1 Oh, may I prove my gratitude 
by my fidelity to so good a God 1 
Abolish the reign of sin, and estab- 
lish the kingdom of grace in all 
hearts. Let the light of Thy 
countenance so shine upon all those 
who are in the darkness of infidelity, 
as to dispel their errors. Grant 
peace and union to all Christian 
princes, and preserve us from the 
dreadful scourges of war, famine, 
and pestilence. Convert all sinn ers : 
reconcile those who are at variance. 
Have mercy on my parents, friends, 
and benefactors ; have mercy on all 
my enemies; forgive them their 
sins, and fill both their hearts and 
mine with Thy charity. Beform 
all abuses, and remove aU scandals 
from Thy Church. Comfort all 
those that are under any affliction^ 
sickness or violence of pain. Sup- 
port those who are under tempta- 
tion; protect those who are in 
danger; and grant a happy passage 
to all that are in their last Agony, 
Extend Thy mercy, likewise, to the 
souls of all the faithful departed, 
and admit them to the pof<seasion 
of Thy eternal slory» Grant relief 
to us all in our respective necessi- 
ties, the remission of our sins, the 
grace of final perseveranoe, and 
Uf e everlwiting. Amen, 



OMY soul, bless the Loid, and 
let all that is within thee 
praise and magnify His holy name. 
Pay Him the best homage thou art 
able, and invite heaven and earth 
to join with thee in glorifying Him 
for ever. O my God, that I conld 
now give Thee as much praise, 
hononr, and glory, as the blessed 
spirits incessantly give Thee in 
heaven I Oh! that I could adore 
Thee with the spirit and affection 
of Thine elect ! But as I am unable 
to do this, accept at least this my 
desire ana good-wilL O ye angela 
and saints, bless my God for me ; 
thank my Xord for me; love my 
Jesns for me ; and sing forth His 
praiaes to supply my defects. O 
^auty ever ancient and always 
new] too late have I known Thee ! 
too late have I loved Thee, When 
shall I live only in Thee, by 
Thee, and for Thee alone? . my 
God and my All, when shall I see 
the day— when shall, the happy 
time arrive, that, disgusted with 
the false happiness of this deceitful 
world, I shall seek comfort from 
Thee alone, and find rest to my 
soul? O heavenly manna! O 
adorable Sacrament ! O inestim- 
able pledge of God's love to man- 

kind! O standing memorial of 
Christ's Passion and death! O 
inexhaustible fountain of divine 
grace! O boundless mercy! O 
divine charity ! O sacred fire, ever 
burning and never decaying! Hail! 
j O loving Jesus, my only pleasure 
and delight — the joy of my soul, 
and my portion for ever ! Let my 
soul be sensible of the sweetness of 
Thy presence. Let me taste how 
sweet Thou art, O Lord. 

Thou art the God of my heart, 
my portion and inheritance for 
ever. Let nothing in future be my 
comfort but Thee, mv Lord Jesus, 
nor let anything afflict me hereafter 
but my sins, And whatever is dis- 
pleasing to Thy divine Majesty. 
O Soul of Christ, sanctify me — 
Bodj of Christ, save me— Water, 
issuing from the side of Christ, 
wash me — ^Passion of Christ, streng- 
then me. O good Jesus, graciously 
heai^ tne— hide me within Thy 
wounds "—suilef me never to be 
separated from Thee-«*eall me eI 
ih& hour of death, and command 
m» to ooiiie to Thee, that I maj 
associate with the saints and angels, 
and^ the whole choir of celestial 
spirits, to sing forth canticles of 
praise and glory to Thy holy name, 
for ever- and ever, without end, 



Id wbicli Pop* Plus TIL uisexiid > 
tUmiy lodutaDce, ippllcablij to 
tbs Bouls In FuTgBtor?, whicli &1I 
' Cba talthtul may Atiln, vho, iftsr 
iBTinE oonAnad tbglr aini nlCh 
. mntntian, and reoatnd tla Holj 
. Oommunlon, ihiill dsnutJi- noUa Tt 
. baton ■& Imue w reir«eiitstl on of 
Cbrtit ctiicifled. 

BEHOLD, O kind ud meit evee( 
Jenu, I out mjnrit nnia. my 
koesi in Thy ilght, uii with Um 
mod farvelit daiiie ot jay uqI I 
pnr uid begaach Thes that Tbaa 

woiildst impreu npon tnj heart 
llvDiy aentimenta of fai^fi, hope, 
and charity, with trno repentance 
for Toy Bin§, and a firm desire of 
aniEiidmBat, whilst with deepaSee- 
tlon &nd grief of goal, I pander 
within myself, and mentally con- 
template Thf five moit precioiw 
wonnda ; having before my Bye» 
that, wbloh David apake <ii pro- 
pteqyt "They pierced my hand* 

and ay feet; ther'" "" "" ' 

all my bonei." 

; they hay 


_i of oar Lord, or Now Year's dtj. 

>r Twelfth-day, 

All Bandayi in 
JahDAM I. The Ciroumciai 

6. The Epiphany, oi 

Corpus Chmti-day (being nt Thnrsday after Trinity Snnday). 
JtfllB ag. St. Peter and St. Faal, Apostlei. 

AtiousT 15. Tha Aimmption of the Blessed Yirgia Hary. 
NovEHBEB I. All Saints. 
Dkobhbeb aj. Christmas-day. 




Febbuabt 2. The PariBoation, or Candlemfts-day. 

94. 8fa. Mafctbiaeii Apostle. 
Maboh 19. St. Joseph, Spouse of the B. Virgin. 

25. The Annanciation of the B. V. or Lady-day. 
Apbil 23. St. George the Martyr. 

Mat I, St. Philip and St. James, Apostles. 

3. The FincQng of the Czdst* 
JuWE d4. T^e Nativity of St. JglLn» Baptist. 

July 25. St. James, Apostle. 

26. St. Anne, Mother of the B. Virgin. 
August 10. St. Lawrence, Martyr. 

24. St. Bartholomew, Apostle. 
Seftbmbbb 8. The Nativity of the B. Virgin. 

21. St. Matthew, Apostle. 

29. Michaelmas-day. 
OOTOBEB 28. St. Simon and St. Jude. 
NovEMBBB 3a St. Andrew, Apostle. 
Dboembbb 8. The Immaculate Conception of the B. Virgin. 

21. St. Thomas, Apostle. 

26. St. Stephen the Martyr. 

27. St. John, Apostle. 

28. Holy Innocents. 

29. St. Thomas of Canterbury. 
Easter Monday and Tuesday. 
Monday and ^esday in Whitsun-week. 


All the week-dayv of Lent, beginning on Ash-Wednesday, 
The Wednesdays and Fiidays in Advent. 
Ember days, four times a year, viz. : — 

Wednesdays^ Fridays, and Saturdays, 

1. Next after the first Sunday in Lent, 

2. In WkUsun-week. 

3. Next after the fourteenth of SeptemJjer, 

4. Next after the third Sunday of Advent, 


All Fridays, except when Chrietmas-day falls on a Friday. 



1. The Vigil of SS. Pet&r and Panly June 28. 

2. The Vigil of the Assumption^ August 14. 

3. The Vigil of All Saints, Octwer 31. 

4. The Vigil of the Nativity of our Lord, December 24. 

5. The Vi^ of Pentecost, 

The solemnising of Marriage is forbidden from the ^rst Sunday in 
il(2i;en^ until after the Twdftk^y, and from the beginning of Lent 
until Ztok; Sunday. 



The Origin of Man. 

Jer. xxzi. 3 : " Thus saith the Lord : I have loved thee with an everlastiDg love * 

therefore have I drawn thee, taking pity on thee. " 

Fs. oxviii, 73 : " Tbj hands, O Lord, have made me, and formed me." . . , 

cxxxvliL 5 : ** Thoa, hast taken me from the abyss of nothing,** 

X Bethink thee well, porar soul of mine, 

But some few years ago 
There was of thee no single sign 

Upon this earth below : 
The busy world, as now, pursued 

Through good and ill its way; 
Nature her silent task renewed. 

Then also, as to-day : 

8 Ages had sped their ceaseless flight, 

New empires had grown old, 
Earth's mountain-tops were hoary 

With centuries untold : [white 
Millions had heard the dread decree 

Of their eternal doom : 
But where was I ?— what news of me. 

In all that time had come? 

3 Ah I buried in the depths beneath, 
Of emptiness jnrofound ; 
All blank to me was life or death, 
Or Nature's varied round. 

No germ of being then had I, 

Save in th' Btemal Mind 
Of Him who from eternity, 

All being hath designed. 
On His divinely chosen day, 

I came on earth below ; 
At His command, whom all obey, 

I forth again must go. 
O tbought, in mercy sent at times 

To every human oreast, 
To stay the wicked in their crimes, 

To stimulate the best I 
solemn thought, so full of grace, 

So little duly prissed, 
So often by our thoughtless race. 

Forgotten or despised ! 
"Whatever scenes my heart engage, 

Be it with me, I pray ; 
In grief, in joy, in youth, in age, 

To-morrow as to-day. 

The End of Han. 


Gen. XV. z : *' I am thy reward exceeding great." If faithful, man shall see his 
Creator "face to face ;"— "shall see Him as He is;"— shall be "like to Him :" 
— •» shall be satisfied by Him ; "—shall " enter into the very joy of God ! " 

Thotj, Lord, of purest grace alone 

My being didst decree ; 
And not, as humbly here J own. 

From any need of me. 

I bless Thv everlasting love, 
That did my place assign ; 

A&d set me in a rank above 
All earthly works of Thine. 

I bless Thy goodness which to me, 
O Lord of earth and heaven. 

Hath the most high capacity 
Of life eternal given. 

But, above all things, I adore 

Thy grace, that profiTers me 
The liope of being evermore 

TTnited unto Thee. 
For this I pine ; for this I pray ; 

For this I came on earth ; 
Oh, when shall I behold the day • 

Of my Immortal birth I 


3. Dependence of Man and of all Tilings on God. 

Heb. i. 3 : "He upholdeth all things by the word of His power.' 

col. i. 17 : " By miiill thincs constst" 

Acts zvll. 2I : "In Elm we Bte aftid txo^ aUd ncft." . 

All creatures, by a force innate, 

To quick destruction tend ; 
And 8X)eed from their initial state 

To their appointed end. 
God only, amid all that i% 

Immutable remains ; 
And His creation o'er th' abyaa 

Of nothingness sustains. 

Should He the mighty pi'op remove, 

More quick than quickest thought 
All things around, Dene;ith, above. 

Would straight collapse to nought I 
Thd IbfKest angel in the sky, 

The vilest worm below. 
Alike on, Him for life rely, 

To Ctim their being owe. 


Tlie miportanoe of Kan's Balyatlon. 

Matt. xtI. a6 : " What doih it profit a mazi, if he ^Oa thd wboU WOtld, and 

suffer the loss of his own SOiuT * 

STRit« ye salvation to attftit), 
'Tis easy to a willing mind, 
To ev'ry Christian highest gain ; 
Seekj then, pursue it till ye find, 

Unless salvation wa obtain, 

All girts, all joys of aarth are vain. 

Salvation losti we lose our all. 

We lose our blissful heritage, 
In hell's dark depths we're aoomed 
to fan. 
Oh I may this nil our thoughts 
engage. I 

(7A(7ru«.^ Unless salvationy 4c I 

6 O Lord I ordain, while we remain . 
On earth, this truth may penetrnta 
Our inmost souls, 'till we obtain 
Our blessed and immortal state. 

CAon«8>— •Unleaa aalvation, &c. 

What jmjfl* ft» us t6 bbtaiii 

The wide^spread mighty nniirferse. 
If doomed to nevet^ndinff pafn 
In hell's fierce fiamesf Oh I fterful 
curse 1 
Chf)Tui.-^XJtA<btA saltation, ^. 
Ndthing Is worthy our desire 
But life eternal and divine ; 
All else, 'tis folly to requite. 
Let no such folly, then, be mine. 
Cfetfnw.—Unless salvation, Ac. 
It U for all eternity 

That we ei^oy our heavenly bliss. 
Or writhe in endless misery-— 
What though:* so full of awe aa this ! 
CA<w*tt«.— tJuless salvation, *c. 


HothUtK tmt CkHi aloud eatt iatUQr Kan's Soul. 


Matt. xyi. fi6 : ** What exehanga shall a mAn give for hia adulf '* 
Our hearts have been made for Thee, O Lord, and they shall never find rest 
until they repose in Thee.**— St. Augustisu. 

I COME to Thee once more, my God; 
No longer will I roam : 

For 1 have sought the wide world 
And never found a home, [through. 

Oh, bright and many are the spots 
where I have built a nest t 

Tat in the brightest still I pined 
ror mora abiding rest. 

Riobaa eould biing me joy and power. 
And they were Tair to see : 

Yet gold was but a sorry god 
To satve instead of thee. 

Then honour wad the woild'a cood 
Appeared a nohlar faith ; , fwoid 

Tet could I rest on bliss that hunf 
And trembled on a breath t 


5 The pleasure of thd passing hour 

My spirit next oould wile ; 
But, oh, how soon my betirt UVi siok 
Of pleasure's weary smile ! 

6 Mors selfish nown. I irortfaipb'd 

The flush of manhood's power ; 
But thea it came and went so (^uiok. 
It was but for an hour. 

7 And thus a not unkindly world 
jBtath done its best for me ; 
Tet I have found, O God, no rest. 
No harboiu- short of Thee. 

I Sy>r Thou hast made this wondrous 
AUforlbyselfalOiM'; ' [soul 

▲h, send Thy sweet transforming 
To make It more Thine own ! 


Tbe Glirlstian'8 Sooff on His Kareh to fiearen. 

What must I do to save my soul T — I must worship Qod by faith, hope^ and 
charity: {.e., I must believe i& Him, bope in Him, and love Him with my 
whole heart. 

z Cor. xiii. 13: "Kow there remain /aitAa ^OfMb chwrii^t thsa« ihm:. but the 

ffreatn' of Giut is chanty. 

1 Blest is the faith, divine and strong, 
Of thankaaadpniiseand endleai foun* 

Whose liA it oaeporpetual seng. 
High up the flitiour's holy moontattu 

O Blob's songs are sweet to sing, 
WHh melodies of gladness Udeu ; 
Hark ! how the harps of angels ring, 
Hail, Bon of Man I Hail, ) «^„^, 
Mother-Maiden I f -«<»««• 

s Bletft is tbd hone that holds to God, 
In doubt and darkness still un- 

And sings along the heavenly road 
Sweotest whA most it ssems for- 

CAofNtk-^-OSiohllsoiigt) 40. 

Blest Is the love that cannot love 
Aught thut earth gives of best «nd 

brightest ; 
Whose rapturos thHll,llike saints 

Most when its esrthly gifts afe 


OAoftu.>-0 Sion's songs, Ac. 

Blest Is the death that good men die. 
Solemn, self -doubting, mrm and wary, 
Trusting to God its destiny. 
And leaning for its hour on Mary. 
Chortu. — 8loa*s sougs, Aic. 


This Part, which follows the Apostles' Greed, contains HyttOA on all the ehtef 
tnilhs and dogmas of our HolyVaith, and its order perfeoUy agrees with the 
Masons and fMtfvals of the whole eeclesiastlcal year. 

It contains Hymns : 

I. OnPaith. 

n. Oa God and the Most Holy Trinity* 
lU. On the Word of God Incamate ; 
On Advent. 
On Christmas. 

On the OtronmcisiQn and Most Holy Name. 
Oa the Epiphany. 
On Purifioation and Friwnntatton. 
On the Li£s and Imitation of our Lord. 


On Beptuagesima. 
On L^t and Penance. 

On Passion-tide (Palm Sunday, and Holy Week). 
On Easter-tide. 

On the AscenBion of our Lard and Bi3 Kingdom. 
IV. On Pentecost and th« Holy Ghost. 
V. On the Church and the Pope. 
VI. On the FestiTal of All Saints, and for the Souls in Purgatory. 
VI f. On Confeasion and Fozgiveness of Sins. 
VIII. On the Resurrection of the Body. 
IX. On Lif e Everlaating. 


' Our Faith is truly a divifie Faith, grounded upon a Divine 


** Faith (says St. Paul, Heb. xi. i) is the aubetanoe of thinm to be hoped 
for, and the evidence of ^inffa that appear nof."— Surely we could not have the 
evidence of things that we cannot see^ unless the one who seea them should 
reveal them to us, and unless we had a perfect evidence of tiie truth of his 
revelation. Now Qod alone can see the things which we have to adhere to by 
faith ; therefore after sundry revelations tluough His prophets (Heb. 1 x), 
Ood ctent His own Son (John 1 14) to teach us the word of God with human 
lips. Jesus Christ, the Word of God made man, chose twelve Apostles (Matt 
z. 2) ; explained to them for three years, without>!^re< oxparablee^ the things 
which they should Jmow, believe, and teach (Mark iv. xi). Then He promised 
them His Holy Spirit the Comforter, who should teach them all truth and 
abide with them for ever (John xiv. x6). He, moreover, gave them the same 
authority to teach which He Himself had received from t>te Father (Luke x. x6) ; 
and at last before leaving this world He said to them (Matt, xxviii. 18) : " Ail 
power is given to Me in heaven and in earth. G^ing tiierefore teach ye all 
nations; baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the 
Holy Ghost. Teaching them to observe <Ul tkingt vhattoever I have commanded 
you : and behold I am with you all daye, even to the eontummation of ike tPorlA" 

Hence it follows that the Apostles of Christ and their lawful successors, even 
to the end of the world, will remain infallible teaehfre of the Word of God : Christ 
being with them, they could not.possibly err. Therefore is it our duty to seek 
for a legitimate successor of an AjMstle of Christ, to be taught infallibly all that 
Christ has commanded us to know and to do. 

Now of aU the Apostles of Christ, there is but one whose direct and unbroken 
succession can be distinctly and evidently traced back to the ApoatoLic age^ Xt 
is St. Peter, whose lawful successor is the Bishop of Ron^e. 

And this great historical fact proves not only the divinity of the Roman 
Catholic religion, but at the same time tlie divinity of Jesus Christ Himself; 
for Christ has now fully and entirely accomplished in Peter the most won- 
derful promises He made especially to Peter, and to Peter alone. 

It was to Peter He said (Matt. xvi. x8): "Thou art Peter, and upon this 
rock I will build My Church, and the gates of hell shidl not prevail against it.** 

Again, Ha said to him (Matt xvl. 19) : *' To thee will I give the keys of the 
kingdom of heaven, and tohatsoever thou ikalt bindxxpan earth, it ehall be b&und 
also in Jieaven ; and whatsoever thou thalt loose on eatth, it tfiall be looted alto 
in Juaven,** 


Agaio, He said (Lake xxii. 31) : ** Blmon, Simon, behold Satan hath deoicod 
to haye ^ou, that he may sift you aa wheat ; but I have prayed for thee that thy 
faxth fwl not; and thou being onoe conyerted, confirm thy brethren" (in the 

Again, after the fall of Peter, and after exacting from him three times an act 
of loye that he might make amends for the three times he had denied Him during 
His Passion, He said to him (John xxi. 15, &c.) : "Feed My lambs ; "—"feed 
Hy lambs ; "—" feed My sheep." 

we know that Christ is the Good Shepherd ; we are His flock ; the Church 
is our fbld ;— and to whom did He entrust the care of His whole flock ? to Peter. 
As the sheep are the parents of the lambs, so are the priests and the bishops 
tbe Fathers of the faithful : they give them a new birth in Christ by baptism ; 
feed them in the pastures of the word of Chod ; give them the food of life in 
the Blessed Sacrament ;— but both sheep and lunbs, that is pastors and faithful, 
are fed by Peter. 

Therefore from this we may conclude, that*- 

ist. It was the predetermined will of Christ that Peter should govern and feed 
His whole jlock : Hie lambe and Hie eheip vnthout any exertion : Therefore those 
only are of the flock of Christ who are fed lt>y Peter. 

2d. That Chiist, having made Peter infallible by His own prayer, designed 
that it is by Peter all should be confirmed in that faith irithout which no om 
can be eaved, 

3d. That Christin dedmng that Peter was to hold the keys of the kingdom 
of heaven, bestowed on him the Ailness of the power of forgiveness of sin, 
and of the temporal punishment due to sin (as sin alone can shut against us 
the gates of heaven). 

4th. Lastly, that they only belong to His Church, who belong to the Church 
of Peter, against which He declares the gates of hell, that is, the errors of the 
world, shall not prevail. 

But now. that will of Christ, so well announced and so determined, has been 
fully accomplished for the last eighteen hundred years, and in the midst of the 
turmoil of human passions, and the revolutions which have taken place in the 
world, Peter's successors atone liave come down to us in a bright and beauti- 
ful line of Pontics, unequalled in the world's aunals. Therefore, in conclusion, 
I may say, such promises as Christ made to, and have been realised In, Peter, 
were prophecies that God alone could maka Now, likewise, the fulfilment of 
the same has been a constant, lasting, and evident miracle that God ^one 
could perform. 

Therefore the very epstence of the Church of Home, as it is now, is one of 
the living proofs of the divinity of Christ ; and the Roman Catholic faith, over 
whose teaching the lawful successor of Peter presides, is evidently a divine 


Tbe om of FaitH. 

Ephes. U.8: " Faith is iixe gift of God." 
Heb. xL 6 : " Without faith it is impossible to please God." 

O FAiTa 1 thou workest miracles , 

tJpon the hearts of men ; 
Choosing thy home in those same 

We know not how or when, (hearts 

To one thy grave unearthly truths 

A heavenly vision seem ; 
While to another's e3^ they are 

A Bup«ntitioua di'eam. 

O gift of gifts I grace of fiilth I 

My God, how can it be 
That T^ou, who hast discerning love, 

Shouldst giye that gift to me ? 

How many hearts Thou mightst have 
More innocent than mine I £had 

Sow many eouls more worthy far 
Of that sweet tcoioh of Thine I 


3 Oh, happy, bappgr that I am, 
\ tf iUou canst be» O Faith t 
The treasura that thou art in Ufd, 
What wilt thou be iu death i 

.« ThyohoiQOi O tikNl^rOoedfiBMl th«n 
I lovingly adore t 
Qlbtgiye tM gniM to k^ap TbygiAoat 
And grace to merit more I 

8. We flhouid rather die than give up Holy fidHti. 

I John T. 4 : "And this is the Tlctory which overoom«th the world, otir fiftfth.^ 

(The words ih Italics lippty to Ireland, and raay^e substituted for the text 

below when fitting.) 

X PAtTH of our Fathers t living still, 
la spite of dttngeon, fire, and sword : 
^yv j /reiomPel hearts beat high 
» ( how our j with joy 

Wheneer|^^^^ ouswcSd: 

Faith of our Fathers I Holy Fatth t 
We will be true to thee tiU death. 

a Our Fathers, ehnined in prisons dark, 
Were still in heart and conscience free; 
Hbw sweet would be their chlldi'en*s 

If they, like them, could die for thee I 

CAoriM.— Faith of our Fathers, &c. 

3 Faith of our Fathers t HAry's prayers 
( Shall Iteip <m»« wuntff fttit id ihee ; ) 
\ Shall win our eeuntry back to thee ; j 

And through the truth that cotoei 

fk»om Qod, 
( Ok^ to9 »h<tU woipvtwid be free. Y 
\ Bngtand shall then Indeed be fVee. j* 

(7Aofut.^Faith of our Fathers, Me, 

4 Faith of our Fathers ) we will love 
Both friend and foe in all our strife : 
And preach thee too, as love knows 

By kindly words and virtuous life. 
CAortu.^Faith of our Fathers, ^c. 


on, Summary of the Dooritmfis WHtoa ws hav£ to Adhsrb 

TO BY Faith. 


''I believe in God,'' 
9. The Fkrar Oreat Tmttis. 

1 John V. 7: "There are three who give testimony in heaven. The Father, 
line Woi-d, and the Holy Ghost. Atnl these three are one.* 

I THKftB is one true and onlv Qod, 
Our Maker and our Lord : 
And He created everything 
By His Almighty word. 

All ihis^-«ad all the Church doth teMAi, 
Mi» ood 1 1 do toellevo; 

For Thou hast bid us hear the Church, 
And Thou canst not deceive. 

A But hi this One and only Ood 
There yet are Persons Three ; 
The Father, Sen, and Holy Ghoet,-' 
one Blessed Trinity. 


Tbo Second P«tB6AM}«d tha Sou* 
Gam* do^tii on wirth to dwdU ; 

Took flesh, and diod upon tbo GiOBs, 
To sav« onr bq^Im firoto hell. 

CAonM. — All this, Ac, 

4 The goody "wiXix God in heaven aboroi 
Will ever happy Iw ; 
The wicked, in th« flames of hell 
Will iNim eternally. 

Choius.'—AM thlB, Aa 


T2m Katiure of Gtod. 

*God ia the Supreme Spirit^ 'v^ho exists of Himselfi and is infinite in all 


John iv. a4 : "God is a Spirit.** . . . Isa. xliv. 6 : ^* Thus saltli the Lord : I am 

the first and 1 am the last, and besides me there is no God." 

I O Thou immortal Light divine. 
Dread Trinity in tfnity. 
Almighty One, Almighty Trine, 
Give ear to Thy creation's cry. 

a Fiather, in maiesty enthroned, 

Thee we confess, with Thy dearSon; 
Thee, Holy Ghost, eternal Bond 
Of love, uniting Both in One. 

3 Three Persons, One Immensity, 

One Greatness, Gig 
One everlasting 


uth sublime. 

4 Thou solely didst the worlds create, 

Subsisting still by Thy decree ; 
Thou art the light, the glory great. 
And prize of all who hope in Thee. 

5 Lord, most holy, wise, and 1ust» 

Author of nature, God of grxle ; 

Grant that as now in Thee we trtist, 

So we may see Tliee fiMe to f«Qe. 

6 To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 

Esoi^Uoff U(tai4st bi^cq and titOfi ; Triunal Xiord of earth and heayei^ 

From earth and from the lieaven^ 
' Be sempiternal glory given, [host. 


The BUJes^ of Ood. 

Ps. Ixxvi. 14 : « Who is the great Ood like our God I " 

Ged that dost wonders I" 

xj: <' Thou art the 

Full of gloryi tall of wonders, 

Ms^esty Divinet 
Mid Thine everlaating tbunden* 

How T^^f lightnings shine I 
Shoreless OeeaO) who shall soond 
Thine eternity te roand Thee, [TheeT 

Mi^eaty Divine. 

Thou art grandly, always only, 

God in unity ; 
Timeless, spaceless, single, lonely, 

Yet sublimely Three. 
Lone in grandeur, lone in glory, 
Who shall toll thy wondx«ua story, 

Awful Trinity? 

Speechlessly, without beginning. 
Sun that nerer rose ; 

Tast, adorable, and ttinniag) 
Day that hath mo cloaa ; 

Bliss from Thine own glery tasting, 

Everliving, everlastings 
Life that never grows. 

Glories over riortes streaming. 
All translucent shine ; 

Splendom-8 still o'er splendours beam- 
Change and Intertwine : [ing, 

Praises, blessings, adorations, 

Greet Thee from the trembling na- 
Ifojesty Divine. * [flons, 


Ibe Beauty of Qtod« 

" O Beauty ever ancient and ever new I too late have I known Thee I too late 

have i loved Thee."— St. Auoustinb. 

O God of loveliness, 

Lord of Heaven above, 
How worthy to possess 

My heart 8 devoted love 1 

So sweet 'thy eountenanee. 
So gracious to behold. 

That one, one only- glaaee 
iy> me were UIss uhtold. 


■ Ttaoa art blest Three in One, 

Yet undiTided still ; 
Thou art that One alone 

Whose love my heart can fill. 
The heavens, the earth below. 

Were fashioned by Thy Woixl ; 
How amiable art Thou, 

My ever-dearest Lord ! 

3 To think Thou art my God, 

O thought for ever bleat 1 
^fyheart has overflowed 

With joy within my breast. 
My soul so full of bliss 

is plunged as in a sea, 
Deep in the sweet abyss 

Of holy charity. 

4 No object here bdow 

Awakens my desire ; 
No suffering nor woe 
Oan grief or pain inspire. 

The world I oould deftpise. 
Though it were all of g<dd ; 

Thee only do I prise, 
O mine of wealUi untold. 

5 Were hearts as countless min« 

As sands upon the shore, 
All should in choir combine 

To love Thee evermore. 
And every heart shall yoam 

With tenderest desire, 
And in my bosom bum 

With flames of holiest fire. 

6 O Loveliness supreme, 

And Beauty infinite ; 
O ever-flowing Stream 

And Ocean of Delight : 
O Life by which I live, 

My truest life above. 
To Thee alone I give 

My undivided loTe. 

1Q The Power, the Glory, the Wisdom, the Jnstloe, the 
'^*^* TendernesB, and Hollnees of God. 

Apoc. iv. 8: " Holy, holy, holy. Lord God Almighty." . . xi : " Thou art worthy, 
O Lord our God, to receive gloiy* and honour, and power." 

X O God 1 Thy Power is wonderful, 
Thy Glory passing bright ; 
Thy Wisdom, with its deep on deep, 
A rapture to the sight I 

a Thy Justice is the gladdest thing 
Creation can behold ; 
Thy Tenderaess so meek, it wins 
The guilty to be bold I 

3 Yet more than all, and ever more, 
Should we Thy creatures bless. 
Most worshipful of attributes, 
Thine awful Holiness I 

4 There's not a craving of tiie mind 

Thou dost not meet and still ; 
There's not a wish the heart can have 
Which Thou dost not flilfll. ' 

5 Angelic spirits, ooaniless souls. 

Of Thee have drunk their fill ; 
And to Eternity vrill drink 
Thy joy and glory still I 

6 O little heart of mine I shall pain 

Or sorrow make thee moan. 
When this great God is all for thee, 
A Father all thine ovm I 


ThankBglyiiig to the Most Holy Trinity. 

F.phes. y. xg : ** Singing and making melody in your hearts to the Jjord : giving 

t, to God 

thanks always for all things, in the name oi onr Lord Jesus Christ, 
and the Father. 


Praise we our God with joy 

And gladness never enoing : 
Angels and Mints with ua 

Tneir grateful Toicei blending. 

Ho is our Father dear, 

With Parent's love o'erflowing; 
Mercies unsought, unknown, 

On wayward hearts bestowing. 
CAoruj.— Praise wo, sa 


a He ifl our Shepherd true. 

With watcluul care uxisleeping ; 
On us, His erring sheep. 
An eye of pity keeping. 

Chonu. — Pi-aise we, &a 

3 He. with a mighty arm. 

The bonds of sin hath broken ; 
And to our burdened hearts. 
In words of peace hath spoken. 
OAentM.— Praise we, fte. 

4 Bleeding we lay, but He 

With soothing bands hath bound 
Dark was our path, but He [us; 
Hath poured His light around us. 
ChoTM, — ^Flnise we, &c. 

Oracea in copious stream 

From that pure fount are weUlfigf, 
Where, in our heart of hearts, 

Our God hath set His dwelling. 
CAona.— Praise we, so. 

His word our lantern is. 
His peace our consolation ; 

His sweetness all our rest. 
Himself our great salvation. 

Chimu. — ^Praise we, he. 

Then live we all to God, 

On Him in faith relying : 
He be our guide In life, 

Our Joy and hope in dying. 

Cftona.— Praise we, dee. 


Praise to the Most Holy Trinity. 

Ps. cxviii. 3 : " From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same, 

the name of the Lord Is worthy of praise." 

t Praise 3re the Lord ; on e^ery height 

Songs to His glory raise ; 
Ye angel hoste, ye itam of night. 

Send forth yoxur "90100 of praise : 
For His the word that ^ve you birth, 

And muesty and might ; 
Praise to the Highest from the earth, 

And let the deeps unite. 

a O fire and Tapow, bail and dnow. 
Ye servants of His will ; 
O ittonny winds, that only blow 
His mandates to fulfil. 

Ye mountains, rocksi to heaven that 
Fair cedars of the wood ; [rise ; 

All things of life that wing the skios, 
Or track the plains for food : 

Ye Judges, rulers, kings, whose hand 

The sceptre waves on high ; 
youths and virgins of the land ; 

O age and infancy ; 
Pxaise ye His name, to whom alone 

All homage should be given. 
Whose glory from tho eternal throne 

Spreiuia wide o'er earth and heaven. 


Supplication to the Most Holy Trinity. 

Pb. IxxxviL 3 : *' O Lord, the Qod of my salvation : Let my prayer come in be- 
fdre Thee ; incline Thy ear to my petition. 

I Have mercy on lis, God Most High I 
Who lift onr hearts to Thee ,* 
Have mercy on us worms of earth, 
Most Holy Trinity 1 

a Most ancient of all mysteries t 
Before Thy throne we lie ; 
Have mercy now, most merciful. 
Most Holy Trinity 1 

3 When heaven and eacrth were yet 
When time was yet unknown, 
Thou in Thy bliss and nugesty 
Didst live and love alone 

4 Thou wert not bom, there was no 

From which Thy Being flowed \ 
There is no end which Thou canst 
But Thou art simply God. [reach; 

5 How wonderful creation is I 

The work that Thou didst bless ; 
And oh I what then must Thou be 
Eternal Loveliness t [like, 

6 O Mijesty most beautiful I 

Most Holy Trinity! 
On Mary's throne we cUmb to get 
A for-off sight of Thee. 


7 Qmrn, tben, Host PitUuir 
To Thy poor creaiure's heart ; 
It Ues«ea Thee, that Thou art God, 
That Thou urt what Thou art ! 

8 Most ancient of all mysteries t 
Btlll at Thy throne we Ue ; 
Have mercy now, most merciftil, 
Most Holy Trinity. 


Bynw tm Trinity Sunday, tX Vespers. 


Jau sol rtMdit ignsust 
Tu lux perennis Unitaa,' 
Nostris, beata Triuitas. 
Inf imde amorem cordlDUtf. 
Te mane laudum oarmiDS^ 
Te depreoamur "vwpere ; 
DjfAeris, ut t^ suppUoas 
Laudemus inter ccelites. 

Patri, simulque Filio, 
Tibique Sancte SpiritUif 
Siout fuit, sit jugiter 
SaBclum per omne gloria. 

f . Benedictus es, Domftis, in 

flrraamento oosli. 

i^. Et laudabilis et gloriosus 
in aiedula. 

I Now doth the fiery aim decline i-^ 
Thou,. Unity Eternal ! ahln^; 
Thou, Trinity, Thy blessings pour, 
And make our hearts witih lot<b run o'ev. 

tf Thee In the hymns of mom we praise ; 
To Thee our voice ftt eve we raise ; 
Oh, grant US, with Thy saints on htgfe. 
Thee through all time to glorify. 

3 Praise to the Father, with the Son 
44nA Httly Spirzl, Waafie in One ; 
As ever was in age^i past, . 
Au4 shall b« so while ageslasl 


f, BlQriMd ttit TlMUj O U>xd, in th« firma- 
ment of heaven. 

' ^. Woithy to be praked and msgmflo^ for 


" The Father Almighty t CrwJtot of ffeamn and Earih,^* 

ICk Hqw Wonderful, how Beantifiil, Iiov LoTOly la <mr Ck>d, 
^^' the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! 

9 Cor. L 3: "BlAiaod tte the Ood 4lid Mber oi our Iiord Jesus Christ, t^te 
Father of all mercies, and the God of all comfort." ' 

1 Mv God, how wonderful Thou art I 

Thy Majesty how bright ! 
How beautiful Thy mercy-seat 

In depths of burning light I 
Bow dread are Thine eternal years, 

O everlasting Ix>rd I 
By prostrate spirits day and night 

Incessantly adored. 

3 How wonderful, how beauUAil, 

The sight of Thee must be. 
Thine endless wisdom, boundless 

And awful purity 1 [power. 

Oh, how I fear Thee, living God, 

With deepest, tenderest fears. 
And woi^p Thee with trembling 

And penitential tears. [hope 

Tet I may love Thea too, O Leid, . 

Almigfhty as Tliou art ; 
For Thou hast stpoped to ask of i\ie 

The love of my poor heart. t 

No earthly father loves like thee, 

No mother half so mild 
Bears and forbears as Thou Iinst 

With mo Thy sinful ohild. [d^iip 
Only to sit and think of God, 

5 what a joy it Is I 
To think the Thought, to buoathe 
the Name, 

Earth hsis no higher bUss. 
Father of Jesus, love's rewardt 

What rupture will it be. 
Prostrate oefore Thy throne to lie. 

And gaze and gaze on Thee f 



Hjrmn for Btmdays, at Vespers. 


ttVOjM Creator optima. 
Lucem dierum proferens, 
Primordiis luois noTfls, 
Hiuidi pftrana orlginem. 

Qui mane junctum yeBpexi 
Diem Tocari prsecipis : 
Illabltm' tfltmm eb«os, 
Audi preoes eum fletibus. 

Kq mens gravftta cTiminc^ 
Vit« sit exul munere. 
Dam nil parenne cogitate 
Beseque eulpis illigaT. 

Coeleste pulset ostium ; 
Titale tollat pnnnltim : 
Vit^muspmne noxium : 
FtaygtuMis otkAH fttmankm. 

Pnesta, Pattfr pliiilnMt 
FatriquQ compar Unicei . 
Oum Bpirito ParacUto, 
Begnans peY omne sceculum. 

f, DlHgatttr, Domine, 
oi'atlo mea. 

Vf, Biont iaocnsnm in 
oonspaetu tua 

SUS3T Creator of the li^bt I 

Who dost the dawn from darknesd bring ; 
And fnaaing natare's depth and h«lglit» • 

Didst with the new-born light be|^. 

"Who trently blending eve with mom, 
And mom with erre, didst oall them day ; 

Thick flows the flo6d of daitoiew down ; - 
Oh, hear us aa we weep and pray f ' 

EeepThmi our Bouls from eebenieB of ciiiiie ; 

Nor guilt remofrseful let them lcno#; 
Nor, thfayytpg but on tilings of tiine. 

Into eternal darkness ga 
Teaeh us to knock at heaven's liigh door ; 

Teaoh us the prise of life to win ; 
Teach us all eyit to abhor, 

And puriiy ouBMUea wtttaliL 
FatHer of HMMlea I hear our cry ; 

Hear us, Q sole-begotten Son ! 
"Who, vrtth tho Holy Ghost most high, 

lleignest while endless ages ran. 


f» Xiot ny prayer, O^Lord, be directed. 
1^4 As.lnoense in Thy sight. 

" And in Jeau9 Christ, Bis only Son^ our Lord.** 
22. The Word of Ck>4. 

* * 

John i. 1 ! <*Ia the beginning «?as the Word, and the Word waa with God, 

and the Word was God." 

O Thou the Father's image blQ6b 1 
Who callest forth the morning ray ; 

Tliou eternal L'ght of Light I 
And unexhanstive Ibunt of day f 

Free Sun I^unon our souls arise, 
Shining in oeaiity erermore ; 

And through, each sense the quicken- 
ing beam 
Of Thy eternal Spirit pour. 

Upetx our fainting souls distil 
Viio tmofl of Thy celestial dew ; 

Jjet no frwh snwre to sin beguile l 
No former sin reyive anew. 

4' 6rant us the gi-aco for love of Thee, 
To scorn all vanities below ; 
TUth to detect 0.1 tkUlty ; 
And knowledge Thee alone to know. 

5 Coxifirra us in each good resolve. 

The tempter's on vTous rage subdue; 
Turn each misfortune to our good ; 
Direct us right in all we do. 

6 Fast breaks the dawn:— unto our help 

Comsi Father Blest I ceme, Son 
Host 0igh 1 
Shine in our -souls, and be to them 
The dawn of immortaJity t 


" Who teas Conceived by the Holy Ghost." 

23. The Incamatloii of the Word of Ood. 

John i. x4 : " And the Word was made fleah and dwelt amount us.' 

I Lo I the Great Maker of the world, 
Lord of eternal years, 
To sa^e His creatures, -veiled beneath 
A creature's foru appears. 

3 A spotless Maiden's yitigrin breast 
With heavenly grace He fills ; 
lA her pure womb He is conceived, 
- And there in secret dwells. 

3 That bosom, chastity's sweet home, 
Becomes, O blest reward I 
The shrine of heaven's immortal 
The temple of the Lord. [King, 

4 And Mary bears the Babe foretold 
By nn Archangel's voice ; 
Whose presence made the Baptist 
And in the womb rejoice. [leap, 

< A manger Bcaotly strewn with hay 
Will be th' Eternal's bed ; 
And He who feeds each little bird 
Himself with milk be fed. 

6 Praise to the Father I praise to Him, 
The Virgm's holy Son I 
Fraine to the Spirit Paraclete 
While endless ages run. 


Hyndi of Fraifle and Thanks for the vnapoakaUe BenelLt 
of the Ineamatioii of the Bon of Ood. 

Isa. xii a: "Behold Ood is my Saviour." 6: Rejoice and praise, O thou 
habitation of Sion : for great is He that is in the midst of thee, the Holy 

One of Israel." 

FRiJSB to the Holiest in the heigh^ 

And in the depth be praise : 
In all His words moat wonderful. 

Most sure in all His ways I 
O loving wisdom of our Gkxi I 

When all was sin and shnme, 
A second Adam to the fight 

And to the rescue came. 

O wisest love I that flesh and blood 

Which did in Adam fail. 
Should strive afresh against the foe, 

Should strive, and should prevail ; 
And that a higher gift than grace 

Should flesh and blood refine, 

Qod's Presence and His very S^, 
And Essence all-divine. 

5 O generoos love 1 that He who smote 

In man for man the foe. 
The double agony in man 
For man should undergo ; 

6 And in the garden secretly. 

And on the Cross on high. 
Should teach His brethron^and inspire 
To suffer and to die.* ' 

7 Praise to the Holiest in the height, 

And in the depth be praise : 
In all His words most wondexiul. 
Most sure in all Hift ways ! 


Advent is that period of the year duiing which we are to prepare for the 
celebration of the feast of Christmas, the anniversary of the birth of Jesus 

It is composed of four weeks, in commemoration of the four thousand years 
which elapsed before the coming of our Lord. 

The Mystery of the Coming or Advent of Jesus Is at once simple and threefold. 
It is simple, because it is the same Sou of Ood that is coming; it is threefold, 
because He comes at ihi*ee different times, and in three different ways. 

" In the first coming," says St. Bernard, " He comes in the flesh and in weak- 
ness ; in the second ae comes in spirit and in power ; In the third He comes in 
glory and in majesty ; and the second coming is the means whereby we pass 
from the first to the third." 


(\m- The First WanHair of Adyent : Christ is nl^h ! Let 
^o« us glTe up Sin, and practise Virtue. 

Rom. xili. 13 : The night is passed, and the day is at hand : ** Let us therefore 
cast off the works of darkness, and put on the armour of light." 

Let us haste with tears of sorrow, 
One and all to be forgiven. 
Chorus. — Hark, an awful, &c. 

3 So when next He comes with glory, 
Wrapping all the earth in fear, 

May He then, as our Defender, 
On the clouds of heaven appear. 
Chorus. — ^Hark, an awful, &c. 

4 Honour, glory, virtue, merit. 
To the Father and the Son, 

With the Everlasting Spirit, 
While Eternal ages run. 

Chorus. — Hark, an awful, &o. 

Chorus. — ^Hark, an awful voice issoiuid- 

" Christ is nigh," it seemslto say ; 
" Cast away^ the dreams of darkness, 
O ye children of the day 1 *' 

X Startled at the solemn warning, 
Let the earth-bound soul arise ; 
Christ her Sun, all sloth dispelling, 
Shines upon the morning skies. 
CAoriM.'— Hai'k, an awful, Ac. 

a Lo, the Lamb so long expected, 
Comes with pardon down from 


The Second Waminir of Advent : Christ Is nigh I Let 
us rise ftom the Sleep of Sin, and do Penance. 

Rom. xiii. it : " Know that it is now the hour to rise from sleep." 
Luke iii 4 : *' A voice of one crying in the wilderness : Prepare ye the way of 

the Lord, make straight His paths.". 

X On Jordan's banks the Baptist's voice 
Now loudly strikes the ear, 
" Prepare His ways, make straight 
' His paths. 
The Lord Himself is near." 

Chorus, — Bisej then, from sleep, and in 
your hearts 
Let these his words prevail ; 
Behold the heavens, tbe earth and 
Their Maker's coming hail I [seas, 

2 Oh I let us then our souls prex)are, 
To meet so great a gues^ 
For 'tis our God Himself who comes, 
To make us truly blest. 

(7/iortc<.-- Rise, then, Ac. 

Oh I may our souls again revive 

By His refreshing grace ; 
Then may He bind our stubborn wills^ 

And every stain efface. 

Chorus. — Rise, then, &c. 

Jesus, Thou art our only hope. 

Sole comfort in our grief ; 
' ike the parched clay our hearts 
must be. 
Unless Thou bring'st relief. 

(%or««.— -Rise, then, &c. 

To Him who came the world to save. 

Eternal glory be ! 
The Mighty Father, equal pi-aise, 

And Holy Qhost to Thee I 

Chorus.— ^BiBOf then, (be. 

The Sighs of the Church for the Coming of Christ. 

The Third Warning of Advent: Christ Is nigh ! 
Let us desire His Coming. 

Isa. xlv. 8 : " Drop down dew, ye heavens, from above, and let the clouds rain 
the just: let the earth be opened, and bud forth a Saviour." 

"Borate, cceli, desuper, et nubes 
pluant Justum." 

Drop down dew, ye heavens, from 
above, and let the clouds rain down the 
Just One. 



Ne iiDMoarii, Domise, t^ M vikm 
memlneris iniquiUti«: ecce, civitM 
Sauoti facta est dcserta : Sion deserta 
fiM»tA ett: Jerusalsm daioUta est: 
domuB 6anofclfloationi8 toft et glaxim 
tusa« ubilaudaYorunt te patres nostri. 

Borate, &q. 

Peccavimufl, et factt sumus tanqnam 
im mtindi nos : et cdcidlmus quasi folium 
tuiiv^rsi, et iniquitates nortm qtAsd 
vcutos abstulerunt hob: absoottoisti 
faciem iuam a nobis, et aHiwiirtl BOi in 
manu iniquitatls nostne. 

Borate, 4c. 

Vide, Domine,afflictionempopaUtHi| 
ct mitte queixi missarus es! emittd 
Ag^um domlQatorem terraa, de Petra 
desert!, ad roontetn filise Sion : ut au- 
forat ipse jugum oaptivitatia noetrse. 

Borate, die. 

ConsolKului; oonsolalBinli potnia 
meus : cito Teniet aalnt lua t ««lli^ 
rooerore consumeris f quia innovayit te 
dolor : salTabote : nolitimere : egoenim 
sum DbnninuB Deoa ttiuB, Banettu I»* 
itiel, Redemptor tuus. 

Borate, dec 

Bn no* Twy «iitr j» O iiOM, and re* 
member no lender our iniquilji be> 
bold, Thy boly city is become deserted : 
ftion la bocoaae a deaert : Jenwalem it 
daaolata: the bouae of Tby attictifica- 
tion and of Thy glory, where our fiathars 
praised Thee. 

We have ainned, and ard beoqme as 
Unclean : and we have all fallen aa n 
leaf, and our iniquities like tha wind 
have catYied US away: Thou hast hidden 
Thy iaee Arom cm, and taaabcnuOhwd mm 
in the hand of our iniquity. 

Bahold, O Lord, the afflletton of Thy 
people, aud send forth Him who is to 
come t send forth the LamU tha ruler 
of the earth, from Petra of the deeert, 
to the mount of the daughter of Sion : 
that He may take away the yoke of our 

facflei thyaalratioftOMieth quioU^^l 
why with grief art thou consumed f for 
sorrow hatti stricken thee: I will save 
thee, fear not: for I am the Lord thy 
Godf the H<Ay One of Israel, thy Re- 


Hymn for Advent, ftt Tespen. 


Creator alme aiderum, 
iBtema lux credentium, 
Jesu Bedemptor omnium, 
thtende votis supplicum. 

Qui dflftmonis ne fraudibos 
Pwiret orbis, ImpetU 
Amoris actus, laucniidi, 
Mundi medela faotus ea. 

Commune qui mundi nefafli 
Ut expiaresi fed cruceitt, 
E Virginis sacrario, 
Intacta prodia Victima, 

Cujus potestas glorise, 
Nomenqueeum prhnum sonai ; 
Et coelites et inferi, 
Tremente curvantur genu. 

Te depreeattUY nltimtB, 
Ha(Brnum diei Judicem : 
Armis supemn gratua^ 
Derende noe ab hostlbua. 

z Creator of the starry frame ; 
Eternal Llgtit of all who livo; 
Jesu, Redeemer of mankind, 
An ear to Thy poor suppUaata give. 

2 When man waa sunk in sin aad daatli^ 

Lost in the depth of Satan's snare, . 
Love bfOtightThee d6wn to care ourilld, 
By taking of those illB a share. 

3 Thou for the sake of guilty men, 

Causing Thine own nuns blood to flow, 
Didst issue from Thy Virgin-shrine^ 
And to the Gross a. Victim go. 

4 So great the glory of Thj might, 

If ^ but change Thy name to soimd, 
At onoe all Heav«n and Hell uuite 
In bending low with awe profoundt 

5 Oreat Judg« of all, in that last day, 

When friends shall fail and foes oooaMae, 
Bepresent then with us, we pray, 
To guard ua with Thy arm divine. 


Virtus, honor, laufl, gloria, • 6 Yd 6od the Father and the Son 

Peo Patri cum Filio, AU praise and power and £^ory be| 

Sanolo 6imul PatacUto, With Thee, holy Comforter, 

la fi^oulorum saacala. Henceforth through all eternity. 


V. Rornto ocbU deeuper, et, T. t>tt}Ddown dew, ye heavens, fraafli^ve, 

nubes pIuaAt luatum. and leH the clouds rain down the Just One I 

R. Aperiatur terra, cb ger- R. Let ^e e»rth open and bud forth tip 

minet Salnriiofem. Bayiottr! - - 

30* "The Qn«t AntipboAi." 

Which may be used as Acts of I^esire beibre ChristmaSi" 

* ThtJbUemhiif ynetf AattfrtioiMi are said mtirt befort and afttr tU Magnificat, 
frm» thu t^K (• tM avrd af Dteinibtr, i/kclruivti It tht Yitptfn anafa doublt, mi 
great Antypk9% i§ soU c/Ut tkt prater of CA« >Wi«<, fvr tAe c9»im«iMme«on «/ 
Advt:nJt, ■ 

i7ih» ilne. OsAtrfttbtlA, <iii86 e< Wisdodl that cOttath otit of the tnOuth 

ore AltliBlmi proalisti, attingenM 6f the WiHrt High, that reachest fVom one end* 

a fine usque ad finettt, feitiftef to anotber, and dost mightily and sweetly 

snaTiterque disponens omnia : order all things : eotnO to teach us the waj 

▼eni ad docendum not fiatn pru- of prudence I 

dentin. ' 

z8th. JML O AdoatA, at dox O AdofiAl, ttid mler Of the hon^o rtt Ittttidl/ 

domus Israel^ qui M<^ tti igne Who dldst a|)pear unto Hos«s hi the burning 

flamma robl attpaniisti, At «I in buAh, and gavest him the law in BLnal : come 

Bina legetn demwi : vdni ad r«di« to i^eem vm with an cutitgrtAchad «nft I 
mendum nos ia bxachio extitito* 

19th. Ant. O radix Jesse, qui O Adot of Josse, wbioh ataadttit itor ill en- 

atasinsignumpopulorum ; super sign of the people, at whom the kings shall 

quern contipebu9| regesos sinim, shut Hhoir n^quthf, vqUfo ffchoi^ th« Gentiles 

quern gentes deprooabuntur : shall seek: come £0 aeiiver us, make no 

Teni ad liberandum nuAt Jlon tarrying, 
jioli fcaxdare. 

aoih. Ant. davis David, ei 6 ^ev of David, and JSoeptvA ot the hous* 

Bceptrum domus Israel : qui ap- of Israel ; That openeth and no man shtltteth S 

oris et nemo claudit ; olaudis et and shutteth oxyi no man openeth : come t4 

&exao aperit ; veni, et eduo vine- bring out the prisoner from the prisoh, ftna 

turn de domo carceris, sedentem them that sit m darknens, and in the ahidoW 

in tenebris, et umbra mortis. ' of death. 

azat Ant. O oriens aplffsd^ir O I>amqnEi|i||^ jBrightness of the everiaat- 

lucia ntemsB, et sol juktttise: ing light, Siin of Riigrhteousness, come to give 

Yeni) etlUttmifta asdentai In ten« light to them that alt iadBrknaM ind ih ttie 

•UriaetumbrinEMrtie* shadow oi deKfcil I 

22nd. Ant. O rex gentium et O King of. the OentileS) ya4t and DesiM 

desideratuB earum^ lapisque an- thereof, Gome]>stone, that makest of twa 

gultMi'll^tum^mw^mLitai'^ bil§:'- nian, WK^iSSiduMk 

▼enif et salva hominep», quern de made of the dust of the earth i ' . . . . .^ ' . 

mnof6rma8ti. ..../• 

asrd. Ant. O Bmmanuel, nx et (J IShiinanuel, our King and our Law*giver» 

legifer noster, expectaiio Qen- Longing of tbt Gentiles ; yea. and sal^tftn 

tium, et Salvator earum : ten! ad .thereof : come td sate tto, Loi^ out God 1 

aalvandum atm^ Domlne Detut ,'^ 

noster. 1 . . c ^. >j 


The Prayer, 

AnREM ttifttn, qu898uinu8 Do- OLord^wa beseech Thee, mercifVilIy incline 
mine, precibus nostris accom- Thine ears unto our prayers, and lighten the 
moda, et mentis nostra tenebras darkness of our minds oy tbo grace of Tliy 
gratia tuse visitatlonis illustra. heavenly visitation, who livest and reignest 
Qui Tivis. with God the Father, in the unity of the 

Holy Ohost, one Qod without end. Amen. 

31 . First Hymn on tlie Life and Imitation of our Lord. 

I The Word qf Ood decrees to become a 
man and ehootea a mother. 
Jesuh 1 Thou didst a mother choose. 
Whose seed the serpent's head should 
-Seed of a Virgin womb ; [bruise, 
Oh, bruise that serpent now in me. 
Bruise him, good tiord ! that I may be 
Thine at the day of doom. 

a Be leavee Hie Father's Throne* 
Jesus ! who from Thy tbroue didst 

And man's most vile estate assume, 

Our fallen race to lift ; 
Oh, grant that such transcending love, 
To me through Thine own grace may 

Ko ineJSectual gift. LP^^o 

3 HU Incarnation. 
Jesut I wliom Mary once coneeived 
Through grace, her backward fears 

By angid'e salutation, (relieved 

May I, within a chastened heart, 
Oonoeive Thee, Living Word, who 
My God and my salvation. [art 

A Vititaiion to St. MiKobeth. 
Jesus 1 whom Thy sweet mother bore 
To Saint Elisabeth of yore, 

On Jewry's mountain lea ; 
Ob, mayst Thou oft, in waya conisealed 
To heart but not to eye revealed. 

Vouchsafe to visit me. 

5 JH$ Birth, 
Jesus ! kind visitant of earth. 
Of sinless and of painless birth. 

Thy mother's oniy*bom ; 
May love with undiverted flame 
Ascend, and for Thy glorious Name 

All other nuptials aeom. 


*' Bom of the Virgin Mary " 

We Apply the name of Christmastide to the forty days, which begin with the 
Nativity of our Lord, December a^th, and dnd with the Porffication of the Blessed 
Virgin, Pelmiary and. Christmas unfolds to ixs two great ravsteries :— an Infant- 
God; and a Virgin- Mother. Hence the characteristic of Christmas is two-fold: It 
is /oV.^hich the whole Church feels at the coming of the Divine Word in the flesh; 
and It is admration of that glorious Virgin, who was made the Mother of God. 


It haa been a very ancient Catholic custom to sing carols on the Evo of 
Christmas, and during Christmas*tide. The following are intended to help the 
keefdng up qf this holy custom. 

32. Tint Carol : THe Description of tbe First Cliristnuui Hifflit. 

GaL iv. 4 : " When the fulness of the time was come, God sent His Son, madd 

of a woman. 

» Thjb snow lay on the ground, 
The stars shone bright, 
When Clnrist our Lord was boni, 
On Christmas night. 

2 'Twas Mary, daughter pure 
Of holy Anne, 
That brought into this world 
Our God-made-Msa. 



3 Bb« Mid Him in » stall. 

At Bethlehem, 
The um'Uid oze& shared 
The roof with them. 

4 Saint Joseph too was by 

To t6ud the Gbfld, 
Toguard Him, and proteet 
m» Mother mild. 

5 The angels horered roundi 
And sang this songt 

Venite adore- 
mus Oominum. 

6 Ahd HtMBt tliAt monget' poor 

Became a throne : 
For, He wh6m MAtytei^ 
Was Ood the Son. 

7 O come then» 1st us join 

The heavenly host, 
To praise the Father, Son, 
And Holy Ghost. 

8 Venite adore- 1 

n)us Dominum. 
Venite adore- 
laus Dominumk 

33. Second Carol : How and wby our Bavioar was bom a Child. 

Heb. X. 5 : ** When He cometh into the world. He saith : Saoiifioe and oblation 
Thott wonldest not, but a body Hiou hast fitted to Me. . . . Behold, I come 
to do Thy will, God." 

For He is our childhood's pattern, 

Day by day like us He grew ; 
He was little, weak, and helpless, 
Tears and smiles like us He knew. 
And He feeleth for our sadness, 
And He shareth in our gladness. 

And our eyes at last shsll see Him, 
Thsough His own redeeming love; 

For that Obfld. so dear and gentle, 
Is our Lord in Heaven above. 

And He leads His children on, 
■ To the Home where'lSe is gono. 

Nob in that poor lonely, stsblet 
With the oxen stolMung by. 
We shall see Him ; but in Heaven, 
Set at God's riglit hand on high. 
When like stars Biis chudren 

All In white shall wait around. 

I Onok in Pavid's royal City, 
Stood a lonely eattle-shed, 
Where a Maiden laid her Baby, 
With a manger for His bed. 
Mary was that mother mild, 
Jesus Christ her only Child. 

a He came down to earth from Heaven, 

Who is God and Lor^of all, 

And His shelter was a stable. 

And His cradle was a stall, [lowly, 

Witb the poor, and mean and 

lived, on earth, our Saviour holy. 

5 And through all His wondrous Child- 
He would honour and obey, [hood 
liove and watch the lowly Maiden, 
In whose gentle arms He lay. 
Christiim children all must be. 
Mild, obedient, good as He. 

34. Third Carol : An earnest Welcome to Christ at His Birth*'' 

Is. xzv. 9 : " Lo,'thls is our Ood, we bave waited for Him, and He -wOl save us.' 

I Hail I holy Babe of Bethlehem, 
. All hail to Thee 1 
Right Joyously our hearts exclaim 
O Jesu mi IJ 
3 My Ood, what brought Thee from 
A man to be ? [above 

What other than a burning love 1 
O Jesu mi I 

3 The souls of men to Thee so dear. 
Thus lovingly 
To save them all, Thou earnest heie, 
O Jesu mi 1 

The cold, the straw, the stable poor 

Were naught to Thee : 
For us what didst Thou not endure, 

O Jesu mi I 
Above, the choir of angels sing 

With heavenly glee ; 
On earth the shepherds and the Kii|g. 

Jesu mi 1 
A child to us is bom this day, 

happy we I 
And ours be now Thy praise to say, 

O Jesu mi 1 


WHh Mill thtn Irt itf ory idioud 

On bended knetf, 
nirioe IjteMftd Bkhtt 1 Thou art .our 

O Jesu ml 1 [Ood, 

6 But love MftUs Ivr^w myukt^ptj^ 
So tenderly ; 
With Ma<3r, Jaioph* let lu vtBjt 
O Jesu mi 1 

QB Fourth Parol : Onr Lady, l^Bing a Mother, y«t luw 
*^^' remained a Virgin 

Is. vll x4 : " Behold a Vtrgtn *hall oonceiye, and bear a Son, and His ikame 

akaiH b* tailed 3BtmmanuaL" 

RoTAL day that ohasMt gloott, 

Day by gladness speecfed ; 
Thou behdd'st from Mary's womb 

How the King proceeded ; 
VejiQr QOd who midothe sky. 
Set the sun and stars on high. 

Haayen and earth sustainixig ; 
Vflsy Man« who freely bare 
Toil and sorrow, woe and care, 

Han's Mlvi^tion gaiuing. 
As tha sunbeam through th« glaiB 

Fasaeth, but not stameth » 
Thut the yitgin aa she waa, 

Yilrgin stiU remaineth ; 
Blesaed Mother t iR whOf • womb 
tia^ the I4ght tb^ expels gloom ; 

God to earth daaoendiag ; 
Blessed Maid I whose apoUesi br«ast 
Gives the Eing^Ohny rea^ 

Nurture, warmth, and tending^ 

ChrlBt, who made us out of duat. 

Breath and spirit givpng ; 
Qhristy from whose dear atapa we 

Pattern take of living ; 
Christ, wbe camaat tw t* fiava 
From tha envato and from- tke gvave, 

HeUing, ll|fht8ningv ohaetinup * 
Christ, who oneewaat made as we, 
Grabt that we »hy be like Thee 

Xa Thy aaaet appearing. 

36. The Birth of CHrlat. 

How fran4]y beautiful and glorious! How frait£ul and blaased that aolenm 

midnight hour, in wbioh Qhciat wa%born. 
Wisd. xrtlU. x4 1 " While all things were in .quiet silence, and tho night was in 
the midst of her course, the Almighty Word leaped down Uiom Heaven, 
.from Thy Royal Throne.'' . 

X AT hour of silent midnight, 
mystery of love, 
£Uirth's longed and sighed-for Saviour 

I)e8cended from above. 
Awake, awake, Creation I — 
Arlse^ for Ught is oeoM ; 
. I^ I earth is changed, to Heaven, 
For earth is Jesus* home. 

a Amid the 8taj^lit heavens 

There shines a glorious light, 
And hosts of gleamipg angels 

Illume the lonely night; 
They leave their thrones oi arlory, 

To seek their new-bom King, 
And, ranged in countless armies, 

Glad hymns of triumph sing. 

3 The praises of the angels 
Were wafted from above. 
And shepheifdS lefttheirnightwnteh 
To seek the God of Leve } 

They longed to gaae on OTesu^ 
To see tae new-born Child"*. 

They found the God of Heaven 
Ah Infant meek and mild. 

And there^he Mother kneelinff. 

Bends fohdly o'er her Son, 
Watching with blast 8b Joseph, 

Her cherished Little Qoe. 
See Jesus in the manger, 

Ho«7 still and meek He Ile|i ; 
Now smiles play on His futures, 

Now tears are in His eyes. 
Christians redeemed, oh hasten 

To Bethlehem's sacred shdne. 
And gather around Jesus, 

To kiss His feet Divino. 
Oh, blees out new-boem Saviour, 

Our Infant God adore ; 
Till love ahall sweejtly lead us 

Home to the eternal shore. 

ostosDCij^ fiYumi. 

37. • Tbft Btctli of diTist l)ring8 to all muL Tidings of areat Joy, ° 

ChrM is l)om I (Mk I the «w»et jov for a fhtthftQ fonl to 'welcome the Inftut 

Qod tai HiB Mother's arme I 

Luke il. : *' Beheld I bring you good Udinge el greet ioy that shall be to all the 
people: Sot tfaie diQF la bom to you a Saviour, who la Christ the i<ord, ia 
tbeeityof David." . 

X At last Thou art come, little SaTiour, 
And Thine angels ftll midnlgfat with 
Thou art come to 11% gentl« Oreator. 
inbom Thy omaturee have sighed 
lor so long. 

All hall, eternal Cbild, 
Dear Mary's little flower. 
Blooming in earthlv bower i 

Bweet Babe of Bethienem 1 
BaU, Mark's little Onet 
Hail, God^i efaenial Bout 

B««ek Babe q< Bethlehem. 

Thou art eome to us, Maker of Mary, 
And she was Thy channel of grace. 
All hail, eternal Child, &o. 
Thou hast brought with Thee plentt- 
fUl iMrdOD, 
Aod our souls overflow with de- 
light ; (Jesus, 
Our hearfcs are half broken, dear 
With the joy of this wonderfi^l 

AU haU, eternal Child, &c. , 

Thou wilt stay with us, Master and 
Maker, [more : 

Thou wilt stay with us now ever- 
We will play vrith Thee, beautiful 
On etemiiv'a Jubilant shore. 
All hail, eternal Child, dte. 

8 Thou art come to Thy beautiful 
Mother ; 
She hath looked on Thy uarvelloas 

38. Thtt iBfftfllo Ohonu. 

Christ la hem t—Letue worship and glorify God. 

Luke it : "And suddenly there was a multitude of the heavenly aroiyi praising 
CN>d and sayhig : * CHory to Ood in the Highest ; and on earth peace to men 
and good will. *^ 

I BmGHT angels we have heard on hJg|h, 

Most sweetly singing o'er our plains, 
And still the mountains in replv 
Are echoiug their Joyous strama. 
Gloria in enealals Bee. 
Say, shepherds, why this Jubilee f 
wh7 thus your rapturous atrain 
What may the gladsome tidings be, 
Which hav«in8phwdyoar heavenly 

d^oruA-^Gloria, Ac. 

Ah 1 come to Bethleheoij and see 
The Babe whoso birth the angels 
sing ; 
Gome and adore on bended knee, 
The Infant Christ, the new-bon\ 

(?/ior«».— Gloria, ^. 
4 flee Jesus in a manger laid, 

'Tis He whom choirs of angels 
Mary and Joseph, lend ^lir aid, 
Our hearts in love to Jesus raise. 

30* The SheiiliardB' ChoniB. 

Christ la bom I^Let vs pratoe in gladness and thanksgivtaig. 

hat9 U* ' " And the ahophaada cetui3;64» gIo}ifyiiig <uid pvaiaing God for aU the 

flilngs tn^yhad neard and seen." 


Ske^ amid the winter's snow, 
Bom for us on earth below. 
See, the tender Lamb appears* 
Promised (Vora eternal years ! 

Hail, thou ever-blaased mom 1 
Hail, Rederaption's hapny dawn ! 
Sing through all Jerusalem, * l 
(.'lirist is bom in Bethlehem. 


Lo, witbin a manger lies 
He who built the etarry Bkies : 
He, who throned in height Butdime 
Sits amid the Cherubim 1 

CAortu.— HaU, iie. 

Say, ye holy shepherds, say, 
What your joyful news to-day ; 
Wherefore have ye left your sheep 
On the lonely mountain steep ? 

Chorus. — Hail, Ac. 

" As we watched at dead of night, 
Lo, we saw a wondrous light ; 
Angels singing peace on earth, 
ToiKL us of the Sayiour's birth. ' 

Chorus.— Kail, Ac. 

5 Sacred Infant all divine. 
What a tender love was lliine ; 
Thus to come from highest blias^ 
Down to such 4 world as this I 

Cft6nw.>-Hail, Ac. 

6 Teach, O teach us, holy Child, 
By Thy face so meek and mild, 
Teach us to resemble Thee^ 

In Tfaj sweet humility 1 

CAorw«.--Hail, Ac 

7 Virgin Mother, Mary blest^ 

By the joys that fill thy breast, 
Pray for us that we may prove 
Worthy of our Saviour's love.. 

CAonw. —HaH, Ac 


Tlie atorns of tile FaitUU. 


Christ l8 born 1 Let vs rejoice and adore ! Isa. iz. 6 : *'A Child is bom to us and 
a Son is given to us . . . and His name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, 
God the Mighty, the Father of the world to come, the Prince of Peace" 


1 Adeste, fiddles, 
Laati triumphdntes ; 

Yenlte, venite in Bethlehem ; 

N&tum vid^te 

Begem angel6rum ; 

Venite ador^mus, 

Venite ador^mus, 
Venite ador^mus Dominum. 

2 Deum de Deo, 
Lilmen de Lilimine, 

Gestant puellse viscera : 
Deum v6rum, 
Genitum non fictium : 
Venite ador^mus, Ac. 

3 Cantet nunc lo 
Chorus Angel6rum ; 

Cantet nimc aula cosl^tlum, 
Gloria in excelsis Deo : 
Venite ador^mus, Ac. 

4 Brgoquinitus 
Die hodiSma, 

Jesu, Tibi sit gldria : 
Patris aetemi 
Verbum caro factum : 
Venite ador^mus, Ac. 


X Tb faithful, approach ye 

Joyfully triumphing ; 
O come ye, O come ye, to Bethlehem ; 

Come and behold ye 

Bom' the King of Angels : 

O come, let us worship^ 

O come, let us worship, 
O come, let us worship Chnst the Lord. 

2 God of God eternal ; 

Lig^t from light proceeding ; 
Lo He deigns in the Virgin's womb to lie, 

Very God, yea, 

Not made but begotten. 
O come, let us worships Ac. 

3 AU ye choirs of angels, 
Come, alleluia 1 sing. 

Sing all ye citiaens of heaven above. 
Glory to God in the highest heavens, 
O come, let us worship, Ac 

4 Yea, Lord, we greet Thee, 
Bom this happy morning : 

O Jesus, now to Thee be glory givm, 

Word of the Father, 

In our flesh appearing : 
O come, let us worshipi Ac 


Jesu, Redemptor omnium, 
Quem luds ante origlnem 
Farem patemse gloriss 
Pater snpremus edidit 

Hymn for CliriBtmas, at Vespers. 


z Jesu 1 Redeemer of tiie world I 

Who ere the earliest dawn of light 
Wast from eternal ages bom. 
Immense in glory as in might ; 


Tu kmMB it (BfA0iMU>r F&tdft, 
Ta 8pes pereiuiis omninm, 
Intende quas fUndunt preces 
Tui per ovbean aervuli 
Memento, reram Oonditor, 
Noetri quod olim corpoxis, 
Sacrata ab alvo Yirginis 
Nascendo, formam sumpserltt. 

Testatur hoc pi-sesens dies, 
Currens per anni circulum. 
Quod solus e sinu Fatris 
Mundi aalus ad veneris. 

Huno astra, tellus, eequora, 
Hunc omnei quod c<b1o subest, 
Salutis Auctorem novsB 
NoTo salutat cantico. 

£t nos, beata quos sacri 
Rigavit unda sanguinis, 
Natalis ob diem tui 
Hymni tributum solvimue. 

Jesu,. tibi sit gloria, 
Qui natus es de Yirgine, 
Cum Fatre, et almo Spiritu, 
In sempiterna seecula. 


Immortal Hope of all mankind I 
In whom the Father's face we see. 

Hear Thou the prayers Thy people pour, 
Hiis day throughout the world to Thee. 

Bemembert O Creator Lord I 
That in the Virgin's sacred womb 

Tbou wast conceived, and of her flesh 
Didst our mortaUty assume. 

This ever-blest recurring day 
Its witness bears, that all alone 

Frcaaa. Thy own Father's bosom forth. 
To save tfae world Thou camest down. 

Day ! to which the seas and sky, 
And earth and Heaven, glad welcome 

O day which healed our misery, [sing ; 
And brought on earth salvation's King. 

We too, O Lord, who havd been cleansed 
In Thy own fount of bloom divine, 

Offer the tribute of sweet song 
On this blest natal d»j of Thine, 

O Jesu I bom of Virgin bright} 

Immortal glory be to Thee ; 
Fraise to the Father infinite^ 

And Holy Obost eternally. 



r. Crftstina die delebitur ini* 
quitas terrae. 

A Et regnayit super nos 
Balvator mundi. ] 

r. To-morrow the iniquity of the earth 
shall be blotted out. 

R. And the Saviour of the world ahall 
reign over us. - 


F. Kotum 
Jt. Salutare suum.^. Alleluia. 


Dominus. V. The Lord hath made known. Alleluia. 

R. His salvation. Alleluia. 



44. The aiorlons Maternity of tbe Blessed Virgin Mary. 

O Jesus, '' Blessed is the womb that bore Thee, and the paps that gave Thee 

»uck."--Luke xi 27. 
O Haiy, " Blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy 

womb."— Luke i 42. 

Orr as Thee, my infant Saviour, 
In Thy mother's arms I view. 

Straight a thousand thrilling rap- 
Orerflofw my heart anew, j 

ClioruB. - 
Hu)py Babe 1 and happy Mother I 

how great your bliss must be I 
Each enfolded in the other. 

Sipping pure felicity 1 

THV PAHOOaiAIi 'Html fiOOE. 

a As the sun from darkuoos springing 
Breathes » charm o'er nature^ 
So the Child to Mary clinging, 
Declps her "with diviner graoe. 
(^orn*. — Happy Babe 1 Aoi 

3 As tiie limpid dew descendiiig 
lies impearled upon the rose ; 
Bo their xoutual beauty blending 
In transporting union glows. 
CAonM.^Happy Babe I to. 

As when early sprisf ailmins, 

Flowen unnumbeved throvg die 
Such the conntieSB loiftng glMnees 
That in turn from eaob prooiwd. 
CJi9hu,*^SAppf Babo I So, 

Lovely Jesu I gentle Brother I 
How I wish a smUe from Thee, 

Ifeant for Thy immortal MoiJier, 
Only migh£ alight on me I 
CAorU«.— Happy Babel Ac. 

45* Christ newly bom is a Model of Obedience ana BumlUtiy. 

ICatth. xi S9*: " Learn of me, because I am meek, and humble of heart." 

Deab LittleOnel how sweet Thouart, 

Thine eyes how bright they shine, 
So bright they almost seem to speak 

When M*ry's look meats Thine I 
How faint imd fe^le is Tlur cry, 

Like plaint of harmless oove. 
When Thou dost murmturln Vhy ilefip 

Of sorrow and of love ! 

When Mary bids Thee sleep,- ^dti 

Thou wakest when she calls ; 
Thou art content upon her lap, 

Or in the nigged stalls. . [graee 
Simplest of Babes I with what a 

Thou dost Thy Mother's win I 
Thine in|$mt fashions w«U betray 

The Godhead's hidden skill. 

When Joseph takea Thee in his anns, 

And smoothes Thy little dhaok. 
Thou lookest up into hia face 

So helpless and so meek. 
TesI ThouartwhatThouseem'sttobe, 

A thine of smiles ^nd tears ; [earth 
Yet Thou art Qod, and heaven and 

Adore Thee with their fears. 

Tes 1 dearest Babe ! those tiny hands. 

That p]Ay with Hary,'^ hair, • - 
The weight of all the nughty worlds 

This very moment bear. 
Jkxt Thou, weak Babe, my very God? 

O I must love Thee then 1 " 
Love Thee, and yearn to spread Thy 
Icve , ^ , 

Aniong forgetftll xneil.' 

yify ChrlBt newly bom is a Model of Meekness in carrying 
^^* , aU oiv Hunan InilnniUes. 

Isa. liii 4 : " Surely He hath home our lAfinnilLet and carried our sorrows.' 

1 Sleep, holy Babe, 
Upon 'Thy mother's breast ; 

Grotit Lord of earth and sea and sky, 
How sweet It is to see Thee He 

In such a place of rest j 
fileep; holy Babe 1 Sleep, holy Babe! 

2 Sleep, holy Babe I 
Thine angels watdb around ; 

All bending low, with folded wings, 
Before th* Incarnate King of kings, 

In reverent awe profound, 
'^loep, holy Babe I Sleep, holy Babe ! 

3 Sleep, holy Babe I , 
:* While iwllihJfeuygaiie 

In joy upon that face awhile, 
Upon the loving infrnt smile. 
Which there divinely plays. 
Sleep, hely Babe I Sleep, holy Babs I 

4 Sleep, holy Babe I 

Ah, take Thy brief impose ; 
Too cmlckly wiU Thy statftbers break. 
And Thou to lengthened pains awake, 

That death alone shall clossi > 
Sleep, holy Babe I Sleepy holy Babe ! 


5 .tkukk must IhaM SiaBdi» 
Whloik BOW 8o fail* I ae% ; 

ThouB Uttle ptarly f Mt ef TUne, 
fio toft* CO doUotMy fine, 
• Be^ p^ced and mat for iDft 1 
O ornol woai)iUl O craek wottnds i 

6 ' Then must that Ittow 
Its tfaiiniy otown x«eeivo ; 

That cheek more lovely than the rose, 

de drenol)od wittk blood, kdA raainfei. 
with blows, 
Uliat I thoreby may ll^el 
O otnel rin I O cnral vln I , 

7 O Lady blest I 

Sweet "Virgin, hear" my cry ! 
IPergiye the wronff that I harre d«n« 
To thee, in causing thy dear Son 

Upon the oroM to dio I 
O Lady blest I O Lady blest J 

47* qiulstaiiwlyDonii&aVodeiofDetaCluiiontinPoyerty. 

Luke ix. <8: "The foxes have holes, and the birdB of th^ air nests, but the 

Son of Man hath not -where to lay His head." 
"Christ," says St. Bernard, ''vrax poor at His birth, poorer still In His life, 

extremely poor at His death." 

4 But if it Is Thy will for me to soffor, 
' And by these suCFerlngs my heart 

to move ; [weeping ? 

Wherefore, my Jesus, do I B6e Thee 

'Tis not f ov pain Thou weepoflt, but 

for love. 

ChQni$.-^wee% Infant Jesus, kc. 

5 Thou weepest thus, to sea ne so 
uxkfrrateful ; [v«rycore; 

Hy sins have pierced Thee to the 

I once demised Thy love — but now I 

love 1^0^ [iio more. 

I love but TTiee — then, Jesus, weep 

C/io^iAA.— &woofr ^?nt Jeaust ,^. 

6 ^ou sleepcst. Lord, but Thy heart 
«?or wfttohes, [tidctf ; 

Ko dumber oan a heart so loving 

But tell me, darling Babe, of whftt 

Thou thlnkest. [thy sake.^' 

«* I think," He says, " of dying for 

C%one».-^weet infant Jesus, Ac. 

7 Js it for ma that Thou dost thiuH tf 
dylnfff [Thee-! 

What then, J^vus. can I lovo but 

Mary, my hopo I if I love Him too 

little, [for me. 

Be not indignfeni-^lovo Him tkou 

CAoi-M.— Bweet Infatit Jmih, &c. 

1 O KiNQ of Heaven I from starry 

throne descending, fed cave ; 

Thou tajcest refuge ui that wretch- 

O <3tod of bliss I I soe Thee ould and 


What pain it cost Thee, fallen xoan 

to save t } ' 

' Okorut. 
Bweob Inflftnt Jesus \ 

Infant divine ! 
Make me, oh, make pi^ 

For ever be ThlBe-1 

9 Pwj^ oi a tbff^owi wotM»th» gre»t 

Creator, [endure ; 

. ]>Q«t now tbo p»lft of cold and want 

Thy poverty but.nakea 'i^hee mvm 

endearing, [Thee poor. 

Vor well I know 'tis love has miule 

C%onM.-^weet Infant J09ivi, ^6. 

3 I see Thee leave Thy heavenly Fa- 
ther's bosom— . {poried The&t 
But whitl^er has Thy love trans- 
Upon a Utile straw I see Thee lying * 
Why suffer Ifaus? *TiB aU for love 

C/tgnM.<p"8woBtIiilink JoBUi, d». 

48« Clixltt newly bom! bow Loying! how Lovablo! 

Isa. XXXV, 9 1 " Thoy «him see the glory of the Lord and the beauiy 

of our God," 

X Oh, how I love Tboo, Lord of heayen 

libovo I fmy love ; 

^Teo well hast Thou doMrvwl to gain 

Sweet Jesus, I would die for love of 

Thee, \tt\% 

For Thou didst not dtadain to dio for 



I leave thee, fftithless world; £ureweU, 
depart ; [my heart. 

This lovely Babe has loved and vron 

I love Thee, loving God, who from 
above [my love. 

Didst oome on earth, a Babe, to gain 

Thou tremblest^ darling Child, and 

yet I see [forme: 

Thy Heart is all on fire with love 

Love makes Thee ttios a child, mj 

Saviour dear, [suffw here. 

Love only brought Thee down tt) 

4 Love conqaetedlbee, great God; love 

tied Thy handsi (bands ; 

Al eaptive here for me, in swathing 

And love, strong love, awaits Thy 

latest breath, [death. 

To make Thee die for me a cruel 


Litany Hymn for Christmas. 

By the word to Mary given, 
By Thy first descent from heaven, 
By Thine infant form so fair. 
Trembling in the midnight air-^ 

Babe of Bethlehem, hear our cry, 

Thou wert helpless once as we ; 
Hear the loving Liitany 

We, Thy children, sing to Tbee. 

By Thy i)oor and lowly lot. 
By the manger and the grot. 
By Thy little feet and hands, 
Folded fast in swaddling bands. 
CAoriM.— Babe of Bethlehem, Ac. 

By the worship shepherds paid. 
By the gift that sages made, 
Gold and myrrh and incense sweet, 
Laid in homage at Thy feet. 

CAoruj.— Babe of Bethlehem, &c 
By St. Joseph's thoughts amazed 
When he first upon Thee gazed. 
And his Lord and Maker saw 
Laid upon a bed of straw. 

C'AortM.— Babe of Bethlehem, Ac. 

And oh I more than all ihe rest, 
By the joy of Mary's breast, 
when she, kneeling, first adoi*ed 
Thee, her child and yet her Lord. 
CAorMi*^Babe of BetU«hem, Ac. 

Fectst of the Circumcision of our Lord, and Octave of Christnum, 

Luke ii. 2z : " After eight days were accomplished that thd child should be 

circumcised. Bis name was called Jemm." 

Three mysteries fill up the mind of the Church on this day : the first is the 
circumcision of our Lord ; the second is the name of Jesus given to our 
Saviour ; the third is the divine maternity of Mary (as above). " 


Circnmclsion of our Lord, 

" By reason of the exceeding charity wherewith God hag loved us. He sent 
us His Son in the likeness of sinful flesh. Alleluia."— 7A« Chwrch, 

X The ancient law departs. 
And aU its terrors cease ; 
For Jesus makes with faithful hearts 
A covenant of peace. 

8 The Light of Light divine, 
True brightness undefiled. 
He bears for us ihe shame of sin, 
A holy spotless child. 

"' fant body now 

Those precious drops of blood that 
For death the victim seaL [flow. 

To-day the name is Thine, 
At which we bend the knee ; 

They call Thee Jesus, child divine I 
Our Jesus deign to be. 

All praise, -Eternal Son, 

For Thy redeeming love, 
With Father, Spirit, ever One 

In glorious nught above. Anum. 




Luke L 3z ; Ifatt L ax : "And thou shalt call His name Jesus. For He shall 

save Hia pe<^la from their sins. " 
St. Aug. : " O Jesus, be Thou tu me Jesus, and sare me t " 

51. Feast of the Mott Holy Name of Jesus, at Vespers. 62. 

Cant. L 8 : " Thy name is as oil poured out." 

JcBU dulcis memoria, 
Dans vera cordi gaudia ; 
Sed super mel et omnia 
Ejus dulds praasentia. 

Nil canitor suavius. 
Nil audltur jucundius, 
Nil cogitatur dulcius, 
Quam Jesua Del Filius. 

Jesu spes iKBUitentibus, 
Quam plus es petentibus ! 
Quam Iwnus te quserentibus I 
Sed quid invenientlbus I 

Ncc lingua valet dicere. 
Nee littera exprimere^ 
Expertus potest credere, 
Quid sit Jesum diligere. 

Sis, Jesu, nostrum gaudium, 
Qui es futurus prsamiiim : 
Sit nostra in te gloria, t 

Fw <mncta semper BSBCula. 

Amen. ' 

; Jesus I fhe very thought of Thee 
With sweetness fills my breast; 

[ But sweeter far Thy face to see» 
And in Thy presence rest. 

z Nor voice can sing^ nor heart can frame. 
Nor can the memory find, 
A sweeter sound than that blest Name, 
O Saviour of mankind I 

Ckonu, — Jesus, Ac. 

8 O hojM of every contrite heart, 
O joy* of all the meek, 
To those who fall how kind Thou art ; 
How good to those who seek t 

CAoriM.— Jesus, Ac. 

3 But what to those who find ? , Ah I this. 
Nor tongfue nor pen can show ; 

Tlie love uf Jesus, what it is, 
NoneTbui His loved ones know. 
1 • > CAortM.~Jo9us, Ao, 

4 Jesus, our only joy be Thou, 
As Thou our prize wilt be ; ' » 

Jesus, be Thou our glory now, 
' Our hope, our victory. 

C%ortM.*-JeBU8, Ac 

First and Second Vespers. 

V. Sit nomen Domini bene- 
dictum. AUebiia. 

R. Ex hoc nunc, et usque in 
88Bciilum. Alletaia. 

V. Blessed be the name of the Lord. 

R, From this time forth for evermore. 



The Most Holy Name of Jesns Is tbe DeUgbt and 
Comfort of this mortal Life. 

Sti Bern. : *' The name of Jesus is light, and food, and medicine. Light, when 
it is preached to us ; food, when we think upon it ; medicine, when we 
invoke it." 

Jx8U9| the only thought of Thee» 
With sweetness fills my breast ; 

But sweeter far it is to see, 
And on Thy be»aty leasb 

a No sound, no harmony so gay. 

Can art or music frune ; [say. 

No thoughts can reach, noworda olu] 
The sweets of Thj blest name. 


3 Jesus, our hope, when we repentj 

Sweet source of all ottf gnSoe t 
Sole comfort in our banishment, 
1 what when face to iaoe I 

4 Jesus, that naune inspires my mind 

With springs of Uf d and light ; 
More than I ask in Thee I £Lnd, 
' And languish with delight* 

5 No art or eloquence of man 

Can tell the joys of 1oy6 ; 
O nly the ninta <san uudenrtand 
THiat they in Jomib proYe4 

6 Thee then 111 seek retired apATt, 

From world And bUBiness free ; 

9. When these shall knock 111 shut my 
And l^Mp it all lor 9!Bee. [heart, 

7 Before the morning light Fll come. 

With Magd>lmi, to Mifl,- 
In sighs slid ttatm my Jami's tomb, 
And that* vafteah my mind. . 

8 My tears upon His grave shall flow. 

My Bigltt the ttrOen flU ^ 
Then at His feet myself I'll throw, 
And tkere 111 seek His will. 

$ Jesus, in Thy blest «t«p8 I*n trMd, 
And walk in all Thy ways ; 
I'll never cease to weep and plead 
To be presorted in gtaoe. 

54. The ttoit Boly Kame of Jobiis is true Joy inofllkble. 

H«b. ill. tt : " 1 will rejoice in thd Zxttd, and I will Qod my Jesus.** 


X O j£9U| Thoa the beauty art 
Of angel worlds above ; 
Thy name is tnnsio to the hdlirt. 
Enchanting it v^th love. 

2 Celestial sweetness unalloyed, 

Whi» eat Thee hunger still ; 
Who drink of Thee still feel a voi(L 
- Which noni^t but Thou canst dll. 

3 O Jesu, Love unchangeable. 

For whmn my soul doth pine I 
Otmit of Ilia celestial 1 
O sweetness all divinel 

4 When once Thou viaiteat the hettt, 

Then truth begins to shine ; 
Then earthly vimities depart s 
.' Thmk wakens love divine. 

5 Josu ! Thy mercies are untold, 

Through each returning day j 
Thy love exceeds a thousandfold^ 
whatever we can say. 

O joy I O eostsay of bliss I 
if ore felt than understood ; 

\niat pleasum cwa compare 'With this, 
To love the Bon of Qodt 

7 O lovihg Jesu, hear the ^doB 

Which unto Thee I send ; 
. To Thee mine inmost spirit cries, 
'• My being's hope and end. 

4 81»y with us» Lord, and with Thy light 
lUume the soul's abyss ; 
Dispel the dai'kness of our night, 
. And fill taxe world with bliss. 

9 O fairest of the sons of day I 
More fragraoibtban the rotw t 
O brighter than th« dauUag^cay 

That in the sunbeam glows I 

xo May every heart confess Thy name, 
- And ever Thee adore ; 
And seeking Thee itself tnflamei 
To seek Tdaq more and more. 

65. thft Most fioly Kame of Jesus Is our fitrength insnpenbUOt 

Bom. X. Z3 ; ** Whosoever shall x»ill upon the name ol 1^ saved. 

(JBymn cf Thwutt ^ J^enw^b 

I, In Christ's dear Name with courage 
Whatever ills betide ; {Jbeax 

t(ft worldly good is oft a share, 

V • 

And fills the heart with pride. 
What seems » loss will often prove - 

To be our truest gain ; 
And pains endured wil^ patient leVe 

A jeiraUed erosm obtain. 

2 Brief is this life, and brief its p%^, 

But long the bliss to come : 
And trials borne for Christ attain 

A place with martyrdom. 
The Ohtistlmi soul by pattoiicc 

More perfect day bf di^, t^ws 
And briiditer still and bri^ter glo^ 

WithJhwvea'selttrMlniy. . 



litany of tbd Most Holy Namo of Jesus. 


Philip, ii. 9 : *' God hath Him a name which is above every name : thAt 
in the name of Jesus every knee should bow, — of those that ar« in heavoft, 
on earth, and under the earth." 

EvRiE elelBon. 

Kyrie tUiton. 

Ohriste eleison. 

Christe eleUon, 

Eyrie eleison. 

Kyrie eleison. 

Jean audi nos. 

Jesu exaxtdiaoi. 

Pater de ootUs Detis, mitit^'€ Hodz>. 

Fill IMdsttptor mimdi Deus, mi«- 

j^iiitus Sancte Deus, 
dancta Trinitas, unus Dciis, 
Josu, Fill Dei vivi, 
Jesu, Splendor Pbtris, 
Jesu, Candor luds flotemie, 
Jesui Rex gloH», 
Jesu, Sol justftixe, 
Jesu, FiliMartoYii>glnls, 
Jesu, admll-abniJS, 
Jesu, Deus fortis, 
Jesu, Pater futurl sftculi, 
Jesu, magni consiUi AngclOi 
Jesu, potentissime, 
Jesu, patientlssime, ! 

Jesu, obedientisshne, : 

Jesu, mitis et humilis cord6, < 

Jesa, Amator castitatis, • 

Jesu, Amor noster, 
Jesu, Deus pads, j 

Jesu, Auctor vltee. i 

Jesu, Exemplar vlrtutum, 
Jesu, Zelator animartim, 
Jesu, Deus noster, 
Jesu, Refugium nostrtun, 
Jesu, Pater pauperum, 
Jeso, Thesaurus fidellum, 
Jesu, Bone Pastor, 


Jesu, gapientia .^tenMy' 
JesU| Bonitas tnfinita, 
Jesu, Via st Vita nostrat 
Jesu, Qaudium Angelorum, 
Jesu, j^x Patriarohanuat 
Jesu, Msgister A|^ostol<muilt 
Jesu, Doetor Svang^istaiunif 
JesUf'f^rtitudoMartynunf . 

LoKD, have mercy on us. 

Lord, have mercy on us. 

Christ, have mercy on ua 

C^ritt, have vMrcy on u». 

Lord, have mercy on us. 

iMd, have mercy on us. 

Jesus, hear us. 

Jesusy graciously hear u<. 

God the Father of heaven, havt mercy 

God the Son, Hedeomor ot the World. - 

Kate mercy on u9. 
God the Holy Ghost, 
Holy Trinity, one God, 
Jefus, Son of the living God, 
Jetos, Splendour of Hie Father, 
Jesus, Brightness of etsnial light, 
Jesus, King of glory, 
Jesus, Sun of Justice, 
Jestu, Son of the Vii^h Mary, 
Jesus, most amiable, 
Jesus, most admirable, 
Jesus, mighty God, 
Jesus, Fa&er of the woild to oome, 
Jesus, Angel of great counsel, 
Jesus, most powerful, 
Jesus, most patient, &; 

Jesus, most obedient, % 

Jesus, meek and huztkblo of heart, ^ 
Jesus, Lover of chastity, § 

Jesus, Lover of us, A 

Jesus, God of peace, 'J 

Jesus, Author of Life, §" 

Jesus, Example of virtues, j| 

Jesus, sealous Lover of souls, / 

Jesus, our God, 
'Jesus, our RefugeL 
Jesus, Father of the poof, 
Jesus, Treasure of the faithful, 
Jesus, Good Shepherd^ 
J9M10» tru« UgM, 
JsffUS) £;tflfnal Wisdonly 
Je^ufy ixkiBaute Goodness, 
' Jepiii, our Way and our Life, 
Jesui, Jogr of AngtOs, 
J«suB« King«£Patriarohs, 
Jesus, Master of Apestles, 
Jesus, Teacher of Evangelists, 
Jesus, Strength of Martyrs, 


Jotu, Lamen Gonf essorum, 

Mi$erere nobia. 

Jeflu, Puiitas Viiiginum, 

MUerere nobis. 

Jeso, Corona Sanctorum omnium, 

Muerere nobu. 

Propitius esto, 

Paive nobis, Jesu, 

Propitius esto,. 

Sxavdi nos Jetu, 

Ab omni male. Libera nos, Jcsu. 

Ab omni peccato, 

Ab ira tua, 

Ab insidiis diaboU, 

A spiritu f omicationis, 

A morte perpetua, 

A neglectu insplrationum tuarum, 

Permysterium sanctes Incamationis 

tu», H 

Per Nativitatem tuam, §: 

Per Infantiam tuam, 2 

Per divinissimam Vitam tuam, s 
Per Labores tuos, ^ 

Per Agoniam et Fassioncm tuam, ' . 
Per Crucem et Derelictionem tuam, |* 
Per Languores tuos, f 

Per Mortem et Sepulturam tuam. 

Per Besurrectionem tuam. 

Per Ascensionem tuam, 

Per Gaudia tua. 

Per Gloriam tuam, 

Agnus Dei, qiu tollis peccatamimdl, 

Pares nobis, Jtsu. 

Agnus Dei, qui tollis poccata mundi, 

Sxaudi no», Jesu. 

Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi, 

Miserere nolbis^ Jesu, 
Jesu, audi nos. 
Je»Uj exaudij nos, 

V, Confitebimur tibi, Deus. 

R. £t invocabimus Komen tuum. 

■DoMiNB Jesu Christe, qui dizistl, 
" Petite, et accipietis ; qu»rite, et in- 
venietis ; pulsate et ajMsrietur vobls ; " 
quaesumus, da nobis petentibus divi- 
nissimi tui amoris, affectum ut te toto 
corde, ore et opere diligamus, et a tua 
nunquam laude cessemus. 




Jesiu, Light of Oonf essors. 

Have mercjf on %s, 

Jesus, Purity of Virgins, 

Have mercy on us. 

Jesus, Crown of all Saints, 

Have mercy on us. 

Be merciml imto us. 

Spare im, Jesus. 

Be merciful unto us, 

€fra,eiofuly hear ut, Jesus, . 

From all evil, Jesus, deliver us. 

From all sin, 

From Thy wrath. 

From the snares of the devil. 

From the spirit of unoleanness. 

From everlasting death, 

From the neglect of Thy inspirations, 

Through the mystery of Thy holy In- 

Through Thy Nativity, 

Through Thme Infancy, 

Through Thy most divine Life, 

Through Thy Labours, 

Through Thine Agony and Passion, 

Through Thy Gross and Dereliction, "^ 

Through Thy Weariness and Faint- S 

Through Thy Death and Burial, 

Through Thy Resurrection, 

Through Thine Ascension, 

Through Thy Joys, 

Through Thy Glory, 

Lamb of God, who takest away tho 
sins of the world. 

Spare us, Jesus. 

Lamb of God, who takest away tho 
sins of the world, 

Oradovuiy hear tu, Jetus. 

Lamb of God, who tt^est away the 
sins of t^e world, 

Have mercy onus, Jesus, 

Jesus, hoar us. 

Jesus, graciously hear us. 

V. we will confess to Thee, O God, 
R. And we will call upon Thy Nama 

Let uspray. 
O Lord Jesus Christ, who hast said, 
" Ask, and ye sksll receive ; seek,*ana 
ye shall find ; knock, and it shall be 
OT>ened unto you ; " grant, we beseech 
Thee, to us who ask the gift of Thy 
divine love, that we may love Thee with 
our whole heart, in word and work, 
and never oease from showing forth 


Saneti Nominis tul timorem pariter 
et amorem f ac nos habere perpetuum : 
quia nunquam tua gubematione desti- 
tuis, quos in soliditate fuse dilectionis 
instituis. Qui vivls et regnas, Deus, 
in sflBCuid ssBCulorum. Amen. 

Deu8, qui unigenitum Filium tuum 
conatituisti huxnani g^eneris Salvatorem 
et Jesum vocari jussisti ; concede pro- 
pitiuBi ut cujus sanctum Nomen vene- 
ramur in tenia, ejus quoque aspeeta 
perfruamur in coelis. Per eumdem 
Domiuum nostrum. Amen. ^ 

Grant that we may have a perpetual 
fear and love of Thy holy Name ; for 
Thou never fallest to direct and govern 
those whom Thou instructest m Thy 
true and solid love. Who livest and 
reignest, Gtod, for ever and ever. Amen. 

O Ood, who hast appointed Thine 
only-begotten Son the Saviour of man- 
kind, and hast commanded that He 
should be called Jesus, mercifully 
grant, that we may enjoy in heaven 
the blessed vision of Him, whose holy 
Name we venerate upon earth. Through 
the same our Lord. Amen. 


The word Epiphany means the manifestation or apx)arition of God to His 
creatures. The Chiirch commemorates on this day three manifestations of our 
Lord : the first to tho Gentiles in the persons of the Magi : the second to the 
Jews at the moment of His baptism by St. John ; the third to His own disciples 
by His first miracle at Gana in GftUlee. Yet the first of these manifestations in 
more especially the object of this day's festival, which is called on this account 
the Kings' Feast. 


Descriptloa of this Day's Mystery. 

Isa. Ix. : " Arise, bd enlightened, O Jerusalem ; for thy light Is come, and the 
glory of the Lord is risen upon thee. . . . All they from Saba shall come, 
bringing gold and frankincense, and showing forth praise to the Lord." 

X The Eastern kings the star have seen. 

They hasten on their way ; 
liong time' they've watched and wait- 
ing beoi 

The dawning of that day : 
The dawning of the day of grace. 

The gleam of Jacob's star. 
The Virgin's child of Jesse's race 

Whom prophets saw afar. 
(7%oinM.--^loxy give to God on high t 

a And now th^ open treasures rare, 
Which Indian silks enfold, [air. 
Of myrrh which sweetly scents the 
Of frankincenae and gold. 

Their kingly heads thev meekly bow 

The cradled Babe before. 
Their God confess, and kneeling low 

In humble faith adore. 
Choiits. — Glory give to God on high I 

With them I come to greet my King, 

Yet not with them to part ; 
No gold, no frankincense I brlYig, 

I offer Him my heart. 
With Him to live, with Him to die. 

Who by His lowly birth. 
Gave glory to our God oh high. 

And peace to men on earth. 
Choru$. — Glory give to God on high I 

59. On tlie InflAlte Cbreatness of tbe Babe of Bethlehem. 

Matt. 11. 6 : "And thou, Beihlehem, the land of Juda, art not the least among 
the princes of Juda : for out of thee shall come forth the Captain that 
shall rule My people IsraeL" 

None of all the noblest cities, 
Bethlehem, can with thee compare ; 

Thou alone the Lord from heaven 
Didst for us Incarnate bear. 

Pairer than the beam of morning 
Was the star that told His birth ; 

To the lands their God announcing 
Hid beneath a form of earth. 



• By it« raya dlvioely guided, 

Sm tho Eastern kings appear ; 
Bee tliem bond their ^fts to offer, 

Gilta of incense, goTd, and myrrh, 
Baared types of myatic meaning ; 

Incense doth the Qod discloae. 
Gold a royil child xoYxd^imetht 

Myzrh a future tomb for^ehowa. 

Soly Jesu. in Thy brlghtudtt 

To the Oentile world revealed, 
3tiU to babea Thyself disclosing, 

Ever from the proud concealed. 
Honour, glory, vutue, merit. 

Be to thee, Virgin's Sou, 
With the Father and the Spiriti, 

While, eternal ages nw, 


On the EiiigBliip of the Xnfaat Oliztot. 

Hatt. ii. z : ** Be]M)ld, there oame wMe men from the Eaat to Jerusalem, saying: 
Where is He that i« bora King of ^he Jews ? For we have seen His star m 
the East, and are come to adore Him." 

X They leave the land of gemp and g^4i 
The shining portals of ihe East ; 

It)r Him. '*the Woman's Seed" fore* 

They lea^e the revel and the feast 

He is a Ring, and He alone, 

Who lifts that infant hand to bless ; 

Who makes His mother's knee His 

Yet rules the stwny wilden»eM, 

3 To earth their sesptres they have cait, 
And orowns by kings ancestral worn ; 


Hyxou tor 

jPhey tntelR the^lone^ Syrian waste ; 
They kneelbef ore the Babe new-born. 
Chorw^SA is « King, ^, 

O happy eyes that saw Him first 1 
happy 1^ that Icisaed Hia feeti 
Earth slakes atlastheranoieintiharBt t 
With Bden*s joy her pnlsea faeaft. 
Chorus.*^Ue is a King, Ao. 

True kings are those who thus for- 
- aake • [Ei]|g-» 

Their kingdoms for the Etetnal 
Serpent I her loot, is on thy neek I 
BerodI thou writb'st, but oansi not 
CAor^.— He is a King, &c. 


CBunj:Lis Herodes, Deum 
Begem venire quid times ? 
Non eripit mortalia. 
Qui regna dat co^leatia. 

Ib^mt Magi, quam videmnt, 
Stellam sequentes praaviaxn : 
Lumen requirunt lumine, 
Deum f atentur munete. 

Lavaora purl gurgitis 
Ccelostis Agnus attlglt : 
Peceata, quae non detuHt, 
Nos abluendo sustulit. 
Novum genus potenttse : 
Aquie rubescunt hydri^, 
Vinumque jussa fundere, 
Mutavit unda originem. 

Jesu, tibi sit gloria, 
Qui apparuisU gentibus, 
Cum Patre, et almo Spiiitii, 
In sempitema ssscula. 


Zj^ivhiuiy, at Vespers. 

- z O CRUBL Herod 1 why thus faav 

Thy King and Ood, who cornea bekntr ? 
^o earthly crown oomes He to take^ 
Who heavenly kingdoms doth beatow. 
s The wiser l^&gi see the star, 
Apd follow as it leade before ; 
By its pure ray they seek the Light, 
And with their glf te iMt Xoght adoi^ 
3 Behidld at length the heaTmlv Lanib 
Baptised in Jordan's iaerod flood ; 
There consecrating by Sis toiioli 
Water to cleanse us in His blood. 

Begin Bis jnijracles divine ; . 
When water, reddening at His wordi 
Flowed forth obedient in wine. 
5 Tp Thee, O Jesu, who Thyself 

Hast to the Gentile world diapjayed, 
Praise, with the Father evermore. 
And with the Holy Ghost, be paid. 



First and Second Vespert. 

r. Itoges Tharsis et insu]» mun^ra V, Thekln^of Thar8iBan4fiheii4M 

offerent, HhaSl give maenta. 

H. Keges Arabum et 3ataa dona R. Tho kin^ Qf the Arabiaus m%4 

adducent. Baba shall briDg gifts. 



This great 8oltixi]iity» which doses the holy season of Ohrlstmas, has' been 
eataldttutd In oommeiaorattoB pf the two last mysteries of our Saviour's Birth 
and tnftoey. 

The most pure and beautiful Vlitfin, in obedience to the law, jprasented th« 
child Jesus in tb9 temple, effeting a oouple of turtle-dovis fbr her purifi- 
cation, and Hve sides as a ransom for her flrst<bom, Jesus. On this day is 
fulfilled the propiheegr of Aggeus oonoeming the Messiah, Agg. US:" Tet one 
little whUe . . . and I will move all nations : and the Desired cfall naiiont shall 
come: and I wiiU fill tlMs house withglovy." This day St. Sigaeon and hdy Anna, 
full of the Holy Ohost, recognise our Lord and welcome Him Into the temple, 
as the Salvation, the Light, and the Peace of the world. 

Wax candlea are folesaiily hloaaad on this day, la commemoration of our 
Lord, whom they represent as the light of the world : "Three thihgs,"i9ays 
St. Ansdm of Canterbury* "may be considered in the blest oandle: the wax, 
which is the production o| the viiginal bee. Is the Flesh of oiur Lord ; the wick; 
whidi is within, is His Soul ; the $ame, which bums on the top, is HisDivini^." 
These blest candles are W be carried in prooesston, in remembranoe of that 
wondrous procession made in the temple by our Lady, St. Joseph, St. fllmeon, 
and holy Anna. They should also* be kept, to be used by the faithful either 
on ]«%d or sm, and especially to be Ut neat the bed ef a aylng COiiistian, as a 
symbol of the ImmortaUty merited for us by Ohrist» and as a pledge of the 
protection d our lAdy. 



Luke IL 39 : "Now Thou dost dismiss Thy servant, Lord, according t^ Thy 
Word, In peace. 3ec««s« my «7e8 have seen thy salvation, . . , a ifght to 
the rmUUwn (^ tA« QmHUt, and the glory qf thy piopU, Jtrad*'* 

X The angel-lights of Christmas mom, 
Which shot across the sky» 
Away they pass at Candlemas, 
They sparKle end they die. 

3 Comfort of earth is brief at best. 
Although it be divine ; 
Old Simeon s tapers shine. 

3 And then for eiffht long weeks and 
We v«rait in tmlight grey, [more, 
Till the High Candle shedg a beam 
On Holy oaturday. 

4 We wait along the penance^tido 

Of solemn &st and prayer, [dim 
Whilst song ishushed, andUghtsgnmf 
Inthe am^laden siir. 

5 And while the sword in Mary's soul 

Is driven home, we hide (wounds 
In our own hearts, and count ^e 
Of passion snd of pride. 

6 And still, though Candlemas b^ 

And alleluias o'er, [spent, 

Mtt'y is music in our need. 
And Jesus light in stet*. 


[TJie Hymn for the Purification of the BUned Virgin Mary w 

to he found in Part IIT."] 

64. ISLyam on tbe Presentiitloa of Our Lord in the Temple. 

Luke 11. 34 : " Behold this Child is set for the fall, and tlie resurrection of many 
in Israel, and for a sign which shall be contradicted." 

The hoary Simeon sees at last 
Hi« Lord bo long deslied, 

And hails, with Anna, Israel's hope. 
With sudden rapture fired. 

But silent knelt the Mother blest 

Of the Yet frilent Word ; 
And pondering all things ^ her heart, 

With speechless praise adored. 
Praise to the Father and tiM Son ; 

Praise to the Spirit be ; 
Praise to the blessed Three in One, 

Through all eterxdtyi 

z Sign, open wide thy gates ; 

Let figures disappear ; 
A Priest and' Victim both in one, 

The Truth Himself, is here. 
No more the simple flock shall bleed ; 

Behold the Father's Son, 
Himself to His own Altar comes 

For sinners to atone. 

% All conscious, of the Ood concealed, 
Th^ lot^ly Virgin brtogs [doves. 
Her nsw^bom Babe, Mnth two young 
Hdr tended offerings. 



65. IBOs Private Life from His Blrib to His Baptism. 

1 Povei'ty of Jesus Christ at His 

JEsts ! ihe spacious world was Thine, 
Yet when Thou wouldst Thy head 
It scarce found room for Thee ; 
And oh I sh^ sinful man be bent 
On self -sought greatness, not content 
With Christ-like poverty? 

2 Adoration of the Shepherds,- 
Jesus! for whom the shepherdssought 
As Infant, by the angels taught 

From oiit the midnight sky, 
Oh, may I love Thy praise on earth. 
That I one day may share the mirth 

Of angel hbets on high. 

3 Cireumcidon* 

Jesus 1 my God and Saviour, Thou, 
Sinless, didst as a sinner bow 

To ordinance divine ; [sy^, 

Oh I curb my loose and wandering 
I^ne my seU-will, and circumcise 

This carnal heart of mine. 

4 Epiphany. 

Jesus 1 before Ihy manger, kings 
T.ay pvostmte with their offerings. 

A most unworldly throne ; 
Thou to my cradle camest, LokI, 
With gifts invisibly outpoured 

From waters of Thine own. 

5 Presentoition. 

Jesus! whomThymeekmotherTowed 
To God, whose law would have allowed 

Her first-bom to go free. 
Oh, give me such a humble mind| 
That in obedience I may find 

The choicest liberty. 

6 Flight into Egypt. ' 

Jesus ! sweet Tugitive who fled 
From Herod's outspread. 

For Thy dear Infancy, 
Give me, Lord, like modest care 
To fly the world when it speaks fair. 

To steal Thy grace away. 

7 Finding in the Temple. 

Jesus I whom Thy sad mother sought. 
And in the temple found, who taught 

The aged in Thy youth : 
How blest are tbey who keep aright. 
Or find, when lost, the living light 

Of Thine eternal truth t 




66. His Public Life from His Baptism untU His Passion. 


1 His JBaptism,i 

Jesds t the Father's words approve 
His Son in Jordan, while tbe Dove, 

Bright Witness, hovers down ; 
So wash me, Loid, that I may \)t. 
At the great day, approved of Thee 

Before Thy Father's throns. 

2 Hit Fiout and Temptatifyih, 

Jesus I wlu) in the strength of fast, 
Through Adam's three temptations 

On Adam's trial ground; [passed, 
In me let hallowed abstinence, 
The issues seal of carnal sense, 

And Satan's wiles confound. 

3 T/te Calling of His Apottlea, 

Jesus, Thou didst the fishers call, 
Wlio straightway at Thv voice left all, 
To teach the world of Thee ; 

May I with ready will obej', 
Thine inwai*d call, and keep the way. 
Of Thy simplicity. 

4 His Kindness to Sinners, 

Jesus I in all the zeal of love. 
How amiably didst Thou reprove 

Poor wretches' lost in sin I 
Ah I may I first in x>enance live. 
Rebuking self, then humbly strive 
, My brother's soul to win. 


5 He preaches — heals and soothes 

every sorrow. 

JesQsI Thy gracious truth revealing, 
AUsorrowsoothinff, sickness healing, 

And so requiting hate ; 
Oh, grant that I may ever be : 

Like-minded, Blessed Lord I with 

And envy no man's state. [Thee, 



1 He goes about doing Good, 

Jesus ! how toiled Thy blessed feet 
O'er hill and dale and stony street, 

Through weary want and pain I 
Olil may I rather for Thy salce. 
The hnidships Thou hast hallowed 

Than joys Thou didst disdain. 

2 The MvJUiplication of Loams, 

Jesus ! who didst the multitude 
Twice nourish with miraculous Ibodi 

Of soul and body both ; 
Give me my daily bread, O Lord, , 
Thy Flesh, Thvself, Incarnate Word I 

Which f ecas our heavenly growth. 

3 The Transfigvration of our Lord. 

Jesus ! transfigured on the height 
Of Tliabor in mj'SteHous Ujcht 

From heaven's et«mal fountain« 

■ If such the earthly type, oh, lead. 
Lead me where Thou^ Thy flock dost 
Upon the holy moimtain. [feed 

4 He weeps over JeruscUem. 


Jesus! who wept over, Sa^^m's 

Wept for her long and balefUl hours 

Of misery and siu ; 
O Love Divine, could I but gain, 
From Thine own Heart such strength 

As may my pardon win. [of pain 

$ Heis Betrayed^ 

Jesns 1 and do I now behold, [sold, 
My God, my Sarvioin-, bow^t and 

A traitor's merchandise? 
Oh, Rrant that I may never be 
A Judas, dearest Lord, to Thee, 

For all that earth can ptize. 



The Mason of Septuagesima ootttnisM the three weekfi immediately preced- 
ing Lent ; they are like the prelude or preparation for this holy time. !Riey 
should bd spattb ia recoUMtlon, in «m>ezv aAd in a tAXtUealtel tipLAk AUiIiiiA 
is no more to be sung until bright Easter Sunday. 


On tlie Fall of our First Parents, and tlie Necessity 
tbr ttan to do Penance. 

Ps. zlviii. 3z : ** M«ti tvkna he was in honour, did not understand: lie hath been 
compared to senseless beasts, ttnd made like to them.'* 

X The Etemalble^s'd Adam, and attn'd 
And placed him upon earth, 
To be His Vi<}eioy in the World* 
Of great and noble birth. 

3. Woe to thee, man I for ke wAs found 
A recreant in the fight ; 
And lost his heritage of heaTon, 
And fellowship with light. 

3 Above him now the angry slcy, 

Around the tempest's dm ; 
Who once had angels for his Ikta&As, 
Hod but tiie brutes for kin. 

4 man, albeit the quickening rajf 

Idt from his second birth, 

Makes him at length what oaa« he 
And heaven grows cut ol Ma*th. 

Yet sti^ between that earth and 
His journey and his goal, (iMJtVea, 

A double agony awaits 
His body and his soul. 

A double debt he haa to pay*^ 

The forfeit of his uau) 
The ohill of death is past, and now 

The penanoe^firfr^-begina. 

Glory to Hin^ who evermore 
By trtt<^ and justloe reigns ; 

Who tears the soul from out its case 
And bums away its stains ! 


On this day, ashes made from the Palms which were blessed on the previous 
Palm^undi^, are solemnly blessed and put on the forehead of all the faith- 
ful, as a holy emblem of penance, at the same time as the terrible sentence 
which Ood Himsdf pronoonoed against the fitrst signer is repeated : 

" Bemember, man, that thou art dust, and unto dust thou shalt rettmu*' 


Fwtt Anihen/tt 

M Itatt. id. at. tmmUtdmUS habitu, Let us change our dreai for ashes 

in cinere et ciUcip : j^junemus et plore- and ■aekttobh : let at tut and weep in 

tnus &Utd Bominum quia multum mis- the presence of the Lord : For our 

ericors est dimittere peocata nostra, God is vet^ mtreifiil to R*gi?e uS our 

DeuB nostet. sins. 

Second Antkem* 

Inter yestibulum et altare plorabuQt The pHests, the ministers of the 
sacerdotes ministrl Domini e% dldent: Lord, shall weep between the porch 
*'Parce Domine, Faroe Populo tuo : and the altar, and say' "Spore, O 
et ne olaudas ora caneutium te, J>om- Lord, O spare Thy people ; and shut 
ine 1 " not the mouths of those who pcaisa 

Thee, Lord ! - 

Then may be sung: Farce and Miserere. 

The Bjmns on Death are to be found at the coneludicg portion of the 



Lent ifl a time especially ooneecrated to Penance, in preparation for the 
great solemnity of £aster. 

That Lent was instituted at Ithe very commenoement ot Chrietianityi and 
by the Apostles thenaselves, is universally believed. 

It consists of forty'days^ fasting, undoubtedly in imitation of the fasting 
of Moses and Klias; nnd also more especially after the example of our Lord 
Himselt Who I'cpresents in His own person both the law tttid t^ie Prophets. 

In order to spend Lent according to the Spirit of Holy Ohurch, we should 
unite prayer and alms to fasting, according to that of Tobias xii. 8 : " Prayer 
is good with fasting and aiin& more than to lay up treasures of gold." And 
indeed, by these three, man offers to Ood a perfect t^actiflce of all he possesses : 
namely, of his soul by prater ; of his body by fasting ; ei his outvsrd 
possessions' by almsgiving. 

The Way of the Cross, and the Meditation on the Sufferings of Christ* are 
amongst the most acceptable devotions of Itent. 

70. the Mystery of Lent. 

Matt. Iv. 3. "And when He had fasted forty days and forty nights, after- 
wards He was hungry." 

" Fasting is the school of continence, the staff of chastity, the soul of 
virtue, the grace of old age, the guardian of youth. V-^-St. Ambrosb* 

Now with the slow revolving year, 

Again the fast we greet, 
Which in mystic drde moves 

Of forty days complete. 

That fast by law and prophets 

Bar Jesus Chxkt ztstorsd ; 
Jesus, of sesiBOBS and of timed 

The Maker and the Lord. 

Henceforth more spaTllig let us be 
Of food, of word«, of sleep ; 

Henceforth beneath a stricter guard 
The roving senses keep. 

And let us shun whatever things 
Distract the careless heart ; 

And let us shut the soul against 
TIM tyrant tempter^s art ; 

And weep before the Judge* ioid 
His vengoanoo to appease ; [strive 

Saying to Him with contrite voice. 
Upon our bended knees : 

6 '* Much have we sinned. O Lord ! and 

We sin each day we live ; t^tlU 
Yet pour Thy pity fTom on high. 
And of Thy grace fbrgive. 

7 Hemember that we still are Thine, 

Though of a fallen frame ; 
And take nob from us in Thy wrath 
'ike glory of Thy name. 

8 Undo past evil ; grant tis. Lord, 

More grace to do aright ; 
So may we now and ever find - 
Ato(Mptanoe in ISiy sight" 

9 Blessed Trinity ia Unity I 

YOttehtefb TiS) m Thy love, 
Tagatber from these fasts below 
Immortal fruit above. Amen. 



71: Velcome to tba lliaslon, 

9 Cor. yi. s : '* Behold^ now is the acceptable time : hehold« now is the 

day of salvation." 

Haju holy Missiotit haU 1 
BiirMng we turn to thee, 
For weary bays we foxmd 
The iwith of-siii to bet. 

a Hail, holy Mission, haUl 
Sent to us from above i 
When Jesus with His oros^ 
Gomee to wla hack ««' love. 


3 HaU, holy Miadoii, haill 
Time of repentant tears ; 
When to the soul returns 
The x)eace of former years. 

4 Hail, holy Micision, hail I 
Sweet time of humble prayer ; 
When rests the soul on God, 
Freed from this dark world's care. 

5 Hail, holy Mission, hail 1 
^me of all others blest ; 
When in the loving soul, 
Jesus takes up His rest. 

6 Hail, holy Mission, haU ! 
Foretaste of joys above ; 

O I Jesus, make our hestrta 
Bum with Thy tender lovo. 


Tbe Thought of Death and the Fear of Hell. 

Luke xvi. 22 : ** And the rich man also died, and he was buried In helL** 

Why serve the world, thy enemy. 

And from thy thankless heart de< 
That God, whose love created thee 

To love and serve Himself alone ? 
Slave of a tyrant thou dost live ; 

He promises, and breaks his word; 
And for thy service nought can give 

But bitter thorns as thy reward. 
Remember, death will come one day. 

His touch thy fragile life destroys ; 
Then, then, alas ! will fade away 

Earth's cneating hopes and empty 
All worldly pleasures then will be 

To thee but weariness and woe ; 
The scene of life must close for thee. 

Thy part is played, and thou must 

5 Forth flies the spirit from this day, 
Alone before its God to stand ; 

The soul scarce yet has passed away, 
The Judge already is at hand. • 

6 Ah I miserable, thoughtless one ! 
Say, what excuse thou darest bring 

Before that gaze of brightest sun. 
The face of thy offended King. 

7 Whathorrorthenthe soul shall pierce. 
When, spumed away by heavenly 

'Tis hurled into the torment fierce 
Of never, never-aiding fire. 

8 Think, then, ere yet this life is o'er. 
On that whereon thy all depends ; 

That evermore or nevermore. 
Eternity which never ends. 

73. To delay Repentance is to expose Oneself to Destraotion. 

Eccles. V. 8, 9 : "Delay not to be converted to the}Lord, and defer it not from 
day to day. For His wrath shall come on a sudden, and in the time of 
vengeance He will destroy thee.'* 

Awake, O soul, awake I 
From sinful slumber break ; 
life hurries by, oh, hear the cry I 
Awake and tarry not—thy end is nigh I 

X Awake, man, awake : 

If but one sin may take [goal— 
Thy dreaming soul to death's dark 
How canst thou sleep vrith sin upon 
CAonw.— Awake, &c. 

2 If but one mortal sin 

An endless doom will win ; 
Can slumber be so sweet to thee 
Upon the brink of thine eternity 7 
ChoTM, — Awake, &c. 

3 Awake*-tnit off thy sin, 
A better life begin ! 

And, oh, oonfoss Uiv sinfulness. 
Lest, waking, thou shouldst wt^e to 
CAonM.— Awake, ba^ 


4 Axise, O man, arise I 

Think how each moment flies ; 
Ah 1 dare not say— delay, delay — 
Since thou to Judgment roayst be called 
CAoriu.<~AwBke, dec. 

5 Oh, think, unhappy one I 
That ere the set ox sun, 

Souls there will be, as brave as thee, 
Cast out to weep for all eternity I 
Chorus. — ^Awake, Ac. 

6 Oh, rest not on thy bed 
Again thy weary head, 

Till thou hast striven to be foi^ven— 
Tillthou thy wand'rlngeyes hast turned 
to heaven. 
CftortM.— >Awake, iie, 

7 Oh, look,--as yet thy God 
Withholds the chastening rod ! 

How patiently He waits to bo 
Entreated that His love may shine on 
CJu>ru8. — ^Awake, Ac. 

74. The inflxilte Goodnest and Love of God towards ns. 

Rom. viii. 33: ''He that spared not even His own Son; but delivered Him 
up for us all, how hath He not also, with Him; given us all things." 

Oh, come to the merciful Saviour that 

calls you, [and forgets ; 

Oh, come to the Lord who foigives 

Though dark be the fortune on earth 

l£At befals you, 

There's a bright home above where 

the sun never sets. 

Oh, come then to Jesus, whose aims 

are extended [embrace ! 

To fold His dear children in closest 

Oh, come, for your exile wiU shortly 

be ended, 

And Jesus will show you His 

beautiful face. 

Have you sinned as none else in the 
world hitve before you ? 
Are you blacker than all other 
creatures in guilt ? 

Ob, If ear not! oh, fear not! the 
mother that bore you 
Loves you less than the Saviour 
whose blood you have spilt I 

4 Oh, come, then, to Jesus and say 

how you love Him, 
And swear at His feet you will 

keep in His grace'; 
For one tear that is shed by a biiuior 

can move Him, 
And your sins will drop ofit in His 

tender embrace. 

5 Then come to His feet, and lav open 

your story [and of shame ; 

Of suffering and sorrow, of guilt 

For the pardon of sin i^ the crown uf 

His glory, [to His name. 

And the joy of our Lord to be true 

75. Hie Inflnite Teamiiiff of Josaa Gbrlst for onr SaXvation. 

Matt, xxiii 37: "Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how often would I have gathered 
together thy children, as the hen doth gather her chickens under her 
w&gB, and tiiou wouldst not." 

There's a vddeness in Ood's mercy, 

Like the wideness of the sea : 
There's a kindness in His justice. 

Which is mora lihan Uberty. 
There is no place where earth's sor- 

Are more felt than up in heaven ; 
There is no place where earth's failings 

Hare Mch kindly judgment given. 

X SOTTis of men I whv vriH ye scatter 
Like a crowd of frightened sheep? 
Foolish heakts I why wiU ye wander 
From a love so true and deep? 

8 Was there ever kindest shepherd 
Half so gentle, half so sweet 
As the Savour who would have ua 
Come and gather at His feet ? 


There is welcome for fhe dnner. 
And more graces for the good ; 

There is mercy with the Saviour ; 
There is hesuing in His hlood. 

For the love of Qod is broader 
Than the measure of man's mind, 

And the Heart of the Eternal 
Is moat W(mderfully kind. 

7 There is rlentllul redemvttoQ 

In the Blood that has been shed ; 
There is joy for all the members 
In the sorrow of the Head. 

8 If our love were but more ilxnple. 

We should take Him at His word ; 
And our lives would be all sunshine 
In the sweetness o£ our Lord. 


Thft Work of Grace. 

Ps. xciv.'S : " To-day if you shall hear His voice, harden not your hearts I ' 

How the light of heaven is stealing 

Gentiy o'«r the trembllhg soul 1 
And the shades of bitter feeling 
From the lightened spMt roll ! 
Sweetly stealing.sweetly stealing, 
See how grace its way doth f eeC 
Fairer than the pearly morning 

Gomes the softly struggling ray ; 
Ah, it is the very dawning 
That precedes eternal dsy I 
Sweetly stealing, Iro. 

See the tears, the blessed trouble, 
Doubts and fears, and hopes and 
smiles I 
How the guilt of sin sewns double, 
And how plain are Satan's wiles 1 
Sweetly stealing, Ac 

Kow the light is gMwing brighter, 
Fear of hiil and iMte ol «hi ; 

Another flash ! the heart is lighter ; 
LoYe of God hath entered in. 
Sweetly stealing, fto. 

See, more light I the spirit tingles 
With oonirltion's piendng durt ; 

More, and love divinely mingles 
Ease and gladness with the smart. 
Sweetly stealing, Ac. 

Free I (die joyous lifl^t erf heaven 
Gomes mth full and fair release ; 

O Ood, what Ught I all iia forgtven ; 
JMiis, Mai7, loye» andpaaoe. 

Sweetly stealing, 4& 

77. Colloquy betwdon the Gtood Shepherd and the Sinner. 

Luke XV. 4, 5 : "What man is there of you that hath an htmdred sheep, and if 
he shall lose one of them, doth he not leave the ninety-nine in the desert, 
and go after that which is lost until he find it? and when he hath found 
it, lay it upon his idtioulderB rejoicing." 

Tfie Oood Shepherd. 
X BetufH to Qod, poor sinner, it to 
Belay no more to bend thy rebel kned. 
Hisholylawthou'flt broken; I entreat, 
Return to Him, who seeketh after 

a Behold, O Lotd t ttiis lost and stray- 
ing sheep [ohl howlongl 
Whom Thou didst deign to seek for. 
Aroused at last tcom its long deadly 
sleep, [witatig. 
. 0ttilt|rtqonfuaed,thiaheftrt repeats its 

Tlie Cfood Shepherd. 
To oaU thee tKtok Hy Toioe has long 
resoimded, [and near, 

rve followed thee with blessinga far 
Wounding thy God^s^a IVtther's 
heart thou'st wounded, ^ear ? 
Ungrate^ still wilt thou refuse to 


Ahl deaveat IiordI I aOtmht, but 

. sought in vain FofThee, 

A spot where I might lose the dread 

Wand'ring and losi^ how could I 

know but pain, 
fistranged from n&ee — and Thou 
. ealraDfed from met 


Th9 efooa ihipKuniL 

Now grief, now Joy j now terror And 
remorse, [o'er. 

In tender love I aent thee o'er and 

With grace I tried to atay thy head- 
long couTMk {offeir more. 

My gKBoe waa axmrned^-^liut atiU I 

My Lord I I do repent me sore and 
sadly, flUM knfl BtM^en. 

Yea, Father I tho' rye sinned 'gainst 

Forgive, forget the course I've run 
so madly. 

And breathe the blest, the sweet 
word— thou'rt fot^glven. 


7 Repentant ehlld, thy heartls an laeek, 
And when thy heart is given all to He, 
My mercy takes thy service, rendered 
/ meek, [oeaeingly. 
And rains down grace and love un- 

8 My God I how good Thou art to aU 

of those) [impk««; 

Who with sinoere repentance Thee 
WltH grief and love my svrelllng heart 

o'erflowfl, » 

Oh, give me grace to love Thee ever- 

TO9;yn]I Of TluuilEB to tbeCtood Shepherd by one wbo Umlb 
been brought baek to tlie Fold. 
^ohA X. 14 ! '* I ani the Good Shepherd, and I know Mine and Mine, know Me.' 

I WAS wandering and weary, 

When my Saviour oama unto me ; 
For the ways of sin grew dreary, [me. 
And the world had eeased to woo 
And T thought I heard Him say, 
As He came along His way, 
O silly souls, come near Me : 
Hy sheep should never fear Me ; 
I am tne Shepherd tme. 
At first I would not hearken. 

And put off till the morrow * 
But life began to darken. 

And I was sick with sorrow * 
And I thou^t I hdard Him day) 
Aa Be came along His way, 

O Billy souls, come near Me t 
Mv aneep should never fear Me ; 
I am the Shepherd true ! 

At last I stopped to liaten. 

His voice could not deceive me ; 
I saw Hia kind eyea gliaten, 
80 anxious to relieve me : 
And I thought I heard Him say. 
As He came along His way, 
O silly souls, come near Me ; 
Vy sheen ahould never fear me • 
I am tne Shepherd true I 

He took me on His shoulder. 

And teDdedy He kissed me ; 
He bade my love be bolder, 

And said hew He had miaeed me ; 
And I'm sure I heard Him aay* 
As He went along His way, 
O silly souls, come near Me ; 
My sheen should never fear Me ; 
I am tne Shepherd true I 
I thought His love would weaken. 
As more and more He knew me ; 
But it burned like a beaoon, [me ; 
And its light and heat go through 
And I ever bear Him aay, 
As He goes along Hia way, 

O ully aoula, come near Me ; 
My sheep ahould never iear Me ; 
Z am the Shepbard tme I 
Let OS do^ thsB) dearest Brothere, [u». 
What will beet and lonMSt please 
Follow not the ways of o^en, 
But troat ouraelvea to JeaiM ; 
We shall ever hear Him say. 
As He goes along His way, 
silly souls, eome near Me; 
My sheep should never fear Me ; 
I am tne Shepherd true 1 

79. Ml ef OftttBlUoBu 

Faa. Ixviil. 14 : " In the multitude of Thy mercy» hear me, O Lord. 
X OoD of mercy and compassion 1 Chonu 

Look With pity uponme 1 . Jesus I Lot^ t 1 ask for morcy. 

Father t let me call tnee Father I Let me not imploro in vain ij 

'Hb Thy ohild Mtuxna to thee t All my sins— I now detest them 

Never will I ain again. 


2 By my slxis I have deseryed 
Death and endless misery ; 

Hell, with all its pains and torments, 
And for all eternity I 
Choru$. — Jesus I Lord! Ac 

3 By my sins I have abandoned 
Right and claim to heaven above ; 

Where tiie taints rejoiee for ever 
In a boundless sea of Love. 
Chorus. — Jesus I Lord I Ac. 

See our Saviour, bleeding, dying, 
On the Cross of Calvary ; [Him, 

To that Cross mv sins have nailed 
Tet He Ueads and dies for me. 
CAonM.— Jepus I Lord I Ac. 



Psa. 1. 

z Jesus, my Lord, behold at length the 
time [crime. 

When 1 resolve to turn away from 
Oh, pardon me, Jesus ; 
Thy mercy I implore ; 
I will never more offend Thee, 
No, never more. 


Act of SuppUcation— Sorrow for Sin. 

** A contrite and humbled heart, O God, Thou wilt not despise." 

a Since my poor soul Thy Precious 
Blood hath cost, 
Suffer me not for ever to be lost. 
Oh, pardon, &c. 

3 Kneeling in tears, behold me at Thy 
feet ; [treat 

Like Magdalene, forgiveness I en- 
Oh, pardon, dec. 

Act of Sorrow for Sin— Begret of the Past. 

Bi. 1. zx : ** Turn away Thy face from my sins, and blot out all my fxxiquities.' 

X My Qod, grant by my tearS| 
The sins of years 
I may efface ; 
Thy mercies still increase. 
And all my bonds release ; 
I can no longer live in Thy disgrace. 
Have mercy, Jesus I Sovereign Goud ! 
Spare me wrough Thy Precious Blood. 

3 Alas I in sinful ways 
I've passed my days. 
From earliest youth : 
E'en until now my time 
Hath been one course of crime. 
Oh, how I've stayed from Thee, Eternal 

Have merev, Jesus 1 Sovereign Good I 
Spare me iiirough Thy Precious Blood. 

3 How oft on mc, Thy child. 
Thy grace hath smiled 
To win my love I 

But cold and heartless I 

Did from my Father fly ; [above. 
And turn my back on Thee, my God 
Have mercy, Jesus I Sovereign Good I 
Spare me through Thy Precious Blood. 

4 Alas I how near my share 
Was black despair. 

In endless pains I 
My God 1 that dreadful fire. 
Enkindled by Thine ire 1 [hx chains ! 
How oould I dwell therein bound down 
Have mercy, Jesus I Sovereign Good I 
fipare ine ijirough Thy Precious Blood. 

5 Behold me at Thy feet. 
Spare I entreat 

lliy suppliant child. 

For me was pierced the side 

Of Jesus crucified : 
In mercy look upon His face so mUd. 
Have mercy, Jesus I Sovereign Good I 
Spare me uirough Thy PreciuujB Blood. 


Act of Detestation of Sin, and firm Purpose of 
Amendment for tlie Future. 

Pb. cxviii 163 : " I have hated and abhorred iniqtdty." 

X My God, who art nothing but mercy 
and kindness, 
Qh, shut not Thine ear to the peni- 
tent's prayer ; 

'Tis Thy grace that hath cured me, 
dear Lord, of my blindness. 
Thy love that hath lifted me up 
from despair. 


Then U not ono evil that sin hath 
not brought mc, 
There is not one good that hath 
come in its train ; 
It hath cursed me through life, and 
its sorrows have sougnt me, 
Each day tliat went by, in want, 
sickness, or pain. 

I abjure the dark spirit who fondles 
yet hates me ; 
I abjure mortal sin, the black gift 
he hath given ; 
I hate it for fear of the fire that awaits 
I hate it for hope of God's beautiful 

I hate it because the dear hord. that 
would ease us 
Sweated Blood when He thought of 
the horror of sin ; 
I hate it because it hath crucified 
Who hath done all He can the 
worst sinners to win. 

And I swear to Thee, yes, dearest 
Jesus, oh, let me. 
In the strength of Thy grace, swear 
an oath unto Thee ; 
No sin 1 never more 1 if Thou wilt 
not forget me, 
But in Thy sweet mercy have 
meroy on me» 


Penitential Hsmin for Lent. 

Joel 11. 12 : ''Now, therafore, saith the Lord: Be converted to Me with all your 
heart, in fasting and in weeping and in mourning.'* 

I Now are the days of humUest prayer. 
When consciences to Gk>d lie bare. 
And mercy most delights to spore. 
Oh, hearken when we cry. 

Chastise us with Thy fear ; 
Yet. Father, in the multitude 
Of Thy compassions, hear. 
[After each vene.} 

• Now is the season, Wisely long. 
Of sadder thought and graver song, 
When ailing hearts grow well and 

3 The feast of penance I Oh, so bright. 
With true conversion's heavenly light, 
Like sunrise after stormy night. 

4 O hapi^ time of blessed team I 

Of surer hopes, of chastening fears 
Undoing all our evil years. 

S We, who have loved the world, must 
Upon that world our backs to turn. 
And with the love of God to bum. 

6 Vile creatures of such little worth. 
Than we, oh, there are none on earth 
More fallen from their Christian birth. 

7 FuU long in sin's dark ways we went ; 
Tet now our steps are heavenward 

And gmce is plentiful in Lent. 

8 Ail glory to redeeming grace, 
maonining not our evil case, 

But showing us our Saviour's face. 


Hymn for Lent, tX Veapen. 


Audi benlgne Conditor, 
Nostras preoes cum fletibus 
La hoc saero jejunio 
Fusas quodnigenario. 

Scrutator alme cordium, 
Infirma tu scis virium : 
Ad te reversis exhibe 
Remlsslonis gratiam 

z Thou loving Maker of mankind, 

Before Thy throno we pray and weep; 
Oh, strengthen us with grace divine. 
Duly this sacred Lent to keep. 

a Searcher of hearts I Thou dost our ills 
Discern, and all our weakness know : 
Again to Thee with tears we ttim ; 
Again to us Thy mercy show. 


Multam quldexn peccavlinua. 
8^ parce coofitentibus : 
Ad nomlnis laudem tul 
Cooler medelam languidis. 

Ck)ncede nostrum conteri 
OarpoM par abttinoutiam : 
Culpn ut relxnquant pabulum 
Jejuna corda criminum. 

Prsesta beata Trinitaa, 
Ooneada aiinplex Unitaa ; 
Ut fruotuosa aint taia 
Jejunierom munera. 


3 Much haere vro alnned ; but ^re'eonfflM 

Our guilty and all otir faults deplore ; 
Oh, for the praise of Thy great Name, 
Our fainting souls to huJth restore I 

4 And gi-ant us, while by fasts we strive 

This mortal body to contnd, 
1V> fast from all the food of sii^ 
And so to purify the souL 

5 Hear us, O Trinity thrioe Uest I 

Sole Unity I to Thee we ory : 
Vouchsafe us from these fasts below 
To xmp immortal fruit on high. 


V. Angelis suls Deus mandftrit de V. God hath given His angela charge 

te. over thee. 

R, Ut custodiant te in omnibus viis JR. To keep thee in all thy ways, 

86« inyocatiOA for Lent and oHxtt PeslteirttAl flei^oiup, 

(To be repeated three timet.) 

I^l9 .—Pares, Domine, Spars, O Lord, 

Parce populo tuo ; Spare Thy people, 

OAortu.^— Ne in teternum Imsoaris And bt not angry with lis for ovor. 

Miserere. Pi. 1. 

Hiserere mei, Peus : seciindum mag- 
nam mi8eric6rdiam tuam. 

Et seciindum multiti!ldlnem mlse- 
rati6num tuirum : dele iniquitdtem 

Amplius lava me ab iniquittfte mea ; 
et a peccdto meo munda me. 

Quoniam iniquit4tem meam ego cog- 
ii6sco : et peccatum meum contra me 
est semper. 

Tibi soli pecollvl, et malam ooraan te 
feci : ut justifto^ris in sermdnibua teds, 
et vlneas cum judlo4ris. 

* Ecce enim in iniquit^bus conc^t^^luf 
sum : et in peccdtis concepit me mater 

Booe enlm veritdtem dileKisti: in* 
c6rta et ocoiUta sapi^ntlss tues, mani* 
fe8tasti mihi. 

Asp^es me hyss<3po, ct munddbor : 
lavdbis me, et super nivem doalbabor. 

Have mercy upon mo, 0<A: ao* 
cording to Thy great mersy. 

And aoeording 1» the mv^tttodo oi 
Thy tender meroieii : blot out my ini- 

Wash me yet' more from my iaiquity, 
and cleanse me from my sin. 

For I acknowledge my Iniquity, ojid 
my sin is always before me. 

Against Thee only have 2 sianod* «id 
dona eril in Thy sight: that Thou 
mayest be justmed in Thy words, 
ana mayest overcome when Thou art 

For belioldk 1 was conceived In ini^ 
quities, and in sins did my mother 
conceive me. 

For behold. Thou hast loved truth, 
the unceilain and hidden tUaga of Tl^ 
wisdom Thou hast made manifest unt« 

Thou Shalt sprinkle me with hyssorL 
and I shall be cleansed: Tho\i. shiut 
wash me, and I shall be made whiteoT 
than snow. 


Audltul meo dal)i9 gaudium et UqU' 
tUui: et exuIUbunt osaa humUldta. 

AvMe f Aciem tuam a peccitls m^ls : 
et omnea iniq^uitdt^s meas dele. 

Cor muudum crea in me, Deua: et 
spliitun). xwtwax UxAQva w viscdrlbua 

Ke projiciaa me a fdcle tua : et 8pl< 
ritum sanctum tuuza ne aOdteras a me. 

Bedde milu Ivtltiam salut&ria tul ; 
et spiritu prinoip^ eonfirma me« 

Doc^bo Iniquos vias tuas: et IsxpU 
ad te cooTeit^tui^ . 

Libera me de sangulnibiui, Peus, 

Tlwn Blialt wal^e me hear of I07 and 
gladoesa; and tb9 bones that were 
humbled shall rejoice. 

Turn away Thj face froxji my vb^ ; 
and blot out all my iniquities. 

Create in me a dean heart, O Gk)d : 
and renew a vight spirit within my 

Cast me not away from Thy presence : 
and lake not Thy fioly Spirit from me. 

Restore untp me the foy of Thy sal- 
vation: and streugthen me with a 
perfect spirit. 

I will teach the unjust Thy ways: 
and the wielded shall be eonverted unto 

Deliver me from bloodguiltineaa, Q 

Deua saliitia mese : et exultdbit lingua God, Thou God of my sarration: and 

luea justitiam tuam. 

Domine» Ubia mea ap6ries: et os 
meum annuntidblt laudem tuam. 

Ouonlam si yoluisses sacrlflcium, 
dediBsem utlque: holocaiistls non de- 

Saerlficium Deo wphifvM oofsMbu- 

my tongue shall extol Thy justice. 
Thou Shalt open my llj)s, Lord i\ 

and mymouth shall declare Thy praise. 
For i{ Thou hadat desired sacrifice, 

I Would surely have given it : with 

burnt ofiFerings Thou wilt not be do- 

The sac<rifice of Ood is an affliot^ 

Idtus : cor contritum et humili^tum, spirit ; a contrite and humble heart, O 

Deus, non despicies. 

Benigoe fac, Dbmine. in bona vqUju- 
t4te tua Sion : ut csaific^ntur mur! 

Tunc acceptabis sacrificiam justitJse, 

CfOd, Thou wilt not despise. 

Deal favDurablv, Iiord, in Thv good 
will with EHon : that the walls of «fem' 
salem may be built up. 
Then shalt Thou accept the sacrifleo 
obiationes, et holocausta : tunc Impo^ of justice, oblations, and whole bumt- 
neiit super altare tuum vltulos. offerings : then shall they lay calves 

upon Thine .altani. 
Qloria Patri, &o. Glory ho to the Father, Ac. 

87, Attende. 

{To be sung during Lent and other Penitential Seaso7is.) 

Attendk, Domtne, et miserere, quia 
peccavimus tibi. 

C9ioru8,Bepeaf: Attende, &c. 

Recordare, Domine, qiiid aeeiderit 
nobis: i)ecciivimus cum patribus nos- 
tril, In juste eginiufl ; mxtltiplicatie sunt 
super capillos capitis iniquitates nos- 


Ckonu : Attende, dbs. 
ContristaU-sumus in exercitatione 
nostra et oonturbatl sumus a voce 
inimjjDi et a tribulatione peooatorum : 
in proximo est perdltio nostra, et non 
est qui adjuETet; formido mortis cecldit 
super nos. 

Chorus: Attende, &c. 

Look down oh us, Lord, and take 
pity ; for we have sinned aelEdnst Thee, 
Chorus, R^at : Lock flown, Ac. 

Remember,- O Lord, what Is come 
upon us; we have sinned with our 
fathers : we have acted md jut U j ; and 
our iniquities ore mflltipUed above the 
hairs of our head. 

Chorus : Look down, fto. 

We are grieved in our exercise ; and 
we are troubled at tb^ voioe of tb« 
enemy, and at the tribulation of sin** 
ners: our perdition is at hand, fov 
there is no one to help us ; and the fear 
of death is fallen upon us. 

Chorus : Look down, Ac. 


Cor conisitum et humiliatum ne 
despiciaa, Domine : in jejunlo et fletu 
te deprecamur nos. Eleemosynam con- 
cludLmus in sinu pauperum, et ipsa 
exorabit te pro nobis : convertimur ad 
te, quoniam multus es ad ignoscen- 

C^rui : Attende, &c. 

Aiidi, popule mens, et considera: 
vinea mea electa, domus Israel : Ego 
te plantavl,. quomodo facta est in 
amaritudinem? expectavi ut faceres 
judicium, etecceiniquitas, et justitiam, 
et ecce clamor. 

Chonu: Attende, &c. 
Revertere, revertere ad Dominum 
Deum tuum, et auferam jugum capti- 
vitatis tuse ; redimam te ; lavabo ini- 
qtdtates tuas in sanguine meo ; et ero 
victima tua, et Redemptor tuns. 

Chorus : Attende, Ac, 

A contrite and humbled heart do not 
despise, O Lord ; in fasting and weep- 
ing we pray to Thee. Alms we wfil 
shut up in the heart of the poor, and it 
shall obtain help for us from Thee. We 
return to Thee ; for Thou art bountiful 
to forgive. 

Chonu : Look down, &c. 

Hearken, O my people, and consider, 
My chosen vineyard, O house of Israel: 
I planted thee : how then art thou 
turned into bitterness ? And I looked 
that Thou shouldst do judgment, and 
behold iniquity: and do justice, and 
behold a cry. 

Chorui : tjoclk down, fte. '-. 

Return. O return to the Lord liiy 
God, My people, and I shall take 
away the yoke of thy captivity ; I shall 
redeem thee, and wash thy iniquities 
in My Blood ; and I shall be thy Vic- 
tim, and thy Redeemer. 

Chorus : Look down, &c. 


Feast of fb« TransflgnraMon, at Vespen, 


{Auffust 6th.) 

QuicuHQUK Christmn qiiseritis, 
Oculos in altimi tollite : 
Illic licebit visere 
Signum perennis glorifls. ' 

Illustre quiddam cemimua, 
Quod nesdat finem pati, 
Sublime, celsum, interminum, 
Antiquius coslo et chao. 

Hie ille Rex est Qentiimi 
Populique Rex judaici, 
Promissus Abrahfls pam ; 
Ejusque in sevum semini. 

Hunc et prophetis testibus, 
lisdemquo signatoribus. 
Testator et pater jubet 
Audire nos, et credere. 

Jesu, tibi sit gloria, 
Qui te revelas parvulis. 
Cum Patre, et almo Spiritu, 
In sempitema ssacula. 


X All ye who seek, in hOx>e and love. 
For your dear Lord, look up above I 
Where^ traced ujwn the azure sky, 
Faith may a glorious form descry. 

2 Lo ! on the trembling verge of light 
A something aU divinely bright : 
Immort£il, infinite, sublime t 
Older than chaos, space, or time : 

3 Hail,Thou, the Gentiles' mightyLordI 
All hail, O Israel's Ring adored 1 

To Abraham sworn in ages past. 
And to his seed while earth shall last. 

4 To Thee the prophets witness bear ; 
Of Tlieo the Father doth declare, 
Tliat all who would His glory see. 
Must hear and must believe in Thea 

5 To Jesus, from the proud concealed, 
But evermore to babes revealed. 
All glory with the Father be, 

And Holy Ghost, eternally. 


PAa8I01ir<^tD£ AllD HOLY W£1K. 

First and Second Veapen, 

V. Gloriosua apparuistl in conspectu V. Glorious didst thou appear in the 

Domini. sight of the Lord. 

R. Froptorea decorem Induit te Do- R. Therefore hath God clothed thee 

minus. with beauty. 


^*He Sfaffered under Ponthts PiUxte, was crucified, dead, and iuried.** 

Philip, it 8 : " Christ became for our sakes, obedient unto death, even to the 
death of the cross." 

The two last weeks of Lent are especially dedicated to the commemoration of 
the Passion of Christ. 

Their pervading characteristic is a profound grief at seeing the Just One 
persecuted by His enemies even to death, and an energetic indignation against 
the deioidea. It also prompts us to a salutary fear on account of the tenlble 
punishment of the Jews, and to a great sorrow for oiur sins. 


The Mystery of tbe Cross and Passion of Christ. 

CoL ii. X4 : " Blotting out the hand-writing of the decree that was against 

us ... . fasteningit to the cross, "j 

SxNO, Boy tongue^ the Saviour's glory ; 

Tell His triumph far and wide ; 
Tell aloud the famous stoiy 

Of His body crucified ; 
How upon the cross a victim. 

Vanquishing in death, He died. 

Eating of the tree forbidden, 
Mui had sunk in Satan's snare ; 

When his i^tying Creator 
Did the second Tree prepare ; 

Destined many ages later. 
That first e-m to repair. 

Such the order God appointed, 
When for sin He would atone ; 

To the aezpent thus opposing 
Schemes yet deeper than his own ; 

Thence the remedy procuring. 
Whence the fatal wound had come. 

Thus did dirist to perfect manhood. 
In our mortal flesh attain : 

Then of His free choice He goeth 
To a death of bitter pain ; 

And as a Lamb, upon the altar 
Of the cross, for us is slain. 

5 Lo, with gall ffis thirst He quenches 1 

See the thorns upon His brow ! 
Nails His tender flesh are rending 1 

See His side is oi>cned now 1 
Whence, to cleanse the whole creation. 

Streams of blood and water flow. 

6 Lofty tree, bend down thv branohes. 

To embrace tby sacred load ; 
Oh, relax the native tension 

Of that aJl too rigid wood ; 
Gently, gently bear the members 

Of thy dying King and God. 

7 Tree, which solely wast found worthy 

Earth's great victim to sustain ; 
Harbour from the raging tempest ! 

Ark, that saved the world again I 
Tree, with Sacred Blood anointed, 

Of the Lamb for sinners sUiin. 


Passion and Palm Bimday, at Vespers. 


Vbxitxa Regis prodeunt : 
Pnlget cruris mysterium, 
Qua vita mortem pertulit, 
Bt morte vitam protulit. 

X FoRrH comes the standard of the King: 
All hail, thou Mystery adored I 
Hail, Cross I on which the Life Himself ^ 
Died, and by death our life restored. 


mAE PABOCHIAt B3tmX lKK>lt< 

Ques vulnerata lanceoB 
Mucrone dlro, crimlnxun 
Ut no8 lavaret eordibiis. 
Itanavlt'Uiida et sanguina. 

IUkptota sunt qilii dondnit 
David fideli carmine, 
Dicendo nationibus : 
Begnavit a ligno Deus. 

Arbor decora et fulgida, 
Qrnata regjbs purpura. 
Electa digtio stipite 
lam Mnoto membra ianftrft* 

Beata, cujus bracbiis 
Phefcltitti pep^hdit ist6eiSi, 
Statera facta corporis, 
iTufltqae pnfidam tarteii 

Crux ave, i^ee unioai 
Hoc PaBsionis tempore 
Piis adauge gratiam, 
Beisque dele onmioa. 

Te, fons salutls Trinitas, 
OtUatidet omnia 8pMtaa r 
Quibus crude victortem 
Largb:i8, adde premium. 


a On wUcb our 8aTiour's holy side, 
Rent open wiHi a cruel spear. 
Of blood and water poured a stream. 
To wash us from defilement dear. 

3 O sattied wood ! in thae fuMUed 

Was holy David's truthful lay 1 
Which told the world, that from a tree 
The IjQxd should all the nations sway. 

4 Most royaJly empiupled o'er, 

Homr beautiful th^ stem doth sfaln^; 
How glorious was its lot to toudi 
Whose liiBibB so holy and divine I 

5 Thrice blest upcm those arms outstrefohed 

*Pht Saviour of the world reclined ; 
Balance sublime ! upon whosd beam 
WiaA weighed the Bansom of mankind. 

6 Hail, croas I thou only hope of man, 

Hail on i^iis holy Faasiian^ay 1 
To saints increase the gnrace tbey have ; 
., J^amximMra purge IhaUrfuUtawiiyi 

7 Salvation's spring, blest Trinity, 

Be prsdstt to Theethrdugh earth and skies: 
Thou ihrough the Cross the victory 
Dost giv« i oh* also give th4 price 1 


V. Eripe me, Domine, ab K Deliver md, O Lord, from tlbe wicked 
bomlue malo. man. 

Jt. A viix> hiiqtio ertpe m6. E* And mVe me from tbe evil doer. 


^SMs Week is called the gl^t, ihd Holy week, because in it the Ohtlt^h tbm- 
memerates the holiest and the greatest of all the mysteHes of our Redemption 
— " the Instlttttion of the Holy Eucharist and Holy AUsb on Hauaday Thnxa- 
day, and the Cruel Passion and Bitter Death of Christ on 0«od Friday;" 

Hbteover, it is in this week that she blesses the matsruda f6r her greatest mys- 
teries; viK., the Water for bapti&m, the pUs for extreme unction, ooafisiBation, 
ordination, and the consecration of altars and chuicdMs. This week is also nattl- 
etllarly apptxipriate for the reception and baptism of eoiivadas, retaQCBli&tfton of 
sinniBra to God by penance, consecration of ministers for the altars and the 
]:eception of the Most Holy Sacramdnt on Haunday Thursday. 

- The faithful should be therefore most particularly intent upon sanotit^ng 

this 'holy time by giving themselves up to stricter fasting and closer watch over 

thei^sehses ; bv meditating more frequently on the Passion and Sufferings of 

Cludst, and giving up for love of Him crucified, every kind of amusementMld 

.SdSation. ' '■ . 't ..,:..* -n .i . 

What a cruel and horrid mockery of their crudfidd Baviour^a Jt^ve it ia ^lat 
Catholics should join the crowd of the impious, the incredulous, or the tkouc ht- 
less, and st>end Good Friday in frivolous or sinful amusements, thus resemoung 
th« Je^ of old, who r^oiced <mr the dt^ qf their eiwn-jf. 

tMM. mtSOAt ikirp BOLT WBBK. 


Hsnnn for Palm Bniiday at the l^ceaaion. 


B^ wekoming Jaaus Christ in the stroeU of Jersusalem with palm branchea and 
hosaniiMi th« Jewiah. peo|»le CMoampliahed on thia day th« prophecy ol Zachary, 
saying :— 

"!^h, ix. 9: *' Rejoice ffreatly, O daughter of Sionl Shout for joy, O 
daughter of Jenualem 1 Behold tiiy Xing will oome to thee, the Just and the 
Saviour. He is poor, and ricUng upon an asa and upon a colt the foal of an ass." 
Lot our adoration and praise of Qhrisfe come from truer cmd more stedfast 
hearts than those fickle-minded people possessed. 

Olobia, laus, et honor, tlbi Bit, Hex 

Christe, Reidemptor: [pium. 

Cui puetile decus prompsit Hosankia 

Israel es tu Rex, Daylois et inclyta 

proles : [veili& 

Nomine qui in Domini, Rex benedicte 

B. Gloria, laus. [omais> 

CcBtus in excelsis te laudat coeUcus 

Bt mortalis homo, et cuncta creata 


R. Gloria, laus. [venit ; 

Pleba Hebrssa tibi cum palmis obvia 

Cum prece, yoto, hymnis adsumus ecce 

R. Gloria, laus. paudis : 

fii tibi passaro sotvobaat mtinia 
Nos tibi re^ifiiaiiti pangli&us eooe mrtos. 

R. 01(Hia» laus. 
Hi placuere tibi, placeat devotio nostra: 
Bex bone, R^ damcBu, cui bona 
cuiiota plaeent* Amen. 

R. Qloria, lavs. 

1\) Thee, O Christ, be glory, praises loud. 

To Thee, Hosanna, cried the Jewish 

crowd, (claim : 

We Israel's monarch. David's Son pro- 

Thou com'st, blest King, in God's most 

holy name. 

R. To Thee, &c. {choir. 

Angels and men in one harmonious 

To sing Thy everlasting praise co]ia|»iiie. 

R. To Thee, &c. 
Thee, Israel's children met with con- 
quering palms ; [psalms : 
To Thee our vows we pay in loudest 

R. To Thee, ito. 
For Thee, on earth with boughs they 
strewed the wnys : [praise. 

To Thee in heavem ^we sing melodious 
R. To Thee, ^c, [bnngf 

Accept this tribute, which to Thee we 
As Thou didst theirs, good and gra- 
cious King. Amen. 
R. To Thee, Ac. 

95. The Agony and Prayer of Ovr Lord la the Garden. 

Luke xxii. 43 : ** And being in au agony, He prayed the longer." 

. And stay the thxmderbolts about to 

X PrnriKO the miseries which with tho 
In paradise began, 
Prostrate upon the earth, the Lord of 
Entreats for ruined man> 

8 That garden where of old <mr guilt 

Wrought cruel death and pain ; 
But thiB> where Jeaus prays oy night 
for man, 

Brings life and joy again. 

1 Hither, ot His own will, our Lord for 
* cOl 

Rooming to atone ( 


From the dread Father's throne 

4 Oh, bitter then was our Bedoemer's 

While *whehaed in griefs unknown: 
'* Father," He cries, "remove this 

cup ; yet not 
My will, but Thine be done." 

5 While, a dread anguish pressing down 

His heart, 
Ea faints upon the ground ; 
And irom each bursting pore the 
blood-drops start ; 
- Moistening the earth around. 


$ But quickly from high heavoi on 
angel came, 
To sooUie the Saviour's woes ; 
And strength returning to His languid 
Up from the earth He rose, [frame, 

Praise to the Son, to whom a Name 

All other names is given. pove 

Praise to the Father and the Spirit of 

From aU in earth and heaven. 


With what heartfelt sorrow and spirit of penance should we not spend this 
day, in the contemplation of the sorrows and supreme agonies of Ghiist, the 
Just One, crucified and dying for iM^oor tiMretehed miserable sinna-g ! 

His Passion, Obucifixion, and Death. 
96. Jesus Christ is Crucified. 

Luke xxiii. 33: ''And when they were come to the- place which is called 

' Calvary, they crucified Him there. 

Pabt I. 

I O COMB and mourn with me awhile ; 
See, Mary calls us to her side ; 
O come and let us mourn with her ; 
Jesus, our Love, is crucified 1 

a Have we no tears to shed for Him, 
While soldiers scofF and Jews deride ; 
Ah ! look how patiently He hangs ; 

' Jesus, our Love, is crucified ! 

3 How fast His hands and feet are 
His blessed tongue with thirst is tied, 
His failing eyes are blind with blood ; 
Jesus, our Love, is crucified 1 

4 His Mother cannot reach his face ; 
She stands in helplessness beside ; 
Her heart is martyred with her Son's ; 
Jesus, our Love, is crucified 1 

5 Seven times He spoke, seven words 

of love, 
And three long hours His silence cried 
For mercy on the souls of men, . 
Jesus, oiur Love, is crucified I 

6 WhatwasThy crime, mydearest Lord? 
By earth, by heaven. Thou hast been 

And gtiilty found of too much love ; 
Jesus, our Love, is crucified I 

!Pakt II. 

7 Found guilty of excess of love. 

It was Thine own sweet will that tied 
Thee tighter far than helpless nails ; 
Jesus, our Love, is crucified I 

8 Death came, and Jesus meekly bowed; 
His failing eyes He strove to guide 
With mindful love to Mary's face ; 
Jesus, our Love, is crucified ! 

9 O break, O break, hard heart of mine. 
Thy weak self-love and guilty inide 
His Pilate and His Judas were : 
Jesus, our Love, is crucified I 

10 Come, take thy stand beneath the 
And let the blood from out His side 
Fall gently on thee drop by drop : 
Jesus, our Love, is crudfied 1 

xz A broken heart, a fount of tears. 
Ask, and they will not be denied : 
A broken heart love's cradle is ; 
Jesus, om- Love, is crucified I 

za O love of God I O sin of man ! 
In this dread act yoinr sin is tried ; 
And victory remains with love. 
For He, our Love, is orudfied I 


97. Jesiu Cbzlst Dies. 

Uatt. zxvli 50 : " And Jesus agpiin oryixig with a loud voice, yielded up the 


(ysBWHELMED in depths of woe, 

Upon the tree of scorn 
Hang^ the Redeemer of mankind, 

With racking anguish torn. 

See! how the nails those hands 

And feet so tender rend ; 
See 1 down His face, and neck, and 

His Sacred Blood descend. 

Harkl with what awful cry 
His spirit takes its flight ; 

That cry, it pierced the Mother'sheart, 
And whehned her soul in night. 

Earth hears, and to its base 

Rocks wildly to and fro ; 
Tombs burst ; seas, riyers, moimtains 

The veil is rent in two. 

5 The sun withdraws Ms Ught ; 

The midday heavens grow pale ; 
The moon, and stara, the universe^ 
Their Maker's death bewsdl. 

6 Shall man alone be mute? 

Gome, youth I and hoazy hairs 1 
Gome, zich and poor i come, all man- 
And bathe those feet in tears. 

7 Gome I fall before His cross. 

Who shed for us His Blood : 
Who died the victim of pure love. 
To make us Sons of God. 

8 Josu ! all praise to Thee, 

Our joy and endless rest I 
Be Thou our guide while pilgrims 
Oiur crown amid the blest. 


Tbe 6Mef BnlTeringrs tbat Our Lord endured In His Body 

during His PaBBlon. 

We were H%» executioners* 

Ephes. ▼. 8 : " (He) hath delivered Himself for us, an oblation and a sacrifice 

to God for an odour of sweetness." 

1 My Jesus! say, what wretch has 

Thy sacred hands to bind? 
And who has dared to buffet so 
Thy face so meek and kind ? 

Tis I have thus ungrateful been, 

Yet, Jesus 1 pity take 1 
Ob, spare and paraon me, my Lord, 

For Thy sweet mercy's sake ! , 

2 My Jesus I who with spittle vile 

Profaned Thy sacred brow t 
Or whose unpitying scouige has made 
Thy precious blood to flow ? 
Chorus. — Tis I have thus, kc. 

3 My Jesus I whose the hands that 

That cruel thorny crown ? 
Who jnade that hard and heavy cross 
That weighs Thy shoulders downT 
CAonu.—Tis 1 have thus, &o. 

4 MyJesus! who has mocked Thy thirst 

With vinegar and gall ; 
Who held the nails that pierced Thy 
And made tiie hammer fall ? 
Chorus.— Tia I have thus, Ac. 

5 My Jesus 1 say, who dared to nail 

Those tender feet of Thine ; 
And whose the arm that raised the 
To pierce that Heart divine. 
C^AoriM.— Tis I have thus, Ae. 

6 And, Mary ! who has murdered thus, 

Thy loved and onlv One? 
Ganst thou forgive we blood-stained 
That robbed thee of thy Son ? 

-S\b I have thus imgrateftil been 

To Jesus and to thee ; 
Fozgive me for thy Jesus* sake. 

And pray to Him for me. 





. TbeeUefSnfferisgsliluitOurLoraexidiixedUiHis 
Soul durlAfiT Via Passion. 

1 ffe is deserted Ip Bia aposUef, 
Jesus I who saw'st on that sad night 
Thine own, Thy ehosen, take to flight^ 

And leave their Lord hy stealth ; 
Oh, may we learn in ^okT and care 
Those harder trials still to bear, 

Procqpettty and wealth. 

2 He keene silent before Eiaaemtaers, 
Jesus I Wlio meekly silent stood 
Before the accusing multitude, 

Do Thou my tongue eoatrol ; 
Bet on my busy lips Thy seal| 
Ascetic suence oft can heal 

The sickness of the soul. 

St. Peter's denial offfinu 
esus 1 whom Peter then denied^ > 
Thou with one gentle look didst chide 

The weak diaople's Usn ; 
If ever I deny Thy name, 
Thy cross, oh, send me speedy shame, 

Oh 1 give me Peter's teara. 

4, 3$ is treaied'O* a mock king. 
Jesus I the Judge of quick and de^i 
Thyself, when falsely judged, wort led 
In mock regalia dad ; 



Hay I my solemn office flB, 
Judge of myself and think no iO, 
Not wHin of tb» bad* 

Bar(tiias is preferred before ffim. 

esus I for whom tne wicked Jews, 
A vile and blood-stained robber cbooae, 

Have mercy. Lord, on me, 
And keep me trotn a ohotoe utn base 
As taking wealth, or ease, br plaoey 

Barabbas, Lord, for Thee. 

6 He is stripped b^ore the muUitude. 
Jesus ! on tHat most doleful day 
Hqw were Thy gannentegtripped awi^. 

Thy holy linujs laid bare ; 
Oh, may no works or ways undeaiv 
Despoil me of that modest mien ' 

Thy servants^ Lord, should w^ear. 

7 Mis mother's sorrows. 

Jesus 1 Thy Passion's bitter smart 
Pierced ifkeasword Thy mother's hearty 

As ISi]Ae<m pvopbieaisd* • 
So fix my hiewrt wito Tby cross. 
That I may coimt all gain but loss 

For JesUB cnieified' T 


Lam. i X9 : 

Stabat Mater. 



Oh, all ye that pass by the way, attend, and see if there be any 
sorrow like to my sorrow." 

Stabat Mater dolorosa 
Juxta onicem lacrymosa, 

Diuu pendebat Filius. 
Cujus animam gementem, 
Contristatam, et dolentem, 

Fertnouiivit gladius, 

O Q^am tristis et afflleta 
Fmt Ilia benedicta 

Mater Unigeniti. 
Quse moerebat, et dolebat, 
Pia Mater, dum videbat 

Nfttl pdniaa indyti. 

Quis est homo qui non fleret, 
lilatrem Christi si vidcret 
T,, 4. — 4.^ suppllcio ? 

z At the cross her station keeping, 
Stood the moumfiU Mother weeping 

Close to Jesus to the last ; 
Through her heart His sorrow sharing, 
All His bitter angQlsh bearing, 
Now at length the sword had passed. 

s Oh, how sad and sore distressed 
Was that Mother highly blest 

Of the sole-begotten One ! 
Christ above in torxo^nt baoga 
She beneath beholds the pangi 

Of her dying gloiiotis Sioa, 

3 Is tbere one who would not weep, 
^Whelmed in miseries so deep, 
Christ's dear Mother to benoM ? 


Christi Matrem contdmplan 
Dolentem oum Filio? 

Fro peocatU fv»ffwM> 
Tidit Jesiun m tormentts, 

M flPgoUiB intKlitaifiii. 
Tidit suum duloem K4tiua 
Koiriendo dosplatum, 

Diun emjsit spiritum. 

BUb MAter, tana amoritf, 
He sentire vim doloria 

Fao, tti teeaiD higMm. 
Fac ut ardeai mv metim 
In amanio Chllstiun DtuBUy 

Ut alU ocfomtocf»m. 

Bancta Hater, iitud afl;aa, 
Cniciflxi fi«:e pla^aa 

Cordl meo -mia^. 
Tul ITatl viUaerati, 
Tam dignatl pro me Pfttli 

Foeoas mecum divide. 

Fftc me t90um pie flevs^ i 
Cruciflzo oiM^olere, 

Doneo ego vixaro, 
Juxta Cruq«n» teovim 9t9rQ» 
Etmatijbi sooiaro 

In plauQtu deftld«rQ. 

^Vligo Tlrglnum prsBolara, 
HSfal jam non lAa amara ; 

Fae me tecum pflangere. 
Eac utportom Chtiati mortem* 
JtflclflMi tun ooniovtem, 

Et plagae reooliire. 

Fac me plagis Tulnerttrit 
Fac me Cnjee ineborftarif 

Et cniore FiUi. 
Flammlfl z^ war sixwmfin^^, 
Fer te, Vii^, fllm dilMtetia 

In die judicii. 

Oliriate, ftm bH himf et^re 
Da pOT Matrem ma v^n^re 

Ad palmftm victoriee. 
Qoando oorpua morietWi 
Fae ut aoimn d W9tur 

Faradiil gloria, 


V. Ohifsttts facttis est pro 
obedlens uaque ad mortem, 
B, Kortem atitem crncla. 

C^ tbe bvman hafH ««Mii 

From partaking in her pain, 
la tfiat Mother's pain untold t 

she benela her tender child 
AU with Uoody icourges rent, 

For the sina of HU own nation, 

Saw Him hang in desolation, 
g^ His spirit forth He sent 

5 O fh<ra Hoiiher 1 fount ol \ov9 1 
1V>uch my spirit from abovfk 

Hako m Miirt witk thlM aooovd ; 
Hake me feel as thou haat feH i 
Hake my soul to glow and nUlt 

With the love of Christ my Lord. 

6 Hc9ty Mother I pierce m« through ; 
In my heart each wound renew^ 

Of my Saviour crucified : 
Let me share wltti thea Hla pain, 
TVho for all my etna was slatn, 

Who for me in torments died. 

7 Let nui mingU tears with thea, 
Hovrning Him who mourned for m^ 

All the days that I OMty Uva : 
"fyi the cross with thee to stay, 
^|^«re with t^ea to w^ep and pray, 

Is all I ask 9f thee to giv«, 

S Vbvin of all virgins best ; 
Uateia to my fond request : 

Let me shara thy tftof dlviaa } 
Let me* to my lateifi bvfattu 
In my body bear the death 

Of that dying Son «t ittan9, 

9 Wounded with Hia everr woimd» 
Steep my soul till it hatn swoQU^d 
In His very blood away : 

liest m names i ooni ana aia 
In Hi9 9wful judgment day. 

9Q £lwi«i« ^en TkoH «balt oaU m% b^ce^ 
39 T^ Hother my d«^iiQ9i 

Be Thy cross my victory ; 

le my body here decftys, 
my soul Thy goodness pralsQ, 
le m Fm«<U80 With Thoe. 


nobitf r. Cbriftt was made for us obedient 
unto death. 
B, Bven unto the deatti of the eroM. 




102. The seven last Words of oiu* Lord on the Cross. 

I Luke zxiH. 34: "Father, foivive 
them, for they know not what wev 

Jesus, who to the Father prayed 
For those who iSl Thy love repaid 

With this dread cup of woes ; 
Teach me to conquer, Iiord, IJk^ Thee, 
Bypatience and benignity, 

The thwarting of my foes. 

3 Luke xxiii. 

"Amen, J say to 

thee, This day wou shalt he with Me 
in Paradise." 

Jesus I who came to seek and saTO, 
Absolved the thief, and promise gave, 

Of peace among the blest ; 
Oh I do Thou give me penitence 
Like this, that I, when summoned 

In Paradise may rest. 

3 John six. 96: "He salth to His 
mother: Wom&n, behold thy 8(m. 
After that He saith to the disciple, 
Behold thy mother." 

Jesus, who bade the Viigin John 
Thy mother take, when Thou wert 

And in Thy stead to be ; 
Oh, when I yield my parting breath, 
Be Thou beside me, and in death. 

Good Loid., remember me. 

4 Matt, xxvii. 46: "Ell, Eli, Lamma 

Sabacthani,* that is, " My God, My 

God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?' 

Jesus I 1a*ue man, who cried aloud, 

Toward the ninthbour. My God, MyGod, 

Oh, why am I forsaken ? 
Lord ! may I never fall from Thee, 
Nor e'en in life's extremity 
My humj^lfi trust be shaken. 

5 John xix. 38 : "I thirst" 
Jesnal athirst, the soldiers think 
To mock Thee, giving Thee to drink 

What might Inflame thy "pain. ; 
Oh I mindml of the loathsome dniught> 
Which for my sins my Saviour quaffed. 

May I my flesh restrain. 

6 John xix. 36 : " It is consimimated." 
Jesu»M Redeemer, all the price 

Of Adam's sin Thv sacrifice 

Did more than fully pay ; 
May I my stewardship fulfil, 
With equal strictness, and Thy will 

With scrupulotts love ob^. 

7 Luke xxiii. 46: "Father, into Thy 

hands I commend My spirit " — and 
saying this He gave up the ghost. 
Jesus I Hqr Passion at an end. 
Thou didst Thy blamelesa soul commend 

Unto the Father's care ; 
When my last hour is come, may I 
Hasten with meek alacrity 
To do Thy will elsewhere. 



f (\r% The PlTe particular Clrcumstanoes in whitih our Lord shed 
^^*^' His Most Precious Blood during: His Passion. 

z His Agony in the Garden, 
Jksub I who in the Garden felt 
The bloody sweiftt, yet patient knelt 

To do Thy Father's will, 
To me give such a sealous mind 
To suffer, such a heart resigned 

Thy statutes to fulfil. 

2 Rii Scourginff at the Pillar, 
Jesus I when scourged and buffeted 
And spit ux>on, Thy sacred head 

Was bowed to earth for me ; 
Oh 1 may I pardon find and bliss, . 
And expiating love in this 

My Lord's indignity. 


3 ffU being er<iwned -mik ThornB. 

JesuB I witli crown of xxiddy thorn, 
Thfl Jews Thy torturad brow adorn. 

And, jeerinff, Hail Thee King ; 
If ay I, O Lord, with lielurt sincere, 
If y humble seal, my love and fear, 

And real homage bring. 

4 HU Carriage of the Cross. 
Jesus I along Thy proper road 

Of sorrows, with Thj weary load. 
How didst Thou toil and strain 1 

may I bear the cross like Thee, 
Or rather, Lord, do Thou in me 
The blessed weight sustain. 

5 J^is OrvxifiaiAon and Dmth, 

Jesus I what direst agony 
Was Thine upon the bitter tree. 

With healing virtues rife 1 
Oh ! may I count all things but loss, 
All for the glory of the cross, 

The sinner's tree of life. 



The Litany of the Passion of Ghrist. 

I Br the blood that flowed from Thee 
In Thy bitter agony. 
By the scourge so meekly borne. 
By Thy purple robe of scorn— 


Jesu, Saviour, hear our cry I 
Thou wert suffering once as we : 
Hear the loving litany 
We Thy children sing to Thee. 

a By the thorns thatcrowned Thy head. 
By Thy sceptre of a xeed. 
By Thy fiDotstep faint and slow. 
Weighed beneath Thy cross of woe— 
Chorvu* — Jesu, Saviour, &c. 

By the nails and pointed spear. 
By Thy peoide's cruel jeer, 
By Thy dying prayer which rose 
Begging mercy for Thy f oefr^ 

Chorus. — Jesu, Saviour, iio. 

By the darkness thick as night, 
Blotting out the sim from sight ; 
By the cry with which in death 
Thou didst yield Thy parting breath— 
CAortM.— Jesu, Saviour, &c. 

By Thy weeping mother's woe, 
Bythe sword that piercedher through, 
W^ien In anguish standing b^, 
On the cross she saw Thee die — 
- iCAortM.— Jesu, Saviour, &c. 



The Wounds of our Lord. 

P». Tod. 17 : "They have dug My hands and feet 

tdi My bones." 

They have numbered 

I Hail wounds ! n^hich through eterqal 
The love of Jesus show ; 
Hail wounds 1 from whence encxim- 
soned rUls 
Of blood for ever flow. 
More precious tiian the gems of Ind, 

Than all the stars more fair ; 
Nor honeycomb, nor fragrant rose. 
Can once with you compare. 

a Through you is opened to our souls 
' A rcAige safe and calm, 
Whither no raging enemv 
Can reach to work us harm. 

What countless stripes did. Christ 
Naked In Pilate's hall ! 
From His torn flesh what streams of 
Did all around Elm lalli 

How doth th' ensanguined thorny 

That beauteous brow transpierce I 
How do the nails those hands and feet 

Contract with tortures fierce ! 
He bows His head, and forth at laiit 

His loving spirit soars ; 
Yet even after death His heart 

For us Its tribute pours. 


His blood for U8 He drains ; 
Till for Hiznaolf , O wondroua 1qt« t 
No single dvop venudiw* 

Oh, come all ye la ^vhOBi to* toed 

The deadly ttaiaa of oln I 
Comel waah In thla aU-«a^i]tf 
blood, . ^^ 

And ye afaall be vuA^ elean. 


TtM tfO0t Pxedons Blood of Jwus. 

z Pet. i. s8: "Ton were not redeemed with corruptlt)lQ things as gold or 
sUyev . . . but with the precious blood of Christ, 43 of a Iamb unspotted 
and undefiled." 

z Blood 1b the price of Ilea vib) 
All sin that price exceeds ; 
Oh, oome to be foi^Tei;! r 
He bleods, my Saviour bleeds f 

2 Under the oliTe-bougha. 

PalUng Uka ruby beada» 
The l^Iood drops from His brows : 
H<| hleed9» my Saviour bleeds ! 

3 While the fierce sooui^gas fall, 

The preelous blood atiU plead* ; 
In front of Pilate's hall, 
He bleeds, my Saviour bleeds I 

4 Beneath the thorny crown 

The crimson fountain Bp&&da \ 
See how it trickles down ; 
He bleeds, my Saviour bleeds ! 

5 Bearbog the fatal Wood, 

His band of saints He leads. 
Marking the way wifh ^lood i 
He bleeds, my Saviour blaeds t 

6 Dn Calvary His ahamQ 

With blood still Intercedes ; 
His open wounds proclaim 
He blfedq, my Saviour bletda I 

7 He hangs upon the tree, — 

Hangs l^ere for niy mlsdiMds { 
He sheds His blood for me : 
He bleods^ my Saviour bleeda I 

8 His blood ii Solving stm t 

My ^thirsty soul it feeds ; 
He lets me drink my ftll : 
He bleeds, my Saviour Uaeds t 


PrilM to t&6'MMtt P^eiota Bloed. 

Heb. zil 34 : " But you are come to Jesus the mediator of the New Testament, 
and to the sprinkling otbtaflt'irlli^h itfMketli Iwttier than that of AbeV* 

z Hazl, Jesual haill who for my pike 
Sweet blood from Mary's veins didat 
And died It all for me ; 
Oh, blessed be my Savour's hl6od, 
My life, my Mght, my onjy good, . 
To an eternity. 

3 To endleta tism let us pndae 
7lh» Prqciow Hood, whoso jtrice oQvdd 
raise . 
Th9 world from wrath and sin ; 
Whose streams our inward tl^t 

And heal the sinner's worst disease, 
If he but batho therein, 

3 O Sweetest Blood, that can Implore 
Pardon of God, and heaven rortore, 

Tha haav9u which tiia had lost ; 
While Abel's blood for vengeance 

What jesuB ah«l stffl inttreedsa 

For those wl^o wronged Him most. 

Oh, to be sprinkled from the weUs 
Of Clirisf s own Sacred Bleed excels 

Earth's b««t«iHl lU«ji«at bttsa; 
The ministers of weath divine 
Hurt not the happ^hwrts that shiu« 

With those red drvpa of itia I 

Ah, there is Joy amid the sabita. 
And hell's despairing courage faidts 

When this sweet voog we ndee t 
Oh, louder then, and louder stUL • 
Earth with one mighty ohorus ml. 

The Piraoious Bloed l^pralaa I 

€k>01> FBIDAY. 

108. iBother Hysm of Pralie to the Moit Frfdoiui mood. 

z John i. 7 : "And the blood of Jtsoa Christ deanseth tus from all sin." 

X Ombt b# to Jmu0, 

Who in bitter pftlM, 
Fotmcl f or BM tha Uf e^blood* 

From HIa sMred veina 1 
Grace and life eterxud 

In that blood I find ; 
Bleat be:Hia oompasaian, 

iBftnitely kind 1 


Xiift ye. than, 7our Yoicea; 

Swell the nuffhty flood ; 
louder still and louder. 

Praise the precious blood. 

a Blest through endless ages 
Be tb« priciQua atream, 

Which from endless torment' 
Doth the world redeem ( 

There the fainting spirit 
Drinks of life her mi: 

Then as in a fountain 


C%onw.-«Iiift ye, than, 4o. 
Oh, the blood of Jesus 

Rothes the Father's ire ; — 
Opes the gate of heaven ; — 

Quells eternal fire. 
Abel's blood for vengeance 

Pleaded to the skies ; 
But the blood of Jesus 

For our pardon cries. 

Choms.'^JAtt 76, then, Ac. 

Oft as it is mrinkled 

On our guilty^ hearts, 
Saten io confusion 

TeiroK-Hstruck departs ; 
Oft 4S earth exulting 

Wafts its praise on high, 
Hell with terror trembles ; 

Seaven is filled with joy. 
Chanu.—JJSt ye, tneu, Ac, 

109« Feaat of tlie Host Preetoiu Blood at Veapen, 

{JPir$t Sunday of July.) 


FE8TIVI8 rosoneni oomplta vocibua^ 
Gives Isatitiam frontlbus expUeent, 
Tsedis flammiferis ordine prodeant^ 
Instructi paeri et senes. 

Quem dura moileneOIuiatuainarbora 
Fudit multiplici vulner* Sanguinem, 
KoHftietimemoreaduni coUmus, decot 
Saltern fundwe laerymaa. 

Humane generi pernicies ffravis 
Adami veteris enmines eonCi||it : 
Adami integritas et jpieta? novi 
Vitam reddidit omnlmis. 

Clam(.rem validum summus ab 

Langtttntla Geiiitl si Balar aadlftt, 
Plaeari potlus sanguine debuit, 
Et nobis veniam (»re. 

Hoc quicumque stolam sanguine 

Abateigit maculas, et rosetim decus 
Quo fiat similis protlnus Angelis, 
Kt regi placeat, caplt. 

X Forth let the longr proMaalon atreaUi 

And through the stroets in order wend; 
Let the bright waving line of torehes 

The aoliBiim chant aacaui, 

2 Whilewe,wlthtearBand8ighaiin]found, 
That memorable blood reeora. 
Which, stretched on Bia bard cross, 

from many a wound 
Tkia47lfi9. Jaaua pgcQced* 

3 By the first Adam's fatal sin 
Cnme death upon the humai^ xvtoe f 

In this new Adam doth new "tiie begin, 
And everlasting graces 

4 For soano^ the Father heard fropi 
The cry of Hia expiring Sen, [haaven 
When in that cry our aina were all for- 
And boundlesa pardon won. [given, 

5 Henceforth, whoso In that dear blood 
Washeth, s^all lose his every stain : 
And in immortal roseate beauty robed, 
An angel's likeness gain. 


A recto InstabiUs izamite postmodum 
Be nullus retmhat, meU oed tiHIam 
Tangatiir : tribuet nobile pnemiiun, 
Qui cursum Deus adjuvat. 

Nobis propitius sis Genitor potens, 
Ut quos unigemss Sanguine Filii 
Emisti, et placido Flamine recreas, 
Coeli ad culmiiia transfenu. 


Only run iliou with ooiuage on 
BMght to the goal set In thd skias ; 
Ho who assists thy coiuve will give 

thee soon 
The everlasting prize. 

Father supreme I vouohgafe that we. 
For whom Thine only Son was slain. 
And whom thy Holy S|]irit sanctifies, 
May heavenly joys attain. Amen. 


V. Redemisti nos, Domine, in san- V. Thou hast redeemed us, O Loid, 

guine tuo. in Thy blood. [onto our God. 

R, Etfecistinos Deonostro regnmn. B, And hast made of us a kingdom 


F. Te ergo qunsumus tuis famulis V. We therefore pmy thee help Thy 

subveni. servants. - [Thy x>recious blood. 

R. Quofl pretioso sanguine redemisti. JL Whom Thou nast redeemed with 


The Cross of Clirlst. 

GaL vi. 14 :— " God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord 

Jesus Ghiist." 
"When we rise, the cross ; when we lie down, the cross ; in om- studies, the 

cross ; everywhere and at every time, the cross — shining more glorious than 

the sun.*' — 8t. Chrysostom. 

X O CHILD of God, remonber, 

When thou to Ohrlst wast bom, 
How then across thine infant breast 
His sacred sign was drawn. 

9 And when confirming Chrism 
Upon thy brow was laid. 
How in that sign the Holy Ghost 
His grace upon thee shed. 

3 Therefore, when sleep invites thee 
To take thy needful rest, 
Be siure that with the sacred cross 
Thou sign thy brow and breast. 

4 The cross hath wondrous virtue 

All evil to control ; 
To scatter darkness, and to cahn 
The tempest of the souL 

5 Wh^t though in sleep this body 

liay helpless seem to lie ? 
I nothing fear, assured that One 
Stronger than aU is nigh. 

6 On Him my heart shall ponder, 

E'en while my rest I teke ; 
My shi^d and uieltw while I sleep. 
My joy when I awake. 


The Wondeifnl Power of the Gross of Christ. 

Cor. L 33 : ** To the Jews a stumbling-block and to the Gentiles foolishness ; 
but to them that are called it is the power of Qod" — "in that sign thou 

i^halt conquer." 

X The cross, the cross I oh, bid it rise, 

'Mid clouds about it curled. 
In bold relief against the skies. 

Beheld by all the world ; 
A sign to myriads far and wide. 

On every holy fane — 
Meet emblem of the Crucified, 

For our trtmsgressions slain. 

The cross, the crotel with solemn 

And fervent prayer to bless, [vow 
Upon the new-bom in&nt^s brow 

The hallowed seal impress ; 
A token that in coming years. 

All else esteemed but loss, [fears. 
He will press on through foes and 

The soldier of the cross. 


3 The cross, the cross ) upon the heart 

O seal the signet well, 
A safegoard sweet against each art 

And stratagem of hell ; 
A hope when other hopes shall cease. 

And worth all hopes beside — 
The Christian's blessednessand peace. 

His joy and only pride. 

4 The cross, the cross I ye heralds blest. 

Who in the saving name, 
Go forth to lands with sin opprest. 
The cross of Christ proclaim I 

And so 'mid idols lifted high. 
In truth and love revealed, 

It may be seen by every eye. 
And stricken souls be healed. 

5 The cross, dear Church, the world is 
And wrapt in shades of night ; 
Yet, lift but up within thy ark 
This source of living light — 
This embLem of our heavenly birth 

And claim to things divine^ 
So thou Shalt go through all the earth. 
And " conquer in this sign." 

113. Tbe Most Holy Crown of Thorns. 

Matt, xxvii. 29 : ** And platting a crown of thorns, they put it upon His Head.' 

X DAtraHTEBS of Bion ! royal maids 1 
Come forth to see the crown. 
Which Sion's self, with cruel hands, 
Hath woven for her Son. 

3 Bee 1 how amid His gory locks 
The jagged thorns appear ; 
Bee I how His pallid coimteuauoe 
Foretells that death is near. 
3 Oh, savage was the earth that bore 
llios^ thorns so sharp and long ! 
Savage the hand that gathered uiem 
To work this deadly wrong. 

4 But now that Christ's redeeming 

Hath tinged them with its dye, 
Fairer than roses they appear. 
Or palms of victory. 

5 Jesu ! the thorns which pierced Thy 

Sprang from the seed of sin ; 
Pluck oxaSf we pray Thee, from our 

And plant Thine own therein. 


The Most Holy Spear and Nails. 

John xix. 34 : *' But one of tiie soldiers with a spear opened His side, and 
immediately there came out blood and water." 

3 And equal thanks to you, blest nails, 
Fast to the sacred rood, - [to dio 
The sentence dread that doomed us 
Was blotted out in blood. 

X WuAT tongue, most holy spear, can 
duly sound 
Thy praise, in heaven or earth ? 
Thou, who didat open that life-giving 
From whence the Church had birth. 

a From Adam, sunk in an ecstatic sleep, 
Cune Eve, divinely framed ; 
From Christ^ His spouse ; when from 
that wound so deep 
The blood and water stneamed. 

4 To Him who still retains in highest 
The. wounds which here He bore, 
Be glory, with th' Eternal Father, 
And Spirit evermore. 


Hie Most Holy Wlndlsg-Sheet. 

Luke xxiii. 53 : " And taking Him down, he wrapped Him in fine linen and 

laid Him in a sepulchre? 

t The glories of that sacred winding- Which from the cross received with 
sheet honour meet 

Let evei7 tongue record ; The body of the Lord. 


a Daur Memoriflll on wldoh w« see^ 
In bloody stains imprMsed, 
The form, sublime in awful majesi^. 
Of our Redeemer bbsk 

3 How doth the grieroua (right of Thee 

Those djinff throes to mind, 
Whioh GSinst^ oompasBionAtinff 
Adam's faU, 
Endured for lost mankind. 

4 Hi0 woimded side. His hands and 

feet {derced through, 
Mitfored In Thee appear ; 
His lacerated limbs, His gory brow 
And thorn-entangled hair. 

5 Ah I whO| beholding these sad i mnges. 

Can tears oontrol? 
C«n oheck the throbs of swelling grief 
that rise 
Up from his inmost soult 

6 Jestt I my Bin it was tiiat laid Thee 

And through Thy d«8th I Ure ; 
That life, whidi to Thy torments sore 

I owe, 
Henoefortih to lliee I glvai 

7 Glory to Him who to redeem ufl bore 

Such bitter dying pains ; [more, 
W^o with th' Eternal Father tiftr* 
And Holy Spirit reigns. 




She parUcttlar Ciroasurtaiices wMch ocowrod trom our 
Lord's X>«ath to His Bosuxrsotloa. 

He diei. 

Jesus ! all hall, who for my sin t'vrin 

Didst die, and b^ that death didst 

Sternal life for me ; 
Send me Thy grax^e, good Lord 1 that I 
Unto the world and flesh may die. 

And hide my life with Thee. 

HU side is pierced throttgh. . 
Jesus I from out Thy Open sfdd, 
Thou hast the thirsty world supplied 

With endless streams of love ; 
Come ye who would yoiur sicluiess 

Draw freely from this saomd well : 

Its heavenly virtues prove. 

1%i inscriptitm vpon the Cross. 
Jesus I around Thy sacred head 
There Is an ominous hrightness shed. 
The name which Fuate wrote ; 

Save UB, Thou royal Nasareno ! 
For in Thv Threefold Kame an seen 
The gifts Thy Passion brought. 

He is huripL 

Jesus 1 in spioes wrapped, and laid 

Within the garden's rocky shade, 

By jealous seals made sure, 
Bmbalm m« with Thy grace, aild liHe 
Thy servant in Thy wounded side, 

A hsavemly sepulture i 

He descends into Hell. 
Jesus I who to the spirits wont. 
And preached the new ettfranchiso- 

Thy reotnt deatii had won ; 
Absolve mo. Lord, and set tue free 
"Rrom self and sin, that I may bo 
fiondsman to Thee alone. 


Tbe Deaoent of Jobm GbcUt to Umlnui» 

** m descended ka» MeUJ' 

Ps. XV. zo : " Thou wilt not leave My sov^ in i^Il: Aor wilt Thou gi^ .Hhf 

H<dy One to seo corruption.^ 

t TftOtrsAWDofyearshad come and gone. 

And slow the ages seemed to motB 
T* those expectuit souls that fitted 
That prison-house of patient love. 

s It was a weat^ weitch of ^lelrs, 

But onward still their hopes would 
Captives they were, yet happy too^ 
In their oontentod weariness. 


3 Afl noiseless tides the ample deoth3 

Of some c&ptu;io\iB li&rbour fiU, 
So grew the calm of that dread place 
Imth. day with increase swift and 

4 But MO I h<yir hushed the eK>wd of 

Mialsl [day? 

Whenoe aotaea the light of upper 

What gloTloTis form is thits liiat finds 

Through central eaxth it* seady 


5 Tis GodI 'tiB Man I the Uvlngr Mml 

Of Jesus, beautiful and bright, 

The first-bom of created thiiup^ 
Flushed with a pure requend€fnt 

'Tis Maiy's Child I ETeaaw Him come; 

She flew from Joseph's haunted 

side, [crowd, 

-And worshipped, first of all that 

The soul of Jesxis crucified. 

So after four long thousand years, 
Faith reached iier end, and Hqpe 
her aim. 

And ham them as they passed away. 
Lore lit her eterlastmg flame 1 


'* The third 4o>y fferose again fr^m the demd" 

Of «U the seasons of the litui^dal year Bnter'Tide iS) \jf tut, the rit^est in 
mystery. Easter, we might even say, is the summit of the mystery of the sacred 
liturgy— the feast qf feasts -^"ke wUmnity of solemnitiss. The holy longings of 
Advrait, the sweet joys oi Christmas, the severe truths ot Septuagesuna» the 
contrition and penance of Lent, the heart-rending sight of the j^asaion,— all 
were given ns as preliminaries, as paths to the eublune and glorious Pasoh, 
whleh is now ours. On Easter Day God r^fains, by the resurrection of the 
Man-God, fii« (freaUOn renewed ;-*ott this day the whole human moe he^h risen 
to inaumortality together with Jeius. Cor. xv. 2x : " By a man came death ; 
and by a man the lesuiteotioa of the dead ; and, as in Adatii all die, eo also in 
Chilet all shall be made aliye." On this day the old law ia abolished and the 
new law begins ; the figiu-es have given place to the reality. The anniversaiy 
of the Resurrection is, thv^fove, a loreat 4^, a day of joy. the day by vpsfm- 
lence, the holiest of aays^ the Lord b day. Let us smg thereiore— 

Ant (^.) H«9e dies, quam fecit Do- Ant, This is the day which the Lord 
minus : exultemus et Isstemur In ea. hath made : let uS be glad and rejoice 


Altehiia, Alleluia, Alleluia.- 
Alleluia, AHielnia, Alleluia. 
AUOlUlB, Alleluia, Alleluia. 

118* The Description ot tk^ Atauvreetlon of Jesus Gluisk 11&« 

t!hcrus,^JSJXBlvA\ Alleluia, Alleluia. 

X O FiLii et filiss, 
Bex coelettIS) Rex gloHss, 
Motte sunrexit hodle. Alleluia^ 
OkortUk'^AUeltiia) &a 

3 pEt mane prima Sabbati 
' Ad ostium monument! 
Accesserunt discicuU, AQ^uia. 
CAonM*— AUeliua, Ac. 

X Ye sonis and daughters of the Lord, 
The King of heaven, the King adored. 
From death this day Himaelf restored. 
: Alleluia. 

A On Sunday mom at break of day 
The holy women went their way, 
' To seotfiotbomb where JesiiB lay. . 



3 In alUs aedens angelus 
ProBdbdt mnlieribuB : 

" In GalilcBa est Dominus, Alleluia." 
Chorus. — Alleluia, A«. 

4 DlscipuUs adstantibus. 

In medio stetit Christus, [luLi. 

Dicens : "pax vobis omnlbuB," Alle- 
Chorus. — Alleluia, &c. 

5 Ut intellexit Bydimus, 
Quia surrexerat Jesus, 
Bconanfiit fere dubiua. Alleluia. 

Choriu, — AUelum, &c 

6 Vide, Thoma, vide latus. 
Vide i)ede8, vide manus, 
NoU esse Incredulus, Alleluia. 

Choitu. — Alleluia, &c. 

7 Quaiido Thomas yidit ChiiBtum 
Pedes, manus, latus suiun ; 
Dizit^ tu es Deus mexis, Alleluia. 

CSnorut. — Alleluia) Ae. 

8 Beat! qui non Tiderunt, 
Et ftrmiter credlderunt ; 

Vitam 8Btemam habebimt. Alleluia. 
Chorus. — Alleluia, &c. 

9 In hoc festo sanctissimo. 
Sit laus et jubllatio, 
Benedicamua Domino, Alleluia. 

Chorus. — Alleluia, &c. 

3 An angel clad in white they se^ 
Who sat, and spake unto tiie three : 
*' Your Lord hath gone to GhEtUlee." 


4 That night th' Apostles m«t in iear, 
But Chnst did in the midst appear : 
"My peace," He aaith, *'be on aU 



5 But Thomas, when of this he heard, 
Was doubtful of his brethren's word ; 
Wherefore again there came the Ixnrd : 


6 " Behold My side, O Thomas, see ; 
My hands, My feet, I show to thee ; 
Not faithless, but belieying be." 


7 WhenThomas saw that wounded side, 
The truth no longer he denied ; 
*'Thou art my Lord and Qod," he 

cried. Allduia. 

8 Oh, blest are they who have not seeu 
Their Lord, and yet believe in Him ; 
Eternal life awaiteth them. 


9 On this most holy Day of daya. 

To God your hearts and voioss raise 
In laud and jubilee and pndse. 

AUeluia. Amen. 

120. The Sequence for Easter Sunday at Mass. 

VicntiM paschali laudes 
Immolent Christiani. 
Agnus redemit ovos : 
Chiistiis innocens Fatri 
RcconcUiavlt peccatores. 
Mors et vita duello 
Conflixere mirando : 
Dux vit«e mortuus, 
Regnat vivus. 
Die nobis, Maria, 
Quid vidistiin via? 
Sepulchrum Christi viventis, 
Et gloriam vidi resxu^entis ; 
Angclicos testes, 
Budarium et vestes. 
Burrexit Christus spes mea : 
Preecedet vos in Galilseam. 
Sdmus Christum surrexisse 
A mortuis vere : 
Ta nob&B, viotor Bex, miserere. 
Amen. Alleluia. 

FoBTH to the paschal Victim,ChristianBy bring 

Your sacrince of praise : 
The Lamb redeems the sheep ; 

And Christ, the sinless One, 

Hath to the Father sinners reconciled. 
Together Death and Life 

In a strange conflict strove ; 

The Prince of Life, who died. 

Now lives and reigns. 
What thou sawest, Marr, say. 

As thou wentest on tne way. 
I saw the tomb wherein the Living One had 

I saw His glory as He rose again ; 
Napkin and Unen clothes, and angels twain: 

Yea, Christ is risen, my hope and He 

Will go before you into Gkuuee. 
We know that Christ indeed has risen from 
the grave : 

Hail, them King of Victory ! 

Have mercy, Lord, and save. 



Obrlst hatli truly risen. AUdlnla. 

Matt, xxviii 5 : " Tmx a«ek Jeans, Who tros orooifted : Ho ii not here, for He 

Is risen, as He said." 

z Christ the Lord is risen to-day ; 

Christians, haste your vows to pay : 

Offer ye your praises meet 

At the Paschal Victim's feet ; 

For the sheep the Lamb hath bled. 

Sinless in the aixmer's stead. 

Christ the Lord is risen on high ; 

Now He lives, so more to die. 
Cftonu.— AlleluiEk. Allelnla. Alleluia. 

a Christ, the Victim undefiled, 
Man ta Qod hath reconciled : 
When in strange and awful strife 
Met together death and life ; 
Christians, on this happy day 
Haste wlthjoy your tows to pay, 
Christ Hhe Lord is risen on high ; 
Now He liyes, no more to die. 

C^onM.— Alleluia. Alleluia. Alleluia. 

3 Say, wond'ring Mair, say. 
What thou sawest on thy way. 

" I beheld, where Christ had Loin, 
Empty tomb and angels twain ; 
I b^eld the ^ry bright 
Of the rising Lora. of fight : 
Christ mv hope is risen again ; 
Now He uves, and lives fo reign.*' 
CAoriM.— Alleluia. Alleluia. Alleluia. 

4 Christ, who once for sinners bled. 
Now the first-bom from the dead, 
Throned in endless might and power, 
Lives and reigns for evermore. 
Hail, eternal hope on high t 

Hail, thou King of victory ; 
Hail, thou Prince of life adored : 
Help and save us, gracious LoixL 
Cfhartti, — ^Alleluia. Alleluia. Alleluia. 


CliriBt is risen ! the Conqueror of Death. 

i Cor. XV. j5 : ** Christ is risen from the dead, the first*fruits of them that sleep: 
O Death, where is thy victory t O Death, where is thy sting ? " 

z All hail 1 dear Conoueror t All hail ! 
O what a victory is Thine I 
How beautiful Thy strength appears, 
Thy crimson wounds how brignt they 
shine 1 

a Thou earnest at the dawn of day ; 
Armies of souls around Thee were. 
Blessed spirits thronging to ador^ 
Thy flesh, so marvellous, so fair. 

3 The everlasting Qodheed lay 
Shrouded within those limbs Divine, 
Nor left untenanted one hour 
That sacred hxmian heart of Thine. 

4 They worshii^ped Thee, those ran- 

somed souls, 
With the fresh strength of love let 

They worshipped joyously, and 

Of Mary while they looked on Thee. 

5 And Tliou too, soul of Jesus, Thou 
Towards that sacred flesh didst 

Anci for the beatings of that heart 
How ardently Thy love did bum 1 

6 They worshipped while ^e beauteous 

soul side :-~ 

Paused by the body's wounded 
Bright flashed the cave— before them 

The living Jesus glorified. 

7 Down, down, all lofty things on earth. 
And worship Him with joyous dread I 
O sin ! thou art luidone by love I 

death ! thou art discomfited t 

8 Te heavens, how sang they in your 

How sang the angelic choirs that day. 
When Irom His tomb the imprlBon<b 


Uke the strong sunrise broke away I 

9 Oh, I am burning so wiiii love, 

1 fear lest I should make too free; 
Let me lie silent, and adore 

Thy glorified Humanity. 

xo Ah t now Thou sendest me sweet 

Fluttered vrith love my spirits fall— 
What shall I say t Thou know'st my 

All bail I dear Conqueror ! all halL 



OlixtarlilsrtMn! the Frinoe of Peftot. 

John XX. zg : " Now when it was late, that same day, the first of the week, and 
the doors were shut, wherd the disciples' were fifathered together for fear 
of the Jews, Jesus came an^l stood ^in-thd tnldat, and said to them, Peace 
ha to you." 

To Christ, the Prince of PeacO) 
And Son of Ood most Hlg^ ; 

The Father of the world to come, 
Sing we with holy joy. 

Beep in E£is heart for us 
Tne wound of love He bore J 

That love with which He still Infiamas 
The hearts that Him adore. 

O Jesu 1 Yiotim blest I 
What elm but love divine 

Could Thee oonstiwin to open thai 
That BMred heart of Thihet 

3 O fount of endless life 1 

O spring «f waters clear ! 

flame celestial, cleansing aU 

Who unto Thee draw near. 

4 Hide me in Thy dear heart. 

For thither do I fly « Tdeath 

There seek Thy grace wrough uf e, in 
Thine immortality. 

5 Praise to the Father be ; 

Praise to His only Son ; 
Praise to the blessed Paraoletea 
Whila endless ages run. 

124« Obxlittsriflenl tbe Qopd Shepherd. 

Johnx. Z4 : " The Good Shepherd giveth His life for His sheep.' 

I MET the Good Shepherd hvA now on 
the plain, [agsin: 

As homeward He carried His lost one 

I marvelled how gwitly His burden 
He bor«, [adero. 

And OS He passed by mo I knelt to 

Shepherd, Good Shepherd, Thy 

wounds they are deep ; 
Ihd wolves have sore nurt Thee in 

saving Thy sheep ; [dyed. 

Thy raiment all over with cadniiBan is 
And what is this rent they have made 

In Thy side? 

3 Ah me, how the thorns have entan- 

gled Thv hair ffairl 

And cruelly riveu that forehead so 
How feebly Thou drawest Thy falter- 
ing breath. 
And, lo, on Thy face is the paleness 
of death I 

4 Shepherd, Good Shepherd, and ts 

it for me [on Thee f 

Such grievous affliction hath fallen 
Oh, then, let me strive, for the love 

Thou hast borne, [mourn. 

To give Hiee no lougvr oooaslon to 


Christ 18 otir Shepherd infUiitely loYlng. 

John X. d7 1 "ity sheep hear My voice ; aud I know them, and they fbUow Me ; 
and I give them life everlasting, and they shall not perish for ever, and no 
: man shall pluck them out of My hand." 

LoviNO Shepherd of Thv sheepi 

Keep me. Lord, in safety keep ; 
Nothing can Thy power mthstand, 

None can pluck me from Tliy band, 
liovlng Shepherd, Thou didst give 

Thine own life that I might live ; 
May I love Thee day by day. 

Gladly Thy sweet will obey. 

Loving Shepherd, ever naar» 
Teaeh me atUl Thy voice to hoar ; 

SuOer not my step to stray * 
From thQ strait and narrow way. 

Where Thou leadost may I go. 
Walking in Thy steps below ; 

iChen before Thy Father's throne, 
Jesu, claim me for Thine own. 



Hymn fbr Uaw Snnday, at Vespen. 

Ad rogias agni dapep % 

BtoUs axmcU caQdidifl, 
Post transitum maris Kubri 
Christo canamus Principi. 

Di^dna etijus Charitos ^ 

Sacrum propinat sanguinem, 
iUmique membra corpoxto 
Amor sacerdos immolai. 

Bparsma craofem postitms 3 

Tastator hornet aiigelUB : 
Fuf^tque divisum mard : 
Hergfuntnr hostes fluctibiui. 

Jam Paacha nostrum ChrUtus est, ^ 
Plaschalls idem victlma, 
Et pura purls mentibus 
SlnceritMas asyma. 

O vera coell vlctima,* ' 

Bulijeota oui sunt taartaxft, 

Boluta mortis vitutulato 

B^epta vitse prsemia, ^ 

Victor subactis inf eria 
Trophsea Christus explicate . 
Cceloqua aperto, suboitum 
Begem tenebrarum trahit. 

XTt sis perenne mentibus • 

Pascbue Jesu gaudlnm, 
A morte dira criminum 
Yitse renatos libera. 

Deo Patrl alt gloria, 
Et FiHo, qui a martula 
Surrexlt« ac Paradito 
In sempitema ssecula. 

V. HaD^noblscumBomine. Alleluia. 
J3, Qaonlam advesperascit. AHeltUa. 



Now at tbe Lamb's high royal fettif 

In robes of saintly white we si&g, 
Through the Red Sea in safety brought 

By Jesus our immortal Kiag. 
P depth of loTB I for us He dii|ik|F 

The chalice of His agony ; 
Piff us a Victim on the Cross 

He meek^ lays Him down to die. 

Aii4 as th9 avenging angel nasMd - 

Of old the blood-oe^irinliled door i > 
Ab the cleft sea a passage gave, [o'er: 

Then closed to whelm wf Egyptians 
So Christ cur Paschal Sacklflce, 

Has brougbt oa sale all perils througfa ; 
'While for imleayened bread we need 

But heart sincere and purpose true, 

H«U, ptorest Victim Beftven coul^ find, 
The powers of Hell to overthrow 1 

Who didst the <ihains of Death destroy ; 
"Who dost the prize of Life bestow. 

Hail, victor OUrist I haU, risen King } 

To Thee alone belongs the orown : 
"Who hast tho heavenly gates imbanied. 

And dragged the Prince d darkness 
O Jesu } ftom the death of sin 

Keep us, we pray^ \ eo shalt Thou be 
The everlaisting paschal joy 

Of all the souu new-born in Thee. • 
J^ow to the Pather and the Son, 

Who rose from death, be glory given ; 
With Thee, O holy Comforter, 
- Henceforth by all in earth ieaid 
Heaven. Amen. 

V, Abide with us^ Lord. Alleluia. 

S. For it Is now towards evening. 


Littaf •< tiM BefenttreotloiL of JMiu. 

z Bt the first bright Easter-day, 
When the stone was rolled away ; 
By the glory round Thee ilhed 
At Thy rising from the dead,—* 

Sing of glory, hear our cry ; 
Make us soon Thy joys to see ; 
• Hear the loving Litany ' 

WeThy fshildren 8ing> to Thte, 

a By Thy Mother's fond emfar&oe ; 
By her joy to see Thy face, 
Wbsn all Origbt in nydUaut Uoou< 
Thee she welcomed from the ioonb^ 
CAortM.— -King of glofy, Ao. 

3 By the joy of Magdalm, 
When she saw Thee once again, 
And, entranced in rajiture swcNSt^ 

. Knelt'to kiss Thy sacred feet,— 
CAwT**.— King of gflory, Ae. - 


4 ^-tiieir Joy who greeted Thee 
• . Vid the hUls of CUflee : 
By Thv keys of might divine. 
Tasted in St. Petefg line,— 
CfiortM.-— King of glory, k^ 

By T}iy parting Uearing giren 
Afl^ou dtdit uftend to heaveh ; 
By the doud of living light 
That received Thee oat of sightj-* 
CA«ru«.— King of glory, &C. 


'' He ascended into ffeavenj* 

" This solemnity," says St. Bernard, ** is both a glorious one for Christ and 
one full of sweetness for us. It is, indeed, the consummation of all tiie 
mysteries of our Saviour's life, the happy termination of His mission in this 
worlds and one of the grreatest proofs of His Divinity. To us it brings comfort 
to think that Christ has entered into His glory ; and that Ho has ascended 
into heaven our Kin^ and (Saviour, our Ffttuer, our Precursor, our Chief, 
our Advocate, our Mediator, our PonttfF.** 


Defieriptlon of tlia Asoexudon of our Lord. 

Acts L 9 : " And when He had said these things, ^nlille they looked on. He 
was raised up, and a oloud received Him out of their sight." 

I TvriCK twenty days have come and 

gone, [stone ; 

Since Thou didst pass the scalWi 

O Jeaus, live for ever ! 
Now on the brow of Olivet [yet ; 
With that loved band Thoo Ungeres^ | ^ 
' Sweet Jesus, live for ever I 

3 Soft is th6 summer sun, and high 
Tloateth a cloud in deep blue sky ; 

O Jesus, live for ever 1 fsttmds. 
Once more Thy mother near Thee 
"With tender gaze and folded hands'; 

Sweet Jesus, live for ever I 

« ' 

3 Th' Etemftl gates of Heaven unbar, 
' They spy the Victor from afar, 
O Jesus, live for ever I 

One blessing more — earth sinks nwny. 
The cloud receives Him! Mother, 
Sweet Jesus, live for ever I 

Bright angels throng the pomp to 

swell, [ueU. 

With souls set free from death and 

O Jesus, live for ever ! 
Earth may Thy flight no longer stay. 
Man triumphSyheaven is won for aye. 

Sweet Jesus, Uve for ever I 

Oh, glorious train rejoicing move 
On wings of gladness, wings of love; 

Jesus, Uve for ever ! 
To Thee Bedeemer, Han Divine,' 
Prrtlse in the highest, Lord, be Thine I 

Sweet Jesus, live for ever 1 


On the Jay of iamMMim 9ajr. 

John ^v. 8&: *'If you loved Meu you would indeed be glad, because I go to tho 

Father." ^ 

X Why is thy face so lit with smiles, 
. O blessed Mother, why ? 
And wherefore is thy beaming look 

So fixed upon the sky ? 
From out ttane overflowing eyes 

Bright lights of gladness part. 
As though some gushing foimt of joy 

Had broken in thy heart. 

3 Mother, how osnst thou smile to-day? 

How can thine eyes be brts^t,. 
When He, thy Lif e,thy Love, thine AIL 

Hath vanished from thy sight? 
The feet which thou hast kissed sot>ft. 

Those living feet, are gone ; [kiss 
A^d now thou canst but stoop a/xd 

Tbi9kt prixtt upon the stone. 


Tea, He haiOx Itft thefe, Koibeir iL«ac t 

His throne Is far above ; 
How canst thou he bo f nil of Joy, 

When thou hast lost thv love? 
Ah, no I thy love is rightful love, 

From all self-seeking free ; 
The change that is such gain, to Him 

Can be no loss .to thoo. . . 

Tis sweet to fed a 8«Tioar> lo^ii^' 

To feel His Presence near ; 
Tet loyal love Hia glory holds 

A thousand times more dear. 
Ah I never is our love so. pure 

As when refined by pain, 
Or when God's glony upon earth 

Vinds in our loss its gain. 


I^mn f«r AMeniloii, at Vespen. 


Salutis humansB Sator, 
Jesu voluptas cordlum, 
Orbis tedempti oonditor, 
Bt cast» lux amantinm. 

Qua victus es dementia, 
Ut nostra f erres crimina : 
Mortem subires innocous, 
A mtnte nos ut tolleres ? 

Perrumpis inf wnum chaos 
Tinctis catenas detrahls, 
Victor triumpho nobili 
Ad dexteram Patris sedes. 

Te cogat indulgentia, 
Ut damna nostra sarcias : 
Tulque vultus compotes 
Bites beato lumine. 

Ta dux, ad astra, et semita, 
Sis meta noetris cordibusi 
Sis laorymanun gaudiui»| 
Sis dulce vitas prsunlum. 


z O Thou piue light of souls that love, 
True joy of every human breast, 
Sower of life's immortal seed, 
Our Maker, and Bedeemer blest f 

a What wondrous pity Thee o'ercame, 
To make our guilty load Thine own, 
And sinless, suffer death and shame, 
For our transgressions to atone ! 

3 Thou, bursting Hades open wide, 

0ldst all the captive souUi unchain : 
And thence to Thy dread Father's side ' 
With giorions pomp ascend again. 

4 Jesu I may pity Thee compel 

To hjBal the wounds of which we die ; 
And take us in Thy Light to dwell, 
Who for Thy blissftd Presenoe sigh. 

5 Be Thou our guide, be Thou our goal ; 

]^e Thou our pathway to the skies ; 
Our joy, when sorrow fills the soul ; 
tn death our everlasting prise. 


Firtt Yetper^, 

V. Asoendit Beua in juhilatione. ' V. Ood hath gone up with triumph. 

Alleluia. Alleluia. 

Jt, Et Dominus in voce tubn. AUe* - R. And the Lord with the sound dt 

luia. the trumpet. Alleluia. 

Secpnd Vespers, 

V. Dominus in ooelo. Alleluia. V. In heaven the Lord. Alleluia. 

Jt. Faravit sedem soam. Alleluia JL Hath prepared His throne. Alle- 



O Bex Gloriss, Domine vlrtuttun qui O King of Olory, Lord of hosts, who 

triumphator hodie super omues cobIos didst this dav ascend in . triumph 

ascendistl, ne dereliuqtias nos orplm-< above all the heavens : leave us ndt 

nos : sed mitte Prnmissum Patris inf orphans ; but send upon us the Spirit 

nos, Spirltum Veritatis. Alleluia. of Tmtb, promised by the Father. 

' Alleluia. 


133. Jesiu Ohrlvt takes pobbmbIoii of tbo Tlaoni tif Ctod. 

<< Sitteth at the right homd of Oodihe Father Almighty.*' 

Mark xvi. 19 : " And th« Lord J^sua . . .. was taken up into heaven, and 

Bitteth on tiie right hand o£ Qod." 

Pb. x^ll. 7: " Lift up your gates, O ye pt4lice«^aud be ve lifted up, O etetnal 
gates-; and the Sing of glory Bhall enterin . . . Jam. 8: and Blo Bhidl rule 
from sea to sea." 

» BiSM^ glorious Victm «JfW v 
Into Thy native skies, — 

Assume Thy right ; 
And where in many a fold 
The clouds are backward roUed, 
Pass through those gates of goldi 

And reign in light. 

3 Enter, Incarnate God ; 
No feet but Thine have trod 
The serpent down ; 

Jgui fvUt'Voioed.trumpets blo\i[, 
wider the portals throw ; 
Saviour, triumphant go. 
And takd Thy crown. 

3: Lord, a^end Thy throne ; 
For Thou sha^t rule alone, 
. Beside Thy Sire 
And blessed Paraclete, 
. The Three in One complete, 
Before Whose awful feet 
All foes expire. 


Heb. vlii. X 

Jesus Is our Advocate and our High Fziest. 

*' We have such an High Priest, who is set on the right hand of 
the throne of majesty in the hdavens.*' 

There He sits in tranquil glory ; 
There He stands His aid to lend ; 

X Bysc, Advocate almighty J 

Bise. O Priest and Victiia both I 

Named ©f old Higih-Priest for ever, 
By the Father's steadfast oath I 

Swiftly, swiftly speed Thy way 
Ikack to golden realms of day. 

a Lo, tls done I o'er death victorious, 
Christ ascends His starry throne ; 

There, from all His labours resting. 
Still He travails for His owq ; 

Still our fate His heart employs 
E'en amid ofeemal Joys. 

There He offers to His Father 
Every single prayer we send ; 

There Htoself receives each tA^ 
As Omniscient Deity. 

Hail to Thee, High-Priest eternal ; 

Priest without a spot of sin ; 
Veiled of old in mystic figures, 

Holy, Infinite, Divine I 
Thou art He Whose blood alone 

Can for homan guilt atone I 


Jesus ifi our Qod. 

Heb. i. 8 : " But to the Son (He saith): 

X Jesus is God I the solid earth; 
The ocean tiroad and bright, 
The oou&filess stars, like golden dust. 
That strew the skies at night ; 
The wheeling storm, the dreadful fire. 
The pleasant gladsome air, 

§ie summer's sun, the winter's frost, 
is own creations were. 

« Jesus i» Qod I the glorious bands 
Of golden angels sing 
Songs of adoring praise to Him^ 
^eir Maker and theh: King, 

Thy throne, God, is for ever and ever." 

He was true God in Bethlehem's crib, 
Oi^ Calvary's eross true God ; 
He Who in heaven eternal reigii^, 
In time on earth abode. 

3. Jesus is God I let sorrow come, 
And pain, and every ill ; 
AU are worth while, for aU arem^ant 
"^U glory to fulfil ; 
^orth while a thousand years of life, 
'o speak one little ward, 
_f onh^ by our faith we QVfX^ 
The Godhead of our Lord. 


J«6U8 ifl GodI Olu could I pow 
But compass land and sea, 
To teach and tell this single truth, 
How happy shoiiM I be I 
Oh, had I but an aogel's voice, 
I would proclaim aloud, 
Jesus, the good, the beautiful, 
Is everlastiiig God. 

JesoB is Gk>d I X£ on the «aith 
T&lfl blessed faith decavg, 
More tender must our love become^ 
More plentiful our praise.' 
We are not angels, but we may 
Down in earth's comers kneel, ' 
And multiply sweet acta of love^ 
And murmur what we fed. 


^eBU9 Is our King. 

Pb. xliv. 7 : "The sceptre of Thy Kingdom is a sceptM of uprlj^tneBS. Thou 
hast loyed justice and hated iniquity. Therefore Ood, Thy Ood, hath 
anointed Thee with tbe oil of gladness above Thy fellows." 

Cbowk Him, the Tiigin's Son, 

Xha God Incarnate bom, [won 
Whose arm those orimsen trophies 

Which now His brow adorn. 
Awake, mysoul, and sinff 

Of Him who died for tnee ; 
And hail Him as thy s^oiious King 

Through all Etemil^. 

Crown Him, the Lord of Love ; 

Behold His bands and side, — 
Rich wounds, still visible above 

Jn beauty glorified : 

No angel in the dcy ^ 

Can fully bear that sight, feye 
But dofwnwaxd bends hia burning 

At mysteries so bright. 

Ctown Him, the Lord of Feaoe, 

Whose power a sceptre sways 
From pole to pole, that wars may cease^ 

Absorbed in ptayer aud poraise : 
His reign shall know no end. 

And round His piercM feet 
Fuir flowers of Paradise extend 

Their fragrance ever sweet. 

137. Jeimi Ohilsl reigns I The Eternal King Most Hlgb. 

Apoc. xlx. z6 : '* And He hath on His garment and on His thigh written : 

King of kings and Lord of lords.** 

O Tbou eternal King most high. 
Who didAt the world redeem, 

And conquering deathand heU receive 
A digmty supreme ; 

Thou to Thy heavenly throne above 
Didst in Thy might ascend ; 

Thenceforth to reign in sovereign 
And glory without end. (pow'r 

There, seated in Thy majesty, 
To Thee submissive bow [hsaven. 

The anacioas earth, the highest 
The depths of hell below. 

There, waiting for Thy faithful souls. 

Be TUou to U8, O Lord, 
Our peerless joy while here we stay, 

In heaven our great reward. 

Renew our strength; our sins 
Our miseries efface ; [forgive ; 

And lift our soula aloft to Thee 
By Thy oeleetial grace. 

So, when Thou shinest on the clouds 

With Thy angelio train. 
May we be saved from vengeance due^ 

And our lost crowns regain. 

138. Jeaus Cbrist reigns ! Tbe King of Qlory ajid of Loye. 

Pa. advi. 7 : "Sing praises to our King, sing ye. For God is the King of all the 


I O Jb8I7| King most wonderful, Thee may our tongues for ever bless, 

Tliou Conqueror renowned. Thee may we love alone ; 

Thou sweetness most ineflfable. And ever in our lives express 

In Whom all joye are found; The image of Thine own. 


3 O King of gloiy. King of migbt, 
From Whom all graces come ; 
O Beauty, Honour Inflnite, 

Of our celestial home ; 
Thy lovely presence shines so clear 

Through every sense and way, 
That soma which once have seen Tliee 
See all things else decay. 

3 O King of Love, Thy blessM fire. 

Does such sweet flamea excite, 
That first it raises the desijce, 

Then fills it with deUght. 
When once Thou visltest the heart, 

Then truth beg^s to shine ; 
Then earthly vanities depart ; 

Then ktodles love divine. ' 

Come then, dear Lord, possess ay 

Chase tnenoe the shades of night ; 
Come, pierce it with Thy flaming dart 

And ever'Shining light. 
Then I'U for ever Jesus sing, 

And with the saints rejoice : 
And both my heart and tongue shall 

Their tribute to my King, [bring 

Jesu, Light of all below. 

Thou Fount of life und fire, 
Surpassing all the joys we know, 

And all we can desire : 
Jesu, spotless virgin flower. 

Our life and joy ; to Thee 
Be praise, beatitude, and power. 

Through all eternity. 

139 JdsoB cniilst reigns ! The Gk>d of groodness Infinite I 

onr Friend, onr Spouse, our Lore. 

Wisd. i. z : '* Think of the Lord in goodness, and seek Him in the 

simplicity of heart." 

Mr Ood, Goodness Infinite, 
My life's true Life art Thou ; 
Flame of my heart, my Spouse most 
My love to Thee I vow. [sweet, 
Jesus, my sweetest Lord f 
Jesus, my sweetest Lord ! 
My Good, my Spouse adored I 
Jeaus, for Thee I pine away, 

My love, and my desire ; 
And, more enamoured day by day, 
I bum with heavenly fire. 

Jesus, my sweetest Lord, &c. 
Ah, Jesua, I would ever weep 

That I offended Thee ; 
Mine was ingratitude too deep, 
And basest treachery. 

Jesus, my sweetest Lord, dec. 
My JcsuB, when I call to mind 
That such a wretch as I 

Have crucified a God ao kind, 
I fain of grief woiild die. 

Jesus, my sweetest Lord, &c. 

5 Thom my Hope, make me remain 

Faithful for evermore : 

Better to die than be again 

As I have been before. 

Jesus, my sweetest Lord, &c. 

6 While night and day my foes allure, 

In Thee do I confide ; 
Take Thou and piace my heart secure 
Within Thy piercM side. 

Jesus, my sweetest Iiord, &c. 

7 With Thy sweet chains, O Jesus, bind 

My rebel heart to Thoe : 
Till death, my safety 1 will find 
In such captivity. 
Jesoa, my sweetest Lord, Ac. 

140. Jesus Christ is to toe our Judge. 

** From ihence He ahaU come to judge the living and the dead,** 

Matt. xxiv. 30 : " And they shall see the Son of Man coming in the clouda of 

heaven with great power and majesty." 

z Jesu Christ, remember, 
When Thou shalt come again, 
Upon the clouds of heaven, 
With all Thy shining train ; 

When every eye shall see The© 

In Deity revealed. 
Who now upon this altar 

In silence art concealed ;— 


Bemember, then, O Saviour, 

I supplicate of Thee. 
Tlvit here I bowed heioro Thee 

Upon my bended knee ; 
That here I owned Thy Presence, 

And did not Thee deny ; 
And glorified Thy greatness. 

Though hid from human eye. 

Accept, divine Redeemer, 

The homage of my Tnraise ; 
Be Thou the light ana honour 

And glory of my days ; 
Bo Thou my consolation 

When death is drawing nigh ; 
Be Thou my only treasure 

Through all eternity. 

*^ My sweetest Jesui^ be not Hum 2ny Judge but my Baviour. " Fifty days' 




141. From His Besnrreetion until the last Judgment. 

1 He riteafrom the dead, 
jKsns 1 who from the dead arose, 
And straightwaysoufi^tto comfort lliosc 

Whose weak faith mourns for Thee: 
Oh, may I rise from sin and earth, 
And so make good that second birth 

Which Thou hast wi'ought in me. 

2 ffe manifests Bimedf to the 

Disciples ai Emmaus. 
Jesus I who wert at Emmaus known 
In breaking bread, and Uius art shown 

Unto Thy people now : 
O may my heart within me bum. 
When at the altar I discern 

Tliy body, Lord, and bow. 

3 Jffis ascension. 

Jesus 1 amid you olives hoar, 
Thy forty days of sojourn o'er, 
Thou didst ascend on high ; 

Oh, thither may my heart and mind, 
Ascend, their home aud harbour find 
With Jesus in the sky.' 

4 ffe sits at the right hand of God, 
Jesus I Who at this very hour 

At God's right hand in pomp and power 

Our nature still doth wear ; 
Oh I let Thy wounds still intercede, ' 
And by their simjile silence plead 
Thy countless merits thwo. 

5 He shall come to Jiidge the liviny 

and the dead, 
Jesus I Who shalt in glonr come 
With ansda to the final doom, 

Men^s works and wills to weigh, 
Since from that pomp I cannot flee. 
Be pitiful, great Lord I to me^ 

In that tremendous day. 

** / believe in the Holy Ghost," 

The Christian Pentecost, prefig^ured b^ the ancient one of the Jews, is of 
the number of the feasts that were institutod by the Apostles. It ranks in 
the Liturgy on an equality with the Paschal solemnity. The Pasch is tlie 
redemption of man by the victory of Christ ; Pentecost is the Holy Ghost 
taking possession of man redeemed. Sunday, already mado holy by the 
creation of the light, and by the Resurrection of Jesus, receives to-day its 
final consecration by bringing to us the Pulnen of God. On this day is accom- 
plished the promise of our Saviour Who had said : " I am come to cast fire on the 
earth* (Luke xii. 49). On this day the Holy Ghost begins His mission into 
this world whieh, henceforward, is to be vmder Hia law. On thie day the 


Church of Otrnt isi ostabUflhed and the new law promulfvited by &U Poter aa 
by another Moses. On this da^ Mary, Mother of the Infant Churdi, receives 
a new aanctification in receiving a new title (Fs. zlv. 5). On this day all 
the Apostles of Christ are endued with power from on high, and made ready 
for the ffreat battle they are going to engage in (Luke xziv. ^\ 

Oh I if we knew the gift of God, with what thanks and love we should 
welcome this grand ana beautiful day, in which thel^Qve of God has given 
Himself to the world and to us. 


HyBm to the Btemal ftpirtt. 

John ziv. 26 : *' The Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in My name, He 

will teach you all things." 

Fountain of Love ! Thyself true God, 
Who through eternal days [flowed 

From Father and from Son hast 
In uncvaaAed ways J 

Majesty unspeakable I 

O rerson all divine I 
How in the Threefold Majesty 

Doth Thy procession shine 1 

Frooeeding, yet of equal age 
With Those Whose love Thou art J 

Proceeding, yet distinct, from those 
Trom whom Thou seem'st to part. 

An undivided Nature, shared 
With Father and with Bon ; 

A Person by Thyself ; with Them 
Thy simple essence One I 

5 I dread Thee, tTnbegotten Lcrre I 

True God I Sole Fount of Grace I 
And now before Thy blessM throne 
My sinful self abase, 

6 Thou art a God of fire, that doth 

Create while He oonsumea t 
A God of light, whose rays on earth 
Darken where He iUtuBM 1 

7 O Spirit, beautiful and dread I 

My heart f s fit to break 
With love of all Thy tendemeaa 
For us poor sinners' sake. 

8 Thy love of Jesus I adore : 

My comfort this shall be. 
That when I serve my dearest X^oid 
That servioe wprsblps Thee I 


DeBczlption of the tfystezy of Penteoost. 

Acts iL 3 s *' And there appeared to fhem parted tongues as It were of fire, 
and it sat upon every one of them ; and they were aU filled with the Holy 

z Abovs the starry spheres 

To "w4iere He was before, [high 
Christ had gone up, soon from on 
The Father's gift to pour. 

3 And now had fuUy oome, 
On mystic cycle borne 
Of seven times seven revolving days, 
The Pentecostal mom ; 

3 When, as the Apostles knelt 

At the i^hird hour in prayer. 
A sudden rushing sound proclaimed 
The God of glory near. 

4 Forthwith a tongue of fire 

Alights on every brow ; [light, 
Each breast receives the Father's 
The world's enkindling glow. 

5 The Holy Ghost on all 

Is mightily outqpoorad ; 


Who straight tn divers feoBguea de- 
The wonders of the Ijord. [clare 

While strangers of all climes 
Flock round from far and near, 

And with amawment, each at once 
Their native accents hear. 

But faithless still, the Jews 

Deny the hand divine, 
And xnadly jeer the saints of Christy 

As drunk wilAi new-made wine. 

Till Peter in the midst 
Stood up and sp«ke aloud ; 

And their perfidious falsity 
By Joel's witness showea. 

Praise to the Father be I 
Praise to the Son Who rose I 

Prais«L Holy Paraclete, to Tha^ 
While age on ages flew. 



The Mother of the Son of Qod becomes the Mother 
oftiM mfont Chiroh. 

Fb. xlv. 5 : " Tlie frtream of the river maketh the city of God joyful : 
Host High hath sanctified His own tabenxacle.'** 


Thb M^other sits all worshipful 

With her niftjestio mien ; 
The princes of the infant Ohurch 

Are gathered round their Queen. 
And now she piv^s her mighty prayer 

In accents me«k and faint. 
And highest Heaven is quick to own 

The beautiful constraint. 

Then for His love of worthless men, 
Hie love of Mary's worth, [spr^, 

His beauteous wings the X>ove oiit- 
Ajid winged His night to earth. 



comes, He comes, that mighty 
From heaven's eternal shores ; 
His unoreated freshness fills 
His bnde as she adores. 

The Spirit came into the Church 

Wifli His unfailing power : 
He is the Living Heart That beats 

Within her at this hour. 
Oh, let us fall and worship Him, 

The Love of Sire and Son, 
l%e consubstantial Breath of God, 

The co>etemal One. 

Sequentia for Penteeost, nt Masft. 


(Indulgence of a hundred 

X Ybni, Sancte Spiritus^ 
Et emitte coelitiis 
Lucis tus8 rddium. 

a Veni, Pater pai&'perum, 
Venl, dator miinerum, 
Veni, lumen odrdium. 

3 ConsoUtor dpttma, 
Dulcis hospes ^imse^ 
Duloe refrfg^rium. 

4 In labdre r^quies 
In sdstu tezapMes, 
In fletu soUtium. 

5 O lux beatissima, 
Beple cordis intima, 
Tuorum fid^Uum. 

6 Bine tuo nilmine. 
Nihil est In h6mine, ' 
Nihil est Ixmdxium. 

7 Lava quod est s6rdidumi 
Riga quod est ^dum, 
Sana quod est s&ucium. 

8 Mecte quod est rigidum, 
Fove quod est fligidum 
Bege quod est d^um. 

9 I>a tuis fid^bus 
In te confid^ntibus, 
Sacrum septenirium. 

lo Ba virfcdtis m^ritum, 
Da saltltis ^xltum 
Da per^ane gaiidium. 

dayS; each time. Plenary once a month.) 

I Holy Spirit I Lord of Light I 
From the clear celestial height 
Thy pure beaming radiance give. 

• Come, Thou Father of the poor ! • 
Come with treasures which endure ; 
Come Thou U^t of all that Itvo 1 

3 Thou of all consolers best. 
Visiting the troubled breast^ 
Doat refreshing peace bestow ; 

4 Thou in toil art comfort sweet ; 
Pleasant coolness in the heat j 
Solace in the midst of woe. 

5 Lifi^t immortal I Light divine I 
Visit Thou these hearts of Thino, 
And our inmost being fill : 

^ If Thou take Thy grace awav, 
Nothing pure In man will stay^ 
All his good is turned to ill. 

7 Heal our wounds— our strength renew, 
On our dryness pour Thy dew ; 
Wash the stains of guilt away t 

8 Bend the stubborn hc<art and ydll ; 
Melt the frozen, Warm the chill ; 
Guide the steps that go astray. 

9 Thou on those who evermore 
Thee confess and Thee adore. 
In Thy sevenfold gifts descend ; 

xo Give tiiem comfort when thev'die ; 
Give them life with Hiee on high ; 
Give them joys which never end. 



Veni Sancte Bpftrltoa— Anotlwr TranslatioiL 

Bom. viii. 14 : " Whosoever are led by the Sphit of God, they are the sons 
of God ; . . . 26 : Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmity." 

Gome, Holy Ghost, send down those 

Which sweetly How in silent streams 

From 1%y bright throne above ; 
O come, Thou Father of the poor ; 
O come, Thou source of all our store; 

ComOi fill our hearts with love. 

O Thou of comf ortesrs the best ; 
Thou, the soul's delightful guest, 

The pilgrim's sweet relief ; 
Thou art true rest in toil and sweat. 
Refreshment in th' excess of heat. 

And solace in our grief. 

Thrice-bless&d light, shoot home Thy 

And pierce the centre of those hearts 
Whose faith aspires to Thee ; 

Without Thy Godhead nothing can 
Have any price or worth in man. 
Nothing can harmless ba 

Lord, wash our sinful stains away, 
Befresh from heaven our barren 
Our wounds and bruises heal ; 
To Thy sweet yoke our stiff necks 
bow, [snow, 

Warm with Thy fire our hearts of 
Our wand'ring feet repeal. 

Grant to Thy faithful, dearest Lord, 
Whose only hope is Thy sure word, 

The seven gifts of Thy Spirit; 
Grant us in life Tiiy helxxijD^ grace, 
Grant us at death to see Thy lace, 

And endless joy Inherit. 


Hymn for Wbit Sunday at Tespen, 


(Indulgence of one hundred days each time. Plenary once a month.) 

Veot, Creator Spiritus, 
Mentes tuoruip visita, 
Imple supema gratia, 
Qu£8 tu creasti pectora. 

Qui diceris Faraclitus, 
Altissimi donum Dei, 
Fons vivus. Ignis, chariias, 
Et spiritalis unctio. 

Tu septiformis munere, 
Digitus FatemsB dexterse, 
Tu rite promissum Patris, 
Sermone ditans guttura. 

Accende lumen sensibus, 
Infunde amorem cordibus, 
Infinna nostri corporis 
Virtute firmans perpeti. 

Hostem repellas longius, 
Pacemque dones protinus ; 
Ductore sic te prssvio 
Vitemua omne noxium. 

Per te sciamus da Patrom, 
Noscamns atque FUium, 
Teque utriusque Spiritani 
Credamua omni tempore. 

1 Comb, O Creator Spirit blest ! 
And in our souls take up Thy rest ; 
Come witii Thy grace and heavenly aid. 
To fill the hearts which Thou hast made. 

2 Great Paraclete I to Thee we cry, 
O highest gift of God most high t 
O Fount of Life ! O Fire of Love ! 
And sweet anointing from above I 

3 Thou in Thy sevenfold gifts art known ; 
The finger of God's hand we own ; 

The promise of the Father Thou 1 

Who dost the ton^e witii power endow. 

4 Kindle our senses from above. 

And make our hearts o'erflow with love ; 
With patience firm, and virtue high. 
The weakness of our flesh supply. 

5 Far from us drive the foe we dread, 
And grant us Thy true peace instead ; 
So shall we not, with Thee for guide. 
Turn from the path of life aside. 

6 Oh, may Thy grace on us bestow. 
The Father and the Son to know, 

And Thee through endless times ctmftiscd. 
Of both th' eternal Spirit UoKt. 


Deo Fatrl sit glorU.' 
Et Filio. qui a mortuis 
Suireklt, ac Paracllto, 
In BflBCulorum saocula. 


All ff l<Kry wbti9 the afffis run 
Be to tne Father, and the Son 
Who rose from death, the same to Thee, 
O Holy Ghost, eternally. 



F. Bepletl sunt omnes Spirltu Sanoto. V. They were all filled with the Holy 
Alleluia. Ghost. Alleluia. 

a. Et cceperunt loqui Alleluia. £, And began to speak. Alleluia. 


V. Loquebantor vaztUi Unguis Apes- V. The Apostles spake In divers 

toll. Alleluia. tongues. Alleluia. [Alleluia. 

JL MaguallaDei. Alleluia. £, The wonderful works of God. 


Veni Creator Sptritus— Another Traiulatloii. 

John xiv. z6 : *' I will ask the Father, and He shall gfive you another Paraclete, 
that He may abide with you lor ever, the Spirit of truth." 

I CoMS, Holy Ghost, Creator, come, 
From Thy bright heavenly throne : 
Come, take possession of our souls. 
And make them all Thy own. 

a Thou who art called the Paraclete, 
Seat ffif t of God above : 
The living Spring, the living Fire, 
Sweet Unction and true Love. 

3 Thou who art sevenfold In Thy grade* 
Finger of God's rigbt hand ; 

His promise teaching little ones 
To speak and understand. 

4 Oh I guide our minds with Thy blest 
With love our hearts inflame ; [light. 

And with Thy strengtli which ne'er 
Confirm our mortal frame, [decays 

5 Far from tis drive our hellish foe. 
True peace unto us bring ; 

And thyough all perils lead us safe 
Beneath Thy sacred wing. 

6 Through Thee may we the Fath« 

Through Thee th* Eternal Son, 
And 'j^ee the Spirit of them both, 
Thzice bLesaM Three in One 

7 All fflory to the Father be. 
With Eus co-equal Son, 

The Uke to Thee, great Faradete, 
While endless ages run. Amen. 


Invocation to tbe Holy Ohost. 

Pa. ciii 30 : ** Thou shalt send forth Tby Spirit, and they shall be created : 
and Thou shalt renew the face of the earth." 


Holt Ghost on us descend. 
Thy Spirit with our souls to blend ; 
Inspire our hearts with burning love. 
And to UB all Thy goodness prove. 

(Jlepeat two la»i lina.) 

1 Without Thee all is vanify, [astrny ; 
Where Thou art not we wander all 
Oh I dissipate our ignorance we pray, 
Protect us with Thy ever- watchful eye. 

Chortu.^0 Holy Ghost, &c. 

9 Hell's demons all endeavour to de- 
stroy [snwe. 
The faithful by this world's seduotlve 

To muisrmindourheart'scelestial |ay ; 
Be Thou our heav'nly Sov'reign and 

our Guide, 
AU sin to cure, all sorrow to repair. 
Ckorui,-^ Holy Ghost^ Ac. 

Teach us Thy heavenly wisdom, 

Lord, we pray, 
For that alone our mortal life can 

Along her path the young their mii'th 

And old age dwells in peaceful happi« 

CA«nM.— O Holy Ghost^ fto« 



Another fitvocAtlon to tlie Holy Ghost. 

Bom. vtti. «6 : " The Spirit Himself asketh for us with unspeakable groaoiogci.' 

"B-OVi Ghost, come down upon Thy 
Giye us grace, and make us Thtae; 
Thy tender fires within us kindle, 
BlessM Spirit I Dove Divine I 

z For all within us good and holjr 
Is from Thee, Thy precious gift} 
In all our joys, in all our Borrows, 
Wistful hearts to Thee we lift. 
Chffnu. — ^Holy Ghost, Ac. 

9 For Thou to us art mom than father, 
More than sister, in Thy love, 
So gentle, patient, and forbearing. 
Holy Spirit I heaveiJy Dove ! 
(7AonM.— Holy Ghost, dec. 

3 Oh* we have giieved Thee, graoioua 
Wayward, wanton, cold are we } 
And still our sins, new every morning, 
Never vet have wearied Thee. 
CTiorua.— Holy Ghost, Ac 

4 DearParadetel how hast ^ou wafted 

While our hearts were slowly 
turned 1 
Ho w often hath Thy k>Tefa6en slighted 
While for us it grieved and htuned* 
CA9rt(|L—Ho|y Ghost, 4c. 

5 Now if our hearts do not deceive us, 

We would take Thee for our Lord ; 
O deareat Bpidt 1 make us faithful 
To Thy least and sUfldatost urord. 
CAonc«.>^H6tsr Ghost^ Ac 

6 Ah! sweet Consoler, liiough we cannot 

LofTDTtMas Th«a latest us. 
Yet if Thou deign'st our hearts to 
They will not be always thus. 
Chor%9,^BxA7 Ghosti *a 

7 With hearts so vile how dare we ven- 

King of kings, to love Thee so ? 
And how canst Thou, with such com< 
Baar so long with things so low T 
C^oriM.— Holy Ghost, ^ 


Hymn after Oonlbniuitloii. 

Ephes. i. 13 : ** You were signed with 

pledge of our 

z SiGNBP with the cross that Jesus bore. 
We kneel, and trembtttigly adore 

Our King upon His throne. 
The lights upon the altar shiuQ 
Around His Majesty -divine^ 
Our God and Mary's Son. 
9 Now, in that presence dread and 
His own dear Spirit we entraat, 
Who sevenfold gifts bath shed 
On us, who fall before Him now, 
Hearing the cross upon our brow, 
On which our Master bled. 

3 Spirit of wisdom, turn oiu* eyes 
IVom earth and earthly vanities 

To heavenly truth and love. 
Spirit of understanding true, 
Our souls with heavenly light endne. 

To seek the things above. 

4 Spirit of counsel be our guide ; 
Teach us, by earthly struiggles tried, 

Our heavenly crown to win. 

the Holy Spirit of promise who is the 

Spirit of fortitude, Thy power 
Be with US in temptation's hour, 
To keep us pure from sin. 

5 Spirit of knowledge, lead our feet 
nrVifaie own paths so safe and sweet, 

3y angel f ootstepa tvod ; [be. 

Where jQiou our GTuardian true shalt 
Spirit of gentle piety, 

To keep us close to God. 

6 But most of all, be over near, 
SpWt of God's most holy fear. 

Within our inraost shnne ; 
Our souls with awful reverence fill. 
To worship His most holy will, 

AU-righteoua and divine. 

7 So, dearest Lord, through peace or 

Lead us to everlasting Ufe, 

Where only rest can be ; 
And grant where'er our lot is cast, 
Wo may in peace be brought at last 

To Mary a&d to IhM. 


" The Holy C<ahoUc Church,'' 

The Church of- ChrUt la thecongrention or society o| aU the ti^ue foUowoi- 
of Jesus Christ throughout the whole woild, united together m one body, 
ander one Head. 

Rom. zli. 5 : "We being many are one body in Christ, and evMry one members 

one of anotho*.'* 


Tbere is oiUy Otte dnttcb. 

£phes. iv.: <<One body, one spirit, one IiOrd, one faith, one baptism.'* ^ohn 
X. x6: "Toere shall be one fold and one Shepherd. 

X One Body, one Spirit, and Lord, 
And one ralth for sU Ages was giveU} 
One Bsptlsm, framed to aooord 
With one God, and one Father in 
Heaven; [Qround 

One Ghnndi^-the sole PUlar and 
a the Truth— an immovable Bock ; 
One Sher^ierd by all to bo owned, 
And oneFold for that primitive FWoIcT 

a One ark in whose refuge to trust 
In the tempests that faiuihas to brave, 
While others arc swayed by each gust 
Of opinion, or lost in its wave. 

One house for the people of Qod, . 
One theme for the sinner in pMyer, 
One Path to the blessed abode 
Of the saints who now plead for us 

That house, if the malice of hdl 
Or themadnessof earth oottld destrc^i 
Had fallen axxi crushed as it fell 
The belief in all truth, and its joy. 
The rain fell upon it, and faUs,[n^ : 
And the floods came in torrents of 
Thawinda blew and beat on its walls. 
But it fell not, nor trembles from age. 

155. ssi# GtmnA Is AqI^. 

Ephes. ▼. : " Christ le«r«d the Olwunft^ aad ddiveeed BDnself up for ity thai 
He might sanctify it . . . that it should be holy and 'without blemish." 

I liOVE tbe Church of God, 

The holy guiding light. 
On the path our fathers trod, 

For ever shining bright. 
The Church where saint and saj«e 

Have found in every clime. 
Best on lAielr pllgrlmago, 

In many a weary time. 

Her everlasting fanes, 

BnUt up wi^ holy skiU, 
Where she in beauty roigns, 

AH earth with glories fill. 
The ark of (Jod is there. 

Shrine of the King of kings, 
Where children bent in prayer, 

Are screened by angels' wings. 

Come to the Church of Ood, 
The house wherein ia laid 

Tbe Uooming mystic rod. 
For which the Pi*ophets prayed. 

Her priests have power divine, 
To fteed the chosen ii^k. 

By Apostolic line, 
Linked to Saint PeteiPs iook. 

Her daily sacrifice. 
On holy altars spread, 

Ascendew to the skies, 
. For the living and the dead. 

Her lamp bums seven-fuldi 
With oil sent from above ; 

Its rays are living gold. 
The sacraments of love. 

Ber fair monastie band. 

In robes of purest wnxte, 
Shine on the darkened land, 

A lamp of quenchless light. 
Her children of the lyre, 

With burning seraph tongue . 
And breast of Uving Are, 

Still wake the raptured song. 


6 The noble'aons of art 
Along her patiiway oast 
Gifts ox the hand and heart 
Now, as in ages past» 

Oh I follow ye the Bride 
Upon hat ioumey blest^ 

For Jesos is ner guide, 
And leadeth her to rest. 

166. Tbe dmrtib Is CatboUc, that U, UnivenaJ. 

Matb zzTiii : " Qo je, and teineb all B*tlon8." 
Kark nvi. : " Going into tiie world, preach tbe gospel to every creature.* 

Holy Church Catholic t Joy of tho 
earth, [birth I 

In whom the nations have had a new 
Bond of the universe, binding in one, 
AU the wide empires nuder the sun ! 

AU believers uar and near. 
Who adore in spirit and truth slnoere ! 

Glory and praise, O Bride of the 

To Thee the heirs of glory accord. 

O happy kingdom, for ever to last* 
O sweet shelter from misery's dark 

Offering to souls however distressed, 
However tempted, a refuge and rest ! 
Always to ul the human xaoe 

ApiUpir of larath and fountain of gtace. 
Triumph of Jesus I bought with 

His blood 1 
Thou hast the promifes of our God. 

In Thee I trust and do wholly believe: 

Thy words are His who can never 

deceive, [well. 

Thee, whom Jesus indeed loveth, so 

Deeper I myweii love than words ean 

tell. [sore, 

Thee, whom the world hateth so 

tor that veryhatied I love the move. 

Thee^ in Thy sufferingB, Thee in 

TI^ shamo, [same r 

I piaise, I love, and honour Vie 


The Cliiiroli of Rome alone utands the One Holy 
GUfholto and ApoetoUo GIuuoIl 

Therefore sheaZofu is '* the true Church of Christ, the house of the living 
God, the pillar and groimd oi the Truth."— z Tim. tU. 25. 

z Who is she that stemds triumphant, 
Bock in strength upon the Bock, 
Like some city crowned with tnnfdts, 
Braving storm and earthquake shock? 
Who is she her arms extending 
In blessing o'er a world restored ; 
All the anthems of creation 
Lifting to creation's Lord? 

Hers the kingdom, hers the 

Kneel, ye nations, at her feet I 
Hers that truth whose fruit is freedom ; 
Light her yoke ; her burthen sweet ! 

9 As the moon that takes its splendour 
From a sun unseen all night, 


So from Christ, the Sun of Justice, 
Bvermore she draws her light. ■ 
Hers alone the hand of healing, ' 
The Bread of life, the absorbing key: 
The Word Incarnate is her Bride- 
The Spirit hers, His temple, she. 
Chwtts. — Hers the kingdom, Ac. 

Empires rise and sink like billows ; 
Their place knoweth them uo more : 
Glorious as the star of momiog 
She o'erlooks the wild uproar. 
Hers the household all embracing ; 
Hers the vine that sliadows earth : 
Blest thy children, mighty mother I 
Save the stranger at thy hearth ! 
CAottit.— Hers the kingdom* Ao. 



Bather Dia ihaa Porsake tSie Ghnrdi. 

Pa. cxxxvi. 5 : " If I fozvet thee, Jenisalem, let my right hand be torgotbui i 
let my tongue cleave to my jaw% if I do not remember thee." 

z ThL never forsake thee, and never 
will I be, [tate from thee, 

true Church of the Saints, an apos- 
ThoQgh friends may entice me, and 

though fortune may frown. 
My faith, my holy Church, until 
death I WiU 0¥m. 

9 Thoymayboastof their wealthi they 

may talk of their gold, 
ni be true to the faith like the 

Martyrs of old, [die/* 

*'A CathoUc III llTB, a Catholie lUl 
fie this my life's watchword, and at 

death my last cry. 

3 I may lose some advantage and f ov» 
f eit some gain, [suffer some pain. 

1 may meet with unkindneas and 

But Jesus and Mary they will s\irely 

bestow [tai^ flow. 

Bicher gifts than from ain and apos^ 

They call me a Papist and they laugh 

at my creed, 
Tis the faith that wlU save in the 

dread hour of need ; 
Let them talk, let them laugh, but 

when death is at hand 
The priest is to be found the true 

niend in the land. 

Then well oUng to the priest, and 
well cling to the Pope ; 

Well cling to Christ's Vicar, for 
Christ is our hope ; [the while, 

W«ll fight a good battle, and Mary all 

From her throne in the skies, on her 
ohildreoi will smile. 


Tbe Joy of tbe 8<ml wlio has found the True 
Ohiirch of ChriBt. 

Matt. xvL z8 : " Thou art Peter ; and upon this rock I will build My Church, 
and the gates of hell shall not prevail against It." 


Who, spent by baffling surge, 

Have now at length my foot 
Upon the rock of Peter firmly set ; 

Round which the waves 

Tumultuous rage in vain ; 

Voinlv have I'nged of old, [ages yet. 
And stul in vain shall rage uirough 

9 Now let the hHIs 

Be swept into the sea ; 

Let the floods lift their voice. 
And mountains shake before me roar- 

Ion the Bock 
Of A£;e8 safe from harm, 
Will lay me down in peaces 
And all amid the wreck securely 

3 Thou o'er mv head 

Lulling the fretful aea. 

Star of the deep 1 shine down, 
Still evermore the same in storms or 

And send sweet dreama L^'fdms ! 

Of Paradise to me. 

Taking my happy rest 
Safe in my Evexiastlng Father's arms. 


God Blesa our Pope ! 

** HJM»py Borne 1 on which the Apoatles poured out all their doctrine with 
thoir blood ; when Peter had a like passion witibi the Lord ; where Paul was 
crowned with an end like the Baptist's."— Terftatian. 

a FuUs in the panting heart of Borne, 
Beneath the Apostl^scrowningdome, 
Jtum pilgTima^ Upe that kiss the 

Breathes in all tongues one only 

"God bless our Pope, the great, the 




The ffolden roof , the marble wall, 
The Vatican's majestlo halla, 
The note redouble : till it fills 
With eehoes sweet the seven hiJto : 
" God bless our Pope, the great, toe 
good." , 

Then surging thttragfa each hallowed 

Where martyrs gloiy, in peace, await. 
It sweeps beyond tne solemn plain, 
Peals over Alps, across the main : 
" Ood bless our Pope, the great^ the 


From torrid South to fi-osen Noriii.' 
T&Awa;vehannoiLlous stretchesfofrm; 
Yet strikes no chord more true to 

Rome's, [homes : 

That rings within our hesjrts and 
" Qod bless our Pope, the greati the 


For like the spaiks oi unseen fire, 
That epeak along the magio wire, 
Fn)m home te nome^ from heart to 

These words of eotrntleeii eblldMii dart: 
*' Ood bless our Pope, the great, the 



** The Chtnmmum pf 8aiid9." 

" By the Commtonfon of Saints we mean that all the members of the Church 
hi heaven, on earth, and in purgatoiy, are in communion with each other, as 
being one bod^ in Jesus Christ." Bom. zii. 5 : '* We being 99a»V, are one body 
in Christ, ana fivery one members one of another," 

*' We are ia commimion with 1iie Saints in heaven by honouring them as the 
glorified members of the Church ; and also 1^ our praying to mm, and Iqr 
their praying for us."— Cixj^cftum. 


B^nm fbr All 4alati, at Tesptn. 


Plaoabi^ Christe sonnilia, 
QuiboB Patris dementlam 
TusB ad Tribunal gratlse 
Patrona Virgo postulat 

Et Tos beata, per novem 
Distincta gyrM Agmina : 
AnticiTia cnun pnssentibus, , 
Futara danma p^Ulte. 

Apostoli com Yafilbus 
Apud seyerum Judicem, 
Verls reorum fletlbus 
EzposcLte indulgentiam. 

Vos purpuratl Hartyres, 
Voa oandldati prmnio 
Oenf eefionlfl, ezulea 
Vocate nos in patriam. 

Chorea casta Vireinum, . 
Et quos eremus incolas 
Transmisit astris Ccalitum 
Locate nos in sedibus. 

Chbist, niyguillf people spare I 
Lo, bending at Thy gxtudons t^ne. 
Thy Virgin Mother pours her prayer. 
Imploring pardon for her own. 

Ye AngelS; hajppy evermore I 
Who in your curcles nine ascend, 
As ye have guarded us before. 
Bo Btm from harm our steps defend* 

Ya Prapbets and Apostles high I 
Behola our penitential tears ; 
And plead for us when death is nigh, 
And our all-searching Judge appears. 

Ye Martyrs all I a purple band, 
And Conf easers, a whne-robed train ; 
,Oh, call ns to ofor nati?<e laiid, 
Fram this our exile, baok ag«^ 

And ye, ohoim of Vifgins ehasta : 
Receive us to your seats on high ; 
With Hermits whom the desert wmIb 

Sent up al old into the sky. 


Auferte gentem perfidam 
Credentiiun de milbuB ; 
Ut unus omneB imicum 
Ovile nos Pastor regat. 

Beo Fatii sit gloria, 
Natoque Fatris unlco, 
Bancto simul Faracllto, 
In sempitema ssecula. 


Drive from the flook, Spirits blest 1 
^e false and faithless race away ; 
That all within one fold may rest. 
Secure beneath one Shepherd's sway. 

To God the Father glory be, 
And to His sole-begotten Son ; 
The same, O Holy Ghost, to Thee, 
YHiile everlasting ages run. 



V. Tiwt ftmin t in Domino, et exoltate V, Be glad. O ye Just, and rejoice In 
justi. the Lord. 

JL Et glorlamini omnes recti corde. R. And be joyful all ye that are right 

of heart. 


F. Exultabunt Sancti in gloria. 
JZ. Leetabuntur in cubilibus suis. 

V, Thy Saints shall rejoice In glory. 
R. And shall be joyful in their beds. 


The Feast of All Saints. 

Apoo. vii. 9 : " After this I saw a great multitude, which no man could number, 
of all nations, and tribes, and people, and tongues, standing before th? 
throne, and in sj^t ol the Lamb, clothed with white robes and palms in 
tiieir hands." 

All haU I bright feast of jubilation I 

Falling like heavenly ray o'er earth's 
drear gloom ; 

Hail I glorious sons of Christ's salva- 
tion r 

Trophies of heaven's eternal harvest 


Let myriad voices raise, 
Triumphant songs of pi'aJse, 
Gloiy to Sion's King be given. 
While glorious armies bright 
All thilil with joyous light 
Of love's eternal gaze in heaven. 

Bee I see I angelic hosts are soaring, 
Triumphant armies swell the heavenly 

throng ; [adoring, 

I^lstl while they bend, the Lamb 
'* Sanotus ** resounds in one undying 

Ciw»nM.^Let myriad, die. 

Lo ! nine vast rings in circling choit 
Bound where the light of God re- 

splendent glows ; [higher, 

High soars their praise, and now still 
More jubilant the song of rapture 

CAonw.— Let myriad, &o. 

On highest throne, all brilliant glow- 
ing, [queen ; 

Bupremelv rules a bright majostio 

How swift bright streams of grace 
are flowing, [seen. 

While Mary's love for exiled sons is 
CAornta.— Let myriad, Ac. 

O blessed throngs, as inoense btim- 
ing, [throne ; 

Let prayer ascend to great Jehovah's 

Sweet mercy asks and soothes our 
yearning, [are flown. 

Till toil-worn spirits to their rest 
CAoriM.— Let myriad, dec 


6 fiartli*8 Joys all fadOi and life grows 

weary, [home of lore ; 

Whene er our hearts are turned to 

And while the shades of night fall 

dreary, [above. 

We sigh for realms of endless days 

Chorus.— "Let myriad, &c , 

Yet brayely on I at nought repining. 
Though night be dark and dreary, 

tempests roar, [shining. 

While guardian saints, liko stars are 
Love's strength will bear us to the 

eternal shore. 
Chorus. — Let myriad, &c. 

164. Colloquy Between the Church Hilitaat and the ChurOh 


Ps. XJtx, so: "Oh t how great is th« multitude of Thy sweetness, O Lord, which 
Thou hast hidden for them that fear Thee 1 " 

Question.— iSoZo. 
X From your blissful thrones of glory 
Look on us, ye elect ; 
Tell us what repays your combat, 
Tell us what we may expect? 

Answxb. — Chorus. 
0\3r delights no one can utter, 
Eye hath notseen. ear hath not heard; 
Nor can mortals feel the pleasuroi 
That for us God hath reserved. 

Question. — Solo. 
3 Ye, bright martyr throng, whose 
Never quailed amid the strife ; 
What is nuw to be yoiur portion 
After giving up your life ? 

Answer. — Chorus, 
We, with waving palms, s^ standing. 
And with banners bright unfurled. 
Sing for ever, alleluia, 
To tiie Saviour of the world. 

Question. — Solo. 

3 Famous doctors, ye, whose voioeB 
Have resounded here below, [trines 
By what new and wondrous doc- 
Are your minds enlightened now ? 

Answsr. — Chorus, 
From the everlasting fountain 
Of the imerring truui of God, 
We are learning untold seorets 
Ever in our blest abode. 

Question.— 56?o. 

4 Ye, whose unabated penance 
Hade the desert so renowned, 
Hermits, t<^l us, for your rigours 
What delight ye now have found? 

Answer. —C^oru*. 
] For the pleasures we relinquished, 
For our homes and friends d^ow, 
Joys delicious, pour in torrents. 
Fill our hearts and overflow. 

Question.— 5oto. 

5 Ye, the virgins, whose betrothals 
Boiuid vou to a heavenly spouse, 
With what favours does He own you, 
Fedthfcd to your threefold vowb f 

Answer. — Chorus, 
Happy brides, in spotless garments. 
Close beside our Lord we throng ; 
Where the Lamb goes, there we 

While we sing the ' ' unknown song. * 

Question.— fifo^o. 

6 As we gase upon your glory, 
Saints of God, in Heaven's own light, 
Teach us how we too may join you. 
How to win those crowns so bright ? 

Answer.— CAortM. 
Would you oomo where wo have 
entered, [power ; 

Fight with all your strength and 
Would you live the life eternal. 
Die to self at every hour? . 

Question.— SoZo. _ 

7 Ah 1 we slu±ak from pain and sorrow, 
We are frightened wnen we hear ; 
We must Uve in constant struggles^ 
We must die to all that's dear. 

Answer. — Chorus. 
If the path be rough and thorny. 
At the end all pain shall cease ; 
If the battle be a fierce one. 
There shall be eternal peace I 



By Fiargatory we maan » place where souls suffer for a time after death on 
account of their sins, x Cor. iii 15 : *' Some shall be saved, yet so as by Are.'* 
We are in communion with the souls in Purgatory by helping them with our 
prayers and good vroTka.—CatechisM, 

165. An Intercessory Prayer of the drarch Militant for tbe 

ClLiircli Suffering In Purgatory. 

3 Mach. xii. 46: "It is a holy and wholesome thoaght to pray for the dead, 

tbat they may be loosed from ams." 

Tx souls of the faithful I 

Who sleep in the Lord ; 
But as yet are shut out 

From your final reward I 
Oh 1 would I could lend yon 

Assistance to fly ; 
From your prison below, 

To your palace on high: 

O Father of mercies I 

Thine anger withhold ; 
These works of Thy hand 

In Thy mercy behold ; 
Too oft from Thy path 

They have wandered aside : * 
But Thee, their Creatori 

They never denied.; 

O tender Redeemer I 

Their misery see ; 
Deliver the souls 

That were ransomed by Thee ; 
Behold how they love Thee, 

Despite of their pain : 
Beetore them, restore them 

To favour again. 

O Spirit of giace 1 

O Consoler divine I 
See how for Thy presenoo 

They longingly pine ; 
Ah, then, to enliven 

Their sadness, descend ; 
And fill them \^th peace, 

And with joy in the end. 

O Mother of mercy f 

Dear soother in grief 1 
Lend thou to their torments 

A balmy relief ; 
Attenijwr the rigour 

Of justice severe ; 
And soften their flames 

With a pitying tear. 

All ye who would honour 

The Saints and their Head, 
Bemember, remember, 

To pray for the dead ; 
And they, in return, 

From tneir misery freed, 
To you will be friends 

In the hour of need. 

166. Interceaaion for the Faithful Departed. 

I Cror. UL 1$: ** He himself shall be saved, yet so as by fire.' 

X Hbl9, liOrd, Hm aoals which Thou 
luuBt made, 
The souls to Thee so dear, 
In prison, for debt unpaid 
Of sins committed here. 

a Those holy souls, they suffer on, 
Resigned in heart and will, 
Until Thy high behest is done. 
And justice has its fill. 

3 For daily falls, for pardoned crime, 
They Joy to undergo 
The shadow of Thy cross sublime. 
The remnant of Thy woo. ' 

4 Oh, by their patience of delay. 

Their hope amid their pain, 
Their sacred seal to bum away 
Disfigurement and stain ; 

5 Oh, by their fire of love, not less 

In keenness than the flame, 
Oh, by their very helplessness, 
Oh, by Thy own great Name, 

6 Good Jesu, help I sweet Jesu, aid 

The souLs to 7hee most dear. 
In prison, for the debt unpaid 
Of sins committed here. 


167. Supplication to Jesaa for the Faitbfnl Departed. 

Job xlx. ax : " Have pity on me, hsfe jdty on me, at least you my frieAd% 
becaiuse the hand of the Lord hath touched me." 

z Thb Boiils, Lord* by Justice torn 

from Thee, 

Whopenltentardently crave for Thee, 

Wrapped in sin-cleansing flame who 

moiun for Thee, [Thee. 

Let Thy sweet men^ now recall to 

O Jesu I Miserere Dcnnine. 

3 Font that dost wash all stains of earth 

away, &^ " *^y» 

And none so dark, but Thou mak'st 
The pangs of these meek suffering 

souls allay, [dead, we pray. 

Stretch out Thy hand ; raise up the 
O Jesu I Miserere Domlne. 

O Jesus 1 who In mercy redeemed all, 
Bolease Thy captives from their fiery 
thrall; [a fall, 

E'en the least worthy, lamed by many 
With saints and martyrs to Thy ban- 

esu I Miserere Bomine. 

O Jesu 1 spare these souls so dear to 
Thee, [Thee ; 

Who, in prison, so cahnlv wait for 

Hasten, O Lord, and bid them oomo 
to Ihee, [Thee ! 

Their glorious home, to gazo ever on 
OJesu! Miserere Pooune. 

168. supplloatloii to our Lady for the BouIb In Purgatory. 

** How canst thou, O Mary, refuse to relieve the miserable, since thou 
art the Queen of Mercy ¥ "St. Setnard, 

1 TUBK to Jesus, Mother, turn, 
And call Him by His tenderest names ; 
Fray for the holy souls that bum 
This hour among the cleansing flames. 

a Ah 1 they have fought a gallant fight j 
In death^s cold arms they persevered ; 
And after life's uncheery night 
The harbour of tbeir rest is neered. 

3 In pains beyond all earthly pains. 
Favourites of Jesus I there tney lie. 
Letting the fire wear out tiieir stains, 
And worshipping God's purity. 

4 Spouses of Christ thsry are, for He 
Was wedded to them ov His blood ; 
And angels over their destiny 

In wondering adoration InxxKl. 

5 They are the children of thy tears ; 
Then hasten. Mother ! to their aid ; 
In pity think each hour appears 
An age while glory is delayed. 

6 See, how they bound amid their fires; 
While pain and love their spirits fill ; 
Then with self -crucified desires 
Utter sweet murmurs and lie stllL 

7 O Mary, let thy Son no more 

His lingering spouses thus expect ; 
Ood's children to their Qod restore. 
And to the Spirit His elect. 

8 Pray, then, as thou hast ever prayed, 
Angels and souls all look to thee ; 
Ck>d waits thy prayers, for He hath 

Those prayers His law of dhaiity. 


De Profandlt.— Ps. cxxlz. 

DEprofundisdamavl ad te, Domlne :* 
Domine, exaudi vocem meam. 

Fiant aurea tuss intendentes* in 
vocem depreoationis mese. 

Si iniquitates observaveris, Domine :* 
Domine, quis sustinebit? 

Quia apud te propitiatlo est:* et 
propter legem tuamsustinulte, Domine. 

Out of the depths have I eried unto 
Thock O Lord : ijord, hear xay^ voloek 

Let thine ears be attentive to the 
voice of my supplication. 

If Tiiou, O Lord, wilt mark iniqui- 
ties : Lord, who shall abide it ? 

For with Thee there is merciful for- 
giveness : and because of Thy law I 
have waited for TheC) O Lord. 


Sustinuit anima tnea in totI^ ejas :* 
•pantvit Miiinft men In Domino. 

A custodia matutina usque ad noo- 
una :* spent Ismel in Domino. 

Quia apud Dominum misericordla : * 
et copiosa apud eum redemptio. 

Et ipse radimet Israel, * ex ooudbus 
tnlquitatlbus ejus. 

F. BequtemeetemamdonaeisDomine, 
is. Et lux perpetua luceat eis. 

V. Bequlescant in pace. 
JL Amen. 

FiDELiuK Deus omnium Conditor et 
Bedemptor, anlmabus famulorum fam- 
ularumque tuarum remissionem cimo- 
torum tnlnie peccatorum : ut indulgen- 
tiam. quam semper optaverunt, nils 
BuppJicationlbus consequantur. Qui 
vivia, &0, 

V. Requiem setemam dona eis Do- 

R. ' Et lux perpetua luceat eis. 

V. Fidellum animas per mlsericor- 
dium Del requiescant In pace, 

JS. Amant 

My soul hath waited on His Vord: 
my soul hath hoped in the Iiord. 

From the morning watch even until 
night : let Israel hope in the Loid. 

For with tiie Lord there is mercy : 
and^with Him is plenteous redemptioau 

And He shall redeem ImuA. Ih>m all 
bis iniquities. 

r. Eternal rest give to them. Lord. 
jR. And let perpetual Ught shine upon 
th fti Di 
r. !ltay they rest in peace, 
JL Amen. 

O God, the Cr^tor and Redeemer of 
all the faithiul, fi^ve to the souls o^ Thy 
servants departed the remission of all 
their ains ; that through pious supoli- 
cations thov inav obtain the ptonon 
whioh thay nara always dadbred* 19ho 
Hvesty ^. 

V. Eternal rest g^va to tbam» O 
Lord. [them. 

^ And let pen>«tual light shine upon 

r. Hay the souls of the faithful de- 
parted, through the mercy of Ood, seat 
m peace. 

R. Amen. 


" The Forgiveness of Sin," 
Tbe fliweet Wonders of a Oood CMifOBston. 

John XX. aa : " He bieathed upon them, and said. Receive ye the Holy Ghost ; 
whose sins ye shall forgive, iSay are forgivan them ; and whose sins ye 
shall retain, thay are retained." 

I oriad out for maioyi and fell <m my 
And confessed) whfla my heart 
with keen sorrow was wnqig; ^ 
Twas the labour of minutes^ sdA 
years of disease 
VeH as tajit from my soul as fhe 
words ftt)m my tongue. 

Thb ohatna that have boond ma are 
flung to the wind ; 
By the mercy of God the poor slave 
is set free ; 
And the strong gctoa OfHaattn 
breathes fresh o'er the mind, 
Like- the bright winds of summar 
that gladden the sea. 

There was nought in God's world 
half so dark or so vile 
As the sin and the bondage that 
fettered my sotd ; 
Thava was nought half so base aa tiia 
malloa and guile 
Of my own sordid paarians, or 
Satan's control. 

AH hail, theo, all hail, to the dear 
precious blood 
That hath worked tnese sw^t 
wonders of mercy in me ; 
May aaeh day countlsas n«mh»ni 
throng down to its flo<M, • 
And.Qod have His gl9xy> and sin- 
ners go free. 


171* Tbe Triomplii of Orace. 

Fs. cil. 19 : " Aa far as the east is from the west, so far hath He removed our 

iniquities from us." 
Luke XV. 7 : " Z say to you that eren so there shall be joy in heaven upon, one 

sinner tiiat doth penanoe." 

z Jot, joy to the choir celestial 
When a soul is restored to grace, 
God owns a new throne terrestrial 
When weak man in truth seeks His 

face — 
Joy, joy to the pardoned sinner, 
Whom Ood in His mercy hath blest; 
With His love, above all other, 
And the promise of endless rest 

Singing xnraise to our God, 
Binging praise to His grace. 
Well seek, we'll seek, the path His 

Saints trod, 
We'U seek, well seek, His will to 

9 Ifirice blest Is the state of grace, 
For 'tis peace and joy to the min4» 
And hope that can sorrow efface 
Teaching patience of every kind- 
Then God s grace alone we will prize, 
As our life and our heavenly light ; 
For who but the fool would despise 
The gift of love's infinite might? 


Singing praise to our God, 
Singing praise to EOs grace, 
We'U love, we'll love, the path His 

Saints trod, 
We'll love, we'll love, His will to 

Blessed too, the prize grace ensures 
When the end of our work is shown. 
The reward to love that endures 
In the glory of heaven is known — 
For then Jesus will crown His own 
With a crown unspeakably bright, 
Which He gives to His brethren alone. 
Who have stood with Him in the fight. 

Singing praise to our God, 
Singing praise to His grace, 
We'll run, well run, the path His 

Saints trod. 
Well run, we'll run, His win to em- 


"The Hemrrection of the JBody,** 

I Cor. XV. 5x : " Behold I tell you a mystery. We shall all indeed rise again ; 
but we ahall not all be changed. In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, 
at the last trumpet : for the trumpet shall sound, and tiie dead shall rise 
again incorruptiDle." 


TlM SaqottiM of til* Dead. 


DixB iia, dies ilia 
Solvet ssedum in f avilla ; 
Teste David cum Sybilla. 

Quantus tremor est futurus 
Quando Judex est venturus, 
Cuncta stzlcte discussurus I 

Tuba mirum spargens sonum 
Per sepulohra reglonum, 
Cioget omnes anl^ thronum. 

Day of wrath !— That day of woe, 
Doomed to melt all things below, 
Psalms and Sybil songs foreshow. 

On each breast what terrors lie. 
When descending from the sky. 
Comes the Judge our souls to try T 

Dread and strange the trumpet's tone. 
Loud through death's dominions blown, 
Gathers aU around the throne. 


Von stupebit et natnra* 
Cum resurget creatura, 
Judkanti xoBponsura. 

liber scriptas prof eretur, 
In quo totuxn continetur* 
Unde mundus judicetur. 

Judex ergo cum sedebit. 
Quldquidlatet, ftppei-eiblt: 
Nil inultum remanebit. 

Quid Bum miaer tunc di<;turu8 } 
Qu«m patroniim rogaturufi ? 
Cum yix, jusiua sit securua. 

Rex tremendte majestatis. 
Qui salvandos salvaa gratis, 
Salve me, fons pietatLs. 

Beoordare, Jesu pie, 
Quod sum causa tuse viss ; 
Ne mo perdas Ula die. 

Quserens me sedlsti lassus, 
Redemisti omcem paseus ; 
T^ftntoB labor non sit cassus. 

Juste Judex ultionis, 
Donum fac remissionia 
Ante diem rationis. 

Ingemisoo tanqoam reus, 
Gmpa rabet vultus meus, 
Suppllcanti parce Deus. 

Qui Mariam absolvisti, 
St latroaem exaudisti, 
HiM quoque spcm dedisti. 

Preoes mese non sunt dign». 
Sod ta bonus fac benigne, 
Ne perenni cremer igne. 

Inter oves locum pr»sta, 
Et ab hosdis me sequestra. 
Btatuens in parte dextra. 

Confutatis maledictis» 
Flammis acribus addictis, 
Voca me cum benedictis. 

Oro supplex et acclinis, 
Cor contrltum quasi ciuis : 
Gere curam mei finis. 

Lacrymofla dies' ilia. 
Qua resurget ex faviUa. 
Judicandus homo reus. 
Hulc ei^ parce Deus ; 

Pie Jesu Domine, 

Dona ei» requiem. Amen» 

Death and nature in surprise 
ISee the trembling creatine rise, 
Susamaiied to that last asaico. 

Now the written Book appears 
'Which the faithful records bears, 
Whence the world Its sentence hears. 

When the Judge assumes the throne, 
ISvery hidden bought is known, 
UnavMiged sins are none. 

How shall I that day endure? 
What kind patron's voice secure, 
When the righteous scarce are sure? 

King of dreadful majesty, 
Orantinff souls their ransom free. 
Fount of pity, save Thou me. 

Recollect, sweet Lord, I pray. 
Thou for me didst tread life's way, 
Save me in that bitter day. 

i Seekii^ me Thou sat'st forlorn. 
Saved me on the tree of scorn. 
Shall such love meet no return? 

Just avenging Judge, I pray, 
Take my countless sins away 
Ere the awful reck'nlng day. 

Lo, I mourn the guilt which Thou 
Seest on my crimsoned brow; 
Spare, O God, Thy suppliant now. 

Thou who Magdalene didst free, 
And the thief call unto Thee, 
Hope dost likewise give to me. 

Worthless though my feeble eiy, 
Help me, gracious Lord, or I 
Bum in flames that nevw die. 

Bid me with Thy dieep to stand. 
Severed from the goat's lost band. 
Placed secmre at Thy right hand. 

When at last Thy righteous ire 
Binds the damned in chains of fire, 
Call me to Thy chosen <dioir. 

Hear my prayer low bending down, 
This crushed heart like ashes grown, 
Chiard my end, and claim Inline own. 

Day of weeping, day of doom, 
When man riseth from the tomb, 
Called to meet the Judge divine I 
Save this soul and make it Thine. 

Unto aH, Jesu blest, 

Grant Thine everlasting rest. Amen.' 


" Arid Life everlcuHng. Amm. '* 
174. The Teaxnlnffs of a Faitlifta Soul after Llll» Btemai. 

Matt xrv. oi: "Gome, ye blessed of My lather, possess ye the kizsgdom 

prepared for yoa from the foundation of the world." 
Rom. tL 33 : " Ton have your fruit unto sanctification, and ilia end life ever- 


X LiFB eternal 1 Life eternal ! *' Life eternal ! Life eternal I 

Words that pierce tiie heart with I will grasp tiiee if I can 

Life eternal I Life eternal 1 [fir^ 1 ^ t *♦*» .i.„.,ji.i i xm^ .4.^^.1 1 

Hownv«.uld<rtl»ttv«d»l«S » "S,W<!^<5^^Bk«n«, 

a Life eternal I Life eternal I Life etenial 1 Life etemalf 

Hope of hopes to mortal man 1 Thee I seek in Christ alona 


Christian Hope fights its way to Ood and to heaven, by relying on CFod's 
infinite meroy and on the infinite merits of Christ, which actually overflow in 
prayer, the Baommants, Holy Mass, the Bacred Heart, ^, Hence thia part 
contains : 

L Hymns on the Goodness of God and merits of Jesus Christ, the founda- 
tion of Christian Hope. 
II. Hymns which may be used as prayers. 
in. Hymns used at Holy Mass for Children. 

IV. Hymna oonoeming the Blessed Sacrament, Holy Communion, Benedic- 
tion} &o. 
v. Hymns on the Baoz«d Heart. 
VI. Hymns on the sacred thirst of Jesus for guilds and associationa of 

VII. Hymns concerning the heavenly fruits and advantages of Christian 

VIII. Hynms especially adapted to awake and stir up a true and earnest 
yearning after the possession of God and His servloe, and thereby to 
entertain and develop a firm and solid Hox>e. 
iV.£.— Many of the Hymns of this Second Part are espedally adapted for 


175. Trait In God, His Frotldence wm never fail thee. 

Matt. vL 3x : "Be not s(dicltous, therefore, saying: What shall we eatk or what 
shall we drink, or wherewith shall we be clothed? . . . For your Father 
knoweth that you have need of aU these things." 

Behold the lilies of the field. 
They neither toU nor sow ; 

Yet God does all things needful yield, 
That they may bud and blow. 

Oh 1 then away with fear and care. 

For all that may betide ; 
And turn to God in trustful prayar, 

And in His love oonflda. 


9 Not Solomon in glory shone 
lAk,e one of these poor flowers 
That look to Qod, and God alone, | 
For sunshine and for showers. 
€har%$,^Ok I then away, Sio, 

3 And does His mer^ value less, 
The oBsptiag of uiM grace ; 

And wlU ft Father's love not hleaa 
The child that seeks His face. 
CAorvc— Oh 1 then away, Ac 

He is otir Father, and He knows 
His earthly children's need ; 

On all our daily wants find woes 
He look^ with careful heed* 
CAoriM.— OhI then away, Ao. 


Trust in Jesiia Olirlstl His araoe and His Keilts are 


Epbes. iv. 7 : "To every one of ub is given grace according to the measure of 

the giving of C!hrist." 

X O Jesv, my beloved King, 
I give all thanks to Thee, 
Who hy Thy cross hast merited 
Celestial grace for me. 

O JesOfOn whose grace alone 

I l>y Thy grace depend ; 
Grant me the grace to persevere 

In graee warn the end. 

a O. gif t of love, O gift immense, 
Buxpassing nature's law ; 
What strmgth to will and to perform 
From this pure fount I draw I 

Chorui. — Jesu, &c. 

3^:^ this to me is opened wide. 
Through death's inviting door, 
A brighter reahn, a nobler orown 
Ulan Adam lost of yore. 

C7Unte«.— O Jesu, Ac. 


Tnut in Jesus Christ, and praise His Goodness ! His Lovo 

for us is Infinite. 

Philip. It. 13 : '* I can do all things in Him who strengtfaeneffa mo.' 

X O BRiOHZMiss of etexnal light, 
I worship at Thy feet ; 
Though alfunwoxthy in Thy sight. 
Thy xneroies I repeat. 

In Thee, sweet Lord, I put my trust ; 

Oh, guard me while I Uvo ; 
And when this dust returns to dust, 

Hy soul in heaven receive. 

3 To save our souls from sin and strife 
Is stm Thy work divine ; 
The gates of everlastinglif e, 
O gracious Lord, are Thine. 

Chorus,— la Thee» ^. 

3 I love to praise Thee when the sun 
Fouxs forth his earlv light, [one 
And mhem the bright stars ons by 
Come twinkling out at night. 

Ciwrut.^lti Ttiot Ac. 


If I am free Arom care and loss, 
I love to praise Thy name ; 

If I am called to bear Thy cross, 
I bless Thee all the same. 

CT^oriM.— In Thc$e, &o. 

If roses on my path I meet, 

I feel the gift is Thine; 
If thorns spring up to pleroe my feet, 

I stiU will not repine. 

GhoTM.^la, Thee, &c. 

The blessings sent to win my love, 

Lord, I freely take ; 

The trials sent my faith to prove, 

1 bear for Thy dear sake. 

OA«n(«.— In Thee, drc 

Then let me on my journey go. 
And fear not for the end ; 

It matters not who is my foe. 
If Jesus be my friend. 

Chorus.— In Thee, &e. 



Hope, without CkKMl Works, Is Vftln. 

Trust in God 1 and " Labour the more, that by good works you maj make soro 

your calling and election, --a Pet. L xa 

X If thou wouldeat life attain ; 
If with Ghriat thou wouldetit reign ; 
Reaping wiadom from the past^ 
Know that long aa life may last, 
Toil and conflict thee nwait 
In thy present earthly state. 

2 He who with no help of thlno, 
Made thee by His might divine; 
Will not save thee as thou art. 
But by labour on thy part ; 
Labour, then, and look to heaven 
For assistance timely given. 

3 liabour, while it yet is day ; 
Labour, while you labour may ; 
Labour, for the night is long ; 

Labour, for iiie foe is strong ; 
Labour, for the prise is great ; 
Labour, for the hour is hte. 

Soon the struggle will be past; 
Calm and peace will come at last : 
Soon through death's Elysian door, 
All thy pains and labours o'er, 
Thou Shalt go to join the blest 
In the realms of encUess rest. 

Rest from toQ and carking care : 
Rest from earthly wear and tear ; 
Rest from ever-present sin ; 
Rest without and rest within ; 
Rest which no abatement knows ; 
Rest and infinite repose. 


Prayer is the first, universal, and most necessary means to obtain grace, Uxe love 

of God. and salvation through the merits of Jesus Christ. 
Matt. xxL as: "AH things whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, you 

shall receive." 
Ps. xxxii. 33 : " Let Thy mercy be upon us, O Lord, as we have hoped in 



Ps. ▼. 4 : "For to Thee wiU I 

HornlnflT Hymn. 

pray, O Lord. In the morning Thou ahalt hear 
my voice. 

Thc star that heralds in the mom 

Is fading in the skies, 
The darkness melts; O Thou true 

Upon our souls arise. [Ught, 

Jesu, be near us when we wake. 

And at the break of di^r 
With Thy blest touch awake the soul, 

Her meed ci praise to pay. 

Oh, steep our senses in Thy beam, 
The world's false night expel. 

Purge each defilement from the soul, 
And in oiu: bosoms dweU. 

Jesu, to Thee our deeds we show. 
To Thee our hearts lie bare ; 

Oh, hearken to the sighs we pour. 
And in Thy mercy spare. 

Our hearts enlightni with Thy grace, 

And kindle with Thy love^ 
That, dead to earthly wings, we may 

But live for thinffs above. 
Father of mercies, near our cry ; 

Hear us, co-equal Son, 
Who reignest with the Holy Ghost 

While ceaseless ages run. 


Bvonlng Hymn to our Sayiour. 

8 Paral. xxxt. 3 : *< The holocaust shotxld be oflfered always morning and 


Sweet Saviour I bless us ere we go ; 
Thy word into our minds instil ; 
And make our lukewarm hearts to 

With Isrnrly love and fervent will. 
Through life's long day and death's 

dark night 
O gentle Jesus 1 be our light f 


The d»y is done, its hours have run ; 
And Thou hast taken count of all — 
The scanty triumphs grace hath won, 
The broken vow, the frequent fall. 
Through life's long day and death's 

dark night 
O gentie Jesus I be our light 1 

Grant us, dear Lord I from evil ways^ 
True absolution and release ; 
And bless us mare than in past days 
With purity and inward peace. 
Through life's long day and death's 

dark night 
O gentle Jesus I be oar light t 

Bo more than pardon ; give us joy, 
Bweet fear and sober liberty : 
And simple hearts without alloy, 
That only long to be like Thee. 
Through life's long day and death's 

dark night 
gentle Jesus 1 be our light I 

Labour Is sweet, for Thou hast tofled ; 
And care is light, fbr Thou hast cared : 
^h I never let our works be soiled 
With strife or by deceit ensnared. 
Through life's long day and death's 

dark night 
O gentle Jesus I be our light 1 

For all we love, Ihe poor, ihe sad. 
The sinful— unto Thee we caJl ; 
Oh, let Thy mercy make us glad : 
Thou art our Jesus and our AU I 
Through lifis's long day and death's 

dark night 
O gentle Jesus I be our light I 

Sweet Saviour! bless us; night is 
Hary and Joseph near us be ; [come, 
Good angels, watch about our home ; 
Hay we each day be nearer Thee ! 
Through life's long day and death's 

dark night 
O gentle Jesus I be our light I 

181. Eyenin^ Exercise, or Examination of Conscience. 

X Cor. xi. 31 : " If we should judge 

Light dies away! another sun is 
setting I [now done 1 

How short has been the day that is 

O fleeting life I how soon we are for- 
getting [by one I 

How days and days thus hurry, one 

Eternity is drawing close around us : 
Labour we hard our conscience to 

Tprepare ? [confound us t 

How do the stains of guilt or sin 
To practise virtue, has it been our 


ourselves, we would not be judged." 

I If on this night our Sovereign Maker 
call us [ment seat : 

To stand before His dreadful judg- 
Ah I would His voice with stem re- 
proach appal us ? [ness greet ? 
Or with meek eyes and tones of kind- 

[ Oh, let our hearts o'erflow with true 

repentance ; [we've done. 

And, while we weep o'er sin and guilt 

We shall from us avert the direful 

vengeance — [have won. 

Of endless joys the right we shall 


Eccles. zil z : " Remember thy Creator in tho days of thy youth." 


Matt, vil 7 : ''Ask, and it shall be given to you ; seek, and you shall find ; knock, 

and it shall be opened unto you." 


The Child's Homing: Hymn to our Lord. 

Luke xvlii. z : " Jesus spoke also a parable to them, that we ought always to 

pray and not to faint." 

I JuuB, teach me how to pray, ' 
Send distractions far away, 
Suffer not my thoughts to stiayi 
Sweet holy Child. 

a Let me not be rude or wild, 
Make me humble, meek, and mild, 
Fuze as angels undefiled. 
Sweet holy Child. 


When I work or when I play, 
Be Thou with me througn tne day, 
Teaoh me what to do and say, 
Bweet holy Child. 

Make mo love Thy Mother bleat) 
Safe beneath her care to rest, 
As a bird within its nest, 
Bweot holy Child. 

When the hour of daath ia nigh, 
Then may Mary ttanding by 
Take me in her arma to die^ 

Sweet holy Child. 
So through all eternity 
Will I bless their chaiitv, 
Who first led my steps to Thee, ' 

Bweet holy Child. 

183. The Child's BrenSng TBynm to our Lord. 

Luke xxi. 36 : " Watch ye, therefore, praying at all times." 

X Hear Thy children, gentle Jemis, 
While we breathe our evening prayer, 
Save us from all harm and danger. 
Take us 'neath Thy shelt'ring care. 

a Save us from the wiles of Satan, 
'Hid the lone and sleepful night. 
Sweetly may bright guardian angels 
Keep us 'neath their watchful sight. 

3 Gtentle Jesus, look in pity 

From Thy great white throne above* 
All the night Thy heart is wakeful 
In Thy aaenunent of love. 

4 Bhades of ev«i fast are falling. 

Day is fading Into ffloom. [us. 

When the sluulee of death fall rofund 
Lead Thine exiled children home. 


lofaxLts' Hymn to tlie Ijifaxit Jesus. 

Gen. zxi. 17 : " And God heard the voice of the boy. 

Intant Jesus, meek £md mUd, 
Look on me, a little child, 

"Pity mine and pity zn^ 
Suffer me to come to Thee. 

3 Heart of Jesus, I adore Thee^ 
Heart of Mary, I Implore thee, 
HeaH of Joseph, pure and just, 
In these heara I put my l^ist. 


The Child's Supplication to the Holy Child. 

Ps. Ixvlii, 17 : " Hear me, 

Heart of the holy ChUd, 

Hide me in Thee ; 
Purest and undeflled, 

Joy of my holy life. 
Far from evil passions rife, 
Troubling this world of tmit, 
Keep mo with Thee. 

O Lord, for Thy mercy is kind.' 

I Sweet Child of Bethlehem, 
Open Thine heart ; 
Lessons from Nasareth 

Deign to impart ; 
Mary and Joseph dear. 
Let us be to Jesus near ; 
With you we shall not tear 
Fh>m Him to part. 


The Child's Hymn to onr Lord for Purity. 

Pb. Ixvlii 17:" Look upon me according to the multitude of Thy tender 

mercies, ' 

z Lord, look upon a little child, 
Bv nature sinful, rude, and vmd ; 
Oh, put Thy gracious hand on me, 
And make me all I ought to be. 

9 Make me Thy child, a child of God, 
Washed in my Saviour's precious 

And my whole heart from sin set free, 
A little vessel full ol Thee. 

3 A star of early dawn and bright, 
SMnkig within Thy sacred %ht| 
A beam of grace to all around, 

A little spot of hallowed gnmnd. 

4 Oh I Jesus take me to Thv* breast, 
And bless me, then I shall be blest : 
Both when I wake and when I sleepy 
Thy Uttle lamb In safety keep. 


•I an CbXiaxvx'B Bynm to Jesus and Mbuey for Oonstaat Help 
■^"•' and Protection. 

Tit. ilL 4 : " When the goodness and kindness of Qod our Saviour appeared . . . 

He saTed ns." 
X O Jbsus I Qod and Man I 

For love of children once a child I 
O Jesus 1 Qod and Man I [mild 1 

We hail Thee, Saviour, sweet and 

3 O JeflQBl Qod and Man I 

Make us Thy children dear to Theei 
And lead us to Thyself, 
To love Thee for eternity. 

3 O Mary 1 Mother-mild 1 

Qod made thee Mother of the poor t 
Mary I to thee we look, 
To make our soul's salvation sure. 

4 O Mary 1 Mother dear f 

Thank God, for us— for all His love : 

188. The Child Jesus, the Perfect Model of Ohlldren. 

J<din xili 15 : "I have given you an exann)lo that as I have done ... so you 

do also. "^ 

And pray that in our faith 

We allmay trueand stoEidfast prove. 
Jesus I Mary's Bon I 

On Thee for grace we children call ; 
Make us aU men to love, 

But to love Thee beyond them all. 
Jesus I bless oiir work. 

Our sorrows soothe, oursinsfoigivc ; 
Oh, happy, Imvpj they 

Who in the Church of Jesiis live I 
Qod, most great and good. 

At work or play, by night or day, 
Make us remember Thee, 

Who dost remember us al^ray I 

X O nrviNEST Childhood 

Of my Saviour dear. 
How in vccy weakness 

Does BUb strength atppear 1 
How Hhj beauty, Jesu, 

Baviuiss my hiaart I 
How the more abased 

The greater still Uioa ait t 

a O mysterious silenoe» 

Eloquence divine t 
O exact obedience, 

Would that such were mine I 
Yield, rebellious nature. 

Let thy murmurs end ; 
Bee thy own Creator 

To His oareature bend I 

3 Near our little Jesus 
Docile grows my mind, 
Nor can aught perplexing 
In His Qospd find. 

Come, presumptuous reason, 
Fix tiiy gaze on this, 

And for ever after 
All thy pride dismiss. 

Does not this sweet infant 

Seom to thee to say, 
" Cast thy heartless trustipig 

Tnthvself away? 
Enow that if thou learn not 

To resemble Me, 
Happiness celestial 

]se*er can fall to thee,** 
Sacred charms of childhood 

tTnto Christ so dear, 
Bright ingenuous frankness. 

Innocence sincere : 
Love serene, unselfish, 

Void of worldly stain, 
Would that in my bosom 

y« might ever reign J 


189. The InTltaUoii of Jesus Christ to Uttle Children. 

Mark x. 14 : " Suffer the little children to come unto Me, and forbid 

CoxB, ye little children ; 

Unto Me drav nigh ; 
Por 'tis such as you 

That dwell with Md on high ; 

little children to come 
them not." 

Who in truth and meekness, 

From all maUoe free. 
Brer serve and love Me 
With simplloity. 


a I, wlio pride and grMtnesi 

Evermore abase, 
On the poor and lowly 

LaTish all My grace ; 
And to humble spirits 

Heavenly things reveal, 
Whioh My secret judgments 

From the proud conceal. . 

Tbon, Ohdl^ JesoB, 

Seemeet then to say, 
O thou foolish worldlingiE^ 

Oast your pride away ; 
If the Qod of glory 

Doth Himself abase. 
How shall man presume 

To choose the nighest place? 


The Four Great Tnitiis or Prlndpal Mysteries, and 
the Seyen SaoraBieats. 

I. In one God there are three Person^ 
IL Father, Son, and Holy Ohost ; 

III. God the Son, the Second Person, 
Was made man and died for us. 

IV. God rewards the good in heaven, 
And He sends the bad to heU. 

z Whkh baptized we are made Chris- 
And are idealised from Adam's afaL 

a Confiiiiiatlon strengthens Christians, 
And gives them the Holy Ghost. 

3 Holv Eucharist is the body 
And the blood of Jesus Christ ; 
But to sight and other senses 
It appears like bread and wine. 

4 After baptism penance pardons 
All the sins that we commit. 

$ Extreme unction gives in sickness 
Gtaoe to die a happy death. 

6 Holy orders gives to bishops, 
Priests, and others, power and grace. 

7 Then in maniage grace is given 
By a Christian sacrament, 

To be faithful and to bring up 
Children in the fear of God. 



The Beven SacnuBieBtB. 

*< The Lord mleth me : and I shall want ndihlng. 

me in a place of pasture." 

He hath set 

X The Church has seven Saobahekts, 
As we must sJl believe ; 
But TRREB there are more requisite 
To know and to receive. 

8 Baptism washes out the sin 

Which Adam did commit : [done. 
The sins which we ourselves have 
Confession will remit. 

3 The Eucharist wo know to be 
The body and blood divine 
Of Jesus Christ, both Qod and man. 
In form of bread and wine. 

4 In CoNriRHATiON we believe 

Tlio Holy Ghost is given : 
In Extreme Unction we get strength 
To die and go to heaven. 

5 By HOLY Orders, priests are made. 

And get both power and grace : 
And Matrimony blesses those 
Who married life embrace. 

6 All praise and thanks to Jesus bo, 

And to His holy blood. 
By which we have the sacraments, 
The source of eveiy good. 

192. The Ten Commandments. 

Matt. xix. T7 : ** If thou wilt enter into life keep the commandments. 

{To be Sung like the Creed.) 

The second Ooin(mand>ment.* Thou 

The first Coin(mand>ment.* I am 
the Lord thy God— thou shalt not 
bave^stnmge (gods) before Mo. 

sholt not take the name — of the Lord 
(thy) God-*in vain. 


The tliixd Goxn(niaiid)ineiit* B^ 
member thou keep holy— <the) Sab- 

The foarth Com(xiuuMl)ment.* Hon- 
our thy fatber~-(and) thy mother. 

The fifth Com(maad)ment.* (Thou) 
Shalt not kill. 

The sixth Coin(maiid)ment.* Thou 
shalt not com— (aoit) adultery. 

The seventh Com(mand)mMit. * 
(Thou) Shalt not steal 

<Diee!^thGom(mand)meiil* Thou 

shaltnot Dear— false witness ap-(gainst) 
thy neighbour. 

The ninth Com(mand)ment.* Thou 
shalt not covet — (thy) neighbour's 

The tenth Com(mand)ment.* Thou 
shalt not covet— (thy) nedghbour's 


The Ten Commandmentfi. 

James IL lo: " WhoaoeYer shall keep the whole law, but offend in one point, 

is become guilty of all." 

ForffiTe and love for Jesus's sake 
AU that have injured thee. 

Chorus,— AM this, Ac. 

The same commandment does beside. 
Forbid all drunkenness, 

Self -in jury and suicide. 
And eating to excess. 

CAontf.- All this, Apo. 


Do NOT oouurr Adultery, 
In thoughts, words, deeds, or looks ; 

Beware of evil company, 
And read not dangerous books. 
Chonu. — All this, 4[c. 

Thou shalt not Steal, nor keep, nor 
Nor cheat in any Way : ' [waste. 
Ill-gotten goods restore in haste, 
And lawful debts repay. 

C7ioru«.— All this, dtc 


False witness thou shalt hbvcb bear. 
Nor tell a wilful Ue: 

Detraction, if thou oanst repair, 
As well as calumny. 

CAortM.— AU this, Ao, 

I AM Tin LoRDi— and thou shalt serve 

No other gods but He : 
Iteligion true thou shalt observe. 

Faith, Hope, and Charity. 

All this Thou dost command, Lord ! 

We cheerfully obey ; 
And look to heaven for our reward 

Through all eternity. 

Thou shaUt not take (^n's Nave in 
Nor swear unlawfully ; [vain. 

Things holy thou shalt not profane, 
Nor curse irreverently. 

CAorut.— All this, Ac. 

Bexembbr that thou Sakotify 

The holy Sabbath day ; 
Work not. without necessity. 
Hear holy Mass, and pray. 

CAoru*. —AU this, &c. 

Thy Parrnts honour, serve and love. 

And cheerfuUyobey ; 
And servants must obedient prove 
When without sin thev may. 
Chorus. — All wiis, &c. 

Thou shalt not kill— nor vengeance 
* Nor hate thy Miemy ; [take, 


IX. and X. 
NOT Covet neiqhbour's 



' Nor look with lustful eye ; fooon^ 
Thou 6halt not Covet neiqhboub's 
Nor eye them enviously. 

CAerw.'^AU ttiis, im. 



RuU ot Ufe. 

GftL vl. x6 : "And whosoever Bhall follow tUs rule, peace on them and mercy,* 

X In the morning when I waken 
'With the cross 1 8i|?n myself, 
And say, " Juu$f Mary, Joseph, 
I giv€ you my heart and li/e.** 
Then .when drest I kneel devoutly, 
And I say my morning prayers ; 
With the cross I ask a blessing 
Both before and after meals. 

a When 'tis evening kneeling humbly, 
Hy night prayers I say to God, 
Then my eonsalence I examine 
And ask pardon for my sins. 
When ia bed I think of Jesus 
And my arms fold like a cross, 
And say, "Jenu, Mary, Joseph, 
I give you ihy kt^rt And life," 

3 With thlB prayer each work I offer, 
" Jesus, I do all for Thee. " 

*' Jesus, Mary, help me," saytakg. 
From temptation quick I go. 
From occasioivs whieh are sinful, 
And bad company I fly : 

my 6od« I promise never 
To commit a mortal sin. 

4 Should I ever thus offend Thee, 

1 will aflk without delay 

Thy forgiveness — God of mercy 1 
And quick to confession go. 

• Onoe, atleast, each month eonf eaalan 
And a ffood communion ; 
At oonzession may I never 
Mortal sin throu^ fear ooneeal. 

5 Hol^ KasB I hear ddvoutly 
On the Bundays^-Holvdayi^ 
And on Sundays my aelight is 
Catechism — Sunday School. 

For God's sake 1 love my neighbour, 
And forgive my enemies, 
Ky parents and superiors 
I obey, respect, and love. 

6 ISvery day if I am aUe, ' : 
Gladly t hear holy mass, 
And I visit my sweet Jesus 
In the Blessed Saorament. 
IFhen before some holy plotore 
Of my Mother Mary, pray ; . 
For her eake I say at least one 
Portion of the Bosary. 

7 Morning, noon, night— Uiree time» 
I recite the " Angefus," [daily 
Then I make a meditation. 

And I read some holy book. 
So I will with God's assistance 
Keep each day the Rule of life. 
Thus I will get ready daily , 
Once to did ft happy death. 

1 Qfz To l)ear tbe Toke of Obrlst, Is to follow tbo Way to True 
XC7U. j^y gj^^ Byerlastixig Happiness. 

^ICatt. xi. 99 : '* Take up My yoke upon you . . 

and My bunien light" 

For My yok6 is sweet 

z Chbibtiah soul, dost thou desire 
Bays of Joy and peace and truth t 
Learn to bear the yoke of Jesus 
In the springtide of thy youth. 

a It may seem at first a burden, 
But thy Lord will make it light 9 

He Himself will bear it with th«e, 
He will ease thee of its weights 

3 Only bear it well, and daily 

Thou wilt learn that yoke to love ; 

Strength and grace it here wHl bring 

And a bright reward above, [thee. 


We must LoYe and Obey tlie Clxurcb. 

Matt xviiL 17 : " If he will not hear the Church, let him be to thee as the 

heathen and publican. '* 

X Holt Church, thou art our mother ; 
Nurtured in thy bosonv. we 
Will obey thee, for no other 
Hath eternal life save tl^ee : 

Thou art one, and thou art holy. 
Spread through every age and clime; 

Governed by one Shepherd solely, 
Thou canst brave the force of nme. 


Hohr mother, thon dost feed us 
With life-giTing food divine ; 

Thy good pastors gently lead us ) 
Ah I -what happy children thine. 

In thy fold no haxm can reach us. 
Safe heneath thy watchful care;[u8, 

Gracious Lord, bleae those who teach: 
Hear Thy little children's prayer. 

197. Wliat a HftpplnesB to beloofr to tbe Trne Ghnroh of Christ 

X Tim. ilL 15: '*Tho Ohurch of the living God, the piUar and ground of-truth/ 

z I AM a little CatholiCi 

And Christian is my name, 
And I believe the Holy Church 
In every age the same. 


The holy ancient Roman Churchi 

Endurhig firmly still, 
Where Christ her Kin^^hath planted her, 

Upon St. Peter's hill. 

9 Jerusalem, she is above, 
Our city and our home j 
But after that same pattern ie 
The holy city Rome. 

Chorus. — ^The holy, Ao, 

3 Time writra no wrinkle on thy brow, 
For thou art ever young ; 
Hail ! Rome, eternal citadel, 
* IVom whence our faith has sprung. 
Chortu.— The holy, &c. 


Tlie OUigatlons of a Tnia OathoUo CliUd. 

Ps. crxrvi. 5 : •* If I fbrget thee, Jeruaalem, let my right hand Tbe forgotten. 
Let my tongue cleave to my Jaws, ... If I make not Jerusalem the be- 
ginning of my Joy.** 

Ht holt yaitb. I fear not men, 
'Tis God alone I fear. 

s I AM a faithful Catholic, 
I love my holy faith, 
I wfll be true to Holy Church, 
And steadfast until death. 

8 I shun the haunts of those who t^ek 
To bribe Cathcdio youth : 
No Church I own, no schools I know. 
But those that teach the truth. 

3 If base it is to yield before 
The persecutor's rod ; 

^en baser far to side witii those 
Who mock the Church of God. 

4 Oh I far from me such wlckedneos ! 
One trensure J holfl.dear. 

5 I love His altar, where I kneel 
My Jesus .to adore ; 

I love my Mother, Mary dear, 
Oh I may I love them more. 

6 I love the saints of olden time, 
The places where they dwelt ; 

I love to pray where sahits have 

And kneel where they have knelt. 

7 I love my cross, I love my beads. 
Each emblem of my faith ; 

Let foolish men rail as they will, 
111 love them until death. 

199, Acts of Faltb, Hope, Cliarity, and Oontritioii. 

Ps. ctUv. X3 : " The Lord is faithful in all His words ; and holy in all His works. 
The Lord lifteth up all that fall : and setteth np all that are cast down." 


s QmMA.T God, whatever through Thv 
Thou teacheat to be true, [Ohuroh 
I firmly do believe it all, 
And will confess It too. 

Thou never eanst deceived be^ 
Thou never eanst deceive, 

For Thou art truth itself, and ^ou 
Dost tell me to believe. 


9 My OooU I firmly hope in Thee, 
For Thou art great and good ; 
Thou gavest us Thine only Eton 
To die upon the rood. 

Act of Hope, 

I liope through Him for grace to U?« 
As Thy commandments teaoh, 

And through Thy mercy, when I die. 
The Joys of heaven to reach. 

With all my heart and soul and 
I love Theoi my Lord, (strength 

For Thou art perfect, and all things 
Were made by Thy blest Word. 

Act of Love, 

Like rat to Thln6 own itnage made^ 
My neighbour Thou didst make. 

And as I love myself, I love 
My neighbour for Thy sake. 

Act of Contrition, 

4 Most holy Qod, my very soul 
With grief smcera is moved. 
Because I bave offended Thee, 
Whom I should e'er have loved.' 

Forgive me, Father; I am now 
Resolved to sin no more. 

And by Thy holy grace to shtm 
What made me sin before. 

or\r\ ^® Ohild's Supplioation to the Oood 81iepli«rd 
^^^- «flex a fall. 

Matt. iz. 13 : "I will have mercy and not sacrifice. 

call the just, but sinners." 

For I an;i not oome to 

X Jesu, to Tbee we look ; 
Jesu, on Thee we call ; 
£xtend to us Thy gentle crook, , 
To save us when we fall. 

a A shoep by nature lost. 
An outcast here am I ; 
But TIiou hast paid the dreadful cost. 
And wilt not i>ass me by. 

3 Sweet Saviour, on the ground 

Thy face laid low in dust. 
In seas of anguished sorrow droimed) 
The Just One for the unjust. 

4 See^ of the woman Thou ; 

By all our prayers and sighs, 
To us, Thy lowly suppliants^ now 
Re-open Pandise. 


OA1 Orphan's Prayer to Ood for a SlessUig on all thOM tliat 
^^^* are dear. . 

Fs. ix. z4 : " Thou wilt be a helper to the orphan." 

Our parents in the tomb^ 
Or on a foreign strand. 

Deliver, Lord, from gloom, 
Or strengthen witn Thy band. 

3 Oil. bless the soIdierVtfhllcl, 

Though he may be afar ; 
And by Thy mother mild. 

Oh. guard him in the war ; 
And Dleas the holy home 

That Thou for us hast found ; - 
May Thy blest angels come 

And spread Tby peace around 1 

X O Lord, now hear the prayer 

Offered by simple hearts ; 
No eloauBnoe is there. 

Our truth is all our art. 
The orphan's offering ' 

Is dear unto Thine eyes ; 
The simple tones we sing, 

Before Thee shall arise. . 

a Do hear us when we pray 
For those we knew before ; 
Their cares for us repay. 
And us to them rest"re< 


BImb also mora than aU, 
The mothers of our lore ! 

thy choicest gifts let &11 
Upon them from i^to. 

By gnce their oares beraile, 
, And cancel all their fears, 
And Thou on them shalt smile, 
Whilst they protect us here. , 

ono Orplum's Prayer to Jesiu Olxrlst. WHo la tbe true 
^^^' Orpban'8 Home, 

John zIt. x8 : ''I will not leave you orpba&s : I will comfl to you.** 

X O Goi> of orphans, hear our prayer, 

Bless Thou our orphans' home, 
And let the ohlldren Thou didst love, 

To Thee, their true love, come. 
How sweetly, Jesus, did Thine eye 

On children ever rest, 
When hy the lure of Thy sweet voiae 

They fondly round Thee prest I 

3 -Oh, plead the ehildren's cause with 

Whose cause Thy cross did plead ; 
Hake sinners* hearts with pity melt, 
For whom Thine own did bleed. 

Thou lovest most the hearts that 
Most little ones to Thee ; [bring 

But most of all the hearts that bring 
Thy babes most lovingly. 

3 We are all orphaos, outcasts all. 
Until to Thee we oome ; 
On earth, in heaven, dear Jesus, Thou, 

Thou art Thyself our home. 
One only joy there is on earth— 
' It is, to have Thy ^raee ; 
One only joy can be m heaven— 
It'isy to see Thy faoe. 


Tbe Orplian'8 Complaint. 

John ziz. 26 : "He saith to'Hls mother : Woman, Behold thy son. 
that, He saith to His disciple : Behold thy mother." 


The Orphan, 
z Blkst Jesus, Thou didst oome with 
man to share 
Each numbing sonowi and each 
blighting loss ; 
The Cyrenean of our race, to bear 
' On bruised shoulder every culjnrifs 

a Then was the orphan's Tonely path 

too drear, [Thy tread ; 

For Thee to cheer And hsdlow by 

Who hadst from crib tb rood aMother 

near [Thee dead! 

To nurse The^ Inf^t^ and to moum 


3 My child, repine not, at my death 

Could I transfer mj sonship upon 

earth ; [nal moan. 

And 'twas the childless one's mater- 

That marked Thy moment of adop- 

ttve birth. 

4 If I had made the orphan's portion 

Mine, [oi-pban child ; 

Thou wouldst be doubly now an 

Hy loss had been thy loss, My gain 

is thine ; [she snmsd. 

When Mary wept o'er Me, on thee 

or\A Hymn for Oonseeratlon of Children, especially Orphans, 
^^^. to our lady. 

John xix. ^7 ; *' From that hour the disciple took her (the Mother of Jesus) 

to his own." . 

ft MoTBXR Marr, at thine altar 
We thy lovmg ehildrsn kneel ; 
With a faith that cannot falter 
To thy gnodMas we aipetL 

We are seeking for a mother 
O'er the earth so waste and wide; 

And f^om off the oroea oinr Brother 
Points to Mary by His aide. 


2 Thou wilt love us» tbou wilt gtdde us 

With a xnothear's fondest care ; 
And our Father, Ood above u% 

]^8 u8 fly for refuge there. 
Life's temptations are before us. 

We must mingle in. the strife ; 
If thy fondness watch not o'er ua, 

All unsafe will be our lifev 

3 Bo We take thee for our Mother* 

And we claim our right to be, • 
By the gift of our dear Brotheri 
Loving children unto thee ; 

And our hmnble eonsMration 
Thou wilt surely not despise. 

From thy high and lofty statiofi 
Close to Jegus In the skies. 

Mother Mary, to thv keeping 

We ounMlves to thee confide, 
ToHing, resting, waking, sleeping, 

To be ever at thy side. 
Cares that vex us, joys that please us, 

Life and death we trust to thoe ; 
Thou wilt make them all for Jesus, 

And for aU eternity. 


Clilldren's First Oomomnlon a;pun. 

Prov. viii i8 ; " 

With me are riohta stid glory, gloriourriches and 

z O Mabt, Mother sweetest, best, 

From heaven's immortal bowen. 
Do gather for a little child 

A bouquet of sweet flowers. 
I wish my HttleJieart to be 

A cradle fair and gay. 
Where Blessed Jesus piay repose 

My* (first) communion day I 

2 My little child, I can obtain 

So bright a wreath for thee^ 
That Jesus will delight to come 

Within thy heart to be. 
ril give thee lovely chari^, 

More warm than rose's glow; 
111 give thee heavenly purity, 

More white than lily snow. 

3 The violet of humility 

Shall yield a sweet perfVime, 
And Jesus wiU delight to be 
Within thy little room. 

But then remember, dearest dilld. 

The blossoms that I give 
Require the watering of a pra^yeiv 

Or they wiU cease to live. 

Mother, dearest, tenderest mother, 

You know how frail I am, 
A very giddy, thoughtless thing, 

A weadk and helpless Jamb. 
But oh I if thou wilt but send down 

Those precious flowers to me, 
I doubt not bat with thy good help 

Well wAtered they will be. 

Then^Mary froni her holy hands 

Those precious flowers sent down 
As beautiful and pure as those 

That wreathe an angel's crown. 
That little soul was richly blest 

In which dear Jesus lay, 
like the sweet turtle in its nesti 

Sweet* (first) oominunio& day I 

* This sweet oomintmlon day I 
206* Hymn for Renewal of Baptismal Vows. 

Fs. xzi. 26 : '< I will pay my vows in the sight of them t}iat fear Him*' 

X LoKO ago I made faith's soleionvow, 
But my sponsors then lent me. their 

voice I 
I renew all my promises now. 
And I do this ojf my own free cboioe. 

9 I believe then in God, Three in One, 
And WiU seal this belief with xny 

Feeble reason, the victory is'Won, 
Nor shall faith by thy ^zide be witb- 
stood. • 

I believe God came down from above 
To seek for and to save lost man1tin4, 
And His Bride>Chureh, my mother, 
I love, [mind. 

And rewft with my whole heart and 


4 At the font was my soul born anln* 
And adopted by God as His child; 
If I have not kept free from sin's 

stain, [defiled. 

The white robe ahall no more be 

5 I renouncealltbe pomps of this world, 
I renonnce all allnrements of sense ; 
Vanquished fiend, yield tby banner 

I renounoe thee fSor erer, go hence I 

6 Vain delighta, ye have been the false 


Which entangled my fpirit too long ; 

Of your pleasures henceforth I be- 
ware, [wrong. 

And with love will atone for my 

7 Tee, my God, only Thy Oospel's law 
Shall direct the whole course of my 

life; [with awe. 

Though the wealc flesh may shudder 
I shall yield and take part In the 


8 Dearest Lord, he who eerres Thee 

soon feels, [sweet ; 

Sbftt Thy li|^ yoke is easy and 

I reoolYe**-! will heed no appeals,-* 
I am Thine till I die at Thy feet 1 

9 All the favours of kings are but drossy 
And they foster ambition and pride : 
1 will ratber take up Thy dear cross. 
And follow my mastor and my guide. 

xo I know thatt life's momentaiy pain 
Merits endless enjoyments above : 
For a prise 'Us so easy to gain, 
I devote my whole heart to Thy 

XX Not Thy gifts, but, God,* Thou 

Art Thvself my poer .heart's sole 

desire : 
And to know Thee as now I am known 
Is the heaven to which I asptrt^ 

xs Fair and bright is the home of the 
But once more I proclaim with loud 

Sweeter far is Thy fittherly breast^ 
My life's hope, my eternity's choice. 


Anotber Hjonii in the form of a Litany fbr Renewal of 

Baptismal Vows. 

Ps. Ixxv. xa : ** Vow ye, and pray to the Lord your God." 

Consecrating us to heaven. 
In the cross's awful sign. 
CAoTM.— Satan and faia pomps, Ac 

4 By the white baptismal raiment, 
Pledge of Innocence regained/ 

To be borne before the presence 

Of the Judgment-seat unstained. 
Chorus. — Satan and his pomps, &c. 

5 By the mystie lighted taper. 
Placed within our infant hands. 

Ever to be brightly burning, 
Till in sight the Bridegroom stands. 


Look in pity. Lord of glory. 
On the suppliants at Thy feet ; 

Their baptismal vows renovring. 
Here before Thy meroy'seat. 

s Bt the sacred f ontal vraters 
Purer than the dew of mom, 
In whose laver of salvation 
We to second life were bom. 


Satan and his pomps for over 
Here we all renounce again } 
Here vto promise, holy Saviour, 
• Thine for ever to remain. 

3 By the maiesty imspoken, . 

Of the dread Triiinol Name, 
In whose solemn invocation 

We tiie heirs of God became. 
CA«nu.— Satan and his pomp% Ac. 

3 By the twofold solemn unction. 
Full of mysteries divine. 


208. Hymn for Ponwrenuioe. 

Matt. X. 92 : " And you shall be bated by all men for My name's sake ; but h9 
that shall perserere unto the end, he shall be saved." 

z JiGSU, Saviour, Qod of mercy, 

Lord of lords, and King of kings ; 
Keep, oh, keep ua now and nlways 
In the shadow of Thy wings. 

« As we chose at life's beginning 
Thee for our eternal Friend ; 
So in faith and lore Tnaintain us 
Ferse^Bfing to the end. 

3 Holy Mary, to thy bosom, 

A» the UembUng dQves we fly ; 

In thy dear remembrance hold us 
While we live and when we die. 

4 Holy Josenhi saints and angels, 

Interceae for us above ; 
From a wicked world's temptations^ 
Shield the children of your love ; 

5 Till with you in glory's kingdom. 

We the song of glory sing, 
To the Father, Son, and Spirit, 
Tour and our eternal King. 



The Holy Sacrlfloe of tbe BKasB. 

Mai. i. zz : "From the rising of the sun even to the going down thereof. My 
name is great among the Gentiles, and in every place there is sacrifice, and 
there is offered to ffly name a clean oblation." 

X O SWEKT ecstatic thought I 'tis mine 

To offer as of yore, 
• A sacrifice, and one in power 

Excelling all before ! 

For me, upon an altar fair, 
Is pleading day by day, 

The JSody and the Blood of Him 
Whom heaven and earth obey. 

For me is immolated still, 
Without encrimsoned stain, 

In the pure Hpst, the very Laaab 
On Calvary's altar slain. 

And thus though weak my prayer, O 
Though x>oor my praises be, [Ixfra, 

Tet knit with this high sacilftce, * 
They win their way to Thee. 

210. Legend of the Infant Jesus Serrlng fit BKass. 

Ps. xzziii. 9 : "Oh taste and see that the Lord 1$ sweet.** 

CoMBi children, all whose joy it is 

To serve at holy Mass, 
And hear what once, in days of faith, 

In England came to pass. 
It chanced a priest was journeying 

Through wudering ways of wood. 
And there, where few were passers- 

A lonsly chapel stood. [by, 

Ha stayed his feet, that pilgrim 

His morning Mass to say, [priest. 
And put the sacred vestments on. 

That n,ear the altar lay. 
But who shall serve the holy Mass! 

For all is silent there ; 
He kneels him down and pntient 

The peasant's hour of prayer, [iraits 

When lo ! a child of wondrous gcace 

Before the altar steals ; 
And down beside that lowly priest 

In infant beauty kneels. 
Heservetf the Han; his Toioe is 

hik.9 distant music low ; [sweet. 
With downcast eye and ready hand 

And footfall hushed and slow. 

" Et Verbum Caro &ctum est," 

He lingers till he hears ; 
Then turning to the Virgin's shrine 

In glory dbappears. 
So round the altar, children dear. 

Press gladly in God's natee ; 
For once to servo at holy Moss 

The Infant Jesus came. 


211. A iSbde Of Singing: and Cliantlng Mass for GhUdren. i 

I Cor. zL 36 : " This do for the commemoration of Me. . . . For as often ss 70a 
shall eat this bread and drink the cbiQice, you shall show the death of the 
Lord until He come." 

Pabt I. 

As the priest comes in. 

The Sign of the Cross. . 

In the name of the Fatherland of 
the Son— and' of ' the doly 'Ghosi— 

The Good IntenHon, 

My dear Jesus, may I do all» for the 
loT6,'-4he love of Thee. 

JEita^imUion of Oonaeience. 

Let us think of sins— committed, in 
our actions, — ^words, and thoughts. 
(A short pause for examination.) 

Ad cf ConMHon. 

I O Father, let Thy ffuilty child, 

cmi Thee by that dear name again ; 
Oh, think how Thy sweet Jesus died, 
Imploring grace for sinful men. 

a I love Thee, God, Thou art so good, 
And therefore for my sins I grieve ; 
I hate them, and will sin no more, 
And bad occasions I will leave. 

ffolif Mau. 

z Now Jesus Christ's true flcsb. and 
Will be our Sacrifice BiTine,[blood 
The same in Mass as on the cross, 
Though under forma of bread and 

3 We offer then the holy Mass^ 
Thee our Creator to atfor«, 
To thank Thee forTbygtAoiousgtfts, 
And praise Thy name for evermore. 

3 We pray for pardon and for grace, [led ; 
To change the lives that we have 
AndbegThee,for Thy Son's dearsake, 
To bless the living^ and the dead. 

Th^ Govpd, 

Let us with the (jross of Jesus, sign 
our foreheads 4* lips 4> and hdarto. •!( 

The Gospd. 

Thy gospel* Jesus, we believe, 
And for Thy help we humbly pray, 

That we in thought, and word, and deed. 
Thy holy gospel may obey. 

The ApotUee* Creed, 

I believe in God— the Father Al- 
mighty—Creator of heaven and earth. 

And in Jesus Christ — ^Hls only Son 
our Lord. 

Who was conceived— -by the Holy 
Ghost— bom of the Vii-gin Mary — 
suffered under Pontius Pilate-^ was 
crucified, dead and buried. 

He descended into hell— the third 
day— He rose again from the dead — 
He ascended into heaven — sitteth at 
the right hand'-K>f God— the Father 

From thence He shaU come — to 
judge the living — and the dead — I 
believe in tho Hofy Ghoet. 

The 6oIy Catholic Church — the 
communion of Salnta^the foi^veness 
of sios. 

The resurrection of the body— and 
life— everlasting— Amen. 

Pabsf II. 


On Alternate Sundays, sing the 
Qv^iX 2VulA«, QoxMMunii'iMnU^ Sacra- 
iitentt, and RuLt cf Lift; finish before 
the Canon.— iSe< HywM ahovt. 

Act ofFa^ Hope, cmd Charity, d:c 

Act or rAiXH.— (jrawM.) My God— 
I believe in Thee— and all Tliy Church 
doth teach— because Thou hast said it 
—and Thy Word is true. 


Aai OF BOPi.— (patiM.) Hy Ood^ 
I hope In Ibee-'fbr grace and for 
glory — because of Thy promises — Thy 
ineroy and Thy power. 

Aov or OKARiTy.-~(^iue.> My God 
— because Thou art so good — I love 
Thee with all my heart— and for Thy 
sake— I love my neighbour as myselfl 

Act or cokxrxtxos»— ny Qodr^ 
I am very sorry— that I hate Mtined 
adfainst Thee. Because Thou art so 
good— and I will not sin again. 

SanctuSf SanOui, 8emcit», 
(The beU rings thrioe.) 


The Ocmon. 

(Praj/er for the Living,) . 

z O Ood» be ever with Thy Chunh : 
The Pope and all the priesthood bless; 
Bless every day our |>aren<« dear ; 
Give them eternal happineee. 

a We pray for oZl who want our prayers^ 
To all poor tinners mercy show ; 
Ah I why should Jesus die in vain. 
To save iiiem from eternal woet 

(Interee$rian <^ Saints.) 

3 We pndse Thy saints, may they for us 
With Jesus kindly intercede ; 

May Mary pray her sweetest pisayer, 
To help her children in their need. 

CBdbre (A« Oonseerafion.) 

4 O God, 'tis now the solemn hoar, 
When bread and wine are truly made 
The flesh and blood of Jesus Christ, 
By words of consecration said. 

When the b«U rings 1hrie€ at McA 
elevattoHf strike your breast, sa^nff^ 
"My Jesus, mercy." 

After the Slevathiu 


z O heavens, earth, this wonder hear, 
What was but earthly bread and wfne. 
By God Almighty's wondrous power 
Is nowChrist's flesh and blood Divine. 
Bo Gk)d has said so we believe, 
The Word of God cannot deceive.' 

(Act pf Adoration.) 

9 O JesuB, God, Creator, Judffe, 
Thee present humbly we adore: 
To Thee in this great sacrament 
Be praise and glory evermore. 

Hay every toogue to Thee oonfeesb 
May every heart Tliy presence blMS. 


X Behold, O God, the precious blood 
Of Jesus on tho altar lies ; 
O Patbsr, bear I how denhs blood 
For grace andimeroy loudly criea : 
To Thee it speaketh to forgive ; 
Forgive us tnen that we may live. 

{Prater for ihg JhtA) 

a Theboly saetiitoe of Mass 
Assists the aoule in purgatory, 
Through this most holy saorlfioe^ 
God of mennr, hear their cry. 
Hay thev receive eternal rest, 
And with the light of heaven be 

Our Father. 

Our Father— who art in heaven^ 
hallowed be Thy name. 

Thy kingdom come — Thy will be 
done on earth — as it is in heaven. 

Give us this day— our daily bread — 
and forgive ns our trespasses — as we 
forgive them — that trespass agaiust 

And lead ua not— ioto temptation— 
but^deliver ue from evil. Amen. 

ITail Mary. 

JBail Mary full of grace— Our Lord 
is with thee. 

Blessed art thour—amongst women 
— ^and bles'sed is the fruit — of thy 
womb Jesus. 

Holy Mary— Mother of God. 

Pray for vs sinners— now and at the 
hour— of our death. Ameft. 


l?A»r IV. 

CTo be made at the time of the priest's 

Hy Jesus— I believe— that Thou art 
truly present — in the most — Holy 

I adore Thee— I am sony— I have 
offended Thee. 

I love Thee — come to my poor soul 
— ^unite Thyself to me. 4* I thank 
Thee, my Jesus — oh, never— never 

DuHr^ tTie time the prieit is givinff 
tommumon, ting any aj^opriate hymn 

Acta tfFaiUkf J)e$in, tbe* 

2 In this sacrament, sweet Jesus, 
Thou dost give Thy flesh and blood, 
With Thy soul and Gtodhead also 
As our own most precious food. 

a Yes, dear Jesus, I believe it, 
And Tby presence I adore. 
And with all my heart I love Thee, 
May I love Thee more and more. 

3 Come, sweet Jesus, in Thy mercy 
'Give Thy flesh and blood to me ; 
Come to me, O dearest Jesus, 
Come, my soul's true life to be. 

4 Come that I may live for ever, 
Thou in me and I in Thee ; 
living thus, I shall not perish, 
But shaJl live eternally. 

5 Blessed be the love of Jesus, 

giving us His flesh and blood ; 
lessed be His Mother Mary, 
Mother ever kind and good. 

6 Blessed be the great St. Joseph ; 
8ing then with devotion true ; 

*' Dearest Jesus, Mary, Joseph, 
Heart and life I give to you.^ 

TULcab Ootj»ek 

Let US with the cross of Jeaui, sign 
our foreheads 4* tips 4? and hearts •!*• 

Sing the foUomng <u the ptittt leaves 

z Great God, we thank Thee for the 
Of hearing holy Mass this day ; [grace 
On Sundays may we always come 
To hear the holy Mass and pray. 

a Then may the grace of holy' Mass 
Be with us still in all our need, 
And keep us from the rtain ol sin, 
In every thought,and word,anddeed. 

Cfloria Patri* 

Glory be to'the Father— «ad U> the 
Son-^-and to the Holy Ghost. 

As it was in the beginning— is now 
—and ever shall be, worla without 
end. Amen. 

The Divine Praiset. 

Blessed be God. 

Blessed be His Holy Name.^ 

Blessed be Jesus Christ— true 
and true Man. 

Blessed be the name of Jtsus. 

Blessed be Jesus— in the Most Holy 
Sacrataieh1>— of the Altar. 

Blessed be the great Mother of God 
*~Mary most holy. 

Blessed be her Holy— and Immacu- 
late Oonoeption. 

Blessed be the Name of Mazy — 
Virgin and Mother. 

Blessed be God— in His angels and 
in His saints. 



Eyma of Praise to Jesiu Christ, our Hlgb Priest^ our 
Victim, our aacrifloaL 

At Holy Mass Jesus Christ stands a perpetual sacrifice for love of us, He 
Himself being both our High Priait and our Victim, *'TfaeXAmb^ as it were 
immolated ** (Apoo. v. 6). ■ May He therefore be pnUsed and praised for ever I 

z Whxn morning gilds the skies^ 
My' heart awaking cries : 
May Jesua Christ be praised. 

Alike at work and prayer, , 

To Jesus I repair ; 

May Jesus Christ be praised. 


The Baored minster bell. 
It peals o'er hill and dell ; 
May J^iMos Chtlst be praised. 
Oh ! hark to what it sings, 
As joyously it rings ; 
May Jesus Christ be praised. 
To Thee xny God above, 
I cry with glowing love ;-. 
May Jesus. Christ be praised. 
The faii^st graces spxiiig 
lu hearts that ever sing, 
May Jesus Christ be praised. 

Mv tongue shall never tire 
Of chanting in the choir. 
May Jesus Christ be praised. 
This song of sacred Joy, 
It never seems to cloy ; 
May Jeeus Christ be praised. 

When sleep her balm denies. 
My silcQt spirit sighs ; 
May Jesus Christ be praised 
When eyil thoughts molest. 
With this I shi^d my breast ; 
May Jesus Christ be praised. 

Does sadness fill my mind? 
A solace Here I find ; 
May Jesus Christ be praised. ' 
Or fxides my earthly blias t 
My comfort still is this ; 
1^1 ay Jesus Chziat be praised. 

Thoogh burst my heart in twain, 
8tUl tbia shall be my strain ; 
May Jesus Christ be ptftised. 
When you begin the day, 
Oh I never fail to say ; 
May Jesus Christ be fwaised. 

8 And at your work regoice. 

To sing with heart and voice ; 
Kay Jesus Christ be ptaleed. 
Be this at meals your grace, 
In every time and place : 
May Jesus Christ be praised. 

9 Be this, when dav is past, 

Of all your thoughts the last ; 
May Jesus Christ be praised. 
In want and bitter pain. 
None ever said in vain, 
May Jesus Christ be praised, 
zo Should giiilt your spirit wring. 
Remember Cnrist, your King ; 
. May Jesus Christ be praised. 
The night becomes as day, 
When m)m the heart we say, 
May Jesus Christ be praised. 

zx Inhesren's eternal bUss, 
The loveliest stndn is this, 
May Jesus Christ be praised. 
The powers of darkness fear, 
When this sweet chant they hear ; 
May Jesus Christ be praised. 

Z2 To God the Word on high. 
The hosts of angels cry ; 
May Jesus Christ be praised. 
Let morials, too, upraise 
Their voice in hymns of praise ; 
May Jesus Christ be praised. 

X3 Let earth's wide circle round. 
In joyful notes resound ; 
May. Jesus Christ be praised. 
Let air. and sea, and sl^. 
From depth to height reply ; 
May Jesus Christ be praised. 


The real presence of our Lord in the Most Blesaod Sacrament is tJu grtcUett of 
all the mysteries of the love of God towards men : having become man. Ho ijso 
becomes oread to be eaten by men, tiutt mod may become gods 1 

Fs. Ixxxi. 6 : " I have said : You are gods, and all of you the sons of the Most 

91 q JeBUB Christ Is Trnly, SMlIy, and Substantially pre- o^A. 
^^^* sent In the Most Blessed Saorameut. ^i*±. 

Luke zxii. xo : '* And taking bread, He gave thanks, and brake, and gave to them 

saying : This is My body wAidi U given for vou, ... In like manner the chalice 

also, saying : This is the chalice, the New Testamen1( in My blood, tchieh 

afudl be ihed/or you, ... Do this for a commemoration of Me." .... 

How sfaaU we worship, rotere^ and adore Him, whom we no w possess with as ? 


I Fahos lingua gloridsl 
Corporis tnysiiriuni, 
SanguinUqua pretid^i. 
Quern in munoi pretium 
]mictu8 ventria gener6si 
Box effadit ipentium. 

a Nobis datus, nobia natua 
Bx intacta Virgine, 
St in mundo oonTersitus,' 
Sparse verbi s^mine, 
Sui moras incolatus, 
Miro dausit ordine. 

3 In supr^mts noctea coense, 
Becumbens cum frdtiibus, 
Obserrata lege plene 
Glbis in leg&bus, 
Cibum turb» duod^nsB 

Be dat suis manibus. 

4 Verbum ciro panem v6iiim 
Verbo camem efficit : . 
Fitque sanguis C^ristL meruro 
£t si sensus ddfidt. 

Ad firmandum cor sinc^rum 
Sola fides suffioit 

5 Tantum ergo Sicramentum 
Yener^mm* cerhui : 

Et antiquum documentum 
Kovo oeidat ritui : 
FrsQstet fides supplementum 
Sensuum defectui. 

6 GenittSii, Genit^que 
Xiaus eb jubildtio, 

Salus, honorf virtus quoque 
Sit et benedictio : 
Frocedeuti ab utr6que 
Compar sit laud^u. Amen. 

V. Panem de Coslo proestitisti 
(Alleluia) - 

. M, Omna delecbamentum in 
habentem. (AUeluia.) 

z Snag, my tongue, the Saviour's glorjr, 
" Oi*mB flesh the mystery sinff ; 
Of the Uoodi all price exceeding. 
Shed by our Immortal Kiug, 
Destinra for the world's redemption, 
From a noble womb to spring. 

2 Of a pure and spotless Virgin 
Born for us on earth below, 

He, 'as Man with man conversing. 
Stayed the seeds of truth to sow ; 
Theti He closed in solemn ord^ 
Wondrously His life of woe. 

3 On the night of that Last Supper, 
Seated with His chosen band. 
He the paschal victim eating. 
First fulfils the Law's command ; 
Then,' as food to all His brethren, 
Gives Himself with His own himd. 

4 Word made flesh, the bread of nature 
By His Word to Flesh He turns ; 
wine into His Blood He changes :— 
What though sense no change discerns ! 
Only be the heart in earnest, 

Faith her lesson quickly leanis. 

5 Down in adcMration falUng, 
Lo 1 the Sacred Host we hail: 

Lo 1 o'er ancient forms departing, 
Newer rites of grace prevail : 
Faith for all defects supplying, 
Where the feeble senses fail. 

^ 6 To the Everlasting Father, 

' And the Son who reigns on high. 

With the Holy Ghost proceeding 

Forth from each etenudly. 

Be salvation, honour, blessing ; 

Might and eudless majesty. Amen. 

eis. r. Thou didst give them bread from 
heaven. (AUeluia) 
ae JL Containing in itself all sweetnesa 

01 R Jeans ClirlBt In the Blessed Sacrament is trnly " a oi ^ 
-a-LO. HiAdenOod." ^lo. 

Isa. xly. z5 : *' Verily Thou art a hidden God, the QoA of Israel, the Saviour." 
Let us adore Him with a firm and lively Faith. 

(Repeat the la^t line of every ver$e.) 

Adobo Te deviate, Idtens Deltas, 
<)uaB sab his figtkris vere Utitas ; 
Tibi se cor meum totum sdbjicit 
(^xia T^'contemplaus totum deficit.' 

GoDBEAD hid, devoutly ladoreThee, 
Who truly art within the form before 
me : [knee. 

To Thee my heart I bow with bended 
As lUling quite in contemplating 
' Thee* 


• TlBiui gastUB, tactus, in Te fallitv, 
Sed auditu solo tuto creditur. 
Credo quidquid dixit Del Fillus 
Nil boo verii&UA verbo Torius. 

3 In eruee lat^at sola Deltas, 
At hie latet simal et Humdnitas : 
Ambo tamen credens atque confite&i, 
Feto quod petivit latro poeaiteus. 

4 Plagas, sieut Thomas, non Intueor, 
Deum tamen meum Te confiteor. 
Fac me Tibi semper maflris credere, 
In Te spem habo^, Te diUgere. 

5 memoriile mortis Domini t 
Panls vivus, Titam pnestanshomlnit 
FrsBsta me» menti de Te yivere, 
£)t Te illi semper dulce sdpere. 

6 Pie Pelicdne, Jesu Domine, 
Me immundum mundaTuo sanguine, 
Cujas una stllla salvum facere, 
Totum quit ab omni mundum scelere. 

7 Jesu, quem veUtum nunc aspicio 
Oro, fiat illud, quod tarn sitio, 
Ut, Te reyeldta cemens facie, 
Yisu Sim be&tus Tu» glori». Amen. 

Sight, touch, and tMta, in ThM air* 

eacn deceiyed ; 
The ear alone most safely is belieyed ; 
I believe all l^e Bon of Ood has 

spoken, [truer t^en. 

Than Truth's own Word there is no 
Ood only on the cross lay hid from 




But here Hes hid at once the Manhood 
And I, in both professing my belief, 
Make the same prayer as the repent- 
ant thief. 

4 Thy wounds, as Thomas saw, I do not 

see ; [to be : 

Yet Thee confess my Lord and God 
Make me believe iniee ever more and 

more ; [to store. 

In Thee my hope, in Thee my love 

5 O Thou memorial of our Lord's own 

dying: [firing! 

O Bread that living art and vivi- 
Make Thou my soul henceforth on 

Thee to live ; [g^ve. 

Ever a taste of heavenly sweehiess 

6 O loving Pelican I O Jesu Lord t 
Unclean I am, but cleanse me in Thy 

blood ; [alousk 

Of which sufficient were one drop 
For the whole world's transgressions 

to atone. 

7 Jesu I whom for the present veiled I 

see, [to me ; 

What I so thirst for, oh, vouchsafe 
That I may see Thy coimtenance un- 
folding, [holding. 
And may be blest Thy glory in bo- 

ThefoUpwing Ohonu it tomn^itMa nmg afUr each ttanxa .<>— 

Ave Jesu, Pastor fld^lium ; 
Adauge fidem omnium in Tie cre- 

Jesu, eternal Shepherd 1 bear our cary ; 
Increase the faith of all whose souls on 
Thee rely. 

917 JesTui ChrlBt in the Bleswd Sacrament is trnly '<onr Ofp 
^^'' Baortflce, our Victim, our Pood," ^lo. 

X Cor. X. x6 : "The ohalioe of benediotion, whioh we bless, is it not the com- 
mimion of the blood of Christ? and the bread which we break, is it not the 
partaking of the body of the Lord ? " 

Let us welcome the feast of this wonderftil gift with delight and witili praise. 

t Sacbis solemniis Juncta sint gaudia, z Lxx old things pass away ; 

Bt ex prsecordtts sonent prseconla, Let all be fresh and bright* 

Becedant Vetera, nova sint onmia^ And welcome we with hearts renewed 

Oorda voees et opera. This feast of new delight 


a Noeti«recoliturcoenanovifl8ima, [ma, 
QuA ohristus creditur agnum et azy- 
Dediase fratribus, justa legitima, 
PrificiB tndulta patribus. 

3 Post agnum typicum^exj^letis epulis, 
Corpus Domiuicum datum discipulis, 
Bio totum omnibus quod totum ain- 

BJus iatemur manibus. [guUsi 

4 Dedit fragilibus corpoiis ferculum, 
Dadit 6t tristibu8 sauguinJa poculum, 
Dicens : aceipite quod trado vasoulum , 

Omnss ex eo bibite* 

5 8io aaarificiom istud inaUiuit, 
Cujus offioium oommitti voluit, 
Solis presbyteris, quibus sic congruit, 

Ut sumant et dent coeteris. 

6 Fanis angelicus fit panis homimun, 
Dat panis ooslicus fiiguris terminum : 
O res mirabilis ! manducat Dominum 

Pauper senrus et humilis. 

7 Te Trina Deitaa Unaque, poscimus. 
Sic nos tu visita. sicut te colimus ; 
Per tuas semitaBauc nos quo teudimua 

Ad lucem quam inbabitas. 


3 Upon this hallowed eve 
Christ with His brethren ata^ 
Obedient to the olden law, 
The Pasch before Him set. 

3 Which done — ^Himself entire, 
The true Incarnate God, 
Alike on each, alike on all 
His sacred hands bestowed. 

4 He gave His flesh ; He gaye 
His predous Blood ; and said, 

" Beceive and drink ye all of thlSi 
For your salvation shed." 

5 Thus did the Lord appoint 
This sacrifice sublime. 

And made its piiests its ministers 
Through all the bounds of time. 

6 Farewell to types t Henceforth 
We feed on angels' food : 

The slave — O wonder I — eats the flesh 
Of His Incarnate God. 

7 O Blessed Three in One I 

Visit our he£uis, we pray * [patha 
And lead UB on through Thine own 
To Thy atemal day. 


01 Q ^M^B Obxlflt in the Blessed Sacrament is truly our oon 
^^^' Saviour, our Guide, our Shepherd. ^^v-p. 

Let us welcome His divine presence with shouts of the highest praise and 


Zuih. iL ID : " Sing praise and reloJce, daughter of Sion : fur behold I come, 
and I wUl dwell in the midst of thee, saith the Lord.^ , 

X Laxtda Siou, Salvat(Srem, 
Lauda Duoem et Pastdrem, 
In bymnis et cinticia. 

a Quantum potes, tantum aude ; 
Quia tuajor. omni laude 
Neo laudire silfficis. 

3 Laudis thema speciiHiB. 
Panis vivuB et vitilis, 

H6die prop^nltur. 

4 Quern in sacrse mensa cconie, 
TurbsB fratrum duod^nss 

Datum non ambigitur. 

5 Sit laus plena, sit Bon6ra, 
Sit Jucuuda, sit dectea, 

HentiB juMUtia 

1 Praise high thjr Saviour, Bion, praise 
With hymns of joy and holy lays. 

Thy Guide ai^ Sh^herd tme; 

2 Dare all thou canst, yea, take thy fill 
Of praise and adaratiou, still 

Thou fail'st to reach His due« 

3 A special tli«me f6t thankful hearts, 
The Bread that lives and life imparts, 

To-day Is duly set ; 

4 Which at the solemn festal board, 
Was dealtaround, when, with their Lord, 

His chosen twelve were met. 

5 Full be the praise and sweetly sounding, 
With joy 9nd. reverence meet abounding. 

The soul's gladXoBtival^ 


6 Dies enim goUmnis tfgifcur, 
In qua inensso priina rec61itur 

Hujus institutio. 

7 In hac mensa novi Regis, 
Novum pMcha noTsa legis 

Phaeie vetus t^iminat. 

8 Vetustdtem ndvitas, 
Umbram fugat Veritas, 

Nocteu lux eliminat. 

9 Quod in codna JESiristus gesflit, 
Faciendum hoc expr^sit 

In Bui mem6riam. 

xo Docti sacria inatittlltis 
Ponexn, vinum in aaliitis 
Consecrdmus h(5atiam. 

IX Dogma datur Christidnis, 
Quod in camem transit panis, 
£t vinum in sdnguinem. 

X2 Quod non capis, a uod non vides, 
Animdsa firmat ndes 
Pmter renim <Srdinem. 

13 Sub diT^TsIs sped^bus, 
Signis tantum et non rebus. 

Latent res exlmias. 

14 Caro cibos, sanguis potus : 
Manet tamen Christus ictus. 

Sub utrique spteie. 

15 A 8um6nte non condsus 
Non confr&etus non divisos, 

Integer acoipitur. 

x6 Sumit unus, siununt uille 
Quantum isti, tantum ilte 
Nee sumptua consiimitur. 

X7 Sumunt boni, sumant mali : 
Sortie tamen ttuequili, 
Vit» vol int^ritus. 

x8 Mors est mails, vita bonis, 
Vide parls sumptidnis, 
Quam sit dispar «xitus. 

19 Fracto demum Bacramdnto^ 
Ne vacilles, sed memtoto, 
Tantum esse sub fFs^toto 
Quantum toto t^itur. 

ao Nulla rei fit scissiira; 
Sigui tantum fit fraotiira; 
Qua, nee status nee stattkra 
Bign&ti oftiailkitur. 

6 This is the day of glorious state, 
^ben of that feast we celebrate 

The high original. 

7 'Tis here our King makes all things new, 
.And living rules aud offerings tnie 

' Absorb each legal rite ; 

8 Before the new retreats the old. 
And life succeeds to shadotim cold. 

And day displaces night. 

9 His faithful followers Christ hath bid 
To do what at the feast He did. 

For sweet remembrance' sake ; 

70 And, gifted through His high commands, 
Of bread and wine their jniestly hands 
A saving victim make. 

xz O Truth to Christian love displayed 
The bread His very Body made. 
His very Blood the wine ; 

X2 Nor eye beholds, uor thought conceives, 
But dauntless Faith the change believes 
Wrought by a power Divine. 

13 Beneath two differing species 
(Signs only, not their substances)^ 
lAp mysteries deep and rare; 

X4 His Flesh the meat, the drink His Blood, 
Yet Christ entire, our heavenly Food, 
Beneatli each kind is there. 

15 And they who of the Lord partake. 
Nor sever Him, nor rend, nor break. 
All gain, and.nought is lost ; 

t6 *Fheboon now one, now fhousands claim, 
Tet one and all receive the4same. 
Receive, but ne'er exhaust. 

17 The Gift is shared by all, vet tends. 
In bad and good, to diffinring ends 
Of blessing, oi' of woe ; 

x8 What death to some, salvation brings 
To others : lo ! from common springs 
What various issues flow 1 

X9 Nor be thy fidth confounded, thoogh 
The Sacrament be broke, for know. 
The life which in the whole doth glow 
In every part remains ; 

90 No force the Substance can divide. 
Which those meek forms terrestrial hide: 
. The Sign is broke : the signified 
Nor change nor loss sustains. 


31 tioee pials Angeldrtun, - 
Factui oibuB -viat^rum : 
Vera jMOiis filidrum : 
Kon mttt^ndus cdnlbui. 

aa In flgiirls pnesign&tnr 
Cum Isaac immoUtur ; 
Afiftins PnschsB deput&tur 
Datur Manna p&tribns. 

83 Bond Pastor,' patala Tere* 
Jesu noetii inia«r6ro : 
Tu nos pasoe, noa tu^re, 
Tu noa uona fao yid^re 
In t««n Tiy^ntium. 

24 Tu qxA onneta sofo et vales. 
Qui nos paacis- taio mcrtdles : 
Ttios ibi ooniinenBUBSi 
■ CohttrMes et sod^Ues 
Fac 8anot6rum cMum. 

▲men. AUelulst 

az The Bread of A&gdS| lo t Is sent 
For wearjr pilgrima' noorisfameni ; 
The children's Breadi not to be sfent 
On worthless dogs profiine ; 

aa In types significant portrayed, 
^oung Isaac on the altar laid, 
And paschal offerings duly made. 
And manna's fruitful rain. 

as O Thou Good Shepherd, Very Bread, 
Jesu, on us Thy mercy shed ; 

Sweetly feed us, 

Gently lead us, 
Till of Thy Fulness us Thou give 
Safe in the land of them that live. 

04 Thou who canst all. and all dost know, 
Thou who dost feed us here below 
Grant us to share 
Thy banquet there. 
Co-heirs and partners of Thy love 
- With the blest citizens above. 

Am^n.^ Alleluia. 

OQ1 Jesnt Gtirlst in the Blessed Sacrament Is tbe l!tae an4 

living God. 

Bum incense in His divine presence. 
BxodLKx?c8: " 

Tb. cxl. a : ''Let my prayer be directed as incense in Thy sight." 

He (the High Priest) shall bui-n an everlasting incense 
before the Lord.** 

X Wave the sweet oen8er,-~wave 
To Him who came to save 

The soul of man; 
Enduring in our stead, 
On His own preoioos head. 
Sin's dreadful ban 1 
Wavethesweet censer, — wave ifcbigh. 
For He is here who deigned to die 1 

a Iiord I let the mystic cloud 
Thine holy Altar shroud 

In fragrance sweet ; 
And maythe prayer of all 
Who on Thy mercy call 
In the one censer meet, 
And as one voice ascend to Thee, 
Incarnate, glorious Deity 1 


000 Jesus Olirist comes to us In the Blessed Saonanent, our Z^ord, 
^^^ our Gpd, our AU. 

Iietu8weIcomeHim.with,ad0ration, withlove, andeznltationl . 

" B^old the Larab oS Ood. the Son of the Father, XVho idketh away the tint of <Ae 
vforld, slain for the life and salvation of ^e yroTldL,'*-^Uiwrgy <^ St, Jamti 
the Apoitle. 
Ps. cxvii. 35 : ** Blessed be He that cooMth in the name of the Lord." 

2 Jesus I my Lord, my God, my aU I 
How can I love Thee as I ought? 
And how revero this wondrous gift, 
80 far surpassing hope or thou^t ? 

Sweet Sacrament i we Thee adore t 
Oh make us love Thee more and more I 


9 HadllnxkXtfrgr'ailnlMBheirl; 
To loryo ThM with, my doareat Kin^Ti 
<Mbi, with what bunts of f ^rrent imuse 
Thy goodoAW, Jesus, would I eiog 1 
0u)rui. — Sweet Sacrament, d(c, 

3 Oh see I within a ereatur^'s hand 
The vast Creator deigns to he, 
Beposing infant-like, as though 
On Joseph's arm or iiaxfn knes. 

ChimM, '-*Sweet Saorament, ^ , 

4 Thy body, soul, and Godhead, aU^ 

mystttyol love divine { 

1 cannot coippass all I have ; 

Fbr all Thou hast and art are mine. 
(7%(^«.— Sweet Sacrament, Ao. 

5 Sound, sound His prsissB highsv «till, 
And come, ye imgels, to our aid ; 

.ms God 1 'tla Ood 1 the Ttty Qod 
Whose poyrer both man aod angels 
C7^«rM«.'--8weet Qacnaneqt, Ac 

I JEe comes L Se comesl the liord of 

hosts, . 

Borne on His throne triumphantly ! 

We see Thee, and we know Thee, 

Lord, [Thee. 

:And yeam to shed our Mood for 

(7Aorui**-8weet Saonunent, &c 

Our hearts leap up^ our trembling 

Grows minter stfll ; we eaa n» more. 
Silenoe I and let us weep-^and die 
•:0f very love, while we adcva. 

Great Saanount of love divine, 
AU, all we haTs or are be Thinf. 


At the Sletfttion of toi* Hoil 

jTesus Christ is here 1 Adore Him in silence 1 " Silence is Thy best praise, 
. .. . OLord, lii8ion!"-:rPs..yiii.. 

t In breathless silence kneel, 
With trembling rapture feel ' 
The hour of gracQ Is nigh ; 
Watch, for .the. signal given, , 
'As for a Toice froih -heaven^ 
The Lord is etauding by. 

Chorus. . 
Hush I hti9h I break not the BpeQ I ' 
Jesus is here.; our hearts know it >nrell. 
Kneel ! Imeel I in love and fear ; . 
Jesus is God and Jesxis is here, 
Hark to the sound of the sanctuary bell. 

.(OnA voice.) (AIL) 
Telling of love^ bomiog lor ever, 
(One voice.) {All.) 
• For ever, for ever ! 

a 8tir not the idlent air, 
E'en by the words of prejyer^ 


Breathe not too loud a eigh,. 
In your heart's deep recess,' 
Tour lean, jrour hopes express, 
. $end up a speechless cry. 

Ohonu.^'3\uk I hush t tc 

3 Mute be the ozigan's strainr 
Man's voice of praise fa Vain, 
Speak &Dt» let wordbs alone ; « 
Be stiU, His preseooe owiii 
Before Him prostrate UXi. 
: £AenML-^Htt8hl hiuht Iw. 

4^ This is no common hour, 
This is no human power, 
God is among vou now ; 
And each full heart may share 
In Peter's raptured prayer 
Oa the lone mountain's blow. 
C^onw.— Hush 1 hush-l ^. 


JesQs Christ In the Bleued Bacrameiiit has iMcome our 

Bread and onr Food I 

Let us delight in this sweet gift with blissful admiration, love, and woi^er. 

John vL 51 i "I am the living bread which came down frem heaven: if any 
man eat of this bread he shall live for ever." 

X OBRKADof Heaven, beneath thia veil 
' Thou d(»t my very God conceal : 
My Jesus, dearest treasure, hail I 

I love Thee, and adoring kneel ; 
Bach loving soul by Thee is fed 
With Thy ow« Self in form of Braad. 


FAod'bf lift, !tUou tni6 doit glvo 
The pledge of iminqrt»Ut7 ; 

1 live : no, !tls not I that live ;' 
Ood gives me life, God lives In me : 
Hefeedsmysoul, He guides my way^ 
And evqry grief "With joy repftys. 

Bond of love, that dost unite 
The servant to Ids loving Lord ; 
Could I dare live and not requite 
Efoeh love— then death were meet 

reward : 

1 cannot live unless to prove 
Some love for sueh uBuoeMursd love. 

My dearest God I who dost so hind 
My heart with countless chaina to 

O'sweetest love, my soul shall find 
In Thy dear honds true liberty. 
Thyself Thou hast bestowed on me ; 
Thine, Thine for ever I will be. 

5 MighigF "Firt, Tftibii llttfdost .bvA 
To kindto every mind and heart f 
For Thee my frozen soul doth yearn ; 
Come, Lord at love,' Tfhy warooth im- 

If thus te speak too bold appear, 
'Tis loye like Thine has banianed fear. 

6 O sweetest dart of love divine 1 

'It I have sinned then vengeance take ; 
Come pierce this guilty heart of mine. 
And let it die for His dear sake 
Who once expired on Calvary, [me. 
His h^art pieioed through for love-of 

7 Beloved Lord, in heaven above, 
Thisre, Jesus, Thou awaitest me, 

To gaze on Thee with changeless love ; 
•Tes, thus, I hope, thus shall it be : 
For how can He deny me heaven. 
Who here on earth Himself hath 

QQf JMnft0tttlitlntiiABl«8MdBaohttiexLtliMli6C(mM'our 
^^*^- Friend, our Spouse^ our iUl I 

. . . With what love shall we repay His own love \ 

Otnt. V. X : <* Eat, O friends, and drink, and be inebriated, my deaily 


Jkbdb, Jeaua, deaxest Lord, 
Fovgive me if I asy 

For very love Thy aacred name 
A thousand times a day. 

1 love Thee so, I know not how 
Ms transports to control ; 

Thy love-is like a burning fire 
Within my very souL 


Oh wonderful I that Thou shouldst 

So vile a heart as mine ' 
Xove'Thee with sudi a love as klAat 

And make so free with Tbine. 
The onift of this wise world of otiM 

Poor wisdom aeeros to me ; 
Ah, dearest Jeaus, I have grown 

Childish with love of Thee. 

; For Thou, to me art all in all, 
My honour and my wealth, 
My heart's desire,my body's strength, 
My soul's eternal nealth. 

Bttrh, bum, O Love, within my 
Bumfiercely night and day, fbearc, 

.Till all the dross <^ earthly loves 
la burned and burned away. 

O XJi^tin darkness, Joy In grief, 

«' O Heaven begun on earth f 

Jesus I my Love 1 my Treasuce I who 

Can tell what Thou art woraxt 
O Jesus, Jesus^ sweetest Xjord, 

What art Thou -not- to me? * 
Each hour brings joya before un- 
known, ' 

Each day new liberty. 

What limit is there to thee, Love? 

Thy flight where wilt thou stay Y 
On. on I our "jjord is sweeter far 

To-day than yesterdav. 
' O love of Jesus I blessed love I 

So will it ever be ; 
Time cannot hold thy wondroua 

No, nor eternity. [growth 


nnfi Jeraa Obrlit In the Bleaied Saenoneiit la Paaoe and 
^^u. jjgg^ jf^y eyezy Human Sonl. 

Isa. Ixyi. za: " Thos sidth the Lord, Behold I will bring upon her Mit were 

a ri7er of peace." 

BWBKF Saorament Divine I 
Hid in Thine earthlv home, 
hoi round Thy lowly ebrine, 
With suppliant hearts we come ; 
Jesus, to Thee our voice we raisoi 
In songs of love and heartfelt praise, 
Sweet Sacrament Divine 1 

Sweet Saerament of Peaoe t 
Dear home for every heart, 
Wliere restless veamings cease, 
And sorrows all depart ; 
There in Thine ear, all trustfully, 
We tell our tale of misery, 
Sweet Sacrament of Peace. 

Sweet Saorament of rest I 
Ark from the ocean's roar. 
Within Thy shelter blest. 
Soon may we reach the shore ; 
Sav^ us, for still the tempest raves. 
Save lest we sink beneath the waves, 
Sweet Sacrament of rest I 

l^eet Sacrament divine t 

JBarth's light and jubUee, 

In Thy far depths doth uune 

Thy Godhead 8 majesty : 

Sweet Light, so shine on us, we pray, 

That earthly joys may fade away. 

Sweet Sacrament divine ! 

227. Bov 8WMt to be.with Jenu In tbo BleaieA ftowammiffitl 

Cant. V. z : " I to my beloved, and mv- beloved to me, who feedeth among ' 

the lilies." 

z O Jbsu, it wer6 surely sweet 
To ait Mid listen at Thy feet, 
With those who fn Thy life drew near 
Thy words of wondrous grace to hear. 

s And it were sweet to walk' with Thee, 
Along the shorea of Oalilee : 
Or, saHB embarked in Peter's boat. 
O'er its blue waves with Thee to float. 

3 Yet sweeter far it is to pray - 
Before Thine altar night and day. 

And feel the love which bids Thee lie 
Thus wrapt in holiest mystery. 

4 Yes, Jesus 1 Thou art hidden thus 
On this poor earth for love of us. 
And yet npen Thine altar>throiie« . 
Too oft we leave Thee all alonei. 

5 Ah, since it is Thv chief delight 

To dwell with us both day and night, 
Sweet Jesus ! make it ours to be 
Both night and day to stay with Thee. 


Hymn to be Snn^ During tlie Visit. 

Sfatt zi. aS : 


2 Whxv by Thy altar. Lord, I kneel, 

And think upon Thy love. 

Oh, make my heart Thy goodness 

Fix it on things above 1 [fed, 


My sweetest Lord, when I retrace 
Thy wondrous love for mo, 

Oh I how can I affection place 
(hi anything but Theef 

Come to Ke, all you that labour and are burdened, 
and I will refresh you." 

Aboot to leave this wretched earCh, 
On man Thy thoughts still bend, 

Thy sacred, boundless love, spiive 
To this sweet sacrament. [birth 
Chorus. — My sweetest Lord, Ac. 

O manual which my Sovereign Lord 

In pity left for me ; 
Without this mystery adored 

What would this exile bet 
Choi'ut. — ^My sweetest Lordj &o. 


4 A deMit Iwid of woe and cm«^ 

A pUirninage of •trif e. 
Who could its grief, its sorrows bear, 
Without this bread of life t 
CAoriM.—- M7 sweetest Lord, &d. 

5 My soul here finds a soreraign balm, 

A cure for eyery grief, 
'Hid pain and care a beaTenly calm, 
A solace and relief. 
Chortu^-^My sweetest Lord, IM). 

Supported by this faeaTOnly bread, 
My Lord's last pledge of love ; 

With Joy the nigged path I'll tread. 
To Horeb's mount above. 
Chonu.-^VLy sweetest Lord, &c. 

Strengthened by this, my soul its 
Shall from this exile soar, [flight 

To dwell In realms of bUss and Ugbt 
For ever evermore. 
CKoitn.-^Uj sweetest Lord| ite. 


Wluit a& IxiflBlte Honour and HajiplneflNi to abide irltb 
JeBQS in tbe Blessed Sacrament I 

' How h^ppy the lot of those inanimate things which suxTound or touch the 
Body of our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, or are consimxed in its honour I 

X ParaUp. xrl 97 : '* Praise and magnificence are before Him : strength 

and joy in His place." 

X O HAPFT flowQts I O happy flowets 1 
How quietly for hours and hours. 
In dead of nighty in cheerful day, 
Close to my own dear Lord you stay, 

. Until you gently fade away I • 
O happy flowers 1 what would I give. 
In your sweet place all day to live, 
And then to die, myservice o'er, 
Softly as you do at His door I 

9 O happy lights I O happy lights I 
Watching my Jesus livelong nights, 


How olose you cluster round His 
Dying so meekly one by one, [throne, 
As each its fidthful watch has done | 
Could I with 7eu bat take my turn. 
And bum with love of HIqi, and bum 
Till loTC had wasted me, like you. 
Sweet UghtsI what better could I do! 

O happy pyx I O happy pyx I 
Where Jesus dotii ais dwelling fix ; 

dear and bright, 
the world's trae 

O little palace. 
Where He, Wno 

Spinas alltheday and stays all night I 

Ah I if my heart could only be 
A little home for Him like thee, 
Sveh fires my happy soul would move, 
I could not nelp but die of love I 

pyx and lights and flowers 1 but I 
Through envy of you will not die ; 
Nay, happy things 1 what will you do^ 
For I am better o£f than you. 
The whole day long, the whole night 

For Jesus gives Himself to me 
So sweetly and so uttecly t 
By rights, long since I should have 
For loTC of Jesus crucified. [died, 

My happy soul 1 my happy soul ! 
How snaU I then my love control? 
sweet communiou 1 feast of bliss I 
When the dear Host my tongue doth 
What happiness is like to this? [kiss, 
O heaven, I think, must be alway 
Quite lik;e a first communion day; 
With love so sweet and Joy so strange. 
Only that heaven will never changel 


An Invitation to aU to Visit onr Lord in tlia 
Blessed Sacrament. 

Prov. viii. 3x : " My deUghts are to be with the children ofrnttL* 

I BXFons the altar angels veil their 

faces, [and day : 

For Qod is dwelling there by night 

Wb heart is full of loye, Hia hands 

of graces. [that come to pray. 

With whicn He crowns the soida 

To His presence returning, 

With our hearts brightly burning, ' 

We come to kneel before His sacred 

To see His face and hear His words 

so sweet. 


O ciimor, oom« I fe4r not a wrathful 
Mnt«noe, [sinners weep ; 

For blessed are fhe tears which 
The angels all rejoice at man's re- 
pentimoe, [oLering sheep. 

And Jesus came to save the wan- 
He receives the offender 
With compassion so tender 
That tears of sorrow torn to tears 'of 
joy, [love destroy. 

-Which w'ash; out sin and e&rthly 

To Jeeuseoou^ sttyoawhe,weiidcan4 

weary, [load, 

Begin to faint beneath your heavy 

And He wiU'^eer your spirits sad 

and dreat^t (the road; 

&e be%rs His crosa before you on 

His example will move ns, 
And &is patience reproTo ns. 
fincouraged thus we'll gladly boar 
our pain, [to gidn. 

To ^ow anr love, and heavaity bliss 

O dearest Lord, Thy sacred beayt it 

To gyiUier souls around Thy huiaUa 

.Increase the flame 'with whieh our 

love is burning, [like Thine own. 
Oby taiee oar heiurts and wake ihooi 
Thy sweet blessing bespeaking, 
We, Thy children, are seeking 
The crowning grace to love Thee 

here below, 
And after death to Thee above to go. 


John vi 54 : '* Amen, Amen, I say onto you : Except you eat the Flesh of the 
Son of man, and drink His Blood, you shall not have life in you." 

X Cor. X. x6 : " The chalice of Benediction, which we bless, is it not the com- 
munion of the Blood of Obrist t and ithe Bread, whieh we break, is It not 
the partaking of the Body of the Lord ?" 

I Cor. x£ e7 : *^ Therefore whosoever shall eat this Bread and drink the ChaHce 
of the Lord unworthily, shall be guflty of the Body and of the Blood of the 
Lord."-^s8 : "Bot let a man prove himself: and so let: him eat of tha^ 
Bread and drink of the Chalice."— ''For be that eoteth aaxd drinketb un- 
worthily, eateth and drinketh JTudgment to hiaaseU« not^ disoeniing yita 
Body Of the Lord." 


Tbe Desire of the 8<ml to be United to Jesiui COiriBt 

In Holy Communion. 

John vi. 55 : *' He that eateth My Flecdi, And drinketh My Rood, hath over- 
lastlnc" life : and I will raise huu up in the last day. For 2fy Flesh ia meat 
Indeed, and Hy Blood is drink indeed." 

Ht Gfod, my life, my love 1 

To Thee, to Thee, I call 1 
Oh come to me from heaven above, 

And be my Godf xny aU J 

I My faith beholds Thee, Lord, 
Concealed in human food ; 
My senses fail ; but on Thy word, 
I trust and And my Qod. 

Ohcrui.—My Qod, 4k).. 

9 Oh when wUt Thou be mine, . : 
Bweet lover of my soul, 

My Jems dear^ my King divine-* 
And all my heart control ! 

Chanu.-^My God, *q»: 

Oh come and fix Thy throne 

Within my very heart ; 
Oh make it bum for Thee alone, 

ITor Thou its- moBtejr aft, 

C/ionti.— My God, &«, 

On Thee I stay my mind, 
For vain 4re ea]rthly t6ys ; 

In Thee alone my life I find 
The joy ol heaven's ioys. 
... . (7A»ri«*— Jl^ God,-«te. 

Bjmin 90R. UQMT CQMMnn^cn. 

AiirtmtiteM tMflBM Hfltnimniiott 

fh. xxxiit. 9 : *' Oh tMta and Me t)iat the tiord b niweefc 1 

Zftoh. ix. X7 : "For what ia the eood thtngr of Blm, and what is Hia beautiful 

thing, bob the oonk of the ^c^ and vfitie springing forth virghis." 

a Bmply; Is all worldly joy, 
£yer mixed with some alloy ; 

Jssua, Jestifl, eome to me, 
Oh how much I long for ilieet 

Come, Thott of all friends the beat. 
Take posaeaaion of toy breast. - 


Coi^oet my poor soul diatrea^ed, 
Come and dweU within my breaat ; 
Oh, how of 1 1 aigh for Thee 1 
jesaSi JTesuSy come to me, 

Give me my true Sovereign good, 
Jeaus, 'fby own flesh and blood.* 
CAoTtw.— Comfort my poor, &c. 

On the crQBs three hours for me 
Thou didet hang in agony : 
I my heart to Thee resign, 
Oh what rapture to be Thine 1 . 
Chorus. — Comfot^ tny poor, &o. 


ThaskBgiylng after Communloa. 

John vL 57 : "He that eateth tfy Fleab, and drinketh Ky Blood, abidoth in 

Mo, and I in him." 

X What happineaa can eaual mine T 
I've found the ol^^ <» ^7, Ioyq.; 
Hy Saviour and my Ijord divfne 
Is oome to me fisin heaven abofe. 
He makea my beaaft Hia own abode, 
His Fleah beootcea my daily btead ; 
He pours on me His hailiBtg Blood, 
And with His life my' soul is fed. 

a 1^ LoTe ia mine, and I am Hia ; 
In me He dwella, in Him I live : 
Where JiQtildl taate a pvrer bliaaT 
What greater boon could Jesus give ? 

royal banquet t heavenly feast 1 
O flowing fount of life and grace ! 
Where. God the giver, man the guest. 
Meet and unite in aweet embrate. 

Dear Jesua, now my heart is Thiue, 
Oh t may it never from Thee fly ! 
My God, be Thou for ever mine. 
And I Thine own etemaUy. 
Koinore, O Satan, thee I fear't 
O^wotld I thy <dianna I mm daspilep 
i\»KOhiiat Himaelfis withmeaere. 
My Joy, my ]^> my paradiae. 


Tbe XilBifal Calm 

of a 601x1 that POBWBaeB Jetus In 
H6ly Gdnmrasidn. 

John vi 58 : " Aa the living Father hath aent Me, and 1 live by the Father : so 
he that eateth Me, 4J2e>same alao ahall live by Me." 

X Ah ! what is this enchanting calm 
Whfeh thua with peaee aay bosgin' 

Which o'er my spirit poura ft balm, 
Andthroughmyinmoat b^gthriUa ? 

. My God! my Jesua 1 it ia Thou- • 
Art ravishing my heart wfth blisa ; 
Thy presence is within me now ; 
Ah ! could 1 ask a boon like this 7 

9 Is there some aerai^ hither sent;, * 
Siffuaing aweetnesB from hta wingp, 
to at^sp lay bop9.n^ J9 ppflteft^ _ 

Unknown, unfelt, from earthly 
thiugat • 

Cmrui. — ^MyGodt &o, 

3 No J aometbiogpurexvfav must dwoU 
Within thia raptured soul of mine ; 
'Tis what no mortal tongue cau tell, 
'Tia more than heavenly, 'tis divine^- 

• Cftoru«.~My God I &e. 

4 Yea; atoopingfrom Thy throne above» 
Thou wilt not dwell from man apart ; 
Thy 4earsat home becomes, through 

^.. .The tab^maole of my hearth [Iflye, 



Prayer ef JtuaOtagMiag aftor Oomiiiuiiioii. 

Ps. zxU. 5 : '* My chaUee whi^ inabimtoth xaoi bow goodly is it I " 
Pbl XV. 5 : "The Lord is the portioiii of my toherituioe Mid of my ohalico.' 

JBSUS, ffOnUest Saviour 1 

Qod of might and power 1 
Thou Thyself art dwelling 

In us at this hour. 
Nature cannot hold Thee, 

Heaven is all too strait 
Por Thine endless glory 

And Thy royal state. 
Out beyond the shining 

Of the farthest star, 
Thou art ever stretching 


Yet the hearts of children 

Hold what worlds cannot, 
And the Ood of wonders 

Loves the lowly spot. 
As men to their gardens 

Go to seek swcHBt flowers. 
In our hearts dear Jesus 

Seeks them at all hours. 
Jesus, geatlest Saviour 1 

Thou art in us now : 
Fill us full of goodness 
' Till our hearts o'erflow 

3 Pray the prayer within us 

That to heaven shall rise ; 
ping the song that sngeLs 

Sing above the skies. 
' Multiply our graoel^ 

Chiefly love and fear, 
And, dear Lord, the chiefest— 

Grace to persevere. 
Oh, how cao we thank Thee 

For a gift Uke this, 
Gift that truly maketh 

Heaven's eternal bliss t 

4 All I when wUt Thou always 

Make our hearts Thy hom^ T 
We must wait for Heaven, — 

Then the day vriU. come. 
Now at least we'll keep Thee, 

All the time we may— 
But Thy grace and Uessiog 

We will keep alway. 
■ When our hearts Thou lesvest. 

Worthless though they be. 
Give them to Thy Mother 

To be kept for Thee. 

236. Praise and A4ore Jesus, the. Bread of Divine Llfia. 

Jolm-vi. 48: "I am the bread of life."~59: "This is the Bread that came 

down from heaven. Not as your fiuhers did eat mnana, and are dead. 
that eateth.this Bread shall live for ever." 


X Hail! Thou living Bread from heaven. 
Sacrament of awful mi^t 1 
I adore Thee, — I adore Thee.— 
Bvery moment} day and Aight. 

a Holiest Jesu 1— heart of Jesus I 
O'er me shed your gifts divUie ; 
Holiest Jesu I my Redeemer I. 
All my heart and soul are Thinei 


Qr%t9 Hyvm ol Praise and Desire Preparatory to B^ritnal 
^Of. Goaununion. 

lUatt. viiL 8: "Lord, I am not worthy, that Thou shouldst enter .under my 
roof ; but only say the word, and my toiU shall be healed." 

x*. In this sweet Sacrament to Thee, 

My God, be ceaseless praise ; 
And to the name of Jesus be 

All love through endless days ; ' * 
' And blessed too be Mary's womb, 

Wldoh gave to us that Son, 
- More pare, mors fair than lily>bloom, 

Jesus, the Bleised One. 

3 Gome now, my loving Lord, to me ; 

Oh, come into my heart : 
Inflame it all with love of Thee^ 

And never thence depart. 
And let this wretched heart be Thine, 

Tes, Thine, dear God, alone ; 
And, Mary, may this soul of mine 

Henoef orth be all Thy own. 

BYwra Fos spntnirAii ooKMuiaoN. 


•▲ot Of Bpliitiial Oenumiiiion. 

My Jesus— I believe— that Thou art 
truly present — in the most «- Holy 

' I adore Thee— I am 101x7— I liaTd 
-offended Thee. 

I love Thee— come to my poor soul 
—'Unite Thyself to me + I thank 
Thee^ my Jesus ^ oh, never r- never 
leave me. 


Act of Demand after SpMtnal Conuxmnion. 

Bev. xxi 6 : *' To him that thirsteth I will give of the fountain of 

the water of life." 

X SoiTL of my Saviour, sanctify my 

breast 1 [guest I 

Body of Christ, be Thou my saving 

Blood of my Saviour, bathe me in 

Thy tide, [Bis side I 

Wash me, ye waters gushing from 

3 Strength and protection may His 

passion be 1 [me I 

O blessed Jesus, hear and answer 

Deep in Thy wounds, Lord, hide and 

shelter me, [Thee I 

80 shall I never, never pars from 

3 Guard and defend me from the foe 

malim I [only Thine ! 

In death^ drear moments make me 

Call me and bid me come to Thee on 

high I 
Where I may praise Thee with Thy 
Saints for aye I 

[ With (Ae kind permistion q/ Rev. B. 
CoMsallf mune and accompaniment to 
b€ had of Mr. ButUr, 6 Mand Cburtf 



Heb. iv. x6: ''Let us go therefore with confidence to the throne of grace: 
that we may obtain mercy, and find grace in seasonable aid." 

When thepriett opent the TaUmaele^ and ineentei the Blessed Saeramentf 

i$ tung tAe iTymm, 


O SALUTARie Hodtia, 
Qu8B coeU pandis ostium : 
Bella premunt hostilia, 
Pa robur, fev auxilium. 

Unl trinoque Domino 
Sit sempltema gloria, 
Qui vitam sine termino 
Nobis donet in patria. 


BalutarlB Hostia. 


S4VINO Victim, opening wide 
The gate of heaven to man below I 

Our foes press on from every side ; 
Thine aid supply, Thy stx^ngth bestow. 

To Thy great name be aidless praise. 
Immortal Godhead, one in three i 

Oh, grant us endless length of days 
In our true native land with Thee. 


AJter vMchfoUow* the latany of the Blessed Virgin, or iom« PeaXm^ or 
AfUiphont er Mymm appropriate to the feasts or in hfmnnir of the mott holy 
Sacrament, Here aUo are recited the corresponding versicUs and . prayers, at 
eUto any prayer enjoined by the bishop. 

If iKt Te Deum he sung, the persons present stand until the vtords To ergo 
qusBsumus (We pray Thee, M^rV^^rt)* when they kneeU 



Utany or tile BlMwed Vbigfa; 

CfomfBMni]f called the LUanj/ ofZoreUo* 

Ant. Bub tu\iin prsesidlum confuoi* 
mvM, aancta Dei Genitrlz, nostras de- , 
precationes ne despidas in necessitati- 
bus nostris ; sed a pexiculis cimctis 
libera nos «emp«r, vli^ jflOfiOM it 
Eyrie elelson. 
^frie eleUon. 
Chziste eleiflon. 
Ckriatt eteuon. 
Kyria eleison. 

Ghriste audi nos. 

Pater de ooalis Deua, 

Miserere nobis. 

Fill Redemptor mundi Deus, 

Miserere nobis. 

Bplritus Bancte Dens, 

Miserere nobis. 

Sancta Trinitas, unus Deus, 

Miserere nobis, 

Sancta HacLa^ Ora pro nobis, 

Sancta Dei Genitrlx, 

fBancta Virgo Virginum, 

Hater Christl, 

Mater diyin» gratis, 

Mater purissima, 

Mater castissima, 

Mater inriolata. 

Mater intemerata, 

Mater amabilis, 

JIater admirabilis. 

Mater Creatoris, _ 

Mater Salvatoris, f 

Virgo prudentiBsimA, |S 

Virgo yeneranda, ^ 

Vligo pnadioaada, ^ 

Viigo potens, £ 

Virgo Clemens, C* 

Virgo fldelis. 

Speculum justltiie, 

Bedes saplentias, 

Causa nostns Isetitiss, 

Vas spirituale, 

Vas bonorablle/ ' 

Vas insigne devoti^nis, 

Rosa mjrstioa, •< 

Turria Davidica, 

fCixRis ebumea, 

Domus aurea, 

Ant Ws fly to ^ patronage, O hoIV 
Mother of God ; despise not our peti- 
tions in our necessities, but deuyer 
us always from all da^igers, O f^asioim 
and blessed Virgin. - 

Lord bave mercy on us. 

Lord have mercy on us. 

Glulst have meroy on tun 

CBtrist have mercy on us. 

Lend haye mex^ on nsi 

Jjord have mercy on tu, 

Gbtist hear us. 

Christ (/radtnuly hear us. 

God the Father of beayen. 

Have mercy on us. 

God the Bon, Redeemer of the world. 

Have TMxcy on vx. 

God the Holy Ghost, 

Have mercy on us. 

Holy Trinity, one God, 

Have mercy on us. 

Holy Mary, Pray/or its, 

adfy Meiher of God, 

Holy Vizsdn of yirgius. 

Mother of Christ, 

Mother uf divine grace» 

Mother most pure, 

Mother most chaste. 

Mother tnvlolatCL 

Mother undefiled. 

Mother most amiable. 

Mother i^ost admirable. 

Mother of our Creator, 

Mother of our S«7iour, 

Virgin most pr^dotiL 

Virgin most yenerable, 

Vii^in most.renownedy 

Vii^in most powerful, 

Virgin most merciful, 

Virgin most faithful, 

Mirror of justice, 

Beat of wisdom, 

Cause of our joy, 

Spiritual yessel. 

Vessel of honour, 

Vessel of singular devotion, 

Vyatical rose» 

Tower of Dayid, 

Tower of ivory, 

House jof gold, 




Ark of ^6 eomoKat, 

Gate of heaven, 

Morning star, 

Health of the sick, 

Befuge of ctonera, 

Comforter of the afSieted, 

Help of Christiana, 

Queen of Angels, 

Queen of Patriarchs, 

Queen of Prophets, 

Queen of Apostles, t". 

Queen of Martyrs, 

Qneett of Conf esson. 

Queen of Virgins, 

Queen of all Saints, 

Queen conceived -without original sin. 

Lamb of God, who takeat away the 

' sins of the world. 

Spare ut, Lord. 

Lamh of God, who takeat away the 

sins of the world, 
€hraeiouily hear u«. Lord, 
Lamb of God, who takest away &• 

Bins of the world. 
Have mercy on ttt. 
Christ hear us. 
Ckritt graetouUy hear us. 

Ant. We fly to thy patronage, holv 
Mother of God, despise not our ];)eti> 
tions in our necessities ; but deliver ua 
always from all dangera, O c^lorioua 
and'blesaad Yizgin. 

V. Pray for usl O holy Mother of 

. JL That we may bo made worthy ot 
the promises of Chdat. 

liSt us pray* 
Defend, O Lord, we beseech Thee, bgr 
iho interoeotlion of blessed Maiy oyer 
yii^, tUa Thy family from all adveir* 
sity ; and mercifully protect ua^ whQ 
proatrato ouraelveo b«foro Thee with 
all our hearts, from the, anarea of tb# 
enemy. Through Christ our Lord. 
' Ameu. 

Thm it 9ung the Hymn Tantum ergo Sacramentum, all preteni mdkinp a'pro- 
found inelimatimi (jwtyroitrution) uhUe Um wirdi VeuerBmur eexnui ore being said. 



Stella matutina, 

SaluB InfirmoTum, 

Befuglum peccatorum, 

Conaolatrlx affliotorum, 

Auxilium Christianonim, 

Bogina Angelorum, 

B^ina Patriarcharum, 

Begina Prophetarum, 

B^ina Aixntolorom, 

Begina Martyrum, J 

B^ina Conf esaorum, . 

B^ina Virginum, 

Begina Sanoionua oiaalusif 

Begina sine labe origlnali concepts, 

Agnua Dei, qui tollia peocata n^uncU, 

Force nobit, Domine. 

Agnus Dei, qui toUia peooata ftrandli 

Sxandi net, Domine. 

Agnua Del, qui tollia paooata muadi, 

M i t eMr enoHS* 
Ghxdate audi noa. 
Ckritteiezaudi no». 

Ant. Sub tuum pnesldium confu- 
glmiia, iancta Del Genltrix, nostraa 
deprecationea ne despicias'ln necessl- 
tatibw noatris ; sed a periculis cuncUa 
libera ^oa aemper, Virgo gloiiosa et 

F. Ora pro nobis, aaoota Dei Gonip 

M, TJt digni offloiamur promiaaioal- 


Defende, quiBBumufl, Domiae, beatA 
Mad* semper vlrgjne intoroedaate, 
iatam ab osmi advorsitato fapiiHam : ot 
toto corde tibi prostratam ab hoatium 
ntopltiu«tia«l)9«loip«nterinaidii0. Per 
Chnatum Dominum nostruin. Amnn 


Tamtux ergo Sacramentom 
▼«ner«mur oemui : 
Et antiquum documentum 
Novo 0MUt«ltiU ; - - 

fantum £rgo. 


Down in adoration falling, 
^ Lo-1 fheaaored Host we hall; 
Lo 1 o'er ancient forms departing, 
Newer ritoa of .grace pnfaU, 


FrmM; fides supplemantum ' Faiih for all defects sapp^fJUur 

Sensuum defectui. Where fhe feeble senseB foil. 

Genitorl, Genitoqae To the evorlastiiur Eatbur, 
Laus et jubilatio. And fhe Son who reigns <mi high, 

Balus, honor, virtus quoque With the Holy Ghoet proceeding 
git et benedictio : Forth from each eternally, 

F^K)cedenti ab utroque Be salvation, honour, blessing, 
OQxnpar sit laudatio. Amen. Might and endless majesty 1 Amen. 

Then are sung thtfolUmififf Venide and Prayer : 

V. Fanem de coelo prsestitisti els. Y. Thou didst give them bread from 

[Alleluia.] l^ven. [Alleluia.] 

V. Omne delectamentum in se ha- JL Containing in itself all sweetness, 

bentem. [Alleluia.] [Alleluia]. 

Alleluia i* taid in Paechal timet and during the Octave pf Corpus Christl. 

Oremus. Let us pray. 

Deus, qui nobis sub saeramentomira- God, who in this wonderful Sacra- 

hiliPassionistusememoxiamreliquisti; ment hast left us a memorial of Thy 

trlbue, qvsasumus, Ita nos Coxporis et Passion ; grant us, we beseech Thee, 

Sanguinis tui sacra mysteria venerari, so^ to reverence the sacred mysteries 

ut redempti<mis tui fruotum in nobis of Thy Body and Blood, that we may 

iilgiter sentiamus. Qui vivis et regnas continually feel in our souls the fruit 

in ssacula sasculorum. Amen. of Thj redemption. Who livest and 

reignest for ever and eveit Amon. 

246. Ador6mii8.--Aft«r Benediction. 247. 

Abobkktts in ntemum Sanctisslmum Lxr us adore for ever the most Holy 
Eiacramentum. Sacrament. 

24a Laudate. 249. 

LAimATE Dominum omnes gentes:* Pbaisb the Lord^ all ye nations: 

laudate eum omnes popuIL praise Htm, all ye people. 

Quoniam confirmata est super nos Because His mercy is confirmed v^a 

miserlcofdia ejus : * et Veritas uomini tia : and Ihe truth of tiie Lord x«main- 

manet in satemum. eth for ever. 

Gloria Patrl, et Filio, et Spiritui Gloxy be to the Pather, and to the 

Bancto. Son, and to the Holv Ghovt 

Bicut erat in prhicipio, et nunc, As It was in the oegbminflr, is now, 

et semper, et in seecula sseoulorum. and ever shall be» world witiioat end. 

Amen. Amen. 

Adoremusin atemum Sanctissimum Let us adore for ever tiw most H<dy 

Sacramentiun. Sacrament. 

The following InvoeaXume may lie tung immediately b^fitrt or after SenedAetien 

€f the Most Bo^f JSaerament, 

OCA Bivoeations to the Saered Hearts of Jesus, Vary, ori 
-^OU. and Joseph. ^Ol. 

Cob Jesu sacratissimum, miserere Most Sacred Heart of Josus, have 

nobis. mercy on uSk 

Cor Mari» Immaculatum, ora pro Most Holy Heart; of Maiy, pray for 

nobis. us. 

Sancte Joseph, ora pro Dobia, .. Holy St. Joseph, pray for ut. 

BXFosiTiOKr Of mas iiosi* a<X£; iuorahbnt. 


Xnvocatton for FttdtolUal Seasons. 

(To &€ Tvpeofed tV^ Hbub.) 


. Parox Domliieh pwce poxmlo tuo n« Spars, Lord, spare Thy people, and 
in SBtemum irascaris nobis. be not angty with us for ever. 

InYOoatlon to Vary ZiimiacTilate. 
Kotj Kaxy— conceived -without sin-^pray for us-^who have recourse to thee. 

ThefoUomng ffymnt, Aniiphonst Ocmtieles, Litaniea, and Piolnu ma^ be tung at 

times during Benediction : 


X AvB Verum Coipua, natom 
Sx ICaria yixgine, 
Vere passumj immolatiiXD, 
In cruce pro homlne. 

a CujtM latus perforatum 
Fluxit aqua et sanguine. 
Esto nobis pros gustatum, 
Mortis in examine. 

3 O deniens, O ^e. 
O duleis Jesu, Fui Marin! 

Ave Venmt 


X Hiai< taThee» true body q;nrung 
Frdin the Vix-gin Maiy's wombT 

' The same that on the cross was hung 
And bore for man the bitter doom ! 

e Sboo^whose side was pierced and flowe<i 
Both wiUx water and with blood, 
Suffer ,ua to taste of Thee 
In our life's last agony. 

3 O kind I 6 loving One I 
O sweet Jesus ! Mary's Son. 




O QUAli suayis est, Dominei spiritus 
tuus I qui ut diilcedinem tuam m lilios 
demonstrares, pane suayisstmo, 6a codo 
pnsrtito, esurientes, reples bonis, fas- 
ndiosos divites dimittens inanes 1 

O LoBD, hov sweet is Thy Spirit, Who 
to show Thy sweetness to Thy chluiren, 
by most sweet food from heaven, dost 
fiU the hungry with good things, send* 
ing the rich empty away. 


BacnCin OMiTtfliun. 


O Saoruic Convivium, in quo ' O Saorbd Banquet, wherein Christ Is 
Chrirtus snmltor, reoblitur memoria pade our foodf the remembrvioe of 
Fassionis Ejus, mens impletur giaiiA JSis passion is renewed: the soul is 
etflxtuTsegloriia nobis p^uadatur. filled with gyaee; and there is given 

us th» pledge of future gloiy. 


ne PeUcane. 


Fui Felicand, 

Jesu Domine, 
Me immundum munda 

Tuo sanguine. 

Cupus una stilla 

mlvum facere 
Totum quit ab omnI 

Mundum soelere. 

O LoviKO Pelican, 

O Jesus, my sweet Lord, 

Do take away my sins 

Through Thy Most Precious Blood* 

One drop of which is able 
To save and purify 
All that this world oontains 
Of misery and crime. 

rax IfMMOmXl 9YMN BOOK. 



InnrioLATA, intern et casta m Haiia, 
Qu8B 09 effecta, f ulgida.coeli porta. 

O Mater Alma Christi Carissiina I 
SuBcipe pia lauduzn prssconia. 

Thov art puret spotless, and Immaca* 

late, O Mary f [of heaven I 

tlioa hast been made tt» bri^t gate 

O Mother of Christ, most beautiful and 
. . Jovlng, [pmisesl 

Accept & ~ ~ 

pioiis effusion eit omr 

HMtratitiMmpeetor»sintetoorpom Through thee may our.heartsr and 
"" ...... bodies be kept unsullied : 

To Thee we devoutly raise our hearts 
and our roioe. 

Te nunc flagltant devote oorda, et orA. 

Tua per precata duloisona, 
Kohls perpetoa frul.vita..' 

O benitfna I O benlgna I benigna t 
Quae sola Inviolata pennanslstL 

May Thy prayers, Uke sweet melody, 

vise before God ; [bHas. 

Obtam that we may enjoy everlasting 

O gracious, O kind, loving Mother of 

Jesus, [kept immaculate. 

Who alone <xC all| creatures bast been 





Mater amata^ intemeraita 
Ora, ora pro nobis I 

Tota pulchra es O Maria I 
St macula non est In te. 

Mater amata,- intemoMta 
Ora> ora pro nobis I 

8ieut IlUum inter spinas 
8io Maria inter filias, 

Mater amata, intemerata 
Ora, ora pro nobis. 

O MOST holy, O most pore. 

Sweet Virgin Mary, 
Mother beloved, inviolate, 

Pny* pn^y ^or us I 

All-beautiful thou art, O Maxj, 
And stain is not in thee ; • 

Mother beloved, inviolate, 
ft»yf P»y 'or t» I 

As the lily amongst thorns, 
So Mary amongst the daughtsn 

Mother belovBd, inviolate, [oimen $ 
Pray, pray for us. 


fivtSf Taunt. 


Stm tttum pnesldium confugimus,* 
sancta Pel Oenitrlx. 

Repeat, Subtuum, Aw. 

Nostras 'deprecationes no desptdsBin 
neoesa^tatibuB nostris. 
Rigpeaty Sub tuum, k/a. 
Sed a pericuUs cunctia libera Jios 
semper, Yix<go glotiosa et benedicta. 
Rtpeat,' Sub tuum, dec. 

Wa fly to thy paferobaga, O B0I9 
Mother of God. 

JeqMtKyWefly, dee. 

Despise not our petitions in our no- 

R^owt, We fly, Ac. 

But deliver us fron^ all. dangers, O 
ever-glorious and Blessed Th*gin. - 
Repeatt We. flyi Ac. 


Anthem to St. Josepli. 


FAcnosinnocuam, Joseph, deeurrere Obtaik for us, O Josnih, to live a 
vitam, sitque tuo semper tttta patro- pure and spotless life under thy fatth- 
dnio. Amen. nil patronage. Amen. 


871. OuitMl«of Jo7aiid«luui]cigl<finff. 272. 

z Paralip. Trix. zx : " Thine, Lord, i^ mngnlficeoce, aoct power, And glory, 

and victory : and to Thee is xJralae." 

Tjb Peiun laudftmut : Te Dominum 

: omnia terrft 
Tibi coaU, et 


Te flBtemom Patrem 

Tibi bmnei Angeli : 
universsd potevfattea. "- 

Tibi Gbervkbixa et Seraphim : inoes- 
aabili voce proclamant : 

Sanetua, Sanctusi Banctua : Bominua 
Deus'Sabaoth : 

Pleai sunt osdl at teira : majestatis 
gloriaa ttue. 

T« gikoiosUs : Apostolorum chorua. 

, Te^Prophetarum : laudabilis nume- 

T« ICartyrum candidatos :.laudat 

Te per orbem terrarum : sancta oon- 
fltetur Ecolesia. 

Patrem : immensse ma]estatis. 

Venerandum tuum verum ; et vni- 
eiun FiUUm. 

Sanctum quoqua : Faraclitum Bpi- 
ritum. / 

Tu Rex glorisB : Chrlste. 

Tu PatriB : aampitartals et Filius. 

¥ti ad liberandnm snseepturaBhomi- 
nem : non horraislfl Tirgims uterum. 

Tu deyicto mortis aculeo : aperuisti 
oredentibus regna coelorum. 

Tu ad dextemm Pel sedes : In glori« 
Judex endcrls : ease venturus. 

ffen aU Itneel. 

Ta ergo qu^umua, tuis fanulii aub- 
yenl : quoa pretioso aa&guina rada^ 

r ^texM fao eum Sanctis Tuia : In 
gloria numeral! 

Salvum fae populom tuum, Domine: 
et benedio toraoltati tusa. 

£t rege aoa : et extoUe iUoi^ usque 

Per aioguloa diea : benedictmus ta. 
, £t lanaamua noman tuum in a»ctt* 
Inm: et in ateoulum liNulL 

idly : Lord God of 

Wfl praiaeTliea, O God : -wt aoknow- 
jiedge Thee to be the Lord* 
. All tiiie earth doth worship Thee : 
the Father everlasting* 

To Thee all Angela cry aloud, tho 
haavens and all the powara therein : 

To Thee Cherubim and Seraphim : 
continually do cry : 

Holy, Holy, Hdl, 

Heaven and earth are lull : of the 
inajesty of Thy glory. 

The jdorioua choir of the Apostles : 
praise ^ee. 

The admirable company of the 
Prophets : praise Thee. 

The white-robed army of Martyrs : 
praise Thee. 

The Holy €hurch throughout all the 
world : doth acknowledge Thee. 
, The Father : of an infinite majesty; 

Thy adorable, true : and only Son. 

Also the Holy Ghost : the Copi- 

Thou art the'Klng of Glory : O Christ. 

Thou art the ermnaaling Son : of the 

When Thou tookest upon Thte ta 
deliver man : Thou didst not abhoc 
the Virgin's womb. 

When Thou hadst overcome tho 
sting of death : Thou didst open tha 
kingdom of heaven to all believers. 

!niou sittest at tiie right hand of 
God : in the glory of the FaUier. 

We believe that Thou ahalt oome : 
to be our Judge. 

. We pray Thae^ therefore, help Thy 
aerranta : whom Thou haat ledeemad 
with Thy precious blood. 

Make theni to be'ttomftered with 
Thy Saints : in glory cvariaatins. 

O Lord, save Thy people : and Uesar 
Thine inheiitanoa. - 

Qoveni them : and lift them vip for. 

Day by day : we magnify Thee. 

And we praise Thy name for erar:: 
yea, for ever and ever. 


' DigAaro Domine, die sBto : tine pe<^ 

eatos nos cuBtodire. 

■ Miserere nostri, Doxnine : miserere 


Fiat mfeerloordia toa, Domlne, super 
nos : quemadmodam spentYimus in te. 

In te, Domlne, speravi : non con- 
f undar in setemum. 

Touchiafe, Oliordli this day : to keep 
us without sin. 

O Lord, haye mercy upon us : have 
mercy upon us. 

O Lord, let Thy meray be showed 
upon us : as we have hoped in lliee. 

O Lord, in Thee have I hoped : let 
me not be confounded for ever. 

On occationa 0/ ThomkagvHng thefMomng are added : 

V. Benedictus es, Domlne, Deus 
Fatrum nostrorum. 

R. Et laudabilis, et gloriosus in 

V. Benedicamus F&trem et FHium, 
cum Sancto Spiritu. 

R. Laudemusetsuperexaltemuseum 

V. Benedictus es, Domlne Deus, in 
firmamento coeli. 

' R, Et laudabilis, et gloriosus, et 
superexaltatus in ssocula. 

V, Benedio, anima mea, Don^num. 

R, Et noli oblivisei omnes retribu- 
tiones ejus. 

V. Domlne, ezaudi orationem meam. 

JZ. Et clamor mens ad te yeniat. . 

F. Dominus Yobiscum. 

R. Et cum spiritu tua 


Deus, cujus miserioordiBs non est 
Humerus, et bonitatis .infinitus est 
thesaurus piissimse majestatl tuse pro 
collatis donls gratias agimus, tuam 
semper clementiam exorautes : ut qui 
petentibus postulata cOncedis, eosdem 
non deserens, ad pnemia futura dis- 

Deus, qui corda fidelium Sancti 
Bpiiitus illustratione docuisti : da 
noUs in eodem Spiritu recta eapere, 
et de ejus semper consolatlone gan- 

Deus, qui neminem in te sperantem 
nimium affligi {Mrmittis, sed plum 
preeibaa prasstas auditum : pro postu- 
lationibus nostris, votisque snsoeptis' 
gnkttas agtmus, te pilssime depreoan- 
tes, ut a cunctis semper muniamur 
adyersis. Per Ohrifltum Dominion 

V. Blessed art Thou, O Lord, the 
Gtod of our fathers. 

R. And worthy to be praised, and 
glorious for oyer. 

V. Let us bless the Father and the 
Son, with the Holy Ohost. 

Jt Let us praise and magnify Him 
for eyer. 

' V. Blessed art Tbou, O Lord, in the 
firmament of heayen. 

it And worthy to be praised, glori- 
ous and exalted for eyer. 
' V, Bless the Lord, my soul| 

R And foiget not all His benefits. 

V. O Lord, hear my prayer. 

R, And let my cry come unto Thee. 

r. The Lord be 'with you. 

R. And with thy spirit 

LetuMpray. : 

O God, whose morales are witheut 
number, and the iareasure of whose- 
gOodness is infinite : we render thanks 
to Thy most gracious Majesly for the 
gifts ThoU nast bestowed upon us, 
eyermore beseeching Thy clemency: 
that as Thou grantest the petitiona of 
them that ask Thee, Thou wilt neyer 
forsake them, but wilt prepare them 
for the rewards to cotbe. 

O God, who hast taught the hearts 
of the faithful by the li^t of the Holy 
^irlt : grant us, by the same Spirit 
to relish what is rights and everaiore 
to rejoice in His consolation. 
i 0:God, who ffoffereet none that hope 
in Thee to be afSicted over much, but^ 
dost afford a gracious ear unto tiieir 
prayers : we render Thee thanks for 
thai Thou hast heard our supplica- 
tions and yows ; and we most humbly 
beseech Thee, tnat we may evermore 
be protected from all adyendtleb. 
Through Christ oar Lord, 


273. taOmlzBdlt ^uAMditeeia. 274. 

Quam dUeotatabemaciiIatua, Domln» x How lovely are Thy tabemaclM, O 
^xtutam ! * eoncu|dBoit et deficit aai- Lord of hosts : xnj soul longeth and 
ma mea ia atria Domini. fainteth for the oourU of the Lord. 

Cormeumetcaromea * exalUv«nmt s Hy heart and my fieeh : have re- 
in Deum TiTum. jolced in the living Qod. 

Etenim passer invenit sibl domum : 3 For the qoarrow hath found her a 

* et tartur nidwn aibi, ubi ponat pulloa house : and the turtle a nest for herself, 
8U08. where she may lay her young. 

Altaria tua, Domine virtutum : * Bex 4 Even Thy altars, Lonl of hotta ; 
meuB, et I>eus meus. my King and my Qod. 

Beat! qui habitant in donio tua, Do- 5 Blessed are they that dwell in Thy 
mine : *in sseculasflBculorum laudabunt house, O Lord : they shall praise Thee 
ta. fior ever and ever. 

Beatos vir ctgiis est auxlUum abs te; 6 Blessed ia the man whose help ia 

* ascensiones in corde suo dispoeui^ in firom Thee : in his heart he hath dis- 
Talle laorymturumi, in loeo quem posuit. posed to ascend by steps, in the vale of 

tears, in the place that he hath fixed. 

Etenim benediotiooem dabit legisla- 7 For tho lawgiver shall give a bless- 
tor, ibunt de virtute in virtutem : * vi- ing, they shall go from virtue to virtue : 
debitur J)9um de<Hiim in Bion. the God of gods shall be seen in Sion. 

Domine Deus virtutum, exavdi, ora- 8 O Lord God of hosts, hear my 
tionera meam ; * anribus perdpe, Deus prayer : give ear, God of Jacob. 

Protector noster aspice, Deus : * et 9 Behold, O God, our protector : and 
respice in faciem Ghristi toi look upon thfr face of Thine Anointed. 

Quia melior est dies una in atriis tula xo For one day in Thy courts : i» 

* super mUlia. better than a thousand. 

Eleri ablectUB ess* In domo Dei mei, xx I have choasn mther to be an 

* mai^s quam habitare in tabemaealia abject in the house of my God : than to 
peccatcntim. dwell in the tabemaolea of sinners. 

Quia miserieordiam, et veritatsm xa For God loveth ^eroy and truth : 
diligit Deus : * gratiam et gloriam dabit the Lord will giv^ grace &nd glory. 

Non prtvabit bonis eos qtd ambulant 13 ' He will not deprive of good things 
in innocentiit : .* Domine virtuCvm, them that walk in innocence : O Lord 
beatus homo qui spotlit in tew of hosts, blessed is the man that hopeUi 

in Thee. 

Gloria Fatrl, Ac. * Glory be to the Father, Ac 

During the penitential ieawns tf Advent, Lent, 4te., the Miserere might U nung 

with the Invoeationit Farce, Domine. 

275. BenedictuB. 276. 

Benedictus Dom!nus Deus Israel : * x Blessed be the Lord Qod of Israel : 

Siia visitavit, et fecit redemptlonem for He hath visited and wrought the re* 
ebis SUBS* ' demption of His people. 



Kt «rezit eomu mIuUi nobiib * In 
domo Bavid pueri suL 

Bloat locutut est per 6s ssnetomm, * 
qui a sseculo sunt prophetarum e(jus. 

Balutom ex inlmiols nostris, * et de! 
manu omnium qui odonut not. - 

Ad faciendam misericordiam cum 
patribus nostris, * et memorari testa- 
daen^ attl sancti. 

Jui^urandum quod Juravlt ad Abrar 
ham pairem nostrum, * datunim ae 

Ut sine timore, de manu inlmioorum 
nostrorum Ubeniti, * setTiamua Uli, 

In sanctitate et Justitia coram ipso, * 
omnibus diebus nostris. 

Et tu, puer, Propbeta Altlssimi voea- 
beris; * prseibis enim ante fitd.em 
Domini, parare vias ejus. 

Ad dandam scientiam salutis plebi 
ejus ; * in remissionem peccatorum 

Per -viscera misericordise Dei nostri ; 
* in quibus TiaitaTit nos ortena ex alto. 

lUamlnare Ms, qui in tenebris et in 
umbra mortis sedent ; * ad dirig«ndoa 
pedes nostros in viam paeis. 

Gloria F«til, fto. 

t AndhAthxalsednpahomof aalv*> 
tlon to us : in the house of Hia sesratit 

3 Afl He spake by the mouth of Hia 
holy prophets : who are fimn the be« 

4 Salvation fix>m our ettemioa : and 
from the hand of all that hate us, 

5 To perform mercy to our fathers ; 
and to remember His holy testament, 

6 Theoath that Hesware to Abraham 
oar father : that He would grant unto 

7 That being delivered from th« 
bavidd of our enemies : we maj serve 
Him without fear, 

8 In holiness andJuatioebsCora Elm : 
all the days of om* nfe. 

' 9 And thou, child, Shalt be called liie 
FlT>phet of the Highest : for thou ahalt 
go before the face of the Lord, to pre- 
pare Hia wayi^ 

to To give knowledge of salvatien 
unto His people : for the remission of 
their .sins, 

XX Through the bowela of the men^ 
oi our Qod : whereby the mrient from 
on high hath visited us, 

Ts To enlighten them that sit in 
darkness, and in the shadow of death : 
to direct our feet into the way of peace* 

Glory be to the SMhar, ^ 


{To It tunQ at ihs Forty Houtr^ JBxpotkion {(f ihemoit SUued SaenrnmU) 

0*77 Apoc. Tilt 4 : '* And the smoke of the incense of the prayers 0*70 
« # f • of the saints ascended up before God." ^ I O. 

Ant. Ne reminiscaris, Domine, de- 
licta nostra, vel x>arentum nostrorum ; 
neque viudictam sumas de peccatis 

Eyrie eleison. 
^fri^ tleison. 
Ghriste eleison. 
ChrUte eleison. 
Kyrie eleison. 
Kyrie eUiton. 
Christe audi nosL 
Chriite exaudi not. 


Ant. Remember not. Lord, our 
offences, nor those, of our fiftthegcB; 
neither take Thou vengeance of our 

liord have mensy on us. 
Lord have mercy on us. 
Cbriat have mercy on us. 
Christ have mercy on us. 
Lord have mercy on us. 
Xtord have mei'cy onus. * 
Ohrist hear us. 
Christ gracivusly hear us. 

. larimr of vh£ iuxtne. 

Pater de ooslis Deus, 

FUi Bedemptor mundl Deua, 

Spiritufl Sancte Deufl, 

Gtencta Trinitas, \uiiui Deuf, 

8anctaMaria« OraproiuMt* 

Ssncta Dei Genitiik, 

Bftncte Virgo Tirgihum, , 

Sancte Michael, 

Sancte Gktbriel, 

Sancte Raphael, [Orate, ^. 

Onuies aanoti Angell et Ayphf^pgriH, • 

Onmesaancti beatorum Bpixituuxu 

ordiBea, ihuUtdfe, ' 
Bauete Joannes Baptiata, On pro nobiu 
Sancte Josepli, Orapronobit, 
Omnesaancti F^txii^ivlutet Pvoyhete, 
Sancte Petre, £Oml«, d)e. 

Sancte Paule, 
Sancte Andrea, 
Sancte Jacobe* 
Sancte Joannei, 
Sancte' Thoxna, 

Sancte Jacobe, ,^ 

SanetePhiUpMr. f 

Sancte Bartnoloinaee^ J 

Sanote lifatthiM^ g 

Sancte Simon, S 

Sancte Thadd«e, 
Sancte Matilxia, 
Sanote BahialSai 
Baneto Luq^; 
Sancte Marce, 
Omnes aancti ApoftoU et BTnge- ^ 

Oxnaei aaneti QiBoipuU Domini, 5^ || 

Omnes sancti innocentei, 

Si|ncte Stei^ume, Orapronohit, 

Sancte 'Iiaurenti, Oraprano^. 

Sanote Vincenti, Ora pro noMf . 

SanotlTabiane et Seoaatiane» 

Sanoti Joannes et Paule, 

Sancti Cosma et Damiaae, 

Sancti Qervasi et Protaai| 

Omnea sancti Martyres, 

Sancte Sylvester, 

Sancte Greaori, 

Sancte Ambron, 

Sancte Augustine^ 

Sancte Hieronymei . 

Sancte Hartine,' 

Sancte Nicobre, {Ofate, St 

(hnnes saDfitiPontifices etCou^sorea» 

Omnes sancti Doctores, tyrate, <tc. 

Sancte A&toni, Ora pro nobU. 


Ood the Father of he^eis, - 

God the Son, Bedeemer d the 

Qod the Oelj Ghost, . 
Holy Trinitgr, one <God, - 
Holy Marj, Pray for ut, 
Boly Mother of God, 
Boly Virgin of Tiigins, . 
m. Michael, 
St. Gabriel, 
St. Raphael, 

411 ye noly Angels and Axohaagels, 
All fe hioifbrdmB of bleaeed Sjpirits, 

St John Qiptiat^ 

St. Joseph, 

All ye holy PatriaroM and Pi«i9haH 

St. Peter, 

St. Paul, 

St> Andrew, 

St. James, 

St. Jj»hta, > 

St. Thomas, 

St. James, 

St PhlUp, 

St. Bartholomew, 

St MAtthew, - . . 

St Simon, »m 

St Thaddeua, 3 

St Matthias, /. .§ 

St Barnabas, s^ 

BtLtUce, . 2 

St Hark, S 

All ye holy Apoatlei and Braalpe* 

All ye hofy Disciples el ear Lerdt 

All ye holy Innocents^ 

BfL Stepfan, 

St L^wBence^ 

St Vincent, 

88., SaUan and Sebastian, 

88.. J0h& and Paul, 

88. Coamas and Damian, 

88. Geryaseand Protases , 

All ye holy Martyrs, 

8t SyWester, 

St. Gregory, 

St Ambrose, 

St. Augustine, 

St Jerome, 

8t Martin, 

St. NlcTiolas, ■ 

All ye holy W>hopf aod QoOkmon, 

All ye holy Doctors, * " 

St. Anthony*, 







Dominice, g'S 

Franolace, iOnte,dte. ^ 
•ancti Baderdotea b^ TberHtao, 
aanotl iConaohi efc .Eremiin, 
Maria Hagdatena, [Oni<f, 4c. O 
Agatha.. . S 

Luoia, *9 

Agoea, .0. 

CseoiUa, g 

Anaateafa^ [OrtOitdie,^. 

aancte Yuglnea et VidtuB, 
Bancti at Sancte IMy 


Propitina eato, 

Paree nodi*, DomiiM. 

XYofiitiuB eatO| 

Sxaudi fu>$f Jhmine, 

Ab omni malo. Libera not| Domine, 

Ab omni peccato, 


A aubitanea et improviaa morte, 

Ab ixuidliB diabolt, . 

Ab ira, et odio, et omni .mala Tolun^ 

A spiritu lomicationia, . 
A fulgure et tempeatate^ ^ 

A morte perpetua, S: 

F^ mysteriimi aaactn Incamationis f 

• .ttUB, 2 

Per AdTentttantualtt, § 

Per Kativltatem toam. ** 

Per Baptiamum ataanctom J^onium ^ 

taum, « $ 

Per Cruoem et Paasionem tnam, 5^ 
Per Mortem et Sepultaram toara, ^ 
Per aanctam Besurractionem tuaxn. 
Per admirabUinn Aacenaionem tuam, 
Per adventom Bpirltua Saacti Fwnr 

In die judldi, . 
Te roffamutt audi na, 
Ut nobis parcaa, 
Tt roffamtu, audi not, 
Ut nobis indulgeas, 
Tt rvffomui, audi not. 


St Bernard, 

St> Jtominic, 


All ye holy Prleata aad Levites, 

All 7e holjr.Monfcc and Hermits, 

St. Mary If agdalene, 

St. Agatha, < 

8t liucy, 

St Agnes, 

St doily, 

8t. Catherine^ 

St. Anaataala, 

All ye holy Virgins and Widows, 

All ye holy men aad women. Saints of 

• God, 

Mate in Umttio n ftr «» 


Spare ««, Lord, 

Be merciful, 

Chraciouily hear im, Lord. 

Erom all evil. Deliver m, Lord, 

Iffooi all sin, 

Fb>m Thy wrath,* 

|from suaden and unlooked-for death, 

Brom tiie snares of the devil, 

Arom anger, and hati«d, and every 

From the spirit of fornication. 
From lightning and tempest, b 

From everlasting death, ^ 

Through the mystexy of thy holy| 

Incarnation, ^ 

Throng Thy Coming, ^s 

Through !nnr Nativi^, ^^ 

Tfareufh luy Baptism and holy^. 

Fasting, S 

Through lliy Cross and Passion, ^ 
ThrougbThy Death and Burial, 
Through Thy holy Resurrection, 
lliroug^ Xhlne admirable Ascension, 
Through the ooming of the Holy 

Ghost the Paraelete, 
In the day of Judgmenti 
We sinners, 
Beteeeh Thee, hear us. < 
That Thou wouldst spare us. 
We btieeeh Thee, hear us. 
That Thou wouldat pardon us, 
Wt beseech Thee, hear us. 

^ HeM, for the ** Devotion of the Vbrty Hours,** is inserted— 

Ab Immlnentibus perloullSy From all dangers that threaten us^ 

A peste, fam% et bello, ' From plagUe, famine, and war. 


Ut ad renin poeniteuUam not per* 

ducere digneria, 
Ut Ecclesiam tuam sanctam regere 

at conseryare digneris, 
tit Domnum Apostolicuia, et omAes 

ecdesiasticos ordines, in sa&^ta 

religiome coxuerrare dignesia, . . 

trt inlinicot Mactn Eodeato huxnl- 

liare digneris,* 
Ut regiboa «t prtncipibus CShristianis^ 

paeem etTeram ooncordiam dooaro 

digneria, »;|l 

Ut eoneto populo Christlano, pooem ^ 

et unitatem largiri digneris, i| 

Utnoametipeoi^ tuo sanoto aervltio, I 
confortaxe et conaervare digaerla, •«? 


Ut xnentea nostiaa tfd codestia deal- 6. 

' deria erigaa, ^* 

Ut onmibua benefactoribua noatria, g 

aempitenia bona rvtrlbnaa, 
Ut animaa noatraa, fratrum propin- ' 
- qtiovom et benefactorum noatro- 

rum, »b setema damnatione eri- 

Ut fructiu terrsB dare et conaervare 


Ut omnlbiis fidelibns defunctis, 
requiem SBtemain donare dlgnerla, 

Ut nos ezandire digtteria, 


Agnua Dei, qui tollla peccata mtrnd!,- 

Agnua Dei, qui toUis peceata mundi, 

BxcLudIi w>it Domi'M. 

Agnua Dei, qui tollia pQccata mund!/ 

3fiuTtT€ nwv, 
Chriate audi noa. 
ChrUU exaudi nor. -. 
Kyrie eleison. 

That Thou wouldat bring us to tme 

That Thou wouldat Touc&aafe to gD« 

vem and preaerve On^rboly Chumi, 
' That Thou wouldst vouchsafe to pre- 

aerre ovac Apostolic Prelate, and 
• all ordera o( the Church, in holy 

:That Thou wouldat-v^cmehMle to hmor 

ble the enamiea of holy Church.* ' 
That Thou wouldat Touohaafe togire 

peace and true conowd to Chri»> > 
- tlBn>kibga.andprinQeai ^ 

That Thou Wouldat Toudtaafe to grant ^ 

peace and miity to all Christian §* 
■i>eerfe, 5t 

That Thou wouldat Toucbaaie to eon- §• 

firm and preaerre us in Thy holyu 

aenrice, ' ^ 

That Thou wouldaiUft up: our minda^ 

to heavenly detint^ I* 

That Thou wouldat render eternal^ 

: MeeaiofB to atU our benelaotera) g 

That Thou wouldat deUyer our Bou]a»<^ 

and the atmla Of our brethren, re- 
lations, and^benefaetors, from eter- . 

nal damnation, 
That Thou wouldat Youchaafe to 

giye and prei«nre the fhdta of the 

earthJ ' 
That Thou wouldat Youehaafb .to 

grant eternal reat to all the faith* 

f ul departed. 
That' Thoa wcnddBt "vouqliaafe gl«- 

cioualy to hear ua, 
SonofOedr ' : 

Lamb of God, Who takeat away the 

Bins of ttie worlds 
Spare ut, Lord. ■ 
Lamb or Qbd; /Who takeat away the 

aina of the world, • 
Orodotuty htar'ut. Lard. 
Lamb of God, Wno takeat away the 

rius of the world, 
JSTovt m«)vy Off iw. 
C9iriat hear us. 
Christ graeioutly hear to, 
•Lord nsve mer^ on ua. 

• For the '.' Derotion of the Forty Houra," iuaert :— 

• Ut Turcarum, et hnreticorum oona- , That Thou wouldat youchaafe to do- 
tua, rqprimeire et ad nihilum redigere feat the attempts of Turks and heretica, 
digneris. and bring them to nought. 


driiU ddton, 

fater noster Ctterdo), 
' V, Etnenoetnducasinte&tatlonein. 
£, IS«d Ub«ra noe 8 znalo. 

CHriH hcBOe mercy on vs. 
Lord bav9 mercy on tts. 

Onr Father (Kcretly). 

V. And lead us not into temptati<m. 

JZ. Bat dedtrer tub from eriL 

Pialm Iziz. Deui in ad^vtorium. 

-Drat in odjatoilnm inemn intende?: 
Domine ad adJuTondtim ms featina. 

tTonfundantor et. reyereantur : qid 
qnisnmt onimam meam« 

- Avertantor r eUm a tu n, at embea- 
cant : qui volimt mlhl mala. 

Ayertantnr atatlm erubesoeiataa : qui 
dlMuttt mlhly Sillily aogv* 

Exoltent et tetentur in te omiieaqui 
gntartmt ta : «t didaat aemper» Magnf- 
flcetarDominua4 qnidUtgustaalutare 

Ego TWO ageous at paoptr aom : 
tknM adjaya me. 

Adjutor meuB et liberator meoa ea 
tu : Domine, no motwla. 

Qloria Fatri, Ac 


K SalToafaoaervnatiiof. 
JK. DeuB meua aperantea in tflL 

- r. BatonoUa IMmiiwtuRtefortitO' 

JL A facie inimid. 

K Nihil pnadalf teiadcnfl in aobia. 

JL Et flliuB iniquitatia non appomit 

V. Domine, non eeemdum peooata 
noatra facias nobis. 

. jR, Moque aacandtdn Inignttataa nog- 
traa retxibuaa nobia. 

r. Oremi:£B ph> Pontifioe noatro^ K 

B. Dominus coiueinFat eum et vivi- 
fioet eum, et boatum faciat eum in 
terra ; et non tradat eum in animam 
inimicorum a}uB* 

r.Oremus pro bcoMfaotoiibua noatriB. 

R. Retribuere dignare Domine, om- 
■ttiboa Bobia bona faoiantibuai p r o pt e r 
nomen tuum yltam SBtemam. Amen. 

r. Oremua pro fidallbua defunotia. 

R, Bequlem flstemam dona qis Do- 
tnlne ; etlipc perpet\» luceat eia. 

-t O God, otmie to mj aaaiitttieb : O 
Lord, make haste to 1iq4;> me. 

,3 Let tliem be confounded and 
aahamed : that aeek after mw aouL 

3 Let them be turned oaokwazd, 
and bhiah for aliame :thait deaive edla 
unto me. 

4 Let them be straightway turned 
baok«acd bloakinir i^ aham^ tbttt 
iay tmto me : 'Xia well, 'tie wall. 

5 Let all that aeek Thee be joyful 
andi^ail in Thee : and let such aa lore 
Thy salvation say alway, Ibe XiOrd be 

' 6 But I am sasdy and poor : O <3od, 
haUp Thou met 

-7 Thou art my helper and my de- 
liviBiDer : O Lord, make no long dday. 
Glory be, dto. 

V. Saye Thy servants. 

JL Who hope in Thee, O iny Qod. 

V, Be unto us, O Lord, % tower of 

R. From the face of the enemy. 

V, Let not tibe enemy pcevailagainat 

JL Kor the aon of iniquiiy ^pf^roaoh 

r. O Lord, deal not with us accord- 
ing to our sins. 

^'MU Neither requite us aooording to 
our iniqiiitiea. 

r. Let ua pray for our Sorereign 

R, The Lord preserve him and give 
him life, and make him blessed upon 
the eartn : and deliyer bim not up to 
the will of his eneEqieSt 

V, Let ua pray for our benefaoteza. 

R. Touchsafe, O Lord, for Thy name's 
aaka, to xsvaca wUh fitemai life all 
them that do us good. Amen. 

r* Let ua pray for the faithful de- 

R, Eternal rent gfye unto them, O 
Lord ; and lei peipetual light shliie 
upon them. 


T. Baqpzlcflcant ta pooB. V, Let tbcm rertln y c e . 

JZ. Anwrn. JS. AmezL 

r. Fro fratribuB nostris absentibus. . F. For our abflent biwtbien. 

A SalTos fae aerro* tooB, Deus mens R. Save Thy servanta, who hope in 

aperantea in te. thee, O my God. 

V. Hitte eia Domlne aixxlllum de V. Send them help, O L6rd, from 

aancto. the aanctoary* 

JR. £t de Sion tuere eoa. R. And defend them out of Biou. 

r. Domine,exaudioTationemmeam. F. O Lord, hear my prt^rer. 

K, Et olamor meua ad te Tenlat. & And let my cry come unto Theei 

Oxeinxur'.* Let ua pray.* 

BeuB, cui proprixun ea miaereii aem* O Ood, whose property is alwaya to 
per, et paroere : poacipe deprecationem : have mercy and to spare, recelye our 
noatram ; ut noa, et omnea famuloa humble petition ; th^t we, and all Thy 
tuoB, quos delictorum catena oonatiin- aervants who are bound by the chain 
git, nuacrat&o tus pietaUa dementcr . of aina, may, by the compaaaion of 
abaolTat. Tl^r goodneaa, meroifulhr be abaolved. 

. Bxaudl, quiesumufl^ Domine^ 8t(p- . GraciouBly hear, we beaeech The^, 

* For the " Deyotion of the Forty Hours " the following coUeota are uaed ;— 

' Beua, qui nobis sub sacramento O God, Who, under a wonderful 

mirabili, Pasaionis tu2e memorlam reli- Sacrament, hast left us a' memorial of 

quisti ; tribue, qusesumua, ita nos Gor^ Thy Passion ; grant us, we beseech 

poria et Sanguinis tui sacra mysteria Thee, so to venerate the aacred myste- 

Teneraxl, ut redemptldnis tuf fructum rlea of Thy Body and Blood, that we 

In nobis jugiter sentiamus. Qni vivis xnay ever feel within us the fruit of 

et regnaa in ssecula, ssecxilcnrum. Thy redemption. Who iiveth, Ac. 

Amen. Amen. 

IMmi Advent to Chriitmat. 

Deus, qui de beataa Marl» Virginia . . God, Who wast pleased that Thy 
tttero Verbum tuum, angelo ntmtlante, ' Word, at the message of an angel, 
oaroem suscipere voluisti; pnesta sup- ahonld tajce fleeh in the womb of the 
plidbus tola, ut qui vere earn Oenitri- blesaed Virgin Hary ; grant to ua, Thy 
oem Dei oredimiia, ejus apud te inter- humble servanta, uiat we who believe 
oesaionibua ad juvemur. Per eumdem . her to be truly the Mother of God, may 
Christum Donunum nostrusi. be assisted by her intercessions with 

Thee. Through the aaxntf Christ our 

R. Amen. - Ji. Amen. 

From Ckrutnutt (e the PuriflcatUnu 

Deus, qui salutis sBtemaSp beatn God, Who, by the fruitful virginity 
Kari» virginitate foecimda, humano of blessed Mary, bast given to man- 
generi pnemia prasstitlsti ; tribue, quad- kind the rewards of eternal salvation ; 
sutnus, ut ipsam pro nobis intwecedere grant, we beseech ^ee^ tbat w« may 
aentiamus, per quam meruimua au<v- expextence her interoeaeion for us, 
torem vit» auscipere Dominum nos- , through Whom we have merited to 
trum Jesum Christum Fllium tuum. ' receive the author of life, our Lord 
Qui taeum vivit ct regnat In unitate .Jean* Ghrlft Thj Son. Who Iiveth and 


pUeum pnoM, et mnfitonttnin tiU 
parce peccatU : ut pariter nobiB indul- 
gentiain tribuas bcnignufl et pacem. 

' Ineffafaflett aoUa, Domine, xniseri- 
cordiam tnam clementer ostende : vt 
simiil nos et a peoeatis onmlbaa exuas, 
et a pctaaia, quai pro his meremur, 

DeuB, qui eolpa off«iideriB, pooniten- 
tla placaris: preces jpopuli tiu suppli- 
cantifl propitiuB resiuoe ; et flageBauua 
iracundisd, qtue pro peccatlB Boetcla 
meremur, averte. 

Omnipotens, aeinplteme Deiu, tnin- 
•rere f amulo tuo Pontifici nostro N, et 
. dirige eum secundum tuam clementum 

O Lord, the Tmren of Tby mnfplUnta, 
and foi^ve ztie sins of them that con* 
iesa to Thee; that, in Thy bonnty, 
Thouxnayest gnat us both pardon and 

Show fortti upon us, O Lord, in Thy 
mercy, Thy unspeakable loTing'-kind> 
ness ; that Thou mayost both looae us 
.from aU our sins, and deUver uafrom 
the piinishmimta which we deserve 
for them. 

O God, who br sin art offended, and 
by penance paired, mercifully regard 
the prayers of Thy people makang sup. 
plieatlon to Thee, ana torn away l£e 
scourges of Thine anger, which we de- 
serve for our sins. 

Almigh^, everlasting God, hove 
men^ on Thy servant N, our Sovereign 
Pontaf, and dinot him, aeoovdlng to 

f^irltus Ssneti, Dens, per omnia 
sncula ssBculorum.. 
JL Amen. 

retoieth with Thee in the unity of the 
Holy Ghost, God, world without end. 
R. Amen. 

Prom the Purijleation to Advent. 

Concede nos famulos tuos, quseeu- 
mus, Domine Deus, perpetua mentis 
et corporis sanitate gaudere; et ^k>- 
riosa beatee Hariss semper Virgmis 
intercessione, a prassenti liberari tris- 
tiUa, et SBtema perf rui laetitia. ■ 

Then/oUowt the OoUeetfor 

Deus, r^glum nostrum et virtus, 
adesto plis Boclesl» tuse preoibns, auc- 
tor ipse pietatls ; et prsesta, ut quod 
fideliter petimus, efflcaciter oonsequa- 

Omnipotens, semplteme Deus, in 
cujus manu sunt omnes potestates, et 
omnia jura regnorum, respice in auxi- 
lium Gbristianorum, ut gentes paga- 
norum et hsereticorum, que in sua 
feritate et firaude confidunt» dextens 
tun potentia conterantur. 

Grants we beseech Thee, O Xiord 
God, that we, Thy servants, may enjoy 
perpetual health of mind and body ; 
and by the intercession of l^e blessed 
Mary ever Virgin, may be delivered 
from present sorrow, and attain eternal 

the Pope, after vhieh U $a%d : 

O God, our refuge and strength, Who 

' art the author of all piety, hearken 

- unto the devout pn^ers of Thy Chntxsh; 

and giant that what we ask feithKilly 

we mayobtsin efitootually. 

Almighty, everlasting God, in Whose 
hand are all the powers and all tte 
rights of kingdoms, come to the assist- 
anoe of Thv Christian people, that all 
pagan and heretical nations, who trust 
in their own violence and fraud, may 
be broken by the might of Thy ri^^t 

Then foUowe the last Cbtlsef, Omidpdtens, sempiteme Deus, fte.. Almighty, 
everlasting God, fta, fHth the Verriele$t except thatf in the laet response hut one, 
d-e., inetead of the eimple Amen, %$ iaid, 

R, Bt custodiat nos sompar. Amen. IL And ever preserve us. Amen. 


In viam sahitis MfcenUe : ut te donimte 
tibi plodta cupiat, et tota virtuto per> 

Deus, a quo saaota deddarla, recta 
consilia, et Justa sunt opera : da servis 
tuis illam» quam mundua dare non 
potest, pacem: ut et corda nofftra 
mandatis tuis dedita, et hostiuxn sub- 
lata formidiue, tempora sint tua pro- 
tectione traiiquilla. 

Ure igne Saucti Splritus renes nostros 
et cor nofitrum, Domine : ut tibi Caato 
corpore serviamuSi et muhdo corde 

Fidelium Deus omnium Conditor et 
Bedemptot, animabus famuldrum 
famularumqtie tuarum remissionem 
cunctoruxu tribue peccatoruia : ut in- 
dulgentiam, quam eenix>er optaverunti 
pits supplicatlonibuB consequantur. 

Actioneanostras, qusasumus, Dominei 
aspirando prttveni, et adjUTa&do pro- 
aequere: ut cunota nostra oratio et 
operatic a te semper incipiati et per te 
capita finiatur. 

Omnipotens, sempiteme Deus, qui 
Ti vorum doaniuerls smHxl et mortuotum , 
omniumque miaersris, quos tuos lide 
et opere futures esse pnenosois: te 
suppUoes cxoiamus : ut pro quibus ef- 
fundere preces decrcTimus, quesque 
▼el {NfCeseos sssoulum adhuc in eamo 
retinet,.Tel futiuiun jam exutos cor- 
pore suscepit,intercedentibus omnibus 
Sanctis tuls^ pietatis tuie dementia 
omnium delictorum suorum Tcniam 
consequantur. Per Dominum nostrum. 

R. Amen. 

V. Domine exaudi orationem meatA. 

Jt, Et clamor meua ad te venlat. . 

V. Exaudiat nos omnipotens et raise- 
ricors Dominus. 

R. Amen. • 

V. St fidelium animse, per misericor- 
diam Dei, requicscant in pace, 

A Amen. 

Thy dememcy, into the mrof everlnat- 
ing aalTation ; that by Thy grace be 
may both desire those things that are 
pleasinff to Thee, and penorm them 
with all his strength. 

O Qodf from Whom all holy desires, 
all right counsels, and all juet works do 
come, give unto Thy servants that peace 
which the world cannot give ; that our 
hearts being devoted to Thy command- 
ments, and the fear of our enemies 
being taken away, our times, by Thy 
protection, may be peaceful. 

Inflame, O Lord, our reins and heart 
with the fire of the Holy Ohost ; that 
we may serve Thee with a chaste body, 
and please Thee with a olean heart. 

O God, the Creator and Redeemer of 
all the faithful, give to the souls of Thv 
servants departed the remission of all 
their sins; that through pious suppli- 
cations they may obtain the. pardon 
whieh they have always desired. 

Prevent, we beseech Thee, O Lord, 
our actions by Thy inspirations, and 
further them with Thy continual help ; 
•that every prayer and work of ours'ma v 
always b^in from Thee, and through 
Thee be likewise ended. 

Almigh'ty, everlasting God, Who hast 
dominion over the livingand the dead, 
and art merdful to all, Who Thou fore- 
knowest will be Thine bv feith and 
works ; we humbly beseech Thee that 
they for whom we intend to pour forth 
our prayers, whether this present world 
st^ detain them in the flesh, or the 
woiid to come hath already received 
them stripped of thdr mortal bodies, 
'may, by the grace of Thy loving-kind- 
ness, and by the intercession of all the 
SaintiLohtun the remission 9f all their 
sins. Throufi^hHiy Son Jesus Christ our 
Lord, who liveth and relfiiieth with 
Thee, In the tmltyof the S6ly'SpIiil» 
God, for ever and ever. 

M. Amen. 

V. O Lord, hear my prayer. 

JL And let my cry come unto Thee. 

F. May the almighty and merciful 
Lerd graciously hear us. 
, JL Amen. 

V. And may the souls of the faithful, 
through the mercy of Qod, rest in peace. 

E, Amen. 


<y70 The Blaimer of Oloiliier a lUmlon and Xtaipartbiir oon 
^*^' fhe Papal BlesBingr. ^^^^ 

On the lott day mf a miuion, in the fnoming, the JliUHon Crott U HUiMed and 
erected; and in tJu qfiemoon or evening, after the Sermon and renewal of Baptie- 
mad FotM, the Mierionary imparte to the piSopU HU Fa^aX* Bl»«bikq, tufMofwe : — 

Immediat^y after the Sermon, the MiesUmary, in tuirpliee and vhite stole, havinf 
given a ehort explanation of the Indulgeneet granted by the Pope* on Medal*, O'oaet, 
Ro*arie*, <f0., blette* then by a ainglo Sign of the Oro9*. Having given the bUtting, 
he proceed* to ting the foUowing >— 

' r. Adjutorium nostram In nomine F. Incline unto m7 aid, God. 

M. Qui fecit coelam et temm, A. Who made heaven and earth. 

F. SalTum fac populum tiiuxn Do- F. O Iiordi.aaye Thy people (or Tby 

mine (yel Salvoa rac aerros tuos Do- eervants}. 

JZ. Et benedio bgereditati tun. A And blesa Thine inherltanoa. 

F. Dominui voblscum. F. The Lord be with you, 

H, Bt oum Bpiritu tuo. A And with tby spirit. 

Then, ttandin(h he ting*: 

ObSHUSw LsI us FBA7. 

OmtdpotenB et ndaerioon Deua da O Ahnighty and merdfol Qod, give 

nobis auziUum de Sanoto, et vota na help from Thy holy place, and 

Populi (vel Familise) hvgus in humiU- hear with demency the vowa of Thy 

tate coidis veniam peocatorum posoen- people (qt family), who in all humility 

tis, tuamque benediotioDem praastolan- of heart besee^ Thee to grant them 

tiSf et gratiam, clementer exaudi: fullfornyenessof their ains, Thy blees- 

dexteram tuam auper eum (Vel earn) ing^and Thy grace : Extend ui)on them 

benignuB extende ac plemtudlnem Thy right haod, and in Thy goodness 

Diyine Bcnedictionia dBEunde qua oonoede to them the plenitude of Thy 

bonia omnibus qumulatus (yel eumma- divine bleaaing ; ao wat* replenished 

ta) felidtatem et vitam consequatur with all good, they may obtam eternal 

BBteroam. Per Ohxistum Dominum life and felioity. . Through Ghriat our 

noatrum. Amen. Lord. Amen. 

Xkinde tub unieo OrueU »igno diced : ^^^ ^"^^J^^^JS^^^J^ ^^" 


FATBR-i'B'r FxLiua >T SPDirrns Sanctus. Boir, ahd Holt Obost, bubs tou. 
B" Amen. R. Amen. 

28L Bymsk for tbe Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesiu. 282. 

'* All who do ndt wish to perish in that deluge of iniquity which inundatea the 
earth, should aeek in the Beart of Jeaua an aaylum and « sbelter."^^^. 
Isa. xii. 3 : "Tou shall draw waters with Joy out of the Saviour's fountain," 


AuOTOB beate steculi, x Jbsu, Creator of the world t 

'Ohriste Bedemptor omnium. Of all mankind Itedeemer blest t 

'Lumen Fatria ae lumine, T^e God of Ood I in whom we see 

Deusque varus de Deo. The Father^s Image clear expressed 1 


Amor ooegit te tuua 
■Mortale corpus sumere, 
Ut novuB Adam reddevea, 
Quod vetus file abstulerat. 

lUe an^or alinus artifez 
Term aaarisque, at bidarnm, 
Errata patrum miaeranS) 
St ii06(xa ranxmiM Tiooukk 

Non corde discedat tuo 
Via ilia amoris Inclyti : 
Hoc foute gen tea baurlant 
KexnlBflloilis gratlam. 

Fercussum ad hoc est lapcea, 
Passuinque ad hoe est ralnera ; 
Ut no8 lavaret sordibus, 
Unda fluente, et sanguine. 

Becud Parent!, et f!iUo, ' 
Sanctoque sit Spirituif 
Quibu8i)Qte8ta8, gloria 
Begnuxnque in omne est ssBCulum. 


2 Thee, Saviour, love alone oonstraided 

To make our mortal fiedi Inline own ; 
Aud as a second Adam come, 
For the first Adam to atone. 

3 That self-same love, which made the sky. 

Which made the sea, and stars, and 
Took pity on our misery, [earth. 

And broke the bondage of onr bhrth. 

4 Jesu I in Thy heart diviue 

May that same love for eyer glow ; 
For oyer mercy to mankind 
From that exhaustless fountain flow. 

5 For this, Thy sacred heart was pierced, 

And both with blood and water ran, 
To cleanse us from the stains of guilt, 
And be the hope and strength of man. 

6 To God the Father and the Son 

All praise, and power, and glory be ; 
With Thee, O holy Comforter, 
Henceforth through all eternity. 




F. IgAem veni mittare in teirsm. V, I enns<toieAd fife inearth. 

JL Bt quid volo, nisi nt aeoendatur? R. And what will X but that it be 


r. Haurietis aquas in nudio 
A De f onibus Mdvatoruk 


r. With joy ye shall draw water. 
Jt From the fountains of the Saviour. 

283. ^® Sacred Heart of Jesns, the Oreateit Gift of God. 

Jer. xziv. 7 : "And I wUl give them (My) heart . . . and they shall be My 

people, tod I will be their God." 

Till faith ere long return once more 

X O Saorxd Heart t 
Our home lies deep in Thee. 
On ekrth Thou art an exile's rest, 
In heaven the glory of the blest, 
O Sacred Heart I 

3 O Sacred Heart I 
Thou fount of contrite tears, 
Where'er those living waters flow. 
New life te sinners they bestow, 
- O Sacred Heart ) 


O Sacred Heart 1 
leespur dear fatlierlaikd, 
May Iirin*j3 sons to truth e'er stand. 
With faith's bright banner still in hand, 
O Sacred Heart I 

4 O Sacred Heart 1 
Wattdti o^ onr slater iali^ 

And find a home on England's shore* 
O Sacred Heart I 

5 O &acred Heart. 

Our trust is all in Tnee ; , [drear. 

For though earth's night be dark and 

Thou breathest rest, where Thou art 

O Sacred Heart 1 [near, 

6 O Saored Heart ! 

When shades of death shall fall, 
Receive us 'netfth Th7<geiltle'car«, 
And save us from the tempter's snare : 
O Sacred Heart 1 

7 p Sacred Heart I 
LeM exiled ohDdren home, 
Where we may ever rest near Thee, 
In peace and joy etemaUy, 

Sacred Heart. 


284. The Baered Heart of Jenu, tbe Bllmfnl Light of Heaven. 

Luke xU. 49 : ** I am come to east fire on the earth, imd what will I but that it 

be kindled?" 

t O Saoexd Heart 1 all bliasful light of 
Bapttire of angele, beaming ever 

Rayishing joys. In rich and radiant 

' splendoui'. 
Flow £rom Thy glory in torrents of 

2 O Sacred Heart! oh, hope of aiu- 

ner's sorrow, 

Rest of the weaiy, careworn, and 
depressed ; 

Sweetly lead home earth's lone, es- 
tranged exiles, 

Where, 'neath Thy love, we may lie 
down and rest. 

3 O Sacred Heart 1 Thy light is .softly 

O'er the dork night of Bngland's 

oheerleas gloom ; 
Bright dawns the day of faith's nn- 

Sweetly Thou seekest a^ loved, but 

long^lost home. 

4 O Sacred Heart! as strain of softest 

Sweet falla the muaio of that voice so 

" Come unto He, all ye who mourn 

and labour, 
Come, heavy laden, and I will give 

you rest." 

5 Sacred Heart 1 when shades of 

death are falling. 
Gather Thy children neath the wings 

of love ; 
Hush us to rest, in Thine own gentle 

Bear troubled spirits to brighter 

realms above. 

6 O Sacred Heart I what bliss, what 

thrilling rapture, 
E'er to n^ near Thoe^ on Thine own 

bright shore : 
Ever to gase upon Thy beaming 

Never to part-r-to weep, to mourn no 


285. Tbe Sacred Heart of Jesiu, a Bumiag Fnmaoe of Love. 

"Behold the heart that has loved men so tenderly, and which, has been con- 
sumed in order to show them its love."— JKet^ecf Marg, Mary. 

X To Jesus' Heart all burning 
With fervent love for men, 
My heart, with fondest yearning, 
Uhall raise the Joyful strain. 

: Cherui, 

While totes course along, 
Blest be with loudest song, 

The Sacred Heart of Jesus, 
By every heart and tongue. 

8 O Heart I for me on fire, 

With love no man can speak, 
My yet untold desire 
God gives me for Thy sake. 

CAonu.— WhUe ages, &e. 

3 Too true, I have forsaken 
Thy flock, by wilful sixk. 

Yet now let me be taken 
Back to Thy fold again. 

CApnu.— While ages, &g. 

As Thou art meek and lowly. 

And ever pure of hearty 
So may my heaxt be wholly 

Of Thine the counterpart 

<?ftort«.— While ages, te. 

Oh, ^bat to me were given 

The pinions of a dove, 
I'd speed uloft to heaven, 

My Jesus' love to prove. 

CWica— While agM, Ao. 

When life away is flying, 
And earth's false glare is done ; 

Still, Sacred Heart, in dying, 
I'll say I'm all Thine own. 

CMrlw.— While agia, 4(0. 


OQA ^* Bacrod Heart of Jwna, tbe Object of our Love in tbe 
^"^' Blessed Sacrament. 

" Let VLB return loye for love." 

Fs. Ixxxy. x9 : "I will praise Thee, O Lord, my God, with my whole hearfc, 

and f will glorify Thy name for ever." 

X Bensath the outward form of bread 
There is a Sacred Heart, 
Tbe tenderest Heart that ever bled. 
Or felt unkindness' smart. 

'Tis our% blest sacrament, to atone 
For wrongs in Thee to Jesus done. 

Tbe Word of God in flesh had clad 
Himself in Mary's womb, 

Tbe Heart of Jesus now has made 
The sacrament its home. 

CA^ncf. — 'Tis ours, kc 

Here then He dwells, and here invites 

The f^ntle and the i-ude 
To make retunxs of lov^but meets 

Nought but ingratitude. 

Chorus. — 'Tis ours, &c. 

Then, brethren of the Sacred Hear.', 

Be this our single aim, 
In Jesus' griefs to have a part, 

And sympathise with Him. 

Chorus. — 'Tis ours, Ac. 

287* Tlie Sacred Heart of Jesne, the Hope of Sinnen. 

Fs. zxxill. 8 : " Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good ; blessed is the 

man that trusteth in Him." 

All ye wlko fl«ek a sore relief 

In trouble or distress, 
Whatever sorrows vex the mind, 

Or guilt the soul oppress ; 
Our Lord, who gave Himself for us 

Upon the Cross to die, 
Uniolds to us His Sacred Heart ; 

Oh, to that Heart draw nigh. 

O Jesu, joy df Saints on high ; 

Thou hope of sinners here, 
Attracted by those loving words, 

To Thee I lift my prayer. 

What meekerthantheSavioui's heart 

As on the Cross He lay ? 
It did His murderers forgive. 

And for their pardon pray. 

Ye hear how kindiv He invites, 
Te hear His words so blest : 

** All ye that labour come to Me, 
And I will give you rest." 

Ch&rus.'-O Jesu, Sto. 

Wash Thou my wounds in that dear 

Which forth from Thee did flow : 
New grace, new hope inspire, « now 

And better life bestow. 
Praise Him who with the Father sits 

Enthroned upon the skies ; 
Whose blood redeems our souls from 

Whose Spirit sanctifies. 

Chorus.'-O Jesu, fto. 

OQQ 1%^ Saored Heart of Jeens, alway« neadfag for ub 

0& the Altar. 

John xiil.. I : " Hairing loved His own tiiat were in the world 

loved them to the end." 


I RISE from dreams of time, 
And an angel guides my feet 
To the sacred altar-throne, 
Where Jesu's heart doth beat. 

The lone lamp softly bums. 
And a wondrous silence reigns,^ 

Only with a low still voice 
The Holy One complains : 

« Long, long, I've vraited here, 
And wough thou heed'st not Me, 
The heart of Qod's own Son 
Beats ever on for thee." 


4 la'tbon^mbef VturymMk^ 
In the cradle, on the tree : 
Heart of pure undying love. 
It lived, loved, Ueid for me. 

5 Step plMidiner» dMy afld ttighfe^ 
Thou eanat not from us pwt ; 
Oh, veiled and wondrous Son i 
Oh, lore of the Sacred Heart I 

oQo The Baored Heart of Jeens, the Moit Seenxe Abode for 
^Ot;. ^^9 m^^ Faithfal Hearts. 

Cant. Tiii 6 : ** Place me as a seal upon T\fj heart, as a signet upon Thy arm." 

I DWXLL a captive in this heart. 

Inflamed with love divine ; 
'Tis here I live alone in peace. 

And constant ley is mine. 
It is the heart of Qod's own Bon 

In His humanity, 
Who, all enamoured of my soul, - 

Here bums with love of me. 

Here like the dove within the ark 

Securely I repose ; 
Since now the Ix)rd ia my deCcbce^ 

I fear no earthly foes. 

What though I suffer, still in love 

I ever true will be ; 
My love of God shaU deeper grow 

When crosses fall on me. 

Srom every bond of earth', O Lord, 

Thy grace hath set me free ; 
My soul, delivered from the snare. 

Enjoys true lihertv. 
Nought more can I desire than this. 

To see Thy face in heaven ; r 
And this I hope since HSeon eattb 

His heart in pl«)igQ hath given. 

290, The BaoTBd Heart of Jim, our BefBge In Te ap tatie m . 

Esooh. xviii. 31 ; *' Why will you»diet O hfuse of Israel 1 

and l{ve." 

• • « 

return y0, 

Flt hither from the stoim that rages 
round ; [found ; 

Fly where true peaoe in solitude is 

Where care and strife and worldly 
troubles cease ; 

Here I invite thee to repose in peaoe. 

A gift awaits thee here ; Hy ^^^ 
divine, [shine : 

To loving souls so dear, on thee shall 

Here thou shalt see how vile is all 
the earth, [know its worth. 

How sweet My love 1^ those who 

3 Then from My Ups that sweet invlt- 

. ing word [be heard ; 

That bids thee love Me shall by thee 

How much I always loved thee thou 

shalt see, [to Me. 

And how ungmtefu] fhon >iast been 

4 Sweet contrite tears thy wounds of 

' sin shall heal, [shalt feel ; 

• The ard'oiu" of My love thou then 

And here I wait thee to bestow in 

love [above. 

A foretaste of the Joyi of heaven 

291. The Baored Heart of JfesuBrABaTexifori^Afflleted Hearts. 

Ps. Ix. 3 : " When my heart was in anguish Thou hast exalted me on a rock ; 
. . Thou hast conducted me, for Thou hast beeofr my hope.** 

SwEBT Jesus 1 Thou a haven art, 
From life's tempestuous sea ; 

All find a refuge in Thy heart, 
Who turn in love to Thee. 

Jesus, our joy in life's lone way, 
May Thy srweet peace arise, 

Which turns the night to blissful day. 
And earth to paradise. 

Thy name falls sweet on sorrow'B ear, 

'Tis music from above ; 
It siays the mourner's anxious fear, 

And telleth noxtght but love. 
<»korH».— Jesus, our joy, fto. 


3 the broksn li««rfc wlt3k heollBg balm 
Thy ebangeless lore doth feel ; 
Thou Bayeet " Peace I " the winds tare 
And every wave is still. [oalm, 
Chorut,*^em2s, our Joy, iso. 

4 Sweet Jesus t whsamylKnillsttfstfeld: 
On wild temptation's wave, 
When confidence and hope are lost^ 
Be Thou at hand to save. 

CAoruf.-— Jesus, our joy, im. 

292. TbA Saored Heart of Jeins, our ETtrlastixi^ Home. 

Cant iL z4 : ** Hy dove in the clifts df the rock, in the hollow places of the wall, 
Bhow me Thy face, let Thy voice sound in my ears." 

z Tbxbb ia aa everlasting home, 
miere contrite souIb may hide ; 
Where death and danger dare -not 
The Saviour's side 1 [come, — 

3 Haily Bock of Aze9, pierced for me, 
l^e grave of aU my pride ; 
H^pe, peace, and heaven are all in 
niyaheltaringfdde! CTbee^ 

3 There issued forth the double flood, 
The shMttoning tide^^ 

In streams of water And x>t blood 
From that dear aide ! 

4 There is the only fount of bliss, 

In joy and sorrow tried — 
No refuge for the heart like this,— 
A Saviour's side 1 . . ; 

5 Thither the Church through all her 

Points as a faithful guide, [days 
And celebrates with ceaseless praise 
That spear-pierced side. 

293. Catholio England'B taiyer to tbe Sacred Heart. 

Mattb iz. 23 : "I will have mercy and not sacrifice." 
Luke xiz. zo : ** The Son of man is come to seek and to save that which 

was lost." 

Pitt, my Qod,*tiiloroarlovM lax^i. 
And for Thy Church, we humbly bow 

Thy Yioar's captive ; break his pdson 

Thy Church's loflses, in Thy might, 

God of mighty power. 

Take Thy Vicar's part. 
Oh, save him in this hour, 
IV>r Jesus' Saored Heart. 

Ova island home, so long estHmged 

from, truth. 
Looks up for solace to Thy sacred 

Light up her f alth» that like the 

ea^j^'s youth. 

It be renewed, and shine' as once it 
CAoriM.— God of mighty power. 

3 Pity, my God, Thy Church in other 

xands; [break her walls ; 

Whose oountlesa foes stiU seek to 
Oh, may she keep, beneath the 

spoiler's hands, [falls. 

Her uith to Thee, whatever else be- 

' CftoriM. — God of mighty power. 

4 Pity, my God, on thoee misguided 

men ' [what they do ; 

Who outrage Hiee, but know not 
In mercy wait, and draw tb«n back 

agaiu, [renew^ 

Their faith and love, in sorrow, to 

C%onM. "-God of mighty power. 

294. Snglaad'B Pleadings tbrongh tlie Saored Heart of JesiiB. 

Bpbee. t. 14 : ** Wiiereforo He saith : Rise, thou that sleepest, and arise from 
the dead, and Christ shall enlighten thee." 

1 All ye who love your fatherland, 
High let your voices soar. 
Pray that the ancient faith may cheer 
Fair Britaiu's Iflle once more ; 

Gaze on the crowds who throng our 

Yet wandering from the fold : 
Shall not a loving seal infiame 

And kindle hearts still cold? 


O Bni^ttMl's mflrtyrcd Uood ttlU 

For mtttsy on our race, [cries' 

And Saints who love their native laad 

Yet plead for U^ht and grace. . 
With hopes 80 cherished in our hearts, 

Why should we doubt or fear ? 
Still brarely by faiih'ii banner stand. 

For victory is near. 

E'en now the douda are breaking 

See hope's bright <tewn arise ; 
Faith's harbinger all softly shines 

From out the lowering skies. 

Tha 8a<ffed Heart in our dear land 
Has once more found a home. 

And Mary, lovely morning star, 
Slkines brightly 'mid the gloom. 

Then trust to God and His strong 

True to your Obtain stand, • 
Undaunted by the foe's fierce might, 

With faith's bright shield in hand. 
Soon shall the note of victory 

Be heard in welcome strain ; 
And may erelong ** Muy's dowzy" 

Our land become again. 




Bnppllcatloxui to Jobub CliriBt, tbe True Model of 


Johnxiz! 28: " Afterwards Jesus said : I thirst . . . and they putting a 
sponge full of vinegar about hyssop, put it to His mouth." 

O JesTTs I who for love of me 
Didst die in bitter i>ain, 

Grant by Thy sacred thirst that I 
May never sin again. 

Thy parched lips in agony 
were dried in lingering death ; 

Oh let me share Thy sacred thirst. 
Even to my latest breath. 

3 For pleasure I wiUthint no moi-e, 

Nor for the drink of sin : 
But for Thy justice and for Thee, 
*Ehy grace and love to win. 

4 Oh rather let me thirst with Thee 

Through pain and suffering ; 

And let me slake my daily thirst 

WUh water from the spring. 


X All creatures of Thy hand are good, 
And none to be refused. 
If hflJlowed by Thy word and prayer, 
And /<»- Thy glory used. 

9 The cornfields of the fruitful earth. 
The vineyards, too, are Thine ; 
Thine is the gift of plenteous bread, 
And thine the gladdening wine. 

3 Nothing of evU conies from Thee, 
No shadow clouds Thy light :. ., 

We only, dearest Lord, abuse 
Thy gifts in Thine own sight. 

What Thou in bounty makest good, 

If en diange to evU use, 
And Thy sweet laws of temperance 

By drunkenness confuse. 

Oh give me grace, dear Ijord, l^t I 
From chilahood ne'er may taste 

Even Thy good gifts, while men by 
Thy holy Church lay waste, [sin 


I Ih penance for the guilt of men 
Who grieve Thy Sacred Heart, 
Whose sins of drunken revelry 
Constrain Thee to depart< 

2 Let me from childhood and through 

From lawful things refrain, [lifo 

That for the souls whom drink nas 

I may Thy pardon gain. [cursed 

HBATXKLr.mnsa Asn^ jarrAmkdiA Iof hops. 

3 Ohjail^, L<M, tiiff IttttilttiM 

who by their f atl^er'f goXLt 
Have never learned our Mother's 
Nor why Thy blood wm spilt. 


X I PROvisi Thee, sweet Lord I that I 
Will never cloud the light fsoul, 
Which shines from Thee within my 
And loakee my reason bright. 

3 Nor ever will I lose the power 
To serve Thee by my wUl, 
Which Thou'hast set within my 'biiaxt, 
Hiy pireoepts to fulfil. 

Ohptty the poor molheir*s ffrief;' 
who starvet at home all da^ ; 

While wages, food, a^d. riumenl^ 
In drink, all waste away. 

Oh let me drink as Adam drank, ' 

Before from Thee he fell ; 
Oh let me drink as Thou, dear Lord. 

When faint by Sychar's welL " 

That from my childhood, pure from 
Of drink and drunken strife, [sin 

By the clear fountains I may rest, 
Of everlasting life. "- 



296. Hope hi Obrlst 0<mifort8 ub in Angnttb, Orlef, and Fear. 

Kom.ffi. 31 : **lf God be for ns, who-is against naT" • 
Heb. xiv. 15 : " For He hath said : I will not leave thee, neither will 

Iforsakothee." ■ . - 

I Ir«v«r my heart in riper years 
Shall beat withangulsl^ grief, orfears. 
My Saviour He win hear each moan. 
And gentty aa7» '^Thoa'rt not 

s Though fled were «v*ry earthly friend. 
On whom I might or could depend ; 
Though left by all, to aU unknown. 
He still will say, '^Thou'rt not 

3 Thoughcherishedonesaroundmedic^ 
And severed be each earihiy tie, 

I still may seek my Saviours throne,^ 
A&d hear Him say, *'ThoaH not 
• alone." 

4 80 too, when all my years arapast. 
And life her race hath run'at last, 
My God, Dkou wilt not me disown. " 
{To whom Thou saldst, "Thou'rt 

not alone." 

oo*T Bope ill OttUrt Htfps ni out of every DaaMr and 
^^7- iMtmlatleii. 

Jdhn vL ao^ •* It fti I ; ba not ifnid.'* 

t Whsn I sink down in gloom or fear, 
Hope blighted or deUjred, 
Thy whisper. Lord, my heart ahall 
cheer:- ■ - 
"'Tia I; be not afraid." 

a Or startled at some sudden blew,' 
. If fxvtful thoughts I feel: 
. "Fear not, it i« but I ! " shall flow 
Aa balm my wound to heaL 

Kor win I quit Thy way. though f ofli 
Some onwacd paaa donna :< 

Trom eaohrough voioe the waidhword 
goes, ■ • : 

'<Benotafi«idI . . . aMendl** 

And oh ! when judgmenVs trumpet 
Awakes me from the glare, [dear 

•StiU in its edio may I hear, 

** 'Tia Chdat ; He eomea to flaTe." 


^m PABocm^ HfiorMOEt 


Sq9» la tlLo PraalBts of Ood CRm«m «■ inmiTthi SUk 
cnltimi of our Path to HeaTon. 

bsL It. 8 : " Pot Vy thoughts are not your thoughts ; nor your ways Hy ways, 
saith the Lord. F-or as the heavens are exaltad Above the earth, so are My 
ways exalted above your ways, and My thoughts above yodr thoughts." 

Oh. it is hard to work for God, 
To rise and take His part 

UpMi tlilrlMibflefieia «f earfli. 
And not sometimes lose heart 1 

If He hides Himself so wondrously. 
As though there were no Qod ; , 

' He iB leist seen when all the powen^ 
01 111 are most abroad ; 

3 Or He deserts us at the hoov 

The fight is all but lost ; 
And seems to leave us to ourselves 
juct wh«n we need Him most. ; 

4 HI masters good ; good seems to 

To ill with greatest ease ; [changfe 
And, worst of all, the good with good 
. Isatcrosspurjposea^-. 

a My tnougnis aoove your uiougncs. ' 

.\i The Church, the Sacraments, the 
Their.up-hfll journey take; [Faith, 
. Lose here whatthere they gain, and, if 
We lean upon them, break. 

6 It is not s(x but so it looks s 

And we lose courage then; 
And doubts will come if Cfod hath 
. His promises to men. t^spt 

7 Ah! God is.other than wd think; 

His ways are far above, 
Far beyond reason's height, and 
' Only pf chiUUke love, (i^ached 

8 And right is right, since God is God ; 

And light the day must win I 
To doubt would be disloyalty^ 
■ • To faster wonidr be sin I > 


Boxke In tba Promises -of Gbilii^Ooiiilorts vs In Pene- 


Matt. ▼. xz : Blessed are ve when they shall revile you, and persecute you, and 
speak all that is e^ against you. untruly, for My sake s Beglad and ve- 
.' Jelee, for your reward is very great in heaven." 

Those who relations, frimda, and all 
For Him jor f o^ His tmth resigaT 

And does He not those servants bless 
' WHobttoraffliotionfof their Lord, 
-And oomfmt them in tiisir distress 
With promisa of a sure reward t 

O^ Jesu 1 it willever be ' 
My wonder whence tilts Bkercy 

That I BlunfldliDth'bftlXffm in ThM 
And also suffer for Hiy Naom-l 

z Jlow is the time to leap for joy. 
To shout aa4 be. efKOeeding glad/. 
While enemies their arts' ^m|4oy. 

And friends pronounce. us fools or 
< mad. 

a Did not our Lord Himself dedlars 
' That all who Ipye His holy Kam^ 
If they w(kild in His gloiy share. 
Must also bear with Him the shame T 

3 Anddid9»»S^nio|ttni]y>!W '. 
Worthy of IBus own fove divine^ 

son ^^^ ^ theXnfiaits CkMdntts of Oodftadtae Merits of 
^ . . ,, Christ. l^anisbes Fear for past Forslyen Bins, . 

Gal li. so: "I lire in the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, v^d 

delivered HimdiU fot msb." 

s TjT^ art thou sonowfol, servant of 

. Q^^ r. . . , . [o'er thee now? 

AndwhatistUbrdttlness that IfiuBgs 

•Sinff the praises of Jesus, and sinig 

them aloud, (oloud from thy broit. 

▲d4 tbs soDg jMl diioit tbi dark 

Oh, is thecaa th.oagbt ik tha -wid* 
world so sweet Tas we aroL 

As,'tii4t€k>d has so oafsd f or US) bad- 
That He thinks for ns» plans for us, 
' Stoops to entreaty [isrf 

And tmomt.MM, waac^ w* ever so 


3 91ttttk)d1uitlh'ozsii*wUis|itrtd'ft'wbrd 

in thine ear, [for sin, 

Or sent thee from heaTcn one aoxtow 

IB enoDgh for a life both to hanish all 

fear, [within. 

And to torn into peaoeall t^e troubles 

4 Qh,'tfa0]i;'wlfen[tli«ei^idtQfdarkBeM 

comes down [thr heart. 

With oloudB and unoertamnea- Into 

One look to thy SaTiour, one thought 

of thy orown, rd)epM:t. 

And the tempest la oyer, the shadows 

QOI ^^P^ ^ Christ iB like the Pillar of the Cloiid whichi leads us 
o V A . on to the Land of Promise tlirough the Dark&esa of Infldelily 
and Impiety. 

Exod. xiii. az : *' And the Lord went More them to show the way by day in a 
pillar of a doud, and by night in H pillar of fire ; that He might be the 
guide of their JourAey." 

X LVAP, Eindjy Light, amid thjs encir- 

Lted^Thou me on ! [oling gloom, 

The night is dark, and I am far from 

Lead Thou me on 1 [home— 

Keep Thou my feet ; I do not ask to 

see [for me. 

The distant scene,— one step enough 

3 I was not erer thus, nor prayed that. 

Shouldst lead me on ; f Hioa 

I lored to choose and see xny faith, but 

Lead ThAunie on 1 ■. .^now 

I loyed the garish day^and, spite of 

Pride ruled my will : remember not 

past years. 

So long Thy power hath blest me, 
Will lead me on, [sure it still 

O'er moor and fen, o'er crag and tor- 
The night is. gone ; [rent, till 

And with we mom those angel nces 
smile [lost* awhile. 

. Whi(^.I liave lored .long since, and 

ono Hope in God's Mercy will Comfort us when Distracted 
^^^' In Prayer. 

Luke xt z : *' Lord, teach tts to pray."— Fs. Ixxfi. 03 : *'I am beoome as 

a beast before Thee." 

z Ah I dearest Lord, I cannot pray. 
My fancy is not free ; 
Uiunannerly distraotions come 
And force my thoxi^^ts from Thee. 

9 I cannot pray ; yet, Lord, Thou 
The pain It is to me [IcDowest 

To have my vainly struggling thoughts 
Thus torn away from Thee. 

3 Ah ! Jesus, teach me how to priso 

Those tedious hours when i. 
Foolish and mute, before Thy face 
In helpless worship lie. 

4 Ead I kept stricter watch each hour 

O'er tongue, and eye, and ear ; 

Had I but mortifled all day 
Each joy as it came near ; 

5 Had I, dear Lord, no pleasure found 

But in the thought of Thee, 
Prayer would have come unsought, 
A truer liberty. [and been 

6 Yet Thou art oft most present, Lord, 

In weak, distracted prayer : 
A siimer out of heart with self 
Most oft^n finds Thee there^ \ 

7 And prayer that humbles sets the soul 

¥roak all iUusions free. 
And teaches it how utterly; 
Dear Lord, it hangs on Tliec. 

303. Hope in Ck>d Strenfirthens ns against Despair. 

Isa. zlix. z5 : ** Can a woman forget her infant so as not to hsTe pil7 on th« 
. son of her wombt and if she should forget, yet will not I forget thee." 

I Or ! all who are lonely and laden 

'With sorrow, [despair. 

Or tossed on the dark sea <tf grief and 

Await the bright dawn of the long 

looked-for morrow, [your care. 

And test upon Jesus tlw weight oi 


Thottgli vyUfbM of death o'er Uf eto 

pathway are falling, 
And our hearts with rorehodings of 

woe are depressed ; 
Yet list I "mid the darkneaa sweet 

▼oioes are calling [of I'est. 

Earth's wanderers home to the haven 

And e^en mid the night there are 
stars softly gleaming, [ing above; 

For angels and saints are e'er watch- 

And Mar^, far brighterthan all, ever 
beaming, [her love. 

Is cheering our way with the light of 

4 Look hackto th0 diQr of liiy splitt's 

creation, [adore ; 

And trustful the love of ttnr Father 
Oh 1 think of the joys oc eternal 

salvation [shore ! 

Awaiting the exile on heaven's blest 

5 And will thy first Love, thy first 

Friend ever leave thee, 
Unless from thy God thou thyself 

turn thy face t [receive thee, 
See, He opens His fatherly arms to 
And locks thee in love's everlasting 


Section VIII.— Hymns especially Intended to Awake 
AND Stir up a Tbihsand Earnest Yearninq after 
THE Possession of God and Devotion in His Service, 
AND thereby Entertain and Develop in us a Firm 
AND Solid Hope. 

on^ An Xnvitatioii to Tovig Mdn to Embrace the Yoke of 
<>\J'±. Christ. 

Matt. xL 29: "Take up My yoke upon you/*— GaL v. 24: "TTiey that axe 
Christ's have orucifled their flesh with Its vices and their concupiaoences." 

Are yours to hold and yours to win 
In fight which now you wage with 

The battle-day will soon be o'er. 
Your Lord hath trod the field before; 
His faith your shield. His hope your 

No terror shall your souls o'erwhelm. 
C%ontt.— Praise to Jesus, &c. 

Be chaste and gentle, kind and true. 
Of word or deed, have nought to me ; 
Seek Mary's favour, Mary% love. 
And live on earth with her above ; 
Through her vour hearts to Jesus ^ve, 
And here in holy concord live. 
Till of your home, that's ever nigh, 
The gates unfold at death's last sigh. 
CTiorut* — Praise to Jesus, Ac. 

X The Cross ! the Cross ! ye young men 
Te soldiers bound tograce's call 1 [all! 
A'leagae is aignad 'twixt Heaven and 

In blood which shines on foreheads 
That e^ry sin ye'll shun and fly [true. 
Soon as its plague-spot ye descry, 

' That pleasiure ne'er with pleasing wile. 
Nor pain, shall from your Qod bqguile. 

Praise to Jesus' love unending, 
Praise to Bim who died to save; 
Hay His grace, through life ex- ) ^* 

tending. f 8 

Crown us in Ihe strife we ( & 

bravel jfti 

3 A palace bright and throne most fair, 
A crownlet decked with jewels rare. 

305. Tbe Vov of the Soldiers of Christ is to Fight till Deatb. 

Ecdua. iv.* 33 : "Strive for justice for thy sotd, and even unto death fight for 
justice, and God will ovierthrow thy enemiee for thee." 

O Gk)D of armies, hear our vow. 
And make ottr purpose strong ; 

We vow to fight for Thee till death. 
Our h«ttta to Xhee belong; 

Well never yield our souls to tin, 
Nor do the tempter's will : 

We'd rather die an<l forfeit aU, 
II we may love Thee stilt 



Then, warriors, on t come, battie for 

the Lord, [tihe aword 

BesolTod to fight, and never sheathe 

Till Ood shall call us to our) <^ 

home above [and love. > s 

And fUluBWithpetpetttal peace) § 

We know how weak and frail we are. 

We mourn our former sins ; 

Be Thou our strength, we trust In 

Thy graoe it is that wins. [Thee, 
Beneath Thy banner we will fight, 

Our banner, hop^ shall be. 

Fatth&oiirflhield, andloveaurswoi^: i 
With these we'll come to Thee. 
Chortu. — ^Then, wanlon, on !; &c. 

Well come to Thee, whoe'er with- 

We^ come in spite of all ; 
We^ trample on the world and flesh. 

The demons too shall fall : 
Fior Thou art Ood, the Strong in wwr. 

And we Thv warriors be. 
Never shall sm xunirp this earth, 
' This earth belongs to Thee. 

C%ont«.— Then, warriors, on! &c. 

QAA ^^ fitandard of tlifi 861di«n of Christ is the Gross, and 
<^^^- . Jesus their Cry. 

Lake ix. 23 : *' And He said to all : If any mua. will oome after Me, let him 
deny himself, take up his cross daily, and follow He." 

Asm for deadly fight, 

Earth and hell unite. 
Andswear in lasting bonus to bindus. 

Baise the Cross on high, 

Jesus is our cry. 
With Jesus stm the foe shall find ufi. 

The accursed crew have lost their 

That heavenly bliss that knows no 

And reckless now, with envy burning, 
Their fuxy on oar souls are turning. 
C%ont«.— Arm for deadly fightj £c. 

The devil, flesh, and world combining, 
Around our souls their Anares are 

With proffered joys they seek to lure 
O Goal our only hope, secure us I {us ! 
CAonu. -Arm for deadly fight, &c. 

Woe to the man in self confiding ! 
Woe to the num alone abiding 1 

Defeat his lot, and bonds unfailing^ 
Eternal death and endless wailing. 
C?ioru«.— Arm for deadly fight, Ac. 

Thrice happy he who, heavenward 

turning, [burning. 

Frays while he fights with ardour^ 

£eg£| aid from those who here have 

striven, [Heaven. 

And succour from the Queen of 

Ghorui.— Arm for deadly nghfe^'^ 

Though crafty is the foe's contriving. 
And ruthless his relentless striving, 
On Ood, dur hope, our strength, rely- 
ing, ' [dying. 
We'll pledge to' Heaven our faJitn un- 

Lcut Chonu. 

When the strife is o'er. 

We shsJl fear no more 
The hatred of oiu* foe infernal ; 

Strive while yet we may. 

Strive but for a day. 
The pain is short, tihe crown eternal. 


The Wat<diword of tbe Soldiers of Ohrlst is *' For God and 
the Right I '' and ** For Mary, the Oueen of Heaven I " 

Heb. xii. x : ** And therefore wa also having so great a crowd of witnesses over 
our heady laying aside every weight and hb which surrounds us, let us 
run by patience to the fight proposed to us : looking on Jesus the Author 
and linl^er of faith.'* 

Hark I hark ! the word is given ; 


Christians, to the war I 
Gather from afSri 

Jesus bids us fight 

" For God and the right," 

And lor Msiy, the Queen of Heaven I 


s . Nevflrrt f or tbee, thoa tvleked wprld, 
Puffed up with godleM pomp imd 

Avengizig mca to humble thee 
Can xuake Uie Weakest arm its a^nl 
Chortu.-T'CbxistiajiB, to the war! iic 

3 And thou, daxk flead« lix thouicqd 

years [ing, 

.The Bride of Christ in Tain tonnent- 

Bhall find our hate and scorn of thee 

Deep as thhie own, and unrelenting. 

CAortu.— Christians, to the war 1 ito, 

3 iJi, Self I so oft f orgiTen, thou 
Canst play no part but that of traitor ; 
We BpaxA thy nfr, hut thoa must bear 
The felon's brand, the captive's fetter. 
CAortM.T-Christiuis, to the war t &c, 

4 But worse than devil, flesh, or world. 
Human respect, like poison eroding, 
Chills and unnerves the hosts of 

Christ, [sleeping. 

"When weary war-worn hearts are 
CAoru<.— Christians, to the war 1 Ac. 

5 like lions roaring for their prey, 
Armies of foes are round us troop- 

What then! see countless angels come 
To heal the hurl^ to raise we droop- 
C%onM.«-Chri8tians, to the war I Ac. 

6 Then bravely, comrades, to tiie fightr- 
With shout and song each oUier 

Strength not our own from heaven 

The sun breaks oat» tlie clouds are 

Cheiru$:'-<£gMiBm, to ifae war I Ao. 

7 On, to the gates of Sion, on I 
Break through ibo foe with tnBh 

We'll hang our colours up in heaven. 
When peace shall be proclaimed for 

• ever. 
CAoru«.-~ChrIfltlan8, to the war ! Ac. 

ono The Anna to be QMd by tiie BOUIiflni of CBaist : A Kedal 

^^^* blaat. a. firosa. sAd the InvoG&tion of tha m<kaaAi« 

blest, a Gross, 
Virgin Mary. 

and the Inyocatlon ol the Blessed 

Apoo. iit xx: "Behold, I oosne quickly : hold fast ihat which thou hast^ 

that no man take thy crown." 

4 What shield shall guard 
Christ's soldier's fatsast t 

. The cross that on 
His heart shall rest. 

X GBBist's soldier arlse^ 
Stand up and fighl^ 
In Mary 8 name, 
In Maixs sigh! 


. Come, take your stand. 
The world is strong, 
The foe at hand. 
The battla long. 

8 Tes, wehi^veneed 
Of sword and shield ; 
The worid is one 

Great battlefield. 

CT^ortM.— Come, fto. 

3 What sword shall scare 
The hostile camp 7 
A medal blest. 
With Mary's stamp. 

CAor^— Coia«^ 4m^ 

Chorus.— Come, &c. 

5 See we have foes I 
Without, within ; 
The devil tempts 

. To mortmain: 

CAmiu.— 'Come, fta 

6 The devil tempts, 
• But Mary's eyes 

Are on us now, 
Andfiataa fltea 

Chonu^'-Oomd, fta 

7 See, Mary waves 
Her spotless flag, 
What coward in 
The rear would lagt 

'C%on««.-*(^me, Ao. 

HYMNS iNOima TEim Dsvomocor sss sod's sbbvige. 

8 On* riioBt, oikB 
One «ffart mor-e^ 
The day is ovan, 
liiit'B straggle o'er. 


Come take your crown« 
The worid'e tmdoney 
The foes are fled, 
The betUe won. 

3^0< '.ne Marcdi of the BoUlftrs of <nirl8t to Victory and Hdayen. 

s ¥uBt vTi x? s " Fight the good flght of faith : lav liold on eternal life ' 

whereunto ^ou are oalled."^ 


Lkt MB march on to battie, to glory; 
Let U8 move iatha itepa Jesus trod 1 
We shall gather ,the l&ureltf of yictoxy 
And win a bright arovnfromour Qod. 
(lUpmt kut Um,) 

I Ohf'WhyshotildwelangulshinsI&.yeiT? 

And why chained in irons be bound. 

down, [heritage, 

When to reign with oor God is oar- 

To share in His gloiy t)ur crown ? 

Choruf.—h^t \ia march, iio. 

3 Of Jesus, my Sing, I am brother ; 
Of God, B^.Oteatpp, the son, . 
Nought created can fill my hearifs 

Nought s^t^y, «ave God alone. 

&kntu.-^Ij»t us maroh, 4Ieq> 

3 The angels my throne ax^prepariiig 
In^^the mid^t o| Qod's splendours 
* divine ; • 

Bzjght crowns now, I see, th6y are 
weaving, [shine. 

On the brows of the br&ye they isbeai 
CA<»T*«.— Let us march, &c. 

In advance let us unfurl before us' ' 
The Cross's brave banner on high ; 
Our march must be, ''ForWaxd to 

victory I " 
And " Glory to Jesus " our cry. 

€horu9.f^liet us march, fte. 

« • 

Then war be to Satan's proud spirit ; 
Then war to the flosh iet ua^wage ;. 
Then war to the world ana its venom,. 
'Slo our God an our hearts we engage. 
Choru*,-^lj&t ua march, «& >. 

O heaven, country most blessed 1 
For thee, may I live, may I die I 
fbr thee, in tlje midst of eartli'a^ 

' darkhess, ... 

For thee, till I bteath^ my last'sigh f 
(fiorM.-^lfitxamsitch, die, . 

Qf/N Tbe WUoome of the Angtfs to tlw Bram SIMttB of 
•^Av^. tlie.»oldiers.of Clirtat., 

iGor.iT»9: '*Wd«M]nadeA8peotaoietothewoxldandtoa&9el»aad 

to men." 

s HiKK t hark f my soul, angc^ songs 1 a 

are swelling ' ' " 
O'er earth's green fields^ and .oo^anVi i - 

wave-beat shore I 
How aweet the truth, those blessed 

strains are telling. 
Of that new life when sin shall be aq 


• • • Cherui, .. ■ , 

Angels of jTdAny 
Aagels of nght^ , 

Blnging to.welaome ) »^«^,. . 

. SiiiXdlgrima of the Bight, f-'f^^ 

Parker than, night Ufe's.sha^ows fsU, 
around lis, ' [ouraiark; 

Andy like benigl^bed menj we miss 

God hides Hiinself, and" grace hath 
scarcely fooncL us, [dark. 

JSre death finds oiit hii victims m the 
CrAoriM.-*- Angels of Jesus, ^ 

Onward we go, for still we hear them^ 
singing, . [leomet' 

Come, weary souls I for Jesus'taids you- 

And tfarotigh the dso^ its edaioes 
sweetly ringing, 1 (home. 

^e musioL of the > Gonp4' leMs us 
: iCftsnu^— ^Aatf>l&o2.Je8us, Ac 


4 VtiT, i$x away, Uk» bells at evening 

peeing, [and sea. 

The voice^cl Jesus sounds o'er land 
And laden soyls, by thousands meekly 

etealingr, . [steps to Thee. 

Kind Shepherd, turn their weary 
Ch4>rta.— Angels of Jesus, && 

5 Best comes at length, though life be 

long and dieaiy, [night be past; 
Hie day must dawn, and darksome 
All journeys end in welcomes to the 

wetery, [will come at last 

And heaven, the heart's true homfs, 
CAonM.— Angels of Jesus, ftc 

6 Cheer up, my soul, faith's moon- 

beams softly glisten [sea : 

Upon thebTMstofiife's mosttroubled 

And it yf^ cfaaer Ihy diooplngh^art 
to listen [mean for thee. 

To those brave songs whS<di angels 
CftonM.*^AngeU of Jesua, tic 

7 Angels I sing on, your faithful 
watches keeping, 
filng us sweet fin^snuAtiof tho Koigs 

. above. 
'While we toil on, and soothe oonelves 

with weeping. 
Till Ufe's long night sbaU break in 
endless love. 

Angels of Jesus, 
Angds of light, 
Singing to welcome 
The darkness of the night, 

PAST m— chaehy. 

Charity is a divine virtue infused into our souls, by which we love Gfod above 
all things, and our neighbours an ourselves, /or GodPt take. 
• Rom. V. 5 : '*The charily of God is poured forth in our hearts, by the Holy 
Ghost who is given to us.*' 

By charity our souls are united to God in holy friendship (John xiv. 23, 
Atx)C. iii so^ and we become partakers of the divine nature (e JPet. t 4). 

By charity we beccnne the brethren of ChHst and the members d His Body 
(z Cor. vi. 15% the abodes of the most H(dy Trinity, and the temples of the 
Holy Ghost (x Cor. ill x6). 

^ charify we are made the sons of God, and if solis, heirs lalso ; heirs indeed 
of God and Joint-heirs with Christ (Ront viiL ly}. 

By charity we are made citizens of the city of the saints and members of 
God^s hoosefaold: frani i&pttves* fMa; fft>m sl^ve^: tons ;. from; earthly, 
heavenly (Ephes. ii.). 

By it we have put on ChHst (Gal. ilL aj) ; we live in Christ, we die in Christ, 
we aj» bi^Eied in Ohriit> we shall riie with Christy toid. reign ia- heavsa to- 
gether with Christ (Rom. vl). 

Charity is the.mqst noble and perfect of all virtues— ^ir tout and their life. 
Coios. m, xa: *' But above all these iUnga have eharity. Which is the bond of - 

The law of holy charity is thus given by owr Lord—Hatt. and! 37 : *• Thau 
ihalt love the lord thy Qod mth thy vhoU heart, and with thy vhoU sotu, and vith 
thy whole mind. 38 : This is the greatest and the first commandment. 39 : And 
the second is like to this : Thou MaU love thy neighbour a$ thytlf, 40 : On 
these two commandments dependeth the whole law and the proplv&ts.'' And 
X Got. xiiL X : " U I apeak with tha tongues of men and angels, and hi 
cjhaiity, I am become as a sounding brass, or a tinkling cyxnbal . . 
. This most impartsakt part oontaburihxM different chapters of hyihna'; 

I. Hymns on theljove of Qod and His Holy Will, and of om* Ne^bottr. 
VL Hymns on the Blessed . VSTgin.. whom 'God has made exeeediagly 
. beaiitUnl; whom He has toved m^rd 'tim «11 the m^ aaa 

I am 


men together, and who thereby deserret from vm a very epeetat^ 
pndie, rererence, and love. 
m^ "Pytaaa on the Angels and SaintSi who are also the iri^ads of God, ^ 
adorned with His own beauty, admitted into EQs very presence, 
and who therefore deserre our praise^ our reverence^ opd our love. 


Ctod Alone DesetreB our Loyo. 

I John vi. z6 : " Ood is charity, and he that abideth in charity, abideth in God 

and Ood in him." 
Hark xiL 30 : " And thou shalt lore 1h« Lord thy God with thy whole heart, 

and with thy whole soul, and with thy whole mind, and with thy whole 

Bk exit 5 : "Who is as thaLoid oar Ood, who dwelleth on high?" 

I Lbt those whd will for other beauties 

pine, [be; 

God, God alone my Iotc shall ever 

My God, my life, O loyeliness dlTine, 

"Wnom can I wish to lore, and lore 

not Thee t 

a Ah, could I now but live my life 

agaih, [tent; 

In loTlng Him should be my sole con- 

▲t least whate'er of life may yet 

Shallall in loving God alone be spent. 

3 Shall it not be, O loveliness divine ? 
Then if Thou will'st it so, give me 

niyloTe; [mine,- 

I seek in vain to give Thee love of 
tTnless Thy hand first help me from 


4 But more Thou lovest me than I love 

Thee ; [seekest mine ; 

I seek Thy love, but more Thou 
Then Thou belongest even now to me, 
And I shall all and evermore be 


010* Ood alone is our nroMure, our Comfort^ our Feac6^ 
'^*^' and our liove. 

Ps. czliv. 9 : ** The Lord is sweet to all, and His tender mercies are over all His 

PS. xxxia 9 : **0h taste and see liiat the Loid is sweet"' 

On earOi there is one only good for 

And it is God, my every treasm« He ; 
Tia Ood, and God alone^ that can 

impart [heart. 

Tha balm of eomf ort to the troubled 
In Him it finds true pleasure. 
And jpys that Itnow no measnra; 
Then spuming earth, let this my 

watchwora be, [Thee ! 

Lord I I am Thine, my lore is all for 
Goc^ hath a' charm to 'solace every 

pain, [to sustain. 

And aiding powers each weakness 

. Aad true to uim, thotifl^ storms o'er- 

olioud ibe way, [ing ray. 

The Just nea twRM and flnds a tfuid- 

Wouldst Thou rejoice, possessing 
The first, last, only blessing ? 
Then, then, henceforth, thy'^ of 
fealty be, [Thee ! 

Lotd 1 1 am Thine, my love is aUfor 

Oh say. what care can cloud the tranr 
qull breast, . . [Him its rest*; 
Whidi God has taught to place in 
How can that heart feel trouble or^ 
alarm, [ing arm ?^. 

That finds a shield in God's protect- 
Then, then, with fond devotion. 
Till death shall still Ufa's motion. 
Let this our cry of joyous triiunph be. . 
Lord 1 we are Thine, our love is all 


313. An Act Of Perfect Lore of Qod. 

Bom. yUL 35: ''Who shAlI separate tus from the love of Christ T« . . 1 am 
sure tlukt neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, 

. . . nor any otheroreature shall he aUe to separate us mmitheloye of God, 
which is in Christ Jesus our Lord." 

• Hymn of /5t M'ands .Xam$r, . _' 

X My God, I love Thee, not because 
I hope for heaven thereby ; 
Nor because they who love l^ee not, 
Must bum eternally. 

E'en so I love Thee, and wiU love, 

And in Thy praise will sing ; 
Solely because Thou art my God, 

And my Eternal King. 

3 Xhou, O my Jesus, Thou didst me ' 
Upon the Cross embrace ; 
For me didst bear the nails and spear. 
And manifold disgrace. 
Chortu. — ^E'en sollove Thee, &c 

314. An Aot.of Perfect Abandonment of Oneself to Ck)d. 
X John iv. X9 : '* Let us therefore love God, because God first hath loved ua. 

Hymn of- St Ignatius. 

' My understanding find no rest 
Except in Thee, its onXj end. 

3 And griefs and torments mimbeiieesi 
Axid sweat e£ agony ; 

E'en death itself 1, and all for one 
Who was Inline enemj^.' 
Chorus.— E'en so I love lliee, iic. 

4 l^en why, blessed Jesu Christ, 
Should I not love Th«e well? 

Not for the sake of winning heaven. 
Or of escaping hell. 
Ohorua^'^Wen. aa I lore Thee, itc. 

5 Kot with the hope ot gwiniitg aught, 
Not seeking a reward ; 

But, aa Thyself hast loved me, 
O evei'-loving Lord 1 
Chorus, — ^E'en so I love Thee, in. 

I LOVE Thee, Thou Lord most high. 
Because llxou first hast lov^ me ; 

I seek no other Uberty 
But that of being bound to Aee. 

My God; I here ffarAbest to' Thee 

No other will I have than Thine ; 
Whatever Thou hast £^v*n to me 
I here again to Thee resign. 

May memoiy no thought suggest 
But shall to Thy piure glory tend ; 

€%ortu.->My God, ' f here, te. 

3 An mine is Thine ; say but the word, 

Wh«t«*erThaa willestshallbedone; 
I know Thy love, all-gracious Lord ; 
Z kikow it seeks my good alone. 
Chonts. — ^My God, I henre, 4(c 

4 ApartfromTheeallthingsarenought: 
■ Then grant, O m sutntmest Bom, 

Grant me to love Thee as I oughfc ; 
Thou givest all in giving this. 
Chont9.^Ms God, I hen, 4(6. 



315. If we love Ood we will love HIb Holy WiU. 

FS. L X : " Blessed is the man . . . whose will is in the law of God.^ 
John adv. 15 : " If you love Me, keep My oommandments." 

X *Ti8 Thy good pleasmne, not my own. 
In Thee, xoy God, I love alone ; *. 
And nothing I desire of Ihee . 

But what Thy goodness wills for 
O will of God, O vTiU divine. 
All, aUourlove-lM^verflit^^ 


• In lo^reno rival eamit Thoo bear. 
Bat Thou aart full of tendeareat oare ; 
And Are and awaetneea aU dlidne 
To hearto whloh odm art wholly 
will of God, Ao. 

3 In Thee all pure affections live. 
To love Thou doat perfection give ; 
While eyer bumingwith deaires 
The loving soul to Thee ftsplres. 

O will of God, 4kc. 

4 Thou makest crosses aott and light, 
And death itself seem sweet and 


No cross nor fear that soul dismays 
Whose will to Thee united stays. 
will of God, 4cc. 

To Thee I consecrate and give 
My heart and beinf while I live ; 
Jesus, Thy heart alone shaU be 
Hy love for all eternity. 
O will of God, 4ta 

Alike in pleasure and in pain < 
To please Thee is my Joy and gain ; 
That, O my Love, which pleases Thee 
Shall evermore seem best to me.. 
May heaven and earth wil^ love fulfil, 
My God, Thy ever-blessM will I 

316. An Act of Fdrfeot Basignatton to Ood'B Holy Will. 

J John Ui x8 : "Ify little children, let us not love in word nor in tongue, but 

in deed and in truth." 

Kt Lord, mf God, what wiliest Thoat 

Thy blessed will is mine ; 
To life and death, whate'er Thou wilt, 

My heart shall not repine. 
Wilt Thou that I shall live, my Lord 7 

To live, t2ien, is my will, 
And every breath and every pulse 

Of life shall praise Thee stiiL 

Or vdlt Thou that I die, my Lord? 

My will is still the same ; 
In life or death, in grief or joy» 

111 praise Thy blessM name. 
I have no will but Thine, my Lord ; 

Tis bUss no tongue can tell. 
To rest in Thee^, and ever feel 

That Thou dost all things well. 



01*7 It we truly love God wo will loire onr Kolgbbour, and he 
01 f . XlxuUxearted to all, eyexi to Sinners. 

I John iv. sz : "Thia commandment we have from God, that he, who loveth 
God, love also his brother."— ao : J' If any man ssy, I love God, and 


hateth his' brother: he is a liar.'*^x9: "If we love one anotheEk God 
abideth in us, and His charity is perfected in vs." 

s O QoD^ whose thoughts are brightest 
Whose love always runs clear. 
To whose kind wisdom sinning soula 
Amidst their sins are dear 1 
e Sweeten my bitter-thqughted heart 
With charitv like Thine, 
Till self shall be the only spot 
On earth whieh does not ahtoei, 
3 Hard-heartedness dwells not with 
souls (drawn ; 

Roimd whom Thine arms are 
And dark thoughts fade awe^ in grace, ' 
Lflw ebmd-spote la the dawn. 

Yes, they have caught the way of God, 
To whom self lies displayed 

In such clear vision as to cast 
O'er- others' faults a shade. 

Then mercy, Lord, more mercy still, 
Make me all light within. 

Self-hating and compassionate. 
And blind to others' sin. 

I need Thy mercy for my sin ; 

But more than this I need. 
Thy mercy's Ukeness in my soul 

For others' fins to* bleed. 


7 TU not -enough to weep my ains ; 
"Tis tmt one stop to beaven ; 
When I am Idnd to others, then 
I know myself forgiven. 

6 All bltt6(B«M is from ow eol^ ei, - 
All sweetness is from Thee ; 
Sweet God, for eyermore be Thou 
Fountain tnd fire in mel 


01 Q If ve tnay love Ood, ve will love our Enemies and 
^^^' ForglYe all that ▼lilch has heen done against ns. 

Matt. T. 44 : ** But I say to you, Love your enemies." 
Matt. vi. 14: "If you will forgive men their offences, your Heavenly Father 

will foii;ive you your offeuoes." 

z Oh, do you hear that voice from 
heaven, — 
Forgive, and yon shall be forgiven? 
No Kogei bath a voice like this ; 
Kot even Mary's song of bliss 
From off her throne can waft to earth 
A promise of such priceless worth. 

a Again the music comes from heaven. 
Forgive, and you shall be forgiven, 
Holtly on every wind that blows [goes, 
Through the wide earth the promise 
Absolving sin and opening heaven, 
For we foi|(ive and are forgiven I 

3 Yes, we, dear LordI Thy voice can tell ; 
That gentle voice, we uk>w it well ; 
Yet never was it sweet and clear 
As now when we this promise hear, — 
Poor soula 1 who sadly doubt of 

Fbrgive, and you shall be forgiven. ' 

Sweet faith I and can this pledge be 
And is the duty hard to dp? [true? 
No one, dear liovd t hath iione to me 
Such wrong as I have done to Thee 1 
Why should not all* men go to 

heaven ? 
They who forgive will be forgiven t . 

Then listen to us, Jesus, Lord ( 
See how we take Thee at Thy word : 
Oh, as we hope with Thee to live. 
So from our hearts do we forgive; 
And from this hour we do not know 
The thoughti the thing men mean by 

Yes 1 saved and.saints we all will be ; 
All of us, XiOrd, wlU come to Thee ! 
Dear Heaven, the work for thee is 

How easily, how sweetly won I 
Yes I thou art ours, eternal HeaveQ I 
For we forgave, and are forgiven. 



In order to anpredate the devotion, the reverence and love we ovre to our 
Lady, we should consider : — 

Isi That in becoming Mother of Ood, Mary, though remaining a creature, has 
been raised by the Most Holy Trinity to a dignity altogether uoequalled : Mary 
is the Mother of Jesus Christ ; Jesus Christ ia God ; Mary is therefore tbei 
Mother of Ood. 

Now,- surely, the Almighty oould create thousands of worlds lanmr and better 
than those He has made ; yet a creature more elevated, more subume, than the 
Mother of God He could not create. 

Mary Is, therefore, like a world ^pazt--« world as there can be none other r 
infinitely under God, because she remains a creature ; yet she is, as it were, 
infinitely above all the angels and saints ; she is the mother, &ey are the 
servants; she is the queen, because the Mother of the King, they are only 


the sttldMtfl ; BbQ tbarofece, lo to «|)6ak, infinitely exceeds them in beauty, in 

^gaity, and in power, 
ad. B\ 

(ut another great feature of Mary's relations towards us is, that whatever 
she poflsesses from God has been given her also for our sakes; and that she, 
although the Mother of Qod, yet is also our mother. 

She is our mother, not only because Christ is our Father, and therefore His 
mother must needs be our mother, but also because it is the will of Christ— 
His last will on Calvary : and Mary is, indeed, the last and the sweetest gift He 
bestowed on those for whom He had even shed His own blood. 

What praise, then* what honour, what love, what confidence can we bestow 
upon Mary that could in any way equal what she deserves, and that which the 
idmighty Himself has conferred and will confer on her for all eternity t Let us 
therefore do all we can to praise, to love, and to reverence her after the example 
of Jesus Christ and of all the angels and saints upon earth and in heaven. 
AJd the hymns in hcmour ot ohr Lady are divided into seven sections i-- 

I. Our Lady's wonderful privileges and feasts. 
„ II. The praises of our Lady. 
in. Confidence in her interoession to God for us. 
IV. Hymns of filial devoted love to our Lady. 
V. Prayers, invocations, and supplications to Mary in our manifold neoea- 

VI. Acts of dedication and consecration of self to Mary. 
VIL The special devotions of the Church in her honour. 



I.— Our Lady's Immaculate Conception. 

The Ohoxiis of the OhemUm at the Announoement of the 
319. Incarnation of our Lord and the Immaculate Con- 

ception of the Blessed Virg^ 

Apoc. xii. X : " And a great sign appeared in heaven : a woman clothed with 
the Sim, and the moon tmder her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve 
stars." - ' ••!..' 

"Ah 1 can it be, that God should deign 
Like men to be of sinners bom. 
From those on whom His eurse hatii 

Tiie creatures of a world forlorn t 

*' Our God is great, our Qod is higb»— 

yes, high ! 
His prsise is heard above the sky ! 
Nor may there aught of tin draw 

nigh, — ^not nigh ! 
To where His sovereign might— 
His sovereign might doth lie." 

Thus spoke the gasing cherubim, 
When first they heard the law of love ; 

When first they saw In vision dim, 
The work of the descending Dove. 
Chorus,-— Oyjt Qod is great, fte. ' 

Yet lovingly they paused, amazed, 
And owned themselves as creatures 

The wisdom of their God they praised. 
Whose love, whose bounty, could not 

fall. . 

ChorUs.-~Ou.T God is great, &c. 

Then to the heavenly host there oame 
A message of peculiar grace : 
" A woman vTithout sin proclaim 
Sole parent of a heavenly race." 
CAortw.--Our God is great, Ao, 


i Th« Jo^dI sound it h«ud on high, . 
For She whose being now ia sung, 
To Qod Himself is very nigh, 
As Mother, praised by erery tongue. 
Chorus.— Our God ia great, so. 

6 The Word Eternal, hearen's great 

Will own her by that title blesty 
And heaven's glad hosts In sweet 

WUl learn submlssiye her behest. 

CAofiM.— Our God is great, &c 

7 7<eiy Vli^ Qcneny Imtiaenisto^ 
Our tongues, our thoughtik aie all 

too frail 
To tell the greatness of thr state^ 
And all thy ^lory to detail 

CAonw.— Our God is great, 4(e. 

8 Yet fearlessly we may thee blc.-. 
For childhood's weakness thou oaost 

Since, Pure One I 'twas by lowlinees 
Thou cam'st to God's eternal throne. 

CT^nM.— Our God is great, Ac 

QOA Heme, of all tlie OUldroi of Adam, Uaxy was coiUMiTdd 
o^u. ImmaeiUato. 

Cant. ii. 3 : 
Cant. vi. 8 


As the lilv among thorns, ao is My Love among the daughters." 
** My perfect One is but one. . . . The daughters aaw her, and 
declared her most blessed." 

z Hail I Mary, only sinless child 
Of guilty Adam's fisUen race. 
Conceived all pure and undedled» 
Through thy dear Lord's preventing 

3 He irould not have the blight of sin 
A moment rest thy suul upon, 
For pure without and pure within 
Must be the Mother of His Son. 

3 No haughty fiend might boast thathe 
One moment held thee in his snare, 
Who of the dread Divinity 
Wert desUned for the Temple fair. 

4 Thus thou wert sinless in thy birth, 
And sinless after as before,«- 

The only creatore of ttils earth 
Whom sin ne'er east its shadow o'er. 

5 O sweetest lily I «U untom. 
Though nursed tibe thorns of earth 

To thee we sigh, to thee we mourn. 
To thee we U/t our suppliant song. 

6 From Satan's snare xnreserve us f ree^ 
And keep us safe from earthly stain. 
That in this world we pure may be. 
And in the next may see thee teign. 


Mary was conceiyed Immaculate I What « Joy. for tbe 
jTaithfta CliUdrs& of GodI 

Gen. ill X4 : " And the Lord God said to the serpent, I will put enmities 
between thee and the woman, and thy seed and ner Seed : she shall crash 
• thy head.* 

D%7 blsssed worship grows. 
CJutnu.—I think of thee, Ao, 

3 The angels answer with their songs. 
Bright dioirs in gleaming rows ; 

And saints flock round thy feet in 
And heaven with bliss o'erflowi. 
Chorui. — I think of thee, Ac 

4 Conceived, conceived Immaculate I 
Oh what a Joy for thee 1 

Conceived, conceived Immaculate 1 
Oh greater Joy for me ! 

CA<»«««.— I think of thee, fte; 

I O MoxHJBR, I oould weep for mirth, 
Joy fills my heart ao fast ; 
My soul to-day is heaven on earth, 
Oh could the transport last I 

I think of thee, and what thou art, 

Thy mf^esty, thy state ; 
And I keep singing in my heart— 

Immaouiate t Immaculate I 

s When Jesus looks upon thy face. 
His heart with rapture glows, • 


5 lilf thtottaoughtto-dAythatiifta 
Mj bAppy l>e«rt to hewren. 
That for our aakes thy choioeat gift* 
To thee, dear 4^een, were given* 
Chorui»—l think of thee, Ac 

6 Oh, hlenU bo th0 Btenal Soil 
Who joys to can thee Mother; 
And lets poor men, by sin undone. 
Fat thy sake call Him brother. 
CSkortu.-"! think of thee, Ac. 

'* SU»$ed U At Holy and hnmacuiUe Coneeption t^ ikt BUued Vhrgin Maty.** 
Thru hundrtd dayi' indulgence each time. 

OQO ^Clie Feaat of Hm Inmiaciilate Conception of the Blessed 
<^^^. Virgin. 

Cant. iy. 7 S "Thou art all fair, my belored, and there is not a spot in thee." 

4 ^ J^^SS^. ^ifi^ter than the brightest 

z Tbs day, the happy day, is dawning, 

The glorious feast of Ifory's ohief est 


That Inightens ]ik»« ■eoond momilig 

The clouded .evening of these latter 

' days. ' 

Oh, every cUme, oh, evexynation, 
Prtdte, praise the Ood of our 

9 Hi^ up the natan of angeb fiageth 

With hymns c£ txiumph to its 

. miirtel Queen, (aingeth 

While earth its song of welcome 

Ia every shady grove and valley 


—Oh, eveiy clime, fte. 

3 Immaculate I O dear exemption, 
A spotless soul for Ood entire and 
Redeemed with such a choloe re- 
demption, [praise with thee. 
Angel nor saint can share the 
C&ortM.— Oh, evexy clime, ito. 

'Hid aU the beauteous throngs that 
shine above: 
' O Maiden, whiter than the ^tiiitest 
. Of lily-flowers in Bden's saorad 

Chorui.'-Ght eveiy cUme^ Ae. 

5 Chief miracle of 6od!^s compassion. 

Choice mlxiror of His biuidng holi^ 
Whose heart His men^ ddgned to 
Vsrmore -Qian Eva's rain to redress. 

CftortM.— ^h, evety olime, &c 

6 See Mary comes 1 Oh 1 JubUatton, 

She oomes with love to eheer a 
guilty raoe: 
Oh, triumph, triumph all creation, 

O Ghristisns, triumph in redeem- 
ing grace. 

Ghorut.'^hi every dime, dto. 

QOQ Another Hymn for the 'Feast of our Lady^s Immaculate 
<>^ao* Gonceptton. 

" The Mother of God is altogether immaculate, and in evexy way innocent az^d 

pure."— ^twyjr of St James the Apostle, 

O MoTBZB, welcome is the feast 
Which gladdens us to-day, 

And sheds o'er earth's lone wild«lie9S 
A bright celestial ray. 

Our trust, our jov, shidl be in fhee. 

Foe fabpe shines fitm thy purity, 
Bright Star Tmmacnlate. 

£'en now the hosts of angels keep 

High festival above. 
And hea ven'ssaints o'erflow witli j oy, 

And sing gUd songs of lovs. 

List to the swell of rapture's song, . 
-.listl as they greet in counuesff 
. throng, 
Their Queen Immaculate. 

O Chriatians, join with Joyous h«art 

The liniversal praise. 
Let evexy son of earth to Ood 

A grateful Mbute raise ; 
For one fair flower still doth bloom, 
•Untouched by Eden's hapless doom^ 

Fair and Immaculate. 

CTB FAitdcmAt smm soc^. 

4 Sw«eiHoiher/1ihough'tiBnief tolive 

•And pine 'mid sin's dark night, 
Yet what a joy to gase on thee 

All wz«athed in sinless light. 
Our refuge 'mid the "wintry gloom, 
Joy of the saint's and sinners home, 

O Heart Immaculate. 

5 Oh, sinless from creation's hour, 

All innocent and blest, 
A haven 'mid a sea of sin. 
Where Jesus' He^rt could rest; 

E'en the great €k>d of heaiv^n ft1x»ve 
Gould dwell within UtiAt ark of lore. 
And home Immaculate. 

6 Bright Queen of Heaye&i and Hope 
of Earth, 
Disperse the thickening gloom. 
Break down our foes' malignant 
And shine on mighty Bomo. 
Oh, bless our Holy Father now, 
"Who wrote thy title on thy brow. 
Thy name ImmaculatOi , 

. IL—OuE Lady's Nativity. 
324. "nie AnffelB* BUthday Bmg to Vary. 

"Thy nativity, Virgin Mother of Ood, gives Joy to the whole world, because 

from thee shall rise the Sun of Justice, Chnst our Lord." — The Churoh. 

Cant. ill. 6 : " Who is she that goeth up hy the dosert, as a pillar of smoke of 

ATomatical spices, of myrrh and frankincense T " 

z Hail to the Flower of grace divine I 
Heiress, hail of David's line i 
Hail Redemption's heroine I 
Hail to the virgin pre-elect ! 
Hail to the work'without defect 
Of ihe supernal Architect ! 


2 Hail to ber ordained of old 
Deeip in eni]iiities untold. 

Ere the blue waves of ocean rollod. 
Ere the primordialf ounts had spiiing. 
Ere in ether the g^obe was hung, 
- Ere the morning stars had simg 1 

3 Welcome the beatific mom 
When the mother of life was bom. 
Whom aU lovely gifts adorn 1 

WhAtatiirilloleestatiomlrai (earflL 
Danced along 13irough heaven ana 
At the tidings of Mary's Uith I 

How was hell to its centre stirred I 
How sang Hades when it h^trd 
Of , her coming, so long deferred 1 
Happy, happy, the angel band 
Chosen by Maiy's side to stand 
As her defence on either hand 1 

Safe beneath their viewless wings 
Mother-elect of the King of kings, 
Fear no harm from huroHil things 1 
What thoufl^ Eden vanished be, 
More than Eden we find In thee 1 
Thou our joy and jubile^ 1 

325. How Beantiftil and OloriooB is Mary at Her very Birth. 

Cant. vi. 9 : '* Who is she that cometh forth as the morning rising, fair as the 
moon, brigfht as the sim, terrible as an army set in array ? " 

SWsKT mom I thou parent of the sun, 
. And daughter of the same 1 
What joy and gladness, through thy 
Tliis day to mortals came I 

Dear Mother, pray for us that He 

Who came tnrough thee of yore, 
Kay c ome to dwell within our hearbif 

And never quit us mor^ 

3 Clothed in the sun, I see thee stand. 
The moon beneath thy feet ; 
The stars above thy sadred head 
A radiant coronet. 

(7Aoru«.->Dear Mother, ^. 

3 Thrones and dominions gird thee 
The armies of the sky, [round, 
Pure streams of glory from thee flow, 
. All bathed in Deity 1 

.^ot-iM.— Dear Mother, iic 


4 Tenific as the banneved line 
Of battle's dread array. 
Before thee tremble bell and death. 
And own tby imtent sway. 
CAonM.— Dear Mother, to. 

WliUe crushed beneath thy dauntless 
'Die serpent writhes in vain : [foot, 

8mote by a deadly stroke, and bound 
In an eternal chain. 

CAorui.— Dear Mother, kc 


III.--O0B Lady's Holy Name. 
Hdw Sveet ! 

Luke 1. 37 : ** And the Virgin's name was Mary/ 
Cant. i. 2 : " Thy name is as oil poured out." 

Mart ! how sweetly falls that word 

On my enraptured ear I 
Oft do I breathe in accents low, 

Tha.t sound when none are near. 
Sing, O my lips, and loudly proclaim, 

O Maiy, how sweet is thy name. 
Bweet as the warbling of a bird, 

Sweet as a mother's voice, 
80 sweet to me is that dear name, 

It makes my soul rejoica 

Cfumu.'Sing, O my lips, &c. 

Bright as the glittering stars appear. 
Bright as the moonbeams shme, 

80 bright In my mind's eye is seen 
Thy loveliness divine ! 

CA<wiw.— Sing, O my lips, &c. 

Through thee I offer my requests ; 

And when my prayer is done, 
In ecstasy submne I see 

Thee seated near thy Son. 

C7ioru«.— Sing, O my lips, to. 



<*The name of Mary is a tower of strength, which saves sinners from punish- 
ment, and defends the just from the assaults of hell." — St. Laurence 

MotHXE Mary, Queen moat sweet, 
Joy and love my heart inflame ; 
(Gladly shall my Ups repeat 
£very moment thy dear name. 
Ah I that name to God so dear 
Has my heait «nd soul enslaved ; 
Like a seal it shall appear 
Deep on heart and soul engraved. 

Wlien the morning gilds the skies 
I will call on Mary's name ; 
When as evening twilight dies, 
Mary ! still will I exclaim. 
Sweetest Mary, bend thine car, 
Thou my own dear Mother art ; 
Therefore shall thy name so dear 
Never from my Ups depart. 

If my soul is sore opprest 
By a load of anxious care, 
Peace once more will fill my breast 
When thy name re-echoes there. 
Waves of doubt disturb my peace, 
And my heart is faint with fear ; 
At thy name the billows cease, 
All my terrors disappear. 

When the demon hosts invade. 
When temptetion rages high, 
Crying, " Mary, Mottier, aid ! " 
I will make the tempter fly. 
This shaQ be my comfort sweot, 
When the hand of death is nigh, 
Mary I Mary I to repeat 
Once again,— and then to die. 



IV.— OuB Lady's Pbesentatiow. 

QOQ Row Acceptable to Ood was Mary's Heart Q|i tb9 Daj 
*^^^' of ber Preaentatjpn, , ^ 

Fb. zUt. xz : "Hearken, O daughter, and see, and incline thy ear, and foiiget 

thy people and thy father's house." 

z DAT breaks on ttmpla-reiQfi tnd 
The city sleeps, the palms are sijill ; 
The lairest uur of earth's fair flowers 
Mount Sion's sacred hill. 

O Kaiden most Immaculate I 
Make me to choose thy better part ; 
And glye my Lord, with love as 

An undivided heart 

2 w^drous Babe I chUd oi grace I 
The Holy Trinity's delight I 
Sweetly renewing n^aa's lost race, 

How fair thou art, how bright I 
CAor^t.-r-O Maiden, Sc^ 

3 Not all the vast angelic choirs 

niat worship round the eternal 

With all theiif Iftve can match the 
Of thy one heart alone. [fires 
Chorus. — O Maiden, 4c. , 
if ot only was thy heart above 
All heaven and earth could e'er at- 
Thou gayest it with so much love, 
"Twas worth as much again. 
Ghoruf, — O Maiden, Ac. 

Would that my heart, dear Xjord, 

were true, 
Kpyai and undefiled and whole, 
Like hers from whom Thy sweet love 

The ]^oo4 to <Ktve my soul, [took 
Ohonu. — O Muden, Ite. 
If here our hearts grudge aught to 

In that bright land beyend the grave, 
We*Il worship Thee with soub set 

And give as Mary gave. [free, 
€k4ru$,'-0 Maiden, Sic 

v.— OuB Lady's Annunciation. 

OQQ Ezceedingr Humility and Beauty of Hary at her 
"SAW. AuBunolatle^.— Han, Full of araeel 

Luke i. a8 : '« 

And the Angel said unto her, Hail, full of graeOi U^e Lord 
Ib with thee : Blessed art thou among women.' 

z Thb day Is o*er, the moon serenely 

beaming [drest— 

In silver light hath field and forest 

A thousand twinkling stars are 

gently gleaminflr— [rest. 

The world is hushed and all is laid to 

Hall, full of grace I hail, full of 

grace I 

a Save one, who wakeful in her lonely 
dwelling, — [rod, — 

Of Juda bom, a stem of Jesse's 
A Virgin pure, all others far excel- 
ling, [to Qod 1 
UpUrts her heart in tranquil prayer 
flail, full of grace t hail, full of 


The whileshe prays, behold thesilaBoe 

broken ; [her f aoe ; 

She starts— a look of fear o^rspreads 

She hears— till then to mortal ears 

unspoken — [of grace ! 

Those words of love : Hail, Mary, full 

Hail, full of grace I hail, full of 

grace I 

Fefu: not, the Lord is wttl| thee, thou 

art diosen 

The Virgin Mother of thy God to be, 

And many a heart in am. and guilt 

now nrosen [of wee. 

Shall melt beneath the Sunbesun bom 

Hail» full of grace! hail, full of 

grace 1 


5 O Spouse of God, Que^ q| flvtl) 
and heaven ! ** 

•O. Holy Homer of D^e Iiuianwto 

Word I 

In marked accouta was thy answer 
given : [Lord. 

Behold the wilUqg handmaid of the 
Hafl, follof gracei hail, MOL <9 


VI.— Oun Lady's Divine Maternity. 

How tlie Xnoamatiooi of Jemis numlfeats tbe Greatness 

of His Mother. 

Luke 131: ** Behold thoa shalt eoneeive in thy womb, and abalt bring 
forl^ a Ban, and thou shalt oall His name Jesus.*' 


Thb liOrd, whom earth and air and 

With one adoring voice resound — 
Who rules them all in majesty, 

In Mary's heart a cloister found. 
Lo 1 in an humble Virgin's womb, 

O'ershadowed by Almighty power ; 
He whom the stars, and sun aud moon. 

Each serve in their appointed hour. 

O Mother blest I to whom was given. 

Within thy compass to contain 
The Architect of earth and heaveni 

Whose hands the universe sustain j 
To thee was sent »n An£^ down ; 

In thee the Siiirit was enshrined ; 
nrom thee came forth that migh^ 

The long-desirM of mankind. 

O Queen of all the virgin choir t 

Enthroned above the starry sky. 
Who with thy bosom's milk didst 

Thy own Creator Lord most high 1 
What man had lost in hapless Eve 

Thy sacred womb toman restores ; 
Thou to the wretched here beneath 

Hast opened heaven's eternal doors. 

Hail, refulgent Hall of Light I 

Hail, Gate August of Heaven's high 
Through the redssimMl to endless Hie, 

Thy praise let all the nation sing. 
Jesu ! bom of Virgin bright, 

Immortal glory be to Thee ; 
Fndse to the Father infinite^ 

And Holy Ghost etomaUy. 

VII.— Ot7R Lady's Visitation. 

001 Vlie Bnmliiff Oliarlty wtal<}h Pressed Our Lady to Visit 
^^^' ber OoQsln. 

liuke 1 41 : " When Elisabeth heard the salutation of Mary, the infant leaped 
in her womb, and Elisabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost" 

I Whither thus, in holy rapture, 
Royal maiden, art tnou bent t 
Why so fleetly art thou speeding 
tip the moimtain's rough ascent? 

a Filled with the Eternal Godhead ! 
Glowing with the Spirit's flame 1 
Love it is that bears thee onward, 
And supports thy tender frame. 

3 Lo 1 thine aged cousin elaims tfaeey 
Claims thy sympathy and care ; 

God her shame from her hath taken, 
He hath heard her fervent prayer. 

4 Blessed mothers 1 joyful meeting I 

Thou in her, the hand of God, 

She in Thee, with lips inspirad. 

. Owns tile Mother of her Lorn. 

5 As the sun his face concealing 

In a cloud withdraws from sight. 
So in Mary then lay hidden 
He who is the world's true light. 


VIII.— OuB Lady's Expecjtation. 

QQQ Witb wbat Baptnrons Delight and Ardent Yearnings did 
'^'5^* Mary await the Birth of Jesus. 

Galat. 1^. 4 : " When the fiUness of the time was oomei, God sent His Son 

made of a womtuo." 

Like the dawning of the morning, 
On the monntaiiris golden heights, 
Jiike the breaking ot the moonbeams 
On the gloom of cloudy nif^hts, 
I^ike a secret told l^ angebi, 
netting known npon the earth,' 
Im the Mother s expectation 
Of Messiah's speedy bii*Ui ! 

Thou wert happy, blessed Mother, 
With the very bliss of heaven, 
Kince the angel's salutation 
In thy raptured ear was given ; 
Since the Ave of that midnight, 
When thou wert anointed Queen, 
Ijiko a river overflowing 
linth the grace within tliee been. 

And what wonders have been in theo 
All the day and all the night, 
Wliile the aagelfl fell before thee. 
To adore the Light of light. 
While the glory of the Father 
Hath been in thee as a home, . 
And the sceptre of creation 
Hath been wielded in thy womb? 

Thou hast waited, child of David ! 
And thy waiting now is o'er ! 
Iliouhastseen Him, blessed Mother I 
And wilt see Hira evermore ! 
Oh, His human face and features. 
They were passing sweet to see : 
Thou beholdest them this moment ; 
Mother, show them now to mo ! 

IX.— Our Lady after the Birth of Christ. 
333. The Stabat Hater of the Crlh for Christmas. 

Luke ii. 7 : " And she brought forth her first-born . . . and wrapped Htm 
up in swaddling clothes, and laid Him up in a mangier." 

I Stands that Mother more than 
Where her blessed Child is laid. 
In that stable by tliat manger 
Stands that raptured Mother-Maid. 


How her virgin-soul is swelling, 
Thiilling with unearthly bliss ! 
8ho hath seen Him, she hath heard 
She has felt His infant kiss. [Him, 
How she sings with joy ecstatic, — 
Sings the pure and uudcfilcd. 
Stainless, spotless Mother- Vii^gin, — 
Mother of the only Child. 

a Who can choose but shareherrapture. 
As she clasps Him to her breast, 
Playing now in childlike beauty, 
Sleepjbag now in peaceful rest 1 
£»*oitt«.— How her virgin-soul, &c. 

3 For our sins, and for His nation, 
Sec the little Jesxis lies 

In the stable, with the oxen, 
TearsAre in His infant eyes. 

C^ionu. — How her viigin-soul, Ac. 
Stands the holy peacefid Joseph, 
With that spotless virgin flower ; 
Speechless in their holy rapture, 
Speechless.f^t that midnight hour. 

Chortu. — ^How her virgin-soul, dra 
Virgin of all virgins purest. 
Spotless, stainless, undofiled. 
Give me in my arms to claro Him— 
Let me kiss thy blessed Child. 

CJiorm. — How her virgin-soul, &c, 

Jj0t my soul be lost in loving 
Him, who dying, gives us lue ; 
Who is bom this messed morning; 
Peace to bring to banish strife. 

Chorus. — How her virgin-soul, i:c 
And when djdng let me see Him, 
Let mo clasp Hun to my breast ; 
Loving living, loving dying. 
Thus to go to ondlosM rest. 

ChoTM, — How her vii^n-soul, &c 



X.— Our Lady's Purification. 

How Beantifnl and Lovely In ber Meek Obedience was 
Haiy, carrying In lier Arms the Light of the World— 
the Infant Christ. 

Luke iL 33 : " And after the dayn of her purification according to the law of 
Moses were accomplished, they earned Him to Jerusalem, to present 
Him to the Lord." 

Joy I joy 1 the Mother comes, 
And in her arms she brings 

The Light of all the world. 
The Christ, the King of kings ; 

And in her heart the while 
All silently she sings. 

t CJioitu. 
Then to that Mother now 

All rightful worship he I 
For thou hast ransomed Him 

Who first did ransom thee ; 
Oh, with thy Mother's tongue 

Fray Him to ransom me I 

Saint Joseph follows near, 
In 1-apture lost and love, 

While angels round about 
In glowing circles more. 

And o'er the Mother broods 
The everlasting Oove. 

CAoriM. — ^Tnen to that, &c. 

There in the tcmple-com-t 
Old Simeon's heart beats high, 

And Anna feeds her suul 
With food of prophecy ; 

But) see 1 the shadows pass, 
Chorus. — ^Then to that, &c. 

Ah I vrith what thrills of awe 
The Mother's heart is teeming, 

To tliink the new-bom Light, 
That o'er the world is streaming, 

At His own Mother's bands 
Should stoop to need redeeming I 
Chanu. — Then to that, &e. 

O infant God I O Christ ! 

O light moat beautiful ! 
Thou coraest, Joy o' joys I 

All darkness to annul ; 
And Vrightest lights of earth 

Beside Thy li^t are dull. 
<??iont«.— Then to that, 6lc. 


XI.— OUE Lady's SonRO\vs. 
Deep as an Ocean was Hary's Orief. 


Lake ii. 35 : " And thy own soul a sword shall pierce." 
lAmant. la:" Weeping she hath wept in the night, and her tears are on 
her cheeks ; there Js none to coinfort her among aU them that were 
dear to her." u 


X O QUOT undis lacrymarum. 
Quo dolore ToMtur, 
Luctuosa de cruento 
Dum refulsum stipite, 
Cemit ulnis incubantem 
Virgo mater fillum. 

3 Os suave, mite pectus, 
Et latus duldssimum, 
Dezteramque vulneratam, 
£t sinistram sauciam, 
Et rubras cruore plantas 
JEgn tingit luciymis. 

What a sea of teara and sorrows 

Did the soul of Mary toss 
To and fro upon its billows. 

While she wept her bitter loss ; 
In her arms her Jesus holding, 

Tom but newly from the Cross I 

Oh that mournful Virgin Mother t 
See her tears how fast they flow 

Down upon His mangled body, 
Wounded side, and thomv brow ; 

While His hands and feet she kisses,- 
Picture of immortal woe I 


3 Qtt and oft His anus and bosom 
Fondly straining to her own ; 

Oft her paUid Upa impimtinff 
On each wound of her dear S6n, 

nil at last, in swoons of anguish. 
Sense and oonsciousness are gone. 

4 Gentle Mother, we beseeoh thee^ 
By thy tears and trouble sore ; 

By the death of thy dear Offspring ; 

By the bloody wounds He bore ; 
Touch our hearts with that true sorpow 

Which afflicted thee of yore. 

5 to the Father everlasting, 
Ahd the Son, who reigns on high. 

With the coetemal Spint, 

Trinity in Unity, 
Be salvation, honour, blessing, 

Now and through eternity. 



V. Begina martyrum, ora pro nobis. V. Queen of martyrs, prar for us. 
JL Quie Jttxta cruoem Jesu constl- JSL Who didst stand by tibe cross of 
tisti* Christ. 

Contiesque, milliesque 
Biringit arctis nexibus 
-Peotus lUud et laoarbos, 
Hla figit vulnera, 
Sicoue tota colllquescit 
In doloris osculis. 

Eia, Hater, obsecramus 
Per tuaa has lacrymast 

Filiique triste funus, 
Yulnerumque purpuram, 
Hunc tui cord& dolorem 
Conde nostris cordibus. 

Esto Patri, Filioque, 
Et Coaavo Flamini ; 
Esto summss TrinitatiL 
Sempitema gloria ; 
Et perennis Xaus honorque, 
Hoo et omni ssbcuIo. 



John xix. 26 

Xn.— OuB Lady's Ck)MPA88iON. 

TbM Foot of the Cross. 

" He saith to His Mother : Woman, behold thy son. After that. 
He saith to the disciple : Behold thy mother." 

Called to my dying Saviour's feet, 
What patron of His Cross so meet 
As Thou, whom thence He deigned 
to greet, , 

My Mother 1 
Sorrow with sorrow loves to dwell. 
Mourners their tale to mourners tell ; 
Who loves the Cross should lote thee 

My Mother I 
Who loves the Cross from sin will flee, 
And seek on Calvary to be 
With Magdalene, and John and theq, 

My Mother ! 
How couldst thou see thy Son Divine, 
His head in agony Incline ? 
Was ever anguish like to thine. 

My Mother ! 

How couldst thou hear in patient 

The fierce and frantic multitude, 
Fling on His ear its taimting rude, 
My Mother f 

6 And think how once thine arms 

His In^tnt form in rapture wound. 
When all thy hopes with bli^ were 


My Mother ! 

7 Ah ! couldst thou fain forget the past, 
Nor with Its metnorles contrast 
This woe— the worst, but nut the last. 

My Mother 1 

8 The crib where first He drew His 
The deep repose of Nasax^th, [breath, 
Oh ! how unlike thi6 bittei- deftth. 

My Itothet^ I 

9 Not from soft couch or gorgeous 

throne, ^ 

But from His bed of suffering l6ne. 
Did Jesus give thee to His own. 
My Mother I 
zo When Wave on w&ve of sorrow rolled. 
'Twas then our loving Lord consoled 
His mourliingson, andsaid, " Behold 



JjumeiDt, 1 ztf ; 

Our taay's Claiibs on otir ComfiMlldii. 

> " O all yo that pass hy the way attendf and B«e if then be 
any boitow like to my sorrow." 

T O MOTBVii ! Most afflicted, 
Standing beneath that tree, 
Where «fesu« hangs rejected 
On the hill of Calvary. 

O Mary, Sweetest Mother ! 
W* love to pity thee, 
Oh ! for the sake of Jesufa 
h9t ua thy ohildrea be. 

9 Thy heart is well-nigh breaking, 
Thy Jetoa thus to see. 
Derided, wounded, dying. 
In greatest agony. 

Cfcofut.— O M*ty, A<J. 

His livid f oiin is bleeding, 
Hie 86til with sonvw wrung, 
Whilst thou, afflicted Mother, 
Shar'st the torments of thy Son. 
Chorus. — O Mary 1 &c. 

Oliaarfy Queen of martTrs ! 
The sword has pierced thy heart ; 
ObtAia fi»r tis of ^««Us 
In thy grief to share a part. 

Chorus.-^ JAtaf t Ate. 

O dear and loving Mother, 
Sntreat that we may be 
Near to thee and fhy dear Jesui 
Now and etertially* 

CAoriM.— O Mtty 1 *o< 

339. Our Lady, the Bom of tho Orosi 

" Ab fire itandlng bf the tree of PttrMlse caused onr death, thus Maty, atiitd* 
Ing by the,tree of the Cross, co-operates in the work of our Bedemptton." 

Bobs of the Cross, thou mysUo flower, 

I Uft my soul to thee ; 
In every melancholy hour, 

Mary I remember me. 

A wandefte here through mdny a 
Where few theli' way can see ; 
Bloom with thy Iragranoo on thy 
Maxy 1 remember me. 

Let me but stand where thou haM 

Beside the crimson tree ; 
And, by the water and the Uood^ 

Mary I remember ma 

Then let me wash my sinful auul^ 
And be from sin set free ; 

Drawn by thy lore, by grace liiAde 
Maiy 1 remember me. 

5 Bothy blest So% nnr ewn, my all. 

To whom for me i flee ; 
ABd when before Hie feet I faK, 
Mary 1 remeihber me. 

6 Lead me for evei* to adovi 

The glorious One in Three ; 
And whilst I tremble more and 
Mary 1 remember me. 

7 Bose of the CrosB, tli6u thornless 

May I thy follower bo : 
And when temptatiiona wildastfroTO, 
Mary I remember me. 

XIIL--OtJB LadV's Holy Death. 


mkty IMM of Pikre Lov« of Qod. 

'< My iool hath thirsted after the strong living Qod : wImb diAll 
I come and appear before the face of God f '' 

z Mary, thy heart for love 

Ps. xU. 3 

Alenehad ever sighed ; 
So much it loved at lengUl, 
Of yeiy love it died. 

O happy, happy death : 
If death indeed could be. 

Blest Virgiix, that sweet 0hd 
Which God bestowed xm thee. 


Tis in a swe^ repose, 

With smile of heavenly mirth, 
Thou takeet joyful flight 

To Fai-adiae from earth ; 
And see, abore the choirs 

Of saints and angels bright, 
God's Mother near her Bon 

Enthroned in da>igl1ng light. 

Corae, then, to fetch thy child, 

O Mary, mother dear. 
And tarry by my BidB 

When my last hour is near. 
Yes, this I hope from thee-^ 

Despise not my request — 
To yield my soul in peace 

Upon my mother's breast. 

XIV.— Cue Lady's Uprising from Death. 
341. The Unspeakable CKory of Mary axlslxigr from tlie Tomb. 

Cant. il. Z3 : ** Arise, my love, my beautiful one, and oome-HMme from 
Libanus, come : Thon shalt be crowned." 

z Hail, Mary, purest gem of earth I 
Hail, child of grace before thy birth 1 
Whose path from gnce to grace as- 
And in supremest glory ends, [cends, 
Hail, daughter of th' Eternal King, 
From whom the lif eof lifedost spring 1 

3 Oh, how for tbee the angds sigh, 
JSager to waft thee to the sky 1 
Too long to them the days appear, 
That yet detain thee captive hero. 
Where, quenched in mists of earth be- 
Thy rays of glory dimly glow, [low, 

Ascend, ascend, imperial Queen ! 
Forsake this lizuitary scene ; 
Forsake this lower darksome place. 
Which guilt and misery deface ; 
A higher world invites thee on 
To splendour and dominion I 

Ascend, ascend, imperial Queen I 
Ascend and plead tne cause of men ! 
Ascend, and roign upon the throne 
Predestinated thine alone ! 
Ascend whero none before have trod ! 
Ascend, the Mother of thy God I 

XV.— OuB Lady's Gloeious Assumption. 
342. The TrlTimpliaiit "WeHcome of Kary Into Heayexi. 

Cant. vi. 5 : " Who is this that cometh up from the desert flowing with 

delights, leiming upon her beloved ? " 

X Si^o, sing, ye angel bands, 
All beautiful and bright ; 
For higher still and higher, 
Tlm>ugh fields of starry li^t, 
Mary, your Queen, ascends, 
Like the sweet moon at night. 

3 A fairer flower than she 
On earth hath never been ; 
And, save the throne of God, 
Your heavens have never seen. 
A wonder half so bright 
As your ascending Qtteen. 

3 O happy aitgelfl I look. 
How beautiful she is ! 
Bee I Jesus bears her up. 
Her hand is locked in His ; 
Oh who can teU the height 
Of that fair mother's bliss ! 

4 And shall I lose thee then, 
Lose my sweet right to theef 
Ah, no 1 the angels' Queen 
Man's mother still will be ; 
And thou, uixm thy throne. 
Wilt keep thy love for me. 

5 On, then, dear pageant, on f 
Sweet music broathes around ; 
And love, Uke dew, distils 
On hearts in rapturo bound ; 
The Queen of Heaven goes up 
To be proolalmed and crowned f 

6 On through the countless stars 
Proceeds the bright array ; 
And Love Divine comes forth 
To light her on her way, 
Through the short gloom of night 
Into celestial day. 


7 The Eternal Father caUs 
Hifl daugiiter to be blessed ; 
The Bon His Maiden-Mother 
WooB unto His breast ; 
The Holy Ohost His spouse 
Beckons into her rest. 

8 ijwiftcr and swifter grows 
That marveUons flight of love, 
As though her heart were drawn 
More veheznently above ; 
While jubilant angels xmrt 

A pathway for the Dove I 


Hark ! liark ! throug^ higiiesfc hoa- 

What sounds of mystic nurth I [vuu 

Mary, by God prodaimed 

Queen of Xmmuculate birth, 

And diademed with stars. 

The lowliest of the earth 1 

See I see ! the Eternal Hands 

Put on her radiant crown. 

And the sweet Majesty 

Of Mercy, sitteth down 

For ever and for ever 

On her predestined throne. 

XVI.— Our Lady's Ck)RONATioN. 
343. Tbe Crowninff of Uary Is tbe Plodgo of our Own. 

3 Kings ii. 19 : « And a throne was set for Hhe king's mother, and she siit 

on his right hand." 

Take us with thee. Mother dear. 
We cannot bear to linger here, 
.Far away from God and thee, 
z See our glorious Mother 
Mounting to the heavens above, 
Radiant with joy and love. 
" Fnh-est, dearest Mother," 
From our bondage set us free, 
Tako us up to heaven with thee. 
Chorus. — Take us with thee, &c. 
« Angels come to meet her, 
Songs of heavenly loy they raise, 
Anthems of eternal praise ; 
Saints advance to greet her, 
Homage to their Queen they pay. 
And escort her on the way. 

CAoriM.— Take us with thee, &c. 

3 Jesus is beside her. 
Bearing her away from earth, 
'Mid these songs of heavenly mirth. 
Now the heavens grow brighter, 
Lo ! she nears the eternal throne, 
Jesus will His Mother own. 

CAonw.— Take us with thee, &o. 

4 Frofltrate there adoring, 
She reveres tiie majesty 
Of the Blessed Trinity : 

Then she prays, imploring, 
For the sons she leaves bekiw 
In this world of sin and woe. 

{%enM.-~Take us with thee, kc. 
Who can tell the brightness 
Of that glorious Virgin's throno 
Whose Creator was her Son ? 
Robes of dazzling whiteness 
And a crown of stars are given 
To adoi*n the Queen of Heaven. 

Chorujt. — Take us with thee, iVc. 

Mother, do not leave us, 
Pining nere in misery, 
Far from Jestis and far from tlicc, 
wot thou not receive us, 
Soon thy happiness to share ? 
Thou canst save us by one pi-aycr. 
Choi-US. — Take us with thee, &c. 

Hasten, then, to take us, 
like Saint Stanislaus we cry, 
On thy feast we hope to die. ' 
Let the world forsake us, 
Mother dear, if thou art nigh, 
To receive our parting sigh. 

Take us quickly, Mother dear. 
We cannot bear to linger hero. 
Far away from God and thee. 

Qyiyf We Bhoidd Indeed Rejoice: Kaxy, our Mother, Reigns on 
•^*^^* High. 

Ps. zliv. lo : " The queen stood on Thy right hand in gilded clothing ; 

surrounded with varie^." 

z O VISION bright I 
The land of light 
Beams goldenly beyond the sky ; 

'Mid heavenly flre% 
'Bove angel-choirs, 
Mary, our Mother, reigns on high. 


a O vtoion 1iri|rbt ! 

The Father's xniglit 
All round His datighter's tbronedoth lie; 

Where, in the balm 

Of endless calm, 
Mary, our Mother, reigns oil hi^h. 

3 vision bright I 
The eternal light 

Of the dear Son may we descry J 

Where, brighter far 

Than moon or star, 
Mary, our Mother, reigns on high. 

4 O vision bright ! 
In softer flight 

The Dove around His Sik>U86 doth fly ; 

Where, in that height 

Of matchless light, 
Mary, our Mother, reigns on high. 

5 O vision bright ! 
Angels' delight I 

The Mother sits with Jesus nigh : 

Her f onn H* bMM, 
Her look He -WenxB ; 
Mary, our Mother, r^gns on high. 

6 O viaion bright ! 
O dearest sight ! 

God, with His Mother's fdce and eye ! 

Where by His side, 

All glorified, 
Maiy, our Mother, reigns on high. 

7 O vision bright ! 
Life's darkest night 

Is fair as dawn when thou art nigh ; 

Where, 'tnid the throng 

Of psalm and song, 
Mary, crop Mother, reifens on hi|^ 

8 vision bright ! 
O hind of light ! 

Thou art our home bdyond the s^ : 

Tis gnind to see 

How gloriously 
Mary, our Mother, reigns on high. 


After our Lord^ Mtvry deserves our highest reverence andpraietm 

"Mary," says St John Chrysostom, "surpasses in dignity aad in beauty 
the whole universe; for He whom the whole universe could not contain, 
vouchsi^ed to make her womb His dwelling-place." 

" All the honour which is given to the Queen-Mother is rendered te tke King 
her Son."— S^ lld^onnu*. 

" Thou art the glory of Jerusalem, thou art the joy of Israel} thou art the 
honour of our people. — Judith xv, lo. 

o^e Praise to Mary ! She la a Qneen of Unspeakable 
o-±u. Dignity, Power, and Beauty. 

Luke i. 48 : ** Behold from henceforth all generations shall call me bleaa&d. 
Because He that is mighty hath done great things to me, and holy is His 


X WSAT is this grandeur I see up in 
A splendour that looks ^e a splen- 
dour divine? 
What creature so near the Greator is 
throned ? [are thine I 

O Mary t thoso marvelloira glories 

3 But who would have thought i^t a 
creature could live 
With the fires of the Godhead so 
awfully nigh? 

Oh 1 who could have dreftmed, 
mighty Mother of Gkxl, 
That even Ood's power could have 
raised tliee so highi 

What name can we give to a <|ueen- 

ship so grand ? Jglory like this? 

What thoughc can We i;hlnl: of a 

Saints ahd angels lie far in the 

distance, demote 

From the golden excess ol thine 

itmnated bless. 

HYMNS m HONotm OF TH« :6lebsed virgin. 

Thy xMrson. thy soul, thy most 

beautiful form, [singular grace. 

Thine office, thy name, thy most 

God hath made for them, Mother, 

a world by itself, [ehipful place. 

A shrine all alone, a most wor- 

Thy sinless conception, thy iubilant 

birth, [assumption ana crown, 

Thy crib and tby cross, thine 

They have raised thee on high to the 

right hand of Him 

'Whom the spells of thy loYe to 

thy bosom drew down. 

6 I 

tMi bUnd with 

th thy glory; in all 
God's wide world [and power ; 
I find nothing like thee for gloxy 
lean hardly believe that thou grewest 
on earth 
In the green fieldn Of Juda, a scarce- 
noticed flower. 

Ten thousand magnificent great- 
nesses blend [foot of tby throne ; 
Their vast oceans of light at the 
Ten thousand unspeakable majesties 
The royalty vested in Hai-y alone. 

346. Praise to Mary, the Bright Queen of Love ! 

" If He Who was bom of the Vira^ is King, the Mother who begot Him is 
properly and truly esteemed a queen and a lady." — St. AtJumatitu. 

z Uplitt the voice and sing 

The Daughter and the I^kMM^ 
The Mother of the King 
To whom creation bows. 

Fraisd to Maiv, endless praise ; 

Raise your joyful voices, raise j 
Praise to God Who reigns abovof 

Who has made her for flis love. 

2 When Mary lingered yet 

An exile from her Son, 
Like fairest lily f-et 
'Mid thorns of earth alone. 

CA«nM.-^Praise to Mary, &c. 

3 To be with God on high 

Her heaH WM &U on fire $ 

Sbe sought and asked to die 
With huhiMe, sweet desire. 
Chorus. — Praise to Mary, &c 

Then did that beauteous Dove 
Spring joyfiiUy on high ; 

Her Son receives with love, 
And bears her to the sky. 

CAonM.— Praise to Mary, Lc. 

And now, bright Queen of lovjs, 
While seated on thr throne, 

High in the realms above, 
Near to thy glorious Son. 

CAoru*.— Praise to Mary, 4o. 

Hoar, from that blest abode ; 

A sinner cries to thee ; 
Teach nie to love that God 

Who bears such love to me. 
{%ofii«.«*Pralf» to Maxyi .4iL 


PraiBe to Maxy, the Queen of the Skies. 

«X am the Queen of Heaven, and the mother of mercy* I am the jcry of the 
just and the door by which sinners are introduced to God."— Je«re{. qf St, 

X QusEK of the skies, triumphantN 

Queen I [tribute yielding I 

Each clime and age, a glaa I 

To thee, their crowned trium- / 

phantQueeui [accents sing. I ^ 

With heart and voice in glady 

Lovo shall still inspire 
Hearts with sacred fire. 
Love shall still inspire 
Hymns of praise to thee. 
And our voices never tll«, 
While we sing with tuneful glee 
CAonu.— Queen of the l^ies, kc. 


Sing on this day, this sacred dav 
All Mary's gaiB, all her matchless 
Bing on this day, this sacred day, 
Praises and hymns through uach 
gladsome nour. 
On her love relying. 
We her children kneeling, 
On her bosom leaning, 
At her hands receive 
Endless stores of grace and blessing. 
All a mother's love can give. 

Chorus. — Queen of the skies, &c. 

Let the sweet speU of Mary's name 
Dwell in our hearts, in our 
mem'ries linger, 
Let the sweet spell of Mary's name 
Btill be the joy of all who lore 

Then let saints and angels, 
Seraphs and archangels, 
Men of every country. 
Vie in praise and love ; 
Sing with joy their mother's mercy. 
Never from her presence rove. 

CJiorui. — Queen of the skies, kc. 

4 Keep in thy heart thy children's 
names, [likeness ; 

Stamp on their own thy matci-ual 
Teach them to owe thy tender claims, 
Teach them thy Son to love and to 
Watch over their childhood, 
Guide tiiem in their manhood, 
Keep them pure and holy 
Ssrfe under thy wing. 
And when life is ebbing slowly. 
Let them still with fervour sing. 
C%onc«. -—Queen of the skies, &c. 


Pnlae to llaiy, fbe Qombl of kngtiBl 


' Mary is a mistress with two servants : the angelic and the human 

nature." — 8t. Bonaventure. 

The foundations of her sanctity are laid on the very summits of the mountains 

of grace ; that is, where the angels' sanctity finished hers begun. 

Fs. IxxxvL X : " The foundations thereof are in the holy mountains.*' 

QuKSN of Angels, thou art glorious. 

Glorious as a bannered host ; 
Thou hast crushed the foe for ever. 

He no more in pride may boast. 
Lady of our hearra we call thee. 

Thou our gentle Mother ait ; 
Mary, fold us in thy mantle. 

Take us to thy loving heart. 

'Tls thy feast, O Queen of Angels : 

We salute thee. Lady dear ; 
Show thy pity, show thy kindness^ 

To each soul now kneeling here. 
With our songs we come to praise tlioo. 

But our words are weak and cold ; 
Look into our hearts, sweet Mother ; 

There our love is better told. 

349. Pndse to Mary, the World's Majestic Qaeen! 

" From the moment that Mary consented to become the Mother of the Eternal 
Word, she merited to be made the Queen of the world and of all creatures." 
— St. Bemardine of Sienna. 

Ps. Ixxxvi 3 : '* Glorious things are said of thee, O city of God.** 

Daily, daily sing to Mary, 

Sing, my soul, her praises due ; 
All her feasts, her actions worship, 
With the heart's devotion true. 
Lost in wond'ring contempla- 
Be her majesty confest : 
Call her Mother, call her Viivin, 
Happy Mother, Virgin blest. 

a She is mighty to deliver ; 
Gall her, trust her lovingly : 
When the tempest rages round thee^ 
She will calm the troubled sea. 
Gifts of Heaven she has g^iven, 

Noble lady I to our race : 
She, the Queen, who decks her 
subjects [grace. 

With the light of God's own 


SiAg, my tongue, the Virgin's tro- 
wTio for U8 her Maker bore ; [phies, 
For the curse of old Inflicted, 
Peace and blessing to restore. 
Sing in songs of praise unending, 
Sing the world's majostic 
Weary not nor faint in telling 
All Hid gifts she gives to men. 

All my senses, heart, affections. 
Strive to sound her glory f(»rth : 

Spread abroad the sweet memorials 
Of the Virgin's priceless worth. 

Where the voice of music thrill- 

Where the tongue of eloquence, 
That can utter hv-mns beseeming 
All her matchless excellence? 

All our joys do flow from Mary, 

All then join her vraiae to sing : 
Trembling sing the Virgin-Mother, 
Mother of our Lord and King. 
While we sing her awful glory, 
Far above our fancy's reach, 
Let our hearts bo quick to offer 
Love the heart alone can teach. 

360. mvltatloxi to all Oreatores to Praise nary, the Hotber of 

Jesna and our Mother. 

Matt. 1 i6 : " Mary, of whom was bom Jesus, who is called Christ." 

SiNO praises to Mary, 
Fiiir vallejrs and mountains ; 
Sing, streamlets and fountains, 
The Star of the sea. 

Ewiva Maria I 
Maria Evviva I 
Hail, Star of the sea. 

Bail, sunshine and zephyrs. 
Hail, soft dews and showers ; 
The lily that flowers 
In fair Galilee. 

CAoriM.— Evviva Maria ! &c. 

3 HaU, children of Mary, 
In one joyful chorus, 
The mother who bore us 
By Calvary's tree. 

Chorus. — Evviva Maria I 

4 Oh bless her who gave us 
Jesus for a brother ; 
The Vhrgin and Mother 
From sin ever free. 

Evviva Maria I 
Maria Ewiva ! 
Hail Star of the sea. 


351. Praise to nary, the Shrine of the Holiest. 

Ecclus. xsdv. xa : " He that made me rested In my tabernacle." 
Fs. xlv. 5 : " The Most High hath sanctified His own tabernacle.' 

Hail, Mary I sweet Virgin, 
Bright Star of the sea, 

Our Lady exalted — 
Regina Coali. 

Hail I shrine of the holiesti 

Furor than snow, 
Bound whose head golden stars 

Glittering glow. 

HaU I lily of Eden, 

Most fragrant and sweet. 
High Uuou6d in sunbeams— 

The moon 'neath thy feet. 

4 Hail, Mary I pure Virgin 

And Mother most bright, 
Fair lamp from which sparkled 
The Light of all light. 

5 Hidl I Mother-Elect 

Of the God of all might— 
So gentle and lowly 
And meek in His sight. 

6 Fountain of purity. 

Star of the sea. 
Mother and maiden meek, 
Blessed Marie. 



Praise to Mary, the Great, tbe (Horlons, the BeauttChl 

Mother of our Qo4 1 

LakA 1. 43 : '' Wkeno* is this to me that the mother of my Lord should come 

to mot" 

J I'll ringf a hymn to Mary, 
The Mother of my God, 
The Virgia of all virgins. 
Of David's royal blood. 
Oh teach me, holy Mary, 
A loving song to frame, 
"When -mcked men blaspheme thee, 
To love and bless thy name. 

• OLUyoftbey^lky, 

Mystic Rose, what tree 

Or flower e'en the fairest, 

Is half so fair as thee ? 

Oh let me, though so lowly, 

Recite my Mother's fame ; 

When wicked men blaspheme thee, 

111 love and bless thy name. 

3 O noble tower of David, 
Of gold and ivory. 

The Ark of God's own promise, 
The Gate of Heaven to me ; 
To live, and not to love thee, 
Would fill my soul with shame : 
When wicked men blaspheme thee, 
I'll love and blese thy name. 

4 When troubles dark afflict me, 
In sorrow and In care. 

Thy Ught doth ever guide me, 
Deauteous Morning Star. 

8o 111 be ever ready. 
Thy goodly help to claim. 
When wicked men blaspheme thee, 
To love and bless thy name. 

The Sainte ore high in glory, 
With golden crownn so bright ; 

But brighter far is Mary, 
Upon her throne of light : 

gb that whieh Qod did give theq 
et mortal ne'er disclaim ; 
When wicked men blaspheme thee, 
I'll love and bless thy name. 

But in the crown of Mary 
There lies a wondrous gem. 
As Queen of all the angels 
Which Mary shares with them. 
" No sin hath e'er defiled thee," 
So doth our faith proclaim ; 
When wicked men blaspheme thee, 
I'll love and bless thy name. 

And now, O Virgin Mary, 

My Mother and my Queen, 

I've sung thy praise— so bless me, 

And keep my neart from sin ; 

When others Jeer and mock thee, 

I'll often think how I, 

To shield my Mother Mary-, 

Would lay me down and die. 

353. • Fralse to Mary, the Mother of the eternal Zhi^ I 

Numb. xxiv. 17 

" A star shall rise out of Jacob, and a sceptre shsll spring ap 
from Israel" 

1 Stab of Jacob, ever beaming 

With a radiance all divine ; 
'Midst the stars of highest heaven 
Glows no purer ray than thine. 

2 All in stoles of snowy whiteness 

Unto thee the angels sing. 
Unto thee the virgin choirs, 
Mother of the Eternal King. 

3 Joyful In thy path they scatter 

Roses white and lilies fair ; 

Tet with thy celestial beauty 
Rose nor lily may oompare. 

4 Oh, that this low earth of ouss. 

Answering to the angelic strain. 
With thy praises might re-echo 
TlQ the heavens replied again. 

5 Honour, glory, virtue^ merit, 

Be to thee, O Virgin's Son, 
With the Father and the Spirit, 
While eternal ages run. 


354. ilsMfHa to Maiy, tHe Wlomex pf OlTlne (%r«ce 1 

CJant. it I : ** I «iia the flower of the 

X O FixywEH of grace, divinest flower, 
God's light thy life, God's love thy 

That all alone with virgin ray 
P<M}t oiiirVfi in heaven eternal May } 
Sweet falls the peerless dignity 
Of Qod's eternal cho^o9 on thee. 

Mother dearest, Mother fairest ; 
Maiden purest, Maiden rarest ; 
Help of earth and joy of heaven ; 
liove and praise to thee be glvett, 
Blissful Mother, blissful Maiden. 

8 Choice Flower, that hloomest on the 
Of Jesus, which is now thyrest, [breast 
A9 thine was once the chosen bed 
Of His dear Heart and sacred Head ; 
O Mary, sw^et it is to sea 
Thy Soil's creation graced by thee. 
(%onM.— Mother dearest, &c. 

3 O queenly Flower, enthroned above. 
The trophy of Almighty love ; 
Ah me I howHehathhuttg thee round 
Wi^ «U love-tokens that abound I 
With God's own light, beyond the 

Of a])g0leqi)gqrn9<^^flP^^<^^- [»'each 
Chorus. — Mother dearest, 4«?. 

4 O Flower of God, divinest Flower ! 
Elected for His innost bower ; 
Where angels come not} there art 
A crown of glory on thy brow ; [thou, 


fleld and the lily of the valleys.*' 
While far below, all bright andbrav& 
Their gleamy palms the ransomed 

C9lorw«.— Mother dearest, Ac. 
O Godlike creature I nigh to God, 
In whom the Eternal Word abode I 
The mirror of God's beauty thou I 
On thee His dread perfections show 
So pali>ably, men's hMtrts might faint 
AVith an exceeding ravishment. 
Cfiorus. — Mother dearest, &o. 
Yet thou didst bloom on earth at firstf 
In meekness proved, insorrow nursed; 
And heaven must own its debt to 

earth, [worth, 

Bweet Flower I for thy surpassing 
And angels, for their Queen^s dear 

sake, [make. 

Our road to thee more smooth shall 

(^uyrus. — Mother dearest, Ac. 
O hialp of OhriiBtians 1 mercy-iaden I 
O blissful Mother ! blissful Maiden i 
O Sinless t were it not for theot 
There were no faith, no liberty 
*Sp hold that God could stoop sq low» 
Or love His sinful creatures so. 

C%oru«.— Mother dearest, ^a. 

Mary I when we think of thee, 
Our hearts grow light as light can be ! 
For thou hast felt as we have felt. 
And thou hs^t knelt as we have knelt ; 
And BO it is, — that utterly, 
Mother of God, we trust in thee I 
C%oru«.— Mother dearest, 4fe* 

ORR Fxaise to Vmj, tUe AU-falr and Beautiful, tbe BEaster- 
oOO. piece of Grace I 

Ecolns. xxiv 35 : " In me ia all grace of the way and of the truth j in me is all 

hope of li|e and of virtue. " 

O THAT a seraph's voice divine 
Could speak to ue thy holy nmNora 
And tell what glories in thee shine 
Through all thy saintly wondrous 

Hail I Juda^ Virgin daughter, hall, 

Thou masterpiece of grace 1 
Oh help lis in tiiis wretched vale, 

Where combats never cease I 

e*<Mn«#.— Oh that, Ac 

a Thou art all fah: and beautiful ; 
There is no si>ot in thee ; 
Oh make thy children dutiful-* 
Lovers of purity. 

(VtonM.-:— Oh that, to. 

And when oar e^e here is o'er, 
And pain and sorrow cease, 

With Mary we shall evermore 
Rejoice in endless peace. 

Choni8.-^Oh. that) &o. 


356. Praise to Mary, of an Creatnres tbe FalxeatI 

Cant. i. 7 : " O fairest among women, go forth."^ 

But tiiy heart o'erflowB with good- 
Just and sinners feel thy lore. 

I Of all viigins thou art fairest, 
Dearest Mary, heavenly Queen ; 
Of all creatures thou art purest. 
Like to thee was never seen. 

2 Thy sweet fiaee is Uke the heavens, 

Full of grace and purity ; 
Beauty so divine adorns it, 
God alone surpasses thee ! 

3 Thy right eyes with love are beaming, 

Like twin stars of heaven they 
i\nd thy looks are flaming airows. 
Wounding hearts witii love divine. 

4 I'by chaste hands, whose sight en- 

Arc like pearls of lustre rare ; 
Ever full of heavenly treasures. 
For aU those who ask a share. 

5 Queen art tliou, whom all things 

Barth and hell, and heaven above ; 

6 When, ah I when at length in hea^n, 

Hay I hope thy face to see I 
When, ah I when— my heart keeps 
sic^hing — 
Haste— I faint— I pdue for thee I 

7 Souls unnumbered thou dost eyjsr 

Rescue from the evil one ; 
Dearest Lady, grant me also 
Not to lose thy blessM Sou. 

8 Him who gave us such a mother. 

Let our grateful songs proclaim : 
Loving hearts and joyful voices 
Praise her great Creator's name ! 

9 Glory to the name of Mary I 

Raise your voices — loud'er raiael 
And of Jesus, Son of Hary, 
Every creature chant the praise ! 

367. Praise to Mary, of all Creatures the Highest ! 

** Mary is that woman by whom hell is overcome, the devil trodden upon 

man saved."— 5f. Anselm, * 

Ecclus. xxiv. 17: "I was exalted like a cedar in Libanus, and as a cypress-treo 


So beautiful, 00 hig^ in worth, 
Dear Mother-Maid, as thee. 

4 O sacred link of heavenly gold 
In human nature's chain, 

- Elect before the days of ol4. 
Conceived without a stain ! 

5 Sublimest of created powers, 
My hope and solace here, [lowers. 

Be thou with me when darkness 
And dews of death are near. 

I OAZBD upon the flow'rets fair 
That deck the meadows green. 

On many a treasure rich and rare. 
On many a lovely scene. 

I searched the breadth, I seai'ched 
Of all creation through, [the height, 

From realms of empyrean light. 
To depths of ocean blue. 

But foimd I nought in heaven or 
In air, or sky, or sea, [earthi 

358. Praise to Mary, of all Creatures the Loneliest! 

Ps. Ixxxvi. 3 : "The Lord loveth the gates of Sion above all the tabernacles 

of Jacob. '» 

I Rajsv your voices, vales and moun- 
tains, [tains ; 
Flowery meadows, streams, and f oun- 
Pniise, oh, praise the loveliest 
Ever the Creator made : [maiden 

Hunn'ring brooks your tribute 

Little birds with j<^ful singing, 
Come with mirthful praises laden; 

To your Queen be homage paid. 


8 Say, Hweet Virgin, we implcoie theo, 

fcjay what beau^ Ood sheds o'er thee ; 

Fnitm and thuonks to Him be giren 

IVho in love created thee. 

Like a sun with splendour glowing 

Gleams thy heart with love o'erHow- 

Like the moon in starry heaven 
Shines thy peerless purity. 

3 Like the rose and lily hlooraing, 
Sweetly heaven and earth perfuming, 

Stainless, spotless, tiiAU appearest. 
Queenly beauty graces thee. 
But to Ood, in Whom thou liveat, 
Sweeter joy and praise thou giveik, 
When to Him in beauty nearest, 
Tet so humble thou canst be. 

{T?ie/olloiDing may he used as Chorv.8.) 
4 Lovehr Maid, to God most pleasing, 
And for us His wrath appeasing ; 
Oh, by all thy love of^ Jesus, 
Show to us thy clemency. 

359. Praise to SKaiy, of aU Creaturea the Purest! 

Wisd. vii. 2$ : " Therefore no defiled thing cometh into her. For she is tlie 
brightness of eternal light, and the unspotted mirror of God's majesty, and 
the image of His goodness. " 

PART 1. 

z O PUREST of creatures I sweet Mother I 

sweet Maid I [Jesus was laid ! 

The one spotless womb wherein 

Dark night nath come down on us, 

Mother 1 and we [of the Sea I 

Look out for thy shining, sweet Star 

3 Deep night hath come down on this 

rough-spoken world, 
And the banners of darkueacr are 

boldly unfurled ; 
And the tempest-tossed Church — all 

her eyes are on thee, 
They look to thy shilling, sweet Star 

of the Sea 1 

3 The Cbnrch doth what God had first 

ttoght her to do ; 
He looked o'er the world, to find 

hearts that were true ; 
Through the ages He looked, and Ho 

found none but thee, 
And He loved thy clear shining, 

sweet Star of the Sea I 

4 He gazed on thy 'soul ; it was six)t- 

less and fair ; [been there ; 

For the empire uf sin — it had never 
None had e'er owned thee, dear 

Mother I but He, 
And He blessed thy clear shining, 

sweet Star of the Sea ! 

5 Earth gave Him one lodging ; 'twas 

deep in thy breast. 
And God found a homo, where the 

sinner finds rest, 
His home and Hia hiding-place, 

both were in thee, 
He was won by thy shining, sweet 

Star of the Sea ! 

6 Oh blissful and calm was tiie wonder- 

ful rest [virginal breast ; 

Tliat thou gavest thy God in thy 
For the heaven He left He fouud 

heaven in thee, [Star of the Sea ! 
And He shone in tny shining, sweet 


To sinners what comfort, to angels 
what mirthi [on earth, 

That God f oimd one creature unfallen 

One spot whore His spirit untroubled 
could be, 

The deptlis oz thy shining, sweet Star 
of the Sea. 

Oh, shine on us brighter than ever, 
then, shine ; [Mother, is thine ; 

For the gfrc^t^^* ^^ honours, dear 

*' Conceived without sin," thy new 
title shall be, 

Clear light from thy birth-fipring, 
sweet Star of the Sea. 

TttB l^AHOOftlA^ HYMN »00K. 

So wotship tre Ood in fhese rude 
latter days ; (we praise 

80 worship we Jesus our Lore, When 

His wonderful grace in the g^tB Ho 
gaTB thee. 

The gift of clear nhinfrrg, sweet Star 
of the Sea. 

4 Deep night hath come down an us, 

Mother, deep i^ght. 
And we need more than erer the 

guide of thy light : 
For the dBrtter the night is, the 

brighter Should be [Ute Sesu 
Thy beautiful shining, sweet Star of 


Praise to Vary, who Is Above all Praise. 

" By what praise shall 1 exalt thee, Mary, 1 know noi,'*—8t. AuffUstine. 

What mortal tongue can 6in^ thy 

Bear Mother of the Lord 1 [praise^ 
To angels only it belongs 

Thy gloiy to record. 

I Who bom of man can penetrate 
Thy soul's majestic shrine ? 
Who can thy mighty gifts unfold. 
Or rightly them divine ¥ 

C9bortu. — What mortal tongue. 

a Say, Virgin, what sweetf orce was that 
Which from the Father's breast 
Drww forth His oo-etemal Son, 
To be thy bosom's guest ? 

C%oru«.— What mortal tongue. 

3 'twas not thy guileless faith alohe 
That lifted thee so high ; 

Twas not thy pure sexaphic lorro, 
Or peerless cnastily. 

Choriis. — What mortal tongue, 

4 But^ oh, it was thy lowliness. 

Well pleasing to the Lord, 
That made thee worthy to become 
The Mother of the Word. 

Chorus. — yfhaX mortal tongue. 

5 O Loftiest I— 'Whose humility 

Bo sweet it was to see ! 
That GoH, forig;etfal of HlBMOlf, 
Abased Himself to thee. 

Chwus. — What mortal tongue. 

6 Praise to the Father, with the Son, 

And Holy Ghost, through Whom 
The Word Btemal was cohoeiTed 
Within the Vii^fin's womb. 

Chorus. —What mortal tongue. 

361. Feast of tbe Ptitlliy of the Blessed Virgin Blary. 362. 

(y'Afiti Siindoijf in October.) 

I FiLBCLARA. custos virginum, 
Intacta Mater numlAis, 
Ccslestaa ouIb janua, 
Spes nostra cadi gaudium. 

a Inter rubeta lllium^ 
Columba formosisslma. 
Virga e radice germinans 
Nostro medelam vulneri. 

3 Turris draconi impervia. 
Arnica stcUa naufragis» 
Tuere nos a fraudibus, 
Tuaque luce dlrige. 

4 Brttnris umbra* discute 
Syrtes dolosas amove, 
Iluotus tot inter, deviis 
Tutam reclude eemitam. 

z Blest Guardian of all virgin sonls I 
Portal of bliss to man forgiven 1 
Pure Mother of Almighty God I 
Thou hope of mjith. and joy of Jieovwi ! 

2 FalrLil^, found amid the thorns ! 

Most beauteous Dove with wlugs of gold! 
Rod from whose tender root there sprang 
That healing Flow'r long since f oretola 1 

3 Tliou Tow'r, against the dragon proof I 

Thou Star, to storm-toss'd voyagers dear ! 
Oiir course liaa o'er a treacherous deep ; 
Thine be the light by Which we steer. 

4 Scatter the masts that round us hang ; 

Keep far the fatal shoals away ; [sweep. 
And whlla thjxnig^ darkling wavos we 
Open a path to life and day: 


J68U tibl sit gloiia 
Qui natits es de Virgiiie. 
CuBa Pfttie et almo Spirltu, 
lb sempitema sACtila. 


5 Jesu, bom of Virgin bright 1 
Immortal glory be to Thee ; 
thmse to the Father infinite. 
And Holy Ghost eternally. 


tlBSrt XnD SEG02«D vbspers. 

F. Gum ' jucuuditate virglnitatem V. Let us celebrate with joy the vir- 

IseatsB MarijB sempet virginis celebrr- ginity of blessed Haiyj ever Virgin, 

M. Ut ipsa pro nobis ihtercedat ad R. That she may intercede for us 

Dominum Jesum Christum. before our Lord Jesus Christ. 



A^ God," says fit. Basil, "Uaxy ia our onl? hppe."-<-"lfai7/' sajra Si 
Ephrem, ** is the hope of the despairiiig ; the harbour of the wreckdd, tne 
only aid of the destitute." 
"Let us always serve this our great Quces^ who never abandons those who 
hope in her,"— St. Bede. 



Blesfled Virgin Marjr, Help of COulstianB. 

{May 24.) 

z'S^BPBdumChristipopulusoruentis x Oftttmes. when, hemmed around by 

Hostis infensi premeretur armis, hostile arms, [mayed, 

Venit adjutrix pia Virgo coelo " The Christian people lay all sore cUs- 

Lapsa sereno. Prom Heaven hath cotoe the Vii^n 

Tolend her loving aid. [gliding down, 

Frisea siu patrum monumenta 3 

Templa t^tsntur spoliis opimis - 
Clara, votiyo repetita cultu 
Festa quotannis. 

So sneak the monuments of olden time. 

And temples which all bright with 

spoils appear ; [praise, 

So speak the festivals in her sweet 

Returning year by year. 

Sn ndvl gtatea UceAt HarisB 
Cantici laetis modulis referre 
Fro novis donis, resonante plausu 
Urbis et orbis. 

O dies felix I motiioxtondii ^tte 
Qua Petri sedes fidei magistruni 
IViste post lustruih leducexn btata 
Sorte recepit. 

Viigines castas, pueriquo pui'l, 
Gestiens clerus, populusque grato 
Corde fieginas celebrare codi 
Munera certent. 

3 Now for new mercies a new song we 

To Maiy lifting high our grateful Tof ee ; 
Kow let all Borne with shouts tri- 

. umpbantring, 

And tne wide world rejoice. 

4 Oh,'l»tp|^dityI onirhioh Saint ^etei^s 

Ihrone [again : 

Received i^e faith's grottl Buler back 

Returning from His banishment in 

O'er Christaadom U> xcign. [pMce, 

5 To youths and virgins, priests and 

jpeople all, [glad day. 

Pour out your grateftil hearts on thiij 
Striving with all your strength to 
Heaven's high Queen 
Her well-earned praise to pay. 


Virginum vlxgo, benedieta Jesu 
Hater, hesQ auge bona ; fac, preca- 

Ut gregem Pastor Pius ad aalutis 
Paacua ducat. 

To per eetemos veneremur annos, 
Trinitas, summo celebrauda plausu, 
Te fide mentes, resonoque ungues 
CSarmine lauaent. 


6 Viivin of virgins I Joau's Mother bless 1 
Add yet anotner mercy to the past ; 
And gprant our Pastor all hiB flock to 

Safe into heaven at last. [lead 

7 To Thee, blest Trinity, be endless 

Blessing, and majesty, and glory due ; 
To Thee may we our hearts and voices 
Eternal ages through. [ndse, 


V. Dignare me laudaro te Yii-go V. Graciously sufifer mo to pndse thee, 

sacrata, O sacred Virgin, 

ii Dft mihi virtutam contra hostos 2L Grant me strength agalnat thine 

tuos. enemies. 

OAR Tnut In Kary, she is so Beautiful, and therefore so 
*=»"*^' Pleaeln^ to God ! 

Ecclus. xxiv. z8 : "I was exalted like a palm-tree in Cades, and as a rose-plant 

in Jericho." 

r Mybtioal Bosd ( by God's own hands 
Planted upon Judea's land, 
Sweet mystical Bose I 

Bi«athe on us wanderers here while 

we roam 
Fragrance to lure us on to our home. 

2 In winter's snow, thy vimn stem 
Blossomed unseen in Bethlehem, 

Sweet mysticfd Bose I 

Ckoru$. — ^Breathe on us, Ac. 

3 And angels round the Flower divine 
Their homage join, blest Bose, with 

Sweet mystical Bose ! [thine, 

Chm-v^, — Breathe on us, &o. 

Sweet ifl'tfae tribute paid by thoo. 
The fragrance of thy purity, 
Sweet mystical Bose ! 

Choi'us. — ^Breathe on us, Ac. 

Incense like thine, oh ! myatio Bose, 
No spikenard-plant, or balsam grows. 
Sweet mystical Bose I 

Chorut. — ^Breathe on us, &c. 
Never was fanned from spioe-f taught 

Odour as sweet as breathed from thee, 
Sweet mystical Bose I 

CftoftM.— Breathe on os, be. ■ 

High now in heaven, thy fadeless 

Sheds near God's throne its best per- 
Sweet mystical Bose 1 [fume, 

cWicf.— Breathe on us, &c. 


Trust in Karsr, Bbe is so Fowerftd I 

Ecclus. xxiv. 15 : " And so I was established in Sion and my power was in 

" Nothing, O Mary, resists thy power, for the Creator esteems thy glory as 

Bia oym,"—St. Qregory of Nicmaedia. 

t MoTHEK of our Lord and Saviour, 
First in beauty as in power. 
Glory of the Christian nations, 
Beady help in trouble's hour. 

a Nought can hurt the pure in spirit. 
Who tipon thine nid rely ! 
At thy hand secure of gaining 
Strength and mercy from on high. 


3 Safe beneath thy wiahby shelter, 
lliough a thousand hosts combine. 
All must fall or flee before us, 
Scattered by His arm divine. 

4 Througfh the everlasting: a^s, 
Blessed Trinity, to Thee, 
Eather, Son, and Holy Spirit, 
Praise and endless glory be. 


Trust in Mary, Bbe 1b bo Bountiful I 

Eoclus. xziT. a6 : 


Come over to me, all ye Uiat desire me, and be filled with 
my fruits." 

Thb moon is in the heavens above,. 

Its light lies on the foamy sea ; 
So shines the star of Hary's love 

O'er thJ£ dark scene of miseiry. 

Onr hands to life's hard work are laid, 
But our hearts are thine, sweet 

Oh, thou art bright as bright can be. 
As bounttfol as tiiou art bright ; 

And welcome is tiie thought of liiee. 
As fragrance of an Eastern night. 
Chonu. — Our hands, &c. 

Calm as the blessM eye of God, 
When looking o'er this world below, 

He bids thee shed His peace abroad, 
A secret balm for eveiy woe. 

Chorus. — Our hands, &c. 

By thee we gain, dear spotless Queen ! 

Some glimpse of what our God must 
And in thy glory His is seen, 

He shows Himself when He shows 


Chorus. — Our hand% &2. 

368- Tnist la Uaxy, of all Mothers Sweetest, Best I 

*' O blessed confidence, O secure refuge, the Mother of God is my Mother ! 

St, Anselm. 

z O Mother blest, whom God bestows 
On sinners and on just. 
What joy, what hope thou givest 
Who in thy mercy trust I [those 

Thou art clement, thou art chaste, 

Mary, thou art fair : 
Of all mothers sweetest, best ; 

None with thee compare. 

a O heavenly Mother, Mistress sweet, 
It never yet was told 
That supplLuxt sinner left thy feet 
Unpitied, imconsoled. 
Chorus.-^Thou. art clement, die. 

3 O Mother, pitiful and mild. 

Cease not to pray for me : 
For I do love thee as a child. 
And sigh for love of thee. 
CAoruj.— Thou art clement, ^c. 

4 Most powerful Mother, all men know 

Thy Son denies thee nought ; 
Thou askest, wishest dt, and lo I' 
His power thy will has wrought. 
Chortu. — ^Thou art clement, &o. 

5 O Mother blest, for me cMsaiu, 

Ungrateful though I be, ' 
To love that God who first could deign 
To show such love to me. 
Chorus.—Tbxm art clement, ^. 

369. TniBt In Mary, tbe Comforter of the Afllloted. 

** The heart of Mary is so full of compassion, that the moment she knows our 
miseries she diffuses the milk of her mercy."^Riehard of 8t. Victor. 

z LiKB the voiceless starlight falling 2 Like the scents of countless blossoms 

Through the darkness of the night, That are trembling in the air. 

Like tito silent dewdrops forming Like the breaths of gums that 

In tiie cold moon's cloudless light ; perfume 

So there come to hearts in sorrow Sandy deserts bleak and bare, 

lloiy's angds dear and bright. Are our Lady's ceaseless answers 

I To affliction's lowly prayer. 

THJi ]?4Jt(>C9IA^ KYVW moX, 

They am gndWeij tiiey we .eountkea^ 
L&e the leaves upon tne trees ; 

Healings soothing sweeilj hidden 
like the fragrance in the breQEO ; 

Spirits lifting to the drooping, 
Like the freshness f roia the «9^ 

Fop in Mvr^'n fw ^ tmvm 

Singeth ever like » psalm : 
Welcome, Motl^er, are th^ temp«tlB 

Which tbw Waqt with thy oabn ; 
Sweet the brokeu hearts thou heale^fe 

With tiling <ffm heart's namsltn 


Trust in Mary, the Faithful Virgin. 

'* Who, Blessed Hary," exclaims St. SSitichian. " has ever implored thy omni- 
potent aid, and has been ab^odoqed by ^ee ? Truly no one ever. ** 

X O Virgin most faithfol f thy praises 

we sing, (arehes sluJl ring : 

Our joy-burdened anthems heaven's 

The D«ttle of Bfe well endtire to th« 

end, [defend. 

If thou, faithful Virgin, art near to 

Oh hear our prayer I 

W« to thy care 

Our souls confide — ^Mother I 

And may we meet 

All at thy-leet^ 

And ever abide with thee 1 

With thee I with thee ! 

a What oause have thy diUdren to 

suifer alarm f [harm : 

No fiend so unholy dare offer them 

For Ood is their Fai&er, and Jesus 
their friend* [to defend. 

And thou, faithful Viigiii, art siear 
CAortM.— Oh hear wir prayer, Ac. 

Vain are the assaults of tiie world and 
its toyv, [and nodae ; 

Its deoelnul allnrementa, its bustle 

To draw us frpm tliee its tesnptatiftns 
ne'er tend, [defend. 

Fpr thou, faithful Vii^^tD, art near to 
Chorut. — Oh hear our prayer, Ac 

When fi vnest terfiptslions Vikemoun- 
tajns shall rise, [longing eyes. 

And threaten to hide thee from our 

Like fragrance of incense our prayers 
shaff ascend, [defend. 

Be thou, faithful Vixgin, then near to 
CAenu.— Oh hear our prayer, &c. 

Tnut in Mary, our Faithful Mother 9:^ our 
Faithful Queen. 


'< O I«dyi in thoe, after Jasus, I have placed aU xxxy hopes."— i8V. JSonavtnfutt. 

X Brioht Queen of heaven's angelio 
On this our festal day, [hosts, 

Our haaits, o'eije^d and fall of love, 
At thy blest feet we lay. 
Our Toloe as one in praise aseenda, 
Our song with angel music blends, 
To bless thy faithful love. 

e O faithful Virgin, faithful Queen, 
No being earu hat^ trod, 
Faithful Uke thee^ in life, in death. 
Faithful unto thy God. 
Thou art the Handmaid of the Lord, 
The Bearer, Keeper of His word. 
The Home of love divine. \ 

3 Nor earth, nor heaven e'er hath 
A \o\Q 80 deep as thine, [known 
Binding thy heart with faithful love 
To Jesus' heart divine. 

'Hid Bethieham'a cold or Sg^pt's 

Or where th6 Cross ef Caltary atatnds, 

There art thou f aitiifal stiU. 

O faithful Mother of our mce, 
God's precious gift fVom heaven. 
Our hearts with grateful love o'orflow 
For all thy loye has given. 
'*IM every sorrow, wery fear,- 
Sweet Votbor 1 thou art ever n^nr^ 
Our Sw$>imeas> Life, and ^opa 

Orphaned of eerthly Mother's lovob 
Sweet Motlier 1 hear our prayer, 
For those whose loving hearts and 
Receive us 'neatb their oare. [hands 
The power of thy proteetlon lend. 
To guard and save the orphan's 
Now and for evermore. [friend 


6 Around thy tbrine thy \ children (Hi vauf thai oorown an •mtitem 
heoating from fkr*off landfl, [throng, ahine 

A ovown to wreatii thy Virgin brow, Of orowns of lore, by graoe div^te, 

Blessed by our Pontiff s faandi. We weave, fair Queen, for thee. 

372. Tnut In Mary, In every Danger, In every AlBletlon. 

** Never shall any one pevish wbo isemain* ^edulo^8ly devoted to the VirgiA* j 

Mother of (Jod.'* — St. Ignatius Martyr. 

DniiAit Is the nightfall, 
Lonely we roam. 
Wandering exiles, 
Vav from our home ; 
Borne on the biHowa 
0| Uf«'« stonny oea. 
jiriffht Star of Boaven, 
Our trust is in thee. 
Whan night falK drearily. 
When life flowa weaiiJy : 

HeQiico BteUam, 


Winds of affliction 
Balaa their rude blast, 
Buffling the ocean 
Whereon we're oaat ; 
Wavea of temptation 
Mountain-like roll, 
'Neath their dark billows 
Sinking the soul. 
Fear'OQt. but case alar, . 
On the 86ft shiniug Btar i 

Bespice Stellam, 

Voca Mariam. 

When shall lone spirits 

Sorrow no more ? 

When shall our aehlng eyes 

Oaise on the shore f 

Oh for the twilight 

To break througu the gloom I 

Oh for the rest 

Of our only true home I 

Stay, mourner, stay thy feats, 

Joy shall drv up thy tears : 

Respice Stellam, 

Yoea Mariam. 

Gctatle and beautiful 

Beaming above, 

Shines out all brightly 

The fair star of love. 

Best of the weary, 

Hope 'mid the night 

Quiding the londly 

In its soft light. 

Yea, "mid the darkest niglit, 

That star still shinetn bright : 

Bespice Stellam, 

Yoca Marifl^ixv 


The Hdart of BTaxy Is our Home. 

FB. xvil xo: "Htf bowed ttio heavens and came down. "--^^ The Lord bow«d 
the h^ivena aa a vessel, which He emptied into the heavt of lAarj.'^^'Oftr' 
dinat Hugo. 


3(oTHER of God, we hail thy Heart, 

Throned in ihe azure ^kies ; 
While far and wide-within its ehaim 
The whole creation lies. 
O sinless Heart, all hail ! 
God's dear delight, all hail I 
Our home, our home is deep in thee, 
KtemaUy, etemaUy. 

Mother of Qod, from out thy Heart 

Otir Saviour fashioned Hits ; 
The fountains of the I^cious ploQd 
Boee in thy depths of bliss. 
O sinless Het^, all hail ! 
God's dear delight, all hall i ' 
Our home, our home is deep In thee, 
SKemaTly, eternally. 

3 Mother of God, when near thy Heart 
, The unborn SaYlp^ia lay, 

He taught It how to bum ^ith love 
For smners gone astray, 
sinless Heart, all hail I 
God's dear delight, all hall 1 

Our home, our liume ia deep in thee, 

EtemaUy, oteraally. 

4 Mother of God, Ho broke thy Heart 

That it might wider be,— 
That in the vaatness of iU love 
There might be room for me. 
O sinless Heart, all hail I . 
God's dear delight, all hall t 
Our home, our homo is deep In thee> 
Eternally, eternally. 


Motfaier of God^ Hxv Heart hath heifi^ts 
On which CKxl loves to dwell ; 

And yet the lowliest ohild on earth 
Is welcome there aa 'weXL 

O fihaloss Heart, all hall i 
God's dear delight, aU haU ! 
Our home, our home is deep in thee, 
Eternally, eternally. 

** Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us." 
''One hundred dayn* indvlgenet eadt time. 


Hide us, Maxy, In thy Heart. 

Frov. viii. 35 : '* He that si 1 all find me shall find life, and shall have 

salvation from the Lord." 

Oh how the heart of Mary bums ! 
Untired, unchanged in love it turns. 
With ceaseless breathings of desire. 
Towards Jesus' Heart, its sacred fire. 

O Mary, be this Heart our stay 
Till death shall call our souls 

away ; 
From this frail dust, whene'er we 

Hide us, O Mary, in thy heart! 

The chains of love which Jesus threw 
Round His own Heart, boimd Mary's 

Living by love, both breathe the same 
Unchanged, unoonquerable flame. 

Chorus ^O Mary, be this H^rt^ ire. 

Heart of the beet of mothers, hear 
The voice of thy poor suppliant's 

Grant to our hearts, O Heart divine, 
Some portion of that love c^ ttdne ! 

Chorus. — O Mary, be this Heart, &c. 

Tbxough. that pure Heart, where thou 

dost dwell. 
That Heart that loves thy Bon so well. 
May all their meed of homage send 
To thee for ages without end. 
Chorus.— OoBry, be this Heart, &c. 


*' Sweet Heart of Mory be my salvation." 
—Tki'ee hundred daps' indulgence each tivu. Plenary once a month. 



Prov. viii. X7 : "I love them that love me ; and they that in the morning early 

watch for me, shall find me. " 


An Act of Tender Loye to onr Lady. 


I salute thee, O my Lady and my Mother, my heart and my soul I Who is 
there in the world who will not love this most amiable Queen?"— /S<. Bona- 

Mother of God ! my life, my hope, 
my treasure, [from above ; 

Look on thy child, and hear me 
Mother of God I what joy, what un- 
told pleasure, [on all thy love. 
Thrills through the soul that thinks 

Mary, dear Mother, 
Thy love impart, 
Nothing shall sever 
• Thee from my heart. 
Mother of God ! my infancy caressing, 
Fondlv thine oyc watched o'er my 
cradle bed, 

Mother of God ! each moment counts 
a blessing. 
Which o'er my soul thy watchful 
love has shed. 
Chorus. — Mary, dear Mother. 

3 Mother of God I my heart, o'erwhelmed 
with sadness, 
Found sweet relief when raised to 
thee in prayer; 
Mother of God ! the breath of holy 
Game to my sph*it from thy tender 
67ioru<. —>fary, dear l^(otl)er. 


4 Angela of heaven I in choirs fnxhlime 
Hark this my vow in heaven's 
bright sphere above ; 
Mother of Ood I my grateful heart's 
Is pledged to thee in everlasting 
C/iOi'u#,— Mary» dear Mother. 

5 Mother of Ood i if e'«r my heart for- 
Thy love unceasing that has 
guarded me. 
Mother of God I ah, then, may deep 
Becall my soul to love of God and 
e%orttf.— Mary, dear Mother. 


▲ Bnpplleatioxi to Onr Lady to obtain Perseverance 
in her Love and the Love of Jesiu. 

EcduB. xxiv. 94 : "I am the mother oi fair love and of holy hope." 
s Mother of help and of beautiful love, I And all our passions still help to 

O Holy Virgin, conceived without 

From thy bright throne, 'midst the 

angels above. 
Hoar, oh hear our suppliant strain. 

Mary, we love thee, do thou, Mother 
Teach us our sins— our sins to de- 
Witn thee our help we have nothing 
to fear. 
Oh, make us love— love thee still 

2 Mother of help, thy sweet power 
Never, O Queen, in our souls cease 
to reign, 


Hear, oh hear oiu: suppliAnt strain. 
C?Aon€».— Mary, wo lovo thee, &c. 

3 Mother of help. O dear Mary mild, 

In love of Jesus our hearts ever 

Each of us with Him embrace as 

thy child. 
Hear, oh hear our suppliant strain. 

CAoru*."— Mary, wo love thee, &c. 

4 Mother of help, yet this last grace 

When at death's hour our bright 

crown we would gain, 
In Jesus' arms, oh, grant we may 

Hear, oh hear our suppliant strain. 

Chorus. — ^Mary, we love thee, kc. 


Our Lady 1b Worthy all our Love. 

'* O Mary, who will not love thee ? Thou ta-t light in doubts, solace in grief, 

refuge in dangers." — Blosius. 

{Repeat the last HMt^tvefy vtne.) 

z MoTBEB of Mercy 1 day by day 
My love for thee growsmoreandmore, 
Tliy gifts Mre strewn upon my way 
Like sands upon the great sea-diore. 

2 Though poverty, and work, and woe 
The masters of my life may be. [know 
"When times ore worst, who does not 
Darkness is light with love of thee? 

3 But scornful men have coldly said 
Thy love was leading me from Ood : 
And yet in this I did but tread 
The very patli my Saviour tixnl. 

4 They know but little of thy worth 
Who speak these heartless words to 
For what did Jesus love on earth [me ; 
One half so tenderly ae thee t 

5 Get me the grace to love thee more, 
Jesus will give if thou wUt plead ; 
And, Mother I when life's cares are 
Oh Ishalllove thee then indeed! [o'er, 

6 Jeeus, when His tiiree hours were run. 
Bequeathed thee from the cross tome ; 
And oh ! how can I love thy Son, 
Sweet Mother ! if I love not thee ? 


o»7Q Oar Lady's LoYd la the sweetest Comfort in LUis and at 

*' Who could help not loTing thee, dearest Mother? Oh I that I may b9 ttuue 
eternally ; and may all creatures with me live and die for love of thee ! "— 
$t. FraneU of Soles. 

z I SHALL see this cherished Mother, 
Tfato cvroet hope beats in my heart. 
Who can tell her love and goodness? 
In her presence griefs depajrt. , 


Mother Hary 1 
This dark night 
Is lit from heaven- 

With thy light 

9 AH her love has flovved around me, 
I have ever been her child. 
And my sorrow for herahsonce 
Deepen^ in this desert void. 

CVwrus. — Mother Mary, &c. 

3 All my joy is loving Mary, 
And the light of her sweet name. 
Falling in a rain of glory, 
Crowns us witb its ambient flame. 
C%onu.— Mother Mary, fto. 

When 1 nee my mother's image. 
Then my thoqghts are ever bold. 
Fashioning some dim resemblance 
Of hor ^ovtiUneaa Doto)4. 

C%on£J.— Mother Mary, Ac 

Dreaiy d^ys of Mary's abaenoe, 
Dark days without Mary's ligrht 1 
Yet vTill come the wished-lor mcnntng 
O'er the threshold of the night 

CTiorus. — Mother Mary, &c. 

Though yf mo her not^ her preeiencc 
Hangeth round vm ewermate ; [eth— 
In her atar<erowned love she dweil- 
Past the waves — upon the shore. 
C/4orM«.— Mother M»ry, fta 

Mother Mary, help thy children I 
We an evermore ttalne <fwn I 
Watch us, shield us in thia sotrow 
SittiBff on thy cpval throne. 

CAonM.— Mother lUxy, Ac 

Sect. V.— Prayers, Iitv^ocations, and Suppucations to 
THE Blessed Virgin, to Obtain heb Succour in oir 
Manifold Necessities. 

34 : " Bless^ is the man that watcheth dally at my gates mid 
it the posto of my door.** — tS : ** H^th me are riches and glory.'* 

Prov. viil. 

waiteth at 
" We ask her prayers," says St. Anselm, " that the dignity of the Int^^saor 

may make up for our poverty. 

379. ▲ Prayer to Mary, evr Kother, otir Comfort, onr Hope. 

" As we have access to the Etenud Pother only through Jesus Christ, thus," 
says St. Bernard, "we have access to Jesua Christ only thi-ough Mary." 

O Mabt, my Mothexv most lovely, 

most mild. 
Look down upon me, your w^ak 

lowly child; 
From the land of my esUe I call upon 

thee ; [on me. 

Then Maiy, my Mother, look kindly 
O Mary, in pity look down upon me ; 
Tia the voioe of thy child that is 

calling on tliee. 

a If then ahouldst forsake me^ ah ! 

where shall I g[oT [of woe; 

}Xy comfort and hope in this vaUey 
When the world ana its dangers with 

terror I view, 
Sweet hopes come to cheer me in 

pointing to you. 
O Mary, in pits look down upon me ; 
Tis the voice of thy child that Is 

ealUttg on thee. 


In sorrow, In dAr^QOSS. be pljll at my 

side; ' prtMl Ay ^idd J 

My light and my refuge, my guaM 

Though snares should surround me, 

yet why should J f ear ? 

J luiow I am wMkrhut my Smother 

• fa near. ' fms ; 

TKen, Mary, in pity look down upon 

'Tis the voice of tl\y child that is 

calliiig on thee. 


A Prayer to Mary, the Hope of Sinners. 

'' Mary stands in the presence of her Son, pvaying unoeasingly for sinners.' 

—St. Bede. 

(From St. AlphoMO.) 

X XiOOK down, O Mother Mary I 
From thy bright throne above ; 
Cast dovn upon thy ohildren 

One only glanoe of love. 
And if « heart so tender 

With pity flows not o'er, 

Then turn away, O Mother J 

And look on us hq more. 

OhaTutt-^Lodk. down, &o. 

a Bee how ingrate and guilty 
We stand before tky Son ; 
His loving heart rex>roaches 

The evil we have done. 
But if thou wilt appease Him, 
Speak for us but one w<)rd: 
Thou only canst obtain us 
The pardon of our Lord. 

C%oru«.— Look down, &c. 

O Mary, dearest Mother ! 

If thou wouldst have us Uve, 
Say that we ave thy children. 

And then He will forgive { 
Our sins make us unworthy 

That title still to bear. 
But thou art still our Mother I 

Then show a mother's care. 
Cftonts.—- Look down, &c. 

Open to us thy mantle, 

There stay we without fear • 
What evil can befall us 

If, Mother, thou art neart 
O sweetest, dearest Mother ! 

Thy sinful children save ; 
Look down on us with pity, 

Wbo thy protection crave. 

CAoria.— Look dowi^ d^c. 


A Prayer to Maxy, tlie Befbge of SbuierB. 

"Tbou, O Motiiev of Ctod, art omnipotent in saving sinners; for thou art 

the Mother of true life."— /8e. Germantu. 

X MoTHsa of Jesus, hear a sinner's 

Take me beneath the mantle of thy 

Place mo within thy sheltering arms 

this day, 
And ftir irQnfc Bataoxbear my soul 


He wearies not, but stealthily will dart 
His poisoned arrow at th' uncovered 

Content to wound, when not allowed 

to slay- 
Then, Blessed Mother, bear thy child 


a Away from Satan , and away from sin, 
And teach me now penection to 

Away frpm all that can reduce my 

And make it swerve from its eternal 
CAona.— He wearies not, &c. 

3 Take me above^ and place me where 

the Lamb [Am ;" 

Will lead mo forwsrd to the gi*eat " I 

Oh thus, blest Mother ! crown thy 

constant care, 
Reject me not, nor this thy suppli- 
ant's prayer. 
CAoittf.— He irearies not, &c. 


QQO A Prayer to Kftry, to obtain her Protection in 
•^°^- aU our NeoesBlties. 

" In all things have recourse to Mary ; invoke Ma^, to whom God has given 
the power to grant you everything, —firt. BatU. 

Mart, dearest Mother, 

From thy heavenly hei^^ht 
Look on us thv children, 

Lost in earth's dark night. 
Mary, purest creature, 

Keep us free from sin ; 
Help us erring mortals 

Peace in heaven to win. 

Mary, Queen and Mother, 

Get us stiU m(Hre grace, 
With still greater favour 

Now to run our race. 
Daughter of the Father, 

Lady kind and sweet. 
Load us to our Father, 

Leave us at His feet. 

Mother of our Saviour, 

Joy of 6od 9hoye, 
Jesus bade thee keep us 

In His fear and love. 
Mary, spouse and servant 

Of the Holy Ghost, 
Keep for Him His creatures. 

Who would else be lost. 

Holy Queen of Angels, 

Bid thine angels come 
To escort us sdfely 

To our heavenly home. 
Bid the saints in heavea 

Pray for us their prayers ; 
They are ttdne, dear Mother, 

That thou mayeat be theirs. 


A Prayer to Mary, tbe Queen of Purity. 

" O pure and Immaculate Queen, save me, deliver me from eternal damna- 
tion." — St. Jo/m JDaiHOteeHes, 

X O Maid, conceived without a stain, 

O Mother, bright and fair. 
Come thou within our heartstoreigu. 

And grace shall triumph there. 
Hail, Mary, ever undefiled. 

Hail, Queen of purity 1 [mild, 

Oh, make thy childran chaste and 

And turn tneir hearts to thee. 

2 Thou art far purer than the snow, 
Far brighter than the day ; 
Thy beaufy none on earth can know. 
No tongue of man can sn}*. 

O Mol^er of all mothers best. 
Who soothest every grief ; 

In thee the weary find their rest, 
And anguished hearts relief. 

Oh, then, for us thv children xiloadt 

Thy pity we uoaplore ; 
That we, from sin and sorrow freed. 

May love thee man and mow- 
Hail, Mary, ever undefiled, 

Hail, Queen of purity 1 [mild. 

Oh, make thy children chaste aud 

And turn their hearts to tliec. 


A Prayer to Mary, to obtain her Help through 
Life's Stormy Ocean. 

"If you do not wish to bo overwhelmed by the tempest, turn to the Star 
and invoke the aid of Mary." — 8t. Bernard. 

X Maky Mother! 

Shield us through lifo, 
Protect us from 
The ocean's strife. 


Calm the wild sea, 
Bid tempests cease ; 

Through tiiee we reach ),»,«,„, 
The shore in peace. / t«<P««- 

2 Star of the main, 
B^ieath thy veil, 
Clinging to thee. 
We suely saiL 
6'^4»■lM.--Calm the wild, iic. 


O Mother dear, 

O Virgin bleat. 
Our footsteps guide 

Till death s long rest. 

CAont*. — Calm the wild, &c. 

Bweet morning star, 

When life is o'er. 
Then laud us on 

The eternal shore. 

Chorus. — Cahn the wild, A-c. 

385. A Prayer to Mary, tbe Star of the Sea. 

" She is the star, the sign of help and of yyj"'-^L Sphrwn, 

Ave Maria ! thou Virgin and Votiier, 
Fondly thy children are calling on 

thee ; [another, 

Thine are the graces, unclaimed by 
Sintow and bMUtifal^Star of th« 


Ave Maria! the night shades are 

Softly our roicea arise imto iJiee ; 
Earth's lonely exilea for succour are 

calling, [Sea. 

Sinless and beautiful— Star of the 

3 Ato Maria I thy children ara kneel- 

ing— [to thee ; 

Words of endearment are whispered 
Softly thy spirit u-pon us is stealing, 
Sinleea and beaumul — Star ol tlie 


4 Are Maria ! thy arms are extending. 
Gladly- within them for shelter wo 

flee; [ones bending? 

Are thy sweet eyes, on thy lonely 
Sinless and beautiful— Star of the 


386. A Prayer to Kary, Queen of Heaven and onr AdToc&te. 

** Mary is that woman by whom hell is overcome, the deyil trodden u]X)n, 

man saved. "->-<8't. Anulm, 

Hail, Queen of Heaven, the ocean 

Guide of the wand'rer here below 1 
'Hizown on life's suxge we claim thy 

Save us from ^eril and from woe. . 
Mother of Christ, Star of tlio Sea, 
Pray for the wanderer, pray for me. 

O gentle, chaste, and spotless Maid, 
We sinners make oiu* prayers through 

Remind thy Son that He has jmid 
The price of our iniquity. 

Vii'gin most pure, Star of tho Sea, 
Pray for tiiie sinner, pray for me. 
Sojourners in this vale of tears. 
To thee, blest advocate, we cry ; 
Pity oiu" sorrows, calm our fears. 
And soothe witii hope our misoty. 
Refuge in grief, Star of the Sea, 
Pray for the mourner, pray for me. 
And while to Him who reigns above, 
In Godhead One, in Persons Tliree, 
The soured of life, of grace, oi love, 
Homage we pay on bended knee ; 
Do thou, bright Queen , Star of the Sea, 
Pray for thy children, pray for me. 

387. A Prayer to Kftry, the Gate of Paradise. 

"By ono woman came death, by another life ; through Eve came pci*dition, 
through Maiy, salvation."— »Sf(. Ausu^Une. 

I Hail, thou resplendent star, 3 liooaen the sinner's bands ; 

Which shineth o'er the main, 
Blest Mother of our God, 
And ever Virgin-Queen. 

3 Hail, happy gate of bliss, 
Greeted by Gabriel's tongue, 
Negotiate our peace. 
And cancel Eva's wrougi 

All evils drive away ; 
Bring light unto the blind ; 
And for all graces pray. 

Kxert the mother^s care, 
And thus thy children own ; 
To Him conv^ our prayer, 
Who chose to be thy Bon. 


5 O pure, spotless Ifoid, 
Whose virtues all excel ; 

Oh make us chaste and mild, 
And all our passions quelL 

6 Preserve our lives unstained, 
And guard us ob our wa^, 

Until we oome to thee, 
To joys that ne'er decay. 

7 Pndse to the Father bo, 
With Christ, His only Son, 
And to the Holy Ghost, 

, Thrioe-blfisaed Xhiee in One. 

QQQ A Pmyet to Karr, Mother of Ood» fOr all Those that 
^^^* an. Ill Meed. 

" Lady, hasten to our aid, smve us by thy intercession, or we shall 
perish." — JRiehard St, Laurence. 

X Bright Mother of our Maker, "hldir 
Thou Virgin ever-blest ; 
The ocean's Star, by whicii we sail, , 
And gain the port of rest. 


Hear us, sweet Mother! iliou hast 
Our earthly hopes and fears : 
Th6 taittemesa of mortal toO, 

Tlio tenderness of tears. 

We pray thee, first, for absent ones. 
Those who knelt with us here— 

The father, brother, and the son. 
The distant and the dear. 

Chorus. — Hear us, iic. 

We pray thM for tb« liitta bttk 

Upon the stomiy sea ; 
Affection's first great impulse ia 

To pray, for them, to ihee. 

Cftonu.>-Hear us, 4c. 

Pray for us, thst our 'heaxtbi and 
homes " 
Be kept in love and peace*- 
That peace which wicked worlds 
' can t give "*- 
Tliat love which flows from grace. 
CAoMM.— Heartis, ftc. 

O spotless Maid I whose virtues shine 

With brightest purity, 
Each action of our lives redB% 

And make us pure Uktf thso. 

CAoruj. —^Hsar ns, Ae. 



BvenlDff Supplication to Cor Lady. 

" As mariners are directed to the port by the jpolar star, thus Christiana 
are guided to Paradise by Mary."--5f. Thomas. 

z Ave SanetiwftiTna, 
We lift our souls to thee ; 
Ora pro nobis, 
Tis nightfall on the sea. 

9 Watch lis while shadows He 
Ear o'er the waters spread ; 
Hoar the heart's lonely Si^* 
Thine, too, hath bled. 

) Thou who hast looked on death* 
Aid us when death is near ; 
Whisper of heaven to faith I 
Sweet Mother, sweet Mother, hear 1 

[ Ora pro nobis. 
The wave must rock our sleep ! 
Ora matoTi ora, 

Star of the deeji. 

QOn Supplication to Our Lady to obtain the Aiyour of her 
''*^^* Fatrooaire tlU Death. 

" The more exalted she is, the greater her clemency and sweetness tow^tfds 

penitent sinners." — St. Gregory. 

Sweet Mother! turn those gentle 
Of pity down on me ; [eves 

Oh I hear thy suppliant's tearful cries, 
My humble prayer do not despise. 

Star of the ixithless sea ! 

In dark temptation's dreaiy hour. 
To thee, bnght Queen, wo flee ; 

Oh I then exert a mother's power. 
When storms are rough and tern- 

Star of the raging sea ! [posts lower ; 


Throiii^ aU my lays and fSunB, sweet 
Mmt I atm look on thee, [liiUd, 

"Vfho bore the Price our raoBom paid, 
And ne'er the suppliant's cry oath 
stayed ; 

Star of the azure sea I ■ . 

And when my last expiring sigh. 
My soul firom earth diall ttee. 

Do thou, bright Que^n of 8aiut>s, 
Btand by, 
And bear it up to Qod on bigb, ■ 

Star of the boundless sea I 

QOi SuppUcatioxi to Otir Lady to beg her Succour at 
'^^■'•* tUe Hour of Death. 

** 1, Ifaair moat dear Lady and Mother, 'wlll meet them (mv servants) at deftUi, 
that they may have consolation and refreshment.— ikvtftofioTM to Si. 

hi the hour of my Stress, 

When temptations me oppress. 
Holy HiEbry, comfort me. 

2 When I lie upon my bed, 
Sick In fastfM ft&d liok In hMd> 

Holy Mary, comfort me. . 

3 When the passing bell doth toll, 
And death's terrom fiU my soul, 

Holy Mary, comfort me. 

4 When the sfais of my past rears, 
Crowd njy mind with anxious fears. 

Holy Mary, dotnfort mo. 

5 When the ^ends >^ith hellish ciies> 
Din mine ftars and fright mine eyes, 

Holy Mary, comfort me. 

6 Wbeii tftB pHAst his last ^ pr^ilig, 
And I hear not what he's sayfflg. 

Holy Mary, comfort me. 

7 When the judgment is revealed. 
And to JeauA I've appealed, 

Holy Mary, comfort me. 


Eveziing: Hymn to Our Lady. 

** How oanat thou, O Maxy, refuse to relieve the miserable, since thou art the 

QuoMk of Mercy? '' — St. Bernard. ■ 

'• -* CJionu. 
HSAB thy ehildrenf gentlest Mother, 

Frayennl hearts to thee arise ; 
Hear us while our evening Ave 

Soars beyond the starry skies. 

[ Darkling shadows fall around us, 
Restfm stars their watches keep ; 
Hush the heart oppressed by sorrow. 
Dry the tears of^those who weep. 
Choriu.—'Haax thy ohildren, &o. 

Hear, sweet Mother, hear the wetwyt 
Borne upon life's troubled sea ; 

Gentle, guidinfif Star of Ocean, 
Lead thy children home to thee. 
Chorus. — Hear thy children, &c. 

Still watch o'er us, dearest Mother, 

From tiif beauteous throne above; 
Ouard us from all harm and danger, 
■ 'Neath the sheltering wings of love. 
&Aonf«.~>Hear thy children, Ire. 



<3QQ Hsmin to he Sung before the Conseoratloii of the 
^<^»^' Odldren ot Mary. 

" It is fmpossible that a servant of Mary should perish." — St. Aruelm. 

True to iny Queen, 1 own no mto 

but hers, [mother's hnnn ; 

My hope, my home, is in my 

X I HEAR thy false sweet voice, deeelt> 
f ul world. 
Vain are thy lures and vain thy art- 
ful Charms; 

Her badge I wenv, I own her sway, 
I fear no foes on the l^attle-day. 


Quocn of the skiea. Mother bleat and 

beloved, [to tiiee : 

Turn on ua thine eyea, see we hasten 
Lo 1 at thy loot, O dear Mother, we 

True children of Mary for \ Three 

ever to be. ) timu. 

Let sinful men exult in woridly joys, 

Short is their bliss, short-livea its 
transient glow ; 

Wild shouts of glee and bursts of 
laughter loud 

Servo but to hide the heart's deep- 
seated woe ; 

But grief enauesi remorse awakes, 
And peace the guilty soul forsakes. 
Chorut.-^Queen of the skies, tc 

3 Then bring fresh wreaths, and crown 

my head with flowers ; 
** Life is a feast," the reckless sinner 

'*Let pleaenir^ spring each day 

beneath my feet,'* 
But pleasures oad, and soon tbe 

sinner diea. 
Oh I what shall be that sinner's fate 
Who thinks of death and holl tou 


CJioruf. — Queen of the skies, ftc. 

oo>L Hymn to be Snuff after the Ocmseoratlon of the 
^^^^' ChiMien of Mary. 

" Mary is the ladder of Paradise. "—5'«.*/tt««tn. 

z The vow is made, and we belong to 
Mary ; (love ; 

After her Son, to her we give our 
Life is but short to oflfer in her ser- 
vice ; [prove. 
Even in death our loyal life we*ll 

The vow is made ; we'll break it never ; 
Alother of Ckxi ! we're thine for ever. 

3 The vow is made ; unto our dearest 

Mother ; [fatal charm : 

O world I we know thy false and 

Tet though our hearts be weak, and 

weak oiu* voices, [harm. 

Mary can keep us safe from sin and 

ChoTMi. — The vow is made, Jcc. 

The TOW is made ; it is before tliiue 
And here we give our hearts and 
souls to thee ; 
Hary 1 retrace thy gentle image on 
them I [be I 

Mary I thine own, oh, let them ever 
CKoriM.— The vow is made, kc. 

The vow is heard ; 'tis heard by God 
on high ; [bling t(»ics ; 

Angels nave listened to its trem- 
And she, their Queen, has looked with 
eyes benign, 
On those whom now she as her 
children owns. 
Ch<n'm.—Thb vow is made, ^ 


My Queen and my Mother ! remember that I belong to thee ; preserve 
and defend me as thy property and possessioxL" 

"'Forty days' indulgence each iime. 


" It is impossible that the Mother of Ood be not beard."— »S<. Bt^-natd. 

" You shall never find Jesus except with Mary and through JAaxy^—SU Bona- 

" It is the will of God, that all wo receive from Him should pass through tlic 

hands of Mary,"— iSi(. Bei'iMitl, 



The Tbree Salutations to Our Lady. 

* Mary is the dlAuensatrix of divine graces."— S^(, Bernai-dine iff Sienna, 
** The mediatrix between heaven and earth." — St. Epiphaniui. 

(Hay be used as a morning hymn for children.) 

Davohtxb of God the Father, 

Virgin pure and mild, 
I venerate and love thee ; 

Accept me for thy child. 
My soul and all its xx>wer8 

1 consecrate to thee ; 
Bepleascd, most holy Mother, 

From sin to keep me tree. 

Mothei' of our Redeemer, 
O Virgin pure and mild, 

I venerate and love thee ; 
Accept me for thy child. 

My body and its senses 
I consecrate to thee : 

Be pleased, most holy Mother, 
From sin to keep me free. 

Bpouse of the Holy Spdrit, 

Vix^n pure and mild, 
I venerate and lovo thee : 

Aooept me for thy child. 
My heart and its affections 

1 consecrate to thee ; 

Bo pleased, most holy Mother, 
From sin to keep me free. 

396. ChUdren'B Erenliig: Hymn to the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

*' Mary is the Lady above all blessed."-— 5<. Ckry»Mtom. " Who ever invoked 

her and was not heard ? "—Invocent III. 

Bright Queen of Heaven, 

Yii^u most fair, 
Mary most gentle, 

Lut to our prayer. 
Mother, protect us, 

Aid to us bring. 
Sweetly enfold us 

'Neath shelt'ring wing. 

Star of the Ocean. 

Shedding soft light. 
Solace in sorrow. 

Rest 'mid the night : 
Bend in our slumbera 

Peace from above ; 
Shine on us ever. 

Bright star of love. 

Though night be lonely 

Why should we fear. 
While thy soft gleaiuing 

Shineth so near. 
Leading us gently 

'Mid darkling gloom, 
Beck'ning us onwards 

To our true home? 

Soon may the morrow 

Of bright endless day. 
Chase the drear visions 

Of dark night away ; 
Waft our lone spirits 

To heaven's bright shore, 
Wliere we may love thee 

And rest evermore. 

397. The Child's Hymn to the Blessed Virgin for Purity. 

'* In dangers, in anguish, in doubts, think of Maiy, invoke Mary."— iS^ 


hear the prayer 

Aye Maria I 

Of thy poor helpless child ; 
Beneath thy sweet maternal care 
Preserve us undeftlod. 

Ave Maria 1 do I sigh 
In deep affliction's hour ; 
Nor to a 0upx>liant henH deny 
Thy mediiitlvo i^ower. 

2 Ave Maria f for to thee. 

Whom God hath pleased to ehoose 
The<Mother of His Son to bo, 
No prayer can He refuse. 

CAoMw.— Ave Maria 1 Sic. 

3 Ave Maria ! then implore 
One only grace for me ; 

This heart to give for evermore 
To God alone and thee 1 

Chorut. — Ave Maria I kc. 



•^*'*'* every Sin, 

Fktrr. zliv. 15: " After hw shaU 

z Holt Qaeen ! w« bond bef oro tbae, 
Queea of ptiritv dirine ! 
Make us love thee, we Implore thee, 
Hake iw tru]^ to be thine. , 


Teach, oh teadi us, hely If oth«v 
How to eonqaer ewery sin ; 

How to lOTO and help each other ; 
How the prise of life to win. 

3 Thou to whom a child was gtven 
Oreat^ than the sons of men. 

Tjxgins be farou^t to the King.** 

Coming down from highest heaven 
To create the world again. 
Ckonu. — ^Teadi, oh teaeh tts, Ac 
; Oh, by that Almighty Maker, 
Whom thyself a Virgin bore ! 
Oh, by th^ sn^reme Creator, 
Linked with uiee for evermore ! 
CA(»nu.— Teach, oh teach us, to. 
. By the hope thy name inspirea ! 
"Stj our doom reversed through thee 
Help uq, Queen of Ang^ cdiofav 1 
To a blest eternity I 
CAorHt.— Teach, <A teaoh us, Ac. 


Vbf WM'ff GluM of lUary Us a HoUiei^ 

*' Maiy ia not only the Mother of Jesus, our Saviour ; she ia also the Mother 

of all the faithful.''— iSr. Bonaventwre. 

z O Ma«7 Uest, 

A mother be to me ; 
For who in heaven or earth can find 
A mother half so good and kind. 

So &ir, so sweet as thee ? 

c Think, Mother bleat. 

That thine own Bon divine. 

When nailed upon His cross on high, 
For me He was about to dis, 

Made thee, ffis Mother, mine. 
3 O Ihou who art 

In heaven at His right hau(|. 
Obtain that I again mtj^ see 
My parents dear with Him and thee, 

In that bright happy land. 

Af\r\ A® OUUrs BnppUcatlon to bo Mamterad aaioiiff «ho 
^^^' Falthfia ChlUreii of Kazy. 

"O Mazy, ahow thyself a mother. "-*}%< Clk«re4. 

z Maidkn Mother, meek and mild. 

Take, oh take me tor thy child ; 

All my life, oh let it be 

My best joy to tiiink of thee, 
a When my eyaaare ol ose d in sla^. 

Through the night my slumbers keep. 

Make mv latest thouisht to he 

How to love thy Son and thee. 
3 Teach me, when the sunbeam bright 

Calls me with ito golden light. 

How my waking thougfata maor he 
Turned to Jeans and to thee. 

And, oh, teach me throiQgh the day 
Oft to raise my heart and say, 
** Maiden Mother, meek and mild, 
Chiard, oh, guard thy faithful ehild i < 
Thua, BwMt Mother, daiy and night 
Thou Shalt guard my steps aright ; 
And my dying words shall be, 
irgm Mother, pray for me \ * 


401. Tbo camOren's Yzaises of Mary. 

*' Glorious and admirable is thy name, O Mary I " — St. Bonaventwre. 
** Satan flees off, heU tremblei^ when I hail Mary."— A Alanut. 

1 With all thy alleotiona. 

My soul, praise thy Mother,^ 
Mary, thy sweet Mothev, 
And Jesus, her child. 


t Thou purest of Vix^gins, 
No 4tMn or tnipridbitti 
Of Adam's transgression 
Thy soul }»th (tofttod. 

3 Tell Jesus that sinners. 

Thy children, here bles^tbe^ 
While bright angels praise thee, 
Their Queen fair and mild. 
Chorus. — Ave, Ac. 

AH ^Ttfins eacoBlHnjf ; * 
The Infant God's dwelling 
In thy womb undeflled. 
CkoruB. — Are, &c. 

5 Befuge of sinners, 
O Star of life's ocean. 
In deepest devotion 
Illpraise thee, most Oul4, 
(Morus. — Ave, &c. 


Our Lady, thib Model of ChlldrBii. 

''Buch was the life of Mary, that she has been an example to tSW-^St AmJbroH. 

9 Wbilb I was yet a little one, 
I pleased the Lord of graoe^ 
A;sM in His holy soaotiijtry 
He granted me a place, 
s There sheltered by His tender care,' 
And by His love inspired. 
I strove in all things to fulnl 
Whatever He desired. 

3 I wholly gave myself to Him, 

To be for ever His ; 
I meditated on His law 
And ancient promises. 

4 4U)d eft at tAy embtoideiry. 

Musing upon the Maid . , 
Of whom Messias should oe bom,*— 
Thus in my heart I pn^ed : 

5 ** Permit me^ Lord, one ^y rto ife^' 

That Vix^ ever dear ; 

Predestinated in the courts 
Of Slon to appear. 

6 " Oh blest estate, if but I might 

Among her handmaids be i 
But such a favour, O my Qod, 
Is far too high for mo. " 

7 Thus unto GkKl I poured my prayer, 

And He that prHyer fulfiUed, 
Not as my pcmty had hoped. 
But as His bounty willed. 

8 Ere while a trembling chUd of dust, 

Now rpbed in heavenly rays, 
' I reigiil the Mother of mv<Ood ' * 
ll^rQugh sempilmaial days. 

9 To me the nations of the world 

Their grateful tribute bring ; , 
Tq mt tw^lpOWBEB €t dsa!!kness-t)eiKi.; 
To me the angels sing. 

. ^ Tbe omid'fi Desire to Im Adxnlttea with Mary in 
40o. Heayen. 


Ka]7 Is the Paradise from whii^h iowi the River of life, Christ our Loird.''- 

> St. AiMlrew cf JeruMUm, 

Q Hart, my Mother, 

So tender, so true. 
In all my afflietlena 

I hasten to you. 
Tour heart is so gentle, 

So loving, so mild, 
Tou cannot reject your 

FoQf imppliaat eblld. 

Holy Mary, let me come, 
Hoqr Mary, let me come ; 
Soon t» be happy with 
Thee in thy boiae. 

O Mary, my Mother, 
I long so 1K> see 

Theglorv thy Son has 

Provided for thee— • 
That heaven of giory. 

So pfurely thine own ; 
The reward which thy > 

Spotless virginity won. 
C%oru«.— Holy Mary, 4(0. 

O Mary, my Mother, 

So meek and so milc^ 
Look down «non me, 

A poor pitiful child ; 
Seoai^ me, 'midst dangers, 

From enemies free. 
And conduct me at death 

Up to Jesus and thee. 

(^orus. — Holy Mary, &«. 


404. TIM Ltme RdMnr Xf«di« Ujmm, to Mr Ladj. 


If jaa do noi wish to be onrwbeliiied bj the tempest, turn to the star 
and iixToke the name of Marj/'^SL BenmHL 

I A LfTTUB IxMt, with anow-wUte adl, 
la floating on the summer sea. 
Oh, Y^fauy mores it with the gale. 
And all ito crew axe children three. 


Kind HaaTen, gnmt nohaim botide» 
Tlieir fragile bark ttiien night falls 

And hark I the hreeze bears far and 

The Uttle flshen' evening hymn. 

3 Poor fishermen, too weak we are 
To stem the rolling ocean's wave : 
And Mary ! we have tamed to thee, 
A Mather's gentle help to crave. 

Hall Maxy ! Star of Ocean, ludl I 
Oh hear vb» hymn wc sing to thee ; 
The wfafle we trim our shifting sail. 
And ah^w our course across the sea. 

3 Oh de^n our feeble toil to Uess, 
And keep old ocean calm, the while ; 
Oh grant us, Mary, good success, 
And make our home with plenty 

Cftorat.— Hafl Maxy, Ae. 

Sweet Mother! light our outward 

Poor helpless little fiahera three ! 
And bring our boat in safety back, 
Acroas the wide and pathless sea. 
Cftont«.— Hail Maiy, Ac 


406. Eynm finr ProeMdoiis In Boamir of Onr Lady. 

" AU the honour which is given to the Queen-Mother is Emdered to the King, 

her Son."— 5^ lldtfonnit. 

1 Wfe bear with ua in Clowned state 
The image of our Queen, 
Who far above in heaven's own light 
Is decked in glorious sheen. 

Of all the Joys of loving hearts, 
No joy CAn bring such bliss ; 

Of nil the triumphs that are ours, 
No triumph is like this. 

a And as we Uft our voices up, 
We think the while we smg. 
Of that bright home above the skies 
Wliere she is with our King. 
CAotiit.— Of all the Joys, ke. 

3 O Mother, wo can scarcely wnit 
To see that sight so fair. 

Our pilgrim hearts are wearying 
To go and love thee there. 

Ciwna, — Of all the joys, Ix. 

4 Think, Mother, think of that bleat 

When "mid the solemn rite, 
We gave our trembling hearts to 
Oiu- yottthful faith did plight. 
ChoTH9. — Of all the Joys, to, 

5 We give them now, we give them aye, 

We pledge them at thy ahrine, 
Fbr ever keep them true to thee, 
For ever make them thine. 
Chwut.—Ot all the Joya, &o. 


406. Hymn In Honour of Our Lady. 

A8 iunff before her own Imape, 

** Mazy is the image of God the most perfect, the most accomplished.^' 

"^Arch. /'tor. 

This is the image of our Quoeii 

Who reigns in blisa above ; 
Of her who is the hope of men. 

Whom men and angels love I 
Host holy Mary I at tiiy feet 

I bend a suppliant knee ; 
[/>» all rnvjoy, in all my pain,] 

Pray thoti to God for me. 

The sacred homage that we pay 

To Mary's image here. 
To Mary's sel^ then on to Ood, 

Ascends the starry sidiert. 
Moyt holy Mary I at thy feet 

I bend a suppliant knee ; 
[/rt my temptatioyu, each and all,] 

Pray thou to God for me. 

Sweet are the flowers we hare culled 

This image to adorn ; 
But sweeter far is MUi-y's self, 

That rose wHhout a thorn I 
Most holy Mary I at thy feet, 

I bend a suppliant knee ; 
[ When on the ML f^f death J lie,] 

Pray thou to God for me. 

O Lady, hy the stars that make 

A glory round thy head, 
And by thy pure uplifted hands 

That for thv children ple:id ; 
Wlien at the judgment seat I stand, 

And mr dread Savloar see ; 
When hell is raging Tor my soul. 

Pray thou to God for me. 

[When thii Hymn is uted during the viwUh qf May, omit the line in brackets in 
the first, second, and third verses, and insert instead, ** In this thy own sweet 
month of May."] 


Hymn of Veloomo to tlie Hontb of May. 

Devotion to Mary Is a characteristio of salvation." — St. John Damascenes, 

X Welcome to this world of woe, 
To each pilgrim liere below. 
Nature's voice o'er hill and dale. 
Bids you, Mouth of Mary, hSil ; 
Come, ye children of the spring, 
Fair and fragnm*; flow'rets bring ; 
Welcome^ Month of Mary 1 

n Come, tixat from your treasures sweet 
We may twine a chaplot meet 
To be offered at the shrine 
Of the Mother-Maid Divine ; 
Bring the rose, for in its hue 
Marv's ardent love we view. 
WMoome, Month of Mmy I 

3 Mystieltosel that precious name 
Mary from the Church doth claim : 
In the lily's silver beUa 
The purit^ of Mary dwells. 

In the myrtle's fadeless green 
Mary's constancy is seen. 
Welcome, Month of Mary I 

Month of bright and radiant skies ! 
Tribute flowers to greet vou rise. 
Come, for we ^re weary here. 
Till your music greets the ear ; 
Till your rosy fingers fair 
Scatter perfumes on the air. 
Welcome, Month of Mary I 

We do love yon. Month, most fair. 
For the precieus name you bear ; 
And we bail you with delight ; 
- Mary*s name sheds lustre bright ; 
Every flow'ret seems to say, 
Maiy's is the month of May. 
Welcomei Mottth of Maiy 1 


Af\Q ^9 Wteatli wltb which we are to Grown onr Lady 
408. (iueen^Mtty. 

Isa. 1x11. 3 : " And thou sholt b« ft mwa. of gUwy in the hand of the Lord, 
and a royal diadem in the hand ox thy God." 

Tlowbas are springing, birds are 
The earth is bright and gay, 
Then let us weave a blooming wreath 
For Mary^ Queen of May. 

X We'll twine the rose that early blows 
With the lily of the vale ; 
And violet we won't forget, 
That seeuts the morning gale. 
CAona. •^'Flowers araapringiag. 

a Our floral crown well place aronnd 
Her brows so hearenly fair ; 

And it will prore how mu6h we love, 

Though gleams no diamond there. 

CAona.— Flowers are springing. 

For ro6e will teU we love her well 
Who loved us unto death ; 

By lily flower well own her power 
To win her sinless wreath. 

C/to7«tt«.-~ Flowers are springing. 

And tiolet sweet, that seelcs retreat 
To breathe its fragrant breath. 

Will ahow that we the woiid will fle« 
And love her unto death. 

CAora*.-— Flowers are springing. 

ATiOk ^0 Qifte we are to Be^ of Our Lady dtiziitg the 
^^^- Month of May. 

" To l&ee, Mary, hate been confided all the treasures of grace." 

— St. Ild^imiut, 

1 Joy of my heart I oh let me pay 

To thee thine own sweet month of 

3 Mary I one gift I beg of tbee,r- 
My soul trtta. Mh and 6ortow free' 

3 Direct my wandering feet ai%ht, . 
And be thyself mine oWn true light 

4 Be love of thee Uie purging fire, 
To cleanse for God n^ heart's desire. 

5 Mother I be love of thee a ray 
Ftom heaven, to ahow the heaven- 
ward way. 

6 Mary I make hakte thy child to win 
"Prom sin, and from the love of sin. 

7 Mother of God I let my poor love 
A mother's prayers and pity laxim. 

8 O Mazy I when I come to die, 

Be thou, thy spouse, and Jesus nigh. 

9 When mntebeiore the Judge I stand, 
Mj holy shield be Maxys hand» 

zo O Manr I let no child of thine 
In heirs eternal exile pine. 

ti If time for penance still be mine». 
Mother, ths pireflloiifl gift ia tii^e. 

la Thou« Mary, art my hope and life, 
The starlight of this earlflily atxifa. . 

13 Oh, for my own and others' sin, 

. |)otbQu,jifhp/qan^lrpopardonwin. 

14 To sinners all, to me the chie^ 

• Send, Mother, •endlhy kind teUel. 

15 To thee our love and troth are given. 
Rray for us, pray, bright Gate of 


x6 Sweet Day-Star I let thy beauty be 
A light to draw my soul to thee, 

17 We love thee, llghfeol sinners' eyes ! 
Ph let thy prayer for siunem riooi 

z8 Look at us. Mother Mary ! see 
flow piteously we look to thesL 

19 I am thy slave, nor wotild I be 
For worldB fnnn this sweet bonda^ 

ao O Jesusy Joseph, Mary, deign 
My soiil in heavenly ways to tznin. 

sx Sweet Stewardeit. :of fled, Iftiy 
We beg, who are God's nmaom«d 


M O Virgte-bom I O WMh Di^rlne I 
dea&M UB, and mak* us wholly 

33 Mary, dear MiitreM of my heart, 
What thou wouldst have me do, 


34 Thou, who wert pure as driven 

Hake me as thou wert here below. 

35 O Queen of Heaven I obtain for me 
Thy glory there one day to see. 

26 bH fli4n and there) en thalb bri^Ht 

day, [pUiA 

To me thy womb's chaste Fruit dn- 

S7 Mculher of CMd 1 to ms noiess, 

Youohsafe a mother's sweet caress. 

38 Be love of thee, my whole life long, 
A seal upon my wayward tongue. 

39 Write on my heari*^ most sattftt 

core, [bore. 

The five dear Wounds that Jeaus 

30 Oh give me tears to shed with thee 
Beneath tiie Cross of Oalvaiar. 

3Z One more request and I have done 

With love of thee and thy dear Son; 
' If ore let me bum, slid «&0«te'6Mh 

nil love of self is burned away. 

410. Hymn of Praise to Mary, the Lovely Qaeen of Uliay. 

*'That Mary is the Mother of Ood, supersedes all that which after Ood may 

be named or thought oV^St Antelm, 

Thb sun is shining brightly. 

The trees are cloth ed with greeni 
The beauteous bloom of flowers 

On every side is seen. 
The fields are gold and em*nild, 

And all the world is gay ; 
For 'tis the month of Mary, 

The lovely month of May. 

O Mary, dear Mother, 
We si^g a hymn to thee ; 
Thou art the Queen of Heaven, 
Thou too our Queen shalt be. 
Oh rule us and guide us 
Unto eternity. 

There's music in the heavens, 
For bixda are singing there ; 

And nature's songsand praises 
Are sounding through the air ; 

And we with hearts o erfiowing 
With joy will sing to-day ; 

tbr 'tia the month of Mary, 
The lovely month of May. 

Chorut.—O Mary, kc. 

And wheat, night closes o'er us, 

And twinkling stars appear ; 
The chaste mooti ealmly reigneth. 

In skies so bright and clear. 
Oh, how that sight reminds uri 

Of heaven far away, 
Where reigns, o'er saints and ancelSit 

Our lovely Queen of May. 

OKohM.-^ Mary, ft6. 


Mary, the Qaeen of SeasoiiB. 

" A larger world and higher heavensOod could create, but a Mother more 
exslted than the Mother of God He could not make." — 8t. Bernard, 

X All is divine whioh the Highest hast 
From the day that He wrought till 

the day when He stayed ; 
Above and below, withifi and around, 
From the centre of space to its utter- 
most bound. 

3 111 beauty surpassing the Univene 
On the mom of its birth like an 
Innocent child, 

Or like the rich bloom of some goiM 
geous flower. 

And the Father rejoiced in the work 
of His power. 

Yet worlds brighter still, aacl a 

brighter thau those. 
And a brighter again He had made 

had He chose ; £ceivable best. 
And you never could name that cou< 
To eUiaust the resources the Maker 


4 Butlknowofoneworkof Hislnfiikite 

Hand, [tdr stand ; 

Which, special and singular, is evor 
So perfect, so pure, and of gifts such 

That even Omnipotence ne'er shall 

do more. 

5 The freshness of May, and the sweet- 

ness of June, fnoou, 

And the firo of July in its passionate 

Munificent Augu6t,S^)teiaiber 8erQn«» 
Are together no miatch for our glorious 

O Mazy, all months and all days are 
thine own, {they are gone ; 

In thee lasts their joyousuess when 

And we give to thee May, not because 
it is best. 

But because it comes first and is 
pledge of the rest. 



It is a pious custom in some idaces, and especially during Missions and 
Retreats, to sing a Terse of a hymn before each mystery of the Rosary when it 
in publicly recited. The following verses have been written with the idea of 
their being used for this purpose. They will lielp the faithful to meditate on 
the mysteries, and will draw attention to the special virtue taught by each. 

The concluding verse, '* Queen of the Holy Rosary," may be either omitted, 
or sung after '^e last decade, as an offering of the whole dbiaplet to our Lady. 


The Joyful MysterieB. 


Hail ! fuU of grace and purity. 
Meek Handmaid of the Lord, 

Hail I model of Humility, 
Chaste Mother of the Word. 


By that pure love which prompted thee 

To seek thy cousin blest, 
Fray that the fires of Charity 

May bum within our breast. 


This blessing beg, O Virgin Queen, 
From Jesus through His birth. 

By holy poverty to wean » - 

Our hearts from things of earth. 


Most Holy Virgin, Maiden mild. 

Obtain for us, we pray, 
To imitate thy Holy Child 

By striving to obey. 


By thy dear Son, restored to thee. 

This grace for us implore, 
To serve our Lord more faiuifully. 

And love Him more and more. 

{Condudinff Verse.) 

Qiicen of the Holy Rosaiy, 
With tender love look down. 

And bless the hearts that offer thoo 
This chaplet for thy crown. 


The Sorrowftil llyBterles. 


Lord, by Thy prayer in agonyi 

On Olivet, alone. 
Teach us to Fray, resigned like Theo^ 

And say, " Thy wiU ije done." 



Sweet Saviour, who didst boar for me 
The scourges* pains intense. 

Help me to fly all luxury, 
And Mortify eadh sense. 



By tlio sharp thorns so meekly bome^ 
And scoffs and buffets rude, 

T(»4c]i us to bear all pain and scorn 
With holy Fortitude. 


Lord, by Thy Cross Thy people spare, 
And on us pity take. 

Help us our dally cross to bear 
\Vith Patience for Tby sake. 


O Jesus, victim for man's fall, 

Lamb slain on Calvaiy, 
Accept henceforth our lives, our all. 

In Sacrifice to Thee. 

(Concltiding Verse.) 
Queen of Uie Holy Rosary, Ac. 


The GOorioiu UyBterles. 


All hail, great Conqueror, to Thee, 

Arisen from the dead ! us the light of Faith, thut we 

May in Thy footsteps tresid. 


To heaven Thou dost ascend again, 

Sweet Saviour of our race. 
With Hope our fainting hearts sustain. 

To see in heaven Thy face. 


O Holy Ghost, wlio didst def cend 
In cloven tongues of fire, [tend. 

Our souls, wliich oil too earthward 
With burning Zeal inspire. 


Mother of God, enthroned above, 

Beteech thy Son anew 
To fill our hearts with childlike love 

For thee, our Mother too. 


AH gracious Queen of Angels, deign 

Our last request to hear. 
For us this crowning gift obtain. 

In grace to Persevere. 

(Ccnelvdi'Aff Verse.) 
Queen of the Holy Rosary, &o. 




Come, my lip^, and wide proclaim 
the Blessed Vii^in's spotless fnrae. 

V. O Lady, make speed to befriend 

E, From the hands of the enemy 
mightily defend me. 

V. Glory be to the Father. Alleluia. 

From Septwigetima to Saster, instead of 
Alleluiat is said, 

V. Praire be to Tbee, O Lord, King 
of evcrlnsting glorj'. 

Ilailf Queen of the Heavent, 

I Hail, Queen of the Heavens 1 
H:i)l, Mistress of eat-tli ! 

• Hnil, Virgin most pure. 
Of immaculate birth I 

a Clear StAr of the Morning, 
In beauty enshrined ! 
O Lodj*, ipake speed 
To the help of uiankind 1 


3 Tbea God in the <te|>ih 

Of eternity «h<»e ; 
And formed thee nil fair, 
As His glorious Spouse ; 

4 And ealled tJbee His Word's 

Own Mother to be. 
By whom He created 
The earth, sky, and sea. 

F. God elected her, and j>re-elected 

R He made hut to dwbU in Hi9 

r. O Lady, hear my prayer. 

K And let my cry cQOtw vato tlifcQi 

Let tt» jwov. 

Holy Mary, <)aeen of Heavm), Mother 

of our Lord Jesus Christ, and Mistress 

of the world, who forsakest no onei 

and despisest no one ; look upon me, 

O Lady, ivifh .ui ^« of pitgr» and en- 
treat for me, of thy beloved Son, the 
forgiveness of all my sins ; that, as I 
now celebrate with devout affectioii 
thy holy Immaculate Conception, so 
hereafter I may receive the pi-ijse of 
eternal blessedness, by the grace of 
Him whom thou, in virginity, didst 
bring forth, Jesus Christ our Lord; 
Who, with the Father and the Holy 
Ghosts liveth and relgneth, in perfect 
Trinity, God, world without end. 

K, O Lady, hear my prayer. 

it And let my cry come unto tliee. 

V. Let us bless the Lord. 

R. Thanks be to God. 

V. May the souls of the faithful 
departed, through the mercy of God, 
rest in peace. A Amen. 


V. O Lady, make speed to befriend me. 
JR. From the handa of the enemy 
mightily defend me. 
r. Glory be to the Father. AlleluJUw 

SaU, Virffin most Wite. 

1 Hail Yizgin, most wise $ 

Bail, Deitv's shrine ! 
With seven fair pillars, 
And table divine 1 

2 Preserved fh>m the guilt 

Whicli has come on us all I 
Exempt in the womb 
^tfgai th« tfijnt oi th» Pall I 

3 O new star of Jacob ! 

Of anffels the Queen I 
O gate of the saints I 
O Mother of men \ 

4 Oh, terrible as 

The embattled amy I 
Be thou of the faithful 
Tha refuge and atay. 

r. The Lord Himself created her in 
the Holy Ghost. 

R. And poured her out among all 
His works. 

V. O Lady, hear, fto., wt<A Ou prayer 
tomd wtiMm, m oI Jtfa^^Yit* 


V. Lady, make speed to befriend me. 
R. From the hands of the enemy 
mightily defend me. 

V. Glory be to the Father. Alleluia. 

JffaUt Solonwn^e Throne, 

X Hail, Solomon's throne I 
Pure Ark of the Law I 
Fair Rainbow 1 and Bush 
Which the Patriarch saw ! 

2 Hail^Godeon's Fleece! 
Hail, Uosaoming Bod 1 
Samson's sweet HoBeycomb I ■ 

3 Well fitting it was 

That a Sou so divine 
Should preserve from all toueh 
Of original sin ; 

4 Nor suffer by smalleat 

Dt-fect to be stained 
!Fhat Mother, whom BDe 
For Himself had ordaloed. 

r. I dwell in the highest 

R. And my throne is on the pillar 
of the clouds. 

F. O iMdy, hear, &o., wOA th^j^mr 
and vtr$ieU*t <u at M^Oim. 

LITTLE (^mm fi^ ItfMAfll7L4XB' OWCBFTIOK. 


V. O Lady, maika speed to befriend 

R. From the hands of the enemy 
zuifrlitily defend me. 

V. Glory be to the father. Alleluia. 

ffailf Virginal Mothet: 

z Hail, Virginal Mother I 
Fair ahrine wbere the Trinity 
Loveth to dw«U t 

3 Thou land set apart 
From nses profane, 
And free from the curse 
Which in Adam began 1 

3 Hail, garden of pleasure \ 

Celestial balm 1 
Cedar of Chastity ! 
Martyrdom's palm ! 

4 Thou city of God 1 

Th on gate of the East, 
In thee is all gtace, 
Joy of the blest t 

V. As the lily aniong the thorns. 

H. So is my beloved among tlie 
daughters of Adam. 

V. O Lady, hear, &c., vHth tftt prayer 
and versicla, at at JStttlns. 


V. O Lady, make spee^ to befriend 

R. "From the hands of the enemy 
miffhtOy doiteid me. 

V. Glory be to the Father. AllMuia. 

Mad, OUy pf JRefuge, 

X Hail, City of refuge ! 

Hail, David's high tower [ 
"With battlements crowned 
And girded with power ! 

3 Filted at tfay^tonoeplion ^ 
With Love and with light I 
Th6 Dragon hy thee 
Was shorn of his might. ] 

' i O Woman most valiant ! 
O Judith thrice blest ! 
AA David was nursed 
in fair Abiahag's breast ; 

4 As the Saviour of Egypt 
Upon Rachel's knee ; 
So the i^orld's great Redeemer 
Was cherished by thee. 

V, Thou art all fair, my Beloved. 

Jt And the original stain was never 
In thee. 

V. OlMidj^hBKtf At., with the prayer 
and vertidetf <u at MaUnt. 


r. O Lady> knake kpeed to befriend 

JL Ftam Hhs kimdB of th« enemy 
mightily defend me. 

V. Glory be to the Fattier. AUfeHuia. 

Jffailf Dial qf Achaa, 

X Hail, dial of Achaz ! 
On thee the true sun 
ToM backward the course 
Whiqh from old he had run ! 

a And, that man might be raised 
Submitting to shame, . 
A little more low 
Than the angels bee* ve* '• 

3 Thou, wrapt in the blase 

Of His iniinite light. 
Dost shine as the morn 
On the confines of night 

4 As the moon on the lost 

Through obseurtly dawpe, , i 
The serpent's destroyer i 
I A lily 'mid thorns 1 

V. 1 made an unfailine light to arise 
in heaven. 

£. And, as a inlst» I overspread the 
whole eatth. ■ 

V. O Lady, hear, &c. ioOh ihtptaytr 
and versiclett «*at Matmt, 



V. May Jesus Clirist thy Son, recon- 
ciled by thy prayers, -Lftdy, convert 
our hearts. 

R. And turn away His anger from us. 

V. O Lady, make speed to befriend 

R, From the hands of the enemy 
mightily defend me. 

V. Olory bo t:) the Father. Alleluia. 

HaUy Mother most Pure* 

X Bail, Mother most pure I 
Hail, Virgin renowned 1 
Hail, Queen of the stars 
As a diadem crowned I 

a Above all the anf^s 
In glory untold, 

Standing next to the King* 
In a vesture of goldl 

3 O Mother of mercy 1 

O Star of the wave I 
O Hope of the guilty ! 
O Light of the grave ! 

4 Through thee may we come 

To the haven of rest ; 
And see Heaven's King 
In the ooarts of the blest 

V. Thy name, O Blary, is as oil 
poured out. 

R. Thy servants have loved tbee 

V. O Lady, hear, Ac, teWi tlte prayer 
and vertielesj as at Matint, 


These Praises and Prayers, 

1 These praiaes and prftyers 

I lay at thy feet, 
O Virgin of virgins I 
O Mary most sweet 1 

2 Bo thou my true guide 

Througli this pilgrimage here ; 
And stand by my side 
When death draweth near. 

[Pope Paul V. has granted a hundred 
days* indulgence to all the faitikfvd 
wJio devovMy reeits tbi foUowimg An- 
theni and prayer.} 

Ant. This is the branch, in which 
was neither knnt of original, nor bark 
of actual sin found. 

V. In thy conception, O Virgin, thou 
wnst immaculate. 

R. Pi-ay unto the Father for us, 
whose Son thou didst bring forti). 

Let tbsp'i'ay. 

O God, who by the Immaculate Con* 
qeption of tlie Blessed Virgin, (Udst 
prepare a fit habitation for Thy Son ; 
we beseech Thee, that, as by tbe fore- 
seen death of the same Son, Thou did^t 
{>re8erve her pure from all spot, &o 
ikewise gi-ant, that we, by her inter- 
cession made free from sin, may altahi 
untr> Thep. TlirougU our L'»r,i Jesus 
Christ, TIty Son, who with Theo :uid 
the Holy Qhost, liveth and reignetli, 
one Qod, world without end. Amen. 

Ead of the Little Office qfour B. Lady. 

Intoeatian to Maifff Inmaitdaie, 

Holy Mary— conceived without sui— 
piuy for us— pray, for us— who have 
reoonnse to thee. 



Lord, have mercy on us. 
Ciiriat, have mercy on us. 
Lord, have mer^-y on us. 
Christ, hear us. 
Christ, grtudioiuly hear us. 

O Daughter of Qod the Father, ex- 
alted above all creature.<*, reign over 
thy children ; 

Graciawitf hear «•, Mary, 


O Mottiw of God the Son and mr^ 
liother, proteot thy children ; 

O Spouse of the Holy Qbost, 
obtain the aanctification of thy 
children ; 

Mother of strength, obtain the 
spirit of fortitude for thy children ; 

Mother of love, obtain a solid, 
generous, and constant love for thy 
childxen ; 

Mother, full of seal for thy 
Bon's glory, obtain a prudent* en- 
lightened, and burning iseiil for thy 

Mother, who wast pure as the lily 
nxnong thorns, obtam that love of 
purity which trembles at the sha- 
dow of spot or stain for thy 
children ; 

Mother, who didat never lose 
sight of the presence of God, 
obtain the grace of recollection in 
the midst of the tumult of the 
world for thy children ; 

Mother, most generous, obtain .a 
spirit of sacrifice for thy children ; 

Mother, ever calm, even in the 
agony of the cross, obtain a spirit 
of peace which no tempests sball 
ruffle for tliy children ; 

Mcther, full of fuith, obtain that 
interior spirit which reveals Ood 
in all His creatures for thy diil- 
di-en ; 

Mother j^eek and humble, ask 
the virtuM which Jesus loved, and 
of which He gave such toucliiiig 
examples for thy children ; 

Mother, who didst never seek 
any eye but- that of God as witness 
of thy actions, obtain the desire 
of pleasing Him alone for thy chil- 
dren ; 

Mother, chaste and pm-e, obtain 
that the most pecleot modesty may 
ever distinguish ns thy children ; 

Mother, who didst despise all 
the vanities of the world, obtain 
strength to resist Its deceitfuL 
charms for thy children ; ' 

By thy Immaculate Conception, Mary 
cur Mother, hear thy children. 

By the fervour with which, at the age 
of three years, thou didst offer thyself 
to God, Mary our Afother, hear thy 

By thy heart, piereed with a iwok4 
of sonrow, Mary our Mother, hmr iky 

Thou who wast ever resigned to the 
will of God, obtain a constant submUi* 
sion to the same holy will for thy 
children, Mary our Motlier, hear thy 

Thou who forsakest no one, support 
in the midst of this liie's perils those 
who art cousoerated to thee as thy 
children, Mary 9Ur Mothtr, hear thy 

Sb JouepU, dbaste guardian of Jesus 
and Mary, pray for us. 

St. John, who hadst the bappincRs 
of being allowed to take care of otu* 
Mother, pray for us. 

St. Aloysius, and St. StanisIauR, 
burning with love for Mary, igray for 


Lamb of God, who takcst away the 
sins of the world, Spai'e us, Lord. 

Lamb of God, who takest away the 
sins of the world, QracUnuly hear us, 

Lamb of Gk>d, who takest away the 
sins of the world, Have mercy on us. 

Jesus, hear us. Jesus, graciously 
hear us. 

V. O Maiy, full of gr«ce. 

£. From thy throne in heaven, bles^s 
thy children. 

Let ui pray. 

O Jesus, who from the cross bust 
given Mary ns a Mother for all men, 
and hast still further flircured us by 
admitting us into the number of her 
privileged children, grant that, pro- 
fiting by the graces which thou pourest 
on us, we may realise in a happy eter- 
nity t^ose consoling words : '* A true 
servant of Marv caunot be lost." We 
implore this of Thee by the tenderness 
of Thy Sacred Heart, and the sufferings 
of Thy bitter Passion. Amen. 

JUnewal of AU ^ ConMcroUmw 

Queen of Heaven, Mother of Ood, 
and my Mother, how happy I am to 
have learnt to know thy greatness and 
thy inel&ble goodness, how happy I 
am in possessing the sweet title of 
• • Cliild of Mary " ! O my Mother, thoii 


liait ii«vM< rejeotfld tnf one wHolkad 
VMouMo to the», Atid thoa wUt not 
refuse to receive once more the oflbrlng 
which I now make thee of myself. 
Receive me into thy heftrt, O my 
Hotber ! it is there thy children should 
ever dwell. I prefer thy love to all 
earthly delights, my title of <' Child of 
Mary** to all worldly honoan, and I 
would ratiiftit dio than forfeit the rifi:hi 
of ealUngr myself thy 0bild. Blessed be 
the sweet ehalna whAofa bind- me to 

thy 0tvvice, they will be my happiness 
here and my salvatloir hereafter, fet 
th^u miW help me, O my Mother I to 
fulfil my promise,' thott wilt not let 
th^ child perish 1 No, I shall be thine 
fofl all eteniliy. Amen. 

Repeat Tnvoeatwn to Mary Immaeutate. 

{[oly Mary — conceived without sm-> 
priy Ibr U8>HW*7 ^or ns— -who have 
reoourse to thee. 


B!riBn tat FMUVali of ovif Litdy, at Veqiwn. 


X Atb maria stella, 
Dei Mater alma, 
Atque semper vit^po^ 
Pelix eceli porta. 

3 Sum ens illud Ave, 
O^abrielis ore, 
Funda nos in pace, 
Kutens Hevse nomen. 

3 Solve vinda reis, 
Prefer lumen csscis, 
Mala nostra pelle. 
Bona ounota posee. 

4 Monstra te esse matrem 
Sumat per te preces, 
Qui pro nobis natos, 
TuUt esse tuus. 

5 Virgo singularis, 
Inter omnes mltls, 

SOS oulpia aqlutoa, 
Ites iao et castoa. 

6 Yitam praasta pnram, 
Iter para Uitum, 

Ut videntes Jesum, 
Semper oolUetemnr. 

7 Sit laua Deo Patrl 
Summo CUristo doous^ 
Spiritui Sancbo, 
Tribus honor unus. 

me laudare to, 


V. Diguare 
R. Da mlhl virtnteu conira boates 

tl^Ofl. , 

i EL4IL) bright Star of ocean, 
God'o own Mother blest, 

! Bver-sinless Virgin, 
Gate of heavenly rest ; 

a Taking that sweet Ave 
Which from Qabriol came. 
Peace confirm within us, 
Changing Eva's name. 

3 Break the oaptlve's fettevs t 

Light oti bUndnesa pour ; 
All our ills « xpeUing^ ' 
£very bliss implore. 

4 Show thyself a mother ; 

May the Word Divine, 
Born for us thine Infant, 
Hear our prayers through thine. 

« Virfifin all excelling, 
Freed from guilt, preserve tM 
Meek and undeoled * 

6 Keep our life all spotless, 
, Rfake our way secure, 

TUl we find in Jesus 
• Joy for evermore. 

7 Through the highest Heaven 

To the Almighty Thtee, 
Father, Son, and Spirit, 
■ One same glwy be. 

V. Oraciouslv suffer me to pxala^ 
.thee; sacred virgin. 
, R. Grant me strength a^fainst thine 


Ant. SanctA Maria, succurro miseris Ant, O Holy Mary, supcoxir the miser- 
juva pusiUanimes, refoye flebilea, ora able, help the dejected, comfort the 
^ro populo, interveni pro olero, inter* afflicted, pray for tho psople, mediate 

«tj JoasifH. 

oede pro deroto fomUieo aaxi^ : poatiu^t . for the- plei^gr^Uwcede for the dfi^wt 
omnestaumju^anien, quljcumqtiecdie- remale sex, l^ vu be sensible of-tAy 
bnmt tmca. ■> u ;iot»y n lestivitfttf in, help, who colebirate thy holy festjyal. 


At the Maffn\fic<U, 

Ant. Beatam »« dioent omnea gene- Ant. All generations shall call me 
rationes, quia ancillam Jiumilezn res- blessed, because God hath regarded His 
peadt Deua. humble handmaid. 


0t. Joeeph'i VoxLderfal FrhrUegoi. 


He enjoyed tw» wendevfal pfitileges, of which neither paMavohs nor pro- 
phets could boast : for St. Joseph was the spouse of Mary and the father 
of Jesua Chrlat'*— 7o{e^ 

Matt Lt6z « And Jaeeb begoi Im#^ fB4 husband of Haiy, of whom was 

born JesuS) who Is called Christ." 

1 Hail ! holv Joseph, hail t 

Husband of Marv, hail 1 
Chaste as the lily lower 
in Eden's peaceful vale, 

2 Hail ! holy Joseph, hail I 

Father of Christ esteemed ! 
Father be thou to those 
^y Foster-Son redeemed. 

3 Hail 1 holy Joseph, hail 1 

Prinoa of the House of God, 
May His best graces be 
By thy sweet hands bestowed. 

4 Hail ! holy Joseph, hall I 

Gomnde of angelSj hail I 

Cheev thou fiha hearts that faint. 
And guide the steps that fail. 

5 Hail 1 holy Joseph, hail I 

Qqd's choice wert thou alonOf 
To thee the Word made ^esh 
Was subject as a Sou, 

6 Hail ! holy Joseph, hail ! 

Teach us our flesn to tame ; 
And. Mary, Keen the hearts 
That love thy husband's oiame. 

7 Mother of Jesus ! bless. 

And bless, ye Mints on high. 
All meek and simple souls 
Thak to Saint Joseph ery. 


St. Joaeph'B Bsalted Dignity. 


There is not one among the blessed spirits who would presume to tiUce 
the title of Fatiher with regard to Jesus." — St, Cyprian. 

Joseph, our certain hope of life, 
Oloiy of earth and heaven t 

Thou Pillar of the world 1 tO thte 
Be praise eternal given. 

Thee, as Salvation's minister, 
The mighty Maker chose ; 

As Foster-Father of the Word; 
As liftry's spotless Spouse. 

With joy thon sawest Him new*bom, 
Of whom the prophets sanipf 

Him in a manger didst adore, 
Froni whom Creation apnog. 

The Lord of lords, and King of kings, 

Ruler of sky and sea, 
Whom heaven and earth and hell 

Was subject unto thee. [oljey. 

Blest Trinity 1 vouchsafe to ns. 

Through Joseph's marita high, 
To mount the heavenly seats, and 

With him eternally. [reign 



St. Joseph'i most Btngnlar Power. 

Fs. dy. ax : " He mado liim master of his hoase, and nder of all liia 

])Os6e4sioiL " 

X Seek ye the grace of God, 
And mercies from on high ; 
Invoke St. Joseph's holy najne^ 
And on his aid rely. 

a So shall the Lord, well pleased, 
Your earnest prayer fulfil ; 
The guilty cleanse from guilt, and 
The holy holier still. [make 

3 So shall his tender care 

To yon through Ufe be nigh ; 
80 shall his love with triumph crown 
Your dying agony. 

4 Hail, mightiest ci saints. 

To whom, submissive, bent 
He whose Creator-hand oat-atretched 
The starry firmament. 

5 Hail, Mary's Spouse-elect, 

Hail, Guardian of the Word, 
Nurse of the Highest, and esteemed 
The Father of the Lord. 

6 Blest Trinity, to Thee 

From all in earth and heaven. 
And to St. Joseph's holy name, 
'Be praise and honour given. 

4312, 8t. JoiepH, the FatzoB of tke Unlyenal Clumdi. 

Matt. xxiv. 45 : "Who, thinkest thou, is a faithful and wise servant whom 
his Lord hatii appointed over His Family ? " 

1 Dear Spouse of our Lady ! dear 

Nurse of her Child ! 
Life's ways are full weary, the desert 

is wild ; [liome can we see ; 

Bleak sands are all round us, no 
Sweet Spouse of our Lady ! we lean 

upon thee. 

2 For thou to the pilgrim art Father 

and Guide, [thy side ; 

And Jesus and Mary felt safe by 
Ah, blessed Saint Joseph ! how i^afe 

should I be, [wert with me ! 
Sweet Spouse of our Lady I if thou 

3 O blessed Saint Joseph ! how great 

was thy worth, [eartli : 

The one chosen shadow of God upon 

The Father of Jesu% ah, then, wilt 

thou be, [tome? 

Sweet Sjiouse of our Lad^* ! a Fatht^r 

When the treasures of God were un- 
sheltered on earth. 

Safe keeping was found for them 
b«>th in thy worth ; 

O Father of Jesus ! be father to me. 

Sweet Spouse of our Lady ! and I 
will love thee. 

God chose thee 'for Jesus and Mary, 
wilt thou [thee niiw ? 

Forgive a poor exile for dioosin^' 

There is no SiUnt iu heaven I woniliip 
like thee : [to love me ! 

Sweet Spouse of our Lady, ob, deign 

423. St. Joaeph, the Patron of a Happy Death. 

"Now, O my Jesus, my Son, and my God 1 Thou dost dismiss Thy servant 

in peace."— Zi/« o/St. J&uph. 

Thbbr are many saints above 
Who love us with true love, 
Many angels ever nigh ; 
But, Joseph, none tbere be. 
Oh, none that love like thee— > 
Dearest of Saints I be near us when 
wc die. 

Thou wert guardian of our Lord, 
Foster-Father of the Word, 
Who in thine arzr.s did lie ; 
If we His brothers be. 
We are foster-sons to the»^ 
Dearest of Saints ! be near ns when 
we die. 


3 Tbo\i wert Mai'y'a earthly guid«, 
For ever at liar aide ; 

Oh, for her sake hear our cry. 
For we follow in thy way, 
IxyTiugr MmT* as we may — [we die. 
Dearest of Iteinfts { be near us when 

4 Thou to Mary's virgin love 
Wert the image of the Dove, 
Who was her spouse on high ; 
Bring us gifts from Him, dear Saint, 
Bring us comfort when we faint — 
Dearest of Saints ] he near us when 


Sadly o'er the desert sands. 
Into Egypt's darksome lauds^ 
As an exile didst thou fly ; 
And we are exiles too. 
With a world to travel through** 
Dearest of Saints 1 be near us when 
we die. 

When thy gentle yeaiw were run, 

On the bosom of thy Son, 

like an infant didst tbou lie « 

Oh I by thy happy death. 

In the tranauil Nasareth— [lyo die^ 

Dearest of Saints 1 be near us wkeu 

ASul ^^ JoMpb, th6 Proteotar «r tliOM wbo Aggiln to 
^^^^ great InteKior Banotltgr. 

Gen. xU. 55 : " Go to Joseph, and do all that he shall say to you.** 

To all who w«Mil<i hoOily Uve^ 

To all who would happily die, • 
Bitine Joseph Is iteady to give [high. 

Sure giddaDce and help Arom on 

z Of Maty, the Spouse undefiled, 

Just, holv, and pure of all stain, 

He asks uf his own Foster-Cbild ; - 

And needs but to ask to obtain. 

Chonu.'^To all, Ao. 

8 In the manger ttiat Child he adored, 

And nursed Him in exileand Aight ; 

Him, lost in His boyhood, deplored; 

And found with amase and aeligbt. 

CSionu^To all, fto. 

3 The Maker of heaven and enrth 
By the labour of Joseph was fed; 

> The Son by ineffable birth 

Submissfve to Josepti was made. 
Chorus.— To all. Ac. 

And when his last hour drew ni^)« 
Oh, full of all ioy was his breast I 

Seeing Jesus and Mary close by, 
As ke tranquilly slumbered to. rest. 
Ckoiiit. — ^Tb all, ^c. 

All pmise to the lather ai>ove ; 

An praise to the Infinite Son ! 
AUnraise to the Spirit of love ; 

WhUe the days of eternity run. 
C%et*M«.-~ To all, Ae. 

The SeTWL Doloon and Joys of St. Josepb. 

Xe, who seek Jesus Christ, you win find H!m with Mary and Joseph."^ 


O Spouse of Mary, slorious Saint ! 
The teors of Josus wrung thy heart. 
But His sweet Name thy angtiisa 

soothed — 
Jesus, sweet balm for every smart I 
Oh, may our lips with loving faith 
Breathe that swebt Name^ In 1^ 

1 O Bponsfe of Mni:y, glorious Saint 1 
Thy heart With doubt was sore di8< 

But welcome came the Angel's word. 
And. changed thy trouble into rest 1 
When fears oppress on eveiy side, 
Dear Saint, om: weaxy footsteps 

3 O Spoiise of Mary I glorious Saint 1 
In poverty thou dkist behold 
The Infant Jesus born on earth ; 
But Angels' songs brought joy untold t 
As through this drear cold world 

we roam, 
May Angel toIom lead us borne ! 

O Spouse of Mary, glorious Saint I 
Thy heart was sad at Simeon's word, 
But ransomed souls in vision rose, 
Won by the pangs of Mary's Swoi^. 

Oil, b^ that gladness and that 

Help ua eternal Ut^ to gain \ 



5 O Biwaad of Marr, glorfoiui Saint I 
All WM17 with the tT)?R«d w^y, 
Sweot was thy toil, with Jesus n««r, 
When Egypt's idols owned His swjjiy. 

Oh, l«t our hearts' Toved idols fall— 
And Jmos be ear God-^onr All 1 

6 O SpoTise of Mary, glorious Saint 1 
Th« tyrabt^s Wrath aroused thy fete. 
But NaearetK, thy hiimhle home, 
Was shelter safe, with Jesus near, 


<Mi, in this wodd 80 l>leak and cold. 
Still keep us uft In Christ's true 
Fold I 

Spouse of llaryt gloiioia Sftini I 
Q«w oouldst thjQMt bear that thne 

days' pain 
With Mary's tears, and Je6us flonoT 
Oh joy to find thy Lord again T 
May we, our weary. A-anderings o'er, 
Viad Jesus ou the eternal shore I 

St. JoMMi'i Tnjtf td the Inftttt Jesiuc 

• • • • 

(From St. Alphoiuo.) 

Luke ii 4S^ i ^Odfelft tH^fiKhM* afidT haw» sought ffheo iorfoWlflg'. . . . Ant 
He went down with.t^ttn^snd oamo to IfaiaAth : and was subject \o 

" JssDS 1 let me call Thea Soq, 
Since Thou dost call me Falser; 

How I love Theei sweetest Ona^ 
Hy God and Son togethar I" 


BlaasM Saint Joseph! to tbe0 do ^ 

Oflfer our hearts to thy ) yy ^ 

Jesus to-day. j"»pew. • 

" As my God I Thee adorer 
And as my son, emhraee Thea i 

Let me love Tbee more and more, / 
And in my bosom plaooThee.*^ 
C%ortw»—-Bles9ed Saint Joseph. 

3 *<SinoeThyguiHrdiaaImustbe, 

My tiifaquva I will maka Xfaae; 
Do not Thou abandon me, 
. And I wiU ne'er forsake Thea.** 
CAorui.->Blaasad Saint Joosph. 

4 *' All my tava heBoeforth la ThUia^ 

,M7 very Ufa I proffer ; 
And my heart no mora is mina^ 
For aU I am I offer.*' 
C/M>ra«.^BlflaBad Saint Joaeph. 

5 . "Since to share Thy pnaanco awaafc 
To chooaa me here Tliou de%ntot ; 
; Shall wa not in heaven meet, 
. Whara Thou for ever reignest ? " 
C^AoriM.'^Blesaad Saint Joseph. 


4^ Ferrei^b Fnrefr to^ik ^<»epli» 

" Taka St. Jaaaph iw yo]nr sp^oial patroni your moat powerful tnadiatar, and 

best friei^d,"-'-^€r8<m. 

s Holt Fctron 1 thea saluting 

There wo meet with hearts sinoera, 
]^est Saint Joseph, all uniting 
Call on thee to hear our prayer. 


EEappy 9aiBi,in bliss adoring 
Je8us, Saviour of mankind. 

Bear tby children thee imploring^ 
Hay we thy protection find. 

8 Wortdly dangets for them fearing^ 
Yoathful heftrts to thee we bring, 
drant in virtue persevering 
Vice may ne'ec tliis bosom sting. 
'^—aj.^Happy Saint, ^c. 

3 TUoha, Who falthftilly attended 

; Him whom baavan and eartb adora, 
Who with pious care defended 
. Mary, virgin aver pare. 

- CJtonw.~*Happy Saint, 4o» 

4 tf ay ohr fervent prayem, aaoending. 

Move thee for our aouIs to plead ; 
May tby smile of peace, descending, 
BcflbadictidDa on naaked. 

CAonu.— Happy Saint, 4co. 

5 Tbrough thlfi life, oh watch around ua> 

Fill with love our every breath. 
And when parting, fear surrounds us. 
Guide us through the pangs of death. 
Chonis.—'Rtippy Saint, Ac. 

«Ti jofttepa.' 

42d. The Feast of St. J<)Beph. 

Prov. xxvU. x8 : ** He that is the keeper of his master shall be glorified." 

z Worshipped throughout the.OhuiiBh 
to earth's far ends 
With prayer and solemn rite, 
Joseph this day triumphavtly aec^'^s 
Into the realms of Ught. 

3 Oh, blest beyond the lot of mortal 

O'er whose lAat dying s!gh [mert ! 

Christ and the Virgin Mother watched 

Soothing his agony. [serene, 

3 Loosed from his fleshly cliain, gently 
As in. calm sleep, away ; [he fieetja^ 

And, diademed'with light, enters the 
Of everlasting day. [seats 

A Ther^e, throned in power, let us his 
' loving af d 

With fervent prayers implore. 
Bo may he gain us pardon iti our need. 

And peace for evermore. 

5 Glory and praise to Thee, blestTrinity ! 
One only .GqiJif and Lord, ' 

Who to Thy falthfkl ones unfailingly 
Their aureoles dost award. 


m« Hymn of Wk Josepb, at Vespan. 


X Tb, Jbfl«ph,o6Mbl'#fatiigtxiitia coslittitti , x Joseph, pure spouse of that immortal 

brxde^ [bright, 

Who shines in ever-Tirgin glory 
Thy ptrais« lot All the earth re-echoing 

: Bank to ih» realms of light. 

3 Thee, when sore doubts of thino 

affianced wife* [dismay,^ 

Had filled thy righteoua spiarit with' 

An Angel visited, and; with blest 

- Scattered thy ieaw awajr* 

3 Thine arms embraced thy Maker 
newly bom, [thou flee ; 

With Him to Egypt'* desert did«>o 
Him in Jerusalem didst seekaud find; 
Qhi day of joy to theel 

4 Not until after death theil^ blissful 
crown [giVeji 

Otliers ob^ln ,* btit tmto thee was 
In thine own lifetime to enjoy thy 
As do the .blest in heaven. 

Te cuncti resonent Christladum 

Qui clarus mentis, junctus es inclytee 
Gasto liBSdere YirginL 

V Almo cum tumidam germine con- 
Admlrans, dnbio tangerist anidus, 
Affiatu super! Flammis.angelus 
Oonceptum puerom dooet. 

3 Ta natuin dotninum stringis, id ex* 

£gy pti profugum tu sequerls pli^pas ; 
Aroissum Solymis quserls et invenls, 
Hiscens gaudia flotibuS. 

4 Poet mortem rellquos more pla con- 

Falmamque emeritos gloi-ia susciplt :' 
Tu vivens, euperis par, frueris Deoi 
Mlra florte beatiLor. 

5 Nobis, summa Trias, parce precan- 5 <^^«' STeat Trinity, foi- Joseph's 

Da Jos^k mentis sidera scandere : J?* hBighU of immortality to gaitt: 

Ut tandem liceat nos tibi perpeUnr ^^^\^ ^f ^Jj S^ tongues thy praise 

Gratum promere cauticum. Amen. ^ "'^®^*"""'« . . . 

*^ In one eternal strain. Amen. 


r. Constltnit eum Dotninum domns V. He made him lord over his house' 

susai hold. 

R, St prlncipem omnis possession's Jt And the iniler of all h\» poss6s- 

Buse. sious. 


V, Gloria et divitiao in doroo ejus. F. Glmry and riches are in his hoiue. 

R Et ju«titiacju8maiietin8>Bcalam JL And his jn&ticeremainech for ever 
E0etiU. and crer. 


** Hufl Trinity of penons, Jesa«» Haxy, and Joa^ta, has aooomplished tbe work 
of oar redemption : Jesus, as tbe author of salTation ; Maiy, >> mediatrix ; 
Joseph, as c<»dJutor." — Suarez. 

431. Hymn of Praise to iho Holy P!aiiiily. 

Matt. i. i6 : "Joseph the hushand of Mary, of whom was horn Jesas." 

Come, Christians, come, sweet an- 
thems weaving, ; 

Come, yonng and old ; come, gay or 
giievinor ; 

Pmisc, prafsc mth me^ adoring asd 

God's Family, God's Holy Famtty I 
{Repeat last litie.) 

X Praise, praise to Jesus, Mary, Joseph, 
The Three on earth most like the 

Three in heav«n ! 
Praise, praise to Jesus, Mary. Joseph, 
To whom these heavenly Mkenesses 

were given I 
Chwu9. — Come, Christiaos, come, &c. 

3 'Blid Na/^arcth's sequestered moun* 

How lovely was the household of the 

And by the desert's cr3'8tal fountains 
What secret wonders did not Angels 

C/ioriM.— Come, Christians, come, &c. 

3 Then by the dark Egyptian river, 
Joseph, the Mother, and the marvel* 

lous Child, 

Heard the chill night-wind softly 

In tlie tall palmfl or o'er the sand- 
fields wild. 

Clioriis. — Como, Christians, come, &c. 

4 Sweet Family ! swift years are 

Thrice ten iiatli passed o'er Naxai eth's 
* nmo. 

Poor weaiy world I it lies all blood- 

Why should it wait t Why should not 
Jesus eomef 

Ckorxit. — Come, Christians, come, Jrc 

5 Sweet Family 1 thy charms detain 

Him : 
Thou savest Him from an untimely 

From men that would too soon have 

filain Him : [below ! 

He hides in thee, God's panuilKc 
Clivru*. — Come, Christians, come, tic, 

6 O Hoiue of Nasareth ! Earth's 

Heaven ! 
Our households now are hallowed 

nil b^ thee ! 
All blessmgs come, all gifts tu% given. 
Because of thy dear earthly Trinity I 
C7M)riu.— Come, Christians, come, ^c. 

7 Sing to the Three with jubilation ! 
Husbaiuls and wives, paiciits tiud 

children, sing 1 I vation 

Sing to the House from which sal- 
Flows o'er your i)ome8 as fixmi a 

hidden spring ) 
CAonu.— -Come, Christians, come, &e. 

8 Now praise, oh praise the sinles 

Praise to that household's gentle 

Master be ; 
And with the Child, whom we oall 

Oh weep for joy of that dear Family ! 
CAortM.— Come, Christians, come, 4c. 



Bymn for ManlMn of tlie H(dy Family after 


" Ab the Holy Family was united upon earth in a life of labour, of grace, and 
of love ; thus do they now rejoice in heaven, both in soul and body, in 
glory and in love."-*-/S^e. Betiuirdine of Simna. 

I Happy we, who thus upited 
Join iu cheerful melody, 
Praising Jesus, Mary, JuBeph, 
In the "Holy Family." 

Jesus, Mary, Joseph, help us, 

That we ever true may be 
To the promises that biud us 

To the " Holy Family." 

a Jesus, whose Almighty bidding 
All created tbiugs fulfil. 
Lives on earth in meek subjection 
To His earthly parents' wilL 

Sweetest Tn&nt, malce us natient 

And obedient for Thy Fake ; 
Teach tis to be chaste and gentle, 

All our stormy passions break. 

3 Mri^ 1 thou alone wert chosen 

To be Mother of thy Lord ; 
. Thou didst guide the early footsteps 
Of the Great lucamate Woi*d. 

Dearest Mother ! make us humble, 

For thy Sou will take His rest 
In the poor and lonely dwelling 

Of a humble sinner's breast. 

4 JoBeph I thou wert called the Father 

Of thy Maker and thy Lord, 
Tliine it was to save thy Saviour 
From the cruel Herod's sword. 

Sujffer us to call thoe Father, 

Show to us a Father's love ; 
Lead iis safe through every danger 

Till we meet iu heaven above. 


By wbat SjKlrlt are all tlie Members of the H61y 
Family to be Animated. 

Fa. cxxxii. x 
Bom. xii. xo: 


Behold bow good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell 
together in unity." 
" Xx>ving one another with the charity of brotherhood, in honour 
preventing one another." 

Onk Heart, one Soul have Brothers, 

By love's eternal might, 
Of Ml and each they're lovers 

Who walk in Heaven's sight. 

Oh sweet the tie of Brother 

In holy bondage bound. 
As sons of one same mother 

In true aflbction found. 

Chorus. — One Heart, Ac. 

Nor Jarring words of anger. 
Nor looks unkind we know, 

Nor paths which souls endanger 
And lead to endless woe. 

Chorus. — One Heart, &c. 

Our union is all hojy, 

By Gk>d!s own blessing blest) 
In spirits meek and lowly 

That seek a heavenly rest. 

Chorus.-^One Heart, &c. 

Then let us all remember 
Pure Charity's sweet ways, 

And be in kindness tender. 
True Brothers all our days. 

Choruh-r-One Heart, &c. 

Af^A. By what Motives are all the Membefs of the Holy 
^<y* FamUy to be dnlded : 

—''All for Jesus, Mary, Joseph." 

X Let those who seek the world to 

S lease, 
L for honour, wealili, nnd ease ; 

But in the Holy Family 
A nobler motive far have we. 


liTfaiff, ne will say. 

Joyfully each day ; 

All for Jesus. Mary, Joseph ^ 

Dying, we will cry. 

Till our latest t^igh, 

AU for Jesus, Mazy, Joseph t 

O wicked world I we know theewsll, 
Tliy works and maxims lead to hell : 
We were thy slaves, but now are free, 
We Rerre the Holy ¥kmily. 

C^crut.^4A^ing, we will ssy, tc. 

What matter though we sometimes 

A little suiferlng, toil, and care? 
We senre a good and hounteoos Lord, 
And Heaven will soon be our reward. 

Chorus.^IAnvgf we will say, 4ec. 

KiVtelb.«lMg^4P«iliAjmd p^^l^we 
We're like the Holy Faipilj ; 
If they could poverty eotf or^ 
We should be proud to be as poor. 
Chorui. — laving, we will say, Ao. 

5 And when this wretched life la past, 
And every moment seems the laat» 
Oh then the Holy Family 
Our sweetest hope in death will be t 


Living, we will say, 
Joyfimy each day, 
All for Jesus, Mary, Joseph I 
And when death is nif^ 
Btill oar hearts will ory. 
All for Jesu% Mary, Joseph I 

viQC An XxivitatioTi for aU to T\gh% for Oo4 roiM %h» Banner 
^"^^^ of the Holy FamUy I 

a Kix>g» xxii 3 : "God is my strong one, 

the horn of my 

in Him wiH X trust : mj shield and 

Lit us fight! f or Ood l0t ns flghk 1 
Come let us throng round our Ban- 
ner I 
W4ve it high ^oWr-OW glorious Ban- 
ner f 
Bee how it glistens in the light : 
O heart of Joseph ! O heart of Mary I ' 
Whose Heart with yours shiilte out 

so bright? 
It is our Jesus \ it ivenr Saviooiv 
Our Lord, our Leader in the ^ght I 

X Hark the sound of the fight hatl^ 

gone forth. , 

And we must not tarry at home : I 

For our Lord from the South and thej 

Has commanded His soldiers tcf 

CAoru#.— Let us fight, &o. 

a We must on, with . our Banner V^t 
furled ; 
We rau.«-t on : 'tis Jesus who leads t 
We must hasten to oonquor tine 

With the sign of the lamb t^ho 

Chorui, — ^Tjct iw fight, &c. 

a' We nmst ttc^ to tor iolours like 

Our Lord is a Lead« to love ; 

For the wounded He heals, and the 

He crowns in His city above. 

Chorta.— Let us fight, Ac 

We nrast maroh to tii» hatU* with 

Upon earth our one duty ia strife ; 
Oh .blest are tlie toldiera who bleed 
For the Saviour who died to give life. 
Chor«t#.«^iliet ns Hgtat, 4e. 

There are Tbre^ up in heaven ahove. 
There are Three upon earth below, 
APd; theirs is the Standard we love. 
Ana theirs the one watchword we 

Chonu,-^IM va fights ius. 

Jj^t us sing the new soQg of the 
Lamb, i 

JAi «s sing round our Banner so 

Let us sing of that beautiful Blood 

Whldh was shed to redeem and to 

CAoftts. --Let us fight, 4c. 


436* How BrirHik bov BMiiiifta, 

" O Jesus I H«ry and Jpseph ! holp 

f Bbiohtly gleaoos our ba^ii^r, 
' Poiutiog to the sky, 
"Waving wanderers onwards 

To tbeir taoaa« on high. 
Haili O holy 'banner, 

Gladly thus we pray ; 
And, with hearts united, 
TaJce our heavenward way. 

Brightly gleams eur baanw, 

Pointing to iha sky, 
Waving wanderers onwards 

7» $b«i: toPiDfl PI) J^i^, . ff ,.,, 

9 SaXl I sweet Jesus 1 If aster I 
Bound Thy sacred feet, 
Kow^ with hearts rejoicing, 
' Bee Thy children meet. 
Long, alas ! we've left Thee, 

Sti^i^g fiir away ; 
Bat once mora wo enter 
On the "narrow way.'* 

CTiorUf. —Brightly glcMU)^, to. 

2 Mary, Mother, Ave I 
Israel's lUy,lian I 

tt0 B8im«r er the B<a^ fikmily » 

tts to our sweet home on high." 

Comfort of thy childreu 

111 this sinful Tale. . 
'Hid life's snridng ooean 

Whither shall we flee 
Sav«k O stainless VirKin 

Mother, unto theof 

CAortt«.-*'Brightly gleams, Ac. 

4 Ave 1 Joseph 1 Ave I 

Chaste and spotless flower, 
■ OMt thy TT* %"*W o'er us 

At death's solemn hour* 
Be our Father ever, 
, JoHiph, meek apd m|ld, < ^ 
Husband of our Sofher, 
Keeper of her CfaUd. 

CA^yrus.— Brightly gleams, Ae. 

5 Jesus I Marv ! Joseph I 

Sweet and holy Three, ' 
• -List the praise we pay yea 
On our bended knee. 
May we sing your gliiry 
m glad realms above. 
Bound for ever to you 
By the bonds of love. 

CA«rus.-<-Brightly gleamfl^ Ac 

, « 


The Angels and Saints are the Mends of God and His ministers. They are 
adorned with His own beauty, and admitted into His verf presence. They 
therefore deserve oar praise, 6iir reverence, our' love. Ttiat their prayers 
for us are most pleasipg to God is clear from Apoc. Till 4 : " And the smoke 
of the incense of the prayers of the Saints ascended up before God, from 
the hand of the Angels.'^ 

L— Htmns in Honour of St. Michael, thb Abchangbl. 

437. mTOcatiOB of St. Mlolittel, the Chief of the AngvUo Hoiti. 

Apoc. xU. 7 : '' And there was a great battle in heaven, Michael and his angola 
fought with the Pragon . . .' and that Great Dragon, the Old Serpent, who 
is oklled the Devil and Satan, was cast unto the earth, and }us angels were 
thrown down with him." 

ncotj Prince of fihe angelic Hosts, 

I lift my heart to thee, 
And call to mind with grateful 

Tbj wondroua Tiotory. 

Oh first <tf all themigbty Bivtft, 

Before thy thyome we bow, 
And worship thee amidst the light 

That streaioisth from thy ln«w. 


Rebelled against our Lordt 
Thy mighty war-ciy pierced the 
Who is like God adored f 

CJbtfnw.— Oh first of all, Ac. 

3 In that gnat day of battle fieroe» 

When Satan lost his crown, 
Thoa with thy faithful Ho«1b of light 
Didst drive the rebels down. 

Ch4n'Ut.—Oh first of all, Ac. 

4 Down from the gleaniing Faradiie» 

Oate of the sinless w<»id. 

Down to the siooaiy priaoiblMNia^ 

In dim connisiQn hurled. 

<^onu.— Oh. flbst of all, 4kc. 

5 Hie Sfdendoor of -Uiy fiaming swotd 

Flashed thnragh the wondering 
Tl&y golden armonr's lightning-^^eam 
Burned like a sea of ligfat 

CAonu.— Oh first of all, &c 

6 Now in thy peerless majesiy. 

Where warfare is not known. 
Thou rdgnestin eternal rest 
Befotv the Bi^phire thxone. 

Ckarua.—Oh first of all, Ac. 

438. Fnlse to 8t. Wdhacl, tbe Frlnoe of tlio Otiostba Axmy. 

Dan. xii. I 

*' At that time shall If Ichad rise up, the great prince, who 
sbmdeth for the children of thy people." 

The blessed of the earth look dull 
Beside thy majesty. 

Hail, brirht Archangel ! Prince of 
Spirit ^Tvinely s^ong ! [heaven ! 

To wheeo rare merit hath be^ giTen 
To head the angelic throng ! 

Thine tiie first worship was, when 
gloom [did move, 

Tlm>ugh heaven's thinned ranks 
Thus giving unto God the blb(»n 

Of young creation's love. 

O trumpet-tongued I O beautiful I 
O force of the Most High ! 

First servant of the Ineffable ! 

The first created eye 
That ever, proved and perfect, fell 

On the dread Trinity I 

O Michael I worshib Him this night. 
The Father, Word, and Dove, 

Renewing with strong act the might 
Of thy first marvellous love. 

439. Hymn for the Feast of St. Mlebael, at Vespers. 440. 

(JSepttrnhfT 29.) 

X O Jisn 1 life-spring of the soul ! 
The lUther's power, and glory 
bright I 
Thee with the angels we extol : [light. 
From Thee "Uiey draw their life and 

2 Thy thousand thousand hosts are 

Embattled o'er the aziurc sky ; 
But Mich«iel bearsTby standard dread, 
And lifts the niighty Cross on high. 

3 .He in thnt sign the rebel powers 
Dtd with their dragon prince expel ; 

And hurled them from the heaven's 
high towers, 
Down like a thunderbolt to hell. 

X Tb splendor et virtus Patrisi 
Te vita, Jesu, cordium. 
All ore qui pendent tuo, 
Laudamus mter Angelos. 

2 Tlbl mille densa millium 
Duoum corona militat : 
Sed explicat victor crucem 

. Mictuiel aalutls atgnifer. 

3 Draconis hie dirtim captit 
In xma pellit tartara, 
Ducemque cum rebeilibuB 
Coelesti ab arco f ulminat. 

4 Gonira dueem superbte 
Seqnamur hunc nos Prindpem, 
Ut detur ex Agni throno 
Nobis corona gloriw. 

4. Grant us witii Michael still, O Lord, 

Againstt the Prince of Pride to fight ; 

So may a crown be our i-eward, pigiit. 

Before the Lamb's pure thvono of 


5 PfttH, rftoulqilO Vmb, 
Tiblque saucte Spiritu«, 
8ic\it fuit, sit jugiter, 
6ft;clum per omne gloria 


Now to the Father, and the fidn, 
Who rose from death, all glory be, 

With thee, O Holy Comforter, 
Henceforth through all eternity. 



P. BtetttMigeluB juxtftaraxutempIL V, The angol stood by the altar of 

the temple. 
JZ. Habena thuribulum aureus^ in K Having in hia hand a censor of 
manu sua. ffoid. 

II.— Hymns in Honour of Bt. Gabbiel, the Akchangel. 

441. Praise to St. OalnlAl, the Archangel. 

' Luke i. 19: ** X am Gabriel, who stand before God." 

Hail, Gabriel, hail ; a thousand bails 
For thine whose miisie still prevails 

To eharm the list'ninff ear; 
Angelic word, sent forth to tell 
How He th' Eternal Word sbpul^ 

Amid His creatures here. f<iweil 

HeftTsn's vcdcs of sweetness, uttered 

Thy words like strains of music grow 

Upon the stilly night : 
Clear echoes from the mind of God, 
That steal through Mary's blent 

In pulses of deiight. [abode 

O voice, dear voice, the ages hear 
That hail of thine still Ung'iing near, 

An unej^bausted song ; 
And still thou com'st with balmy 

And slU thou sweetly seem'st to sing, 

Thine Ave to prolong. 

Take up in Heaven for us thy part, 
And singing to the SacitKl Heart 

Tliy strains of rapture raise ; 
And tuno with endless Ave ntill 
Tlie voices of the Blest, and 1)11 

The ear of God witli praise. 

jiAn Bynin for tbe Feast of St. Gabriel, the Arohaiigel, yiAQ 

*±rt^ at VMinArs '*r±0» 

at Veepen. 

{Mai'eh xS.) 

Chbistk, sanctorum decus ange- 
loruni, [tor, 

Gentis humanee sator et Rederop- 
Coelitum nobis trib'uos beatas 
Seandere sedes. 

Angelus pods Michael in sedes 
Cowtus nostras veniat, serene 
Auct-or ut pads ]acrym9sa in orcum 
Bella rexeget. 

Angelas foriis Gabriel, ut hostes 
Fellat antiquos, et arnica ocslo, 
Qu8B triumphator statuitper orbem, 
Templa revisat. 

Angelas nostno medlcus salntis 
Adsit e coelo Raphael, ut omnes 
Sanet tegrotos, dubiosqtte vitfe 
Piri^nt actus. 

O CHRfSTi the beaui^ of the angel 

worlds t ' [blest I 

Of man the Maker and Redeemer 

Grant us one day to mount the patli of 

And in Thy glory rest. [i>ghty 

AikgcA of Feaoe ! thou, Mtehael, from 

above, [dwell ; 

Come down, amid the linmos of man to 

And banish wars, xvith all their tears 

Back to their native hell, [and blood. 

Angel of Strength 1 thou, Gabriel, cast 

out [reign ; 

Tliine ancient foes, usurpers of tliy 

The temples of thy triumph round the 

Revisit once again. [globe 

And Raphael, Physician of the soul,— 

Let him descend from his pure halls of 

light, [ful courso 

To heal the Mck,flnd guide eacii doubt- 

Through all our life nright. 

XBJQ.EAJ^pgHIA];. J^yi^ w&f^ 


Thou too, O Yix!8|in, witl^. 


Mother of light, and Qaeen Of PoAce, 

And brinff with thee the radiant court 

ThjrGhildrentobefiriend. lof heaven. 

This grace on us bestow, O Father 

And Thoo, O 8on, hy an elernal birth : 
With Tbee, ^m both proceeding, Holy 
WhoM glory fills the earth. (Ghoat, 

5 Virgo Dux pacis, genltrixqu^.luci^^ 
St aacer nobis chorus aiigelorum, 
Semper asaistat^ aimul et micanJti^ 


6 Fraentet hoc nobis Deltas beata 
Patris, ac nati, par^terque sanoti 
Bpirltus, eujus resonat per omnem 

Gloria mundum. 


m/m ypBMW- 

V. StetltangelusjuxtaaraivteiDpll, F. The angel stood by the altM of 

' • the temple. ^ 

R Habens tboiibiilum Ausattm in Jb fiaiing in hja Iwod a cenaer of 

manu an, gold. 

XII.^Symks in Honoub of St. Raphael, ths Abchakgel. 
444. Fntlae to Bt Mpiiael, tlie Arc^uuigei. 

Tobias zli. zs : '' I am the angel Raphael, on« of the seTen who stuid 

before the Lord." 

X Bt the spring of God's compassions, 

Where the light is hard to bear. 
Oh, who is that golden spirit 

So intently gazing there ? . 
By the sealed and secret fountain 

In the midst o£ the aliS'ss, - / 
Where God's love of human nature 

Springs in life and light and "bliss. 

a Thou Oft Raphael the Heakri 
Thou art Raphael the Gu|df» 
ThouaiVt R^pliael the Ck>wrii4Q^, 
Aye at human sorrow's side. 

O Archangel of compassion 1 
Unto thee God's Heart is glren ; 

Por thou lovest the gift of healing 
Host of all the gifts of heayen. 



_^ Y How I long to 'see thy 
"* Where, in sUver showers of beauty. 
God bedews thee with His grace I 
But I see theenow in spirit 

'Kid tne Godnead's sueiit springs. 
With a soft.ete^iial sunset 
Sleeping «ver on thy wings. 

445« Bi^nm for tXiO'FoMt'ojT St. Baj>to^ at Vospers, 446. 

(October 24.) 

X TiBi, Christe, splendor Patris, 
Vitji, virtus cordium ; 
In consj^ctu angelorun^ 
Votls, Yoce psallimuB : 
Altemantes concrepando 
Melos damns vocibus. 

s Collaudamus vanerantas, 
. Omnes eosli principes, 
Sod prsdcipne fidelem 
Medicum, et comitem 
Raphaelem, in virtnte 
^gantem dfemoncm. 

Jestt. brightness of the Father 1 
Life aud strength of all who live i 

In tiie presence of the angels, 
Glory to *rhv name we giv» ; - 

And Thy wondrous pnuM rehearse. 
Singing in alternate Terse. 

Hail, too, ye angelic powers 1 
Hail> ye thrones celestial I 

Hail, Physician of salvation T 
Giiide of life, blest Raphael 

Who the foe of all mankind 
Didst in links of iron bind. 


Bex Chnste pussime, 
Omna n«£M inimicl. 
Hundo oorde et corpore : 
Faiudiso redde tuo % 

No8 sola clementlft. 

GloTlaai FAtri tnelodls 
Pei'soBemiiB ▼oeibus : ' 
Gloriam Ghristo oanmmus, 
Gloriom PAraolito ; ' < 

Qtii trinua et unoA Deus 
Extat ante ssbcuIa. 


I 3 Oh may Gluist, by thy protectioiii 
Shelter us from faatm this day ; 

Keep us pure in flesh aiid spirit j / 
Save us from the enemy ; 

^d youchsafe us, of His gf&09, 
In His Paradise a plaoe. 


4 Glory to th' Almighty Father, 
• Sing we nwr in anthems sweet ; 
Glory to the great Redeemer, 

Glory to the Pamelete ; 
Three in one, and oine In three, 
Throughout all eternity. 

r. Stetitan^elusjugcta'aram templl. V. The angel atood by the altar of 

the temple. 
J2. Habens thuribulum aureum in H. Having in his hand a censer of 
monu sua. gold. 

IV.— Hymns in Honour of all the Holy Angels. 
447* CboxuB of Praise to aU the Qeayenly Host. 

Fs. cill. 4 : ** Bless the Lord, my seul : who makest Thy angels spirits ; 

and Thy miaisters a burning fire." 


Breathe into our hearts your sweet- 
Fill our souls with love divine : 
May your gracious presence ever . 
Round your change protecting 
Re:ptat CJiont*.— Qabrle^ Ac. 

We wlU hionour, we wlU loveTymi, 
• Blessed Spirits, morb and moro^ 
Our devotion still inoreasing. 
As ypu layouTB on va pour ; 

Till with you for ever afp giffg. 

In a glad unending strain, 
(}od the Father, Son, and SpiHt> 

Where the blessed ever reign. 
Sfiptat Chorus. — We will honoi^r, A(k 

448. AiTOoation to tbe Host Holy Ouardlan Aoffels. 

Dan. vfl. zo i '** Thousands of thousands minister to film, and ten hundred 
times a hundred thousand stand befnre H!m." 

Michael, prinoeof big^ti Heaven, 
Noblest of celestial ranks, 

Iiowly singing in thine honour, 
Bri4g we now our meed of tha&ka 

Mi£:htv victor, aJU resplendent, 
Next to Mary thqu dost reign ; 

Come and bless us with thy presence, 
Bring with thee tljy heav"nly train. 

JUpecU Chohit. — ^Michael, priiice, &c. 

ad ChorvA^ 

Gabriel, silver-tongued and glorious; 

Raphael, healer of om* woes ; 
Blessed Angels, gentle guardians, 

Be our aid, repel o\a f oe9 \ ^ 

X Blest spirits of light I ye who have 

not forsaken [from bliss : 

The children of earth, though fallen 

Oh still watch around us, our bosoms 

awaken [brighter than this. 

To thoughts of a world that is 



Ah 1 kindly watch oTor ns, guard and 

protect Q8, 
SwMt Angela and guides^ to the man* 

sions of -bliaa. 

9 The lily of innooence fondly we'll 
Averting whateTer ita bloasoma 
may staio ; 

And oh, if tb fading and ready to 

periah. [again. 

Restore it| sweet angels, its "beauty 

ChoTut. — Ah ! kindly watch, kc 

llicn'pray for thy children, and giuii-d 

and defend tliem, [that we 

And ask of our Father, 4hy Maker, 

Hay faithfully serve Him-^may love 

and adore Him [thee. 

In heaven, sweet nugel, milted with 

C/iortti. *«AJi! kiudly WAtch, d;c. 

v.— Hymns in Honoub of our Guardian Angel. 

449. An Inyoeation to our Guardian AngeL 

Ps. xc. II : "He bath given His angeU charge over thee : to keep thee 

in all thy ways." 

I go absolved, in fearless love 
Fresh toils and cares to meet. 

X Dear Angel ! ever at my side. 
How loving must thoii he, 
To leave thy home in heaven to guard 
A guilty wretch like me. 

2 Thy beautiful and shining face 

1 see not, though so near ; 
The sweetness of thy soft low voice 
I am too deaf to bear. 

3 I cannot feel thee touch my hand 

With pressure light and mild, 
To check me, as my mother did 
AYhen I was but a child. 

4 But I have felt thee in my thougbts 

Flghtiug with sin for me ; [know 
And when my heart loves God, I 
The sweetness is from thee. 

5 And when, dear Spirit ! I kneel down 

Morning and night to.ixrayer, 
Sometliing there is within my heart 
Which tells me thou art there. - 

6 Yes 1 when I pray, thou prayest too,— 

Thy prayer is all for mo ; 
But when 1 sleep, thou sleepest not, 
But watchest intiently. 

7 But most of all I feel thee near 

When from the good priest's feet 

S And thou inlif e's last hourwilt bring 
A fresh supply of grace. 
And afterwards wiliHlt me kifls 
Thy beautiful bright face. 

9 Ah me 1 how lovely they must be 
Whom God has glorified ! 
Yet one of them, oh sweetest thought 
Is ever at my aide. 

lo Then for thy sake, dear Angel ! now 
More humble will I be : 
But I am weak,' atid when I faU, 
Oh weaiy not of me. 

XX Oh weary not,- l^ui love me still. 
For IVlary's sake, thy Queen ; 
She never tired of me, though I 
Her worst of sons have b^n. 

X2 She will reward thee with a smile ; 
Thou know'at what it is worth ! 
For Mary's smiles each day convert 
The iiardest hearts on earth. 

13 Then love me, love me, Angel dear ! 
Aud I will love thee more : 
And help mc when my soul is cast 
Upon the eternal shore. 

A Supplication to our Onatdlan Angel. 


Matt, xviii. xo : " Bee that you despiae not one of these little <maa : for I say 
to you, that their Angels in heaven always see the face of My Father." 

X Sweet Angel of mercy ! 
By Heaven's dccreo 
Benignly appointed 
To watch over mo I 

Without thy protection, 
So constant and nigh, 

I could not well live ; 
I should tremble to die. 


All thatikB for thy loro, 

Dear companion and friond ! 
Oh may it continue 

With me to the end ! 
Oh cease not to keep me. 

Blest guide of my youth, 
In the ways of religion 

And virtue and truth. 

Support me in weakness, 

My spirit inflame ; 
Defencfnpie in danger, 

Secure me from shame, 
That safe from temptation, 

Or.sudden surprise, 
I may mount the straight path 

That ascends to the ttkies. 

When Satan his snares 

For toy ruin shall lay, 
Be thou, gentle comrade, 

My comfort and stay ; 
And in evei-y event 

That may happen to mc, 
Make all my desires 

With thine to agree. 

When I wander in error. 

My footsteps recall, 
Remove fr^om my path 

What might cause mo to fall. 

Preserve me from sin ; 

And in all that I do, 
May God and His gloiy 

Be ever in view. 

6 tliou who didst witness 

My earliest breath, 
Be with me, I pmy, 

In the hour of death ; 
Console me in sadn^sa^ 

Befresh me in pain, 
And teach me how best 

I may mercy obtain. 

7 Tbat, cleansed by confession 

Complete and sincere, 
From every defilement 

Afflicting me here, 
All glowing with love, 

I may gladly depart, 
With faith on my lips. 

And with hope iu my heart, 

8 Nor then do thou leave mo, 

Angelical friend 1 
But at the tribunal 

Of Judgment attend ; 
And cease not to plead 

For my soul, till, forgiven^ 
Thou bear it aloft 

To the Palace of Heaven. 

** O Angel of Ood, whom Qod hath appointed to be my guardian, enlighten 

and protect, direct and'govem me." 

^Induffjence of one hundred daj/e e<ich time. Plenary once a month if »tid daily. 

451. For the Feast of tbe Onardiaa Angels, at Vespers. 452. 


CusTODES hominum psallimus an- x 

Nnhirso fmgilt quos Pater addfiitt 
Codlestis comites, iusidiautibus 
Ne succumberet liostibus. 

Nam quod corrueritproditor angelus, 
Coucessis merito pulsus honoribus, 
Ardens invidia pellere nititur, 
<lao.c«loDeu.«lyo«t. 3 

Hue custos igitur pervigil advola, 
Avertens patria de tibi credita 
Tam morbos animi, quam requiod- 

Quidquid npn tinit incolaf . 


Phatse those noinisters celesfial 
Whom thfi dread Father chosd 

TV) be the Guardians of our nature 
Against our scheming foos. [f^-ail, 

For, since tiiat flrom liis glory in tbe 
The apostate angel fell, [skies 

Burning with envy, evermore he t^es 
To drown our souls in hell. 

Then hither, watchfhl Spiiit, bend 
thy wing. 
Our country's Guardian blest ! 
Avert her threatening ills, expel each 
That hiudereth her rest. 

ta& BAiBOOfliAL Htyior booic. 

Buicto sit Triadi kua pk^fmgfkM, 
Cujiu perpetoo mmilie m»ohin» 
Triplex b«e ragitw, <miaa in odOiift 
Begaat gloria n«fmla Amen. 

4 Praise to the glorl<ma TtbAty, #b 

Thia mighty iabtic awnja ; 
Whoee glorv apreada baj^nd 
utmost laagih 
Of evwiaatiag daya Amen. 


nan aip aaoon) tb8psrs* 
F._In eou apa ctu an gd o tum psallam F. In sight of the angela, I will sing 

tibi Deos ineoa* 

£. Adorabo ad templam eaaetam 
tnum, ot coftfitebor nomibi too. 

unto thee, O my God. 

K I will worship towards Thy holy 
temple, and givepraiae uoto Thy nAme. 

VL— HTicrs IX tlo:*ox7B of St. John Baptibt. 

St. John Baptist, the forerunner or precarsor of oar Lord, was eboaen by 
Qod to be the herald and harbinger of the world'a JEtodeemer, the ToicB to 
proclaim to men the Eternal woid, the Angel of the Kew Tesi»ment 
(Malach IIL z); a doctor, a Thgin, a martyr ; a prophet^ nay, more than a 
prophet; a model of unparalleled innocence, charity, penance, humility, 
ana xeaL He was beheaded hy order of Herod Antipas, in the year 31 of 
our Lord. 

453. Praise to St. John Baptist. 

Amen I w$y to yon, there hath not risen among them that ars 
bom of women a g^ter than John tfae Baptist/' 

Matt. zL zz 

z O BLBsftBD Saint, of snow-white 
purity I 
Dweller in wastes forlorn! 
O mightiest of the Mart^ host on 
Greatest of Prophets bom t Ihl|^ 

3 Of all tlie diadems that on the brows 
Of saints celestial (Aiine, 
Not one with brighter, purer halo 

• In beaTdft'e high oeuct than tAe. 

3 Oh then on us a tender, pitying 
Oast from thy glory's throne ! 

Straighten our crooked, smooth our 
rugged, wayL 
And break our hearts of stone. 

So may the worid'a BedeenMr find us 
To offer Hhn a place, [meet 

Where He may deign to ^t Hia sacred 
Coming with gifts of grace, [feet, 

Praise in the heavens to Thee, O Unt 
Th^Trtne etsDiil Qod 1 {aid Ltt^ 

8i>are, Jesu, spare Thy people, whom 
Thou hast 
Redeemed with Thine own Blood. 

454. Hymn for tho Feast of 8t. John Bapllstv at YMpori, 456. 

1 Ut queaat laxis nsonara fibrie 
Mira gestorum famuli taorcdn, 
Soive polluti labii reatum, 
Sancte Joannes. 

(June S4.) 

z Unloose, great Baptist, our sin-fet* 

tered lips, [proclaim 

That with enfranchised vnioe we may 

The miracles of thy transcendent life. 

Thy deeds of matchless fame I 

a Nimtius celso veniens Olympo, 
Te patri magnum fore nascitumtt, 
Komen, et vitas seriem gerende 
Ordine promit. 

Oh, lot sublime ! an Angel quits tiie 
skies. [declare 

Thy birth, thy name, tfav glorj to 
Unto thy priestly sire, while to the 
Ue offers Isniers pmyer. (Loid 


3 IllepiromtflfiduUtticiipiinut 
Per<udit prompUs modulM ibqueltt : 
Bed raf onnasti geaitu* p«temptn '. 



4 VentriaobBtmaoreoalDtmBeubili, 
BenseraB R«gem tibalsmo maxt&atvbx : 
Hino pomM, oaUintritto utitfiua^ 

▲boita paadit 

5 Sit decus Patri genitsBque Proli, 
Et tibl compar uMusqae rirtah 
Bplritus semper, Deus anuB» omni 

Temporia «v^ Attien. 

3 HistruMtfUl of the ptjomlse fxvm on 

high, t^ord; 

His speech forsakes him at the Angel's 
But thou on thine eighth day dost 
For him the yocal chord, [re-attune 

4 No marvel ; eShoe yet cloistered in 

the womb, [inspired ; 

The prMenoe of thy fiJng had thee 
"WhM ^me Elizabeth and Mary sang, 
With joy prophetic fired. 

5 Immortal 

F. Pttit luwae mfssns a Beo. 
JL Cut norneu erat Joannes. 

1 fflory to the Father be, 

Almighty tole-begottenSoot. 

And Thee, ooe<iual Bpiiity One in 
While endless ages run. Amen. 

V. There was a man sent fn»n Go<t 
JR. Whose name was John. 


V* Ute puer magnus coram t)omino. V. Thi^ehild is great before the Lord. 
R. Nam et manus ejus cum ipso est. IL For the hsmd of Ghxl is with him; 


Matt. X. d : '^Aud the tenMfl of the twelve Apostles are these : The first;, Simon 
who is called Peter, and Andrew bin brother. James the son of Zebedoe, 
and John his brother, FhlUp and Bartholomew, Thomas and Matthew 
the publican, and James the eon ol Alpheus, and Thaddeus. Simon the 
Cananton, and Judas Isoarioti who also betrayed BUm," and was replaced 
by MatUiias (Acts i. ^,) 

456. HynuL for tlM CottmioB M Apostles, at Vespers. 4G7* 

1 ExtTLTBT ofbls g&udiis : 
Coelum resultet laudlbua : 
Apostolorum gloriau 
l^tis et astra concinunt. 

• Vos sreculorum Judices, 
fit vera mundi lumlna, 

• Votfs precnmur cordiiim : 
Audite vooes aappUciuo. . 

3 4^ templa oosli clauditis. 
Serasque verbo solvitis, 
Nos a rsiitu noxios 
Solvi jubete, qusesumus. 

4 ]^rt9cepta quorum fn-otinns 
Languor, salQaque sentinnt \ 
SanAte mentes lan^idas : 
Augete nos virtutlbus. 

Now let the earth with joy resound. 
And highest beaven re^edbo round ; 
Nor heaven nor earth too high can 

The great AiMxhtles* glorious praise. 

»,0 ye who, throned in glory dread. 
Shall judge the living and the dead ! 
Lights of the world tor evermore 1 
To you the suppliant prayer we pour. 

3 Ye close the sacred gates on high : 
At your command apart they fly : 
Oh ! loose us from the guilty chain 
We strive to break, and strive in vain. 

4 Sickness and health your voice obey \ 
'At your command they go or stay : 
Oh then frpm sin our souls restore ; 
Increase our virtues more and more. 


5 Ut, cum rediUt ArUter 
In fiiio Chrfstui ssBcnli, 
Noti sempitemi gaudii 
Conoedat ease oompotea. 

6 Patri, slmnlque FiHo, 
Tlbique sancte Spiiitiu, 
Sicut f uit, Sit jtigit«r 
Beclum per omne gloria. 


5 So wli0n tbB worid is at its end, 
Andduisfeto Jodffmetit sballdeseend. 
May we be oalled tfaoae joys to see, 
Prepared from all etamf^. 

6 Praise to the Eather, with the Son, 
And Holy Spirit, Three in One; 
Aa ever was in ages past» 

And ahaU be ao while ages last. 



V. Tn omncm terram exivit sonus V. Their sound is gone forth into all 
eonim. the earth. 

R. Btinflncsorhis temeTerbaeorum. JZ. And their WQid^ unto the ends of 

the world. 


V. Annuntiavcrunt opera DeL 
JL Et fttcta ejus inteuexerunt. 

V. They deelared the workji of God. 
E. And understood His doings. 

ARQ Hymn for tbe Common of AposUes In Paschal /leo 

Time, at Vespers. 

Tristbs eraut Apostoli 
De Christi acerbo f unere, 
Quom morte crudelissima 
Scrvi necarant ImpiL 

2 Bermone verax Angelus 
MuUeribus predixerat : 
Mox ore Christns gandium 
Grcgi feret Meliiuu. 

3 Ad anzios A|K)8tolos • 
Ciimint statim dum nuntiee, 
Ill» micantis obvia 
Oliriflti tenent vost^ia. 

4 GalilesB od alta montium 
Se conferunt Apostoli, 
Jesuque, voti compotes, 
Almo beantxu* luniine. 

5 Ut 8i« pereuue mentibus, 
Pascbale Jesu gaudium ; 
A morte dira crimiuum, 
Vitse renatos libera. 

6 Deo Patri sit gloria, 
Et Filio, qui a murtuis 
Surrexit. ac Paraclito, 
In Bempitema esecuU. 


1 When Clirist, by His own servants shun. 

Had died upon the bitter Cross, 
The Apostles, of their joy bereft, 
Were weeping theur dear Bavioor^a 
loss: — 

2 Meanwhile, an Angel at the tomb 

To holy women hath foretold, 
"The faithf\il flock shall soon with joy 
Their Lord in Galilee behold." 

3 Who, as they run the news to bring, 

Lo, straightway Chiist Himself they 
All radiant with heavenly light, 
And falling, dasp His sacred feet. 

4 To Galilee's lone mountain heights 

. The Apostolic band retire : [sight. 

There, blest with their dear Saviour's 

They taste in full their soul's desire. 

5 O Jesu I from the death of sin 

Keep us, we pray, so shalt Thou be 
The everlasting Pasehal joy 
Of all the souls new-bom in Thee. 

6 Kow to the Flather and the Son, 

Who rose from death, be glory given ; 
With Thoe, O Holy Comforter, 
HoQoeforth by all in earth and heaven. 




V. Sfthotietjusti in Domino gaudete. V, O ye holy and just onesj rejoice 

Alleluia. In the Lord. Alleluia. 

B. Vo8 eleg^it Deus in hereditatem X, God hath chosen you to Himself 

sibi. Alleluia. for on inheritunce. Alleluia. 


r. Pretiosa in oonspectu Domini. V. Freoioaa in tho sight of the Lerd. 
Alleluia. Alleluia. 

JL Mors sanctorum ejus. Alleluia. Ji. Is the death of His saints. Alle- 


'* St Peter, the chief of the Apostles, and St. Paul, the Apostle of the QentUep, 
ivere both marked at Koma, on the same d»y, aptn of June, the year of 
otir Lord 65. St. Peter was crucified with the h^ downwardSi and St 
Paul was beheaded." 

460. Hymn for tlie Feast of SS. Peter and Panl, at Vesper. 461. 

X Decora lux sstemitatis, auzeam 
Diem beatis irrigavit ignibus 
ApostoloTum qu8B coronat princli)e8, 
Reisque in astro, liberam pandit viam . 

2 Mundi Magister, atque coeli Janitor, 
Rom» parentes, arbitrique gentinm, 
Per cnsis ille, hie per crucis- viotor 

Vita) senatiun laureati possidont. 

3 O Boma felix ! quae duorum Pnnei* 

Fs oonseerata glorioso sanguine : 
Ilorum cruore purpurata ceteras 
Bzcellls orbis una pulchiitudinea. 

4 Sit Trinitati semidtema gloria, 
Honor, i>otesta8, atque jubiUitlO, 
In unitate, qua) gubemat omnia, 
Per universa seeculoiiim scecula. 

X Bathed in eternity's all-beauteous 

beam, [sublime. 

And opening into heaven a path 

Welcome the golden day wbich 

heitdds in [fills all time I 

The Apostolic Chiefs, whose glory 

2 Peter and Paul, the fathers of great 

Rome t [skies ! 

Now sitting in the Senate of ^e 
One by the Gross, the other by tlio 

Swoi'd, [life's eternal prize. 

Sent to their thrones on high, and 

3 O happy Romel whom that most 

gloxious blood 
For ever consecrates while ages flow : 
Thou, thus empurpled, art more 

beautiful {beautiful below. 

Than all that doth appear most 

4 Praise, blessing, majesty, through 

endlesa days. 
Be to the Trinity immortal given ; 
AVho, In pure Unity, profoundly 

sways [and heaven. 

Eternally all things alike in earth 




V. Tn omnem terram exivit souus r. Their sound has gone forth into 
eorum. aQ lands. 

R £t in fines orbis terree verba R. And their words to the ends of 
oorura. ttie world* 


V. Annuntiaverunt opera DeL V. They declared the works of God. 

J{, Et facta ejus iuteUexerunt. • Jt. And understood His doings. 

AjQQ Eymn for the Feast of the mudr of St. Peter, at 4^0 

(JantMry 18.) 

Matt. xtI x9 : "And I will give to thee (Peter) the keys of thd kingdom of 
heaven. And whatsoever thou shakhind upon earth, it shall be bound also 
in heaven ; and whatsMTBr thou shaltlooaa on eartl^it shall be loosed aho 
in heaven." 

QuoDOUiCQUS in orbe nexibuB vinx« 

Erit revinotujs, P^tre, In aro9 Bid«* 

Brit Bohitam eesli in alto vertlee ; 
In fine mundl judicabis a^cuhim. 
Vt quod reeolvlt hio potestas tra* 


Piktzl perenne «it per Mvum gloria 
Tiblque laudes concinamua incly- 

JSteme Nate, sit supeme Spiritus 
Honor tibi, decusque : sanota juglter 
Laudetur omne Trinitas par sfioou- 


z Peter, Whatever thou shalt bind on 

earth, [aky ; 

The Mont U bound above the fliaziv 

What hete delegated thy power doth 

loose, [on high: 

Is loosed in heaven's great eitadel 

To judgment shalt thou oomo when 

the world's end la nlg^ 

2 Fndse to the Father through all agea 

oe I 

!Qie same to Thee, O co-eternal Son, 

And Haly Ohoet, one glorious Trinitv I 

To whoooa all majesty and might 

belong ; [eternal soi^. 

So sing we now, and such be our 



r. Tu es Petrus. T. Thou art Peter. 

k. Et super hano petram sedificabo R. And on this rock I wHl build My 
Eoclesiam meam. - , Church. 


r. Elegit te Dominus sacerdotvn r.The Lord chose thee for a priest 

sibi. unto HimseU. 

R, Ad sacrificandum ei hostiam B, To offer Him the saciifioe of 

laudis. praise. 


Hymn for the Feast of St. Peter's Chains, at 



CAtigutt z.) 

Acta xil. 7 : "And ho (the Angel) striking Peter on the side raised him np, 
saying : Ailse quickly. And th^ chains fell off fh>m his hands." 

"iiaoM modis repente liber, ferrea, 
Christo jubente, vincia Petrus exult : 
OviUs iUe. Pastor, et Rector gregis» 
Vitas recludit pasciia et fontes ssr 

Ovesque servat credltas, arcet lu- 


Tas Lord commands; and, le, hia 

iron chains, [obey ; 

EalUng from Peter, the command 

Peter, blest shepherd I who, to ver* 

dant plains, [day to dny. 

And life's immortal springs, from 

Leads on his gentle chaiige, driving 

all wolves away. 


FBtei'per«na^iidi^ per evmn (^< 
Tibique laudes oonoiniozxTU inci 

.^iiieniQ xaA^ 4it Bupeme SpirituB 
Honor tUbi, decueque, sancta jugiier 
Laudetur omn« TrUutas per sssou- 


Praise to the Father, through aU 

ages be; 

The same to Thee, O co-eternal Son, 

And HolyGhost, Oneglorious Trinity; 

To whom all majestv and might 

belong ; [eternal song. 

So fliag we now, and such be our 



r. TuesPetrus^ K Thou art Peter. 

R, £t super hano petram asdificabo K And upon this rock I will build 
EcclesisanueanL MyOburoh. 

46@. JSsToa to Bt. Pdl«r» Ui0 Patron of all tbe Faithfta. 

i John xxi z5 : He saith to him : ** Peed My lambs . . feed My lambs, . . 

feed My sheep." 

1 Sjbbk ye a Patron to defend 

Tour cause ?--4;hen, one and aU, 
Without de^y upon the Prince 
Of the Apostles oaU. 

Blest Holder of the heayenly Keys 1 . 

Thy prayers we all implore ; 
Unlock to us the sacred bars 

Of heaven's eternal door. 

2 Bypenitentisl tears thou didst 

The path of life regain ; 
Teach as* with thee to weep our 
And wash away their stain. 

C7U»*w«.— Bkst Holder, &o. 

3 Firm Bock whare<ni tiie Church i» 

Pillar that cannot bend I 

Wtth strength endue us : and Iftie 

From heresy defmd. [faith 

Chorus. — ^Blest Holder, &c. 

4 Save Rome, which fi-om the days of 

Thv blood hath sanctified ; [old 
And help the nations of the earth 
That in thy help conftdow 

CAonM.— Blest Holder, &o. 

5 Oh, worshiiqped by aU Christendom] 

Her realms in peace maintain ; 
Let no contagion sap her strengthj 
Ko discord rend in twain. 

Ohcnu, — Blest Holder, &o, 

6 Guard us through life ; and in that 

When our last fight draws nlgfa, 
^. O'er death, o'er nell, o'er Satsn'4 
Gain us the victors. [power, 

CAoriM.— Blest Holder, &a 

467* Hymn for the Feast of St. PaiU, at Vespers. 468. 

(January 35.) 

AatB ix. 15: ''And the t^ord said to him : Go thr way, for this man (Saul of 
Tarsus) is to Me a vessel of election, to carry My name before the Gentiles, 
and kings, and the children of Israel " 

1 LiAB US, p«at teacher, Paul, in 

wisdcnns ways, 

And lift our hearts with thine to 

heaven's high throne ; [blaze, 

TIU Faith beholds the clear meridiem 

And suulike in the soul reigns 

Charity alone. 

BeftMUdootor Plaule, mores inatrue, 
Et sortra tecum peotora in coelum 

Velata dum meridiem oemat Fides, 
Et solis iustar sola regnet Charitas. 


i Sit Trinitati sempitems sj!4»rift, 
nonor, potestas, atquo jubilatio, 
In uuitate, quss gitbenmt omnia, 
Per uuiversa »ternitatiB 8»cula« 


K Tu es vaa electionis, sancte Faule 

IL Pnadicator veritaUs in uuiverso 

8 Praise, Uessing, mnjesty, through 

endlem days, 

Be to the Trinity immortal given ; 

Wtto in pure unity profbUndly swars 

Eternally all things alike in earth 

and heaven. 

. Amen. 

r. Thou art a vessel of election, holy 
Apostle FauL 

JL A preacher of the truth through- 
out the whole world* 


Hymn to St. Paul, the Patron of those wlio Suffer 
for Lore of Jesus Christ. 

Rum. ix. 3 : " I wliihed myself to be an anathema from Christ, ^ my 



All ye who groan beneath 

A load of ma oppressed ! 
Infreat Saint Paul, and he will pray 

Hie Lord to give you rest 


O Victim, dear to heaven ! 

O Paul, thou teacher true ! 
Thou love and joy of Chn^toudom ! 

To thee for help we sue. 

Pierced with the flame of lovtf 
Descending from on high ; [once 

'Twtts thine to preach the faith that 
Thou aonghtest to destroy. 

Choru». — O Victim, &c. 

Nor toil, nor threatened death. 
Nor tempest, scourge, or chain, 

Could from th' assembly of the Saints 
Thy loving heart detain. 

OAorus. — O Yiotim, iie. 

True champion of the Lord ! 

Crush theu the schemes of hell ; 
And witli adoring multitudes 

Thy sacred temples fill. 

CAoTM.— O Victim, &c. 

Through thv prevailing prayer 

May charity abound ; 
Sweet charitv, which knows no ill, 

Which nothing can confound. 

Cfii0i'V4.'-O Victim, &c. 

To earth's remotest shores 
Hay one same faith extend ; 

And thy Epistles through all climes 
Their blessed perfume send. 

(7Aon(«.— O Victim, &c. 

470. St. Andrew the Apdstle, Patron of Scotland. 

{NovemUr 30.) 

St. Andrew, one of the first whom Christ called to the Apostolate, suffered 
martyi-dom on the cross at Fatras in Achaia, Noveml»r 30th, in the year 6a. 

G REAT Saint Andrew, Friend of Jesus, 

Lover of His glorious Cross, 
Early by liis voice effective, 

Callea from ease to pain and loss. 
SwectSaint Andrew, Simon's brother. 

Who with haste fraternal flew, 
Ffl&n with him to share the treasuro 

Which from Jesus' lips he drew. 

Blest Saint Andrew, Jesus* herald, 
Meek Apostle, Martyr bold, 

Who, by deeds his words confirming. 
Sealed with blood the truth he 

Ne'er to king was crown so beauteous. 
Ne'er was prize to heart so dear, 

As to him the Cross of Jesus 
When its promised joys drew near. 

Loved Saint Andrew, Scotland's pat- 

Watch thv land with heedful eye, 
Bally TOimd the Cross of Jesus 

AU her storied chivalry ] 
To the Father, Son, and Spirit, 

Fount of sanctity and love, 
Give we glory, now and ever, 

With the Saints who reign above. 




471. An Inrocatioxi of St. Jolrn, Eyangellst. 

(December 27.) 

Called the bcloTod disciple oi Christ, St. John had the privilogo U loan upon 
the breast of Christ at the last supper. It was to him ak o that our Lord 
confided His Mother. Ikliraculously preserved from deatli when tin-own 
into a caldron of boilingf oil, he died in peace at Ephesns, December 37th, in 
the year 102. 

SAfST of the Sacred Heart, 
Sweet teacher of the Word, 

Partner of Mary's woes. 
And fsTOttxite of liiy Lord ! 

Oh teach me then, dear Saint ! 

The secrets Christ taught thee ; 
The beatings of His Heart, . 

And how it beat for me ! 

We know not all thy gifts ; 

But this Christ bids us see, 
That He who so loved all 

Foimd more to love in thee. 
CJiorut.— Oh. teach me, &o. 

When fhd last eveio^ oam^ 
Thy head was on ms breast, 

Pillowed on earth, where now 
In hearen the Saints find rest. 
CAenea— Oh teach me, Ac. 

Dear Saint t I stand far off, 

With Tilest sins opprest ; 
Oh may I dare, like tnee, 
• To lean upon His toreast ? 

CAortM.— Oh teach me, Ac 
His touch could heal the sick. 

His voice could raise the d^ ; 
Oh that my soul might be 

Whore He idlows thy head. 
Chorus.— Oh teach me, jro. 
The gifts He gave to theo 

He gave thee to impart ; 
And I, too, claim with tliee 

His Mother and His Heart I 
Chortu. — Oh teach me, &g. 


Byxnn of Praise to St. John, Evangelist. 

Banished by the tyrant Domitian into the isle of Patmos, there St John wrote 
the Apocalypse, or Book of Revelation, in the year 96. 

X An exile for the faith 

Of thy Incarnate Lord, 
ISeyond the stars, beyond all space. 

Thy soul unpriaoncd soared : 
There saw in glorv Him 

Who liveth, and waA dead ; 
There Judah's Lion, and the Lamb 

That for our ransom bled, 
a There of the Kingdom learnt 

TlM mysteries sublime ; 
How, sown in martyrs' blood, tXw faith 

Should spread from dime to clirae. 

The Holy City, bathed 

In her dear Spouse's light, 
Pure seat of bliss, thy spirit saw. 

And gloried in the siglit. 
Now to the Lamb's clear fount. 

To drink of life their fill, 
Thou cfdlest all ; O Lord, in ma 

This blessed thirst iusUL 
To Jesus, Virgin-bom, 

Praise with the Father bo ; 
Praise to the Spirit Paraclete, 

Through all eternity. 

473. Hymn for the Common of one Uartsrr, at Vespers. 474. 

X Deus tuorum militum 
Sors, et corona, praemium, 
Laudes canentes martyris 
Absolve nezu criminis. 

z O Thou, of all Thy warriors. Lord, 
Thyself the crown and suio reward ; 
Set us from sinful fetters free, 
Whtf sing thy Mar^n^s Tictory. 


a HSeneao^e mtikidi gaudla, 
Et blanda fraudum pabula 
Imbuta felle deputans 
Ferrenit ad coalesUa. 

3 FoanaB cueurrit fortiter, 
Et sostulit yiriliter, 
Fundenfsque pro te sangfulnem, 
iBterna dona possidet. 

4 Ob hoc preoatu suppUol 
Te poscimus piissime : 

In hoc triumpho martvrU 
Dimitte noxam seryulls. 

5 Laiis et perennlft gloria 
Fatd sit, atque fUto, 
Baneto aimul FfiraoUto» 
In sempiteraa sneula. 


a lA sftlfUh pleM«rea* voridly roniid 
The taflto of bitter gall be found ; 
But sweet to him was thy blest Name^ 
And thus to heavenly joys he came. 

3 Bight manfully his cross he bore, 
And ran his race of torments sore ; 
For Thee he poured his life away ; 
With Thee he liyes In endless day. 

4 We, then, before Thee bending low, 
Inixeat Thee. Lord, Thy love to show 
On this the day Thy Martyr died. 
Who in Thy Saints art glorified I 

5 Now to the Father, and the Son, 
Be glory -whik the ages nm ; 

. The same, O Holy Ghost, to Thee ! 
Through ages «f eternity. 


Fisar VESPZRS. ^ 

r. Gloria et honore coronasti eum, r. Thou hast crowned him with 

Domine. glory andlionour, O Lord. 

M. Et oonstitulsti aum super opera R. And estabUsihed him over the 

manuuln .tuarum. works of Thine hands. 


V, Justus ut palma florebit 


r. The just shall flourish as flia 

B, Sicut cedrus Libani multiplica- JH And shall be multiplied as the 

cedar df Lloanus. 

475* Comsiozi of Many Mattyn, In Pasdial Time. 476. 

X Bex gloriose martyrum^ 
Corona confltentium. 
Qui respuentes terrea 
Ferduds ad coslestia. 

9 Aurem benlgnam protinus 
Intende nostris vocibus : 
Trophsea sacra pangimus : 
Iguosce quod deliquimus. 

3 Tu vincis inter Ifartsrres, 
Farcisque Confessoribus : 
Tu vince nostra crimina> 
liargitor indulgentise. 

4 Deo Fatri sit gloria, 
Dt Filio, qui a mortals 
Burrexit.'ac Faraclito, 
In aempitema etecula. 


z THon, the Hm*tyr8* glorious Eing ! 
Of Confessors the crown and prize ! 
Who dost to joys celestial bring 
Those who the joys o| earth do^ise ; 

8 Bjall the praise ThySaintshaf« won; 

By all their pains in diQrs gon« by ; 

Byall thedeeds which they bft v«doBe; 

Hear Thou Thy suppUuit people's 


3 Thou dost amid Tliy Mattyrs fight ; 

Thy Confessors Thoti dost foiigive ; 
i Hflty we find mercy in Thy sight. 
And in Thy ^acred presence Uve. 

4 Now to the Father, and the Son, 

Who rose from death, all glory be, 
With Thee, O Holy Comforter, 
HetKwforth through all eternity. 




V, BanctiebjuBtiinDomtcogaudete. V. O ye holy and just ones, rejoice 

Alleluia. in the Lord. 

JL Yos eleja^t Deus in hereditatem A God bath chosen yon unto Hims^ 

Bibi. Alleluia. for an inheritance. Alleluia. 


V. Prefciosa in conspectu Domini T. Precious in the sight of the Lord. 
Alleluia. ' Alleluia. 

A, Mors sanctorum ejus. Alleluia. IL Is the death of His Saints. Alle- 

t • 

477. Hymn for tbeOonunon of Many MartTrs, at Vespers. 478. 

X SAJTCJTORtJM meritls inclyta gaudia z Siso'we the peerless deeds of rnar- 

Pangamus socii, gestaque fortia : tyred Saints, [tioh blest ; 

Gliscens fert aolmus promere canti- Their glorious merits^ and their por- 

. bus Pf all the conquerors the world li^ 

Yictomm genus opUmum. seen, 

The greatest and tibe best. 

a Hi sunt, quos fatue mundus abhor- 2 Them in their day the insensate world 
ruit; abhorredf ■ 

tlunc fructu vacuum , floribus aridum. Because they did forsake it> Lord, for 
Cbntempsere tui nominis asseolee, Thee : 

Jesu Bex hope eoelitum. Finding it all a btirren waste, devoid 

Of fruit, or floweri or tree. 

3 Hi pro te f urias atque tninas truces 3 Thej trod beneath them every threat 
Calcarunt homlnum, ssevaque ver- of man, [through ; 

bera: And camesviotoriou^ all torments 

His ceasit lacerans f ortiter ungula> , The iron hooks which piecemeal tore 
Nee carpsit penetralia. their flesh 

Could not their souls subdue. 

4 Gfsduntur gladiis more bidentium : 4 Scourged, crucified, like sheep to 
Ir^Mx murmur resonat, non queri- slaughter led, {fate. 

monia ; Unmiurmuring they met their cruel 

Bed cordeimiMtvido mens bene conscia For conscious innocence their souls 
Oooiervat patientiam. upheld, 

In patient virtue great. 

5 Qufflvox,q««poteritllngtiaretexere, 5 What tongue those joys, Jesu, can 
Qu»tumartyribusmunerapr89paras? disclose, [dost prepare I 
Bubri nam fluido sanguine fulgidis "Which for Thy martyred Saints Thou 

Cingunt tempera laurels. Happy who in Thy pains, thrice happy 

Who in Thy glory aiiare 1 [thcfsa 

6 Te summa, O DeitaSi tmaque poscl* 6 Our faults, our sins, oiu: miseries 

mus, remove, 

Ut culpas abigas. noxia subtrahas. Great Deity supreme, immortal King) 

Des pacem famulis, ut tlbi gloriam Grant us Thy peaoe, grant us Thin(t 

Annorum in seriem eanant. endless love. 

Through endless years to sing. 
Anttt. Amen* 



r. LsBtamini in DominOi et exaltate V. Be glad, O ye just, and rejoice in 
justi. the Lord. 

A, Bt gloiianini omnei recti corde^ R. And be Joyful, all ye that are right 

of heart. 


V. Exnltahunt sancti in gloria. V. Thy Saints shall rejoice in glory. 

A Lsetabuntur in cubflibus suis, -R. And shall be joyiul upon their 


479. St. Oeorga, KarlTr, the First Patron of England. 

{April 23.) 

Bom in Cappadocia, of noble Christian parents, he became a soldier, and waa 
martyred during the reign of Diocletian about the year 303. The Greeks 
call him the " Great Martyr," and keep Us festival a holiday of obligatiou. 


AitMl arm! for the atvuggle ap- 

Prepare for the oombftt of life \ 

Saint George I be our watch^^ord in 

Saint George 1 be our strength in the 

X Great Saint ! firom the throne of thy 
Look down on thy own chosen isle, 
Soon, soon may they share in thy 

Who faithfully strive here awhile. 
Choru9,^^Axm ! arm I dzo. 

3 The land of thy lore is a desert. 
Its temples and altars are bare, 


The finger of death is upon it, 
The footprints of Satan are there. 
Chanu.^^Arm 1 arm ! Ac 

3 Arise in the might of thy power. 
And scatter the foes of the Lord ; 
As the idols of Rome in their temple 
Were crashed at the sound of thy 

(7Aoriw.— Arm I arm f Ac.' 

4 Oh bring back the faith that wa 

cherish, [stood 

Por which thou hast nobly with- 
The tortures and racks of the tyrants, 
That faith which thou seal'st with 

thy blood. 
Chorus,— krm. I arm 1 Ac. 

St. Venantios, Hartyr. 

{May 18.) 


Bom at Camerino in Italy, he was martyred there at the age of fifteen. 

Hay x8, 250. 

Hahtyr Dei Venantius, i Ukookquebed Martyr of his God I 

Lux ct decus Camertium, His country'^ light, her joy and prize ! 

Tortore victo et judice, Venantius tnumphs o'er his judge, 

liSQtus triumphum concinit. And in victorious torment diea 

9 Annis puer, post vincula, 
Post carceres^ post verbcra, 
Longa fame frementibus 
Cibus datur leonibus. 

3 • Sed ejus innocentue 
Farcit leonum imnutnitas, 
Fedeaque lambunt martyria 
Ir» f amisque immemores. 

2 A boy in years, when chains, nor scourge. 

Nor dungeon could liis soul subdue. 
To lions, with long hunger fierce, 
At last the tender youth they tlirew. 

3 But, oil, what i)ower hath innooenoa 

The fiercest nature to assuage I 
The lions crouch to lick his feet. 
Forgot their hunger and tiieir rage. 


4 Teno deorsum vertivo 
Haurire fumum cqgitur : 
Costas utrinque et viscciu 
Succensa lampas uatulat. 

5 Sit laus Patri, sit FiUo, 
Tibique Bancte Bpiritns ; 
Da per preces Venantii 
Beata nobiA gaucUa. 


4 Then downwards held in tliiokMt smoke, 

They make him drink tho stifling stream; 
While underneath, slow torches sear 
His naked breast and side with flame. 

5 To Thee, O Father, with the Son, 

And Holy Spirit, glory be ; 
^ Oh, grant us, tlirougli thy martyr's prayvr, 
The joys of immortality. 



St. Lawrence, Martjrr. 

(Aibgust za) 

A deacon of the Holy Roman Church, he was burned to death at Rome over 
a slow nre, on the xoth of August In the year 358. 

1 Holt Deacon I hy ihy yearning 

For the Martyr s gloxious crown ; 
By thy tortures, by thy burning, 
By thy death of Dright renown ; 
When the world and flesh and 

Tempt our souls to sin and evil. 
Dear Saint Lavnrence, pray for 

2 By the love that thou didst ever 

To thy Pontiff-Father bear. 
Fray that no base act may sever 
Us from Peter's loving care ! 
But when men would once more 
lead us [freed us, 

Into bonds from which Christ 
Dear Saint Lawrence, pray for 

3 By the Pontiff's words of warning, 

Bidding oU thy sorrows cease, 
Words foretelling bitter moumisg 
Leading unto lasting peace I 

That to Jesus in our sadness 
We may look for help and glad- 
Dear Saint Lawrence, pray for 

By thy love, which knew no measure, 

For the needy and the old. 
Giving them the Church's treasure — 
Dearer they than gems and gold I 
Teaching us that alms well given 
Are but treasures stored in hea- 
ven, [us ! 
Dear Saint Lawrence, pray tog 

By thy fervent love for Jesus, 

By thy strong and constant fuitli. 
Of our sinfid burdens ease us I 
Help us at the hour of death I [us. 
When the fears of death conf oiuid 
When the cleansing fires sur- 
round us, [us I 
Dear Saint Lawrence, pray for 


St. Stepl^ea, Froto-Maxtyr. 

(JDeember 26.) 

His name signifies the Oi'mened. He was one of the seven first deacons chosen 
by the apostles. He was " full of grace and fortitude and did great wonders 
and signs among the people " (Acts vi. 8). The Jews stoned him to death, 
at Jerusalem, on the 26th of December of the same year In which Christ 
was crucified. 

O Captaik of the Martyr host I 

O peerless in renown ! 
Kot from the fading flowers of earth 

Weave we for thee a crown. 

2 The stones that smote thee, in thy 
Made beauteous and divine, [blood 
All in a halo heavenly bright 
About thy temples shine. 


3 The Bcara upon fhj mcred brow 

Throw beams of riory round ; 
The Bplendoura of thy bruisM face 
The Tery son confound. 

4 Oh, earliest tietim sacrificed 

To thy dear Victim Lord 1 
Oh, earliest witness to the faith 
Of thy Incarnate Ood ! - 

5 Thou to the heavenly Canaan first 

Throuffh the Red Sea didst go. 
And to the Martyrs' countless host 
Their path of glory show. 

6 Erewhile a servant of the poor, 

Now at the Lamb^s High Feast^ 
In blood-empurpled robe arrayed, 
A welcome nuptial guest ! 

484.H7xnn for the Feast of the Holy Innocents, at Vespers. 485> 

Matt. ii. x8 : "A voice in Rama wp3 heard, lamentation and g^reat mourning: 
Rachel bewailing her children, and would not be comforted, because they 
are not." 

X Salvkte, flores marlyrum, 
Quos lucis ipso in limine 
CltfiBti insecutof sustulit, 
Ceu turbo nascentes roeas. 

2 Vos prima Christi victima, 
Orex immolatorum tener, 
Aram sub ipsam simplices 
Palma et coronis luditis. 

3 Jesu, tibi ait gloria, 
Qui natus es do Virgine^ 
Cum Patre et iJmo Spiritu, 
In sempitema aiscula. 


V, Herodes iratus oooidlt 

R. In Bethlehem Jadse, 

1 LovKL7 flowers of Martyrs, hail t 
Smitten by the tyrant foe 

On life's threshold— as the gale 
Strews the roses ere they blow. 

2 First to bleed for Christ, sweet lambe I 
What a simple death ye died 1 ' 

Sporting with your wreath and palHis, 
At the very altar^ide t 

3 Honour, glory, virtue, merit, 

Be to Thee, Virgin's Son I 
With the Father, and the Spirit, 
While eternal ages run. 


multos V. Herodj'.being wroth, slew many 

dvitate &. In Bethlehem of Juda, the city 

of David. 



486. An InTocation of Bt. ThoBuui of CaBterlmry. 

(December 99.) 

Bom in London in 11x7, 21st of December, he became Lord Chancellor of 
land in 1x57, Archbishop of Canterbury in xx6a, tatd was marlyred on tfie 

housdiold saw him in his pontifical vestments going up the altar steps, as 
if to say Mass ; seeing the same thing on the second ana on the third night, 
he said to him, " My lord, qrb thou not dead ?" The Saint answered* " I 
died ; but I am alive."— Xi/e of St. Thomas. 

DjBAB Sidnt, who, as a shepherd true, 
Did for your flock lay down your 
Where shall we turn, unless to yott, 
^qg us aid amidst the strife ? 

Dear Saint, your torn and wounded 

Is laid upon your Master's breast. 
And death, with all its conflict dread. 

Is post and lost in endless rest. 


3 1k6x Saint, the Martjr'ci orowii and 

Are jcfaTBy and jrouns for evenzun^ ; 
Your song, the Bainte' triumphant 

Your path the heaVen's starry floor. 

4 Bear Saint, no longer exiled now 

From your true King^ and naUve 

The crimson stains tibat gon yoiier 

Are wiped away by His o^m Hand. 

5 Dear Saint, thd storms of hell tn vain 

Have spent their fury on your head. 
And our poor land blooms forthagain. 
And pilgrim steps to you are led. 

6 Dear Saint, our way in peace protect ! 

And since you hold a burning light. 

By its 0Weet ray our way direct, 
And dissipate the clouds of night. 

7 Dear Saint, though men are false awl 

And pass you by without a woird ; 
Yet help us, as you did of old ; 
Pray for ns to your dearest Lord. 

8 Dear Saint, we cannot tell the loye 

That God has given us for yon ; 
But when we reach your home above, 
Well speak your praise inliuiguage 

9 Ddar Saint, yes : in the realms abovi), 

In God's great Fteaence may we 
Together make our vows of love 
In Jesus' Heart— at Mary's feet. 


487* Hymn of Fsralse to St. thoxnas of Cfemtertmry. 

I Bejoioe, thou race of man, rejoice ! 
To-day the Church renews h^r, 

Of Bngland's Thoxaas ; and her voice. 
Is echoed by the heavenly host. 

a Bejoice, whoever loves the right ; 
Rejoice, ye faithful men and true : 
The Prince of Peace o'errules th» 
The many fall before the few. 

3 Orbst is the priestly charge, and great 

The line to whom that charge is 

It comes not, that pontificate, [giTen ! 

Save from the great High Priest 

in heaven. 

A frowning king no equal brooked ; 

His minions cried, ' ' Obey or die ! " 
Thomas, like Stepnen, heavenward 

And saw tiie Son of Van on- high. 

Thou King of kings, and Lord of 

lords, [Thine ! 

That world Thy blood redeemed is 

The Cross, not sceptres and not 

swords, [divine. 

Leads on the march pf things 

Lo I loss is gain, and gain is loss ; 

God lives, His Gospel is not bound; 

The Saviour conquered from the 

Cross; [ground. 

His Martyr from th« bleeding 


SagUsh martyrs and Saints. 

X When England, Lord, in days of 
faith, was Thine, 
Saints lived and Martjrrs bled ) 
And our dear isle became one mighty 
Of great and Sainted dead. 

2 Dear Saints, the heretic of modern 
Has made your shrines his prize I 
And in the pQe ourfaith alone could 
That -^ery hdth denieft. 

3 Por oiur loved land, dear Saints, you 

bore the Cross ; 
For us ye Martyrs died I 
Nor hath your love for England 
suffered loss 
Now you reiga glorified. 

4 Gain England back her titles and 

heir pow^ 
Within thd One True Fold ! 
"The Isle of Saints and blessed 
Mary's Dower," 
As in the days of old ! 


5 Ood of oar Fathers, look upon oar 

How long wilt Thou not hear? 
How long shall Thy True Vine he 

trodden low, 
• Nor help from Thee appear? 

6 Ofa, hy our glory ia the days gone 

Oh, by Thme ancient love ; [by ! 

<^, hy our thousand Saints, who 
ceaseless cry 
Before Thy throne above ; 

Lord, for this isle, compassionate 

Cherish Thy wrath no more ! 
But build again her temples from the 

And our lost joy restore J [dust, 


Hymn for Veneration of Holy IteUos. 

I Now, while before your relics 
Our prayers and incense rise, 
Look down, ye Saints of heaven ! 
And help vm from the skies. 

3 What though in dismal ruin 
Tour bones so long have lain ? 
Tet still sublimest virtues 
E'en in their dust remain. 

3 Still in these holy temples 
The Spirit makes His home, 

Reserving them for gioiy 
In other days to come. 

4 Whence from beneath the idtur 

They yet exert their might, 
Subduing death and siokneas, 
. And putting Hell to flight. 

5 O Christ, our Judge immortal. 

Through all the worlds, to Thee 
Ail gloxy with the Father 

490. Hymn for the Conmon of Confessors, at Vespers. 491. 

z IsTB Oonfessor Domitd, ooleates x 

Quem pie laudant populi per orbemi 
Hao die Isotus meruit bearas 
Scandere sedes. 

(// it be not the day of Ids death, 

Hac die Isetus meruit supremos 
Laudis bonores. 

a Qui plus, pnidens, humllis, pudicus, s 
Sobiiam duxit sine labo vitsun. 
Donee humanos animavit 9xan& 
Spiritus artus. 

3 Cujus ob prastans meritum frequen- 3 

JGgra quse passim jaeuere membra, 
Viribus morbi domitiSi saluti 

4 Noster hinc illi chorus obeequentem 4 
Concinit laudem, oelebresque polmas; 
Ut piis ejus preoibus juvwnur 

Ctanne per eevum. 

The Confessor of Christ, from shore 
to shore 

Worshipped with solemn rite. 
This day wentup with ioy, his labours 

To his blest seat in light. [o cr, 

Hu following is suhstituUd:) 

This day receives thosohonoun wUeh 
are his, 
High in the realms of light. 

Holy and Innocent were all his ways, 
Sweet, temperate, imstatncd ; 

His Ufe was prayer, his eveiy breath 
was praise 
While breath to him remained. 

Ofttimes his merits high in every 
In cures have been displayed, 
And still does health return at his 
To m„ny a frame decayed. 

Therefore to him triumphant praise 
we pay. 

And yearly songs renew : [P^^yi 
Frajring our glorious Saint for us to 

All the kmg ages throu^ 


5 Bit salos illi, docus at^ue virtoB, 
Qui super e<Bli solio coruacaxiB, 
Totius luundi seriem gubemat 
Triims Qt mius. 


5 To God, of all the oentro and the 
, source, 

Be power and glory given ; 
Viho sways the mighty world through 
all its course, 
From the bright throne of heaven. 



F. Anukvit eum Dominus, et omavit V. The Lord loved him and adorned 
eum. him. 

£. Btdluati gloi^sa induit eum. £. And clothed him with a robe of 



V. Justum deduxit Dominus per V. The Lord led the just through 
Tias rectas. right ways. 

a. Et ostendit illi regniun Dei. Jl And showed him the kingdom of 



St. Daridf Patron of Wales, 

(MarcJi z.) 

Bom of princely race in Cardiganshire, he became Archbishop of 
(now cftUed St. Pavid's), and the glory of the British Church, 
about the yfi9r 544 in a very advanced age. 

He died 

Dear Saint David, we Implore thee. 
From thy Uissful throne in glory, 
Liook on us who bend before ti&ee — 

Help us in our need ! 
Bee thy land to strangers given. 
And the truth by falsehood riven — 
Fray that we may give to heaven 

Thought and word and deed. 

On thy prayer relying, 
Ev'ry foe defying, 

tjoon faith's banner o'er fair 
Triumi^umt shall be fl ving ! [ Wales 
Foea advaoee 1. y9&, fearless, meet 

them I 
For we must ffre long defeat them !. 
QnwardI with our war-cry greet 

them I— 
•* Saint David, pray for us 1 * 

As the Giant's feet once stumbled 
On the mountain, crushed and 
humbled (crumbled 

By the Shepherd's faith which 

Pride and might of old ! 
So, from royal race descended, 
By thee was the faith defended, 
And thy love thy dear flock tended 

Safe withhi the fold ! 

Cfto-u*.— On thy prayer, &c. 

Pray In love, and pray in power, 
That on us our God may shower 
Choicest gifts, and ricmy dower 

Our dear native laud. 1 
Pray that wealth or sin may never 
From the Chusdi thy children sever, 
But that to the truth for ever 

Tbey may faithful stand I 

C/wnw.-— On tixy prayer, Ac. 

St. OSiad. 


(Jllareh 2.) 

Brought up in the monastery of Lindiifame, he became Bishop first of York, 
afterwards of Lichfield, where he died 2d of March in 673. 

Hear thy children, gmtle Patron, 

Holy Bishop, dear Saint Chad I 
Pray for us and for thy country, 

For the sinful and the sad. 

Glodt of our Saxon England, 
Chosen to lead men to God I 
Pray for us who now are toiling 
. Where thy feet in patience trod 


Ixmng Saint of gentlA peace, 
E'en thy rery See rnrigning" 
Thai* unholy strife night cease 1 
CAortM.— Hear thy <diildten, &c. 

3 When storms raged or winds were 
Thou didst bend in humble prayer, 
Thinking of God's day of judgment, 
Bulging Ood His flock to spare. 
GJlDfua— Hear thy children, Ac. 

Wlien thy Via «f ton VM eailng, 
Angels, watching at thy aide, 

fiade;thee kave this earth and hasten 
To thy Jesus glorified I 

Chonu. — Hear thy children, Ac 

Bythy life and death so holy. 
By thy bliss with Ood on high ! 

Grant thai like to thee, dear Patron, 
We for God may live and die 1 
CAoraf.— Hear tby ddldren, Ac 

494. InYocation off St. Thomas Aquinas.* 


(March 7.) 

Bom in the county of Aquino, in Italy, in laati. He joined the Dominican 
order at the age of scTcnt^en. He became so learned that he is cn&ed 
" the Angfel of the Schools.**' A voice came from the crucifix to him : 
"Thou hast writt^i well of Me, Thomas, what recompense dost thoii 
desirtf ?" He answered, <*No other than Thrself, O Loid." He died at 
Fcfsa Kuova, a Cistercian i^i)bey, on the 7th ozMunoh, in 1374. 

Sweet Saint Thomas, holy Patron, 
Draw our hearts and hopes aboye I 

Bless us with a Father's bleeping, 
Shield us with a Father's love ! 

From the starry throne of glory 
In the shining light of heaven, 

Thou wilt look upon the children 
To thy holy keeping given. 

Jesus, ' 'of whom thou wrot'st so well, " 
Thy reward Himself became. 

Give us God's own truth to cherish. 
Help us all our flesh to tame. 

We will onwards in thy footsteps, ' 
We win upwards to the goal ; 

And thy mighty pewer ahaH streng- 

And thy whispered words ooneole. 
Keep us pure like thee, and teach us 

Earth's false brightness to despise. 
While we gaae vma earnest longing 

On oar home beyond the aklea. 

Lone and sad are God's great temples^ 

Angels weep o*or rained shrines ; 
Guide the weary feet that wander. 

Fill the earnest heart that pinea 
"Pnj the prayer of intercession. 

And it riudl not be in vain ; 
Plead, Saint Thomas, till th6a give 

To the Mother Churoh agvisb i(us 


Hymn of Praise to 8t. Thomas Aqiiliias. 

Great Saint Thomas, wond'roua 

Light resplendent of the world. 
Holy Churcn's mighty champion 

¥nio Truth's sacred flag unfurled. 
And, confoimded, 

Back the poVrs of error hurled. 

3 Fiercely strove the world inciting 
Unto evi]« yet in vain ; 
Valiant Thomas, girt by angels. 
Those white robes that ne'er Jt&eif 
Kew thou wearest 
'Mid the Bridegroom's virgin tnda. 

* St. Thomas is the special patron of youth, of atadentJii of chastity, of 
learning, and of devotion to the Most Holy Sacrament. He Is also a special 
patron of vocation to the priesthood and the religious life, on account of the 
great temptation of his youth, so heroically overcome and so minoulously 



3 fMiiXk ibS HfB^B ftngalic lesson* 

To us with thy xuime descends, 
]iilo*B perleQtioD. which, with actiout 

Holy contemplation blends : 
Matchless beauty 

Thee this blessed union lends. 

4 Eron iby hvows, in crownlike spleik- 

Bays of ev*ry virtue shine, [dour, 
Saint, who with the cherub's wisdom, 
Love of seraphs dost combine 

Hallow^big each golden line. ' 

Sweet Saint Thomas, now thqu 
Crowned eternally above^ 
Deign to help tiiy supiriiiant chil- 
Beg the Paraclete, the Dovfl^ 
To shed o'er us 
Treasures of His light and lore. 

496t at. Fatxlok, Apostle and Patron ot ^elaud. 

{March 17.) 1 

Bom, most likely, in Prance, ia Little Brittany, on the coast of Leon, about 
the year 373. He Was carried into captivity by certain barbarians, who 
took ^JTn to Irdand. It was there he laid the foundation of a sanctity 
which made him one of the greatest aposties and patrons of Holy Church. 
Having received his mission from Pone Colestine, and being consecrated a 
Bishim, he converted the whole of Ireland, and filled the country with 
churches and schools of x^ety and learning. He died and was buried at 
Down, in Ulster, in the year 464, at the age of ninety-twa] 

1 On wings of holy charity 

To Ena's coast Saint Patrick came. 
To curb the devil's tyranny. 
And spread the love of Jesu's name. 

Th» Paith is firm in Erin's laud. 
And Patrick dear to Irish hearts ; 
Though heresy has raised her brand. 
And struck her sons with ) n^_» 
Satan's dart. / *<P^**- 

2 Through ages lone of gloomy night 

Our Fathers In fell bondage lay, 

When Patrick brought the Gospel's 

light) [way. 

To light in truth our heavenward 

Chartu.— The Paith is firm, &c. 

3 Then 1^ celestial doctrine taught, 
To Faith and Hope was Erin 

her children 

The flame of Love 
And Peter's Chair their Faith con« 

Chorui.— The Faith is firm, ^. 

4 Still, Patrick, pray that sin may 
Vrova. every Iriqh heart and 
And those who love to own thee 
In lawless ways may never roam. 

CJwrut. —The Faith is firm, &c. 


Hymn of Praise to St. Fatrldlt 

Hail, glorious Saint Patrick, dear 

tikKint of onr isle t 
On us, thy poor children,, bestow a 

sweet sxnile ; £siou^ above. 

And no(w thou turt high Inthe man- 
On Erin's green valleya look down 

in thy lovt. 

Hail, glorious Saint Patrick I thy 
words were once strong 

Against Satan's wiles and a heretic 
throng ; [thou art— 

Not less is thy might where in heaven 

Ob, come to our aid, in our battle 
take part. 


3 In the war ogainit slii, in the light 

for the Faith, 
Dear Saint, may thy children resist 

to the death ; 
Blay their strength be in meekness, 

in penanoe and prayer, 
Their banner the Cross, which they 


4 Thy people, now exiles on many a 

Shall love and revere tiiee till time be 
no more ; 

And the fire thou halt kindled shall 

ever bum bright, 
Its warmth undiminished, undying 

its light. 

5 Ever bless and defend the sweet land 

of our birth, 
Where the shamrock still blooms as 

when thou wert on earth ; 
And our hearts shall yet bum, where* 

soever we roam, 
For Ood and Saint Patrick and oar 

native home. 


St. Patrick's Day. 

X All praise fo Siiint Patrick, who 
brought to our mountains 
The gift of Qod's faith, the sweet 
light of His love I 
All praise to the shepherd who 
showed us the fountains 
That rise in the heart of the 
Saviour above 1 [In tears, 

For hundreds of years, in smiles and 
Our Saint has been with us, our 
shield and our stay ; [alone. 

All else may have gone, Saint Patrick 
lie hath been to us light when 
earth's lights were aU set, 
For the glories of Faith they can 
never decay ; [with us yet. 

And the best of oiu: glories is bright 
In the faith and the feast of Baint 
Patrick's Day. 

2 There is not a Saint in the bright 

courts of heaven [of his choice : 

More faithful than he to the land 

Oh, well may the nation to whom he 

Wiis given, [apostle rejoice ! 

In the feast of their sire and 

In glory above, true to his love. 

He keeps tlie false faith from his 

children away : 

The dai4L false faith, that is trorse 
than death, 
Oh ! he drives it far off from the 
green sunny shore, 

Like the reptiles which fled from his 
curse in dismay ; 
And Erin, when error's proud 
triumph is o'er, 

Will still be found ke^hig Saint Pat- 
rick's Day. 

3 Then what shall we do for thee, 
heaven-sent Father? {.be ? 

What shall the proof of our loyalty 
By all that is dear to our hearts*, we 
would rather 
Be martyred, sweet Saint ! than 
bring shame upon thee I [make, 
But oh I he will take tlie iHt>mise we 
So to live that our lives by God's 
help may display 
The light that he bore to Erin's shora : 
Tes, Father of Ireland 1 no child 
wilt thou own, [its way ; 

Whose life is not lighted by grace on 
For they are true Jritih, oh yes ! 
they aloue, 
Whose hearts are all true on Saint 
Patrick's Day. 


Hynm of SuppUcatlon to St. Patrick. 

X Saint Patrick, for our country pray. 

Our ever-fHitnful land, 
Whose martyred hosts so gloriously 

Before God's great throne stand i 
Look down upon thy children here, 

Look down upon our race, 
And bless, dear Saint, this little isle 

And each one's native place. 

From foes withont^ from fears 
From every evil, every sin, [within, 
Baint Patrick, set us free. 
2 Oh, hear us, Patrick, while we pray, 
Thou art our own dear Saint, 
Uphold tlie weak, protect the young, 
Strengthcu the souls that faint ; 


Thou knowert bow we are tempted 

Thou knowest how we are tried, 
Thon knowest that we arc foithful 


'Whateyer ills betide. 
Chonit. — From foes without, &c. 

Ob, help our poor in patient love 
To bear their suffering life. 

To think of that great yictory 
Which oometh after strife ; 

Keep from them all revengeAil 
Whene'er they euflfbr wrong— 

The meek alone are crowned in 
And heaven will come ere long. 
Chwus. — From foes without) tc. 

We are thy children, blessed Saint, 

The children of thy love ; 
We know how mighty is thy prayer. 

How It was heard above ; 
Fray for us now, for priest and 

For rich men and for poor, 
That to the end, however tried. 

Our faith mny still endure. 
Choi'ux.— From foes without, to. 

" We hereby grant an Indulgence of Forty Days to all who shall devoiitly 
recite the Hymn of St. Patrick vith one Hail Mary. 

*• Fth'ua)'y ooih, x868." " ArdibUhop of Wuimwtttr, 

tLr\r\ St. Patrick, the Model and Patron of Temperance Qnllds 
^^^' or AsBOCiatlone. 

1 O HOLY Patrick ! Ireland's Saint, 
Pray for thy children here, 
That God may keep us cvernioro 
Firm in His faith and fear. 

3 As Ireland's children by the wood 
Wliich skirts the western sea. 
Called thee to come unto their help, 
So call we now to thee. 

3 Oh, let not Eriji's children ataln 
The heirloom of their faith 
By maddeningdrink, the bitter souroe 
Of want, and sin, and death. 

Dear Father, who didst f«l.ike thy 
In Ireland's shining Bprinafs, [thirst 

Make Irish lips to choose tlio taste 
Which the dear fountain brings. 

, Tliou didst do penance while on earth 
For Erin and her sons ; 
In heaven now intercede for us. 
Thine Irish little ones ; 

6 That we fhim chUdhood ne'«r moy 
The gift of Holy Faitli, [stain 

But temperate and pure may live. 
Thy children imto death. 

501. ftt. Cuthbert, tbe Thanmaturgns of Britain. 

{MmxJi TO.) 

Bont near 3I:iilix)s, on the bank of the Tweed, he became a monk, and then 
BLshop of Lindisfanie. For hia mii*acles ho was calleU the Tiinuniaturgui 
of Britain. He sweetiy slept in Gl>rist on the 20th day of March 687. 

X Dt:ar Patron of the faithful North, 
Saint Cuthbert, hear thy children's 
praver ; [look forth, 

I*rom thy bright throne in lieavon 
On us bestow a Father's care ! 

a 01) I by thy pure and gentle youth, 
A humble shepherd with Uiy sheep, 
Sccm-e within the Fold of Tiiith 
Thy sinful children deign to keep ! 

3 Ood gave of old to thy good care 

His flock to foster and to warn. 

To rule the vales of Tyne and Wear, 

Hexham and holy Lindisfame. 

4 Then to thy own dear Northern land 

A Father and Protector prove ; 
Whore trod thy feet, where blessed 
thy hand. 
Look now in pity and in love I 



In Butliam'A pile tby body lies, 
By Angels secretly preserved I 

And still that presence sanctifies 
The Isle which naught but wrath 
deserved I 

In pity, as in days of old, 

Guard this dear isle in every need ; 

Bring England back to Christ's true 

Fold, [Tweed I 

Let Peter rule from Thames to 

502< St. Benedict, tbe Patrlarcli of tlie Western Monte 

(March 21.) 

Bom about 480, at Nuvsia, in Umbria, he became a hermit at the age of fifteen. 
He lived such a perfect life that he drew after him to God an immense 
host of holy religious. He is considered as the Patriarch of the Western 
monks. He calmly expired in prayer, on Saton^y the sut of Mardi, about 
the year 543. 

z TanouaH the long nave and full re- 
sounding aisles 
Let pealing anthems rise : ^ [diet 
This day, that saw immortal Bene- 
Ascend the skies I 

2 A flowery path, affection, home, were 

But vainly earth allured ; [bloom 
Deep in a lonesome cave hia tender 
The saint immured. 

3 There, amid prickly thorns, he curbed 

Of sin-incentive youth ; [the rage 

There drew his sacred Rule from the 

Of life and truth. , [pure fount 

4 'Hiere still upon the height the 

Baptist's shrine. 
Memorial of his love^ 
Tells how he smote the Pagan god. 
The Paphian grove, [and strewed 

5 Now from the heavenly dome, seated 

Amid seraphic choirs. 
He sees us all, and with celestial 
Each heart inspires. [draughts 

6 Glory eternal to the Father be, 

And sole-begotten Son ; 
With Thee, great Paraclete, eterunl 
And trinal One I [Three, 


St. Philip, Founder of the Oratorians. 

{May 25J 

Bom at Florence in 1515. He became a priest at Rome, where he exercised a 
wonderful apostolate in the Confessional. The founder of the Oratorians, 
he abounded in exceeding jnety aad ceal for the talvatioft of souls. He 
died at Borne 25th of May 1595. 

Founder and sire I to mighty Rome, 

Beneath Saint Peter's shade, 
Early thy vow of royal love 

And ministry was paid. 
The solemn porch and portal high 

Of Peter was thy home ; 
The world's apostle he, and thou 

Apostle of his Rome. 


O sainted Philip, father dear, 
Look on thy little ones, that Wd 

Thy loveliness may coi^y hero 
And in the eternal kingdom see. 

And first in the old catacombe. 

In galleries long and deep, [flock 
Where martjnr Popes had ruled tlie 

And slept their glorious sleep. 
There, didst thou pass the zUgats in 

Until at length there came 
Down on thy breast, new lit for thee. 

The Pentecostal flame. 

Chorus. — O sainted Philip, &c. 

Thou in that heart-consuming love 

Didst walk the city wide, 
And lure the noble aud the young 

From Babel's pomp and pride ; 


And gathering them 'witliin thy cell, 

Unveil the lustre bright. 
And beauty of thy inner soul, 

And gain them by the sight. 
Chorus. — O sainted Philip, &c. 

( And as the apostle, on the hill 
Facing the imperial town, 

First gassed upon his fair domain, 
Then on the Cross lay down ; 

So thou, from out the streets of Rome, 
Didst turn thy failing eye 

Unto that mount of m^yi'dom. 
Take leave of it and die. 

Chorus, — O sainted Philip, &c. 


St. Bede, Olory of the Saxon Cliurcli. 

{May 27.) 

Bom in 673 near Jarrow monastery, he entered it at the age of seven, and lived 
there until the age of sixty-twd He was a model of devotion, humility, 
simplicity, charity, and penance. He became so learned that he is called 
*' Father of the Church," the chief est and brightest ornament of the English 
nation. He died on the 26th of May in 735. His festival is kept on the 

X Fbom Jarrow's tower the vesper bell 
Tolls solemnly across the Tyno ; 
Besting his oar, tiie mariner 
Stays listening to its sacred chime. 

9 Thechant begins, but slow and sad; 
For full of grie»f the monks are aJl, 
Since one, by all revered and loved. 
Is missing from his wonted sti^ 

9 Their vespers simg, they leave the 
And crowd around his Goudi with 
To see once more, ere he expire, 
Their own dear VeMraibltBedjs, 

4 Earnest he was in work andprayer. 
And full of love for Holy Writ ; 
Destined to share the Doctors' fame. 
And near to them in heaven to sit ! 

5 E'en from the days of tend'rest youth 

He loved the cloister's solitude ! 
God's will — a love for holy truth — 
Christ-like, he made his daily food ! 

6 Ascension-Eve had wellnigh gone 

Wken hjs sweet life of toil did cease ; 
The Gospel of Saint John explained. 
Ere he did pass to heaven in peace. 

7 O glory of the Saxon Church ! 

Beam forth again, within thy hand. 
Bearing the torch of truth to chase 
The gloom that shrouds thy native 

8 Behold I thy shrines are desolate : 

Lo 1 Durham, Jarrow, "Wearmouth 
Build up the altars now laid waste. 
Bid fedth and peace again return. 


St. Aloyaiufl Gkmzaga, Patron of Toutta. 

{Junt 21.) 

Bom, in 1568, in the castle of Castiglione, of a princely race, he entered the 
Society of Jesus at about eighteen. There ne lived the life of an angel 
ratiier than that of a man. and died, as he had foretold, on the 2zst of June 
X591. He is the patron of youth 

Angblio youth t at whose blest 
Bright choirs of heavenly spirits 
thronged ; 
How great the day which gave to 
A treasure that to heaven belonged. 

youth who, pure, 


Patron of 

The dangers that beset our way, 
We fear the world to walk alone, 
Let Thy sweet name sup- ) t,^^„ . 
port and stay. "^ ] Repeat. 


2 Iiappy youth, from thy first hour, 

Thy stops e'er were to heaven, 
Thou ne'er didst yield to demon 
Nor fall 'neath sin which raged 
Chorui. — Patron of youth, Ac. 

3 Thy guileless tongue and gentle 

From Jesus' love was never riven ; 
In things of earth thou hadst no part, 
For all thy thoughts were set on 

Chorus. — ^Patron of youth, &c. 

4 From dewy mom till evening fair. 

From vespers' toll till break of day, 
Oui* enemies their toils prepare, 
And seek to make our souls their 

CAortw.— Patron of youth, &c. 

5 Oh be our guide, for thou wcrt puro, 

And we ore stained with many a 
Without, life's ills we scarce endure; 
Alas I how cold and dark within. 
Chorus. — Patron of youth, &c. 

6 Life's mom is past, the sky grows 

And clouds forebode a troubled sea. 
The waves are swelling round our 
It may not speed unblest by thee. 
Chorus. — Patron of youth, &c 

7 Through Christ's sweet love, oh, pray 

for those 
For whom He died upon the tree : 
Through love thy soul has gained 
Through love we hope to follow 

ChorM. — Patron of youth, &c. 

eo^ St Vlnoent de Paul, Founder of tlia Fatbers of tbe Mlssioii 
o\J^' and of the Sisters of Charity. 

{Jvly xg.) 

A n.itivo of Foul in Gascony. He bepame a priest— founded both ilie Order of 
tho Fathers of the Hission, often oaUed Lazarites, and that of the Sistei-s 
of Charity. He alflo established a great number of other works of mercy. 
Ho calmly ezpii'ed in Paris on the sjth of September i66o. 

O Br.ES.SED Father ! sent by God, 

His mercy to di.spcnsc, 
T^ hand is out o'er all the earth. 

Like God's own providence. 

There is no grief or care of men 
Thou dost not own for thine ; 

No broken heart thou dost not fill 
With mercy's oil and wine. 

ClMrus.—0 Blessed Father ! &c. 

Thy miracles are works of love, 

Thy greatest is to make 
Boom in a day, for toils that weeks 

In other men would take. 

Chorus. — O Blessed Father I &c. 

AUcriosof suffering through the earth 

Upon thy mercy call. 
As though thou wert, like God Him- 

A father unto all. [self, 

CAone«.— O Blessed Father 1 dtc. 

Dear Saint, not in tho wildfimoss 

Thy fragrant virtues bloom. 
But in the city's crowded haunts. 
The alley's cheerless gloom. 

Chorus. — O Blessed Father ! tc. 

The father of the childless old. 
The lonesome widow's stay, 

The gladness of the orphan groups 
Out in the streets at play. 

Chorus. — O Blessed lather, Lc. 

Yet not unto the towns confined 
The gifts thy mercy gave, 

Tho Gospel to the villager. 
His freedom to tho slave, 

Chorus.^0 Blessed Father I &a 

For charity anointed thee 
O'er want, and woo, and jiain ; 

And she hath crowned thee ornxxsror 
Of all her wide domain. 

Chorus,— O Blessed Father ! && 


507* St I^[3iatli[8, Founder of the Jesnlts. 

(/ttly 31.) 

Bom in 149 1, in the caatie of Loyola, Bpaiu, thiB remarkable saint, from a 
soldier, became one of- the greatest promoters of Qod's glory. On the 15th 
of August, 153^, he instituted the Jesuit order, which has ever since been 
the vanguard of Christ's Church militant on earth. He calmly expired July 

3h XS56- 

lONATros, Warrior Saint, 
Cheer the weak and faint. 

And lead thy soldiers to the victory ! 
In thine earthly life 
Thou didst face the strife :— 

Hear from heaven now our cry to thee I 

a Ignatius, tiain us woU, 
13y the magic spell 

Manresa taught thee in Its solitude ! 
From tJie state of wrath 
Along our Saviour's path 

Guide us, through suffering, to beati- 

3 Ignatius, Saint of pmycr, 
Thou biddest none despair ; 

For God, our God, will ne'er desert 

Grace to us shall speed 

Sufficient for our need, 
And bafSe Satan's craft to hurt us. 

4 Ignatius, chaste of soul, 
Brace us to control 

Each motion that might lure our hearts 
to sin! 

Always may we strive 
Angel lives to live, [lino. 

And guard our senses with all dlscip- 

5 On the part of Christ 
Thou biddest us enlist, 

And spurn earth's wealth and all its 
bi-avery ; 
Thou, against the world, 
Christ's banner hast unfurled. 
And proved the matchless worth of 

6 Thou hast shown the way 
To universal sway 

And high dominion o'er the things of 
sense ; 

Thou hast cast aside 

Riches, honour, pride, 
And all by virtue of obedience. 

7 When the strife is done 
And the battle's won 

Through pain, humiliations, weariness : 

As on earth we bore 

Jesus' likeness more, . 
More shall we partake His happiness. 

508. St. Alphonsus, Foimder of the Redemptorists. 

{August 2.) 

Bom in 2696 at Marianella, near Naples, he united the zeal of an apostle with 

the austerities of a Cistercian, the science of a doctor of the CJhurch with 

Uxo humility of the publican. He founded a new order of missionaries 

• called the Order of Our Holy Redeemer, or Bedemptorists. He died 

August I, 1787. 

Hark ! angelio songs resoundii^g 
Through the happy courts of 
heaven t 
For the triumph of Alphonsus 
Endless praise to God is given. 
Saint Alphonsus ! holy Patron 

Of our confraternity. 
Let thy children sing thy praises 
Jsx a blest eternity. 

See Alphonsus silent kneeling, 

Rapt in loving ecstasy, 
At the altar where his Jesus 

Hides in love His Malesty. 

Saint Alphonsus 1 dearest Pa ther ! 

Would our hearts were like to 
Make us share thy deep devotion 

To this Sacrament divine. 

By the crib where Jesus, tremblix^, 

Lies upon a little straw, 
See Alphonsus, lowly bending, 
Lost in tenderness and awe. [dren 
Blessed Father 1 make thv chil- 

Love the Babe of Bethldaem, 
Till with thee we see His glory 
In the New Jerusalem. 


4 Lost in loYing contexnplatioii 
Of the Passion of his Lord, 
8ee Alphonsus, pierced with anguish, 
Bhares In Mary't bitter sword. 
Saint Alphonsus 1 ouroffencM 

Nailed thy Jesus to the wood. 
Pray that they may now b« can* 
celled [Blood. 

By His sweet and saving 

When Alphonsus speaks of Mary, 

"When his lips pronounce her nama^ 
Every word witn love is burning, 
And his hearers catch the flame. 
Saint Alphonsus I holy Eafclier I 
Hear our praises, grant our 
' Hake us love our Blessed Hother, 
And in heaven her glory share. 

509. St. Dominio, Founder of the Proachixig Friars. 

{Augtist 4.) 

Bom in I T 701 at Calaruega in Spain, of the illustrious house of the Guonans. Ho 
endowed Holy Church with two magnificent institutions— that of the holy 
Rosary and the order of preaching fiiars called Dominicans. 

He died on 

August 6, 132 X. 

Thou who, hero-like, hast striven 
For the cause of God and heaven I 
Dominic, whose life was given 

Sinners to recall. 
Saint of high and dauntless spMti 
By thy vast unmeasured merit, 
By thy name which we inherit^ 

Hear us when we coll. 

Flower of chastity, the fairest 
Of her lilv buds &ou bearest, 
Snow-white as the robe thou wearest. 

Gift from hands divine. 
With thy brow of starry splendour, 
With thine eyes so mild and tender, 
Mary's client^truth's defender, 

To our prayers incline. 

3 Great Apostle, ever claiming 
Souls for Jesus — ^by the naming 
Mary and her Son proclaiming 

Mysteries of faith ; 

4 StUl, O Dominic, the preaching 
Of those childlike beads Is reaching 
Childlike hearts all sweetly teaching 

Christ's own life and death. 

4 With those Atss, first and plainest 
Of the Church's prayers, thou rahiest 
Blessings on the earth and gainest 

Souls whom Jesus made. .- 
Loving Father t at thy station ' 
Of seraphic contemplation, 
I In each hour of dark temptation, 
Give thy saving aid. 

510. St. Francis of Asslsl, Founder of tbe Friars Wnors. 

{October 4.) 

Tills glorious Saint was bom at Assisium, in Umbria, In 2182. Of his htmiility 
ox heart, his love of poverty, and his imitation of Christ crucified, nothing 
could be said to give any ti-ue idea. Marked with tho five wounds of Chri^ 
crucified, on Mount Alverno, this seraphic Saint yielded up his soul to God, 
October 4, 2226. 

Let Alvemo's holy mountain 
That high mystery proclaim, 

Of the stunps of life eternal 
Which on olessed Francis came ; 

While he sobbed, and while he 

Grieving for the Crucified, [sighed, 

As he prayed in cold and hunger ; 

As he poured his glowing teaiB ; 
In his fervent spirit mounting 

Far above terrestrial spheres, 
Every earthly thing forgot 
^ ^s Saviour's bitter lot. 

Lo I to him. In form seraphic. 
Borne ui>on a cross Qn high. 

Six icradiant wings expanding. 
Came the King of Glory nigh ! 

Qoaing on him ^th a face 

Of benignity and grace. 

H« that tender glance retamlng. 
Saw th' Incarnate Ugfat of light; 

Saw his gracious meek Badeemer 
Robed in glory infinite ; 

Drank the words that from Him fell. 

Words divine, unspeakable ! 


Btraighiway all the sacred summit 
Kindles like a flaming pyre ; 

Holy Francis sinks enraptured. 
Fainting witib eestatio fire ; 

And upon his flesh appear 

Christ^ immortal Stigmata 1 

6 Honour to the high Bedoemerj 
Who for UB in torments died ; 
In whose image blessed Franeia 
Suffered and was sanctified, 

Ctoimting everything but loss 
For the glory of the Cross. 

611. Hymn, of FraUe and SnppUcation to St. Francis. 

z From the streets of lone Assisi 
Buig a voice of piercing might 
Through the orange groves and 
In the sunshine and the night ; 
Through the world that lay in dark- 
Bang that sweet and thrilling 
When our Francis called the nations 
To the Wisdom from on high. 

s O thou mesaenger of Jesus I 

O ihou Saint of gentle love ! 
Who didst see thv Gk)d in all things, 

And didst dwell with Him above ; 
Like the angel, in mid heaven, 

With the everlasting scroll. 
Thou didst bear the Gospel tidings 

To each lost and darkened soul. 

3 In the likeness of thy Ifoster' 
Thou vrast poor as poor could be, 
But in sorrow and in suffering 

God was glorified in thee : 
How resplendent were tny foot- 
On the day when thou wast sealed, 
And the mysteries of tiie Kingdom 
To thy spirit were revealed! 

4 On Alvemo thou wast kneeling 

In a rapture deep and high. 
When the seraph, six-winged, cress- 
JBumed before thee on the sky ; 
Then there flowed those lines of 
On thy hands and feet and side. 
That transformed thee to the Image 
Of thy Saviour crucified. 

5 From Alvemo and Assisi, 

As if borne on seraph wing, 
Thou didst seek the rock-built City 

In the garden of the King ; 
Kow the gleaming throne of jaajMr, 

Whence there fell the Homing Star, 
Is thy throne, thou sweet Saint 

Where the crowned and sceptred are. 

6 From that glory, Fiather Francis, 

Look upon us day by day ; 
We implore thee for thy blessing, 

In this steep and narrow way : 
Hake us hiunole with thy spirit. 

Hake us more and more thine 
Till the night has passed for ever. 

And we see thee on thy throne. 


St. WfiMd. 
(Oetolier iz.} 

Bom in Northumberland about the year 634, he became Bishop of York, and 
after many labours and persecutions for right, justice, and truth, he died 
at Oundle in NoHiiamptonshire, April 24, 709. 

Hail, holy Wilfrid, hail ! 

Kindest of i>atron8, hail ! 
Whose loving help doth ne*er 

Thy trusting children fail ! 

Saint of the cheerful heart, 
<)uick step, and beaming eye 1 

Give light unto our lives, 
And at our death be nigh ! 

3 To Mary's lovers thou. 

Sweet Saint 1 hast shown the 
Oh teach us how to love [road ; 
The Mother of our God I 

4 Teach us, dear Saint 1 to make 

The Church our only home ; 
To love the faith, the rites, 
And all the ways of Home ! 


5 horer of yoatfa, do Hiou 

Our English cluldren Uess ; 
Their loyous hearts' first lore 
For Mary's serrioe press. 

6 Into our souls, dear Saint ! 

With thy blithe courage come, 

And malco ti8 nisdoners 
Of Mary and of Rome ! 

7 Hail, holy Wilfrid, haU ! 
Saint of the free and gay { 
Look how we follow thee. 
And bless us in our way I 

513L St. Edwaid, Klngr and Ccmfessor, Patron of England. * 

(Oetobir 13.) 

Bon of King Ethclred IL, he was bom at Islip in Oxfordshire. An exile from 
his country, he was taught in the school of adversity the admirable virtues 
he later on pactised on the throne. Iliough married, he lived and di^ 
a virgin on the 5th of January 1066, after a i-eign of tweniy-three years. 

Saint Edwabd, England's gift from 

And the nob^tof her kings, [God, 
The promise of a second spring 

Thy gracious memory brings. 
For ere our England lost the faith 

Reoeived from holy Bome, 
Thy name was aye a household word 

In every Engliah home. 

An exile In a foreign land. 

Poor, friendless, and alone, [blood, 
Thou wouldst not shed one drop of 

And yet didst win thy throne. 
By great Saint Peter thou wert 

To love his Holy See, [tans^t 

To serve Qod's Church, and build her 

Witii royal charity. [shrines 

Christ blessed thee in the Holy Host 

With His own sacred hand, 
And for thy iake His blessings 

On thy beloved land. [poured 

For thee He healed her misenes. 

For thee He slew her foes, 
For thee He made the wilderness 

To blossom like the rose. 

By faith thou wert a conqueror 

By whom no blood was shed ; 
By faith, though vowed to chastity. 

Thou didst wine Editli wed, 
And in the bonds of wedlock true 

Didst kad a viiigin life. 
And leave in spotless maidenhood 

Thy pure and holy wife. 

Kind Saint, thy faith and charity 

The Lord would often prove. 
Yet the worst foulness of His poor. 

Did but increase tiiy love. 
Oh pity then my poverty. 

My ^s, my misery foul, 
And purify with heavenly love 

My poor and sinful soul. 

And, oh, for this dear English land 

With Jesus intercede. 
For which in life thou didst so oft 

With that dear Saviour plead. 
The centuries three are now run out. 

The time of its sad woe. 
Oh, may the tree of life, renewed, 

Once more luxuriant grow ! 

514* St. John Cantius, Oonfessor, Patron of Poland. 515. 

(October aa.) 

Bom about the year 1403, he was raised to the dignity of holy priesthood, and 
sanctified himself by his love for the Church, for the poor, and for Jesus 
Chrisfc, whom he ardently worshipped, both in His Passion and in the 
Host Holy Sacrament. He died at the age of seventy, December a4th, 



Gkntib Polonse gloria, 
Clerique splendor nobllis, 
Decus Lycaei, et patriaa 
'^ater, Joannes Inclyto. 

I O OLORT and high boast 
Of Poland's ancient race t 
True father of thy fatherland I 
Blest minister of grace i 


9 Leg^m mpeml Numinis 
Bocos Magister, et facis : 
Nil scire prodest ; sedulo 
Legem nitomur ezequi. 

3 Apostolorum limina 
Pedes -viator Tisltaa ; 

Ad pAtrf am, ad quam teudimus, 
GreesuB viamque dirige. 

4 Urbom petis Jerusalem ; 
SigxMita aacro sanguine 
Cliristi colis veatigia, 
Rigasque fUsls fletibus. 

5 Acerbi Christi vulnera 
Hsaretc nostris cordibus, 
Ut cogitemus cousequi 
Bedempticmis pretium. 

6 Te proaa mundi maohina 
demena adorat Trinitasi 
£t BOS uoyi per gratiam 
NoTXim caoamus canticum. 


V. Amavlt eum Domiuus, et omavit 
R. Stolnm gloi-isB induit earn. 


X Ts deprecante. corporum 
Lues recedit, improbi 
3Iorbi fugantur, prlstina 
Redeunt siiluti^ munei-a. 

2 Phthisl, f ebriqiM, et ulcei^ 
Diiam redactos ad necem, 
Sacrataft morfci Tictimaa 
£Jua rapis e faucibus. 

3 Te doprecante, tumido 
Herces aboctsa flumine 
Tractss Dei potentia 
Sursum fluunt retrogrradse. 

4 Cum tanta x>ossis, sedibus 
CobU locatujs, poscimns, 
Resxx>nde votia supplicum, 
Et invocatus subveui. 

5 O una semper Trlnttaa 1 
O trlna semper Unitas I 
Pa, supplicaute Cautio, 
JBtem* nobis pmmla. 


3 TwM tbtne the law of God 

To teach and to obey ; 
Oh, may we ever.wulk therein, 
Nor from its precepts stray ! 

3 Th' Apostles' shrinos thou didst 
Visit in pilgrim guise ; 

Oh guide us to our homo above, 
itef e from all enemies 1 

4 Thou to Jerusalem 

Didst go for love, and there 
The traces of Thy Lord adore. 
And wash with many a tear. 

5 Oh may His blessed wounds 
Deep in our hearts rumuin I 

Through t^em may we the glorious 
Of life eternal gain I [prize 

6 Dread Trinitv, to thee 

Let the world's fobric bend ; 
While eTenoore^ from heurts renewed, 
New hymns of praise ascend. 


V. The Lord loved him and adorned 

R. And clothed him with a robe of 



z Saint of sweetest majesty 1 
What a potent voice is thine I 
At thy prayer diseases fly ; 
Fading health revives again. < 

9 Oft with wasting fover wan, 

Ling'iing at their latest breath, 
Dying men by thee are drawn 
From the vexy jaws of death. 

3 Oft the shipwrecked merchandise. 

Sunk beneath the ngbi^ flood. 
At ^y prayer is seen to nse, 
By the glorious might of Ood. 

4 Oh, by thy surpassing power I 

By thy joys celestial? 
Help us in affliction's hour ; 
Hear us when on thee we call. 

5 Everlasting Throe in One ! 

Bver-blessed One in Three I 
Grant us through thy Saint the boon 
Of a glad eternity. 


V, Justum doduxlt Dominus per V. The Lord led the just tlirough 
Tias rectas. right ways. 

R, Et obtendit illl regnum Dei. R. And showed him the kingdom of 



eiQ Si Cliarles Bvmmieo; Founder of %k% ''OUAies" of 

^^^ 8t. Charles. 

{November 4.) 

Bom on the ad of October in 1538, he became Archl^ahop of ICilftii, and a 
CaidiiiaL The modelof pastors and the reformer of ecclesiastical lUaaipUne, 
he estahliahed a oongregatioiL of secular priests, now called ObhUet ni 8t 
Charles. He died Kovember 4, 1584. 

X Fatheb blest, and founder f 
To thee our hearts we raise. 
Rare pattern of a lovely life, 
Above all human praise. 

a Ajelory o'er thy cradle 

The future Saint revealed. 
Its little altars from the first 
Thy childhood joyed to build. 

3 Rome won in thee new honour, 

Her cardinal renownedi 
New life thy native Milanese 
In thee their bishop found. 

4 No longer in thy presence 

Their stormy factions rage ; 
Before thy firmness sink subdued 
The voices of an age. 

5 In vain the leaden bullet 

Against thy breast ia sped ; 

Before thee, like a rock, His shield 
Thy loving Ood has spread. 

6 Amidst the plague thou ^dunest 

An angel of the Lord ; 
And so, tiu-ough all things conqueror, 
Dost pass to thy reward, 

7 Henceforward to the clergy 

A rule and model anre ; 
Hope of the flock, light of iii» world, 
And altar of the poor I 

8 Oh ! from thy glory hear us. 

Who sigh, dear Baint, to thee, 
And present with us ever still 
In prayer and spirit be. 

9 To th' Everlasting Father 

Be rendered evermore 
Praise, with the Son and Holy 
As in aU time before 1 (Qhoet, 


8t. Btanialans Kostka, Uodei of Tontb. 

{Novemlfer 13.) 

Bom in the castle of Rostkou, In Poland, on the '28th of October 1550. He 
entered the Society of Jesus, and died at Rome at the age of about eighteen, 
after a life of angelical piety and purity. He foretold the day of hia deatbi 
which happened August xsth, in 1568. 

z Dkaji Saint, who on thy natal day 
To Mary's tender care was g^ven. 
And didst beneath her gentle sway 
Almost unsinning pass to heaven. 

a Sweet flower, that loved to bloom 
unknown, [pride ; 

A Saint 'mid worldly pomp and 
Who at the footstep of a throne 
Knew naught but Jesus crucified. 

3 Blest youth, who cast a crown away, 
To be with Christ despised and poor; 
Teach us to walk our lowly way. 
Content, though humble be our 


4 May no repining fill our breast 

Amid the ills of poverty ; 
Oh make us feel that we are blest 
To be thus poor with Christ and 
thee I 

5 Teach us, like thee, to shrink from sin. 

Like thee to love sweet purity ; 
That we from Mary's heart may win 
The love she once hestowed on th9e I 

6 Thus safe beneath her gentle sway, 

Oh may the grace to us be i^en. 
To pass from earth some happy day* 
And join thee in the courts of 




Bt. Edmnnd of OaaterbnxT. 

(November x6.) 

Bom at Abingdon in Berkshire. He became Archbifihop of Canterbury, and, 
to protest against abuses provoked by Henry III., he went as an exile to 
Pontigny and then to Soissy, in France, where he died November x6, 2242. 

X SiNOi England's song, the praises of 
Saint Edmund, 
Who for Christ's Church braved 
earthly power and might : 
Glowing with seal for love of Qod 
andcountry, [in the fight. 

Forward for ncaven, and foremost 
Father Saint Edmund, 

Thy pilgrims cross life's sea ; 
licad us home to Jesus, 
And home, sweet Saint, with thee. 

s Oh for thy ceal, the spirit which in- 
flamed thee, [thou hast trod ; 
Bidding men trace the rough ways 
Baise up, orave Saint, a band of brave 
Crusaders, [our God. 

Heroes for Faith, our Pontiff, and 
' Chorus.— F&their Saint Edmund, &c. 

3 Pray that the waves, in storm now 
furious raging, 
Thi-eatening to surge o'er Christ's 
own heaven-built rock, 

Hay soon be stilled at the gentle 
voice of Jesus, 
And peace shine o'er Rome's Shej)- 

herd and his flock. 
C^orut.— Father Saint Edmund, Ac, 

4 Idft up thine armsy beseech for our 

loved England ; 
Bee how her brow is shorn of 
Faith's gemmed crown 1 
Bobbed of God's trutii, she wanders 
still in darkness ; 
Plead that God's light may yet once 

more shine down. 
C^rw*.— Father Saint Edmund, &c. 

5 On foreign shores we leave, dear 

Saint, thy body, 
Grateful to France for all her care 
and love ; 
Hay thy pure soul o'er England's 
sons still hover, 
Till we unite in God's bright land 

above I 
CAoncs.— Father Saint Edmund, &c. 


Common of Virgins. 


z Jesu, corona vlrglnum. 
Quern mater ilia concipit, 
Quse sola virgo parturit, 
Haec vota Clemens accipe. 

9 Qui peigis inter liUa, 
Septus choreis vlrglnum 
Sponsus decerns gloria, 
Sponsisque reddens preemia. 

9 Quocumque tendis, viivines 
Sequuntur, atque laudibus 
Post te canentea oursitant, 
Hymnosque dulces personant. 

4 To depreoiinur suppUeea, 
Nostras at addaa sensibus, 
Nesoire prorsua omnia 
Corrupiibnis viilnero. 

z Thou Crown of all the Virgin choir ! 
That holy Mother's Virgin Son I 
Who is, alone of womankind, 
Mother and Virgin both in one. 

2 Encircled by thy Virgin band. 

Amid the lilies Thou art found, 
. For Thy pure brides with lavish hand. 
Scattering inmiortal graces round. 

3 And still, wherever Thou dost bend 

Thy lovely steps, glorious Klng» 
' Viin^ina upon Thy steps attend. 
And hymns to Thy nigh gloxy sing. 

4 Keep vut, O Piuity Divine, 

From every least corruption free ; 
Our every sense from sin refine. 
And purify our souls for Thee. 


Virtua, honor, laus, gloda 
Deo Patri cum Filio, 
Sancto Simul Paraclito, 
In sseculorum saocula. 


5 To God the Father and the Son 

All honour, glory, praise, be given ; 
With Thee, O Holy Paracloto I 
Henceforth by all in earth and heaven. 


V. Specie tua, et pulchritudiuo tua. 
JL Intonde, prospere precede, et 

V. With Thy beauty and comeliness. 
R Bet out, proceed prosperously, and 


r. DiflTusa est gratia in labils tuls. V. Qroceifl poured abroad in Thy lips. 

R. Propterea 1i>enedixit te Deufl in JZ. Therefore God hath blessed Thee 
eeternura. for ever. 


St. Agnas, V.K. 

(/anuari/ 21.) 

Bom at Rome. She was noble, rich, and beautiful. Having dedicated her 
virginity to Christ from her tenderest years, no torments, no enticements 
could prevail upon her to be unfaithful to her Heavenly Spouse. St. 
Ambrose and St. Austin say that she was only thirteen years of age at the 
time of her glorfous death. She was beheaded at Rome, January 21, 305. 
She has been always looked upon by the Church as a speciil patvuuess 
of purity. 

1 Saint Aones, holy child, 
All purity ; 
Oh may we undefiled 

Be pure as thee ; 
Ready our blood to shod 
Rather tliau with sin to wed, 
And forth as martyxs led 
To die Ifke thee. 

Ckoriu.—SvAnt Agnes^ &c. 

a O jrantlo Patroness 
Of holy youth, 
Ask God nil those to bless 
Who love the truth ; 

And guide us on our way 
To the bright eternal day. 
With our hearts pure and gay, 
Dear Saint, like thee. 

Choi-ui. — Samt Agnes, &e. 

Look down and hear our prayer 

Fh>m realms above ; 
Show us a sister's care« 

A mother's love ; 
Re near us all through life. 
Guard and keep us from all strife, 
Till in eternal life 

We dwell with thee. 

CAoru«.— Saint Agnes, &c. 

524. St. Brigid or Bride, V., Abbess and Patroness of Ireland. 

{February i.) 

Bom at Faughard in Ulster. She received the veil fi-om St. Hel, nephew and 
disciple of St. Patrick, at Kill-dara, or Cell of the Oak, and she became 
foundress of several other nunneries throughout Ireland, being, as her 
name implies, the Inright shining light of that country by her vhrtnes and 
miracles. She died Pebruai-y x, 523. 

Saikt Bmoin, Saint most holy, 
Dear Patron of our isle. 

Oh keep us meek and lowly 
Whatever foes beguile ; 

Watch o'er our 8ea>gtrt island. 
Thy mantle spread around. 

As once thou did extsnd it 
On Curmgh's holy ground. 


Ask. that God's Saints may bless lis 

With blesstngs not a few ; 
What can we fear of evil 

With Patrick and with you ? 
Make the holy still more holy. 

Make the pure ones still more pure. 
With thy protection, Brigid, 

Of blessings wc are sure. 

Pray for us, salutly maiden. 
Pray for thy own dear isle, 

And keep us from the tempter, 
From sin and every guile. 

Oh make onr faith still strouger, 

Our ipatienco yet more sure. 
And teach us that the victor 

Must to the end endure. 

Pray for us, then. Saint Brigid, 

Thy children we would be, 
And guide us up to heaven, 

To Patrick and to thee. 
We fight for crowns eternal. 

We suffer but to win, 
And he must fight who conquers 

The tempter and the sin. 

We hereby grant an Indulgence of Forty Days to all who shall devoutlj 
recite the Hymn of St. Brigid mlh one Hail Mary. 

"February/ aothf 1868." ** Archbishop of WMminsttr. 


8t Agatha, V.K. 

{Tehruanj 5.) 

8t. Lucy, V.M. 

(Deceiiiba' 13.) 


Agatha was bom in Sicily of a rich and illustiioUH family. Having been 
consecrated to God from her tender years, she triumphed over many 
assaults upon her chastity. Having had her breast tortured and cut off, 
she expired, after enduring several other torments, in the year 251. 

8t< Lucy was .bom at Syracuse. Having obtained the cure of her mother's sick- 
ness at the tomb of St. Agatha, she suffered a glorious martyrdom at 
Syrsicuse, about the year 304. 

X One virgin sought another — 

Tiie Bright'' one sought the Good,t 
She pleaded for her mother. 
And won the grace she sued. 

2 But why ^ouldst thou, blest Lucy, 

To Agatha resort ? 
No grace will God refuse thee. 
Who owneth all thy heart. 

3 As Catana draws thousands 

To Agatha's fair shrine, 

So shall the Syracusaus 
With Lucy's glory ehine. 

4 So Lucy to the needy 

Divided all she had. 
And blithely made her ready 
To meet the headsman's blade. 

5 No cruel torment shook her, 

Beneath no thi-eiit she quailed ; 
Her courage ne'er forsook her, 
By Jesus' self upheld. 


t Agatha. 


St. Catherine of Sienna. 

(April 30.) 

Bom at Sienna in Italy in 1347, she became a nun of the Third Oi-der of St. 
Dominic. Her sublime virtues nnd her heavenly gifts made her the very 
wonder of her age. She died at Rome, on 29th of April, in 1380. 

SiNO, my soul. Saint Catherine's 

Say what majesty adorns 
That meek brow, so pure and holy, 

Circled with its crown of thorns. 

Holy Mother 1 guard our Pontiff, — 

Raging billows round him foam ; 
Saint seraphic ! still the tempest, 

Aid the Church, and pray for Rome I 


t Here on emrih she Mragbt no glatyt 
Bttt for Cluist to lire and die ; 
Patron now the Cbonsh. proclaims 
And exalts her name on high. 
Ckonu. — ^Holy Mother, &c, 

3 All her life she prayed and BofTered,— 

Suffered for the Church's woes,— 
And her voice of intercession 
Ever for Christ's Vicar rose. 
C%oru«.— Holy Mother, dx. 

4 In His Vicar she beheld Him 

Exiled from His kingly throne, 
With the CrooB upon His shoulder, 
Mocked, rejected by His own. 
ChoruM,'-iLoly Mother, &c 

5 Then the fire bomed within her, 

Andher prayers and tears prevailed. 

And the weeirfng, widowed dty 
Once again its Pontiff hailed. 
Chorus.— WAj Mother, 4m:. 

6 When the rebels stormed and ihiaat- 

BauntlesB and xmrnored she stood, 
Por the Church and for Christ's Vicsr 
Beady still to give her blood. 
Chanu. — ^Holy Mother, Ac 

7 Lore of sonls her only passion. 

Holy Church her only home. 
Dying, still her life she offered 
For the Mother Chnich of Rome. 
CSIonif.— Holy Mother, Ao. 

8 There she died— beneath the shadow 

Of Saint Peter's mighty dome ; 
And Saint Peter's voice prodaims her 
fiatroa Saint of holy Borne ! 
CAonu.— Holy Mother, Ac 

e<X7 Bt jQUana of Falconieri, VligiB, FonndreaB oC AOfl 
0^(. U^ ServitOB. °^^ 

(/km 19.) 

Bom in 1270 of the illustrious family of Palconierl in Itsly. She helped the 
foundation of the MantellatsB^ or Third Order of the Berfites. She died at 
Florence in the year 1340. 

T CcBLBsns Agni nuptias, 
O Juliana, dam petis, 
Domum patemam deseris, 
Chorumque duels virgiuum. 

s Sponsumque suffixum Cruci 
Noctes diesque dum gemis, 
Doloris icta cuspids, 
Sponsi refers imaginem. 

3 Quin septlformi vulnere 
Fles ad genu Deipane: 
Sed crescit infusa fletu, 
Flammasque tollit charitas. 

4 Hinc morte fessam proxima 
Non uritato te modo 
Solatur et nutrit Deus, 
Dapem supemam porrigens. 

5 Sterne remm Conditor, 
. Ateme FiU par Patri, 

Et -par ntrique Spiritus, 
Boll tibi sit gloria. Amen. 

X To be the LamVs celestial bride 
Is Juliana's one desire ; 
For this she quits her father's home, 
And leads the sacred vii^gin choir. 

2 By day, by night, she mourns her Spouse 

Nailed to the Cross, with oeaaeleas team ; 
Till in herself, through Tory grief. 
The image of that Spouse appeuB. 

3 Like Him, allwounds, she kneels transfixed 

Before the Virgin-Mother's shrine ; 

And still the more she weepa^ the mom 

Mounts up the flame of love divine. 

4 That love so deep tbe Lord repaid 

His handmaid on her dying bed : 
When, with the food of heavenly life, 
By miracle her soul He fed. 

5 All praise to Thee, O Maker blest I 

Praise to the everlasting Son I 
Praise to the mighty Paraclete, , 
While ages upon ages run. , ' Amen. 


V. Specie tua, et polchritudine tua. F. With Thy beauty and comeliness. 
K Ibitendc, prospcro precede, et R> Set out, proceed prosperously, and 
regna. , reign. 



V. Diffusa est gratia in labiis tuia. V, Grace is poured abroad inThy lips. 

Jl. Propterea benedixit te Deus in H, Therefore God hath blessed Thee 
setemum. for ever. 


St. Btheldreda, Virgin. 

(June 23 ) 
Bom at Ermynge in Suffolk, she lived and died a virgin, though she had been 
engaged twice in the holy bonds of matrimony. 8he died in the isle of Ely 
in the year 672. 

SaniT Bt&sldbsda, holy Nvaif 

To thee our eyes we raise; 
We pause, as in life's race we mn, 

To hear or sing thy praise 1 
Oh pray for us, our Patron dear, 
That we may walk in holy fear, 
With Christ, our Lover, ever near I 
A maiden thou of royal race, 

And rich in worldly store, 
But richer still in heavenly grace, 

And wise in sacred lore. 
Oh look on us, our Patron dear I 
We long to walk in holy fear 
With Christ, our Saviour, always 

A triple glory deoks thy brow, 

A triple grace thy life ; 
A Virgin thou, by holy vow, 

Yet twice a wedded wife. 

Oh smile on us, our Patron dear, 
The while we strive to walk in fear. 
With Christ, thy heavenly Bridc- 
groom, near I 

Oh smile on us, for Yixgtn smiles 

Can melt a heart of sttme, 
And lure away from Satan's wiles 

The lost and erring one. 
Oh smile on us, our Patron dear ! 
And we shall walk in holy fear. 
And feel that Jesus Christ is near I 
Oh pray for us. and o'er our land 

Tbe light of faith shall bum ; 
And all shall feel the Shepherd's 

And hear Him say, " Return I " 
And every heart shall hold Him dear. 
And all shall walk in faith and fear, 
And know that Christ Indeed is near ] 


8t. Margaret, Y.M. 

(July 20.) 

She suffered at Antioch In Fisidia, in tbe last general persecution, prosecuted 
by her own father, a priest of the idols. 

z LitJES white and roses red, 
Virgin-Martyr, crown thy head I 
Lilies for a Vii^n white 1 
Hoses for a Martyr bright T 

a Holding fast the glorious faitli. 
Firm in life, and firm in death. 
Wishing but for Christ to live. 
Thou for Him thy life didst give ! 


Spuming threats and earthlv pain. 
Thou the prize of heaven didst gain : 
Thou the demon didst defeat. 
Trampling him beneath thy feet ! 
Margaret, twice blessed thou 1 
Twolold honours graoe thee now f 
Virgin-Martyr, pure and brave. 
By thy prayer thy children save I 

St. Martha, V. 
(Julj/ 39.) 
Sister to Mary and Lasarus. She was one of those holy women who attended 
Christ during His Passion. After His ascension she came to Marseilles, 
and ended her life at Tarascon in Provence. 

z DEAR Saint Martha ! busy Saint 1 a We too, like thee,sincewehave known 

By love's keen fervours ever pressed, How sweet our blessed Lord could 

Oh get us fervour not to fJEdnt be, [flovm, 

tJntfl we reach our heavenly MomTi o'er the years too quickly 

rest. And fain would hurry on like thee. 


3 Clirisb Inokod with love into tliy face ; 

His looks were spurs to spur thee 
on ; 
- How swiftly didst thon run thy race, 

How gloriously thy race was won I 

O dearest Jesus ! in our need 
Give us our Mother's burnioflf heart: 

They who on earth have MfU'tha'!! 

speed, [part. 

In heaven shall meet with Mary's 

532. ' St. Ixmocenoe, V.M. 

{SepUniber 26.) 

For the children at Xoi-wood, where her lx)dy is prcsei-vcd. 

X Dear little Saint ! sweet Ixmocencc ! 
Thy throne in heaven we sec ; " 
Jesus, thy love, the Eternal Kinir» 
Hath done gieatUiings for thee. 

9 In da3ni of dsrlcness when iho world 
Despised our Saviour's name, {ol 1. 
Thy diildish heart, by grace grown 
Gloried in such dear shame. 

3 The Roman children knew thee well, 
. Light-hearted in thy play, 
rilling the vineyards with thy songs, 

The gayest of the gay. 

4 They saw thee at thy daily tadoi, 

Obedient, gentle, still ; 
Tliey learned from thee how softly 
Its duties can fulfiL [love 

5 They wondered at thy modesty, 

Thy soul's most sweet defence ; 
It rande thee like a queen to thwn, 
Dear little Innocence. 

6 And now thou art a real queen 

Up ih the land of heaven ; 
Jesus to thee a jewelled crown 
And fadeless palm hath given. 


7 In grand old Rome thy lovc'was set 

On our dear Lord alone : 
He saw the secret of thy heart, 
And took thee for His own. 

8 He gave thee faith that made thy 

Sti-ong as the walls of Rome ; 
He gave thee love and piu-ity, 
And then Ho called thee home. 

9 Dear martyr-child I they tore thy 

With ftfe they scorched each linil' ; 
But games 'midst orange gardens 

Leea sweet than death for Him. 

10 And now thou art with Him, fair 
Nestling at His dear feet ; [child ! 
Thou knew'st that heaven was 
bright, but not 
That it was half so sweet. 

zz Our own dear Saint t make us' like 
Be thou our kind defence ; [thee ; 
Give us thy gift of modesty, 
Sweet sister Innocence ! 


St. Teresa, V. 

{Oelober Z5.) 

Bofti at Avila, on the 28th of March 1515, this most holy and wonderful Virgin 
arrived to a meet eminent degree of sanctity and heavenly knowledge. 
Having entered the Carmelite convent, she most strenuously helped the 
reform of her order, and calmly expired on the zst^ of October z^83, at 
sixty-eight years of age. 

Reois supemi nimtia 
Domum patemam deseris, 
Terris, Teresa, barbaris 
Christum datura, aut sanguinem. 

Bed te manet suavior 
Mors, poena poscit dulcior, 
Divini amoris cuspide 
vubius icta concides. 

Blest messenger of heaven ! thou didst 
Thy home in childhood leave. 

Intending to barbaric Linds 
Christ or thy blood to give. 

Dnt thee ft swefcter deaiJi awaits ; 

A nobler fate is thine ; 
Pici'oed with a thousand heayenly doiis, 

To die of love divine. 


3 chaiitatiB vlotima t 

Tu corda nostra concrema, 
Tiblque gentes creditaa 
Ayemi ab igne libera. 

4 Sit laus Fatri cum Filio, 
Et Spiiitu poraclito, 
Tibique» sancta Triuitas, 
Kunc et per omue sseculum. 


3 Yietim of perfect charity 1 

Our souls with love inspire ; 
And save the nations of thy charge 
From everlasting fire. 

4 Praise to the Father, with the Bon, 

And Holv Spirit, be ; 
Fraise to the Blessed Three in One, 
Through all eternity. 



V. Specie tua, et pulchritudine tua. 
£. lutende, proepere precede, et 

V. With Thy beauty and comelines 
X, Set out, proceed proaperously, an 


V. Diffusa est gratia fnlabils tuis. V. Graee is poured abroad in Tliy lips. 

R. Propterca benedixit te Deua in R Therefore God hath blessed Thee 
•sternum. for ever. 


St. Teresa's aiorlons Death* 

1 This day, beneath the fonn 

Of a pure snow-white dove, 
Teresa's unbound spirit sought 
The sanctuary above. 

2 She heard the Bridegroom's voico- 

** Steter, from Carm<d come ; 

Come to the marriage of the Lamb, 
To thy eternal home." 

Speose of the Virgin choir 1 
. Iiet all the blest adore 
Thee, Jesu ! and iu nuptial songs ' 
fixtol Thee evermore. 


St. Winifred, y.H. 
{November 3.) 

Bom of noble iMxrents in the kingdom of North Wales, she became a nun near 
Holywell, where later on she was murdered by Caradoc, the son of iha 
piince of that country, on the ftsd of June, in the 7th century. 

z More fair than all the vernal flowers 
Embosomed in the dales, 
Saint "Winifred in beauty bloomed, 
The 1*000 of ancient Wales. 

s With every loveliest grace adorned. 
The Lamb's unsullied Bride ; 
Apart from 4U the world she dwelt, 
upon the taountaiu-side. 

3 Till .Caradoc, with impious love. 

Her fleeing steps pursued, 
And in her .sacred maiden blood 
Bis cruel handA imbrued. 

4 He straight the debt of vengeance 

Ingulfed in yawning flame ; (paid. 

But Ood a deed of wonder worked 
To her immortal fame. 

5 For wliore the grassy sward received 

The Martyr's severed head, 
A holy fountain upward gushed. 
Of crystal veined with red. 

6 Here miracles of might are wrought; 

Hero all diseases fly ; [dumb. 

Here see the blind, and spc^ the 
Who but'in faith draw nigh. 

7 Assist us, gl<Mri0U8 Winifred, 

Dear Viii:in, ever blest I 
The passions of our hearts appease, 
And lull eachjstorm to rest. 



8t. otdiu, y.if. 

(Nov€mb«r 33.) 

natiTe of Borneo rand of noUe famiW, she consecrated ber vhvinlty to 
God 1a bar youth. She oonvertod Yalerlaii, to whom she was wedded, and 
both were marlTred about the year aBo. St. CeoQia, from her aasldui^ im 
Hinging the divine praises (in which, according to her Acta, she often joined 
instnunental with vocal musicX is r^puded aa the patroaeea of churoih music 

lAT ttie de^ organ swdl the lay 
In honour of this festive day ; 
Let the harmonious choirs prookilill 
peofUa's erer-bleasM same. 

Rome gsvd ths Viigin-Harbrr birth. 
Whose haHj name hath filled tb# 

And from the early dawn of yotilk 
8be fixed her hetti an 6od and truth. 

Then from the world's Ibewfldering 

In peace she spent her holy life,— 
Teaching the organ to combine 
With voioe, to piiiae thaLambdivibe. 

Cecilia, with a twofold crown [down 
Adorned in heaven, we pray look 
Vpon thy fervent votaries here. 
And hearlsaa to their humble foray er. 


St. Catl^rliie, y.]tt. 

{Novtmber 35.) 

a of royal blood at ^xandria in ^^^t^ she was an excellent scholar. Bh« 
confuted and converted to the faioTft company of the ablest heathen philoo 
sophers, who became themselves martyrs for tne faith. After being bound 
to a temble engine with four wheels, armed with dhaxp-pointed spikea^ 
she was beheaded, November acth, 307. It is veco!rded thai bar bo^ waa 
traruOaiod by angela and biwiad on Mount filaiaL 

z Once round Sinai's holy mountain 
Israel stood in wondering awe^ 
'Midst the thundo' and the Ughtnlng, 
In the giving of the law. 

s Ages after, to that mounts^ 
Came a white-robed Angel-band, 
With Saint Catherine's martyred body 
. From the dark ^Egyptian land. 

3 Thus her body sleeps on Sinai ; 

But her soul in heaven is blest* | 
frowned with all her triple glory 
' In the fulness of her rest. 

4 She had stood before the tyrant, | 

Faithful unto death had been ; 
Now for evermore she dwelleth 
With the Virgin-Martyrs' Queen. 1 

5 After all her fearful anguish, 

Now with Jesus she dot)i reign, 
Whexe no wheel of torture loUeth 
With its agony of pain. 

6 Knowledge there is bright for evevy 

ttapture there can never cease ^ 
There the Victors reign for ever 
In the uncreated Peace. 

7 ViMin-Martyr, sweet and glorious. 

Holy Catherine, bright and pure^ 
Give us peace that iMter endeui, 
Joys that evermore endure. 

8 Bring us to the eternal mountain, 

'Midst the crowned palm-bearing 
Where around the Lamb there rlseth 
Sweetness of the ^fitg^* song. 

539. Commoii of HOly Women. 540. 

X Forthc vlrili pectore 
Laudemus omnes feminam, 
■ Qnn sanotltatis glOTia 
Ubique fulget ixmyta^ 

z High let us all our TOices nd«e, 
In that heroic woman's praise, 
Whoaa JuaoBt with saintly glor 
BbhMs ill th* starry realms of UghtJ 


HnQ sanoio amore saucia, 
Dttid mundi amorem iioxkua 
Horrescit, ad ccelestia 
Iter peregit arduum. 

Caroan donmii* j^vmU, 
Buldque mentam |»abulo 
Orationia nutriena, 
Coeli potitur gaudua. 

Rex Cbziate virtoa foitiatn, 
Qui magna aolua effida, 
Hi^ua precatu qusBstimua, 
Addi Knignos suppllcea. 

Deo Patri sit gloiia, 
CumTSDlritu Paraclito, 
Nino M per omne anoiiluna. 


Filled with a mire celeatlal glow. 
She spumed aa love of thinga below ; 
And beedleaa bare on eartb to stay, 
Glknbed to the akiea her toilsome way. 

Wltii faste her body ahe aubdaed, 
But filled her aool with pray er'a aweet food ; 
In other worlda ahe tastea the bliaa 
For whioh ahe left the joya of thia. 

O Christy the strength of all the strong ; 
To whom all our beat deeds belong ! 
Through her prevailing prayers on high, 
In mercy hear thy i>eopfe'8 cry. 

To <3od the Father, with the Son, 
And Holy Spirit, Three in Qnab 
Be glorv while the ages flow, 
From au above, and all below. 



r. Specie tua, et pulchritudlne tua. V. With thy beauty and comeliness. 
JL Intende, prospere procede, et JL Set out, proceed prosperously, 
regna. and reign. 


r. DiflFusa est gratia in labiis tuia. 
R, Propterea benedixit te Peus la 

V, Grace is poured abroad in thy lips,, 
it Therefbre God hath blessed thee 
for ever. 


8t. Elisabeth, Qaedn of Fortngal, 

iJvly 8.) 


Daughter of Peter III., king of Aragdn, she waa bom in 1271. She was given 
in marriage to'Dionysius, king of Portugal. Admirable were her tendemesa 
for the poor, her piety, her meekness, her spirit of prayer. She was a 
peacemaker from her very birth. After her huaband'a death, she put on 
the habit of the Third Oxxler of St.^ g»ve up her happy soul to 
Qod on the 4th of July 1336. 

z Domare oordia impetus Elisabeth 
Fortis inopsque, Deo 
Bervire, r^a preshiUt. 

2 En f ulgidis recepta coeli sedibus, 
Si^ercseque domus, 
Ditata Sanctis gaudiis. 

3 Nimc regnat inter coelitea beatior, 
£t premit aatra, docena 
Quss vera sint regni bona. 

4 Patri poteatas, Filioque gloria, 
Perpetuumque decua 
Tibi ait alme Splritua. 


V. Ora po nobis, beata Elisabeth. 
JL Ut digni ei&ciamur promiasioni- 
bus Ctariati. 

z Pure, meek, with soul serene, 
Sweeter to her it waa to aerve unseen 
Her God, than reign a queen. ' 

3 Now far above our eight, [height. 
Enthroned upon the azure atur*pavea 
She reigzis in realma of light ; 

3 So long aa time ahall flow. 
Teaching to all who ait on thronea below, 

The good that power can da 

4 Praiae to the Father be; 
Praise to the Son : praise, Holy Ghost, to 

Through all eternity. [Thee; 


r. Pray for us, blessed Elizabeth. 
JL That we may be made worthy of 
the promises of Christ. 



(/tfZjf 22.) 

This illiutrimis penitenfe ha» been to all mges the most peifeefc and enooonir- 
iog model of true rspcntanee^ After the asoenakm of our Lord, bein^ 
expelled by the Jewe with 88. Luaros and Martha, she was east adrift in 
au open boat^ bnt landed a^e at IfavwiUee. She led far thirty years more 
a life of the faigheat oontemplation at St. Banme^ or the Holy Qxrz, aud 
gave up her beautiful soul to God otx the 33d of July. 

I Tatzb. supeml luiuims. 
Cum Magdalenam respicia, 
Flammas amoris exeit&% 
Oeluque »eM» pectoris. 

8 Amore cunit saucia 
Pedes beatos ungere, 
Tjftvaro fletu, tergcre 
Comii, et ore lambere. 

3 Adfltare non timet crud, 
8epulchro inhaeret auxia 
Truces nee horret militcs : 
Pcllit titnorem choritas. 

4 O vera, Christe, cbaritas, 
Til nostra ptirga crimhiaf 
Tu corda reple gratia, 
Tu redde coeli pr»mia. 

5 Patri, simulque Fil!o, 
Tibique, sancte Spiritus, 
Siciit fuit, sit jugiter 
Sieclam x>er omne gloi-ia. 


V. DiiTusa est gratia in labiis tuis. 
IL Propiterea booedlxit te Deofl in 

1 Fatosb of lights ! one glance of Thinep 

'Whose eyes the unirerae control. 
Pills Magdalene with holy love, 
And melts the ice within her sool. 

2 Her precioos ointment forth she brings^ 

Upon those sacred feet to pour ; 
She washes them with burniug tears, 
And with her hair she wipes them o'er. 

3 Impassioned to the cross she clingSy 

Nor fears beside the tomb to stay ; 
Of ruffian soldiers naught she recks, 
For love has cast all fear away. 

4 O Christ, thou very Lore itself! 

Blest hope of mau, through Thee for- 
80 touch oiur spirits from above, [girou. 
And purify our souls for heaven. 

5 To God the Father, and the Son, 

With thee. O Spirit, glory be ; 
As ever was, and shall be so 
Through i^es of eternity. 


V. Grace is poured abroad in thy lips. 
R. Therefore God hath blessed tbee 
for ever. 

646. Hymn of PraiM and Supplication to 8t. Kary Magdalen. 

pROK the highest heights of glory, 

'Mid the sweets of endless calm, 
Mary's spirit in its raptive 

On the earth is dropping balm. 
On the bosom of the Saviour, 

Like a flower of stainless white, 
Lies the trophy of His mercy. 

In a blaze of Iicavenly light. 

Pardoned sinner I wondrous con- 
veit ! 

Was thero ever home like thine ? 
'MIdflt the splendours of the angels 

liow thy lerTcut graces shine I 

And yet thou too once wert wander* 
ing, [stains. 

Once wert soiled with darkest 
Who ari now the fairest blossom 

In the land where Jesus reigns. 

Blessed swiftness of a pardon. 

Which thy guilt could not delay J 
Happy penance of a moment 

Burning lifelong sins away ! 
Oh those gentle eyes of Jesus ! 

Oh those tender words He said t 
Oh the value that He places 

On the tears that ainnen ahed I 


Ah J the firweeiness of thine ointment 
All the earth is filling now ; 

And thy te&rs are turned to jewels 
For a crown upon thy hrow ; 

There are thousands in all ages 
Come to Christ because of thcc ; 

Oh, then, Mary, with thy converts 
In thy kindness number me ! 


St. Anne. 

C/uZy 36.) 

No tongue could ever express the excellent dignity of the glorious mother of 
Mary, the masterpiece of creation and the Mother of God. She was bom 
at Be'thlehem, the city of David. She married Joachim, and it is after 
many years of sterility that her marriage was blessed, as no other could ever 
be, with the birth of her obild. After consecmting her child to the service 
of the Temple, she retired to Nazareth, and slept in the Lord at the 
adyanced age of serenty-oight years. 

X Spotless Anna ! Juda's glory ! 

Through the Church from East to 
Every tongtie proclaims thy pndses, 
Holy Mary's mother blest 1 

Gathered round thy sacred banner, 
In the church that bears thy name,* 

Mary's Mother 1 gracious Anna ! 
We thy grace and favoiu: claim. 

9 Saintly kings and priestly sires 
Blended in thy sacred line ; 
Thou in virtue, all before thee 

Didst excel by grsyce divine. 

Chorus. — Gathered rotmd, &c. 

3 Linked in bonds of purest wedlock. 
Thine it was for us to bear. 

By the favour of high heaven, 
Our eternal Virgin Star. 

Choruu. — Gathered round, &o, 

4 From thy stem in beauty budded 

Ancient Jesse's mystic rod ; 
Earth from thee received the Mother 
Of th* Almighty Son of God. 

CA(M*i«.— Gathered rotmd, &c. 

5 All the human race benighted! 

In the depths of darkness lay ; 
When ia Anne it saw the dawning 
Of the long-expected day. 

CAoru».— Gathered round, Ac. 

6 Honour,_glory, virtue, merit. 

Be to Thee, O virgin's Son ! 
• With the Father and the Spirit, 
Willie eternal ages run. 

C!'AoriM.-~Gathered round, &c 

* Jn churchiea not deddctUed to 8t. Arme^ Here assembled in thy name. 

e-yi»7 How Blessed, how GlorionEdy Happy Is St. Anne, the 
O^ ' • Mother of Mary I 


O .happy Joachim, O beautiful Ann.a, who gave life to a child altogether 

immaculate I " — St. John Damascenes. 

1 OAknbI thou hast lived through 
those long dreary years, 
When childlessness hung o'er thy 
home like a blight, 
But angels, dear mother ! 'were count- 
ing thy tears, 
And thy patience, like Job's, had 
been dear In God's sight. 

a Oh blest be the day, when old earih 
bore its fruit, 
The fairest of daughters it ever 
had seen, 

In the village that lies at tho white 
mountain foot, 
And the ongels sang songs to the 
young Kasarene. 

3 Since creation was ever such gUd, 
ness as thme. 
To whom God's chosen mother, as 
daughter was given ? 
Oh her beautiful eyes, dearest Anne! 
how th^ shine. 
And the sound of her voice is like 
muflie from heavexL 


She WM crowned, even then, like a 
creature aparty 
The child God had called to be 
mother and maid 1 
Didst thou watch how the fountains 
of blood in her heart, 
Like the fountains in Sion Inces- 
santly played ? 

O Anne 1 from that blood the Creator 
will take 
The flesh that shall save the lost 
tribes of our race ; 
And His wonderful love the Btemal 
will slake 
At thy child's sinless heart, at those 
fountains of grace I 

6 O thrice happy 8eJnt! wliat a life 
didst thou Uva, 
What an unbroken fari^tneca of 
innocent blln i 
Every touch of i^y child a fresh 
rapture could give, 
And oh I dost thou not kneel ere 
thou darest to kiss I 

And we too, glad ICother, are gey 
with thy mirth ; 
For thy cmild like a sunbeBm lies 
OTer our liyes ; 
There is brightness and gcHodneflfl all 
over the earth. 
For the souls Mary wdeomea and 
Jesus forgives. 


St. Helen, 

(Avtffust x8.) 

native of Britain, she was the mother of Constanidne the Oreat, the first 
Christian emperor. Bhe was converted at an advanced age, but contri- 
buted by her piety and immense seal to edify ttue Church ; she helped to 
discover the Holy Crosi on which oiu* Bedeemer died. Bhe eacpired at 
Borne in August 333. 

X A PiLoniM far didst thou go forth, 
lA Mth thou wearied'st never, 
And thou didst find the Cross of 
O woman famed for ever. [Christ 

3 Peace to Qod's Church tetomed by 
Through him so famed in story, 
Thy Hon, who conquered in the Cross, 
And gloried in its glory I 

3 Dear Saintb thy native Eiq^ttod long 
Thy glorious memory cherished. 

Raise then the Crost o'er shrine and 
Where'er Qod'struthhafhperiahed! 

Be that one sign our gloxy here ; 

And when the judgment neareth, 
When with the Cross, the Cmeifled 

As our dread Judge appeareUi ; 

Saint Helen, may we stand with those 
Whomnaught from Him shall sever, 

And hedl cedemption'a sign with thee, 
Thoa woman famed for ever t 



It contains hymns more espedalfy adapted aa a preparation for a holy death 
and a happy eternity : — 

I. Hymns on the vanitv of all earthly things, even inan> life. 
II. Hymns on death. Preparation for a holy death, 
IIL Hymns on the time immediately after death. 
IV. Hymns on the Inst ludgment and the last day. 
V. Hymns on Hell and Heaven. 
VI. Manls laafe victory and reward. 




AU Things on Baxth are Yaln. 

Ecdes. is:" Vanity ol vanities^ and all is 'vanity." 

Christians, on this holy day, 
Listen to the wise man's say : 
Pleasures, wealth, and high degree ; 
^TBiyiifaing 1* YBQiiy ! 

Vanity of vanities, 
Ereiything is vanity. 

Though a station you ooounaiid 
With the highest in the hmd. 
Low enough you soon will be ; 
Pride of rank is vanity ! 

C%i>nM.— Vanity qI vanities, &&, 

Though your ancestors yon show t 
Proudly standing in a row. 
Death won*t mind your pedigree \ 
Pri4e of name Is vanity f 

Cft^nu.— -Vanity of vanities, ^c. 

Though vou be as morning fair. 
Becked m beauty past compare. 
In your grave what will jrou be ? 
Beauty's merest vanity t 

CAona.— Vanity of vanities, Ac 

Though your jewels may be seen ; 
Thick as daisies on the green. 
Canst thou take but one with thee ? 
All such toys are vanity I 

CTiorw*.— Vanity of vanities, &c. 

6 Though you've finest clothes to wear, 
Silks and satins rich and rare, 
Death will come, and you'll agree 
These are naught but vanity I 

CA(}nu.— Vanity of vanities, Ac. 

7 Though you've lands on every side. 
Woods and green fields stretching 

' J9i< feet soem enooob vTill be. 
All the rest is vanity ! 

Okemt.-- Vanity of vanities, Ae. 

' 8 Th6ugh in feasting and delight 
Time be passed both day and night, 
Bad enough ere long you'll be. 
Pleasure's naught but vanity 1] 
C%orw«. —Vanity of vanities, Ac. 


9 Turn to God, forsaking sin, 
Repent and mend, His love 

win J 

Solid treasure, this will be ; 
All the rest is vanity 1 

CAortM.— Vanity of vanities, tc 

[ WUh the kind permUsion <if Mev. JS, 
CatwaU: muaie and accompaniment to 
be had of Mr, Butler, 6 Hand Court, 


Tbe Tanlty of Human Life. 

Pg. xxxviii. 1$ : " Indeed all things are vanity ; every man living.' 

DATS and moments (Quickly flying. 
Blend the living with the dead ; 

Soon will you and I be lying 
Each within oiur narrow bed. 

Soon 'our souls, to God who gave 

Will have sped their rapid flight ^ 
Able now by grace to save them, 

Oh, that whQe we can we might ! 

Jesu, infinite Bedeemer^ 
Maker of this mighty frame I 

Teach, oh teach us to remember 
What we ax% and wh^ice we 

Whence we came, and whither wen<d- 

Soon we must through darkness go 
To inherit bliss unending, 
Or eternity of woe. 



Tbe Betlre of Jtetb. 

Fa. cxix. 5 : " Woe is me that my sojourning is prdlonged ! *' 

How gently flow ihe silent yeai-s, 

The seasons one by one ; [goes, 
How sweet to feel euih month that 

That life must soon be done ! 

a Oh, weary ways of earth and men ! 
Oh, self more weary still ! 
How vainly do you yex the heart 
That none but God can fill ! 

3 It is not weariness of life 
That makes us wish to die ; 
But we are drawn by cords which 
Fh>m out eternity. [come 

Eye has not seen, ear has not heard, 

No heart of man can tell 
The store of joys God has prepared 

For those who love Him wdL 

5 Oh, may those joys one day be ours 

Upon that happy shore ; 
And yet those joys are not enough— 
We crave for something more. 

6 And thus we long and long to die. 

We covet to be free ; 
Not for Thy great rewards, O God, 
Not for Thy peace— but Thee 1 

HOW TdRiUe is tlie Day of Death I 


EccluB. jdi. t: "O death, how bitter is the remembrance of thee to a man that 

hath peace in his ponsewaiona I" 

X Day of death ! in silence speeding 
On the wings of darkness ncarT 

How my inmost nature trembles. 
Melting with excese of fear, 

When, in sleepless thought reclined, 

I depict thee to my mind I 

a Vainly Strives Imagination 

That dread moment to portray, 
When the soul, her course completed, 

Soon to quit her home of cLi^, 
Fiercely wrestles, might and main, 
With her yielding fleshly chain. 

3 When the rigid eyeballs darken ; 

When the torpid senses fail ; 
When the tongue its task refuses ; 

When the face, all wan and pale, 
Members numb, and panting breath. 
Tell of quick*approaching death. 

4 While revived from deep oblivion, 

Thoughtfi and words a mingled 
Long-fotvotten deeds, unnumbered, 

Crowd before the spirit's gaee ; 
Turn whichever way she wiU, 
Ever there abiding still ! 

g Oh, how then the guilty spirit 
Shall her wasted years deplore \ 

Shall bewail salvation's season 

Idly lost for evermore I 
How supreme shall be her pain I 
To have lived her life in vam ! 

6 Oh, how bitter then the sweetness 

Of deluding fle^ shall seem ! 
What a phantom, human greatness, 

All dissolving like a dream ! 
What a mockery, pleasures brief, 
Followed by eternal grief 1 

7 While the soul, her worth perceiving, 

Which before she never weighed, 
Sp«ms the filth in which so lately 

She was lying, self -betrayed. 
And, at any risk, would be 
From her canal bondage free. 

8 King immortal { I beseech Thee, 

By Thy Cross of bitter woe ; 
Jesu Christ I at my depArture 

Thy sustaining grace bestow ; 
Oh, in mc at that dread hour, 
Crush the tyrant-tempter's xM>wer. 

9 Scatter all his host infernal, 

Lay me fast in Thee asleep : 
Then to fields of life eternal 

Bear me, Shepherd of the sheep, 
There to dwell in sight of Thee, 
Safe for all Etehkitt ! 



AU most IHe. 

Heb. ix. 37 : " It Ib appointed unto men onoe to die, and after this the 



Os to death, on to death 
We are hurrying fast : 

This hour, nay this moment, 
May be the last. 

I We all must dies, our doom is fixed, 
Nor youth, nor strength, nor ai-t 
can save ; 
As sure as tiow we tread the earth, 
80 sure tre're hastening to ihe grave. 
CAortM.— On to death, dec. 

3 For He has spoke that mighty word 
Whose bidding none can e'er with- 
Aspilgrims we're upon this earth 
Who journey towards a better land. 
C7iorus,— On to death, &c. 

3 Then think, my soul! the day is 

When thou upon thy bed shalt 
And thy pale and shrivelled form 
Shall warn thy friends that death 

CAoriM.— On to death, &c. 

4 When gathering round thy couch 

theyll stand. 
And sadly gaze upon thy face. 

Will whisper low, but still their 
Will plainly show that death they 
* trace. 

Choi-US. — On to death, <fec. 

5 Farewell, farewell to all thou lea vest, 

Thy wife, thy children, riches, 
friends ; 
The world may smile while life 
But all is gone before it ends ! 
CJiorus. — On to death, &c 

6 Then bid at once farewell to sin, 

Nor leave thy guilty deeds behin4» 
In loathsome grasp to hold thqp 
The bitter taste of sin to find. 

C/iOrtw.— On to death, &c. 

7 The clock has ettruck the fatal hour, 

• The wearied heart has ceased to 

The eves are vacant, fflassv, dead. 
And motionless the hands and feet. 
Chorus. — On to death, &o. 

8 But where, oh ! where, now stands 

the soul? 
It stands before God's awful throne ; 
Without a friend to plead its cause. 
Before its God it stands alone. 
Choru$.^On to death, &c. 


The Approach of Deatli. 

Isa. zxxviii. 12 : " My life is cut off, aa by a weaver.**— 15 : **I will recount 
to Thee all my years in the bitterness of my soul." 

X When, racked with agonising pains, 
I feel my death approaching near ; 
The world, and all that it contains, 
Will like a fading dream appear. 

3 Then will those earthly vanities. 
That have my lifelong pursuit been, 
Beversed before my closing eyes. 
In their true emptiness be seen. 

3 Then poor will aeem and worthless 

all [well ; 

The prayers that now contoit me 

Then sins esteemed before as small, 
Will into mighty mountains swell. 

"Ah, wretch!" I then shall trem- 
bling say, 

" And was it for such idle toys 
Thou wert content to toss away 

Thy birthright of eternal joys ? 

" Oh, had I but, while time was mine, 
A stricter path of duty trod, 

I should not now so much repine, 
l^or fear so much to meet my God.' 


555. The SooTt lABt Farewell. 

X Kings XT. 39 : *' Doth t>itter death separaie in this manno'.' 

I CouB, my soul, and let vm dwell 

On each lingenng last farewell. 
Which, at no far distant day, 
Thou perforce wilt have to pt^ 
To whatever here helow 
Shall have made thy joy or woe. . 

^ " Fare ye well,** I hear thee sigh, — 
** Fare ye well, O earth and sky ! 
Honking's golden-tissued ray 11 
Changing hours of night and day 1 
Wood and vaUey, sea and shore^ 
I may see your face no more 1 

" Fare ye well, affeetions vain. 
Full of pleasure, foil of jpoin I 
Home and friends and kindred dear, 
All that was my comfort here ! 
These poor eyes are closing ftjst 
Now I look on you my last" 

Binttmfer, diHaniflr gmvn the Ughti 
Now 'tis thick descending night ; 
Oh when next again I aoe, 
Whftt a cdght awaitoth m^-- 
Speechless standing, all alone. 
Bight beficve lha|udgment throne 1 

ee A SnppUcatlon to Jesus Agonletngr to ohtain tiie CNraee 
O^^* of a Happy Death. 

Fs. cxT. 1$ : " Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of W» saints.* 

X Jestts 1 evei>l0ving Savioor, 
Thou didst live and die for me ; 
Living, I will live to love Thee, 
Dying, I will die for Thee. 
Jesus 1 Jesus I 
By Thy life and death of sorrow, 
Help me in my agony. 

2 When the last dread hour approach' 

Fills my guilty soul with fear. 
All my sins rise up before me, 
All my 'Virtues oisappear. 
Jesus ! Jesus I 
Turn not Thou in anger from me ; 
Mary 1 Joseph ! then be near. 

3 Kindest Jesus t Thou wert stand- 

Bv Thy foster-father's bed, 
While Thy Mother, softly praying, 
Held her dying Joseph's h^. 
Jesus I Jesus I 
By that death so calm and^holy, 
Soothe me in that hour of dread. 

4 Mary I Thou canst not forsake me, 

Virgin-Mother undefiled ( 
Thou didst not abandon Jesus, . 
Dying tortured and reviled. 
Jesus I Jesus I 
Send Thy Mother to console me ; 
^ \ help Tliy guilty ehlldu 

5 Jesus I when in cruel anguish 

Dying on the shamefurtree. 
All abandoned hj Thy Father, 
Thou didst writhe m agony. 
Jesus I Jesus! 
By those three loaig hdiin of sor* 
Thou didst purchase hope fer me. 

6 When the priest with holy unction 

Prays for mercy and for grace, - 
May uie tears of deep compunction 

All my guil^ stains effaca 
Jesus ! Jesus I 
Let me find in Thee a refuse. 

In Thy lleact a resting-pybaoe. 

7 If my eyes have sinned by seeing. 

And my hands are sndned vnth 
If I shmed by taste or hearing. 
If my feet in vice have stood ; 
J'esus ! Jesus ! 
Thy most pure and gidlQess senses, 
All have sufifered for my good. 

,8 Then by all that Thou didst suffer. 
Grant me mercy in that day 1 
Heh) me, Mary, my sweet Mother I 
Holy Joseph, near me stay I 
Jesuel Jesus 1 
Let me die, my lips repeating 
JeiiisnMr^l HhiyiaNiy! 


557. The Bona Kon, Litany for a Happy Death. 

Numb, xxiii. xo : '« Let my soul die the death of the juat." 

X Whilst I dwell, O my God, In this 

Talley of tears, pOiee ; 

For refuge and comfort I fly unto 

And when death's awful hour "v^ith 

its terrors appears. 

[me ! 

O merciful Jesus, naye mercy on 

2 When my soul on the verge of its 

final release, [clouded shall he ; 

By the shadows of death o'er- 

When all earthly enjoyments for 

ever shall cease, [to me. 

Thou Joy of the dying bring mercy 

3 When my strength shall decline, and 

my angufah increase. 
And my numberless sins with 

terror I'll see ; 
When I turn to Thy meroT for pardon 

and peace, [brightly on me ! 

Then, Hope of the sinner, beam 

4 When weakened by illness— by ter- 

ror opprest. [Thee ; 

My pains and my terrors I offer to 

When vainly I shall seek for some 

solace or rest, 
Then, Strenffth of the martyrs, 

baring comfort to meJ 


When my reason shall fail, and my 
life shall decay, [vanish and flee. 
When the scenes of this world shall 
When sunshine and shower shall alike 
floe away, [sweetly on me ! 

Then, Light of the blessed, shine 

When, heedless of earth and oisXl that 

stirrounda me, [upon Thee ; 

For pardon and mercy I'll call 

When ddath with its fetters for ever 

hasboundme, [tome! 

Then Jesus, sweet Jesus, be Jesus 

When my weepingfrlends shall with 
fervour implore Thee, [cour to be 1 
My strength, my protector, my sue- 
When helpless and!^ lonely I tremble 
before Thee, [mercy on mo I 

1%en, Fountain of mercy, have 

Then, dear Lord, the dark chains of 
my mis'ries sever ; [me to Thee : 
Then, Rest of the weary one, call 
Then, Crown of the just, be my por- 
tion for ever ; [on mo. 
Then, merciful Jesus, have mercy 




558* What becomes of Kan's Body and Soul after Death. 

F0. -xxi. x6 : "Tfaou hast brought me down into the dust of death." 

X Borne, as an arrow from the bow, 

Upon impetuous wing, 
Whdn I have left my body here below, 

A pale and hideous thing ; 

9 Ah, then, what hurrying there will be 

To hide it out of iSlght I 
Which done, the world will think no 
moM of me, 

TtuiXi I ptrehance <eif it, 

3 " God's peace bo with him I " they 
will say. 
And laugh with their next breath ; 

O busy world, how poor is thy display 
Of sympathy with death 1 

4 And thou, who must thy journey 

Of earthly aid bereft, 
Which way, immortal spirit, wilt thou 
The right hand or the left ? [take, 

5 Ah, 'tis imiwssible, I know, 

Futxiro and past to sever ; 
Whate'er was found at death thy course 
The same is thine for ever. 



Eccles. xii. 5 : " Man shall g^ 

Alone 1 to land alone upon that 

shore I [before, 

With no one sight that we have seen 

Things of a different hue, 

And the sounds all new, 

And fragrances so sweet the soul may 

faint ; [saint 1 

Alone I oh, that first hour to be a 

Alone 1 to land alone upon that shore ! 
Knowing so well we ctvn return no 
more ; 
No voice or face of friend. 
None with us to attend 
Our disembarking on that awful 

strand ; 
But to arrive alone in such a land I 

Tbe cmore of BtemUy. 

into the house of his eternity. 

Alone! no; God hath been there long 


Eternally bath waited on that shore 

For us who were to come 

To our eternal home ; 

And He hath taught Hi« angels to 

prepare [there. 

In what way we are to be welcomed 

So not alone we land upon that shore. 
Twill be as though we had been there 
before ; 
We shall meet more we know 
Than we can meet below. 
And find our rest like some return- 
ing dove, [eternal love. 
And be at home at onoe with ouj: 


Eccles xi. 3 

A Wamlnif. 

" If the tree fall to the south or to the north, in what place 
soever it shall fall, there shall it be." 

As the tree falls, 
So it must lie ; 

As the man lives, 
So will he die. 

2 As the man dies. 
Such must he be 
All through the days 
Of eternity. 

561* The Sinner^s Deatb and Particular Judgment. 

2 Peter iv. 18 : '* And if the just man shall scarcely be saved, where shall the 

ungodly and the sinner appear ?" 

Whbk to the silence of the tomb 

The flesh in death descends. 
Naught of the soul's eternal doom 

Is known to former friends ; 
Whether it be in bUss or woe 
But few a passing thought bestow ; 

Seine decent tears, perchance, they 
Then haste the heritage to share, 
And, eager for the spoil, prepare 

To battle o'er the dead. 

Both good and bad fall equally 

Bv death's relentless aim ; 
And to the carnal human eye 

Their lot appears the same. 
But tilings alike to outer sense 
Hide an eternal difference ; 

No after prayers will pardon win, 
Naught will avail funereal rite, 
Or sacrifice, for him whom night 

O'ertakes in mortal sin. 

Ah, wretch I to him the time is past 

For penitential tears ; 
The hour delayed is come at last 

Whence no retreat appears. 
Look here below, or look on high, 
There is no place where be miiy fly 

From his Almighty Jud^e severe ; 
Hide he in he«v«i or deepest hell, 
There is a force will him compel 

Hts bitter doom to hear. 

Tlie soul that never Jesus loved, 

Nor served in Mary's train, 
From every hope of bliss removed. 

Will then lament in vam : 
For her no patron saint will plead. 
No tender guardian intercede ; 

For well, too wcl],a]as !— they know. 
Vainly would Heaven its labour 

Striving to save a soul condemned 

To everlasting woe. 


662.The State of the Sinner^ Soul after the Particular Judgment. 

Luke uri, aa : '* And the rich man also died : and he was burled in heU." 

The angels, while with tearful eyes 

They bid a long adieu, 
Will still confess the judgment 
And own the sentence true. 
Tea, all the creatures of the Lord 
Will that most righteous Judge ap- 
Nor any other sentence give ; 
Which, pderoing through her heart 

of pride. 
Will surer still than all beside 
Her guilty ccmscience gneve. 

Conscience itself, in blank despair, 
Forced in its own despite^ 

Against itself will witness bear. 
And own the judgment right. 

All ! then the torments will begin. 
Torments for unropented sin ; 

Tlien, lost to every chaueo of bliss, 
Tho sonl, to furious madness driven, 
Smit by a sudden blast from heuveu, 

Shall sweep to hell's abyss. 

There in herself most dcRohite, 

Whelmed in the fiery flood. 
Object of her own endless hate. 

Abhorrence of the good. 
Fated to weep, and weep in vain, 
Never may she come forth agidn 

From her drear prison-house of 
Severed from heaven, confined in belli 
By a deep gulf impassable, 

While endless ages fiow^ 


&63« The Last Judgment. 

Matt. zxiv. 30 : *' And &ey shall see the Son of Man coming in the clouds of 

heaven with power and majesty." 

God now prepares to show His 
Time like a dream is o'er ; [might. 

Affrighted earth re-enters horrid 

night, [shore. 

No more shall ages vex th' eternal 

I hear the trumpet's startling blast. 
Dismay and dread the boldest tame; 

The vengeful lightnings of the Lord 

tLBJih. fast, [final flame. 

And wrapt the tremMing world in 

Laid low tlie riven mountains lie. 
Engulfed In ruin, naught is 
spared ; [cry, 

Tlio ocean flees away with wailing 
The end of earth by chaos is de- 

Leitve, lifeless dust, the empty tomb. 

Where once a pale corpse hid from 

sight, [hear the doom. 

All shaU be iudged and all siiaU 

*' Arise, ye deadl" God calls you 

baok to light. 

Christ comes, men gaze in silent awe. 
His Cross chills giilty hearts with 

The sinner shudders who trans- 
gressed His law. 
The just man hardly dares to lift 
his head. 

6 Enthroned In majesty. He speaks : 

" Te blessed of my Father, come ! 
Tour King, for whom ye fought, now 
seeks [them home." 

His true and faithf uT ones, to lead 

7 " Ye cursed, Satan's slaves, dex>art 

To dungeons in the dork abyss. 
Doomed to endure the fire's eternal 
smart, [fiery hiss." 

Mocked by the wiithing serpent's 

8 Eternity of pain and woe. 

Thus art thou bitteily begun ; 
Whilst Sion with its founts of bliss 
shall flow, [than the sun. 

Her happy saints shine brighter 

9 Great God of justice, who will be 

The object of eternal ire? 
What dark foreboding now oppresses 
mo ? [fire I 

Woe to the victim salted ^ith that 


564> TI19 lASt IMF. 

3 Fetor ili xo r ** Bat the Hzj of the Lord sluU com« m a thitf , in vMeh tbe hea- 
vens shaJl pass away with groat yloleiioe, aad the elements shall be melted 
with heat, and the earth and the works that are in it shall he burnt up." 

That day of wrath, that dreadful 
day, [away, 

When heaven and earth shall pass 
What power shall be the sinner's stfiy? 
E^ow shall he meet that awful day 7 
When shrivelling likeaparched scroll, 
The flaming heavens together roll; 
When louder yet, szid yet more dreid, 
The trumpet sounds that wakes 
the dead. 
C?ioru8.— That day of wrath, &c. 

On sinner's breasts what terrors lie. 
When Christ descending from the 
sky ! [pet's tone 

When, dread and strange, the tnmi- 
Is loud throu£^ death's dominions 
Chorus.— ThAi day of wiath, <bq. 

When death and nature in surprise 
Perceive the trembling cr6atur6 
And when the written books appeal, 
ShaiX man's last sentenoe then 

CA«ni<.— Thai; day of wrath; £c. 
Oh, on that day, that wrathful day I 
When man to judgment wakes 
from clay. 
Be lliou, O Christ, the sinner's sta^y ; 
Though heaven and earth shall pass 
CAoTMS.— That day of wrath, &c. 

5 O King of dreadful dignity ! 

• fount of pity, save thou me, 
Remember, sweetest Lord, I pray. 
That Thou for me didst tread life's 


CApnt«.— That day of wral^, &c. 

6 In seeking me Thou sot^st forlorn, 

ioid saved me on the tree of scorn! 
O just avehging Judge 1 I pray. 
Do taka my oountless sins Jiway. 
Cborui.—Th&t day of wrath, &c. 

7 O Thou who Magdalene didst f^e, 

The thief likewise didst call to 

Most gracious Lord I help me, lest I 
Should bum in flames thafe never 


i^homt.'rrllha.t day of wrath, &o, 

S A3u3l when at last Thy righteous ire 
Shall bind th9. damned in chains 
of fire. 
Oh bid me with Thy sheep to stand; 
And be secured at T^y right hand. 
CftorM«.— That day of wrath, &c. 

9 That In that day of fearful doom 1 
When mankmd riseth tram the 
tomb, [blest I 

Throu£^ Thee I with Thee I O Jesu 
AUne be an everlasting rest. — 

Charui,-^Tha,t day of wrath, &c. 


Hymn on Hell. 
565. How xnany, how Terrible, the Torments of the Damned! 

Matt. zzT. 41 : " Depart from Me, ye cunsed, into everlastixig fire, which wa4 
prepared for the devil and his angels--" 46 : " And these shall go into e ver- 
lastiLug punishment." 

s Alas I what tongue of man can 
What heart can comprehend. 
That vengeance which the Lord will 
Upon the souls condemued ? 

The dread variety of pains 
Apportioned to their thousand stains? 

Tnie torments singly to eaoh soul 
Strictly awarded, one by one, 
According to what each has done ? 

The horror of the whole ? 


a Tbfi fiery storm, the frozen blast ; 

^0 darkness thickly spread ; 
The sbrieks oi anguish rolling past ; 

The stench, as of the dead ; 
The pressure close, the stifling breath; 
The sense of everlasting death ; 

line hellish crew, the spectres dim ; 
13ie fear, the thirst uaquencbablQ ;■— 
All these with bitter tomfiuts flU 

Their ohaUoe to the brltn. 

So widely stretch, so deep desceodi^ 

The mtirky vales-bdow ; 
In such immensitr extend 

Those tracts of dismal woe ; 
That earth and all its realms contain. 
With hell would be compared in vain ; 

Nay, all oomparison is naught : 
01 earth we speak f com what we aee^ 
But heU ie awful mysteir, 

Sxceeding wxMe and thought. 

Hymns on Heaven. 
666. IlQflorlptlait of the CUsr of tbe Blest. 

ApoQ. xxi. 9 : " And I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out 
of hea^ea firotn God . . . and I haam a great ToAcefrem the throne, saying: 
Behold the tabMnaole of God with men." 

J O^whatiathiasplendourthatbeams 

on me now^ [on my soul t 

This baautjiul sunrise that dawns 

While faint and far oft land and sea 

lie below, [douda rolL 

And ujsuder my feet the huge golc^n 

a To what mighty King doth this city 
With tts rieh jewelled ahiinee^ and 
its gaxdeBS of flowers ; 
With its breaths of sweet incense, its 
measures of song, 
And the light iihat is gilding its 
numberless towers ? ' 

3 Seel forth from the gates, like a 

bridal amy, 
■ Come the princes ci heaTen--*how 

bravely they shine I 
*Tis to welcome the stranger, to show 
m6 the way, [roe is mine I 

And to ten me that au I see rouhd 

4 There are millions of saintst in their 

ranks and degrees, [of his own; 
And eaoh with a beau^ and orown 

And there, fax outnun^berbjig th/9 
sands of xne seas,' 
The nine rings of angels^ encircle 
the throne. 

And far in the heart of that glorious 

lifl^t [state. 

The mighty Apostles are seated in 

With Josoih ana John, who in life's 

mortal night [to wait. 

Were appointed on Jesus and Ifaiy 

And stUl deeper in, Mary's splendour 

is seen, [stany crown ; 

Her beautiful self and her choice 

And all heaven grows bright in the 

smile of its Queen, 

£or the glory of Jesus illumines 

her tincone. 

Aad oh 1 if the exiles of earth could 

but win [above. 

One sight of the beauty of Jesus 

From th^ hom: they would cease to 

be able to sin, 

And earth would be heaven— for 

heaven is love. 


The Joys and Oloilea of Heaven. 

Cor. iL Q : " Eye of man hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither hath i^ 
enterea into the heart of man, what things Qod hath, prepared for them 
that love Him." . , . 

Who can paint that lovely city, 
City of true peace diviue, 

Whose i>uve gates, for ever open, 
Eatih in pearly lustre shine. 

Whose abodes of glory clear 

Naught defiling cometh nearT 

There no stormy wini;er rages. 
There no scorching summer glows ; 

But through om) perennial springtide 
glooms the lily and the rose, - 

With the myrrh and balsam sweet, 

And the fadeless violet. 


i There a paradiaal perfume 

Breathes upon iue air serene ; 
There crystalline waters flowiug 
Keep uxe grass for ever Rreen, 
And tuo golden orcliards show 
Pruits that ne'er corruption know. 

4 There no sun his circuit wLaeleth, 
There no moon or stars aj^ear, 
Thither night and darkness Gome not. 

Death hath no dominion tliere ; 
But the Lamb's pure beaming ray 
Scatters round eternal day. 

5 There the saints of God» resplendent 

As the sun in all its might, 
Evermore rejoice together. 

Crowned with diadems of light. 
And from peril safe at last 
Beckon up their tdumphs past, 

6 Happy he who with them seated 

Doth in all their glory share I 
Oh that I, my days ootnpieted. 

Might be but admitted there I 
There with them the praise to sing 
Of my beauteous God and King. 


The DeUghts of the Hearexily Jenualem. 

Apoa zzL 4 : " And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyea : and death 
shall be no more, nor mourning, nor crying nor sorrow." 

Jbrvsalxm, n»r happy home. 

When shall I come to thee ? 
When shall my sorrows have an end? 

Thy joys when shall I see? 
For evarmore thy trees bear frui^ 

And evermore they spring ; 
For eyermore thy saints repose, 

And evermore they sing. 

There neither dark nor foggy mist, 

Nor gloomy darksome night ; 
For every saint shines as the sun, 

And God Himself s their lig)it 
There neither raiti, nor sleet, nor 

Nor any stain is found ; 
There neither sorrow, no— nor care, 

For there all joys abound. 

Thy walls are all of precious stone, 

Thy streets are paved with gold ; 
Tliy gates are all of biightest pearl. 

Most beauteous to behold. 
Throiighout thy streets with glory 

The wood of life doth grow ; 
And on thy banks, on every side, 

Ttio flood of life doth flow. 

\ There David stands with haip in 
Grand master of the choir; [hand. 
Ten thousand spirits round him 
Whilst God their notes inspire. 
Our Lady sings *' Magnifleat," 

To air most soft and sweet ; [par^ 
Whilst virgins, chanting out their 
Their Queen devoutly greet. 

Magdnleu, fair, has dried her tears, 

She has no more to weep ; 
At Saviour's feet on earth she kept, 

And still would near Him keep. 
Tliev — the triumphant Church above, 

We^mitttant below. 
Are joined as one in sweet commune 

Whence thousand blessings flow. 

Their houses are of ivory, 

Whilst ours are only clay ; 
Our bodies are of the same mould 

Wliich nms to quick decay. 
There they ei^oy such sweet delight^ 

So happy and content. 
That twico ton thousand years 
summed up 

Seem but as one moment. . 


Tbe Beanty of tbe Heavenly Jenualem. 

Apoc. xxi. 93 : *' And the city hath no need of tiie sun, nor of the moon to shine 
in it. For the glory of God hath ftnlightened it, and the Lamb is the lamp 

Jerusaloi, Jerusalem I 

Tiiy streets are paved with gold ; 
Thy pearly lialls and palaces 

Are glorioils td behold ; 

Thy walls of jasper are inlaid 
With every precious gem ; 

How pure, liow lovely Is the sight 
Of our Jerusalem ! 


Jcnisaloit)» Jdrusftlom ! 

No tear in thee is known ; 
Tliy bright and fragrant courts were 

For liappiness alone ; [made 

The Lord alone thy Temple is, 

And calls thee by His name ; 
Tlie Lamb alone is all the light 

Of our Jerusalem 1 

Jcnisntcm, Jerusalem ! 

Thuu city of the skies ; 
Dear city of our Kiug and God, 

Dear object of our sighs 1 
How bles^ how blest are thy abodes. 

And those who dwell in them ! 
Tlirice welcome here, O thought so 

Of our Jerusalem 1 [dear. 

670. The Blglis of the Bool after Its Celestial Home. 

Fs. zxXT. 9, xo : " They sliall be inebriated with the plenty of Thy house ; and 
Thou Shalt make them drink of the torrent of lliy pleasure. For with 
Thee is the fountain of life, and in Thy light we shall sde light" 

z 6 Heaven t celestial homo 1 
O boundless land of love, 
I lon^ to enter thee 
And see my God above. 

When will the angels come 
Aud call my soul away? 

This earth is dark as night. 
But heaven is bright as day* 

8 Why stay I here so long, 
An exile from the land 
"Where Mary sits enthroned 
Upon her Son's right hand ? 
Cfiorut. — When will, &o. 

3 Pleading withtenderest love, 
For all who breathe the name 
Of Him who was, who is, 
And e'er will be the same. 

CAo)*M*.— When will, &c. 

Jesus, Thy love is more 
Than mortal toogue can sing, 

The fountain of my faith, 
My hope, my everything. 

Chcn-us. — ^When will, t^ 

If death no terror brings, 
'Tis lasting, burning love 

That fills my soul with zeal 
To roach my God above. 

C/«wnw. — When will, &c. 

Sad sighs and tears my lot 
Till th' augel's trumpet sounds, 

To bid me glorious rise 
To lands where joy abounds. 
Chorui. — When will, 9vo, 

Before the throne divine, 
My voice at length I'll raise, 

To God in Persons three, 
With hymns of exvdlesa ptalse. 
Chorus. — ^When will, &c. 


The Desire of Faitlifol Hearts for tbe Possession of 

Jesus in Paradise. 

Wisdom V. i6, 17 : "The just shall live for evermore : and their reward is with 
the Lord. . . Therefore shall they receive a kingdom of glory, and a crown 
of b^uity at the hand of the Lord." 

O PARAnisE ! O Fai-adise I 
Who doth not ci*ave for rest? 

Who would not seek the happv land, 
Where they that loved are blest? 


WhCTO loyal hearts and tnie 
Stand ever iu the light. 

All rapture through and through, 
In God's most holy sight f 

2 O Paradise I O Famdiso I 

Wlierefore doth death delay ?— 
fii-ight death that is the welcome 
Of our eternal day. [dawn 

Cho-nu. — Where loyal hearts, &a 

3 O Paradise I Paradise 1 

'Tis weary waiting here ; 
I long to be where Jesus is. 
To feel, to see Him near. 
CAo}'U5.— Where loyal hearts, Ac 



Pai-adUe t O Paradise f '' 
I want to sin no more ; 

1 want to be as pnre on earth 
As on thy spotless shore. 

Chanu. — Where loyal hearts, ftc. 

5 O Pftradise I O Paradise t 
I feel twill not be loDff. 
Patience 1 I almost think I )iear 
Faint fragments of thy songr. 
CAoTM.— Where loyid hearts, tc 


Heaven is a Reward. 

Hattb T. za : "Be glad and rejoice, for your reward la very great in' 


z Yes, hearen is the prize ! 
My sotd shall strlre to gain, 
One giimpee of paradise 
Repays a life of pain. 

*TiB heaven I — 'tis heaven I— yes. 
Heaven is the prize I 

a Tes, heaven is the priee 1 
My soul, oh think of this I 
AU earthly goods despise, 
for such a crown of bliss. 

C?uyni8.—"Tia heaven, Ac. 

3 Yes, heaven is the prize I 

When sorrows press around, 
Look up beyond the skies 
Where hope and strength are found. 
' Chorus. — ^'Tls heaven, &c, 

4 Yes, heaven is the prise I 

On, 'tis not hard to gain ; 
He surely wins who tries, — 
For hope can conquer pain. 

Ohorut»—'TiB heaven, tc. 

673. Hymn for the Dedlcatioxi of a Ohnrch, at YeeperB. 674. 

5 Yes, heaven is the prize I 

The strife will soon be past. 
Faint not 1 but raise yoiur eyes 
And struggle to the last. 

Chorus. — Tis heaven, &c 

6 Yes, heaven is the prize I 

Faith shows the crown to gain,— 
Hope lights the way, and dies — 
But love will alw^s reign. 

(7Aoru«.— lis heaven, &c 

7 Yes, heaven is the prise !* 

Too much cannot be giveui 
And he alone is wiso 
Who gives up all for heaven. 

, Cliortts.—nHa heaven, &c 

8 Yes, heaven is the prize I 

Death opens vride the door. 
And then the spirit flies 
To God for evennoro. 

Ckorus. — ^Hs heaven, tc. 

X CoELESTis urbs, Jerusalem, 
Beata pacis visio, 
QtuB celsa de viventibua 
Sazis ad astra tolleris, 
Bponseeque ritu cingeris 
Mille angelorum mlllibus. 

a O sorte mipta prospera, 
Dotata Patris gloria, 
Bespem Sponsi gratia, 
B^ilna f ormosissuna, 
CSiristo jugata Principi, 
Codi corusca civitas. 

3 Hie margaritis emicant, 
Patentque cunctis ostia : 
Virtute namque prsevia 
Hortahs illuc ducitur, 
Amore Christl perdtus 
Tormcnta quisquis sustinot. 

z Jebusalem, thou city blest I 
Dear vision of celestial rest I 
Which, far above the starry sky. 
Piled up with living stones on Liigh, 
Art as A bride, encircled bright 
With million angel ionna of light. 

3 Oh, wedded in a prosperous hour I 
The Father's glory was thy dower. 
The Spirit all His graces died. 
Thou peerless Queen, upon thy head. 
When Christ espoused thee for His Ixride, 
O city bright and glorified I 

3 Thy gates a pearly lustre pour; 
Thy gates are open evermore ; 
And thither evermore draw nigh 
All' who for Christ have dared to die ; 
Or, smit with love of their dear Lord, 
Have pcdns endured, ahd joys abhorred. 


Scalpri salubriB Ictibus, 

£t tuDBione plurlma, 

Fabri x>olita malloo 

Hanc saza molem construunti ' 

Aptdsque juncta nexibus 

Locantur in f astigio. 

Decus Farenti debitum 
Bit usquequaque altissimo, 
Natoque Patris unico, 
Et inclyto Faracllto, 
Cul 1au8, i>otesta8, gloria < 
iBtema sit "per saecula. 


Thoa too, O Church, which here we see, 
No easy task hath builded thee ; 
Long did the chisels ring around, 
Long did the mallet's blows rebound. 
Long worked the head and toiled thehand, 
Ere stood thy stones as now they stand. 

To God the Father glory due 
Be paid by all the heavenly host, 
And to His only Son most true, 
"With Thee, mighty Holy Ghost ; 
To whom praise, power, and honour be, 
Through ages of eternity. 



r. Bsec est domus Domini^ flrmiter F. This is the house of the Lord, 

eedificata. firmly built 

jR. Bene fondata est supra firmam JL Stcongly founded upon a firm 

petram. rock. 


r. Domum tuam, Domine, decet V. Holiness becometh Thine house, 
sanctitudo. O Lord. 

Jt, In longitudinem dierum. JL Unto length of days. 


Kan'8 last Yiotory and Reward. 

X John iii. 2 : " We know, that, when He shall appear, we shcall be like to 
Him : because we shall see Him as He is." 

1 Lo, 'tis o'er, the sentence said I 
Lift again thy drooping head ! 
Hail 1 eternally forgiven 1 
Hail ! immortal heir of heaven ! 
He who did for thee atone 
Now receives thee as His own. 

a Purified from earthly bane. 
Soon shalt thou with Jesus reign ; 
Soon at thy dear Saviour's side, 
Flesh and spirit glorified, 
Thou shalt quaff, without allov. 
From the pnmal fount of joy I 

3 So shall natiure, grace endowed, 
Raised above herself in God. 
Beach the heavenly goal at last 

Promised her in ages past ; 
And immersed in love divine^ 
Cease for Eden's joys to pine. J 

So shaU grace that bliss attain. 
Sought by nature's strength in vain ; 
So snaU perish death and sin ; 
So shall endless life begin ; 
So shall hell in darkness hide ; 
So shall God be glorified ; 

So shall fiesh its Maker see ; 
So shall man a seraph be, 
Lost in purest ecst^y 1 
Keeping endloss jubilee I 
In izamortal liberty 1 
Lost in depUis of Deity 1 


Pater Noster, Ave Maria, in secret. 
r. Bkhs, In adjtttoiium meum r. Gon, come to my assistance. 

Ji. Domino, ad adjuvandum me A Lord, make haste to hclp'mo. 



V, Oloria Fatri, et FiUo, et Spiritui V. Glory be to Uie Father, and to the 

Bancto. Bon, and to the Holy Ghost. 

R, Sicut erat in principio, et nunc, JL As it iras in the be^lnnin^, is 

et semper, et in Bsecula sseculorum. notr, and ever shall be, world without 

▲men. Alleluia. end. Amen. AHelaia. 

From SepttLogennuL (o Palm Surtday, ineltuively, ig mid .* 

Laiis tibi, Domine, Rex setemn Praise be to Thee, O Lord, King of 
gloiiae. everlasting: crlory. 

Ant. Dixit Dominus. Ant. The Lord said. 

In Paaehal Time Vie Piolms are all said under thit one Antipfion : AllelaiA. 
576. Psalm cix. Dixit Domtnns, 577, 

Dixit Dominus Domino meo : * Sede 
a dextri*) mets : 

Donee poiiam Inimioos tuos : seabel- 
lam pedum tuonmL 

Virgam virtntis tiue eraittet Dominus 
ex Sion : * domiiiaro in medio iniraico- 
rum tnorum. 

Tecum principium in die virtutis 
tu8B, in spfeudoribus Banctoram : * ex 
utero ante luciferum geuui te. 

Jurayit Dominus, et riou poenitebit 
eum : * Tu ch oacerdos in setamttm, 
secundum ordiiiem MeluhLse<'lcch. 

Domintis a dextiis tuls : * conf regit 
in die ine suso reges. 

Judlcablt in nationibns, implebit 
ruinas : * conquaasabit capita iu terra 

D3 torrente in via bibet : *propterea 
exaltabit caput. 

Gloria Patri, &c. 

Ant. Dixit Dominus Domino meo: 
Sede a dextris meis. 
Ant, Fidelia. 

X Tbb Lord said to my Lord : Sit thou 
at My riff))t hand : 

2 Until I make thine enemies : thy 

3 The Lord shall send foi-th the md 
of thy power from out of Sion : rule 
tliou ill the midst of thine enemies. 

4 Thine shall be the domin&m in the 
day of thy power, amid the brif^btucss 
of tlie saints : from the womb bef>>i-e 
the day-star have I begottoi thee. 

5 llie Lord iiath sworn, and will not 
repent : Thou art a priest for ever nc^ 
cording to the order of Melchisede<^. 

6 Tbe Lord upon thy right hand : 
hath overtltrown kings in the day of 
His wratli. 

7 He sitall judge among the nations 
He shall fulfil destructions : He shall 
smite in sunder the heads iu the Luid 
of many, 

8 He shall drink of the brook in the 
way : therefore shall ho lift up his 

Glory be to the Father, kc 
Ant. Tiie Lord said to my Lord : Sit 
thou at My ligltt hand. 
Ant, Faithful 


Psalm ex. Confitebor tibL 


Confitebor tibi, Domine, in toto 
corde meo : "in consilio justorum, et 

Magna opera Domini : * exquisita in 
omnes voluntates ejus. 

ConfeRsio ot magnlficentia optis ejus : 
*ot lustitia ejus monct in saoculum 

1 I WILL praise Thee, O Lord, wi'h 
my whole heart : in the assembly of 
tiie just, and in the congregation. 

2 Great are the works of Uic Lord : 
sf'Ught out are they unto all His 

3 His work is His praise and His 
honour : and His justice endm^eth for 
ever aad ever. 


MerooHam focit mlrabUitim suorum 
mifericora etTnisemtor Domiuus : * cs- 
cani dedit timeutibus se. 

Menior orit in sseoulnm testfttneiifi 
sul : * virtutem operum suorum annun- 
tiabit popiilo 8U0 : 

Ut aet illis bseredltatetu gentium : 

* opera manuum ejus Veritas et judi- 

]«tdelia omnia mandata ejus ; eonfir- 
mata in Bssculum sa)culi : * facta in 
reritftte et asquitatc. 

Rcdeinptioueni misit populo suo: 

* niaiidavit in setemum testameutuin 

Sanctum et terribile nomon ejus: 

* initiuin sapientiie timer Domini. 

Tntellectus bonus omnibus facien* 
tibuH eimi : * laudutio egus manet in 
Bseculum seecull. 

Gloria Fatri, Ac. 

Ant. Fidelia omnia mandata ^us, 
confirniata in easculum SKculi. 

AnL In mandatis. 

- 4 Tlie mcrcifVil and jracious Lord 
liath toft a memorial of His marvellous 
works : Ho hath given meat to them 
til at fear Him. 

5 Ho shall ever be mindful of His 
covenant': Ho shall nhovr forth unto 
His people the power of His works : 

6 That He may give them the heri- 
tage of the Gentiles : the wprks of His 
hands are judgment and truth. 

7 Faithful are all His commaiid- 
meuts; they stand fast for ever and 
ever: they are done in truth and equity. 

8 He hath sent redemption imto 
His x)eoplo : He hath commanded Bis 
covenant fur over. 

9 Holy and terrible Is His name : the 
fear of the Loixi is the beginning of 

10 A good understanding have all 
they that do thereafter: His praise 
endureth for ever and ever. 

Glory be to the Fathor, &c. 

Ant. Faithful are all His conunnud- 
ments; they stand fust for ever and 

Ant. In Ilia commaudxnents. 


Psalm oxi. Beataa vtr. 


Beatus vir qui timet Dominum : * 
in mandatis ^U8 volet uimls. 

Fotens in terra erit semen ejus : * 
genoratio rectorum benedicetur. 

Gloria et divitiee in domo ejus : * et 
justitia ejus manet in sieculum cneuli. • 

Exortum est in tenebrls lumen ree- 
tis : * misericorsy et miserator, et Jus- 

Jucundus homo qui miserettu* et 
commodat, disponet sermones suos in 
judicio : * quia in wternum non como- 

In memoria etema erit Justus : * 
ab auditione mala uon timebit. 

Paratum cor ejus spenre in Domino, 
coufirmatum est QOt ejus : * non com- 
movebitur donee despiciat inimicos 

Dispersit, dedit pauperibus ; Jvis- 

X Blessed is the man that foareth 
tiie Lord ; in His commandments he 
shall have great delight. 

9 His seed shall be mighty uiM>n 
enrth : the generation of the rlghteoiu 
shall be blessed. 

3 Glory and lichen shall be In his 
house : and his justice endureth for 
ever and ever. 

'4 Dnto tiie righteous there hath 
risen up light in the darknesH : he is 
merciful, compassionate, and just. 

5 Acceptable is the man who is 
merciful, and lendeth ; he will suide 
his word with judgment : he shajQ. not 
be moved for ever. 

6 The just man shall be in everlast- 
ing remembrance : he shall not be 
afraid for evil report. 

7 His heart is prepared to hope In 
tlio Lord ; his heart is fixed : ho shall 
not be moved until he look down upon 
his enemiofl. 

8 He hath dispersed abroad, he hath 


Psalm cxiL Laudate, pueri. 

titi* ojua xnanet in Baoculiun. saeeuU : * 
comu ejus exaltabitur in gloria. 

Feccator videbifc et iraficetur ; denti- 
boB suIb fremet et tabescet : * deside- 
rium peccatorum peiibit. 

Gloria Patri, Ac 

Ant, In mandatis ejus cupit nimis. 

Ant, Sit nomen Domini 


liAiTDATK, pucrl, Ddminum : * lau- 
date nomen Domini 

Sit nomen Domini benedictum : * 
ex hoc nunc et usque in Bsdculum. 

A solis ortu usque ad occasiun : * 
laudabile nomen Domini 

Excelsus super oranes gentes Domi- 
nus : * et super coelos gloria ejus. 

Quia sicut Dominus Deus noster, qui 
in altis habitat : * et humilia respicit 
in coolo et in tenra? 

Suscitans a terra inopem : * et de 
stercore erigens pauperem : 

Tit coUocet eum cum ptrinoipibuB : * 
cum principibus populi sui 

Qui habitare facit sterilem in domo ; * 
matrem filiorum lastantem. 

Gloria Patri, Ac. 

Ant. Sit nomen Domini benedictum 
in sflscula. 
Ant, Nos qui vivimus. 

giTen to the poor ; hiB justice endur«th 
lor ever ana ever : his horn shall be 
exalted in glory. 

9 The sinner diall see it, and be 
'«m)th ; he shall gnash with his teeth, 
and consume away : the desire of the 
wicked shall peri^ 
- Glory be to the Father, Ac. 

Ant. In His commandments he hath 
great delight. 

Anit. Blessed be the name. 


X PftAisB the Lord, ye children : 
praise ye the name of the Lord. 

3 Blessed be the name of the Lord : 
from this time forth for evermore. 

3 From the rising up of the sun unto 
the going down of the same : the name 
of the Lord is worthy to be prsdsed. 

4 The Lord is high above all nations : 
and His glor^ above the heavens. 

5 "Who is like unto the Lord our God, 
who dwelleth on high : and regardeth 
the things that are lowly in heaven 
and in eaxth? 

6 Who raiseth up the needy from 
the earth : and lif teth the poor from 
off the dunghill : 

7 That He may set him with the 
princes : even witii the princes of his 

8 Who maketh the bamn woman 
to dwell in her house : the joyful 
mother of children. 

Glory be to the Father, l(c. 
Ant. Blessed be the name of the 
Lord for ever. 
Ant. We who live. 


Fsalm cziiL In exUu Itrael. 


In exitu Israel de .Egypto : • domus 
Jacob de poimlo barbaro. 

Facta est Judsea sanctificatio ejus : * 
Isi-ael potestas ejus. 

Mare vidit et fugit : * Jordanls con- 
versus est retrorsum. 

Montes exultavenmt ut arietes : * 
et colles sicut agni ovium. 

Quid est tibi, mare, quod fugistl : * 
et tu, Jordanis, quia conversuB es 
retrorsum ? 

X When Israel came out of Egypt : 
the house of Jacob from among a 
strange people, 

2 Judah was made His sanctuary : 
and Israel His domiuioiL 

3 The sea beheld, and fled : Jordan 
was turned back. 

4 The mountains skipped Uke rams : 
and the little hills like the lambs of 
the flock, 

5 What aileth thee. O thou sea, that 
thou fleddest : and thou Jordan, that 
thou wast turned back? 


et ooUeSi eicut agni oviumf 

A facie Bominl mota est terra : * 
a facie Dei Jacob. 

Qui oonvertit petram in atagna acpia- 
ruxn : * et rupem in fontes aquaruio. 

Non nobis, Domine, son nobis : * 
sed nomini tuo da gloriam. 

Super misericordia tua, et yeritato 
tua : * nequando dicant gentes, Ubi 
estDeus eorum? 

Deos autem noster in coelo : *' omnia 
qiUBoumqiie Tolnit fecit. 

Simulacra gentium argentum et 
aurum : * opera manuum bominum, 

Ofl habent, et non loquentur : * ocuIob 
faabenti et non yidebunt. 

Aures habent, et non audient : * nareci 
habent, et non odorabunt. 

Manns habent, et non palpabunt: 
pedes habent, et non ambulabunt : * 
non damabunt in gutture suo. 

Similes illis fiant qui faciunt ea : * et 
omnes qui conftdunt in eis. 

Itomus Israel speravit in Domino : * 
adjutor eorum et protector eorum est. 

Domus Aaron speravit in Domino : * 
ftdjntor eorum et protector eorum est. 

Qui timent Dominum speraTemnt in 
Domino : * adjutor eorum et protector 
eorum est. 

Dominus manor fuit nostrl: * et 
benedixit nobis. 

Benedixit domul Israel : * benedixit 
domtxi Aaron. 

Benedixit omnibus qui timent Do- 
minxun : * puslllis cum majoribus. 

Adjidat Dominus super Vos : * siQier 
vos, et super filios restros. 

Benediotl vos a Domino : * qui fedt 
ccelum et terram. 

Coelum cceli Domino ; * terram autem 
edit tJllls homlnnm. 

" 6 Ye mountains, that ye skipped 
like rams : and ye little hUls like the 
lambs of the flock ? 

7 At the presence of the Lord the 
earth was moved : at the presence of 
the God of Jacob. 

8 Who turned the rock into a stand- 
ing water : and the stony hill into a 
flowing stream. 

9 Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us : 
but unto Thy name give the glory. 

xo For Thy mercy and for Thy 
truth's sake : lest the Gentiles should 
say. Where is their God ? 

iz But our God is in heaven : Ho 
hath done whatsoever He would. 

I a The idols of the Gentiles are silver 
and gold : the work of the hands of 

13 They have mouths, and they shall 
not speak : they have eyeSi ana they 
shall not see. 

14 They have ears, and they shall 
not hear : they have noses, and they 
shall not smelL 

15 They have hands, and they shaU 
not feel ; they have feet, and they shall 
not walk: neither shall they speak 
through thehr tiiroat. 

x6 Let those that make them become 
like unto tbem : and all such as put 
their trust in them. 

17 The house of Israel hath hoped in 
the Lord : He is their helper and pro- 

z8 The house of Aaron hath hoped in 
the Lord : He is ^eir helper and pro- 

19 They that fear the Lord have 
hoped in the Lord : He is their helper 
and protector. 

30 The Lord hath been mindful of 
us : and hath blessed us. 

21 Hehathblessedthehouseof Israel: 
He hath blessed the house of Aaron. 

ss He hath blessed all that fear the 
Lord : the least together with the 

23 May the Lord add blessings upon 
you: upon you, and upon your children. 

24 Blessed be ye of the Lord : who 
hath made heaven and earth, 

25 The heaven of heavens is the 
Lord's : but the earth liath He given 
to the children of men. 


96 The dead diall not praise Thee, O 
Lord : neither all they that go down 
into hell. 

27 Bat we who live, bless the Lord : 
from this time forth for evormcH^. 

Hon mortal laudabant te, Oomine : * 
neque omnea qui descendant in infer- 


Bed nos qui Tivimus, benedioimus 
Domino : * ex. hoc nunc et usque in 

Gloi-ia Pfttri, &c. 

Ant Nos qui vivimus, benedioimus 

In Fasckal time : Ant, Alleluia, aUdLuia, alleluia. 

Glory be to the Father, Ac. 

Ant. We who live, bless l^e Lord. 

Then follow the Little Chapter and the Hymn ;* coffer which is aaid, vrUh itt 

pi'oper Antiplum : 

586. The Magnificat, or Canticle of the Blessed Virgin. 587* 

Hagmificat : * anima mea Dominunu 
Et exultavit spiritus meus : * in Deo 

salutari meo. 
Quia respexit humilitatem anciUe 

8U8B : * ecce enim ex hoc beatom mo 

dicent omnes generationes. 

Quia fecit mihi magna qui potens 
est : * et sanctum nomen ejus. 

Et raisericordm ejus a progenia in 
progenies : * timentibus eum. 

Fecit potentiam in brachio sue : * 
disperait superbos mento cordis sui. 

Dcposult potentes de sedc : * etexal- 
tavlt huiaUes. 

Esurientes implevit bonis : * et 
divites dimisit inanes. 

Buscepit Israel puerum suum : * re- 
cordatus misericoraisB su8B. 

Sicut looutuB est ad patres nostros : * 
Abmliam, ct semlni ejus in ssocula. 

Gloria Fatri, Ac. 

X My soul doth magnify the Lord. 

2 And my spirit hath rejoiced : in 
Qod my Saviour. 

3 For He hath regarded the humility 
of His handmaid : for behold from 
henceforth all generations shall call 
me blessed. 

4 For He that is mightv hath done 
great things unto me : and hciy is His 

5 And His mercy is from generation 
to generation: unto them that fear 

6 He hath showed strength witib His 
ann : He hath scattered the proud in 
the imagination of their heart. 

7 He hath put down the mighty 
from their seat : and hath exalted the 

8 He hath filled the hungry with 
good things : and the rich He hath 
sent empty away. 

9 He hath upholden His servant 
Israel : beiug mindful of His mercy. 

TO As He spake unto our fatlicrs : to 
Abraham and his seed for ever. 
GI0X7 be to the father, Ac 

Here follow the proper Collect^ and 0ie Commemorations, if any. 

V. Benedicamus Domino. 
R. Deogratias. 

K. Fidellum animn per miserlcor- 
diam Dei requiescant in pace. 
72. Amen. 

V. Let us bless tlio Lord. 
R. Thankd be to God. 
Y. May the souls of the falthfol, 
through tho mercy of God, rest in peace. 
R. Amen. 

* Hymn for Sundays, at Vespers, sec No. ao. 


JfCwtiugikint doet not fMoWf ajier the Pater Noeter, vkich U teUd teeretly, thi 

following V. U sung : 

V. Dominus det nobis suaxn pacem. V. May the Lord grant us His peaco. 
R. Et Titam setemam. Amen. R. And the life eternal. Amen. 

Mart follow* tJie Antiphon of tJie Blessed Virgin pr<ypeT for tJte Ho^on, if itiitobt 

9ung. See at the eonclunon of Compline. 


First Vespers : Fsalnit a$ on SundajtSf except the latt, vhich is Psalm oxm.., 

09 follows: 

588. Psalm cxvL Laudate Dominum, 589. 

Laupate Dominum, onmes geutes : ^ z Pbaise tiie Lord, all ye Gentiles : 

laudate eum, omnes populi ; praise Him, all ye people : 

Quoniam confirmata est super noa, a For His mercy is confirmed upon 

misericordia ejus : * et Veritas Domini us : and the tmth of the Lord endureth 

mauet in eetomum. for ever. 

Sewad Vespers: x. Psalm cix., Dixit Dominus, No. 576 ; s. Psalm cxii., Laudate, 
pueri, No. 582 ; aiixd tften the three following, 

590. Psalm cxv. Credidu 591. 

Credidi, propter quod locutns sum : i I believed, and therefore did I 

* ego autem humiliatus sum nimis. speak : but I was humbled exceedingly. 
l^go dixi in excessu meo : * Omnis 2 I said in my excess : All men are 

homo mendax. liars. 

Quid retribuam Domino : * pro omni- 3 What shall I render unto the Lord : 

bus qu8B retribuit mihi ? for all He hath rendered unto me ? 

Cuacem salutaris accipiam : * et 4 I will take the chalice of salvation: 

nomcn Domini invocabo. and call upon the name of the Lord. 

Yota mea Domino reddam coram 5 I will pay my vows unto the Lord 

omni populo ejus : * pretiosa in con- in the presence of all His people : pre- 

spectu Domini mors sanctorum ejus. cious in the sight of the Lord is the 

death of His saints. 

O Damine, quia ego servus tuus : 6 O Lord, I am Thy servant : I am 

* ego servus tuus, ot filius ancillse tuee. Thy servant, and the son of Thy hand- 

Dii^upisti vinoula mea : * tibi sacrl- 7 Thou hast broken my bonds in 
ficabo hostiam laudis, et nomeu Domip sunder : I will offer unto Tliee the sac- 
ui invocabo. rifice of praise, and will call upon the 

name of the Lord. 
Vota mea Domino reddam in con- 8 I will pay my vows unto the Lord 
Bpectu omnis populi ejus : * in atriis in the sight of ail His people : in the 
domus Dom^^ in medio tui, Jerusa* courts of the house of .the Lord, in tho 
lem. midst of thee, O Jerusia,lem. 

592. Psalm cxxv. In convertendo. 593. 

In convertendo Dominus capiivitar x When the Lord turned again the 

tern Sion : * fact! sumus sicut con- captivity of Sion : we became like men 

Molatl. that nre comforted ; 

Tunc repletum est gaudio os nos" 2 Then was our mouth filled with 

trum : * et lingua nostxu exultatione. gladness : and our tongue with joy. 


cavit Bominufl faoere cum eia. 

Hagnificavit DoxninuB facere nobis- 
cum : * facti sumus kstantes. 

Converte, Domine, captivitatem nos- 
tram : * sicut torrens In austro. 

Qui sexninant in lacrymia : * in 
exultatione meteyit. 

Euntes ibant et flebaut : * mittentes 

Venientes autem venient cum ex\3i- 
tfkUone : * portantes manipulos suos. 

3 Then BhaU ffaey aay ftmonif the 
OentUefl : The Lord hath done great 
thinfin for them. 

4 The Lord hath done great things 
for us : we are become very joyfuL 

5 Turn again our captivity, O Lord : 
as a river in the south. 

6 They that sow in tears : shall reap 
in Joy. 

7 Going on their way, they went and 
wept : scattering their seed. 

8 But returning, they shall come 
with joyfulness : bringing their sheaves 
with them. 


Psalm cxxxviii. Domine, probasti. 


DoMiNE, probapti me, et cognovisti 
me : * tu cognovisti sessionem meam, 
et resurrectionem njeara, 

Intellexisti cogitationes meas de 
longe : * semitam meam et funiculum 
meum investigasti. 

Et omnes vias meas pr»vidlsti : * 
quia non est sermo in lingua mea. 

Ecce Bomine, tu cognovisti omniai 
novissima et antiqua : * tu formasti 
me, et posuisti super me manum tuam. 

Mirabilia facta est scientia tua ex 
me : * confortata est, et non potero ad 

Quo ibo a spiritu tuo ? * et quo a facie 

Si ascendero in ccelum, tu illio es : 

* si desoendero in infemum, ades. 

Si sumpsero pennas meas diluoulo ; 

* et faabitavero in extremis maris : 

Etenim illuo manus tua deducet 
me : * et tenebit me dextera tua 

Et dixi, Forsitan tenebrss oonculoa- 
bunt me : * et nox lUuminatio mea in 
deliciis meis. 

Quia tenebne non obscurabuntur a 
ps, et nox sicut dies illuminabitur : 

* sicut tenebrse ejus, ita et lumen ejus. 

Quia tu possediati renes meoe : * bus* 
cepisti me de utera raatris men. 

'^— ^tebor tibl, quia terrlbUiter mag* 

1 Lord, Thou hast proved me and 
known me : Thou hast known my 
sitting down and ray rising up. 

2 Thou hast understood my thoughts 
long before : my path and my linehast 
Thou searched out. 

3 And Thou hast foreseen all my 
ways : for therB is not a word in my 

4 $ehoId, I^rd, Thou hast known 
all things, new and old : Thou hast 
f onaed me, and laid Thine hand upon 

5 Thy knowledge is become too won- 
derful for me : it is strong and high^ 
and I cannot attain imto it. 

6 Whither shall I go from Thy spirit : 
and whither shall t flee from Thy face ? 

7 If I go up into heaven, lliou art 
there : if I go down into hell, Thou art 
there also. 

8 If I take to me the wings of the 
morning : and dweU In the uttermost 
parts of the sea : 

9 Even there also shall Thy hand 
lead me : and Thy right hand shall 
hold me. 

xo And I said, Peradventure the 
darkness i^all cover me : and night 
shall be nry light in my pleasures. 

II But darkness shsud not be dark to 
Thee, and night shall be as light as the 
day : the darkness thereof and the light 
thereof are alike to Thee. 

z9 For Thou hast possessed my reins! 
Thou hast holpen me from my mother's 


t3 t will praise TThee, for Tbon i^rt 


nifioftiua m s * mlniWHa op«n tna, et 
anixna mea oognoscit xdmis. 

Nan est oocultatam os meum a t«, 
quod fecisti in occulto : * et substantiA 
mea in inlerioribua texxn. 

Imperfectum xneum viderunt oculi 
tui, et in libro tuo omnea scribentur : 
* ddee formabuntur, et nemo in els. 

' MiM autem nimie honoziflcBti sunt, 
amici tui, Deus : * nlmis confortotus 
est pzlncipatus eorom. 

Dinumerabo eos, et super arenam 
mnltiidicabmitur : * exxirrezl et adhuc 
sum tecum. 

8i occideris, Deus, peccatores : * vki 
aanguinum decUnate a me : 

Quia didtis in oogitaUone : * Acci- 
pient in vanitate civitates tuas. 

Nonne qui oderunt te, Domine, ode- 
nm : * et super inimioos tuoe tabesce- 

Ferf ecto odio odexam illos : * et ini- 
mid faoil sunt mibi. 

Probame^ Devs, etedto cor meum : * 
interroga mci et cognosce semitas meoc 

Et vide si via iniquitatis in me est : * 
et deduc me in via flstenWk . 

feaxfoUy maynifliwi : marvdleus are 
Thy works, and my soul knoweth them 
right well. 

14 Hy bones are not hid from Thee, 
which Thou didst faddon in secret : 
and my substance in the lower parts of 
the eartii. 

15 Thine eyes did see my imperfect 
being, and in Thy book shall all men 
be written : day by day shall they be 
formed, while yet there is no one. 

x6 But to me Thy friends, O God, 
are made exceedingly honourable : 
their dominion is firmly established. 

17 I will tell them, and they shall be 
more in number than Uie sand : I have 
risen up, and am still with Thee. 

x8 Wilt Thou not slay the wicked, O 
God : ye men of blood, depart from me. 

10 For ye say in your tiboughts : They 
ahall take thy cities in vain. 

20 Have I: not hated them, O Lord, 
that hated Thee : and pined away be- 
cause of Thine enemiesT 

21 I have hated them with a perfect 
hatred : and they became as enemies 
unto me. 

S2 Prove me, O God, and try my 
heart : examine me, and search out 
my paths. 

23 And look well if there be in me 
the way of Iniquiiy : and lead me in 
the way everlasting. - 



First Vapert : laxt PtaXmt Laudato Dominum, No. 588. 
Seamd Vetptn: lattPtalnif Credidi, No. 590. 


Firti Vetpert: lattPtalm, Laudato Dominum, No. 588. 
Sicond Vetpen: ditto, Ktmento, Domine, a$foU$ws: 

Psalm cxzxi. Memento, Domine, 


Hehkhto, Domine, David : * et omnis x Lobd, remonber David : and all 

mansuetudinis ejus. his meekness. 

e&ent jiu*avit Domino : * votum vovit a How ho aware unto the Lord ; and 

Deo Jacob : vowed a vow unto the God of Jacob : 

81 intrdero In tabemaetihim domus 3 I win not enter Into the tabernacle 

mess : * si aaoendero in tectum strati of mine house : I will not go up Into 

mei : • my bed ! 


8i dodevo Mnmiiim ocuUs rneHa : * et 
palpebiis meis dormitatlonem, 

Lt requiem temporibuB meu : donoc 
iuveniam locum Domino : * tabernacu- 
lum Deo Jacob. 

£cce audivimuB earn in i^bnta : * 
iuveuimus earn in campia silTse. 

lutroibimus in tabemaculum ejas : * 
adorabimus In loco, ubi steteront pedes 

Surge, Domine, In requiem tuam : * 
tu et area Hanctificationia tuce. 

Sacerdotestuiinduanttur juatitaam : * 
et aaucti tui exulteut. 

Propter David serrum tuum : * non 
avertaa faciem Cbristi tui. 

Jurayit Dominua David veritatem, et 
non f rustrabitur earn : * De fructu ven- 
tris tui pouom super sedem tuam. 

8i custodierint fiUi tui testamentiun 
meum : * et testimonia mea hseo, qu» 
docebo eo8 : 

Et filii eorum usque In sieculum : * 
sedebuut super sedem tuam. 

Quoniam elegit Dominiis Sion : * 
elegit earn in babitationem sibi. 

Hbbc requies mea in sseculum sseculi : 

* hie habitabo, quoniazu elegi earn. 
Viduam ejus benedicens benedicam : 

* pauperes ejus saturabo panibus. 

Sacerdotes ejus iuduom salutari : * 
et saucti ejus exultatioue exultabunt. 

lUuc producam comu David : * paravi 
lucemam Cbristo meo. 

Inimicos ejus induam confusione : * 
super ipsum autem cfflorebib sanctifl- 
catio mea. 

4 r win not give sleep to mine eyes : 

nor slumber to mine e5i!c9idfl, 

5 Nor rest unto the temples of my 
head : until I find a place for the Lord : 
a tabernacle for the God of Jacob. 

6 Lo, we beard of it in £^(du»ta : we 
found it in the fields of the wood. 

y We will go into His tabernacle : we 
wul worship in the place where His 
feet have stood. 

8 Arise, O Lord, into Tliy resting* 
place : Thou and l^e ark of Thy holi- 

9 Let Thy priests be clothed with 
justice : and let Thy saints rejoice. 

10 For Thy servant David's sake- 
turn not away the face of Thine 

zz The Lord hath sworn the truth 
unto David, and He will not make it 
void : Of the fruit of thy body I will 
set upon thy throne. 
- la If thy children will keep My 
covenant : and these My testimonies 
which I Shan teach them : 

Their children also for evermore : 


sliaJl sit upon thy throne. 

14 For the Lord hath choeen Sion : 
He hath chosen her for His dweUing. 

15 lliis is My rest for ever and ever : 
here will I dweU, for I have chosen her. 

x6 With bles^g I wiU bless her 
VTidows : I will satisfy her poor with 

17 I wiU clothe her priests with sal- 
Tfttlon : and her saints shall rejoice 
with exceeding joy. 

1 8 Tliere wiU I bring forth a horn 
unto David ; I have prepared a lamp 
for Mine Anointed. 

Z9 His ^lemies wiU I dothc with 
confusion : but upon himself shall My 
sanctification flourish. 


(r/t« Common of Virgins and Holy Women, and the Vespers for New Year's Day, 

are the tam^) 

First Psalnif Dixit Dominus, cm above. No. 576. 
Second PscUm, Laudato, puerl, No. 582. 

698. Third Psalm : Psalm cxxi., Lcetatus sum, o99, 

LiGTATus sum in his quae dicta sunt x I was glad at the things that were 
zuihi : * In dumiun Domini ibimus. said unto me : We will go into the 

house of the Lord. 


Stautcs cnxnt pedes noski : * in atriifl 
tuis, Jci-usalem. 

Jerusalem, quse sedificntur ut clvl> 
tafi : * cviiua pai-ticipatio ejus in idip- 

Illuc enim ascendorunt tribus, tribus 
Domini : * testimonium Israel ad con- 
fitendum nominl Domini. 

Quia lllic sederunt sedea in judicio : * 
eodes super domum David. 

Hogate qu89 nd paeem sunt Jerusa- 
lem : * et abundantia diligoutibus te. 

Fiat pax In virtute tua : * et abun- 
dantia in turribiis tuts. 

Propter fratres meos et proximos 
meos : * loquebar paeem de to. 

Propter domum Domini Dei nostri : * 
qutesivi bona tibi. 

3 Our feet were wont to stand? in 
thy coui-ts, O JcHLsalem. 

3 Jerusalem, which is built as a 
city : that is at unity with itself. 

4 For thither did the tribes go up, 
the tribes of the Lord : the testimony 
of Israel, to praise the name of the 

5 For there are sot the seats of judg* 
ment : the seats over the liouse of 

6 Pray yc for t]io things that are for 
the peace of Jcrusalon : and plcnteous- 
ness be to them that love thee. 

7 Let peace be in thy strength : and 
plentcousness In thy towers, 

8 For my brethren and companion's 
sake : I spake peace concerning thee. 

9 Because of the house of the Lord 
our Ood : I have sought good things 
for thee. 

Glory be to the Father, &c. 

Gloria Patri, &c. 

600. Fourth Psalm : P.salm cxxvi. Nisi Dominvs. 601. 

Nisi Dominus aediflcaverit domtim : * i Unless the Lord build the house : 

in vauum laboraverunt qui ssdificant they labour in vain that build it. 

Nisi Dominus custodierit clvitatem : s Unless the Lord keep the city : ho 

* frustra vigilat qui custodit earn. watclieth in vain that keepeth it. 

Vauum est vobis ante lucem sur< 3 In vain ye lise before tiie light : 

gere : * surgite postauam sederitis, qui rise not till ye have rested, O ye that 

manducatis i)anera doloris. 

Cum dederit dilectis suis somnum : * 
ccce hssrcditas Domini fllii, mcrccs 
f^uctoB ventris. 

Sicut sagittss in manu potentis : * 
ita filii excussonim. 

Beatus vir qui implcvit dcsidcrium 

eat the bread of sorrow. 

£ When He hath given sleep to His 
Ijeloved : lo, children are an heritage 
from the Lord, and the fruit of ^e 
womb a reward. 

5 Like as aiTows in the hand of the 
mighty one : so are the children of 
those who have been cast out. 

6 Blessed is the man whose desire 

suum ex ipsis : * non uoufuudcturi is satisfied with them : he shall not be 
cum loquetur inimicis suis in porta. confounded, when he spoaketh with 

his enemies in the gate. 
Glory Patri, &c. Glory be to tlie Father, &c. 

602. Fifth Pscdm : Psalm cxlvii. Lmida^ Jerusalem. 603, 

1 Praise the Lord, O Jerusalem : 
praise thy God, Sion. 

2 For He hath strengthened the bars 
of thy gates : He hath blessed tliy 
diildren within thee. 

3 He hath mado peace within thy 
borders : and filloth thee with the 
fatness of com. 

Lauda, Jerusalem, Domiuum: *lauda 
Deum tuura, Sion. 

Quonlam confortavit seras jwrtavura 
tuai-um : * beuedixit filiis tuis la to. 

Qui posuit fines tuos paeem : * et 
adipe frumenU satiat te. 


Qnl emittlt eloquiuxn sumn tenw : * 4 He sendeth forth His coininand- 

Telociter currit sermo ejus. xnent on the earth : His word runneth 

Tery swiftly. 

Qui dat nivem slcut lanam : * neba- 5 Ho ffiveth snow like wool : He 

lam sicut cinerem spargit. scattereth the hoar-frost like ashes. 

Mittit crystallum suam sicut buo- 6 He sendelb His ice like morsels : 

cellas : * ante faciem frigoiis ejus quia who is able to abide His frost f 

Emittet verbum suum, et liquefoclet 7 He shall send forth His word, and 

ea : * flabit spiritus ejus, et fluent melt them : He shall blow with His 

aquss. wind, and the waters shall flow. 

Qui annuntaat verbum suum Jacob : 8 He maketh known His woxxl unto 

* justitias et judicia sua IsraeL Jacob : His statutes and ordinances 

unto IsraeL 
Non fecit tallter omnl nationi : * et 9 He hath not dealt so with any 
Jttdicia sua non manifestavit eis. nation : nether hath he showed them 

His judgments. 
Gloria Tsktri, &c. ] 6I017 De to the Father, Ac, 


First Vespers : last Psalm, Laudato Dominum. Second Vespers (and through the 
Octave) : Fourth Psalm, De profundis, No. 169. Last PsaZm, Memento, 
Domine, No. 596. 


First Vespers : last Psal-m, Laudato Dominum. Second Vevpers : as on Sundayst 


First Vespers : last Psalm, Laudato Dominum. /Second Vespers .* as in 

Common of Apostles. 


First Vespers: last Psalm, Landate Dominum. Second Vespers: last Psaloif 

Credidi, No. 590. 


Second Vespers: last Psalm, Laudato Dominum. 


xst Psalm^ Dixit, No. 576. 2d, Confitebor, No. 578. ^ Credidi, No. 593. 
4th, Beat! onmes, No. 604. 5th, Lauda, Jerusalem, No. 602. 

604. Psalm cxxvii. BecUiomnes. 606. 

Beati omnes qui timent Dominum : z Buessed are all they that fear the 

* qui ambulant in viis ejus. Lord : that walk in His ways. 
Labores manuum tuarum quia mAnr a For thou shalt eat of tho laboin* of 

ducabis : * beatus es, ct bene tlbi erit. thine himds : blessed sxt thou, and it 

shall be well with thee. 
Uxor tua sicut ritis abundans : ♦ in 3 Thy wife shall be as a fruitful Tine : 
lateribus domus tuse. on tho walls of thy house. 


Filii tui Bicut noreUfls oliTarum : * in 
circuitu meiKsfle tuse. 

Eoce sic benedicetur homo : * qui 
timet Dominum. ' 

Benedicattibi Dominusex Sion : * et 
vldeaB bona Jerusalem omnibus diebus 


£t Tideas filios filiorum tuorum'.: 
* pacem super Israel. 
Gloria Fatri, Ac 

4 Thy children M olive-plants: round 
about thy table. 

5 Behold, thus shall the man bo 
blessed : that feareth the Lord. 

6 May the Lord bless thee out of 
Sion : and mayest thou see the good 
things of Jerusalem all the days of thy 

7 And mayest thou see thy children's 
children : peace upon Israel. 

Glory be to the rather, &o. 


la$t Ftalm, Lauda, Jeruaalemi No. tioa. 

Lcut Psalm f Lauda, Jerusalem, Ko. 602. 


(Sfptember 29.) 

Last PscUni, Confitebor, aafollmvs: 

CoNFiTEBOR tibi, Domine, in toto 
corde meo : * quoniam audisti verba 
oris mei. 

In conspectu Angelorum psallam 
tibi : * adorabo ad templum sanctum 
tuiun, et confitebor nomini tuo. 

Super misericordia tua et veritato 
tua : * quoniam magnificasti super 
omne, nomen sanctum tuum. 

In quacumque die invocavero te, 
exaudi me : * multiplicabis in anima 
mea vlrtutem. 

Confiteantur tlM, Domine, omnes 
rcges terr» : * quia audierunt omnia 
verba oris tui. 

Et cantont in viis Domini : * quo- 
niam magna est gloria Domini. 

Quoniam excelsus Dominus, et 
humUla respicit : * et alta a longe cog- 

Siambulavero In medio tiibulatlonls, 
vivificabis me : "* et super iram ini- 
micorum meorum extendisti manum 
tuam, et salvum me fecit dextera tu(U 

Dominus retribuet pro toe, Domine 
misericordia tua in snculum : * opera 
manuum tuarum ne despicias. 


X I WILL praise Thee, O Lord, with 
my whole heart : for Thou hast heard 
the words of my mouth. 

3 I will sing praise unto Thee In 
the sieht of the angels : I will adore 
towards Thy holy temple, and give 
glory unto Thy name. 

3 For Thy mercy, and for Thy truth ) 
for Thou hast magnified Thy holy name 
above all. 

4 In what day soever I shall call 
upon Thee, hear me : Thou shalt multi- 
ply strength in my soul. 

5 Let all the kings of the earth give 

glory to Thee, O Lord : for they have 
eard all the words of Thy mouth. 
<5 And let them sing in the ways of 
the Loixl : for great is the glory of the 

7 For the Lord Is high and lookcth 
on the lowly : and the lofty Ho kuow- 
tith afar off. 

8 If I shall walk in the midst of tri- 
bulation. Thou wilt quicken me : and 
Thou hast stretched forth Thy hand 
against the wrath of mine enemies, 
and Thy right hand hath saved mo. 

9 The Lord will repay for me ; Thy 
mercy, O Lord, endureth for ever : O 
despise not the works of Thy hands. 



(October 23.) 

xst P«aZnt, Dixit, No. 576. ad, Coxxfitelwr, No. 578. 3d, Crodldi, No. 590. 4th, De 
profundis. No. 169. 5th, Confitebor No. 606. Bymn, Creator alme {as in 


qOo. The Header beffin$ : 

V. Jube, domne, benedicere. V. Fray, sir, a blessing. 

The Blessing. 
Noctem qiiietam, si finem peribetam May the Lord Almigfaty gnmt tu a 
concedat nobis DominuB omnipotena. qniet night, and a perfect end. 
& Amen. JZ. Amen. 

Short Lesson : i'^^. Pet, v. 

Fratres, sobrii estote, et TigUate : Brethren, be sober, and watch : be- 

quia adversarius Tester diabolus tam« oause your adyersary the devil as a 

quam leo rugiens circuit, quasrens roaring lion goeth about, seeking 

qnem devoret : cui reeistite lortea in whom he may devour ; whom lesist 

llde. Tu autem, Domine, miserere ye strong in faith. But do Hiou, O 

nobis. Lord, have mercy on us. 

JL Deogratlas. IL Thanks be to God. 

V. Adjutorium nostrum in nomine V. Our help is in the name of the 

]>ominL Lord. 

JL Qui fecit CGBlum et terram. Ji. Who hath made heaven and earth. 

Pater nostor. (Dieitur totum tee- Our Father, Ac. (All in McreL) 

609. ^"^^ ^ Btbdamadarius malei the ConfuAon, 

Confiteor Deo omnipotent!, beatse I confess to Almighty Qod, to blessed 

Maria) semper Virginl, beato Mlchaeli Mary ever Virgin, to blessed Michael 

Archangclo, beato Joanni Baptist», the Archangel, to blessed John tho 

Sanctis Apostolis Petro et Paulo, onmi- Baptist, to the holy Apostles Peter and 

bus Sanctis, et vobis, fratres : quia Paul, to all the Saints, and to yon 

peccavi nimis cogitatlone, verbo, et brethren : that I have sinned exceed 

opere : mea culpa, mea culpa, mea ingly in thought, word, and deed 

tpftyima. culpa, ideo precor beatam through my faulty through my fault, 

Mariam semper Virgmem, beatum through mv most grievous fault 

MichaelemArchangelum,beatuinJoan- Therefore I beseech the blessed Maiy 

nem Bapfdstam, sanctos Aix>stolos ever Viivin, blessed Michael the Arch- 

Fetnim et Panlum, omnes Sanctos, et ang^l, blessed John the Baptist, tho 

vos, fratres, orare pro me ad Dominum holy Apostles Peter and Pam, all the 

Deum nostrum. Saints, and you, brethren, to pray to 

the Lord our Qod for me. 

The C^oir anwters : 

Miseroatur tul omnipotens Deus, et May Almighty God have mercy upon 

dimissis peccatis tuis, perducat te ad thee, forgive thee thy sins, and bring 

vitam cetemam. thee to life everlasting. 

Ji. Amen. ^< Amen. 



Conflteor Deo oninfpotenti, boated 
Harto semper Virgin!, beato Michaeli 
Archnngelo, beato Joatinl Baptistca, 
ianctls Apoetolis Petro et Paulo, ouinl- 
bu8 Sanctis, et tibi, pater : quia peo 
caTi nimis cogitations, Torbo, et opere : 
mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima 
culpa. Ideo precor beatam Mariam 
semper Virglnem, boatnm Michaelem 
Arcoangelum, beatum Joannem Bap- 
tiatam, sanctns Apostolos Petrum et 
Pauhim, omnea Suictoa, et te, pater, 
orare pro me ad Dominum Deom nos* 

Thtn the Cf*6ir repeati tht Gmfemion, 

I confess to Almighty Ood, to blessoct 
Mary ever Virgin, to blessed Michael 
the ArchangeL to blessed John the 
Baptist, to the holy Apostles Peter and 
Paul, to all the Haiiits, and to*^ jou, 
father : that I have sinned exceedingly 
in thought, word, and deed : Uirougii 
my fault, through my fault, through 
my most grievous fault. Tlierefore I 
beseech the blessed Mary ever Virgin, 
blessed Michael the Archangel, blessed 
John the Baptist, the holy .Apostles 
Peter and Paul, all the Saint«, and you. 
father, to pray to the Lord our Ood for 


Tfie BeMcniadwius iays: 

Misereatiir vestri omnipotens Pcu«, 
et dimissis peccatis vestria, perducat 
vos ad vitam letemam. 

Jl. Amen. 

ladulgentiam, absolutionemi et re- 
missionem peccatorum nostrorum tri- 
buat nobis omnipotens et misericors 

if. Amen. 

May Almighty God have mercy upon 
you, forgive you your sins, and hriug 
you to life everlasting. 

Ji. Amen. 

May the Almighty and mofciful 
Lord gi^nt us pardon, absolution, and 
i*emii*Kion of our sins. 

R Amen. 

Tlim is »aid : 
nos, Deus sahitaris V, Convert U9, God our Saviour. 

V. Converto 
JL Et averto iram tuam a nobis. 

F. Deus, in adjntorium meum fn> 

Ji. Domine, ad adjuvandum me fes- 

Gloria Pitttrt, et Filio, et Splritul 

(Kent era* in prlndplo, et nunc, et 
semper, et in saecula sseculorum. 

Alleluia, vel Lans tibi, Domine, R^x 
feterr«» glorias. 

Ant. Miserere. 

It. And turn away Tliy anger from 

V. God, come to my assistance, 

X. Lord, make haste to help me. 

Glory be to the Tat hor, and to the 
Son, and to the Holy Gliost. 

As it was in the beginning, is now, 
and ever shall be, world wltFjout end. 

Alleluia, or Praise be* to Thee, O 
lord, King of OTerlasting glory. 

4nt. BiiTe mercy. 


In Paschal time : Ant. Alleluia. 
Psalm iv. Cum mvocarcm. 


Cum invocarem, exaudivit me Deus i TThen I called upon Him, the God 

iustitias mea) : * in tribulatione dila- of my justice heard mo : when I was 

tasti niihi. in distress. Thou didst enlarge me. 

Miserere mei ; * et ezaudi onitio&em a Have merpy upon me : and hear 

moam. my prayer. 


tWihominumusquequo gva^l eorde ; 
* ut quid dilifltis vaBitaUmt tt quso- 
iltU Diendacium ? 

St scitote quonUum mirifioa^t Bo- 
minus sanotuxa suum : * ]3<HDiauf 
exaudi«t m« cum clamavero ad eum. 

IrMcimini, et nolite pocearo ; * quaa 
<^citi8 in ooridibus veatm* ia cubiUbuA 
vestris GompungimiQi. 

Sacrificate socrifioium iustitist, el 
sperat^ i& Domino : * multi diount, 
Quia oatendit nobis bonft? 

Signatum est 8up<Mr nos ;iumen tu1« 
tus tui, Domino : * dedisti Isotitiam in 

A fructu fmmonti| vini, et olei sui : * 
multiplicati sunt. 

In pace in idipsum : * damlam et 

Quoniam tu, Domiue, siugularitcr 
in spe . * consntuisti me. 

Gloxda Fatri. 

3 O ye sons of men, how long will 
ye be duU of hearl : wliy do y^ love 
rani^f end seek alter lyiiig? 

4 K«QW ye alse tbat the Loxid hath 
exalted {Us boly one : the Doid will 
hear moj when I cry unto Him. 

4 Be ye angry, and sin not : the 
tmngs whieh ye say in your hearts^ be 
sonry for upon your beds. 

6 Offer up tiie saoziAce of justice 
and hope in the Lmtd : there av manv 
that say. Who showeth us good thiugsY 

7 The UsAkt of Thy eountenanoe, U 
Lovd> is signed upon us x Tlieu hast 
put gladness in my heart. 

8 B^ the fruit of their com and wine 
uid oil : are they multiplied. 

9 lb. peace in the self-same : I ^iQ 
sleep and tal^e my rest* 

zo For Thou only, O Lord ; hast 
established mo in hope. - 

Glory be to the Father, &c 


Psalm XXX. In te, Domine, sperctvi. 


In te, Domine, spcravi, nou confim- 
darinsstemum : *iu justitij^tuaii^Jlira 

Incline ad mo aurem tuam : * acoe« 
lero, ut GTustfl me. 

XiSto mini in Deum protectorem, et 
in domum refugii ; * ut solTum me 

Quoniam fortitude mea, et ref\K[ium 
meum es tu : * et propter uomen tuum 
deduces me, et onutrles mo. 

£iduce8 me de laqueo hoc, quem ab- 
Bconderunt mihi : * quoniam tu es pro- 
tector meus. 

otln manus tuas commendo spirituni 
meum : * redemistl me, Domine, Deus 

Gloria Ffttri. 

I In Thee, O Lord, hayo I hepod, lol 
me never be confounded : delM«r me 
In Thy justice. 

a Incline Thine ear unto me : mako 
haste to deliver me. 

3 Bo Thou my God, my protector, 
and a house of refuge ; that Thou may- 
est save me. 

f For Thou art my straagtl) and my 
refuge : nnd for Thy name's sake, Ihou 
wilt load mo and nourish me. 

5 Thou wilt bring me out of this 
snare, that th^y have laid lor me : for 
Thou art my protector. 

^ Into IThy hands I oommend my 
spirit : Thou hast redeemed 109, O 
Lord, tho God of tnith. 

Glory be to the Father, Ac. 


Psalm xe. Qui habitat. 


Qui habitat in adjutoHo Altisshni : 
* in ppqtectione Dei coeli commorabi- 

Dicet PomiQO, SuaoQptor menses tu, 
et iiefugium meum : * Deus meue 
kperabo In eum. 

. Quoniam ipsg liboravlt mo do laquco 
tenantium : * et a rorbo aspero* 

X He that dwoUcth in the help of the 
Most High : shall abide under tn« pro- 
tection or tho Qod of heaven. 

9 He shall say imto the lord, Thou 
art my upliol^tir, and my refuge : my 
God, in Him will I hope. 

3 ?pr He hath doUverod mo from tho 
snare of tho hunters : and from the 
sharp word. 

V£SP£B8 IfOB At^NbAVd ANb FEgflV'ALS. 

• Boapdlii suis oTsumbrabit tlbi : * et 
aub pennli tjos iperabiA. 

Sooto circumdabit to Terltaa e)ua ; * 

non timebia a timora noatumo, 

A aaflitta Tolai^te In die. a nesfotl<^ 
perammilante in tenebris : * ab incurao 
et dtemonlo meridiano. 

Cadent a )atei« tao mttle, ot daoam 
millia a daxtHs tuis : ^ ad ta autcm 
lion appfratrfnqmibit. 

Vemmtiman oaulia luia oaaalder- 
abis : * et reMbutionem peccatorum 

Qu<auam tu aa, Domina» epea naa : * 
altiisaimuin poauitti refugium tuutii. 

Non aooedat od ta m«Jum : ^ at A»i 
gellum non appropluqtiablt tabemaculo 

Quoniam augelia aula mandavit de 
tc : * ut ciistodiant to in omnibtia v^is 

In n^nibua portabunt te : * ne forto 
offendaa aa lapldem pedom tnuin. 

Bui)e)r aspidem et baailiactim am- 
bulabis : * et conculcabis leonem et 

Quoniam In xna aporayit Hbcrabq 
Qum : * protegam eum, ^uoQlam cog- 
novlt nomcn meum, 

Clamabit ad me, et tg<i exaudiam 
eum : ^ cum ipso sum in trlbulatione ; 
^ripiam eum, et clorificabo eum, 

Longttudine dierum replebo eum : * 
at oatendam illi aalutare meum. 

Gloria P«tri» ^ 


KccE nunc, benedicite Dominum : * 
otnnes aervt DaMini. 

Qui statia in domo IXmiIni : * ill 
atxlia domua Dei noatri. 

In nocMbua extollite numiis vaatMa 
ill aanota : " et bonadlo|to Domiamaa. 

BcnedicatteDominua ex Sion : *qui 
tacit OQilttm ettavram. 

Gloria Fatrt 

Ant, M ia aa eto milil, Domioa, at ax* 
audi orationem maonu 

4 He shall overshadow thee with His' 
ahoulders : and imdor His wingji slialt 
thou trusty 

5 His truth shall eompass thee with 
a shield : thou shalt not be af i-aid fpr 
the terror of the night, 

6 For the arrow that Metb in the 
day, for the plafjue that walketh in tbo 
darkness : for the assault of the eyll 
one in the noonday. 

7 A thousand sliall fall at iliy side, 
and ten thousand at thy right hand : 
but it shall not come nigh. thee. 

8 But with l^ina eyes shalt thuu 
behold : and shalt see the reward oi 
the wicked. 

g For Thot\, O Ijord, oi't my hope : 
Thou hast set Thy refuse very liigh. 

so There ahall no evil approach luito 
thee : nor shuU the scourge coma uigli 
thy dwelling. 

11 For He hath given His augclK 
charge over thee : to keep thee in ^11 
thy ways. 

12 In their hands shall they bear 
thee up : lest haply thou dash thy foot 
against a atouo, 

13 Thou shalt walk upon the asp and 
the bnsihsk : the Hod nnd the dragon 
ahalt thou tread under thy feet. 

14 Because he hath hoped in Me, T 
will deliver him : I will prutpct him, 
because he hath known My name, 

I J He shall ery imto Me. and I w'lT 
hear him : I am with him in trouble ; 
I will deliver him, and glorify him. 

16 With length of days will I iill 
him :. and I will show unto faim My 

Qlory be to the t^athor, ^ 

Paalm exxxiii. Ecee ntmo* 


I Bkholduow, bless ye the Lord ; all 
J9 aarvfiuta of the Lmrd. 

a Who stand in the house of the 
Lord : in the cotuftaof the houao of our 

3 Lift af> yoxxr hands by night to the 
holy plaoea : and falaaa the Loini. 

4 May the Lord out of Slon blosa 
thaa : who hath made bear^n att4 earth. 

Glory bo to the Father, 4:o. 
Ant» Hnvo maroy on ma, O Load, 
and graciou.«Iy hear my pmyer; 



Tb Incts ante terminufn, 
Remm Creator, |wdinn« ; 
Vt pro tnn dementia^ 
SU praesul et custodia. 

Proeal veeacbuit sonmia, . 
Et nociium phantasmata ; 
Hostemqne nostrum comjniuey 
Ke polloantur corpon. 

FkKltE^ FftterpiiMunc 
Fktriqne oompar Unice, 
Cum SpiriUi Faradito 
Begnanaper omue ancufaim. 

622. Little Chapter : Jer. xiv. 

Tu autetn In noUs en, IKmlne, et Thmi, O lionl, art 
nomon sanctum toum iuTOcattroi ent Thy holj name is invtAed upon 
super no0, ne deivtiiMiuas nos, Domiue fonake us not, O Loid oar tiocL 

ffffnm. 621. 

X Now with the fast-^epartin^ H^l^t, 
Uaker of all 1 we ask of Thee, 
OfTliy great mercy, through the n^ht 
Our guardian and defence to hcL 

9 Far off let idle ▼iaions fly ; 

No phantom of the night molest ; 
Curb Thou our raging enemy, 
That we in chaste repose may rest. 
3 gather of mm i ina, hear onr cay ; 
Hear ua, O 8ol»4wgoitoa Son ; 
Who, with the Holy Gbosi meat hi«^, 

ages run. 


Ileus neater. 
JZ. Deogxatixis. , 

£eip, brev. 

In manns tuos, Domine, commendo 
m^iiitum nicnm. 

Ckor, In manua tuaa, Domine, com- 
mendo spiritum meum. 

y. Bedemisti nos. Domino, Dens 

0tor. Commendo spiritum meum. 

V, Gloria Patri, et liUo, et Spiritui 

C/inr, In monua tuas, Bomino, com* 
mendo spiritum meum. 

V, Custodinoe, Domine,utpapinam 

JL Sub nmhia alarum tnarum pro- 

X. Thanks be to God. 

Short XapoTUory. _ 

Into Thy hands, O Lord, I comm^id 
my spirit. 

CKtrir. Into Thy hands, O Lord, I 
commend my spirit. 

r. Thou hast redeemed us, O Lord, 
thcGodof tnith. 

Choir. I commend my spirit. 

r. Glory be to the Esther, and to the 
Son. and to the Holy Ghost. 

Choir. Into Thy hands, O Lord, I 
commead my spirit. 

r. Keep us, O Lord, as the apple of 
an eye. 

X. Protect us under the shiidow of 
Thy wings. 

Jn Patchal Ixme the above are Maid thui : 

In manus toas, Domlne, commendo 
spiritum meum. Alleluia, alleluia. 

Chor* In manus tuas, Bomine, cDm> 
niendo spiritum meum. Alleluia, sdle- 

V. Redemisti nos, Boutnai Dens 

CJtw. Allaluia, alleluia. 

V. Gloria Patri, Ac. 

0tor. In uanns tuaa, Domine, com- 
mendo BfMtxan meum. Alleluia, aUe* 

V. Costodl nos, Domino, utpiipillam 
oculi. AUdhda. 

^braalaram tuanxm protege 

Into Thy hands, O Lord, 1 eommend 
my spirit Alleluia, alleluia. 

Choir. Into Thy hands, O I.ord, I 
commend my spirit. Alleluia, alleluiii. 

V. Thou hast redeemed ns^ O Lnd, 
the God of truth. 

Choir. Alleluia, aUeloi^ 
! V. Glory be to the Father, Ac 

Chair. Into Thy hands, O Lord, I 
commend my spirit Alleluia, aUehiia. 

V. Keep us, Q Lord, as the apple «f 
an eye. Alleluia. 

£. Protect na under the shadow of 
Thy winga. AUali 


623. The Nanc dimittisj or Canticle of Simeon. 624. 

Ant. Salvanos. 

NuNO dlmittls serviim tuuxn, Do- 
mine : * secundum Terbum tuum in 

Quia Tjderunt oculi mei * aalatoie 

Quod x)araBti * ante fivciem omnium 

Lumen ad rovelationem gentium, * 
et glorlnm plcbia tiue Israel. 

Gloria Patri. 

Ant, Salvft noa, Dominc^ vi^antea, 
cuBtodi noB dormientcs : ut Tigilemus 
cum Christo, et requioscaraua In pace. 
{Ttmpore FatchaU, Alleluia.) 

Ant. BaveuB. 

X Now dost TJtou dismisa Tliy ser- 
vant, O Lord, in. peace : according to 
Thy word. 

3 For mine eyea haTO aeen : Thy aal- 

3 Which Thou hast prepared : before 
the face of all people. 

4 A light to enlighten the Qentilcs : 
and the glory of Thy people Ipracl. 

Oloty be to the Father, die. 

Ant, Save ua, O Loi-d, when wo are 
awake, and keep us while wo sleep: we may watch with Christ, and 
i-ost in peace. (In PascJial tiube, Alle- 

The /ollowiiig Frajfen^ are omitted on Doiillee atid within Octaves: 

Kyrie eleison. 

Christe eleison. 

Kytie elelstm. 

Pater noster. (Sea'eto.) 

I '. £t ae noe ^nducas in tentatlonem. 

Ji. Sed libera nos a maJo. 

Credo in Deum, (Secrito.) 

Y. Cuniis rosun-ecUoneui. 

M. Vitam setoruam. Amen. 

r. Benedictns es, Pomine, Deus pat- 
rum nostroruni. 

Ji, £t laudabilis ei glorioaus in sas- 

V. Benedicamus Fatrem et Filium 
cum Bancto Spiritu. 

IL LaodemuBy »k •upei^exaltemus 
eum in ssMula. 

Y. Benodidtofl es^ Domine, in firma- 
mento coeli. 

Jt. Et laudaliilis, et gloriosus, et 
auperexaltaius in ssocula. 

V. fienedlcat et custodlat nos omni- 
potens et misericors Domlnus, 

H, Amen. 

V. Dignare, Domine, nocte Ista. 

JL, Sine pcccato nos custodii*o. 

V, Miserere nostri, Dotolne. 

K Miserere nostrl. 

V. Fiat misencordia tua, Domine, 
super nos. 

A. Quemadmodunh speraTlmus In te. 

Y. Domina^exaxidiorailonfiiiimeam. 

M, Et clamor mens ad te Teniat. 

Y. Dotninus Tol4scuQi« 

JU. Et cum spiritu tuo. 

Ix>rd, have mercy -on na. 

Christ, have mercy on us. 

L6rd, havA xnerey on ub^ 

Chu* Father, &c. (/n eecret.) 

V, And lead us not into temptation. 

^ But deliver us from evil. 

I believe in God, dra (/» ttcv^l.') 

V. The resuiTcction of the IxkIj', - 

it. And life everlasting. Amen. 

r. Blessed art Thou, O Lord, the 
God of our fathers, 

JU And worthy to be pi-aised and 
gloxioua for ever. 

r. Let us bless the Father and the 
Son with the Holy Ghost. 

R. Let \» praise and exalt Him for 

Y' Blessed art Thou, O Lord, in the 
firmament of heaven. 

IL And worthy to bo praised, and 
glorious, and exjuted for qver. 

r. May the almighty and mercifiil 
Lord U^ss and preserve us. 

R. .Amen. 

V. Vouchsafe, O Lord, this night. 

Ji. To keep us without sin. 

r. Have mercy on us, O Lord. 

R. H.tve mercy on ns. 

V, Let Thy mercy, O Lord, be upon 

R. As we> have hoped in Thee. 

Y. O Lord, hear my prayer. 

R. And let my cry come imto Thee. 

K. The Lord be with you. 

R. And with thy spirit. 


Vlsita, quaBsumiis, Domine, Iiabita- Visit, we beseech Thee» O Lord, this 

tionemistam, etoxnneftinaidiMilkii&icl habitation, and drive iar frten ife all 

«b ea lODfft repelle : intali tot iancti -Mmros of tlie enemy : let Tb^ Holy 

■habltont in 6a, a|ui nos In paoo cnito^ angela dweli ]i«rein» to preeetre us in 

dlant : et benedictio tua sit anptr nOfe peace : and may Thy blessing be alw«]m 

semper. F«r Dominton. iqMmtifl. Xhrotu;h our liom^ ^^ 

V, Dominus vobisoum. T. The Lord be witii you, 

A. Et cum splrita %uOi & Aad with Thy spirit* 

V. Benedicamus Domisio. V. Let us bless the LordL 

A Dea gratia& K S}faiii]M.lM to fiod* 

The BlesBiug. 

Benedicat et eubtodiat noa oninipo- May th6A]nd|hty and Metietful Lord, 

tens et misericon Dominus, Pater, et Father, Bon, a&d VLiAf Ghost, bless and 

Filius, et Spiritus Sauctus. preserte Ufl. 

it. Amen. R, Amta. 

Tfim it taid one qf tfie Antiphoiu of the Blessed Vir(fiVf aeeording to the eetuon. 

The AntiphiyA ik io bi told kneelHi^t except Ht Pttkhal Hme, ttkm Hie tobe 

»aid etandin^^ 

fiQR .AntM VttpnM tfSdtiirdtM h^ore First Sunday in Advent to A9R 
O^O. r Uhi JPia^ation, inclusively. ^^^' 

Alma Hedemptoris Hkter^ c^ute petvia Mother of CSitfUt ! heai^ Thou Thy 

coeli (eadenti. people'ii cry. 

Porta manes, et Btella tearls, succorre Star of the deep, and Portal bf tYnb sky ! 
Surgere qui curat, populo : tu ^lue Mother of Him who thee frtnn nothing 

gcnuisti, (totem : made, {hid : 

Katui-a mirante, tuum sanctum Geni- Bliildii^ we strive^ and eall to 9hee for 
Virgo prius ac posterius, Oabriella e[b Oh, by that joy which Oalrtiel btoUght 

6re, [tere. to Thee, [mercy aeo. 

Sumens illud Ave, pebcatomfal mise- Thou Virgin first and last, let us thy 

i» Advent, 

r. AngdUsDeteinilltlhtlAyitMaHM. V, Hie Attg«l 9i the Lord declared 

unto Maiy. 
n, St«eheei)itdeSplrlte8»iiGtoi it. And ito toxMehrad of ibe Holy 

OremKS. Ut uM pretf* 

Gratiam tuam, qUassumlid, Domlne, Pour forth, we beseech Thee, O Lord, 

mentibus nostris infunde * ut qT:d, Thy gnice l^to our hearta j that we. to 

angelo nuntiante, Christ! Pilil ttti whom the incarnation of ChHSt ITiy 

incamatpnem cognoyimuB, per pas- Sou was made known by the message 

siohemcjusetcrucemadt^surrectionis of aft angel, inAf. by Bit passion and 

gioriam perducamiir. Per eumdem cross, be 1U*ought; to the gloty of liis 

Christum Dominum nodtruhu resurrection. Through the same Christ 

our Lord. 

SL Amen* it. Aknen. 

From Christmas Day to the PMTiA^tion, 

r. Post partum Vli8« Intlelata per- V. Alter ehtldUrtk thrtft dkUi re- 
ifUUitlstl main a pure 'virgin. 

A Dei Qenltrtx, intercede pre nobis. R. Intercede foi* us, O Mgither of 



D«Uif qui saiutifl 88tteiisd< b^Atas 
Harks vi^ginitata fdcuada^ humoub 
gaiaerl pnemja {MteatitiBti ; tribua, auia- 
sumua^ ut ipaaai pto nobis Interoeoere 
aentiamua, per ^uam tteraitnua aue- 
torem title suecipere, Dominum noo- 
truxn JeswQ, Ghriftum FUium iuutt. 
Qui vivit, &c. 

iL Amfln* 

V, Divinum auxilium maneat [sefit- 
per nobiscum. * . 

Jl' Amen. 

Paternoster. (Secreto.') 


O God« Who» by the fmtful virginity 
of blessed Harv, bast given to maat- 
kind the rewards of eternal salvation i 
grant, we beseech Theo, that we may 
experience hev iatercesdon for us; 
through whom we have .deserved tq 
receive the Author of iife, our Lord 
Jesus Christ, Thy Son. Vi ho liveth, to. 

iL Amen* 

V. May the divine assiataneft remais 
always with us. 

JR. Amen. 
' Our Father. (Secretli/.) 


AQ'r J^WJt CompUite tm ihs Fiaat of (ht Purijlcat{»H to MkuWiXap ^OJR 

Ave, Begina coelovum ! 
Ave, dominJi angel&rum ! 
Salve, radix, salve, porta, 
Sx bua mundo Lux est oii:^. 
Gaude, Virgo gloriosa. 
Super omnes specioifo. ^ 
vUe, O valde deeorti I ; 
Et pro nobis Christum exohi. 
V. Blgnare me laudare te, Virgo 

Ji Da mud virtuiem contra hostes 


Obncede, misericors Deus, fragilitali 
tiOAtnb prtoHidium ; ut qui sauctso Dei 
Genitricis memoriam agimus, inter- 
cessionis ejus auxilio a nostris iniqui^ 
tatibua resurgamus. Per eum(^em 
Christlun, fto. 

M. Ameu. 

y. Divinum auxilium man^t sett- 
per nobiscum. 

Jl. Araen. 

Hail, Queen of heaven enthroned ! 
Hail, by angels mistress o#ned, 
Boot of Jesse, Gate of mora, 
Whence the worlas trueLlght"t?as born. 
Glorious Virgin ! joy to thee. 
Loveliest Whom ih heav6h they see, 
'Ftdrdst thou whero all a)*e f&ir ! 
Plead with Christ our sins to spare. ' 

V. Vouchsafe that 1 may praise theq* 
O sacred Virgin. 

JSL Give ma strength against thine 

Giant, O merciful God, supi^ort tb 
our fralfty ; that we who comtnetnorato 
the holy Mother of God, ihay, bjr thb 
help of her intercessloDi arise from oin* 
iniquities. Through the san^O Ch^'ist 
our tiord, ko. 

Ji Amen. 

V. 3ray the divine ossli^tance remain 
always with us. 

Ji. Ameu. 



From (hmj^xne on Jltt^J Saturday tUl THnity ^. 


Begina Cosl^ Isetare : alleluia. 
Quia quem meruisti portare : alleluia. 
Hesurrexit sicut dixit : alleluia*. 
Ora pro nobis Deum : alleluia. 


Gaude et Itetare, Virgo Maria: 

J?. Quia surrexit Dominus vere : 

Joy to thee, O Queen of heaven : alle- 
luia. C&Uclnia. 
JS» whom thpu waat meet to bear : 
As He promised, hath arj^ea : alleluia. 
Four for us to Him thy prayer ; alleluia. 

r. Beluice and be glad, O Virgin 
Maiy: alleluia. 

R. For the Lord hath risen indeed : 



Detu, qui per resuTreotioiiusm Filil 
tui Domhii nostri Jesu Chiisti uun- 
dum ketificare digiiatus es; pmata, 
quflBsum-tU, ut per ejus Genitricem 
Virghiein Mariaxa perpetaies capiannu - 
gaudia yitea. Per euxudem Christum, 

» Jt. Amen. 

V. Divinum auxllium maneat sem- 
per nobiBcum. — 

M. Amen. 

Lit utpray. 

O God, who didst vouchsafe t(> give 
Joy to the world thsough the rosurrec- 
tioD of Thy Bon our Lord Jesus CHirist ; 
grant, we oesoech Thee, that, through 
His Mother, the Virgin Mary, we may 
obtain the joys of everlasting Ufe. 
Through the same Christ, &c. 

Jt. Amen. 

V. May the divine ossistanoe remain 
always with us. — ^ 

Jt. Amen. 

From Firtt Verptrt of Trinitif Sunday to Advent 

631. - 

Baiv^f B^gina, Mater misexicordifle ; 
Vita, dulcedo, et spes nostra, salve. 

Ad te clamamus, exules filii Hevai ; 

Ad te suspiramus, gementcs et 
flentes in hac lacrymamm valle. 

£ia efgo, Advocata nostra, 

IIlos tuos miserlcordes oculos ad noa 
converte ; 

Et Jesum, benedictum fructum vcn- 
iris tui, 

Nobis post hoc exilium ostende, 

O Clemens, O pia, O dulcis Virgo 

V. Oi-a .pro UQhia, eaucta Dei Gent- 

Jt. Ut digni eificiamur promissioni- 
bus Christi, 


Oranlpotens, sempiteme Deus, qui 
gloriosss Virginis Matris Marise corpus 
et animam, ut dignum Filii tui habita- 
culum effici mereretur, Spiritu Sanoto 
co-operante, pneparastl; da ut cujus 
commomoratione laetaraur, ejus pia 
intercessione ab instantibiis malls et ft 
morte perpetua liberemur. Per oum- 
dem Christumi &c 

Jt. Amen. 
V. Divinum 
M, Amen. 

auzittum maneat sem- 


(' Hail, holy Queen, Moth^ of nmtcy : 
Our life, our sweetness, abd our 

hope, all hail. 
To thee we cry, poor banished sons 

of Eve ; 
To thee we sigh, weeping and mourn 

ing in this vale of tears. 
Therefore, O our Advocate, 
Turn thou on us those merciful eyec 

of thine; 
And after this our exile, show us, 

JesuSj the ble-^ised fruit of thy womb, 

O merciful, O kind, O sweet Virgin 

V. Pray for us, O holy Mother of 

Jt. That we may be made woiihy of 
the promises of Christ. 

Almighty, Everlasting God, who, by 
the co-operation of the Holy Ghost, 
didst prepare the body aud soul of 
ys.&ry, glorious Virgin aud Mother, to 
become the worthy habitation of thy 
Bon ; grant that we may be delivered 
from instant evils and from everUst- 
ing death by her gracious inteBeession, 
in whose commemoration we rejoice. 
Through the same Christ, &c. 
• JL Amen. 

V. May the divine a98ist«mi0e remain 
always with us. 

JL Amen. 






633. Its Origin, Object, and Advantages. 

X. Begun on Whitmonday, x8^, at Li^e, in Belgium, this pious association 
Mras approved by bia Holiness Pius IX., April aoih, 1S47 ; eiinehcd by hlni with 
many spiritual favours, and raised to tne dignity of an x\rchcoiifi*fttcnUty. 

2. Its object is to honour the Holy Family, Jesus, Hary, and Joseph, tind to 
give to the faithful of every age, sex, and condition, powerful means of ad- 
vancing secui-ely in the way of salvation. 

3. The means employed by this association to attain this sublime and useful 
end, are prayer, the singing of devout hymns, tiie preaching of the Word of 
God, and the f requentatiou of tlie Sacraments. 

4. The members are to meet In^he ehurch onoe ft week at the time appointed 
by the director. They are divided into different sections, each section liaving 
at its head a prefect and sub-prefect. The director should also select from 
among the members one or moi-o secretaries and a prefect general, where it 
may be expedient, to assist him in the working of the association. 

5. The obligations contracted by the members are altogether obligations of 
love : in general, itxey must live as good Christians, each one according to 
his state of life ; they must avoid bad comiMvny, dangerous places of amuse- 
ment, and all that may lead into sin ; they should also be most punctual in 
their attendance at the weekly meetings and at the monthly general commu> 
nion of the members. 

6. A faithful member of the Holy Family may, boeidos gaining all the Indul- 
gences hereafter mentioned, securely and confidently expect tlie grace of « holy 
and happy death, in &'e company ox Jesus, Maty, and Joseph. 


For the Meetings of the Holy FaniUy, 

Before the Conference. 

634. InTooaUon of the Patrons. 

V. Pray for us, O Holy Patrons of 
our Association. 

R. That we may be made worthy of 
the promises of Christ. 
Let u» pray. 

O God, who dost assign to us each 
year sosne of the heavenly citisens lor 
our Patrons ; grant, we beseech Thee, 
t>irough the intercession of thos6 whom 
this year we have received as Patrons, 
that we, and all oiu' relations, friends, 

and enemies, may presently experience 
the assistance of 'l^iy grace ; so that 
by the help of this same grace we may 
be enabled to practise those virtues 
which they bxve taught us by their 

May nil Thy Saints, O Ix)i<, we be- 
seech Thee, help us in every place, that 
while We celebrate their merits we may 
experience their protection. Througn 
Christ' our Lord. Amen. 

A. A— The Litany of the Blessed Alrgin Mary, No. 242, or that of tlio Huly 
Kame of Jesus, No. 56, may be said instead of the Litany of the Holy 
Family, which has nut received the approbation of the Holy See. 


^Qs * A BupiOloatloii to he usdL by tbe iCftiiitani of tile 
^'^^^ 9oly EamUjr. 

OlOod of goodness and mercy, who 
hast been pleased to call iis tO this 
Confratemitjr of the Holj Family; 
grant that ire mkf alwajrs hcmour and 

imitate Jesus, Mazy, and 'Joseph, so 
that pleasing them on earth, wemayen- 
Joy their presence in heaven. Through 
the same JesuftOmAtoorLbHL Amen. 


Hemorare to tbe Blessed Vii:g:in Mary. 

Kememher, O most gracious Virgin 
llary, that it has never been heard of 
in any age, that any one having re- 
course to thy protection, imploring thy 
aid, and seeking thy intercession, was 
abandoned by thee : I, thettjfore, ani- 
mated with this confidence, Virgin 

of tirgihs, my Iktolher Mary, come io 
thee, and groaning unaerthd weight of 
jAy miseries, cast myself at thy sacral 
feet. O Mother of the %Tord Incarnate, 
despfise not my ptayer, but graciously 
hear and grant my petition. 

Jndulffenee .* Tlree hundrtd da^» each Hum. Plenary onee a motUh, i/tatd daily. 


XMOonuro to St. Josepli. 

Bemembor, O mbst amiable, most 
benevolcnti most kind, and most mer- 
ciful father Saint Joseph, that the great 
8aint Teresa assures us that she never 
had recourse to thy phjtection without 
obtaining relief. Animated with the 
eamd confidence^ dear Baint Joseph, 

t eome to thee, and groaning ttnder thtt 
heavy burden of my many sins, I {nros- 
ti^te myself at th^ feet. O most com- 
ptissionate father, do not. I beseech 
thee, reject my poor ana miserable 
phiyers. but gradoUsly hear and grant 
my petition. Axh^n. 


indinlgencej Thnt hvndjrtd dayt^ pnc4 a dajf^ 

Aftbb the CoNrsBSKcas. 

Tbe Ktaftitttfttlott of Conscleiioe. 

Let us examine our consciences, that 
we may see the faults we har<e cdui- 
mitted this day, and let vm ask pardon 
for them from God With our whole 

The Spiritual CovMfmf^n. 

Cotne, Lord Jesus, I love Thee, 1 
desire Thee; come into my heart, I 
Attach inyself, I \mito myself to Thee. 

Let me never more bo separaied from 
Use. {St, AljpJionsus.) 

Jnve(kUionofJUtt8,Mar2f, and 


Jesus, Ifoiy, tuid Josepli, I giyo you 

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, assist me 
in my last agony. 

JesuSi Mary, and Joseph, may 1 
breathe out my soul in peace with yoiL 

XndulgeMt : Om hunidnd daysfw each aspiration, ea«h tiwu eaid. 

Aftbb thb Bbkediction of the Most Blessed 


Tbe AngeluB. 

k69 after Homing Prayers (No. II.), or In the Paschal time. 

Be^^iiut 0<fell. 

See No. 6a6. 



1. f(tt the Solemn GontecraHoh iffiht Uemberi* 

% ^or the Otntral Comniunion, 

S. For the .ftifc w> oM ^BI(»nDgi ^f MaptUmal Vowt, 

039. fixerdBes for the ftoleua ConMcratloii of ih» MemTieni. 
TUid generally Ukes place twide in the year, in JtQy ahd in December. 

0B1>]SB of the CSBEMONIE& 
X. A Hymn, 

3. !th€ Veni Creator (see Na Z48X [ WkiUt tliU hymn it heing iunff, the Aih- 
eiatu tcho are about to consecraie thenuelvei, thould enter and arrange themeelvet 
in the Saiuiiiary, if the place admiti €/ it. In ateociatiom of wmienf they remain 
at the raiU.} 

4* the Act ^ C^miecration, vJiteh the IHrect&r proviouneee leord by vord, and 
ike Ateoeiata rtjpeat after him. The linee i—} indicate the pauses. 


Act of ConsecraUon. 

O Jeias^ UAi^, Joe6|Ai t I [hht eeush 
<h\e pr6nouixr:ek hit 6ton tiathe in a lotb 
toneif in the tirekenee of all tBe court 
of heaten,— choose you— on this day-i- 
for my patrons and protectors-^I oner 
you—and solemnly consecrate to you 
—In this Association— My 96dy,-^n.y 
toulf'--all that I hetttt — and dU that J 
am /~I promise you--to lire as a good 

ChritotUui.-^that I may die^tbe death 
of the eiect^What a happiness for 
me— to pass one day— from the arms 
of Jesus. Mary^ and Josei^, in tbii 
world,— into the arms of the Father,-* 
the Bon,— and Holy Ohoety in heavon | 
—and that for all eternity t'^Suoh ia 
my hope.— Amen* 

641. 5. Fotihtitt 6f Aecoptldn pronounced by tbe Director, 

Et ego^ in nomine SanctissimsB Trini- 
tmOA et e& flMMilute mthi coheessa^ 
-V08 omnes adsoribo (Sodatttatt eaaoto 
Familifs Jesu, HaviJe« Josfl|>h, in hao 
nostra ecclesia canonice erecfaa, vosque 
pariicipos dechuro omnium ^[ratiarum 
et Indulgentiarum au£B ArclnsodaUlatl 
eiusdem Bauctaa tamiliis Leodii, in 
Ecclesia B. M. V. Immaculataa a Sancta 
sede ApoatoU(A similiter 1 erecise, a 
Summo IPontifice Pio Papa TZ. con- 
ceasse simt: Doum ac Domlnum nos- 
trum Jesum Christum onixe deprecans, 
ut Yos in Bancto Dei servitio comf ortare, 
in pace mutuaque charitatc Conservttre, 
mt petaererantiam in fide operilKUM|ve 
bonis conccdere dignetur. 

And I, in the name of the Host Holy 
IVhiity, and by ths laeulttea graated 
to moy admit you all into the Confra- 
ternity of the Holy Ean4]y of Jenos, 
Mary, and Joseph, canonlcally erected 
in thU our Church ; aud t admit you 
to the narticipation of all the favours 
and indulgences granted by the Sove- 
reign Pontiff Pins IX. to the Arohcon- 
fraternity of the same Holy Family, 
established in liVe manner by the 
authority of the Apostolic Bee. in tho 
Church of the Immaculate VIrgm Haiy , 
at Li^e ; earnestly beseecning our 
Lord and God Jesus Chrtrt tiiat He 
iluil' deign ta atrgngiben von in Ood's 
holy service, preserve you In peace ant) 
mutttid duntyi and grant you the 
gxaee of perseverance in laith and good 


Be then ipntiHe* the AitoeiaUf tiUh JUdy water, sajfing : 

In nomine Batiia, 4* efcFilu^et^piiitiu 
BanctL Amen.' 

In the name of ibe Father, and of the 
Sou, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. 


6. BidmiBcr ^ the Hedali. 

Each Associate ?tolds his medal in his hand. 

V, Ad^utorium neatnim in nomine V. Our help is in the name M thf 

IK'iijinl - l.ord. 

J(. Qyi fecit caqlum.ettetram. JL Who made heaven and earth. 

y. DomiiiiiR vobiflctim. V. The Lord be "with you. 

JL £t cum Bpiritu tuo. H, And with thy spirit. 


Omnipr^tens sempitenie Deiui, qui 
Sanctorum imagmes sculp! atit pingl 
uon reproban, ut, quotics illaH oculls 
corpoiis iutuomur, totles eonim actus 
et aancUtatem od imitandura, memorue 
oculis meditemiu* ; has qui^sumus Inia- 
giucfl in honorem et memoriara nni- 
^cniti Filii tui Domini nostri Jesu 
i'hristi, Beatis8im«B Virginis Mari» et 
Beati Jooepbi fldimtatas, bcne^fdicere 
et saucti4*ficare di^erls: ot pr»sta, 
utquicumque coram illi« uuigonitum 
B^iiim tuum, Bcfttissimam Virgiiiem, 
et glurioaum Josephum supplicitcr co- 
lore, et hononure stnduciit, illorum 
moiitis et obtcntu, ate gmtiam in 
piwscnti^ et setei-naii) gloii^uu obtincttt 
in future. Per eumdcm Chri&tum 
Domiuum nostrum. Amen. 

Let v.s pray. 

O Almighty and Eternal Ood, wlio 
dost not foi-bid the images of Thy Bainta 
to be engraven or painted, that, as 
often as 'we behold t-hcm with the eyes 
of our bodies, we may recall to the eyes 
of our TJieraory their actions and tiieir 
sanctity : deign, we beseech Thee, to 
bless and sauctify these medala, dedi- 
cated to4he memory and honour of 
Thine only-bf^tten tion Jesus Christ 
our Lord, of uio Messed Viigin Mary, 
and of St Joseph ; and grant that who- 
ever shall endeavour humbly to wor- 
ahip aiid houoiu: before them Tliiiie 
only-begottcu Son, the blessed Virgiu 
Mary, and the glorious Patriarch St 
Joseph, may, by their merits and inter 
cession, obtaiu from Thee grace in thit 
life and eternal gloiy in the next. 
Through the 4ane Uhrtst our IatcL 

The Director sprinkles the medals with /loly water : aand tefiiUt Uie members are 
fastening them round their necks, he saj« .* 

' Accipite, Fratres (i;€l, Sororea), liaBC 
numiiimata benedlcta, singularia signa 
Soibilitatis »Sacne KamilirB Jcsu, MarioB, 
Joseph, ut ita induti, sub eoioun potro- 
ciuio periHJtuo viratia. 

Bcnorlictio Dei omnipotewtis Patrls. 
•I* et B'ilii, et Spiritus Saucti. dcsccndat 
super Tos et mancat semper. 

Jl. Amen. 

7. Jfte Hognifieat if suTiff, whiU the letters of advms'wh are being dislrilmtcd eU 
IV gate of the 8a»etiU»ry. 

8. The Director eUtdrtsses some words of eongixttulatioH and «ncourogiui«nt to the 
fnend*f'r» who hate iuadi their eoAsetratioiK 

9. JknedktioH of the Most Holy Sacrtnuent. 

Brothers (or Bfsters), receive theirs 
blessed medals, the pectilLir marks of 
the Confraternity of the Holy Family 
of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, that by 
wearing them yon may always live 
under their protection. 

May the blessing of Almighty G<> i, 
Father, + Son, and Holy Ohost, de- 
scend upon you now, and renudii with 
you for ever. 
' H. Amen. 


643. ISxeroises for the Ctoneral C(wnn»m1on. <Abt. zix.) 

This General Commmilon takes place usually twice a year. 

Ordsb of the Ceremonies. 

1. A Hynxn, 

2. A/tti' Vie Gosptlt AcU before Com' 
tnunion made aloud hif the Director, 

3. The time for Communion having 
arrived, Vu Aetociatei^ vcaring their 
viedal8, go up to receive the Holy Sucha- 
riet, ITo avoid co]\fiition, Hiey raay be 
Ifil up to the Altar raiU by the £pi»tle 
side, and back to their places by the 
Gospel side.} 

4. Durinff the time that Holy Com* 
munion is being admini$tered, the Mag> 
nifioat, or some appropriate Hymn, may 
bs sung in Latin, 

$. AjltT the Cmnmunion, Ada of 
Thanksgiving nutde aloud by the DinC' 

6. Benedietitmo/the Most Holy Sacra- 
vient, Jblloued by an En^ish Hymn, 


QAA Exercises fot tbe Retreat, and Benewal of Baptismal 


The Retreat takes place ordinarily once in tbe year, and lasta four or five 
da} s. Eacli day there are two Exercises. 

eantis propltius re8]>lce ; et (lagelln 
tun iracundifti, quae pro pcccatU imm* 
tria moremur, avcrte. Per Christum 
Dominum nostrum. ■ 

IL Amen. 

Divinum auxiUum maneat semper 

Jt, Amen. 



2. Instruction for half an 7iour. 

Order of the KvENmo Exercise. 

J. Rosary, 

2. A Hytnn, w the Teni Creator (see 
No. Z48). 

3. Semon, 

4. Miserere (see Ko. 86). 

l". £t ne nos inducas in tcntatio- 
H. Sed libera nos a male. 
V. Uomfne, exaudiomtionemmeam. 
JL Et clamor mcus nd te veniat. 
V. Dominue Tobiscum. 
Jt. Et cum spiritu tuo. 


Deus, qui culpa offendei-is, posni- 
tentia placaris, prcces jMpuli tui suppli* 

5. BenedictUmtf the Most Holy Sacra- 

[Toivards the end of the Retreat^ or at 
some other appointed time in the year, 
they uill make the renewal mf their bap- 
tismal vows.l 

Order of the Ceremoni^. 

X. Rosary, 

9, A Hymn, 

3. Sermon on the reneieal t\f the ba)y- 
tismal vows; and then, if desirable, the 
members teill mcUte aloud the followiitg 


Benewal of Baptismal Vows. 

Humbly prostrate before Th^^*^ 
jny God,— and before the most Holy 
Family— 4emi», Mary, aod Joseph,— 
acknowledging the inestimable benefit 
—which Thou hast vouchsafed to graut 
me — Of belonging to the Cauiolic 

Church,— whose child I became — in 
holy Baptism, — thereby acquiring a 
right — to the graces— which Jcrus 
Christ has left for us — in tlie holy 
Sacraments, — the happiness of being 
admitted— Among tlw> numl^r of Tliy 


cbildren,-- and the hope of being one | 
day — with Thee in Pftradiae ; — I come 
to renenF— and teeenfina tte prarieee | 
—made at ms Baptism.— Yes, O my 
God, — ^I wish to he entirely Thine,— to 
nerve Thee oU my Ufe,— end to strive 
alwMya for that end— fcr which Thoa 
baet created me:— and thcrafore— ^I 
renmmce the devil— ^aiad allhii weeka ) 
I renounce sin, — and all the occasions 
of sin; — ^I raumnee th« woild,'-«its 
maxims,— and its vanities; I vsnoonee 
the flesh,— its sensual pleasures, — the 
inordinate desires of nature, — and all 
thai m^ ditpleoM The* )— I wmannre 
human raspectj-^whioh so hmg kept 
me — at a aistimce from Thee. — For- 
merly I feared the world, — and tiie 
ridicule of the world ;— though I should 
have had but the Jeaf, i4w Iftaf vi 
neglecting— my duties as a Christiait, . 

~I now resolve to aeeompUsih them 
faithful! V '—I resolve to Uvq— ocobkI- 
Ing to tiid preoepte~-and mailmw of 
Jesus Qurist,-— I. readve ta live as a 
good Christiui. 

O Jesus, navy, Jowpbt—moktf me 
moTB and more worthy — of the noble 
name of Christian ;— mav I ^>ecome,— 
by tiis aid of your powernil protection, 
— a respectful chnd of Ood, — obedient 
to the Church, — and faithful to my 
dutle%— ao that one dny — X niay havo 
the happiness of th.inkin|r you, — ^and 
Klorifying you— in that heavenly couii- 
ny — ^where Ood revrarda those— \r ho 
have served Him faithfully iq thi) eud, 
—Amen, i 

4. 3%« Te Deum (see No. 971). 
p. if Byjnitt 

646. Of tbe CoDfratomity of tbe Holy Fanmy, 

& The Epfphany. 

8. The {Hmfi^iott »! the Blessed 
Virgin Mary. 

18* Bt. Gabriel the ^iPdiaiiKaL 
19. Hi. Joseph. 

5. 8t. Juliana of Comfllon. 
•— Stinday which follow^ the 7th of 

33. April. 
4th Sunday— The Flight into Egypt. 

The Month of Mlary. 

39. SS. Peter and Faul. 


ist Sunday— Tlio F«w*-dfiy of file' 

Holy Vamfly. 
3d Sunday— The most Holy Re« 

36. St. Anno. 



25. The Assumption of the Blc^ed 

Sanday within the Octave : St. 

Sunday after the Octave : the most 

holy and immaculate ^eork of 


8. The Nativity of the BlewadYligin. 
14, The Exaltation of the CttNBo. 
3d Sunday— The Seven Dolours of 

the Blessed Virgin. 
99, St. Michael, Archangel. 

3. The Holy Guardian Avgals. 

z. All Saints, 
a. All Souls. , 

g. The Imooo^ulata Conceptidii of 

the Blessed Viigin. 
05, Gkristmaa* 


The Oompassfon of tht Blessed YInin* 

(Friday after Ffttsion Simdaj*) 
Easter Wmdny. 

COKl'KAtfEltlllTY OF THE SlCllKft ttEARt Oi' JESUS. 

Tlie l^atronagQ of St. Josepb. (third 

Eiunday after Easter.) 
AjBccBsion DajT. 
TVhit-Mouday. (Feaat of tlie ^ounda* 

tlon of the Association.) 
Coi-puB Chrietl. 
Tlie Bacred Moart of Jesus. (Friday 

after the Octave of Corpus Christi.) 

The IfWt of tho Fatron Salut of tha 

place where the Confraternity it 

The Feast of the Patron Saint of each 

Section, (For each section.) 
The Feast of the annual Tati-on of 

each Member, 



A Plenary Indulgence is granted by 
His Holiness Pius the Ninth on all the 
fetitti of the iki-chconfratcrnity of the 
Holv Family. 

Also, I. On the day of the Solenm 
Consecration of the Hembert of the 
Holy Family. 

II. On the day of the Procession of 
ilie Blessed Sa<numeut, for those who 
accompany it. 

III. At the hour of death, 


1. Conditions for fifaining these In- 
diilgencos.— lat. To he enrolled a mom- 
btr of the Holy Family, jid. To have 
received the Sacraments of Penance 

and the holy Euelmrfst. 3d. To recite 
some i>rayera (vis., five Paters an(\ 
Aves, j:c.) for the intention of the 
Popo in the Church of the Association. 

2. When the festivals fall on work- 
days, the Indulironoo may bo gained 
on tho joltQviiiff Smidau. 

3lQmbcr« prevented by sickness ni:iy 
gain tho Indulgences without fulfilling 
all the above conditions. 

3. t\\onQ Indulgences m<^F he applied 
to the souls in Purgatoiy. 

An Indulgence m on* hundred iayt 
is gained for : 

I. Assisting at the meetings of the 
Holy Family. 

3. For the performance of many 
good works practised in the Qonfm- 




Its Object, Conditions, and Advantages. ; 

I. The Confmtemity or Association 
in honour of the Sacred Heart of Jesus 
lias for its object to revive continually 
and nourish in our souls the love of 
Josua Christ, by the consideration of 
the excess of His love for us ; and also 
to animate tis io repair, as much as we 
can, the outrages committed daily 
against Him in the adorable Sacrament 
of the Altar, 

a. For becoming a member t»f this 
Association, it is required that the namq 
of the person should be registered In 
the boi^ 'whe^'O the Association is 

3. The associates should bo particu- 

larly careful aijd studiam freauently 
to unite themselves in mind with tho 
Sacred Heart of Jeaus, by i-cpes^ting 
acts of Faith, Hope. Charity, OoniriJ ion, 
&<?. , or any of the following prriy crs. 

4. Every Friday, but osiieciallv tho 
fii-st Friday of each month, should be 
set aside, as a day of humiliation and 
atonement to Jesus Clirist^ for .nil the " 
injuries and indignities whatsoever. 
received by Him in tho adomble Eu- 
ch^st. On that day they should also 
perform some particular acts of devo- 
tion, sueh as the consecration, the re* 
paration of honour, the lyitjiny, &o. ; 
or.ethM^se offer settle bbmiD sricrifiets ' 


Tif,, the gaining of some victory ov«r 
their passions, tho practising of self- 
denial, alms, deeds, or mortlncation. 

5. All should, if they can conveni- 
ently do n, opproach the holy Sacra- 
nr.etits of Penance and tiio Eucharist 
on the Feast of the Sacred Heart, and 
then make the act of reparation, and 
with new fervour renew tiieir consecra- 
tion to the Divine Iloart of our Saviour. 

Two more ye.irly Communions are 
also strongly recommended, the one in 
behalf of the living, the other for the 
relief of the douoascd, members of the 

6. J3eside8 many other spiritual ad- 
vantages — 

I. A Plenary Indulgence may be 
gained by all the meml^ers— 

On the day of admission Into the 

Confraternity ; 
On the day of the feast of the 

Sacred Heart, or Sunday follow- 
On the first Friday or Sunday of 

every mouth ; 
On one day each month at the 

choice of tho member ; 
At the hour of death, if the Blost 

Holy Name of Jesus be invoked 

at least mentally. 

The conditions to g:uu these Indul* 
gences are— 

xst. To recite dally and devoutly the 
Our Father, Unil Mary, tbe Creed, and 
following invocation : — 
" O Sacred Heart of Jostis 1 1 implore 

Thi\t I may daily love Thee more and 
more. * 

3d. To go to Confession, receive Holy 
Communion, and pray for the infentioa 
of the Soxercign Pontiff. 

II. None of the special pmyers men* 
tioned above, but only a visit to the 
Church of the Confraternity is required 
in order to gain the following PUnar*/ 
Indulffenea :—riz.t on tho feasts of the 
ImmacuLate Conception, Nativity, Au- 
nunciation, Purification and Assump- 
tion of Blessed Virgin M.ary ; on the 
feasts of St. Joseph, of SS. Peter and 
Paul, of St. John the Evangelist, of 
All Saints, of All Souls, of St. Gregory 
the Great (xath March) ; on the six 
Sundays or Fridays preceding' the 
Feast of the Sacred Heart. 

These Plenary Indulgences, as well 
as many partial ones conferred on the 
members, are all applicable to the souls 
in purgatory. 



I. I will give them all tho graces 
necessary In their state of life. 

a. I will preserve peaoo in their 

3. I will console them in oU their 

4. I will be their secure refuge during 
life, and, above all, at the hour of 

5. I will spread abundant benedic- 
tions on all tnoir imdcrtAkings. 

6. Sinners wlVi liud in My Heart the 
Muroe and the ijoeaaof ixifiaite mercy. 

7. Tepid souls sliall become fervent. 

8. Fervent souls will grow rapidly 
to groat perfection. 

9. I will bless the houses where tlie 
Image of Mv Sacred Heart bhali be 
exposed and honoured. 

zo. I will give to priests the power of 
touiohing the most hardened hoarts. 

IX. Persons who will sprond this 
devotion will have their name writ- 
ten on My, and it never shall 
be effaced from iu 



An Aot of Oonfleorfttion td tbe MoBt Sacred Heart 

of Jesus. 

To ThM, O Soorad Heart of Jesus, 
do I devote and o£Fer up my life, my 
thought!*, words, actions, and suffer- 
ings. May my vrhole being bo no 
longer employed but in loving, serv- 
ing, and glorifying Thee. O Sacred 
Heart 1 he Thou henceforth the sole 
objecft of my lave, thfe imitectcnr of my 
life, the pledge of my salvation, and 
my refuge at the hour of my death. 
Justify me, O blessed nnd adorable 
Heart I at the bar of divine justice, and 
screen me from the nnger which my sins 
deserve. Imprint Thyself Uke a divine 
seal upon my heart, that I may never 
be separated from Thee, May my 
name also be ever engraven upon Thee, 
and may I ever be consecrated to Thy 

^ry, ever burning with the flames of 
Thy love, and entirely penetrated with 
it for all eternity. This is all my 
desire, to live in Thee. One thing 
have I sought of the Lord, and this 
will I seek, that I may dwell in the 
Heart of my Lord all the days of my 
life. Aniea. 

An Indulgence of a ?iundred dai/Sj once 
a day, to iho$e who tfiall mate the fol- 
lowing {^ffenng with a contrite heart ; 

"My loving Jesus, I give Thee my 
heart, and I consecrate mjdelf wholly 
to Thee, out of the gratefiu love I boiir 
Thee, and as a reparation for all my 
infidelities to grace; and with Thhie 
aid I purpose never to sin again." 

Another Short Act of Consecration. 


I engage mvself with all mv heart, 
for all my life, to iho confederation 
of love and of reparation formed in 
honour of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. 
I renew the sacred alliance which I 
contracted with Him in holy Baptism, 

and renouncing Satan anew, his pomps 
and all his works, I devote to the ador- 
able Heart of my Divine Ma.<jtcr, and 
of His most holy Mother, all that I am, 
and all that I have, for time and for 
eternity. Amen. 

651. Offering before a Picture of the Sacred Heart. 

My loving Jesus, I (X. N.) give Thee 
my lieart ; and I consecrate myself 
wholly to Thee out of the grateful love 

I bear Thcc, and as a reparation for idl 
my unfaitlifulncsa to grace, and with 
Thine aid I purpose never to slu again. 

JiuliUgence: One hundred daye once a day. Plenary once a month i/ said daily. 

652. Act of Reparation to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesds. 

O Sacred Heart of Jesus t humbly 
prostrate b^ore Thee, we come to 
renew our consecration, with the re- 
BohitLon of repairing, by an increase 
of lOve and fidelity towards Thoe< all 
the outrages unceasingly offered Thee. 
• Wo solemnly promise : 

The more Thymy$teriee are bUtepfttmed, 

The more firmly we shall believe 
tliem, O Sacred Heart of Jesus I 

The more impiety endeavoura to ex- 
tinffuitk otir hope* qf immortalitiy. 

The more we shall trust in Tby Heart, 
sole hope of mortals I 

The more htarti reeiet Th^ JHvine at- 

Tho more we shall love Thee, 
infinitely amiable Heart of Jesus \ 

Tiu more Thy divinity shall be attacked, 

Tbe more we shall adore it, O divine 
Heart of Jesus I 

The more Thy Ju>ly lava ihall be for^ 
gotten and tran$ffre»»edf 

The more we shall observe them, O 
most holy Heart of Jesus 1 

The more Thy SaeramentM eball be 
deepited and condoned, 

The more we shall receive Thee witb 
love and respect, O most liberal Heart 
of Jesus ! 

The tnort Thy adorable virlMt ^ali 


Tha 90M w# aliall ndmftmr to 
pnctlM them, Heart, model at erety 

TlMiMtvwt shall IwialUBied with 
deeffe to MT« tham, O Heart of 
sealoua lofw af aOQla I 

ACQ AnotliMr flOiOKi Ael of Xtpaxmttoa to tiM Kost iacMA 
®o3- Heart. 

The nme gencroos we shall be in 

O Bacred Haaxt, give aa •• atnmg 
and pownfolagiaoa ttaatwamajba 
Thy apoaOea in ttemidat of the worid, 

%j evown in a happj atanliy. 


O manifiil Jesua 1 etar p i ca e nt on 
our altuBi and wifli a heart open to 
loesiTO all who labour wnd art Wr- 
d€H«A/ O adonUa Heart, aodioa of 
true contrition 1 impart to our hearta 
a tma apirit <rf penance, and to oar 
ayes a fountain ox tettrs, that we may 
bewail and wash off our sins and those 
of the world. Pardon, Pivlne Jesus I 
all the injuries, lopKoadieSy and out- 
ragea done Thee through the course ol 
Thy holy life and bitter Passion. Par- 
don all the Impieties, irreverenoea, 
and saciilegea wmch have been oooa- 
mitted against Thee in the Sacramentof 
tha Eucharist from its first institution. 
Graciously receive tiie small tribute 
of our sincere rroentance, as an agree- 
able offering la Thy aig^ ml iti rr> 
J[uitsl for the benefits we daily receive 
rom the alta^ where Thou art a Uving 
and continual sacrifice, and in nnkm 
of that bloody holocaust Thou didst 

654. ' Prayer to the 

O God, who out of Thy Immense love 
hast tfiven to the faithful the most 
Sacred Heart of Thy Son* our Lord, aa 
the objeet of their tender affeetion ; 
grant, we bes ee ch Thee, that we may 
so love and honour this pledge of Thy 
love on eakih, aa by it to merit the love 
both of Thee and of Thy gift, and be 
•tenially loved by Thee and this most 
blessed Hesrt in heaven : through the 
same Jestts Christ, iio. Amen. 

Through Thv Sacred Heart, O Jesus, 
overfloinng with all sweetness^ wo re- 
commend to Thee ourselves^ and all 
our concerns, our friends, benefaetorsj 
tiarenta, and relatives ; Our superiors 
'^ud enemies ; take unHHr Thy protee- 

nresent 7to |Thy Sternal Father on 
Jlount Calvary from the Groea. 

Sweet Jeaua I give Thy blessing to 
the anient deairo we now entorUin,' 
and the holy resolution we have taken 
of ever loving and adoring Usee aftor 
a proper manner in the Sacrament of 
Ix>ve, the Eucharist; thus to repair, 
by a true conversion of heart and a 
becoming seal for Thy gloiy, onr past 
n^Iigewce and infidelity. Be Thou, 
adomble Heart I who knoweat the day 
of whioh we are formed* be Then our 
Mediator with Thy Heavenly Father, 
whom we have so grievoiiafy offended ; 
strengthen our weaknees, confirm ova 
xesolutien, and wilh Thy oheri]^» hu- 
mility, meekness, and patience, cover 
a^ mnUitade of eer iniqnitioe ; be 
Thou our support, our refuge, and our 
Strength, that nothing heneeforth in 
life or death may separate ua from 
Thee. Amen. 

Sacred Heart. * 

tlon this house, dty, and kingdom ; 
eoctend this Thy care to all anchaaare 
under any affliotion, and to thoao who 
labour in the agony end puiga of death ; 
cast an eye of compaaakui on ^e obati- 
nate aianer» and mere particularly on 
the poor suffering eoula in puigatoiy ; 
as also on tiiose who are engaged and 
united with ua in the hdy couTodency 
of honouring and worahipplng Thee. 
Bless t ho se , in partioular* O bountiful 
Jesus, and Ueaa them according to 
the ejLtent of Thy infinite goodness 
mercy, and charity. Amen. 
** O Bncred Heaii; of Jeaua ! I implore 
That I mav daily Ioto Thee more and 


^e e; Ibdnlgreneed Asi^lrattonfi ^ tke iaered Heart, wtaleh the 
wu. Faitlim 8li(mld Do Izmted to make at fixed tUues |n 
t&e Pay. 

"Hay the sacred Hoart of Jesus he 
everywhere loved"— (?»ie hundred 
dayt each time. 

" Jesus, meek and humble of heart, 
make my heart like uuto ^by 
Heart"— 2%rc( hundred dayt each 

'* Sacred Heart of Jesus, have merey 
on us**— -ihM hundred dayt each 

"My Jesus, mercy I "—^nc hundred 
days each time. 


The Prayer of 8t. Gertrade. 

(4 Morning Qff'ering to the Sacred Heart ofJeeut.) 

Hail, O Sacred Heart of Jesus 1 liv- 
ing and Quickening source of eternal 
life, infinite treasure of the divinity, 
buxiiing furnace of divine love I Thou 
ai-t my refuge and my sanctuary. 
my amiable Saviour! consume my 
beart with that burning fire with 
which Thine ia ever inflamed ; pour 1 

down on my soul those graces whloh 
flow from Thy love, and let my heart be 
so vmited with Thine, that our wills 
may be one, and mine in all things can- 
formable to Thine. May Thine be the 
standard and rule eqiially of my desires 
and of my aotions. Amen. 

fiRty A Prayer, to Implore the Grace of Worthily reeelvliig 
^^** the messed Bacrament at the Hour of Death. 

(To be eaid ofter Communion,) 

Through Thy adorable Heart, I bless 
and praise Thee, my Lord and my 
God ! for having so often admitted me 
to porticimte <» the divine food of Thy 
precious Body and Blood, and com- 
f ortcd me with Thy sweet and blessed 
Ihresence in the most koly Sacxament 
of the Eucharist. May every creature 
cdebrate Thy praise, O merciful uid 
loving Redeemer! for having oe- 
queauied to Thy children so Inestim- 
able a lega^. But lest, on account of 
my sins, Thou shouldst reject my 
pmsos. be pleased, O my God, to ac- 
cept, in coniimetlon with them, the 
canticles of unmaculato praise, which 
Die choir of angels and blessed spirits 
Incessantly sing forth to Thy glory. 

Vouchsafe,' O glorious Jesus t that 
after making a perfect act of contri- 
tion, and a sincere confession of my 
manifold sins, I may, at the hour of 
death, humbly adore and devoutly 
receive Thee present in the blessecL 
Sacrament of the Altar, as a sweet via- 
ticum for my support and comfort in 
my awful passage to eternity; and 
that, having obtained a full and com- 
plete pardon of all my sins, I may dose 
the last scene of my mortal life in the 
true faith and communion of Thy H<Hy 
Catholic Chui-ch, and in perfect love 
and charity with all mankind. Amen. 
Sweet Jesus ! Amen. 

^sQ A Prayer for the Whole Btate of Christ's Church upon 
woo* Earth, and all the Intentions of Uie Indulgence. 

O Eternal Ptather of our Lord Jesus 
Christ, Creator of all things visible 
nnd invisible^ source of all good, and 

infinitely gracious and bountiful; 
behold, J Thy poor servant, the work 
of Thy hands, redeemed by the Blood 


cfThjonly Qaotoatne to iwiaut ny 
•elf as • humble peUtloner before toe 
throne of Tby luercy. 

I. For the SawitificaLion mnd Ex- 
aUuUun of the Holy CaUiolic 

I prostrate myself here before Tliee, 
and most humbly beseech Thee to 
tanclifg Thy own most holy iVaMi«, by 
sanctifying and exalting Thy Holy 
Cdtholie Cliureh throughout the -.whole 
world. O Eternal King! who hast 
sent Thj only Son down from Thy 
throne above into this earth to estab- 
liah Thy kingdom here amongat ua, 
look down, we beseech Thee, upon 
this kingdom d Thy Son, and proper 
gate it thruugh all natiuns and through 
tUl hearts; sanctity it iu all truth, 
maintain it in peaee, imity, and holi- 
ne«a. Give to it siunte for its rulers, its 
chief pastors, and all its other prelates ; 
enlighten them all with heavenly 
wisdom, aad make them aU men ac- 
oording to Thine own heart Give Thy 
grace and blessing to all the clei>py, 
and send amongst them tlmt heavenly 
fire, which Thy Son came to east on 
iht earUi, and which He so earnestly 
desired should be enkindleiL Assist 
and protect all apostolical miasiouaries, 
that they may eealously and effectu- 
ally promote Thy glory and the salva- 
tion of souls redeemed by the Blood 
of Thy Son. Sanctify all religious 
men and women of aU orders ; give 
them the grace to serve Thee with all 
perfection, according to the spirit of 
their institute, and to shine like lights 
to the rest of the faithftiL Have 
mercy on all Christian princes ; grant 
them those lights and graces that are 
necessary for the perfect discharge of 
their duty to Thee and to their sub- 
jects, that they 'may be true servants 
to Thee, the King of kings, true fathers 
to their people and nursing fathers to 
Thj Church. Have mercy on all 
magistrates' and men in power, that 
they maj all fear Thcc, love Thee, and 
serve Thee ; and ever remember that 
f bey ore Thy depnties and ministers 
vi Thy justice. Have mon^ on all 

Xhy peo|de threiighont the worid, and 
give Thy blessing to Thine Inherit- 
ance. Remember Thy ooDgreg^^^^ 
which Thou hast poaeessed from the 
b^pjining; and give Thy grace to all 
Thy children here upon earth, tkit 
they may do Thy hc^T will in all things, 
ev^i aa the blessed do in heaven. 

n. For all those that are plunged 
in Ii^/ideliiy. 

Extend Thy mercy also to all poo? 
it^UeU that mi in darkmea ami m tUe 
shadow of death : to all those nations 
that know not Thee, and that have not 
y^ received the faith and law of Tuy 
Son, their 8:iviour; to all P^sigans, 
Mahometans, and Jews. Remember, 
OLordjthatall those poor sonlsaremnde 
after Thy own ima<^ and likeness, and 
redeemed by the Blood of Thy Son. Oh, 
let not Satan any longer exercise liis 
tyranny over these Thy creatures, to 
the great dishonour of Thy Name. 
Let not the precious Blood of Thy Sou 
be shed for tbem in vain, hotid among 
them aealous preachers and apontolic 
hibourers, endued with the like graces 
and gifts OA the Apostles were, and 
bless them with the like success, fur 
the glory of Thy Name ; that all these 
poor souls may be Inought to know 
Thee, love Thee, and serve Thee here 
in Thy Chinch, and bless Thee here- 
after far all eternity. 

IIL For ail the rictime of Srror, 
Sckim, and Herettf. 

liook down also with an eye of pity 
and compassion upon all those deluded 
souls who, under the name of Chris- 
tians, have gone astray from the paths 
of truth and unity, and from the one 
fold of the one Shepherd, Thy only 
Son Jesus Christ, into the b^-jiatbs of 
en'or, tehitm, and heresy. Dispel their 
darkness by Thy heavenly light ; take 
off the veil from before their eyes with 
which the common enemy has blind- 
folded them ; let thnu see bow they 
have been *uLsguided by misapprehen- 
sion and misrepresentations. Remove 
the prejudices of their educatien ; take 
away from them tiie ^irit of obstinacy, 


ffrid; and self^eoncttit. Give th«m a 
humble and docile heart. Give them 
a strong desire of finding out the truth, 
and a strong grace to enable them to 
embrace it, ui spite of all the opposl- 
tiou of the world, the flesh, and the 
devil. Let not these poor souls perish 
for whom Christ died ! Let not Satan 
any longer possess these souls, which 
by their baptSsm were dedicated to 
Thee to be Thy eternal temple 1 

O Father of Lights and God of all 
Truth ! purge the whole world from 
all errors, abuses, conoiptionSf and 
vices. Beat down the standard of 
Satan, and set up everywhere the 
standard of Christ. Abolish the reigu 
of sin, and establish tlie kingdom of 
grace in all hearts. Let humility 
Triumph over pride and ambition ; 
charity over hatred, envy, and malice ; 
ptirity and temperance over lust and 
excess, meekness over passion, and dis- 
interestedness and poverty of spirit 
over covotonsness and the love of this 
perishable world. Let the Gospel of 
Jesus Christ, both in its belief and 
practice, i>revail throughout the whole 

IV. For Peace among all Christian 
Grant to us Thy peaee^ Lord ! in 
the days of our mortality, even that 
peace which Thy Sou bequeathed as a 
legacy to His disciples, a perpetual 
peace with Thee, a perpetual peace 
with one another, and a perpetual 
peace within ourselves. Grant that all 
Chni^tian princes may love, cherish, 
and maintain an inviolable x>®ace 
among ttiemselves, Giv4 them a right 
sense of the dreadful evils that attend 
on wars. Give them an everlasting 
horror of all that bloodshed, of the 

devastation and ruin of so many terri- 
tories, of the innumerable sac li leges, 
and the eternal loss of so many thou- 
sand souls, as are the dismal cousc- 
queiices of war, Tuiti their hearts to 
another kind of warfaro, teach them 
to fight for a heavenly kingdom. 

V, For the Destruction of Sin and 
Preservation from aJl Evils^ and 
Blessing of God on all Mankind. 

Remove, O Lord, Thy wrath, which 
we have reasou to appi;ehend, already 
hanging over our liead^ /or our sins. 
DellTur all Christian peojile from tlio 
dreadful evil of mortal sin ; make (til 
sinners sensible of their misery, givo 
them tlie grace of a sincere conversion 
to Thee,'and a tmly penitential spirit, 
and discharge them from all their 
bonds. Preserve all Christendom, and 
in particular this nation, from all the 
evils that threaten imj^onitent sinners, 
sucli as plagues, famines, earthquakes, 
tir&s inundations, mortality of cattle, 
sudden and itnprovided death, and 
Thy many other judgments here, and 
everlasting damnation hereafter. Com- 
fort all that are under affliction, sick- 
ness, or violence, or pain ; support nil 
that are under temptation ; reconcilo 
all that are at variance ; deliver s^l tl)at 
are in slavery or captivity; defend all 
that are in danger; grant relief to all' 
in their respective necessities ; give a 
happy passage to all that are in their 
agony. Grunt Thy blessing to our 
friondn and benefactoi's, to all thoso 
for whom we are particularly boiuid 
to pray, and have mercy on all oiir 
enemies. Give «temal rest to a}l the 
faitlifnl departed, and bring u& all to 
everlasting life. Through Jesus Christ 
Tiiy Son. Amen. 


659. Its Object, Oonditions, and AdTantag:68. 

The Objeot of this Association is threefold : 

T. Toeonititute, as it wore, the body, 
inmrd of Our Blessed Lord in His 
pivin? IBaorftinont, H« esjwgtf \i| %9 

make ounwlyes worthy of Blm by ndo* 
rotioB, loTei purity of beirt, a bobf 
Ufe, Mid » (Dstiauil AtH^tion to fib 


preseuce !n the Host Holy Sacra- 

a. To contribute towards proTidJng 
Buitablo adornments for the place where 
" His Glory dweUeth." 

3. To assist each other "by mutual 
prayers, good works, and especially by 
uniting, in heart at least, in the Divine 
Sacrifice which is offered up for the 


1. To be duly enrolled. 

3. To recite one Our Father and Hail 
Hary Are times in the week, in honour 
of the Blessed Sacrament. 

Spihitual Favoubs. 

A Plenary Indulgence may be gained 
•^z. On the day of admission, in the 
form of a jubilee. 

9. The Friday after the Octare of 
Oorpus Christi, or the third Sunday 
after Pentecost. 

3. The same thrice during life. 

4. For assisting at the procession on 
Corpus Christi. 

5. To those who cannot assist at the 
procession, if they confess, communi- 
cate, and pray for the Pope's intentions. 

6. At the hour of death, on iuTOking 
the Holy Name of Jesus. 

Thero are also many Partial Indul- 
gences, and especially one of seven 
years and seven quarantines, tf, haviug 
confessed and communicated, they 
assist at the procession on the third 

Sunday of the nontlii or on Holy 


Duties ov MRMnmui, 

z. To attend all processions of the 
Blessed Sacrament In the dress of the 

a. To attend the meeting on the third 
Sunday of each month, when an in- 
struction is given by the director. 

3. To wat<m before the Blessed Sacra- 
ment when it is exjwsed. 

4. To receive the Holy Communion 
at least once a month, and especially 
on the third Sunday. 

To assist at the Holy Sacrifice and 
Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament 
as often as possible. 

5. To visit the members who are4sick 
and dying, and to assist themby prayers 
and other good works. 

6. To pay a monthly subscription of 
either 6a, or is. (The money ttius col- 
lected is to be spent either in providing 
suitable adornments for the altar, or 
in Masses said for the living or deceased 
members of the Confraternity.) 

Tlie balance sheet of receipts and 
expenditure of the Association during 
the yelkr should be read to tii^ members 
at the meeting, held on the Sunday 
during the Octave of Corpus Christi. 

8. Any one committing an act of 
public scandal, or neglecting the rules 
of Christian life, cannot be allowed to 
continue as a member of tliis Associa- 
tion ; but in such instances the director 
will carefully examine and decide ac- 
cording to the merits of each case. 

AAn t^^fvotLotm and Prayers to our Lord in tho BlMMd 
^^^^^* Sacranieiit. 

The following acts may be read during the exposition of the MoH Htly Saem* 
ment, or at thp daily visits, which the faithful should be exhorted to pay 
to btxr tjoid in the Blessed Sacrament. 

Act of Adoration., 

Adorable Heart of Jesus, hypostatl- 
cally united to the Bterhal Wotd ! ever 
prsseaft in fte bolf £ttahAds<^ reoelve 
my homtvge^ and the tribui» of ddiaak^ 
tftott whioU X here briAg* prgelmte At 
'e of Thy glory. 

Mayest Tliou ever be reverenced and 
adored by aU creattvres ; may tl>&llii»i 
ing of lianas, beiidiug of kneeij, proii* 
Itatfons of body, practised in our 
devotions ; may the p twyet e , tows, 
and satriftoes of Thy lervaata bo ever 
ufreeableaiidaeceptabletoShee. Ha^ 
the angels In heaven ever adore Thee ; 


and mAy the hetifts of all the fiiifthfUl, 
especially that of the Most Blessed 
Virgin erer breathe otit iu Thy honour 
a most 8we«t odour and perfume of 
lovo, esteem, and rei>pect. 

Sweet Jesus 1 receive this aot of 
adorat((Hi. May it be acaept&ble iu 
Thy sight frotti my liands» and those 
of Thy sertantst N., whom I partlou- 
larly recommend to Thee* Amen. 

** O Sacrament moat holy ! O Bacra* 
ment divine, 
AU praise and all thanksgiving be 
every moment Thine." 

Aidv^finee .* Om Swudnd day* taiJi titne, 
PUHuay onct a mnnih i^ <aid daily. 

Act of Thanksgiving. 

Host tnimifloeiit Beart of Jestis, 
liypootatically tmited to me EtetHal 
Vrord I ever present in the holy Eu- 
charist, receive my homage and the 
tribute of thanksgiving Tvhich 1 here 
bring, prostrate at the throne of Thy 

In the 5oy of my heart, I rettini Thee 
thanks for all Thy favours. Ye crea- 
tures of Ood! brought forth ft-om 
nothingness; ye chudren of men I 
created, redeemed, and sanctified, 
praise apd> maffnijy your great Bene- 
factor ; but chiefly Thou, Immaculate 
and most pure Virgin 1 preserved from 
AU Spot and Dlomish. enriched with the 
fulness of grace, exalted above the nine 
choirs of angels, and next in di|M^y V) 
the tUroue of God, extol, praise, and 
gflorifjr this inupiilcent Dikpehser bf all 
good giflA May Thy Name, O tttost 
bountiful God I be eVet* blessed ; may 
Thou be ever praised, and may Thy 
bounty bo ever gloriti^. 

Sweet Jesus ! receiveTbotitn-y tli&nks. 
May tbe^ be •eoet>tablB In Tfay eight 
from my hands, and those of Thy ser^ 
v«ata« N.» whom I paftioidarly ieoo*i- 
mend to Thee. Amen. 

<*0 Bacntmeni most holyl Ikorth 
ment divine^ 
All praise and aU iihankmlviay bt 
every moment Xhiuo." 

Act of Love, 

Most amiable Heart of Jesus, Iiypo« 
statically united to the Eternal Word I 
ever present in the holy Eucharist, ro< 
ceive my homago and the tribute of 
love which I here pay, prostrate at the 
throne of Tliy charity. 

Be Thou ever. O Sacred Heart! 
obeyed and loved by all creatures, even 
as man is always cherished and loved 
by Thee. Thou hast settled Thy affec- 
tions upon him, and with him Thou 
hasjt ever desired to dwell. Oh that I 
could love Thee as Tliou deservest, and 
as Thou art loved by the angels and 
saints in heaven * at least with a love, 
if not corresponding to Thy favours, 
equal, however, in some measure to 
the gfreatness of the obligations I lio 
under. Tte cherubim and seraphim I 
ye thrice happy citizens of the heavenly 
Jerusalem f and principally thou, O 
most pure Virgin Mother I supply by 
Thy love whatever is wanting to mine. 
May Thy goodness, O Jesus I be ever 
praised, magnified, and exalted ; may- 
est Thou ever reigik as King, Lord, ahd 
Sovereign over all men ; and may Tiiy 
amiable Heart dmw all hearts to Thte. 

Sweet Jesue i receive this aot of love. 
May it be acceptable in Thy sight from 
my hand and those of Thy servants, 
N., whom 1 particularly recommend tg 
Thee. Amen. 

" O Bacfttment most holy 1 O Sacra- 
ment divine, 
All praise and all thattkegivinfif be 
everg^ moment Thine." 

Ad of Atonement for Sin, 

Most comiMBSienttte Heart of Jesue. 
h^postatieally united to the Etenml 
word 1 ^ver present in the holy £uf 
'charift, Teeeive thy homage and th% 
tribute of. -atonement fer etn whieb I 
here pay, prestvale at the throne of 
Thy juatiiee< 

Wlwt htvetjre hitherto boe& doiaor, 
my Ood? Thou hast bestowed ei) 
us jiMPt ettnel faveuxe, even to t^e 
surprise of Heav^i itself, and these 
without tng n^rit on our part, isven 
Yvhile we offended Thee ; and as Thou 


lovest us beyond maAstire^ so without 
measure Thou Gontinually hoapest Thy 
blesaings upon us. For all these what 
return have we made? what ingrati- 
tude havo we not shown? O God or 
pity and compassion ! cast the eye of 
Thy mercy on our present repentance, 
or rather look not on us, look on the 
blessed spirits of Thy heavenly court, 
and especially on the ever-faithful 
Virjjin ; look on Thy devout servants* 
who always obey Thy commandSi 
hearken to Thy inspirations, and follow 
lliy directions. These will intercede 
with Thee on our behalf; these will 
atone for our sins, plead our cause, 
and obtain pardon for past neglects; 
these will keep us firm and unalter- 
able in our present pnrf)Ose and reso- 
lution of loving and serviug Thee more 
fervently hereafter. 

Sweet Jesus { receive this act of 
atonement for sin. May It be accept- 
able in Thy sight from my hands and 
those of Thy servants, N., whom I par- 
ticularly recommend to Thee. Amen. 

** O Sacrament most holy 1 O Sacra- 
ment divine 1 
All praise and all thanksgiving be 
every moment Thine." 

Act of Petition, 
Most bountiful Heai t of Josus, hypo- 
statically united to the Eternal Word I 
ever present in the holy Eucharist, 
receive my homage aud the tribute of 
prayer which I nere oflTer, prostrate 
at the throne of Thy mercy. 

To whom, my God 1 can I addren 
my petition with eoual confidence ? 

Thy CAvc watched over me from all 
eternity ; in time Thy indnlgeuce drew 
me out of my non-existence; Thy 
goodness preserves me every moment 
of my life ; and Thy munificence sup- 
ports, feeds, and nourishes me. But 
still, my Lord and Creator 1 I am en- 
vironed with a world of euemiee, who 
continually disturb the quiet and peace 
of my mind interiorly, and exteiiorly 
assault my weakness with violence. 
I am tempted to cry out a thousand 
times iu the day. Saw me, LmxL, I 
ptrUIi, Open, then, a sanctuary into 
which I may retire, a reftige where I 
may be covered against the attacks of 
my enemies, a harbour where, after 
escaping from the tempestuous waves, 
I may repose. 

Thou hast granted the Sacred Heart 
of Jesiis unto us, and in it Thy ser* 
vants have found all tlicso advantages. 
Give me, then, in it a distioguishcd 
phvce, a holy and a safe retreat. Thou, 
O Virgin Mother I enforce my petition 
by Thy powerful mediation. 

Sweet Jesus ! receive this my prayer. 
May it be acceptable in Thy siglit from 
my hands and from those of Thy ser- 
vants, N., whom I partlcuhurly recom- 
mend to Thee. Amen. 

** O Sacrament most holy! O Sacra- 
ment divine I 
All pr<dse and all thanksgiving be 
every moment Thine." 


Act of Spiritnal Communion. 

My Jesus, t believe that Thou art 
truly present in the most holy Sacra- 
ratenr. I adoro Thee ; I am soiTy that 
I have offended Thee, I love Thee. 

Come to my poor souL Unite Thyself 
to me . ••{-;. I thank Thee, my Jesus. 
Oh never, never leave me. 


Sonl of Christ, sanctify me. 
Body of Christ, save me. 
Blood of Christ, inebriate me. 
Water from the tide of Christ, wash 
Passion of Christ, strengthen me. 
O gbod Jesu*, hear me. 
Hide me \vithin Thy wounds. 

Prayer of St. Thomaa Aquinas. 

Suffor me not to be separated from 

Defend me from the malignant 

In the hour of my death, call me 
and bid me come to Thee, that with 
Thy angels and saints I mny praiM 
The« for all eternity. 

JnfXutffenci •• Tkrtt htmdrt^ dayi each iifn<. 



Aet of Reparation to the Fire Sacred WoundB of 
Jesus In tlie Blessed Sacrament. 

t. I adore Tlieo profoundly in Thy 
holy Sacrament, O my Jesus ; I ac- 
knowledge Thee here present as true 
Qi>d and true mnn; and I intend by 
tliis act of adoration to make amends 
for my coldness and the coldness of 
BO many Christians, who pass before 
Thy churches, nay, sometimes before 
Thy tabernacle, where Thou deignpst 
to dwell at all hours in a loving im- 
natience to communicate Thyself to 
Thy faithful, and yet never so much 
as salute Thee, and by their indiffer- 
ence show themselves to be like the 
Jews in the desert, sick of this hea- 
venly mauna; and I offer Tliee the 
most l^ecious Blood whielr Thou dtdst 
shed from the wound of Tliy left foot 
in reparation for such hateful coldness, 
within which Sacred Wound I would re- 
peat a thousand and a thousand times : 

V. Blessed and praised every mo- 

]t Bo the most holy and most 
divine Sacrament. 

Our Father. Hail Mary. 
Glory be to the Father. 

a. I adore Thee profoundly, O my 
Jesus ; I acknowleoge Thee here pre- 
sent in the most holy Sacrament ; and 
I intend by this act of adoration to 
make amettds for my ingratitude and 
the ingratitude of so many Christians, 
who see Thee carded to the poor sluk, 
to be their comfort in the great journey 
of eternity, and yet leave Thee with- 
out escort, and fcavcoly deign to make 
au net of outward adoration to Thee ; 
and I offer Thee, in reparation for such 
coldness, the most . Precious Blood 
which Thou didst shed from the wound 
of Thy right foot, within which Sacred 
Woiuid I wottld repeat a thousand and 
8 thousand times— 

V. Blessed and praised every mo- 

R, Be the most h^y and most 
diTlne Sacrament. 

Our Father. Hail Mary. 
Qtkvj he to the Father* 

3. 1 adore Thee profoundly, my J0S118, 
true Bread of Eternal life ; luid 1 iutcnd 
by this adoration to make compousii- 
tion to Thee for the many wounds 
which Thy Sacred Heart daily suffers 
in the profanation of churches, where 
Thou condpscendest to dwell under the 
sacramental species, to receive the love 
and adoration of Thy faithful ; and I 
offer Thee, in reparation for all these 
irreverences and my irreverences, the 
most Precious Blood which Thou didst 
shed from the wound of Thy loft hand, 
within which Sacred Wound I would 
repeat a thousand and a thousand 
times — 

V. Blessed a&d prniBed every mo- 

K. Be the most holy and most divhie 
Sacrament 1 

Our Father. Hail Mary. 
Glory be to the Father. 

4. I adore Thee profoundly, O my 
Jesus, Livhig Bread come down from 
heaven ; and by this act of adoration I 
intend to make amends for my krc- 
vcrences and the many irreverences 
which are daily committed by Thy 

J)eopIe when assisting at t lie holy Mass, 
n which, throagh excess of love. Thou 
renewcst the rame sacrifice, though 
bloodless, which Tlion lias't alr<>aay 
accomplished on Calvary for our salva- 
tion ; and I offer Thee, in rexMiiationfor 
such great iugnititude, the most Pre- 
cious Blood which Thou didst shad f^om 
the wound of Thy right band, within 
which Sacred Wound I unite my voice 
to thorn of the holy angels, w)>o gather 
devoutlyround 3 hee,and would nay with 
them a thousand and a thousand times : 
y, Blesied and piaised every mo- 

Ji. Be the most holy and most divine 
Sacmmcnt I 

Onr F&ther. Hall Mary, 
Glory be to the Father. 

5. I adore Thee profoundly, my 
Jeaua, true Victim of expiation for our 
itoi, and I o0inr Thee th» aot of adora* 

tfea l^AEOClHAt HYM^ BOOK. 

tion in oompeuMtion fw (lit SMrtte' 
0OU8 outrn^ds which Thou reoeivest 
from 80 m-xny ungrateful Christians, 
who dare to approach and receive Thee 
in the Boly Communion with mortal 
Bin upon their souls. In reparation for 
such abominable sacrileges, and for all 
the pain I have caused Thy Sacred 
Heai-t, I offer Thee the last drops of 
Thy most Precious Blood, which Thou 
didit shed from the Wound of Thy 
Bncred Heart, within which Sacred 
Wound I come to adore Thee, to bless 
Thee, and to love Thee, and would 
repeat with all the souls devoted to the 

*' Sternal Father ! t offer Thee the Precious Slood of Jmus in satisZaetion for 
my sins, and for the wants of Tliy Holy Church"— /niu2^eac«/ Om hundrtd 
dayi eaek time, 

634« At tt% BttMdiotioB Of tbt Host Boi/ Bacrament. 

When tht Piieai gitm the BmedUtion with the Bltned Sacranientt bow down and 
profoundly adore your Savibur wUhfsvvent tentlmenti of adomtion and of charity t 
implm-ing HU mercy and bkuing. You, mayjtnith by eaylng : 

O my Lord And my God ) teach me I and to adore Thee ! in time, and in 
to lore and to serye Thee 1 to praise | etenulgr. 

most liolsr Btomuinl a tkftnsftnd and 
a thousand times— 

r. filessed and praised every mo< 

JL Be the most holy and most divlnd 
Sacrament 1 

Our Father. Hail lUty. 
Qlory be to the Eathar* 

Tantum ergo sacramentum, fte. 

Indtdffence : Three hundred dayt for 
every reeiflt eitPP^icabie (e the etntU in 



665. Fiovi M«dit&tioiui OA tii« f auloii. 

O Lord Jesttt Christ* I adore Thm 
banging on the Cross, and bearing the 
crown of thorns on Thy head, I beseech 
Thee that Thy Cross may deliver me 
Irom the smiting Angel. Amen. 

Our Father. Hail Hary. 

O Lord Jesus Christ, I adore Thee 
wounded on the Cross, drenched with 
vinegiir and gall : I beseech Thee that 
Thy wounds may be the remedy of my 
sou. Amen. 

Ottif Fiithw. Hall iTaty. 

O Lord Jesua Christ, through that 
eorrow 7h(}ii didst suffer for me a 
sinner on the Cro&s, particularly in 
that hont wlita Thy moat aoble soul 
weut forth irom Thy blessed body: I 
beseech Thee have xherqy on my sold 

at its departure, and hdag It toetflmal 
UfOi Amen« 

Our Father. Hailtfazy. 

O Lord Jesifts Christ, I ador« Thee 
descending into that part of hell called 
Umbo, and freeing the eaptiva eonis ; 
I beseech Thee neter to permit me to